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									                                                      P: 61 2 8458 1300 | E: info@rmkcrew.com.au | W: www.rmkcrew.com.au

                               YOU MAY KNOW THEM FROM...                                            CLICK TO SEE ONLINE PROFILE (Bio, CV, Showreel)
                                            ART DEPARTMENT
                                               ART DIRECTORS

                       Features: Ghost Rider, Little Fish, Star Wars Ep 3, TV: All Saints,        www.rmkcrew.com.au/jeremy-fuller
                       TVCs: Canon, ANZ, LG,

    Jeremy Fuller
                       Features: The Matrix, Two Hands, Mars the Red Planet. TVCs &               www.rmkcrew.com.au/rhys-norton
                       Promos: Ryobi, OneTel, Channel Seven Winter Olympics Opener.
                       Music Videos: Wendy Matthews, Casey Chambers, Grinspoon.

    Rhys Norton
                                      PRODUCTION DESIGNERS

                        TV Shows: My Kitchen Rules, Sleek Geeks, Stupid Stupid Man. TVCs          www.rmkcrew.com.au/dan-patmore
                       & Promos: Channel Seven, Network Ten, Berocca (SYTYCD).
                       Features: The Matrix (model maker / sfx), Mission Impossible II
                       (model maker / sfx).

    Dan Patmore
                                               SET DESIGNERS

                       Coming soon                                                                www.rmkcrew.com.au/chad-lammers

   Chad Lammers

                       TVCs: ANZ, Sony, Coke. TV (publicity & promos): Australian Idol,           www.rmkcrew.com.au/janai-anselmi
                       Neighbours, Ready Steady Cook. Misc: Specialist in underwater
                       styling - full styling kit, wardrobe hire and customised van.

    Janai Anselmi
                       TVCs: Olay USA, Lite White Milk, Schwarzkopf. TV (publicity &              www.rmkcrew.com.au/sophie-hart
                       promos): The Biggest Loser, Australia's Next Top Model, The Movie
                       Network. Misc: Full styling kit, steamer, racks, trestle tables, pop-up
                       change tent

    Sophie Hart
                       TVCs: CBA (online). Stills: Mirvac, Electrolux, Target. Editorial: Vogue   www.rmkcrew.com.au/amanda-mahoney
                       Living, Home Beautiful, Good Weekend Misc: Specialist in lifestyle,
                       interiors, propping & fashion

  Amanda Mahoney

                                       CAMERA DEPARTMENT

                       Features: Black Water, Primal, The Rival. Docos: Feral Peril, Storm        www.rmkcrew.com.au/john-biggins
                       Surfers, 9/11 A Tale of Two Towers. TVCs: Virgin Money, Nat Geo
                       Promos, NBC Olympic Promos, Awards: 2010 Golden Tripod ACS
                       National Awards “Feral Peril” (Documentary); 2008 Silver ACS NSW
                       Awards “Black Water” (Feature Film) 2005 Emmy Sports Network
                       Promos - NBC “Athens Olympics” (team award); more...

    John Biggins
                       Features: Eat, Pray,Love (water unit) Where The Wild Things Are (          www.rmkcrew.com.au/roger-buckingham
                       2nd Unit) SuperMan Returns ( 2nd Unit) Drama: Rescue: Special Ops,
                       Blue Water High, Sea Patrol TVCs: Westpac, Kraft, Panasonic Awards:
                       2006 ACS Silver-"Swimming" 2005 QFF -Cinematography for"Liquid
                       Bridge" 2005 ACS Silver "V8 Super Cars" more...

Roger Buckingham ACS
                          TVCs & promos: Celebrity Slim, UBS, Western Star, Toyota. TV:          www.rmkcrew.com.au/peter-beeh
                          Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure, Manthology, So You Think
                          You Can Dance Profiles Documentary: The Story of Narrabeen
                          Lagoon, Socceroos - Road to 2010, Pine Gap 4. Awards: ACS Silver
                          Award Winner 2010

      Peter Beeh
                          Features: Bitter & Twisted, Preservation. TVCs & promos: Fox 8, Air    www.rmkcrew.com.au/sam-collins
                          New Zealand, Mitsubishi, TV: Survivor 1 & 14, My restaurant Rules,
                          I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here. Music Videos: The Black Keys,
                          Grinspoon, Eskimo Joe. Awards: 12 Gold Promax Awards, 4 Silver
                          Promax Awards, 1 Bronze Promax Award. 1 World Gold Promax, 2
                          World Silver Promax, 1 World Bronze Promac. Official Selection

      Sam Collins         Tribeca

                          TVCs & promos: SBS, Max Factor, L'Oreal. TV: Adventure Island,         www.rmkcrew.com.au/simon-green
                          Ladette to Lady, Enough Rope. Music Videos: Morganics, Random,
                          Emily C. Awards: 2009 ACS Bronze Award "Carbon Whore"

Simon Green (Melbourne)
                          Features: Eating Friends (Co-DOP Hugh Miller), Stage Fright, 2nd       www.rmkcrew.com.au/jason-hargreaves
                          Unit DOP on Unfinished Sky; TVCs: Nike, Toyota, Pedigree, Docos:
                          The Poker Star, 6 Beers of Separation, A Dave In The Life; Music
                          Videos: The Living End, Megan Washington, Kiss Awards: Unfinished
                          Sky (2nd Unit DOP) 6 AFI Awards + Bob Humphreys ACS 2009 - AFI
                          Award for Best Cinematography Winner - Global Media Awards (Las
                          Vegas) 2009; EMMY Nomination (Creative Arts Primetime) 2009;
   Jason Hargreaves
                          Features: Kings of the Cross, A Day In The Life, Anyone You Want,      www.rmkcrew.com.au/brycen-horne
                          TVCs:with The Sweet Shop (Auckland); Music Videos: End of Fashion
                          "Oh Yeah". Awards: ARIA Awards: Best Video WAMi Awards: Most
                          Popular Music Video

     Brycen Horne
                          TVCs: Oral B, Mental Health Assoc, Aussie Helpers Music Videos:        www.rmkcrew.com.au/matthew-horrex
                          Ani Kiko, Katie Underwood, Theme Park Drama: Home & Away, All
                          Saints, Zero Awards: Golden Tripod – National ACS Awards –
                          Specialised Cinematography, Gold – NSW ACS Awards – Music
                          Videos, Achievement in Cinematography - National ACS Awards – TV
                          Series/Mini Series/Telefeature, more...

    Matt Horrex ACS
                          TVCs: Fujitsu IT Solutions , Dilmah Tea, Sony Ericsson FIFA FanFest,   www.rmkcrew.com.au/tania-lambert
                          Music Videos: Midnight Juggernauts, Adam Harvey & John
                          Williamson, Terrapin,. Docos: Redfern, Little People Can Jump,
                          Skiing in Morocco. Awards: 2009 ACS Gold Award in ‘Student’ short
                          film – Cupid; 2009 ACS Bronze Award in ‘Specialised & Experimental’
                          – Spirit; 2008 ACS Silver Award in ‘Music Video’, more...
     Tania Lambert
                          Docos: Destination Australia, Bacardi Express, Storm Surfers (camera   www.rmkcrew.com.au/evan-papageorgiou
                          operator). TV: Australia’s Next Top Model Steadicam Operator,
                          RedBull Junior Surf Masters, Four Corners, TVCs & Promos: Channel
                          V, Tooheys, Blonde Promo, MUSIC VIDEOS: Goyte,Abi Dobson, 28
                          Days, DRAMA: Rebel Wessex, Coffee “Feature Film”, Curious

   Evan Papageorgio
                          Features: Jucy. TVCs: MINI, E Toll and many property TVCs Promos:      www.rmkcrew.com.au/jan-reichle
                          Fox Sports, ACON Corporates: Canon, BOC, Jim Beam, Nike Music
                          Videos: Nat Bass, Snob Scrilla, Cassette Kids

      Jan Reichle
                            LIGHTING CAMERA OPERATORS / DOPs
                          TV: Australia's Next Top Model, Sunday Night, Blue Peter. TVCs:        www.rmkcrew.com.au/scott-barnett
                          Macleans. Misc: Olympic Games, South Pacific EPK, Skills:
                          Underwater, Aerial, miniature cams, steadicam

     Scott Barnett
                          TVCs & promos: The History Channel, Suburu Liberty, Philips. TV:       www.rmkcrew.com.au/pete-barta
                          Biggest Loser, Comedy Inc, Max Sessions. Music Videos: Bliss N Esso,
                          Missy Higgins, Wolfmother. Skills: Owner operator AR steadicam,
                          polecam, Aerial

      Pete Barta
                          TVCs & promos: ESPN, MTV, KFC TV: Bondi Rescue, Punk'd,                www.rmkcrew.com.au/geoff-blee
                          Mythbusters. Music Videos: Live at the Basement, Powderfinger
                          Live, Vibes On A Summer’s Day.

      Geoff Blee
                           TV: Australian Survivor, Getaway, Biggest Loser, Farmer Wants A        www.rmkcrew.com.au/stuart-bruce
                           Wife, Make Me A Supermodel. Corporates: Qantas, James Hardie

      Stuart Bruce
                           TV: RPA, The Biggest Loser, 60 Minutes. Misc: Shot features & docos    www.rmkcrew.com.au/laurence-curson
                           in the USA for the BBC. British Citizen, American visa

    Laurence Curson
                           TV: Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, Border Security. Drama; Home &       www.rmkcrew.com.au/andre-eavis
                           Away, A Country Practice, Supernova Misc: Steadicam

      Andre Eavis
                           Coming Soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/brigham-edgar

Brigham Edgar (Brisbane)
                           TV: Getaway; Farmer Wants a Wife; Animal Hospital; 20:1; Fresh ;       www.rmkcrew.com.au/gilbert-farkas
                           Misc; underwater

     Gilbert Farkas
                           TVCs & Promos: Power Balance Band, Foxtel Area 51, Army                www.rmkcrew.com.au/matthew-gormly
                           Recruitment. Docos: Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic,
                           CNN TV: Park St, The Party Garden. Seven, FremantleMedia Awards:
                           Promax ANZ (Gold) 2006 & 2007, ACS NSW 7 awards, AdNews Best
                           Campaign 2010 (The Party Garden)

   Matthew Gormly
                           TVCs & promos: National Geographic Channel, ACT Tourism, ABC.          www.rmkcrew.com.au/jay-hanrahan
                           TV: Mythbusters, Crime Invetsigation Australia, Location Location.
                           Drama; Resuce Special Ops, Home & Away, All Saints, Misc:
                           Underwater, Steadicam, Jib. Awards: Gold ACS Award, "Lost in
                           China", GOLD ACS Award "Gorilla Kidnap", Silver ACS Award
                           Undecided TVC, more...
     Jay Hanrahan
                           TV: World's Strictest Parents, Undercover Boss, Farmer Wants a Wife,   www.rmkcrew.com.au/ben-herbertson
                           My Restaurant Rules Docos: Destination Thailand, The Lost Tribes,
                           Baz Luhrmann: The Show Must Go On

    Ben Herbertson
                           Coming Soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/chris-miller

      Chris Miller
                           TV: The 7pm Project, Poker Stars, various ABC programs. Features:      www.rmkcrew.com.au/steve-munro
                           The Legend of Billy Sing, Moving On, Eliminated (camera operator).
                           Docos: Park, Taut, Misc: Underwater

     Steve Munro
                           TV: American Survivor, Masterchef, Australian Idol. Docos: Swimming    www.rmkcrew.com.au/barry-nichols
                           Against the Tide, Moulin Rouge Girls, History fo Australian Tennis.

     Barry Nichols
                           TVCs & promos: Bondi Rescue Promo, All Saints Promo. TV: Jamie's       www.rmkcrew.com.au/toby-ralph
                           Kitchen Australia, Farmer Wants a Wife, Masterchef. Music Videos:
                           Youth Group, Summersault Fetsival. Tumbleweed Docos: Little
                           Britain Downunder, Law & Disorder, Twins. Misc: Underwater

      Toby Ralph
                           TVCs & promos: SBS, Fox Sports. TV: The Amazing Race America. The      www.rmkcrew.com.au/mike-smith
                           Movie Show, Sydney Weekender. Docos: Dreamtime USA, Carry The
                           Flame, Queens Jubilee Baton Relay. Misc: Steadicam

      Mike Smith
                                                CAMERA ASSISTS
                Features: Daybreakers, Nim's Island, Australia. TVCs: Bottlemart,         www.rmkcrew.com.au/matt-floyd
                Solo, Rexona. Drama: Sea Patrol, Kakoda. Music Videos: Resin Dogs,
                Hungry Kids of Hungary, Kate Miller-Heidke Misc: Fully kitted Camera
                Assist van / data wrangling

 Matt Floyd
                TV: My Kitchen Rules, The Suspects. TVC: Rebel Sport. Fox Sports.         www.rmkcrew.com.au/trent-grenell
                Corporates: Railcorp, Garvan Institute.

Trent Grenell

                TVC’s, Music Videos & Corporate Films: McDonalds, Coke, Pizza Hut,        www.rmkcrew.com.au/scott-hines
                Unilever, Energy Drinks, Australian Defence Force and many
                International and local clients. Specialties: Action sequences, Special
                Effects, Kids, Story Telling & stunning visuals. Versatile in working
                with small to large crews and budgets as well as extensive experience
                shooting through out South East Asia and Australia.

 Scott Hines
                Features/Docos: The Lost Anzac, He's Coming South, The Battle of          www.rmkcrew.com.au/damien-lay
                Long Tan. TV Shows: Dawn and Barry, Ernest The Engine Car, Bob 'n'
                Ed. TVCs: IF Awards, Sizzler, Awards: Logie Award - Documentary
                of the Year, Astra Award Documentary of the Year, AFI nomination
                and more.

 Damien Lay
                Coming soon                                                               www.rmkcrew.com.au/andrew-lord

Andrew Lord
                TVCs: Nutella, Colgate Palmolive, Commonwealth Bank. Specialties:         www.rmkcrew.com.au/nicole-ryan
                Is also an accomplished Producer and has a lot of experience with
                corporates and adsales

 Nicole Ryan
                TVCs: For Fox Sports clients including Telstra, Tooheys, Vodafone.        www.rmkcrew.com.au/adam-marsden
                For Nickelodeon clients such as Hasbro, ABC Shop. Promos:
                Nickelodeon, MTV, Fuel. TV Shows: Thredbo Sprite Sessions, Sarvo,

Adam Marsden
                TV Shows: Producer / Director The Matty Johns Show, Producer /            www.rmkcrew.com.au/adam-khamis
                Director MTV Australia, Producer / Director World Junior Billabong
                Surf Pro. Music Videos: Adam Harvey, Victoria Baillie. Short Films:
                Scheyville, List, Smuggler. Awards: Nominated Music Clip fo the
                Year 2009 Country Music Awards, Bronze ACS Award, Shortlisted

Adam Khamis     Tropfest


                TVCs: Vodafone (UK), M&S Spring, Vrgin Atlantic TV: Beauty & The          www.rmkcrew.com.au/mat-wilson
                Geek, The Farmer Wants a Wife, The Biggest Loser. Music Videos:
                Keane. Specialties: Mat has worked as lighting assistant / best boy
                on numerous features such as Wolverine, The Other Boleyne Girl and
                Australian TVCs

 Mat Wilson
                Coming soon                                                               www.rmkcrew.com.au/lee-burling

 Lee Burling

                Coming Soon                                                               www.rmkcrew.com.au/bruce-murray

Bruce Murray
                                   HAIR AND MAKE-UP
                   TV: Australia's Next Top Model, Comedy Inc, Beauty & The Geeks.        www.rmkcrew.com.au/karen-davidson
                   TVCs: Blossom Hill, Misc: Film Ink Awards

Karen Davidson
                   Features: Wolverine, Star Wars, The Water Horse. Awards:               www.rmkcrew.com.au/nikki-gooley
                   Nominated Saturn Award best makeup The Matrix, Nominated Saturn
                   Award best makeup Star Wars, Nominated Academy Award Best
                   Makeup The Chronicles of Narnia

  Nikki Gooley
                   Features: Beneath Hill 60, Australia, Superman TV: Dangerous, So       www.rmkcrew.com.au/laura-kennard
                   You Think You Can Dance, The Matty Johns Show. TVCs: Loveables,
                   Herbal Essence, Westfield

 Laura Kennard
                   Features: Australia, Golden Dragon II, Cashback (Short). TV: Farmer    www.rmkcrew.com.au/anastasia-pappas
                   Wants a Wife, Australian Idol, The Bill. TVCs: Olay, Vodafone, OPSM.

Anastasia Pappas
                   Features: Mao's Last Dander, Son of Mask, Moulin Rouge TV: So You      www.rmkcrew.com.au/yvonne-savage
                   Think You Can Dance, Underbelly III, My Place TVCs: McDonalds,
                   Sony, Tooheys. Misc: Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony

 Yvonne Savage
                   TV: So You Think You Can Dance, Australia's Next Top Model, Thge       www.rmkcrew.com.au/isabella-schimid
                   Movie Show TVCs: Bonds, Milo, Foxtel. Misc: Australian Fashion
                   Week, Golden Globes

Isabella Schimid
                   Features: The Brothers Grimm, TV: AFI Awards, Movie Juice, Astra       www.rmkcrew.com.au/petr-vackar
                   Awards. TVCs: T-Mobile, Monster, Stella Artois Misc: Extensive
                   fashion experience in Europe and New York

  Petr Vackar
                   TVCs: NRMA, Samsung. Promos: Network Ten, Seven Network. TV:           www.rmkcrew.com.au/linda-west
                   ARIAS, Better Homes & Gardens, Australia's Next Top Model, So You
                   Think You Can Dance.

  Linda West


                   Features: Onsite Paramedic "Chopper". TV: Onsite nurse                 www.rmkcrew.com.au/alan-close
                   "Undercover Boss".

Alan Haydn Close

                                      POST PRODUCTION

                   Opening Titles: “The Chopping Block”; TVC: Carefree, Jagermeister.     www.rmkcrew.com.au/david-colin
                   Music Videos: The Lost Gospel, The Herd, National Pornographic.
                   Promos and Idents: Fox Sports, MTV, ABC, Channel 10

  David Colin
                   Coming Soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/jason-diffin

  Jason Diffin
                  Coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/michael-hagan

Michael J Hagan
                  TV: National Geographic Channel, Channel V. TVC : Nissan X Trail,      www.rmkcrew.com.au/adam-hughes
                  Flip Mobile. Corporate: 20th Century Fox, Myspace

 Adam Hughes
                  Coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/glenn-leahy

 Glenn Leahy
                  Coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/james-sutton

 James Sutton
                  Coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/marcos-moro

 Marcos Moro
                  Coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/scott-walmsley

Scott Walmsley
                                       AUDIO ENGINEERS
                  TVCs & promos: Nike "The Chance" (online), Discovery Channel,          www.rmkcrew.com.au/chris-mccallum
                  QANTAS. TV: Xena Warrior Princess, Absolute Power, Polyfest 2010.
                  Misc: Based in Gold Coast - available anywhere!

Chris McCallum
                  TVC's/Promo's/Longform; ABC TV, ABC Online, BBC Scotland, 'My          www.rmkcrew.com.au/dave-perry
                  Place', 'Good Game SP', 'Foreign Correspondent', 'Frankie Boyles
                  Tramadol Night's'
                  'Catalyst', 'Australian Story', 'Hungry Beast', 'KJB - The Book That
                  Changed the World'

  Dave Perry
                  Coming Soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/anthony-tiernan

Anthony Tiernan
                                     MOTION DESIGNERS
                  coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/tanya-creer

  Tanya Creer
                  coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/dana-rayson

 Dana Rayson
                                       POST PRODUCERS
                  coming soon                                                            www.rmkcrew.com.au/maxwell-lloyd

 Maxwell Lloyd
                                     PROMO PRODUCERS
                      coming soon                                                             www.rmkcrew.com.au/simone-wilson-dowse

Simone Wilson-Dowse
                      coming soon                                                             www.rmkcrew.com.au/brietta-hague

   Brietta Hague

                                        AGENCY PRODUCERS
                      TVCs: Mitsubishi Trucks, Australian Jockey Club, Sharp. Awards: AFI     www.rmkcrew.com.au/ben-adams
                      nominee "Barely Visible", Flickerfest, St Kilda International Film
                      Festival, more...

    Ben Adams
                      TVCs: Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Tooheys. Awards: Bronze ADMA          www.rmkcrew.com.au/ellen-barton
                      2006 Australian Red Cross, Mobius Gold 2000, Work Cover, Bronze
                      New York International Advertising Awards Amnesty International.

    Ellen Barton
                      Stage Director: Astra Awards, Carols In the Domain, Playhouse           www.rmkcrew.com.au/karlene-meenahan
                      Disney. TV Producer: The Amazing Race America / Israel / Australia,
                      Ruby Downunder, 1000 Places to Visit Before You Die. Live Event
                      Producer; Hannah Barbera, Royal Easter Show, Numerous Foxtel

 Karlene Meenahan
                      Producer: Music Videos - Zoe Badwi, Scarlette Belle, Altian, Stan       www.rmkcrew.com.au/gabrielle-mckinlay
                      Walker; he Olympic Games (200, 2004, 2008). The FIFA World Cup
                      2010, Legends of Cricket Director / Exectuive Producer: Pardon The
                      Interuption., The Biggest Loser DVD. Misc: Specialises in outside

 Gabrielle McKinlay
                      Story Producer: SBS FIFA World Cup 2010 Promos, Lion Nathan 6           www.rmkcrew.com.au/cate-stewart
                      Beers of Separation, Poker Star (Web). Director: Singapore (Web),
                      Volkswagon Tiguan (Web), Spec Advertisement "Organic Chicken".
                      Awards: Bronze Lion, 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising
                      Festival, Silver Award, 2010 One Show Entertainment Awards, Best of

    Cate Stewart      Show, 2010 IAB Australia Awards

                      Producer: The Olympic Games (200, 2004, 2008). The FIFA World           www.rmkcrew.com.au/peter-williams
                      Cup 2010, Legends of Cricket Director / Exectuive Producer: Pardon
                      The Interuption., The Biggest Loser DVD. Misc: Specialises in outside

   Peter Williams

                                    PRODUCTION MANAGERS
                      Coming Soon                                                             www.rmkcrew.com.au/alex-flower

    Alex Flower
                      TVCs & Promos: Portmans, BBC, Hubba Bubba. Specialties: A lot of        www.rmkcrew.com.au/lynda-hanbury
                      experience with local and international clients. Works across print
                      and TVC production. Great with children and animals

   Lynda Hanbury
                      Coming soon                                                             www.rmkcrew.com.au/danni-janus

    Danni Janus
                            TVCs & Promos: Babylove, Volvo, National Geographic Channel.             www.rmkcrew.com.au/mark-risso-gill
                            Specialties: A lot of experience with local and international clients.
                            Works across print and TVC production. Handy with big and small

     Mark Risso-Gill

                                               SOUND RECORDISTS

                            Coming soon                                                              www.rmkcrew.com.au/chris-coltman

Chris Coltman (Melbourne)
                            Coming soon                                                              www.rmkcrew.com.au/glenn-finnan

      Glenn Finnan
                            TVCs & promos: MTV, Canon, EA Sports. TV: The Zoo, RBT, The              www.rmkcrew.com.au/glenn-fitzpatrick
                            Contender Docos: I’m Not Dead Yet, Making Australia Happy,
                            Kokoda,The Last Parade

    Glenn Fitzpatrick
                            Doco’s: The Young One, Stamp of Australia. Road to Tokyo, About          www.rmkcrew.com.au/martin-harrington
                            Women, About Men TV: Aust Next Top Model, Dating in the Dark,
                            What’s Good for You, Money for Jam. DVD Concerts: Ahn Do, Kitty
                            Flannigan, Arj Barker, Fiona O’Lachlan. 3D Shoot: Members & Guests

    Martin Harrington
                            TVCs & promos: Sydney Morning Herald, CI Channel, CBA. TV:               www.rmkcrew.com.au/jeremy-ireland
                            Survivor America (Audio Supervisor on 14 consecutive series),
                            Chandon Pictures, The Biggest Loser, Docos: Bombora – History of
                            Aust surfing, The Nest, Fat Chance. Awards: 3 x Emmy Nominations
                            Outstanding Sound Mixing

     Jeremy Ireland
                            TV: Border Scurity, RPA, The Biggest Loser                               www.rmkcrew.com.au/dave-lynn

       Dave Lynn
                            TVCs & promos: Nike "The Chance" (online), Discovery Channel,            www.rmkcrew.com.au/chris-mccallum
                            QANTAS. TV: Xena Warrior Princess, Absolute Power, Polyfest 2010.
                            Misc: Based in Gold Coast - available anywhere!

     Chris McCallum
                            TVCs & promos: Fox Sports, MTV, Showtime. TV: Rush, Phil                 www.rmkcrew.com.au/patrick-mullins
                            Downunder, Living Strong. Docos: HIV Aids in South Africa, Blank
                            Canvas, Breaking Dangerous. Misc: Specialist in music recording

     Patrick Mullins
                            Coming soon                                                              www.rmkcrew.com.au/andy-munro

      Andy Munro
                            Features: Sellouts, Newton's Third Law, Bathing Franky, TV: The          www.rmkcrew.com.au/dave-sims
                            Amazing Race, sTVdio, Escape With ET. TVCs & Corporates: Various
                            for Leo Burnett, VisionLink, Manic Studios, The Precinct,

       Dave Sims

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