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					                                                 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
                                                DEPARTMENT OF RECREATIONAL SPORTS PROGRAMS
The Department of Recreational Sports Programs provides a number of opportunities for part-time student employment in all
aspects of the program. Between 110-260 students are employed each quarter. The majority of student employees are hired prior
to the beginning of each quarter; however, job vacancies do become available on a continual basis. Listed below are the jobs
available and the supervisor to contact.
POSITION / DESCRIPTION                                   SUPERVISOR                    TELEPHONE               EMAIL
                                                                                            206-               …
Archery or Roller Skating Staff                          Andy Mackay                   616-3251                samackay
Indoor Climbing Center
    (Instructor, Route Setter, Desk Supervisor)          Matthew Jensen                616-2083                mcjensen
IMA ID Checker / Facility Assistant /                    Andy Mackay                   616-3251                samackay
    Member Services Representative
General Maintenance                                      Tim Taylor                    543-6667                ttaylor
    (Tennis Court, Weight Room Maintenance)
Golf Driving Range                                       Jim Seagren                   543-8759                seagren
     (Attendant, Field Maintenance)                                                    543-9433
Lifeguard / First Aid Attendant /                        Sara Jones                    543-7393                sejones2
     Aquatics Program
Locker Room Attendant                                    Pilo Manois (Men)             543-2332                pilo
    (Equipment and Towel Issue)                          Sofia Lambino (Women)         543-7234                anjatess
    (Specify Location - Men's or Women's)
Program Assistant                                        Chris Delaune                 543-1717                delaune
    (Assist with Intramural Programs)                    Luis Bowden                   543-9346                lbowden
Intramural Sports Official                               Chris Delaune                 543-1717                delaune
     (Indicate Sport)                                    Luis Bowden                   543-9346                lbowden
Sports Skills Instructors                                Becky Wanless                 543-2571                wanless
Fitness Instructors                                      Carrie Wigton                 616-2072                cwigton
     (Aerobics, Yoga, Weight Trainers)
Waterfront Activities Center                             Jim Seagren                   543-9433                seagren
    (Attendant, Maintenance)

Application Instructions
1)   Complete the electronic application. Be sure to indicate the position/s for which you are making application. You may apply for
     more than one position on the same form, however, please list the positions in order of preference.
2)   Save and e-mail your application to with your first and last name as the subject. Attach a resume as well, if
     you would like.
3)   Your application will be reviewed and you will be considered for employment when vacancies occur. After a few days, it’s a
     good idea to follow up with the supervisor of the position you have applied for.
     *Important Note: Your application will be kept for one quarter. If you wish to apply for future quarters, you must submit a
     new application.
                                            UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
                                           DEPARTMENT OF RECREATIONAL SPORTS PROGRAMS

                                    APPLICATION FOR PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT

Date of Application:

Position Applying For (in order of preference):
1)                                                  2)
3)                                                  4)
Which quarter are you applying for? (*List one: Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer):

Name                                                              Husky ID #


Telephone                                                E-mail

Are you a Graduate or Undergraduate student?

How many credits will you be taking during the quarter for which you are applying?

Are you eligible for Work Study?

Times you are available to work: (Indicate AM or PM)
*Please also attach a copy of your academic schedule for the quarter for which you are applying.
Monday:                                           Tuesday:

Wednesday:                                        Thursday:

Friday:                                           Saturday:


How many hours/week do you prefer to work (may not exceed 19½ hours/week)?

Are you or will you be working at another job on campus?

If so where and how many hours per week?

Current Licenses/Certificates/Permits: Please include number and expiration date.
Driver's License

Lifeguard Training

Water Safety Instructor


First Aid (Type)

Emergency Med. Tech.

CPR Training (Type)

EXPERIENCE - List most recent experience first. Include volunteer experience.
Employer:                                                             Location:
Supervisor                                              Phone #                              Dates Employed

Employer:                                                             Location:
Supervisor                                              Phone #                              Dates Employed

Employer:                                                             Location:
Supervisor                                              Phone #                              Dates Employed

Please explain further your qualifications for this position and/or attach resume.

I certify that during quarters in which I am enrolled as a student, I will not accept a regular employment schedule of more than
19.5 hours per week at the University of Washington.

I also agree that the above information is true and accurate and understand that the University of Washington may check on
the information relating to my application for employment and the continuation of employment may depend upon the truth
and accuracy of this information.

Signature (Type Name)                                                          Date

The University of Washington reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age,
marital status, disability, disabled veteran status, or Vietnam era veteran status. This policy applies to all programs and facilities, including, but not limited
to, admissions, educational programs, employment, and patient and hospital services. Any discriminatory action can be a cause for disciplinary action.
Discrimination is prohibited by Presidential Executive Order 11246, as amended, Washington State Gubernatorial Executive Orders 89-01 and 93-07, Titles
VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Washington State Law Against Discrimination RCW 49.60, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, State of
Washington Gender Equity in Higher Education Act of 1989, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, as amended, Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974,
as amended, other federal and state statutes, and University policy. Coordination of the compliance efforts of the University of Washington with respect to
all of these laws is under the direction of the Assistant Provost for Human Rights and Affirmative Action, Dr. Helen Remick, University of Washington, Equal
Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office, 4045 Brooklyn Ave., NE., Seattle, Washington 98195, telephone (206)543-1830 (v/tty).

Should you need disability accommodation in the application or employment process, contact the Office of the ADA Coordinator, 543-6450 Voice, 543-6452
TDD, or 685-3885 FAX.

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