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                                                                             FROM THE
                                                                             IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS

No. 19                                                                April 2009                                               ISSN 1350-2670

                             Work with newspapers at the Russian Book Chamber
                                                       A.A. Dzhigo, K.M. Sukhorukov

The entrance of the Archive of Printing in Mozhaisk.    Processing of the newspaper legal deposit.   The headquarters of the Russian Book Chamber in Moscow.

Like most countries, Russia             drastically. Important                  It has been under the                 and art publications, as well
obliges publishers to deposit           libraries were then missing a           jurisdiction of the ministry –        as the most important
with a central agency copies            large percentage of newly-              or sometimes national                 newspaper and magazine
of material they produce. In            published material,                     committee – for publishing            articles, reviews, and
the Soviet Union under                  including newspapers.                   and polygraphy, which has             bibliographical handbooks
communism, compliance                                                           allowed it to use levers of           issued on the territory of our
with obligatory deposit law             With the breakup of the                 influence and direct working          state.
was very high, due to                   Soviet Union, responsibility            contacts with publishers and
censorship and the state                for collecting central deposit          suppliers of obligatory               Publications issued on the
ownership of publishers and             copies was assumed by                   deposit copies of                     territory of Russia in all
printers. Central deposit               national institutions in each           publications of different             fields and all languages, and
copies were received by the             of the new countries. In                types. In so doing, the RBC           also publications issued
All-Union Book Chamber,                 Russia the main responsible             – together with book                  jointly with foreign
which compiled the national             institution at the federal              chambers of the subjects of           publishers, are received by
bibliography and related                level is the Russian Book               the Russian Federation                the RBC and go through
publications from them;                 Chamber (RBC).                          (former autonomous                    state registration and
deposit copies also went to a                                                   republics), and also sectors          bibliographic processing.
list of national-level                  In the overwhelming                     of national bibliography in           The RBC's national
(federal) libraries. As a               majority of Western                     leading libraries of Russian          bibliographic information is
result of the high                      countries, national                     territories and regions – is          published in traditional
compliance, deposit libraries           bibliographic centers                   able to provide a fuller and          format (national
were assured a relatively               function as autonomous                  more reliable record of               bibliographic indices,
complete supply of the                  services within national                publishing production in this         printed catalog cards, and
domestically published                  libraries. In this regard,              multi-ethnic and territorially        state registration pages) and
material they were profiled             Russia is the only exception            massive country when                  in machine-readable format.
to receive. With the                    to the rule, since her                  compared to practice abroad.          We mast serve libraries,
privatization of publishing             bibliographic center, the               Already in 1940, domestic             publishers, booksellers and
and abandonment of                      Russian Book Chamber                    national bibliography                 other readers and buyers of
censorship, deposit                     (RBC), is an independent                reflected books, brochures,           printed information.
compliance dropped                      state institution since 1917.           serials, music scores, maps,
                    NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009

                                        Table 1. National Bibliographic Indexes
                        Type of Material                           National Bibliographic Index
             Books, brochures, thematic issues   Knizhnaia letopis' (Book Chronicle), annual Knigi Rossiiskoi
             of serials, book series             Federatsii (Books of the Russian Federation)
             Articles from journals and other    Letopis' zhurnal'nykh statei (Chronicle of Journal Articles)
             serials (except newspapers)
             Newspaper articles                  Letopis' gazetnykh statei (Chronicle of Newspaper Articles)
             Art publications                    Letopis' izoizdanii (Chronicle of Art Publications)
             Music scores                        Notnaia letopis' (Chronicle of Music Scores)
             Maps                                Kartograficheskaia letopis' (Cartographic Chronicle)
             Periodicals and serials             Letopis' periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii
                                                 (Chronicle of Periodicals and Serials)
             Reviews                             Letopis' retsenzii (Chronicle of Reviews)
             Bibliographic handbooks             Bibliografiia rossiiskoi bibliografii (Bibliography of Russian
             Dissertation abstracts              Letopis' avtoreferatov dissertatsii (Chronicle of Dissertation

The system of national            sostavleniia" (Bibliographic       knizhnoi palaty (List of         bibliographic information. It
bibliographical indexes is        Entry. Bibliographic               Abbreviations and Word           has created an electronic
based on the type of material     Description: General               Combinations for                 database covering books and
reflected, as seen in Table 1     Requirements and Rules for         Bibliographic Entries in         brochures published since
                                  Formulating); state standard       Publications of the Russian      1980, newspaper articles
Printed cards for books and       7.8-2000,                          Book Chamber) (Moscow,           published since 1988, and
journal articles are issued in    "Bibliograficheskaia zapis':       2000).                           journal I articles and
complete, abridged and            zagolovok: obshchie                                                 dissertation abstracts since
thematic sets. Printed cards      trebovaniia i pravila              Bibliographic entries in all     1991.
for newspaper articles and        sostavleniia" (Bibliographic       national bibliographic
reviews are issued in             Entry: Heading: General            indexes except Notnaia           The basis for preparing the
complete sets; for                Requirements and Rules for         letopis' are grouped             Letopisi is obligatory
dissertation abstracts – in       Formulating); "Pravila             according to the scheme in       deposit copies of every
complete and thematic sets.       sostavelniia                       Raspolozhenie                    possible published
                                  bibliograficheskogo                bibliograficheskikh zapisei v    production. These copies are
The results of the national       opisaniia" (Rules for              gosudarstvennykh                 received by the RBC from
statistical record of             Formulating the                    bibliograficheskikh              their producers in
publishing production are in      Bibliographic Description);        ukazateliakh na osnove           accordance with the Federal
the annual Pechat' Rossiiskoi     and the RBC's instructions         Universal'not detsimal'not       Law first adopted in 1994
Federatsii v ... godu             and manuals. In the                klassifikatsii (Arrangement      and amended in February
(Printing of the Russian          bibliographic entry,               of Bibliographic Entries in      2002.
Federation in the Year...).       abbreviations and word             National Bibliographic
                                  combinations are formulated        Indexes Based on the             The main aims and reasons
Bibliographic entries in          according to state standard        Universal Decimal                for changing the law were as
publications of the RBC are       7.12-93,                           Classification) (Moscow,         follows:
in Russian; the language of       "Bibliograficheskaia zapis':       1999). A complete list of
the publication, if it is not     sokrashcheniia slov na             UDC subject headings used        •   Reduction in the
Russian, is indicated in the      russkom iazyke: obshchie           in the table of contents is in       number of obligatory
notes field of the                trebovaniia i pravila" (The        the first issue of each              deposit copies of books,
bibliographic description.        Bibliographic Entry:               Letopis' for the year. Entry         pamphlets, and
Entries are formatted             Abbreviation of Words in           numbering in each index is           periodicals whose
according to state standard       Russian: General                   continuous throughout the            content is advertising or
7.1-2003,                         Requirements and Rules),           year.                                other socially
"Bibliograficheskaja zapis'.      and Spisok sokrashchenii                                                unimportant subject;
Bibliograficheskoje               slov i slovosochetanii v           The RBC gives a great deal       •   Gradual redistribution
opisanie: obshchie                bibliograficheskikh                of attention to modem means          of sets of deposit
trebovaniia i pravila             zapisiakh izdanii Rossiiskoi       of distributing national             materials away from

                        NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
    Moscow repositories to       Archive of Printing, an              amendments and changes to       entity, which is engaged in
    the Ural region and          unique collection, which in          earlier law.                    the preparation, publication
    southern Siberia;            its ninety-year history has                                          (issue), and distribution
•   Improvement in the           already grown to eighty-five         The third paragraph of the      (transmission, delivery) of
    interaction of               million copies of printed            preamble, detailing where       obligatory deposit copies
    depositories at the          publications.                        the Federal Law does not        (publisher; mass media
    federal, regional, and                                            apply, is made more             editorial office; producer of
    local levels; also           Of course, we have a lot of          specific:                       sound recordings; producer
    connecting instances of      problems with preservation                                           of audiovisual productions;
    the same document            of newspaper which were              The current Federal Law         television and radio
    presented in different       printed on acid paper,               does not extend to              production organization;
    formats;                     especial during 1920–1940-s          documents containing            broadcasting organization;
•   Precise and clear            years. Part of them cannot be        personal and/or family          entity that carries out
    definitions of electronic    found in any Russian or              secrets; documents              scientific research,
    materials and the            foreign library. Most of such        containing state and/or         development and
    creation of mechanisms       publications is under the            commercial secrets;             technological work; other
    to register them that are    restoration now but the scale        documents created for           entities engaged in
    independent of their         of this processing is not            individual use; archival        preparation, publication
    methods of distribution;     enough and first of all – for        documents (materials) (with     (issue), and distribution
•   Definition of fines and      local and with small print           the exception of documents      (transmission, delivery) of
    other sanctions, and the     runs newspapers of different         transferred for storage in      obligatory deposit copies).
    development of a             societies and institutions.          archival institutions in
    mechanism for their                                               accordance with Articles 12,    A very important new
    practical application to     This collection, the national        18 and 19 of the current        edition of Article 5 regulates
    violators;                   property of Russia, has no           Federal Law); electronic        and characterizes the types
•   Collaboration of leading     equal in the world. It allows        documents distributed           of documents included in the
    Russian depositories in      the RBC to fulfill its               exclusively on the web;         obligatory deposit copy
    finding and eliminating      functions, which can not be          administrative and technical    requirement:
    gaps in deposits by          carried out by any other             documentation (maintenance
    comparing registration       organization or library. As          logs, operating instructions,   The following types of
    documentation and the        national insurance fund it is        business forms, registration    documents are to be
    bibliographic databases      with drawn from circulation          and reporting                   included among
    of the Russian Book          among the readers. We can            documentation).                 complimentary obligatory
    Chamber with                 use it only for copying or                                           deposit copies and paid
    acquisition lists from       microfilming in accordance           Article 1 gives a clear         obligatory deposit copies:
    federal-level libraries.     with customers demands.              definition of basic terms of
                                                                      the deposit copy system:        •   Publications (text,
It took more than a year of                                           document, copy, and                 music, maps, art):
work to modernize the            Federal Law No. 19, On the           producer of documents:              printed material which
obligatory deposit legislation   Incorporation of                                                         has undergone
to take into account these       Amendments and Additions             Document: material carrier          preparation by a
wishes and demands.              to the Federal Law "On the           with information fixed on it        publishing house, is
Experts from the RBC and         Obligatory Deposit Copy of           as text, sound recording            printed as an
major libraries, as well as      Documents", was adopted by           (phonogram), image, or a            independent item, and
deputies of the State Duma       the Russian Duma on 23               combination of those,               possesses imprint data;
and representatives of the       January 2002, approved by            intended for transmission in    •   Publications for the
Government of the Russian        the Federal Council on 30            time and space with a view          blind and visually
Federation took part in this     January 2002, and signed by          to public use and storage;          impaired: publications
work.                            President of the Russian                                                 in Braille, raised-
                                 Federation V.V. Putin on 11          Copy: sample of a                   graphic publications,
The deposit copies go to         February 2002. The law's             circulating document,               "talking books," large-
major libraries after they       awkward title is the result of       identical to the original;          type books for the
have been processed              the necessity of adopting a                                              visually impaired,
bibliographically, ensuring      new federal law in order to          Producer of documents: a            electronic publications
acquisition of domestic          make amendments to an                legal entity independent of         for the blind (adapted
publications by these            earlier one.                         its organizational-legal form       publications for reading
institutions. One copy of                                             or form of ownership, or a          by people with impaired
newspapers is sent to            Here is given relatively             physical entity whose               vision, with the help of a
permanent storage in a           detailed exposition of               activities are accomplished         Braille display and
subdivision of the RBC, The                                           without formation of a legal        synthesized speech);

                   NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
•   Official documents:         Among all other institutions        Today we are encountering        the number of their titles,
    documents approved by       the Russian Book Chamber            an avalanche of growth in        both for books and
    legislative, executive,     is responsible for:                 the number of publications       periodicals.
    and judicial organs of                                          in all possible formats.
    power, carrying             •   Carrying out national           Many of the publishers of        The number of Russian
    normative, directive or         registration                    this material know nothing       newspaper titles published
    informational                   (bibliographic and              about norms and standards        during last years in
    character;                      statistical) of                 for the form of their            comparison with previous
•   Audiovisual                     publications, preparing         products. The situation with     decades is given in the Table
    productions: film-,             national registration           printed publications is not      2.
    video-, phono-, photo-          documents, compiling            much better. Many current
    productions and their           the national                    national standards are in        Table 2. Newspapers published
    combinations, created           bibliography and                need of revision to accord
    and reproduced on any           preparing electronic            with international norms. In       Year Newspaper Annual runs
    type of carrier;                bibliographic                   addition, it is necessary to                         (million of
•   Electronic publications:        depository compilations         standardize editing,                                  copies)
    computer programs and           (prospective, current,          publishing, and                    1940     5730       5094,6
    databases, and also             and retrospective),             bibliographical processing of
                                                                                                       1950     5021       5048,4
    electronic documents            acquiring material for          traditional print and
    that have undergone             the National Repository         electronic publications, since     1960     4474      11053,3
    preparation by a                of Domestic                     more and more often                1970     4445      22766,7
    publishing house and            Publications,                   publications are issued in
                                                                                                       1980     4413      29245,1
    have imprint data,              guaranteeing this               different formats at the same
    published and                   material's permanent            time, making their                 1985     4567      32424,3
    disseminated on                 storage and                     identification, registration,      1986     4652      33761,0
    machine-readable                accessibility on the            and search by both users and
                                                                                                       1987     4647      35682,7
    carriers;                       basis of the receipt of         bibliographic centers more
•   Unpublished                     one complimentary               difficult.                         1988     4696      37108,0
    documents: documents            obligatory deposit copy                                            1989     4772      38249,8
    containing the results of       of each publication;            So far, Russia has
                                                                                                       1990     4808      37848,6
    scientific research and     •   Distributing and                implemented essentially
    development activity,           delivering                      only the international system      1991     4863      27303,6
    and technological work          complimentary federal           of standard numeration for         1992     4837      18324,7
    (dissertations, reports         obligatory deposit              books, which functions
                                                                                                       1993     4650       9196,2
    about scientific                copies to library and           through the National ISBN
    research, and                   information                     Agency, part of the RBC.           1994     4526       8129,9
    development activities,         organizations in                                                   1995     5101       8795,3
    and about technological         accordance with the list        With the rapid growth in the
                                                                                                       1996     4881       7843,3
    works; deposited                approved by the                 number of domestic
    scientific works,               Government of the               periodical publications and        1997     5500       8302,2
    algorithms, and                 Russian Federation;             the necessity to employ the        1998     5436       7507,7
    programs);                  •   Ensuring that the supply        simplest possible means to
                                                                                                       1999     5535       7117,1
•   Patent documents:               of complimentary                search and identify them,
    descriptions for patents        federal obligatory              there has long been an             2000     5758       7138,9
    and applications for            deposit copies is               urgent need to create a            2001     5532       5836,5
    objects of industrial           complete.                       National ISSN Agency
                                                                    within the RBC. We hope to         2002     6663       6195,8
                                2. The book chambers of the         settle all bureaucratic and        2003     8086       1006,8
The responsibilities of the     subjects of the Russian             organizational problems
                                                                    within this year.                  2004     7517       792,3
recipients of obligatory        Federation are responsible
deposit copies before the       for acquiring and                                                      2005     7535       7280,6
state and the people are        distributing complimentary          After adoption several
                                                                    important laws and decrees,        2006     8250       8023,9
sharply expanded and made       obligatory deposit copies of
more concrete:                  municipal entities.                 including Federal laws on          2007     8516       8845,5
                                Monitoring the acquisition          the mass communication
Article 17. Responsibilities    and delivery of this material       media (1991) and publishing
                                is the responsibility of the        activity (1991), and lifting     This table clearly
of Organizations That
                                governments of the subjects         censorship we can see a          demonstrates that we have a
Centrally Distribute
                                and local governments.              rapid rise in the number of      tendency of diminishing of
Obligatory Deposit copies.
                                                                    Russian publishers and in        printing runs both average

                         NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
for title and total annual         economic reasons (from                Among all the titles (8516) 1    bibliographically processed
ones. But here we must             2002 they have to send 9              time during a week are           in automated regime only
remember that for decades          copies of each issue for              published 3278 of                from 2003. In comparison
under the old Soviet system        central and 3 copies of local         newspapers, 2 time during a      with the first group the
there was a contradiction          or non-Russian language               week are 928, 1 time during      bibliographic description of
between what was published         newspapers free of charge to          a month are 1061 and             such editions is done in the
and distributed and what           the RBC), partly in order to          without of regular frequency     short form. We hope that
people wanted to buy or to         conceal prohibited                    are published 1815               about 3500 titles will be
read. With no interest in          publications (usually during          newspapers. All othef            added to the total number of
profit newspaper publishers        elections when so called              newspapers can be published      Russian newspapers
strove primarily to fulfil the     “black PR” is widely used             with the frequency from          bibliographically and
plan. They were not worried        by different parties and              daily and 6 time during a        statistically registered in
about large remainders             political competitors). Some          week to 1 time during each       RBC in this year.
because nobody had                 of newspaper publishers try           year.
personal economic interest         to exaggerate the factual                                              The main bibliographic
in them. Now we have               printing runs but much more           In comparison with Russian       indexes for newspapers are
mostly indifferent to              of them act in opposite               book publishing we can see       “Letopis’ gazetnykh statei”
ideology and politics              direction by diminishing real         quite a different situation      (Chronicle of Newspaper
newspaper readers.                 figures in newspaper imprint          with newspaper industry.         articles) and “Letopis’
                                   for receiving better tax rates.       More than two thirds of          periodicheskikh i
This situation affects             Also we must remember that            books, as previously, during     prodolzhaiushchikhsia
printing runs of first of all so   only official title of each           Soviet time, are published in    izdanii” (Chronicle of
called “central” newspapers,       periodical may be used as             two largest cities – Moscow      Periodicals and Serials).
i.e. official or with              foundation for its                    and St. Petersburg. As about
nationwide.                        bibliographical and                   newspapers in 2007,              The first one weekly issue:
                                   statistical control as                Moscow published 865 titles      classified by Universal
Total annual run of                newspaper and nothing else.           and St. Petersburg – 221, i.e.   Decimal Classification
newspapers in 2007 is more                                               both capitals are responsible    (UDC) index to newspaper
than 4 lower than 1990. It is      All these considerations              only for 12 % of total           articles from 50 selected
worth remarking, however,          must be taken into account,           registered Russian               most popular newspapers in
that we relying here on            but nevertheless RBC’s                newspaper titles (8516).         the Russian language.
official data only. The            statistical data remain the                                            Contents include foreword
RBC’s statistics reflect and       most reliable and exact in            We must note here that           (in first issue of each year),
depend on the number of            comparison with any other             though Data bank “Russian        classified bibliography and
legal deposit copies received      sources.                              National Bibliography”           indexes (name,
from publishers. A minimum                                               includes computerized            geographical, card).
of 12–15 % of books and            Among all 8516 newspapers             information about articles
25–30 % of newspapers              published in 2007 afe 352 of          from central newspapers          The second one annually
liable to legal deposit have       the all-russian (national)            issued since 1998, the main      issue. Lists separately new
not reached the RBC during         titles. The next by value             part of newspaper legal          periodicals and newspapers,
2007, though the situation         group of our newspapers is            deposit copies are               title changes and title
from year to year is               published by different                bibliographically processed      cessations (for newspapers
improved in comparison             Russian republics (444). The          in automated regime only         in 2007 – 577) in the
with the figures for the           total number of newspapers            from 2000. As about              Russian Federation for the
middle of the last decade.         of autonomous regions is              statistics we also must note     year. Indexes include
                                   only 4 and for newspapers of          that till now RBC registers      administrative divisions
We must remember that in           autonomous districts this             only so called newspapers of     (geographical), place of
newspaper business we have         number is 31. All other               social importance”, i.e.         publication, title, index of
a lot of changes of owners         newspapers are published by           central with relatively large    titles other than the Russian
and titles and also publishers     different political parties,          print runs. But we have          language, publishers, interest
– newcomers who are not            local authorities and other           another group of newspapers      groups.
aware of their obligation to       governing orders,                     with small print runs
send copies of their               institutions, assotiations etc.       (usually about 500–1000          The main and actually the
publications to Moscow for         and have the area of                  copies per issue) which are      single statistical source for
bibliographic control and          distribution within concrete          published by different local     newspapers is the
registration. Other                Russian provinces (oblast'),          communities, foundations,        professional edition of RBC
newspaper publishers are not       regions, cities, districts and        societies etc. A lot of them     – the yearbook “Pechat’
wish to meet the                   so on.                                contain mostly advertising       Rossiiskoi Federatsii v ...
requirements of the law,                                                 materials. This group of         godu” (Publishing in Figures
partly for political, partly for                                         newspapers is                    of Russian Federation in

                    NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
year ...). This annually issue    “InformRegistr”. RBC also            Contemporary and                  Québec, Canada, August,
gives the most full and exact     receives part of electronic          Historic Newspapers               2008. It is edited by Dr.
information on different          versions of printed                  (IFLA Publications 135)           Hartmut Walravens and
problems, aspects and             newspaper as legal deposits.                                           published by K.G. Saur in
segments of national              But the problem here is the                                            collaboration with the
publishing industry,              “copyright”. We still have                                             National Libary of
including newspapers. All         no Federal law to provide                                              Singapore.
data are based on de visu         for customers and readers
control of legal deposits         their rights to use electronic                                         (ISBN 978-3-598-22041-8 -
from Russian publishers.          newspaper.                                                             2008. 21 x 14.7 cm. XII, 222
More than 30 tables contain                                                                              pages. Hardcover. RRP Euro
information about periodical      Aleksander A. Dzhigo is                                                [D] 99.95 / for USA,
and non-periodical titles of      Deputy Director of the                                                 Canada, Mexico US$
full score of publications,       Russian Book Chamber.                                                  140.00. Special price for
including newspapers.                                                                                    IFLA members Euro [D]
Information about                 Konstantin M.                                                          75.00 / for USA, Canada,
newspapers is presented by        Sukhorukov is Head of the                                              Mexico US$ 105.00. *
types, frequency of issuing,      National Bibliography and
languages, thematics, groups      Book Science Department in                                             (Image and description from the
of readers, print runs and        the Russian Book Chamber.            In this volume are collected      publisher’s web site:
other criteria.                                                        the proceedings of the  
                                  New IFLA Publication                 International Newspaper
As about electronic               on Newspapers:                       Conference, Singapore,
newspapers – we can collect                                            April 1-3, 2008, and papers
only off-line products. The       The Impact of Digital                from the World Library and
main depository for them is       Technology on                        Information Congress,

 Progress in the Hemeroteca Digital Hispánica (Spanish Digital Newspaper Library)
As we have already reported                                            such as “El Imparcial”, “La       and museum curators in
in Newsletter no. 16, the                                              Esperanza”, “El Siglo             Spain has fostered the
Hemeroteca Digital is the                                              futuro” and “La
first step of a larger project,                                        Correspondencia de
the Biblioteca Digital                                                 España”.
Hispánica (Spanish Digital
Library), which is being                                               We have also digitized
developed by the National                                              plenty of titles related to the
Library. The Hemeroteca                                                Spanish Independance War,
Digital Hispánica was                                                  whose anniversary has taken
launched in March 2007                                                 place this year. A lot of
with the aim of increasing                                             studies and cultural events of
the number of titles and                                               every kind (exhibitions,
adjusting to new                                                       conferences, films, etc.)
circumstances, such as the                                             have been performed around
partnership with other                                                 this anniversary.
projects, the develop of new
user services, and                The main focus in this               Among the journals and
conforming to new                 second stage has been the            periodicals titles, it is worth   digitization of its most
standards.                        most relevant national press         noting the digitization of        outstanding organ, the
The Hemeroteca Digital is         titles from the end of the           important directories of the      “Revista de archivos,
now involved in a 2-year          19th century to the                  18th century, such as the         bibliotecas y museos”,
digitization project (2008-       beginning of the 20th                annuals “Kalendario manual        which offers a detailed view
2009) which will sum up to        century. By the end of 2009,         y guía de forasteros” or the      of such Spanish cultural
4.500.000 pages. 264 titles       we hope to have digitized            “Guía oficial de España”.         centres in the 19th and 20th
have been added in 2008;          the most important titles of         The 150th anniversary of the      centuries.
therefore, 1.700.000 pages        the various political trends         establishment of an official
are now available in the          of that time in Spain. As an         staff of librarians, archivists
application.                      example, we may cite titles

                       NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
                                 of 2009, when the project is        out a thorough review in         show. In November 2007,
                                 due.                                order to provide all digital     after 7 months in operation,
                                                                     objects, including the press,    there were 14.451 visits.
                                                                     with the most convenient         One year after, in November
                                                                     and suitable metadata.           2008, figures raised up to
                                                                     Therefore, we will increase      24.952 visits. An analysis of
                                                                     interoperability between         the most consulted titles
                                                                     national digital collections.    shows that our selection
                                                                                                      efforts are well oriented,
                                                                                                      because titles included in the
                                                                                                      second stage are by far the
                                                                                                      most consulted ones.

The Biblioteca Digital
Hispánica participates in
several eContentplus
projects, among them             Regarding standards update,
TELplus, which aims at           and with other future
improving OCR processes in       projects in mind, there is
digital objects of European      work in progress in
national libraries. The          converting the application
Hemeroteca Digital is                                                We can conclude by stating
                                 into an OAI platform. This
working in order to provide                                          that, a year after the
                                 will facilitate the exchange        beginning of the Hemeroteca
4.500.000 OCR pages of           of information and images
serial publications, which                                           Digital, the assessment of its
                                 with other digital libraries.       accomplishments is highly
will be accessible by the end    Besides this, the Biblioteca        positive, as use statistics
                                 Digital Hispánica is carrying

                                    The Present becomes the past -
                harvesting, archiving, presenting today’s digitally produced newspapers
 The IFLA Newspapers Section in collaboration with the National Library of Sweden are organizing a pre-conference and
 satellite meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, 19-20 August 2009. This conference aims not only at sharing the collective
 knowledge about how libraries can tackle the challenges of digital production, but also to open up opportunities for
 libraries, librarians and associated publishing industry players to interact with one another and work out suitable
 partnerships that will help to improve the provision of newspaper services at libraries. There will be 2 tracks of
 presentations that highlight a particular aspect or issue related to the creation and future digital storage of newspapers:

 The current situation of born digital production: 1. How to preserve the daily/ weekly output 2. Technical issues of
 preservation 3. Metadata: consistency; organisation; levels of existing organisation 4. The publisher perspective and
 needs 5. The software suppliers perspectives and needs from libraries 6. Harmonisation of metadata for older digitised
 newspapers and born digital newspapers / Newspapers on the Web: 7. Harvesting non-print newspapers 8. What
 "edition" to harvest 9. Storage of digital files 10. Cataloguing of harvested newspapers as digital object

 Who should attend: Library administrators, librarians, information specialists/managers in the public, national or
 academic libraries who are working or interested in these aspects of newspaper librarianship - Service providers interested
 in new projects/initiatives and approaches in newspaper librarianship - Vendors of software to publishers - Newspaper
 publishers - Archivists dealing with sound and moving images

 Please visit for further information and for link to registration.

                  NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009

                  Databank of Digital Daily Newspapers: moving from theory to practice
                                             By Edwin Klijn

The first steps                 supplier and the library’s           this huge amount of text-        years after the death of the
                                own regulations. Also,               based data special attention     author belongs to the public
In May 2008, after a year of    though a lot of effort was put       should be paid to proper         domain. In practice this
preparation that included a     into thinking ahead, some            search functionality. This       means that many titles in the
market research, a European     parts of the workflow had to         strategy basically means that    Databank are free of any
tendering procedure and the     be adjusted ‘on the road’ as         the money saved on not           legal claims. In case of more
final awardance of the          we went along.                       going for the highest image      recently published titles
assignment to the German                                             quality possible would be        there may be many legal
company CCS (Content                                                 invested in increasing the       parties involved (freelance
Conversion Systems) and                                              number of newspapers to be       journalists, publishers,
subcontractor M&R in                                                 digitized and optimizing the     photographers, etc.). As
Kampen the Koninklijke                                               metadata and consequently        detailed information on this
Bibliotheek (National                                                enhancing access.                is often hard to retrieve
Library of the Netherlands)                                                                           tracing legal claims is a very
digitized the first of 8                                             Selection and legal claims       time-consuming job. The
million newspaper pages to                                                                            KB is currently negotiating
follow in the next three                                             The main aim of the project      with representative bodies
years. In the first few weeks                                        is to create a new, virtual      from legal stakeholders to
the project team and the                                             collection with a wide           find a bulk solution for this
                                Focus on access
supplier worked intensively                                          variety of important Dutch       issue.
on devising a workflow that                                          newspapers from 1618 to
                                At the very beginning of the
would secure a production of                                         1995 (about 8% of all 8000
                                project its scope was clearly
200.000 pages per month.                                             titles available). To decide
                                defined. Discussions with
Processing such masses                                               which ones to include a
                                the research community led
implies looking for simple                                           Scientific Advisory
                                to the conclusion that the
and straightforward                                                  Committee was appointed,
                                main focus of the project
solutions, which are the                                             consisting of historians,
                                should primarily be on
toughest ones to come up                                             linguists, journalists and
                                putting as many newspapers
with as they often lead to                                           other ‘heavy users’ of
                                online as possible. The
compromises. The supplier                                            historic newspapers. After a
                                quality of the images had to
had to make huge                                                     title is nominated by the
                                be sufficient for web                                                 Preparation
investments in scanning                                              SAC the project team - apart
                                presentation within the
equipment, storage hardware                                          from checking its
                                DDD-project and other                                                 After selection the original
and setting up a production                                          availability – investigates
                                future web applications, but                                          materials, predominantly
chain in Kampen. The KB                                              the legal rights that are or
                                they would not necessarily                                            newspapers bound in
had to invent new                                                    may be attached to the
                                have to meet the high                                                 bindings, are prepared at the
preparation and transport                                            newspaper. Dutch copyright
                                standards required for                                                KB for digitization by a
procedures, adapted to the                                           law prescribes that all
                                preservation imaging. With                                            specialized team of 6 people.
working methods of the                                               material that is older than 70

                         NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
They do small repairs, enter      2. A compressed, lossy               The functionality of the          University, some 256
metadata on issue level           JPEG2000 access file for             website is based on a user-       contributors have been
(date, edition, title,            every page.                          consultation research             engaged, who are experts in
signature, volume, number)        3. A MIX XML-file for                performed by Data                 their field, with many
in a database and prepare the     every page to record the             Archiving and Networked           contributors writing several
weekly transports to              technical metadata.                  Services (DANS) and               articles.
Kampen. In November 2008          4. An ALTO XML-file for              additional feedback
the preparation team reached      every page to record the lay-        meetings with                      The DNCJ contains 1,620
a milestone by finishing the      out of a page.                       representatives from the          articles, which cover many
first one million pages.          5. An XML-file with the              potential user-groups. In-        aspects of British and Irish
Biggest issue so far was how      OCR-ed text for every                house programmers will            journalism in the nineteenth
to ‘liberate’ bindings that are   separate ‘article’. As the           work on the functionality         century. 37% of this total are
so tightly bound that part of     website will provide article-        and search system. The web-       entries relating to
the text disappears into the      level access, these files will       and interaction design has        newspapers and periodicals;
fold. ‘Liberating’ requires       be used to create a search           been outsourced to a              30% of the entries relato
physical strength and at the      index.                               specialized bureau. The           journalists/ editors; 8.6% to
same time control and a soft      6. A PDF-file for every              biggest challenge in building     publishers/ proprietors ; 6%
touch, skills that                issue.                               the website will be how to        to illustrators;2.2% to
unfortunately do not              7. A MPEG21-DIDL file for            maintain an acceptable level      printers. Articles are in order
combine easily.                   every issue, according to the        of performance with this          A-Z, and there are very full
                                  in-house standard. This file         huge amount of data and           indexes, providing access to
                                  includes descriptive                 high expected number of           by genre to: Illustrators,
                                  metadata (in Dublin Core)            (frequent) users. Also            Journalists and Editors,
                                  and also structural metadata         storing the 200TB of data         Printers, Publishers and
                                  about the relationship               and maintaining it over time      Proprietors; there is an index
                                  between the individual files.        will put high demands on the      to all the titles of
                                  The text of all headlines will       infrastructure. In many ways      newspapers and journals.
                                  be manually corrected up to          we have only just begun…          There is a Bibliography of
                                  a level of 99.8 character                                              101 pages. There is also a
                                  accuracy.                            Edwin Klijn is Project            very detailed General Index.
Digitization                                                           manager digitization              Illustrations appear
                                                                              throughout the text, offering
Once the bindings arrive at                                                                              the prospect of detailed
Kampen, they are                                                                                         searches for names and
temporarily stored. A buffer                                           Review: Dictionary of             subjects.
of some 700.000 pages is                                               Nineteenth Century
maintained in order to allow                                           Journalism in Great               There is a wealth of
the supplier to put bindings                                           Britain and Ireland               information provided in this
on a hold when KB feedback                                                                               dictionary, so just a few
is required and to be able to     Website
                                                                       Gent: Academia Press;             examples of the entries can
determine their own                                                    London: The British Library,      be indicated here:
processing speed,                 All these ‘ingredients’ are
                                                                       2009. xxxvii, 1014p.
independently of individual       needed to create the website,
                                  of which a first version is                                            •   George Eliot and her
transports. The production                                             ISBN: 978 90 382 1340 8
                                  due to be released in the                                                  writings for the
chain in Kampen not only                                               (Academia Press)
                                  summer of 2009. It will                                                    Westminster Review.
includes scanning but also
                                                                       ISBN: 978 0 7123 5039 6           •   Medical journalism
incorporates the metadata
delivered by the KB and           - a full-text, ‘simple’ search
                                                                       (The British Library)             •   Natural history
allows operators from             through all newspapers                                                     journalism
Romania and Cambodia to           - an advanced search that
                                                                       This dictionary (DNCJ) has        •   Radical press journalism
                                                                       been several years in             •   Illustrators - Tenniel,
remotely log in and perform       allows users to narrow down
                                                                       preparation. When one looks           Keene, Cruikshank,
QA and segmentation work          search actions to certain
                                                                       at its contents, it is easy to        Browne,
on the digitized newspapers.      categories like for instance
                                                                       see why this project has          •   Irish press - Dublin
In the end the production         distribution area (national,
                                                                       taken time to realise. Its size
chain produces all the            regional/local or colonial)
                                                                       and range are impressive.         The DNCJ shows us how the
required deliverables:            but also type of ‘article’
                                                                       Under the direction of two        worlds of newspapers and
                                  (news item, advertisement,
                                                                       General Editors, Professor        periodicals overlapped to a
1. A compressed, lossless         family notice or illustration
                                                                       Laurel Brake of Birkbeck          significant degree. Many
JPEG2000 master file for          with caption).
                                                                       Collge, London, and of            periodicals carried a great
every page.                                                            Marysa Demoor, of Ghent           deal of news. Many

                    NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
newspapers printed a lot of       people, all of who possesed          best efforts. What is so         of newspapers published in
non-news items (e.g poetry,       the talent to write, or those        striking is the longevity of     the nineteenth century, then
literature, fashion). It is the   who could organise                   many periodicals, and            this book is recommended
nature of the duplication of      effectively to print and to          newspapers, and the articles     for purchase and further
subjects, and the enormous        publish the written word. It         describe some of the ups and     study. The DNCJ will
variety of their presentation     shows a huge variety of              downs of their existence         remain a valuable source of
that captures the researcher.     talent, stories of great             over the course of the           informaiton for many years
                                  success, and stories of those        century. For any one             to come.
This dictionary brings to us      whose lives ended in failure         interested in the study of
a fascinating world of many       and obscurity, despite their         writers, of periodicals, and     Ed King

                                           A Past Secretary Reminisces
                              By Geoffrey Hamilton. Secretary and Treasurer, 1989-1994
The IFLA Working Group            capture moments in time in           appearance on British TV         national collections and
on Newspapers had very            ways which no other                  news bulletins - Newt            papers on cataloguing,
recently achieved Round           medium can match.                    Gingrich, Speaker of the         preservation, document
Table status when I was                                                House of Representatives.        delivery, newspaper
appointed Head of the             The Round Table inherited            We ordered and were              production technologies and
British Library Newspaper         the Working Group’s                  enjoying our meal when the       aspects of journalism. My
Library, in 1989. I found         priorities - preservation            Gingrich group departed. At      sole contribution was a
that my new duties included       microfilming, cataloguing            that moment I became aware       paper at the 1993 Barcelona
active participation in the       guidelines, a world directory        for the first time that there    Conference, delivered during
Round Table’s work as its         of major newspaper                   had been another shadowy         a violent electrical storm
Secretary and Treasurer. I        collections. To progress             presence, as the Secret          which caused a power cut
soon met my new                   these and to consider other          Service agent on protection      and seriously disrupted
international colleagues in       issues more effective and            duty emerged from behind         many of the concurrent
Paris at the IFLA                 extended contact with                my seat, and I realised that I   sessions. The RTN session
Conference where the Round        Round Table members                  would have been directly in      proceeded as planned, being
Table had organised a             would be essential. Regular          the firing line if he had        dependent only on the
seminar on La Presse de la        Spring business meetings             considered it necessary to       speaker’s ability to see the
liberte (1). This was an eye      were introduced, which               deploy his weaponry.             words on the paper in his
opener for me. Much of my         made it possible for more                                             hand with the aid of the
career before arriving            Round Table members to               Better communication with        natural lighting available.
amongst newspapers had            participate in extended              Round Table members and
involved official                 discussions concerning               others interested in             When I retired in 1994 I
publications. Newspapers,         work in progress. At first           newspapers was recognised        continued as the Round
products of editorial             these meetings were hosted           as an urgent priority and in     Table’s Secretary until my
independence, were not only       by member institutions,              1993 the first issue of the      immediate successor at the
at the other end of the           sometimes in conjunction             Round Table’s Newsletter         Newspaper Library, Geoff
spectrum from publications        with other relevant                  appeared, edited by Beti         Smith, was able to assume
which reflect a governmental      gatherings. Thus a 1994              Jones and with support from      these responsibilities. In
agenda, but as the Paris          London meeting hosted by             her institution, the National    1996 Hartmut Walravens
seminar demonstrated were         the British Library was              Library of Wales. It soon        became Chairman in
so highly esteemed as a           scheduled to permit                  received commendation            succession to Robert
necessary means of                attendance also at a                 from IFLA and was further        Harriman. The basic pattern
communication with                NEWSPLAN Conference                  developed as a substantial       of meetings and events
oppressed communities that        and meetings in Washington           information resource on          continued as before but with
journalists, printers and         DC were linked with                  notable newspaper                a new strategic emphasis on
distributors were motivated       meetings of the US                   collections worldwide under      outreach to geographic areas
to surmount all difficulties      Newspaper Program. After             the editorship of Sandra         not previously reached. In
and run great personal risks      one meeting in the Library           Burrows, at the National         this way the word has been
to ensure the availability of     of Congress the Round                Library of Canada. 35 of the     spread in Eastern Europe,
uncensored news. I was            Table adjourned to a nearby          papers given at open             South Africa, Australia,
convinced that libraries          restaurant.. We were shown           meetings at IFLA                 South America, China and
have a mission to collect,        into an upstairs dining room,        Conferences during the years     Singapore. There is always a
preserve and make                 apparently deserted except           1990 - 2002 have been            substantial core of
newspapers accessible, for in     for a small group in one             published (2). They range        knowledge gain and
spite of newspapers’              corner. One face was                 widely, including historical     exchange of experience at
transient currency they           familiar from its frequent           surveys, descriptions of         these events, but also

                       NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
memorable cultural               preservation. I remember             Wasatch Mountains fresh          a notable IFLA success
experiences and pleasant         with especial pleasure the           aspects of the USA, which is     story.
social occasions. I have been    2002 meetings in Finland,            now my second home.
privileged, as a Personal        when we attended a superb                                             References :
Affiliate member of IFLA,        performance by the Bolshoi           In the space of twenty years
to participate in some of        Ballet company in the                an always small number of        1. IFLA Working Group on
these events, and so have        mediaeval castle at                  activists, brought together      Newspapers. Presse de la
become aware myself of the       Savonlinna and enjoyed a             through the IFLA                 liberte…ed. by Eve
changing scene. New              generous reception hosted            Newspaper Section and its        Johansson. 1991.
challenges and priorities are    by the Regional Governor in          precursors, has raised           (IFLA Publications 58)
emerging as the survival of      Mikkeli. 2004 in Shanghai            awareness and the profile of
the printed newspaper seems      was a once in a lifetime             newspapers as library            2. IFLA Newspapers
threatened by the                experience bringing the              materials which are worthy       Section. Newspapers in
possibilities of electronic      beginnings of an                     of efforts to preserve and       international
publication. Digitisation        understanding of the                 make them readily                librarianship…ed. by
seems to offer both a            mysterious Orient. My most           accessible. This has been        Hartmut Walravens and
solution to the access           recent attendance was in Salt        achieved through a               Edmund King. 2003. (IFLA
problem and continuing           Lake City, 2006,                     continuing programme of          Publications 107)
uncertainty over its role in     experiencing below the               events and publications. It is

                                Memories of the IFLA Round Table on Newspapers
                                 Geoff Smith. Secretary and Treasurer, 1995-1999
I succeeded Geoffrey             with key peers in newspaper          coming towards the end of        the country hosting the
Hamilton as Newspaper            librarianship around the             their survey and recording of    conference
Librarian of the British         world, and allowed first             local newspapers and
Library in 1994 and as           hand discussion and                  existing microfilm,              Dealing with the IFLA
Secretary and Treasurer to       exploration of the issues and        establishing priorities for      bureaucracy was always an
the IFLA Round Table on          technical developments               new microfilming and             interesting challenge,
Newspapers at the IFLA           relating to newspaper                providing models for             including the recurrent topic
Conference in Istanbul in        preservation and access that         effective nationwide             of why he Round Table had
1995. I had already attended     the members were all                 collaboration.                   surplus funds (generated by
the 1994 and 1995 business       wrestling with.                                                       the London conference some
meetings of the Round Table                                           Consensus on what to do          years before) and why we
in London and Washington         At the time there was firm           with physical copies of          did not wish to remit them to
respectively.                    consensus that microfilming          newspapers once they had         IFLA HQ as requested, and
                                 was the most secure way to           been filmed was less clear-      the need to lobby against
By then the Round Table          ensure the long term                 cut, particularly for papers     IFLA’s proposal to disband
was well-established,            preservation of newspaper            from other countries for         Round Tables, which they
chaired since inception by       content. Access to full-text         which the ‘national archive’     believed were too informal
Bob Harriman, and with the       content was possible via             justification for retention      (and found more difficult to
BL Newspaper Librarians,         online databases such as             was weak.                        regulate). In the end the
Eve Johannsen, Geoffrey          NEXIS and TEXTLINE and                                                compromise was
Hamilton and then myself as      locally via CD-ROM                   Round Table business             successfully reached that the
successive Secretaries Also      versions of recent years of          meetings, usually whole-         RT would become a full
already established was the      major titles, but the                day, allowed much lengthier      Section, having previously
unorthodox (in IFLA terms)       technology for digitization          and more focused discussion      existed under the auspices of
pattern of holding a separate    and indexing to allow access         that the short time allowed      the Serials Section.
annual business meeting          to page-image versions of            for meetings at the main
away from and at a different     newspapers was still in its          conference. However the          I look back fondly to my
time to the main IFLA            infancy, though generating           open sessions and                time at the BL Newspaper
conference.                      great interest in their              workshops at the main            Library and my involvement
                                 capabilities for                     conference were very             in the IFLA Round Table on
The Round Table was a            revolutionizing access               important in communicating       Newspapers, which I
terrific body to be involved     historic newspapers.                 to a wider professional          continue to regard as one of
with from a professional                                              audience and in bringing in      the high points of my
point of view. It put you in     The US Newspaper Program             speakers on the newspaper        professional career.
touch and in collaboration       and UK NEWSPLAN were                 history or librarianship of

                   NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009

                      IFLA Round Table on Newspapers and IFLA Newspaper Section
                              Ed King. Secretary and Treasurer, 1999-2009

On my arrival as Head         libraries. Moderating a          at Stanford University.      conference in Poznan,
of the Newspaper              Session at this                  Thanks to the unstinting     Poland, and our hosts,
Library at the British        Symposium introduced             efforts of Henry Snyder,     Poznan University
Library in 1999, I took       me to the need for               all who attended had real    Library, were very
over the role of              speakers to keep to time         rewards, engaging with       prompt in publishing the
Secretary of the Round        when delivering their            and learning about the       proceedings. All who
Table on Newspapers           papers, as speakers              great riches relating to     attended learnt a great
from Geoff Smith. It          tended to overrun their          newspapers that are          deal about newspaper
took me well over a year      allotted times!                  housed in many of            collections throughout
to understand the                                              California’s libraries, in   Poland, and how
workings of IFLA and of       Spring Business                  particular at the State      libraries were planning
how and where the role        meetings and                     Library. It was in 2003,     to develop access to
of the Secretary fitted       Conferences                      owing to changes             polish newspapers via
into the overall                                               created by IFLA HQ,          digitisation projects. In
landscape that is the         The Section Standing             that the Round Table on      2007, The Section
International Federation      Committee believed that          newspapers became a          organised a meeting in
of Library Associations.      many professional                full Section of IFLA.        Santiago, Chile, where
It took a while to realise    colleagues could not                                          our hosts, the National
that the activities of the    afford to attend IFLA                                         Library of Chile
Secretary were                General Conferences              This process got into its    accorded us really good
continuous, all the year      each year, so outreach           stride with, in 2003, the    facilities, and made us
round! There were two         was sought for the               spring Business meeting      all feel very welcome,
principal areas of            Spring Business                  and conference in Cape       with the event attracting
activity: planning to         meetings of the                  Town, hosted by the          117 delegates, with
realise the Business          Newspaper Section in all         National Library of          delegates from 11
Meeting of the Section        areas of the world. The          South Africa. In 2004,       countries of Latin
which takes place in the      Newspaper Section’s              the Shanghai Library         America. In 2008, our
spring of each year; and      Business meeting was             hosted the Newspapers        hosts were the National
planning the Open             combined with Seminars           Section and we all learnt    Library of Singapore,
Session (and the              and Conferences on               a great deal about           and the recently built
Standing Committee            Newspapers. This                 newspaper activity in        national Library was a
meeting of the Round          enabled those engaged            China. In 2005, our          wonderful venue for the
Table) which takes place      with newspapers in the           hosts were the National      140 delegates who
normally within the           host country, or from the        Library of Australia in      attended to hear papers
main IFLA General             surrounding countries, to        Canberra, where good         from countries in the
conference held in            offer their experiences          professional exchanges       region.
August each year.             for the benefit of all.          took place around new
                              Newspaper Section                technologies,                IFLA General
Attendance at the IFLA        Standing Committee               particularly the             Conferences
Symposium Managing            members for their part,          digitisation of older
the Preservation and          offered papers on their          newspapers, with some        It is gratifying to know,
Periodicals and               experiences, or on recent        100 delegates attending      thanks to the
Newspapers,                   developments relating to         the conference. For          development of the Web
Bibliotheque nationale        technology, or to                spring 2006, the             and the Internet, that
de France, August 2000,       newspaper publishing in          Newspapers Section           these papers given at
allowed me some first         their own countries.             migrated to Salt Lake        IFLA General
hand experience of the                                         City, Utah, USA, to          Conferences each
issues relating to            My first round of                learn about recent           August are held on
newspapers and their          planning for these spring        developments relating to     IFLANET, under the
preservation, together        meetings started in 2001,        the USA National             proceedings of each
with meeting many             when the Round Table             Newspaper Digitisation       General Conference.
colleagues actively           took up the invitation of        Program. The event           IFLA 2002 was held in
involved in the field of      Henry Snyder to visit            attracted some 100           Glasgow, and I was able
newspaper collection          California, to hold the          delegates. The Section       to use my UK contacts
management in                 Spring Business meeting          also held an autumn          to secure four good

                        NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
papers on the theme           activities in the region          publication of the papers      parts of the world has
Newspapers of the             regarding their                   given both at the spring       been a real pleasure.
British Isles, with some      newspapers, via the               meetings/ conference           Meeting publishers and
emphasis on those             theme: Newspapers of              and also at IFLA               seeing how they engage
preserved throughout          East Asia. In IFLA                General Conferences.           with change, to stay
England, Wales and            2007, Durban, the                 The Committee believed         successful in publishing
Scotland. For IFLA            Section attracted four            that colleagues round the      newspapers is always
2003, Berlin, The             good papers around the            world would be able to         interesting. Many of the
Section’s Open Session        theme: African                    benefit from a printed         issues relating to the
was on Newspapers and         Newspapers: Access and            copy of these papers, as       preservation of hardcopy
Copyright                     Technology. There was             internet access is still not   newspapers remain
Developments: Future          a lively debate around            guaranteed in many             unresolved. And the ever
Access and Preservation.      the use of technology             organisations and              more pervasive presence
For IFLA 2004, Buenos         that would provide the            countries. Thanks to the       of digital newspapers
Aires, the theme of           most suitable for of              unstinting efforts of the      adds urgency to the
Newspapers of Latin           access to newspapers in           Chairman, Hartmut              subject of the
America was selected, as      future for those in Africa        Walravens, publication         preservation of the
The Section specifically      who do not have access            of these sets of papers by     binary data by libraries
wishes to publicise more      to desktop computers              K.G. Saur has been             and archives.
the collections and           and computer networks,            continuous, and a list of      It will be good to see
activities of South           as has been the case for          these is attached at the       other professional
American Colleagues.          developed countries. The          end of this paper.             colleagues take up the
                              theme of The North                                               challenge of providing
Interest in the emerging      American ethnic press             Being the Secretary of         leadership in these fields
new technologies              proved most stimulating           the IFLA Newspapers            to ensure that the content
resulted in the theme:        for IFLA 2008, Quebec,            Section has been a most        and the cultural context
Newspaper digitisation        as attention was drawn            rewarding experience.          of newspapers is
projects. Developments        to newspapers published           Newspapers are a               available for future
in the online availability    for minority                      worldwide publishing           research and enquiry.
of older newspapers           communities throughout            reality. Meeting with
being selected for IFLA       Canada.                           professional colleagues        Ed King is Head of
2005, Oslo. For IFLA                                            charged with preserving        Newspaper Collections
Seoul, the desire was to      The Section also gave             them and providing             at The British Library
secure information of         priority to the                   access to them in many

                             IFLA Newspapers Section - Events held 1987-2008

1987 1st International Symposium on Newspaper Preservation and Access, Hotel Russell, London. Ca. 125
attendees. 53rd IFLA

1989 IFLA Washington, D.C: Managing the Preservation of Serial Literature: an International Symposium, 22-24
May; IFLA Paris, seminar on: La presse de la liberte; 24 August 1989; 55th IFLA

1990 56th IFLA Stockholm – included papers about the manufacture of paper.

1991 57th IFLA Moscow

1992 58th IFLA India

1993 59th IFLA Barcelona: Joint Open meeting with the Section on Interlending and Document Delivery on Access
to Newspapers.

1994 Round Table Business meeting, 10-11 March 1995, held at British Library Newspaper Library, Colindale;
60th IFLA Havana – Round Table Session held on 24.8.1994, with papers from Chile, Cuba and Germany; some
15-25 participants.

                 NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
1995 61st IFLA Istanbul: The Round Table on Newspapers co-sponsored an Open Meeting on Open Access to
Collections and Sesrvices in a Time of Change

1996 8th Business meeting (1) held at Bibliotheque nationale de Paris, 14-15.5.1996 ; 62nd IFLA Beijing, Open
Session 130 on 28.8.1996 jointly organised with the Conservation Section, on the Theme: Asian Newspapers, see: ; Workshop held on 29 August Microfilming or Digitisation for the
Preservation of Newspapers ; 8th Business meeting (2) held on 24.8.1996.

1997 9th Business meeting (1) held on 20.5.1997 & Mid term conference – Library of Congress (USNP), 80
attendees ; 63rd IFLA Copenhagen Open Session 142 held on 3.9.1997 on the theme Early Newspapers, see: and 9th Business meeting (2) held on 30.8.1997

1998 10th Business meeting (1) held at Staatsbibliothek, Berlin on 23.4.1998; 64th IFLA Amsterdam Open meeting
116 on Newspapers in Eastern Europe held on 18.8.1998 , see: and a
workshop, and 10th Business meeting (2), held on 15.8.1998.

1999 11th Business meeting (1) held at National Library of Canada, Ottawa on 3.5.1999 & Mid Term meeting –
Ottawa 30 to 40 attendees; 65th IFLA Bankok Open Session 140 held on 25.8.1999 on the theme: South East Asian
Newspapers, see: and 11th Business meeting (2)

2000 12th Business meeting, Moscow 16.5.2000, see: ; 66th IFLA,
Jerusalem, Open Session 162 held on the theme Digitization of Newspapers on 16.8.2000, see: ; IFLA post conference, Paris Managing the Preservation of Periodicals
and Serials, BnF, 21-24.8.2000, 200+ attendees; 13th Business meeting held at BnF, Paris on 22.8.2000, see:

2001 14th Business meeting, University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco, 30.4.2001, see: , 12-14 attendees; 67th IFLA, Boston, Open Session 172 held on
the theme: The Newspapers in the Americas, on 22.8.2001, see: ; 15th
Business meeting held

2002 16th Business meeting, 5.6.2002, Mikkeli, Finland -15 attendees, see: ; 68th IFLA Glasgow Open Session 127 held on Newspapers of
the British Isles, on 21.8.2002, see: ; 17th Business meeting 17.8.2002,

2003 18th Business meeting 17.3.2003, Cape Milner Hotel, Cape Town, see: ; Workshop: Hands on the Digital Chain, Centre for
Microfilming and Conservation, Mikkeli, Finland 2-6 June 2003. The Centre organised a hands-on international
workshop for the directors of preservation services and digitisation in co-operation with the IFLA Newspapers
Section; workshop attendees got closely acquainted with the digital chain from preparation to digitisation; 69th
IFLA Berlin, Open session 114 held on 5.8.2003 on theme: Newspapers and Copyright Developments: Future
Access and Preservation, see: ; IFLA Satellite, Berlin – 70 to 80
attendees; 19th Business meeting held 2.8.2003, see:

2004 20th Business meeting 29.3.2004,Shanghai Library, Shanghai, see:
minutes-2004-shanghai.pdf – 70 to 80 attendees; 70th ILFA Buenos Aires, Open Session 76 held on 23.8.2004 on
theme: Newspapers of Latin America, see: ; 21st Business meeting
22.8.2004, see:

2005 22nd Business meeting 21.2.2005, see: and
conference, Canberra – 100 attendees; Satellite Meeting 10–11 August 2005, Mo i Rana, National Library,
Norway. Arctic Circle Conservation Colloquium: Preservation Storage Solution for all Library Materials. Jointly

                    NEWS FROM THE IFLA SECTION ON NEWSPAPERS – No. 19, April 2009
Organised by the IFLA Newspapers Section and the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section. See:
71st IFLA, Olso, Open Session 97 on 15.8.2005 on the theme: Newspaper digitisation projects. Developments in
the online availability of older newspapers , see: ; 23rd Business
meeting 13.8.2005, see:

2006 24th Business meeting, see: & conference, Salt
Lake City – 100 attendees; 72nd IFLA Seoul, Open Session 79 on the theme: Newspapers of East Asia, see : ; 25th Business meeting 19.8.2006, see:

2007 26th Business Meeting 2.4.2007, see: and
conference, Santiago – 117 attendees; 73rd IFLA, Durban Opens session 103 on 20.8.2007 on the theme: African
Newspapers: Access and Technology, see: ; 27th Business
meeting 18.8.2007, see:

2008 28th Business Meeting 31.3.2008, see: and
conference, Singapore – 140 attendees; 74th IFLA, Quebec, Open Session 97 on 11.8.2008 on theme: The North
American ethnic press , see: ; 29th Business meeting 9.8.2008,

2009 30th Business Meeting and conference, Mozhaisk, Moscow, Russia, 14-15 April 2009, title: Legal deposit of
newspapers for libraries: challenges of the digital environment ; IFLA Satellite Meeting and Conference at Royal
Library of Sweden, 19-20.8.2009, title: The Present becomes the past: harvesting, archiving, presenting today’s
digitally produced newspapers; 75th IFLA, Milan, Open Session on the theme: Newspapers in the
Mediterranean and the Evolution of the Modern State; 31st Business meeting

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