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					Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed Mangat

Current Status

           o   Assistant Professor at University of Management and Technology
               (UMT) Lahore
           o   Director Textile Productivity Centre at UMT
           o   General Secretary Ghazali Education Trust
           o   Managing Partner Moderno Fabrics
           o   Manager Partner Moderno Apparels
           o   PhD Student at Technical University Liberec

Date of Birth

      March 15, 1958


      University of Management and Technology
      CII Johar Town Lahore Pakistan
      Ph: 92-42-35212801-10
      Cell: 92-300-8454872

Qualification and Education:

      MPhil (Garment Productivity and its Determinants) from The University of
      Manchester, UK 2008,

      MBA (Gold Medal), major in management and quality management
      (2001), from Hamdard University Karachi,

      Graduation in Textile Engineering, specialization in Wet Processing
      (1981), from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.

 Short Course:

           o   One-day course at Oxford University, UK, Technical Project
           o   Knitted Garment Production, Three days course at University of
               Management Sciences (LUMS) Lahore,
           o   Two days course at Corporate Management Development Centre
               at UMT.
         o   SPSS workshop, 15 days at UMT Lahore
         o   AMOS Workshop two days at UMT
         o   Sell your research, two days workshop at LUMS
         o   ENDNOTE, two days workshop at The University of Lahore

Teaching Experience

         Seventeen years teaching of following Textile and Production
         Managements courses at UMT:-
         o Textile Wet Processing (preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing),
         o Textile Production Operation Management,
         o Production Planning and Coordination (PPC),
         o Textile and Clothing Merchandising,
         o Knitted Fabric Manufacturing,
         o Garment Productivity Management
         o Leadership Skills
         o Textile Mills Management

Academic Experience

      Worked as Head of Textile Department at UMT (2000-2002),
      Played a major role in developing and launching of following courses at
         o Diploma in Textile Technology and Management
         o Bachelor of Textile Technology and Management
         o Bachelor of Textile Technology
         o Bachelor of Textile Engineering
         o Bachelor of Textile Design.

Textile and Clothing Experience

         o   Managing Partner of Moderno Fabrics (knitted fabric dyeing plant),
             Moderno Apparel (knitted garment manufacturing company) (2007-)
         o   Managing Partner Mega Dyes and Chemical (1997-2004)
         o   Sole Proprietor Alnafeh Associate (1994-1997)
         o   Production Manager Irfan Textile Mills Lahore (1993-1994)
         o   General Manager Marr Fabrics Lahore (1992-1993)
         o   Production Manager Emass Textile Lahore (1990-1992)
         o   Production Manager Peak Industries Sialkot (1989-1990)
         o   Production Director Ayesha Hosiery Faisalabad (1988-1989)
         o   Production Manager Sereina Textile Mills Karachi (1987-1987)
         o   Regional Sales Manager Eurasia Chemical, AdamJee Group
         o   Sales Officer ICI Pakistan Ltd Lahore office (1982-1986)
          o    Assistant Dyeing Manager Kohinoor Textile Mills Faisalabad (1981-


          o    Consultant for erection and commissioning Tanveer Textile Mills
               Lahore (1994-1995)
          o    Consultant for erection and commissioning Danish Textile Mills
               Lahore (1994-1995)
          o    Productivity Consultant Standard Hosiery Lahore (2004-2005)
          o    Productivity Consultant Irfan Textile Mills (2004- 2007)
          o    Productivity Consultant Mubarik Textile Mills Lahore (2006)


          o    Established Textile Productivity Centre at University of
               Management and Technology,
          o    Helped Sock manufacturing factory to reduced their rejection rates
               from 12 to 4% (more than one Million Rupees saving per month),
          o    One-third reduction in energy bill, 35% reduction in rejection rates,
               30% reduction in cost of dyes and chemicals of a vertical knitted
               garment manufacturing mill,
          o    Managerial Audit of a knitted mill and reduced 15% cost of dyes
               and chemicals,
          o    Worked as conference secretary of two International Conference on
               Textile and Clothing 2006 and 2009

Training Courses

          o    One day training courses conducted for managers of knitted
               garment manufacturers,
          o    One day workshop for dyeing lab in charges with collaboration of
          o    Various training workshops for senior and junior management in a
               garment manufactures firms,
          o    Lectures to improve productivity to various schools and trusts
          o    SPSS Introduction


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Mangat, M. (2006). Association between Production Capacity and Total Factor
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1st International Conference on Textile and Clothing Lahore.

Mangat, M., & Rasheed, A. (2006). Correlation between Stitching Thread
Parameters and Garment Productivity. Paper presented at the 1st International
Conference on Textile and Clothing Location.

Mangat, M. (2006). Productivity Measurement Rationalization and Application.

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Mangat, M. (2006). Contemporary productivity approach: the eventual choice.
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Mangat, M. (2007). TFP of Pakistan Knitted Garment Industry and its
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Mangat, M., Bailey, M., & Kaleem, R. (2007) Correlation between TFP of
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Mangat, M., Bailey, M., & Kaleem, R. (2007). Comparison between total factor
productivity of Pakistan knitted garment industry and 41 major sectors of
Pakistan manufacturing industries Pakistan Textile Journal(1970).

Mangat, M. (2009). Technical Textiles: A Promising Future. Paper presented at
the 2nd International Conference on Textile and Clothing, Lahore.

Muhammad Mushtaq Mangat; Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondola and Ahmed Sher Awan (2009).
Variation in the Performance and Perception about Contributing Factors: Evidence from
Engineering Students of Lahore. International Conference of Innovation and Teaching
and Innovation. ICITM’09. Malaysia
Conference Attended:

         o   Textile Institute conference in Turkey in 1995,
         o   Textile Institute Conference in Chennai India 1999.

Community Services:

         ·   Working as one of the trustees of Ghazali Education Trust since
             1998. Trust is running more than 270 schools and three colleges in
             Pakistan. There are more than 30000 students and 1400 teachers
             in trust schools
         ·   Past President of Rotary Club Lahore Mozzang


      English, Urdu and Punjabi

Life Objective

      To be more beneficial for the humanity through education and by inventing
      something new this should bring some happiness and ease in the lives of

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