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									                                                                       FALL 2002


  The Magazine for the Alumni and Friends
  of the Jefferson College of Health Professions
  Thomas Jefferson University

                     PT Class of 1992

                                                   PT Reunion
                                                   Drs. Erdmann and Cooter
                                                   Take the Lead

                                                   New Nursing Chair

                                                   DI Students Score
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                                                                               Review                   Thomas Jefferson University
                                                                                                        College of Health Professions

      In This Issue                                                         University President
                                                                            JCHP Dean
                                                                                                   Paul C. Brucker, MD
                                                                                                   James B. Erdmann, Ph.D

        3 Message From the Dean                                             The Review Editorial Board

        4 Drs. Erdmann and Cooter Take the Lead                             Editor                 Dorothy Grieb
                                                                                                   Director, Alumni Relations

        5 Physical Therapy Class of 1992 Together Again                     Managing Editor        Betty Bisaccia-Hanson
                                                                                                   Director, Marketing/Public Relations
                                                                            Associate Editor       Adrienne Tarola
        6 Mary G. Schaal, New Nursing Department Chair                      Editorial Board
                                                                                                   Publications, P.R. Coordinator
                                                                                                   Adel Herge, OT, ’86

        7 Diagnostic Imaging Students Discover Presentation is Important                           Instructor, Department of
                                                                                                   Occupational Therapy
                                                                                                   Anne K. Malin, BSN, ’93

        8 Special Occasions Make Special News                                                      Clinical Research Coordinator/
                                                                                                   Nurse Practitioner
                                                                                                   Thomas Jefferson University

        9 JAVA Keeps Admissions Brewing                                                            Michael J. Paquet
                                                                                                   Assistant Dean
                                                                                                   Office of the Dean

       10 Your Alma Mater Needs Your Support                                                       William Thygeson
                                                                                                   Assitant Dean/Director
                                                                                                   Student Affairs and Development
       10 Changing Spaces – Campus Housing Gets a Face Lift                 Production/Photography Services
       11 Federal Stafford Loan and Interest Rates At An All Time Low       Graphic Design         Beatris Santos,
                                                                                                   Barcelos Design

       11 Barbara Schock Retires                                            Photography            Gregory Benson
                                                                                                   Robert Neroni
                                                                                                   Freelance Photographers

       12 Alumni and Almost Alumni                                                                 Adrienne Tarola

       13 Alumni Updates
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      Board of Directors 2002-2003                                          For more information about the Alumni Association
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      Joann Ludwig, DI ’67                    Rachel Wagner, OT ’00         at 215-503-7709.

      BOARD MEMBERS                           ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVE
      John F Bauer, DI ’95                    THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY
      M. Brian Bixby, N ’93                   BOARD OF TRUSTEES
      Jill W. Carroll, LS ’96                 Rhonda Karp, EdD, LS, ’71
      Joanne Gauthier, GS, ’00

                                                          Message From The Dean

 Dear Alumni and Friends,
In our last issue, I reported to you on the         you to send your thoughts and suggestions.
transition taking place at your College, shared     These will become part of the ongoing delib-
some of my philosophy, and promised that            erations of the Middle States task forces. Your
Dr. Cooter and I, though in an acting               comments are of critical importance. You are
capacity, were not going to serve as caretakers     our ultimate reality test, to make certain that
since no institution can stand still without        faculty and administration are providing the
losing ground. We promised to look for              best preparation possible for our graduates.
opportunities to continue the growth of the
                                                    Of particular value will be your suggestions
College in reputation and in financial stability.
                                                    on the roles that alumni and friends can play
This commitment has been renewed and
                                                    in executing some of the recommendations
reinforced since our respective roles have
                                                    that emerge. In addition to giving us advice
become permanent. We believe that with your
                                                    on ways to improve the quality of educational
support and involvement, we can bring our
                                                    programming, you can provide critical
College to even greater heights of academic
                                                    supportive roles in helping with recruitment
excellence, contribute even more to the
                                                    of students, in volunteering as clinical instruc-
development of the health professions work-
                                                    tors, reviewing career guidance materials, and
force and society’s healthcare, and deepen                                                              as Acting Chair) and a renewed emphasis
                                                    so forth. I believe strongly that, as graduates,
your pride in your alma mater.                                                                          on the recruitment of a new Physical
                                                    you have a significant stake in your alm mater,
I say with your support and involvement             and I am convinced that we need to partne           Therapy Chair.
because I am convinced that without the             with you in securing Jefferson’s future.            Commitment to enhanced facilities …with
active participation of students, faculty, and                                                          the construction of a new class-room/clinical
                                                    The following summary of significant accom-
alumni, we will not achieve our goals. The                                                              laboratory on the seventh floor and
                                                    plishments is extracted from the “State of the
University is about to embark on a self-study                                                           renovation of classrooms on the ninth floor
                                                    College” section of the Annual Report. The
that is part of the regular reaccreditation of                                                          of the Edison Building. As part of a
                                                    full text will be made available on the website.
the University by the Middle States                                                                     longer-term solution, the College is joining
Association. This is a marvelous opportunity        Our name has been changed to Jefferson              the Medical College in the planning of new
to look critically at all of our programs and       College of Health Professions (JCHP).               educational space that will support each of
policies, take stock of our strengths and                                                               the University’s academic divisions in the
weaknesses, and develop strategies for              Continued recognition of our academic
                                                                                                        proposed Education Research Building
enhancing our assets, eliminating our short-        excellence by accrediting bodies … included a
                                                                                                        to be constructed over the existing
comings, and reaching our goals. We will be         full 10-year accreditation renewal for Nursing,
                                                                                                        Jefferson garage.
seeking your participation in this self-study in    successful site visits for Radiography,
a real and meaningful way. The most effective       Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and                  Enhanced recruiting efforts and commitment
and efficient way to obtain your participation      Cardiovascular Technology in the Department         to Dean’s Scholarships ... resulted in an
will be by way of the Web.                          of Diagnostic Imaging, and full term accredita-     overall increase in college enrollment, with
                                                    tion for Physical Therapy following submis-         the greatest increases in Nursing and
Our first step will be to post the 2001-2002        sion of a supplemental report to CAPTE.             Diagnostic Imaging. Enrollment efforts have
Annual Report of the College on our website                                                             been further assisted by an increased
for your perusal and comment. If you have           Commitment to leadership in the academic
                                                                                                        allocation and full utilization of the Dean’s
not visited our College’s website                   areas … with the appointment of Mary
                                                                                                        Merit Scholarship fund….Another effort in
(, please do so. We          Schaal, RN, EdD, as the Chair of the
                                                                                                        this direction was the decision in planning
welcome your reactions and suggestions for          Department of Nursing (Dr. Schaal had served
                                                                                                        the 2002-03 budget to restrain increases in
its improvement. Provision will be made for
                                                                                                                                  (continued on page 4)
                                                                                                                                               FALL 2002
                                                          Message From The Dean
      (continued from page 3)

      comprehensive fees…a 2% rise vs. the            enterprise and find ways to integrate its    Philanthropy remains a major challenge for
      5 to 7% increases in tuition at other           programs more closely with the other         the College. Prior efforts have not resulted
      private institutions.                           elements of the Jefferson community.         in developing a strong donor base.
                                                      This commitment has received the strong      Consequently, future efforts will need to be
      In addition to the individual projects noted
                                                      support of the deans of the other two        initiated from a ‘ground floor’ perspective.
      above, the last half of this year focused
                                                      Colleges and of the CEO of Thomas            It is expected that the appointment of a
      on establishing the framework in which the
                                                      Jefferson University Hospital.               new Director of University Institutional
      future direction of JCHP will be defined.
                                                                                                   Advancement, as well as integration of the
                                                      Maintaining/increasing enrollment and
      Enhanced integration with TJU, TJUH and                                                      College’s Alumni and Development Office
                                                      developing a fiscally strong philanthropic
      JHS will be a cornerstone of future JCHP                                                     databases will create valuable support for
                                                      program are the two biggest challenges
      efforts. The College is poised to improve                                                    these efforts.
                                                      facing the College in the future.
      communication and collaborative efforts
                                                                                                   Please begin now sharing your reactions to
      with the other educational and healthcare       The progress that has been made in the
                                                                                                   the State of your College. Thank you for
      entities included in the Jefferson              enrollment area will be further enhanced
                                                                                                   your active participation.
      organization. While integration of facilities   through an improved targeted,
      and resources remains key, enhancement of       college-integrated marketing campaign.
      collaborative efforts will also extend to the   Furthermore, recognizing that pricing
      education and research areas. It is recog-      remains an issue for JCHP, the College
      nized that for JCHP to assume the strongest     will undertake a comprehensive study to      James B. Erdmann, Ph.D.
      competitive position, it must be recognized     assess the viability of establishing a       Dean
      as an integral part of the notable Jefferson    tuition-discounting program.

                                                                                                   Carol High Gross and husband, Dwayne.

      Physical Therapy
      Class of 1992                                                                                of the PT’s, earlier that day, that everyone
                                                                                                   would be dancing all night. “I felt
                                                                                                   obligated to explain to him throughout
      Together Again!                                                                              the night that even though we weren’t

                                                                                                   dancing, we were enjoying the music but
                                                                                                   we just haven’t seen each other in a long
                                                                                                   time. He commented on how everyone’s
                                                                                                   feet were tapping as we were all caught
                                                                                                   in laughter and conversation! He knew
                                                                                                   we were all enjoying ourselves.”
      They were together again, 10 years later.       “For those who could not attend,
      Twenty-eight of the 40 members of               you were remembered and missed!”             The alumni traveled near and far to
      JCHP’s Department of Physical Therapy,                                                       celebrate. Ronda Reasner came from
                                                      The alumni came with old class
      Class of 1992 were back in Philadelphia                                                      Utah, Laura Gallagher Barrios from
                                                      pictures and new life stories.
      on October 26 to catch up, hang out,                                                         Nebraska, Amy Fernandez Morris from
                                                      “I thought it was a wonderful night
      eat, drink and dance till the wee hours.                                                     Illinois and many from Maryland, New
                                                      of reminiscing,” said Amy Fernandez
      The brainchild of Carole High Gross,                                                         Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Even
                                                      Morris, who traveled from Illinois. “It
      now living in Ottsville, Pennsylvania, the                                                   professors Maggie Rinehart-Ayers, PT,
                                                      was terrific to get caught up with all the
      festivities took place at the Hilton                                                         Ph.D., and Paul Howard, PT, Ph.D.,
                                                      old classmates.”
      Garden Inn in Philadelphia’s Center City.                                                    came to demonstrate their support.
                                                      A Hilton employee commented that
      “A cheery roar of laughter and conversa-                                                     “I am extremely grateful for the
                                                      “it was like a good ‘ol family reunion.”
      tion were in the air all night!” exclaimed                                                   incredible support from Jefferson
      the eight-month pregnant Gross who              Gross told Jeff McCoy, from Dynamic          College of Health Professions’ Alumni
      chaired the reunion committee and was           Sound Entertainment, a patient of one        Association,” stated Gross. “We appreci-
      instrumental in the success of the event.                                                    ate their efforts to support so much of

                                                                                                        Name Change
                                                                                                        CHP Acquires a “J”

These lovely PT ladies were all smiles.         Donna Merkel Molony and Joe Molony.
                                                                                                        We began in 1967 as the School of Allied
our reunion and for providing such               and talking about their favorite school                Health Sciences. Two years later, the
wonderful prizes and favors.”                    memories. It was a good time to catch up               name was changed to the College of
                                                 with friends and learn where everyone’s                Allied Health Sciences. In 1997, we
“Everyone truly had a great time.
                                                 career is taking them. Kathy put together a            became the College of Health Professions.
At 1 am, 25 people still remained
                                                 newsletter about her classmates and was                And in 2002, we have again changed our
yapping and yapping. They were then
                                                 responsible for sending news on to the                 name, this time to Jefferson College of
planning to move the party to the
                                                                                                        Health Professions (JCHP). According to
brewery down the street but I, with              Alumni Office. Many thanks to Kathy and
                                                                                                        James B. Erdmann, PhD, dean, “We want
swollen ankles at this point the size of         her classmates for their interest, enthusi-
                                                                                                        to increase the emphasis on the College’s
water bottles, had to pass on that one.”         asm, and loyalty to Jefferson.
                                                                                                        connection with Jefferson Medical
Gross plans to continue to keep everyone                                                                College, the College of Graduate Studies,
                                                The evening was definitely an “uplifting experience.”
up to date on what is going on with the                                                                 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and
Class of 1992. “I just have such a warm                                                                 the Jefferson Health System. One way we
spot in my heart for all of my classmates                                                               can further that objective is to change the
and enjoyed seeing and talking to every-                                                                name of the College slightly to make cer-
one during the planning process for this                                                                tain everyone identifies us with the
reunion. Some things and some people                                                                    Jefferson enterprise.”
will never change and I love it!”

Attending the reunion were: Heidi
Bockelkamp, Lee Cardwell, Shelly Carroll,
Karen Carter Mowder, Gerry DuFour, Amy
Fernandez Morris, Laura Gallagher Barrios,
Marg Gans Kallfon, Jeannie Geiger Roland,
Julie Greenberg Nagorsky, Carole High
Gross, Mark Kelly, Chris Lambert, Karen
McGroaw Non, Donna Merkel Molony, Joe
Molony, Nanette Michelangelo McKenna,
Cliff Milowicki, MJ Mohl, Sandy Nawrocki,
Jan Petery, Rocky Pistilli, Ronda Reasner,
Laura Tribolet Guiliani, Drew and Kim
Wallace and Pam Wasak Karp.

More PT Fun
Additional class spirit by Physical Therapy
alumni was demonstrated by the Class of
1998. On June 1, 2002, the class gathered
together for a four-year reunion at the Irish
Pub in Philadelphia. Organized by class
member, Kathy Crop Ucciferri, 21 members
of the class, including one from California,
attended. The class enjoyed dinner, drinks,

                                                                                                                                               FALL 2002
                                                    New Department of Nursing Chair

      Mary G. Schaal, R.N., Ed.D.,
      Named Chair of Jefferson College
      of Health Professions’ Department of Nursing

      Accomplished nurse- educator and                  degree students and a web-based nursing
      Jefferson alumna Mary G. Schaal, R.N.,            program option. The fruits of her labor
      Ed.D., has been named Chair of the                have resulted in a 200% increase in enroll-
      Department of Nursing at Jefferson College        ment in the graduate nursing program and
      of Health Professions. Dr. Schaal, who had        an increase from 80% to 97% in the pass
      previously served as Acting Chair of the          rate on the licensure examination for last
      Department, has been instrumental in              year’s graduates of the undergraduate pro-
      enriching a program that has already              gram. Under Dr. Schaal’s leadership, the
      earned a national and international               JCHP Department of Nursing has assumed
      reputation for the education of leaders in        a lead in the University’s entry into distance
      the nursing profession. She succeeds former       education.
      chair Pamela Watson, Sc.D., R.N., who
                                                        “The faculty and I are committed to devel-
      resigned in 2001.
                                                        oping strategies to alleviate the acute nurs-
      Dr. Schaal joined the College as Associate        ing shortage immediately and in the long
      Professor, Vice Chair and Director of the         term,” explained Dr. Schaal. “I view as
      Graduate Program for Nursing in 1997.             essential collaboration with the nursing
      Prior to her appointment at Jefferson, Dr.        leaders in the Jefferson Health System to
      Schaal was an Associate Professor and             develop strategies to meet their needs for       Dr. Schaal, a Cinnaminson, New Jersey res-
      Director of Graduate Studies at Allegheny         nurses at all levels and in all areas of prac-   ident, has been active in numerous national
      University of the Health Sciences. She also       tice. Dr. Mary Wakefield, the Department’s       and local health, nursing, education and
      held an administrative position in graduate       Nurse Scholar for 2002, addressed interdis-      community organizations and currently
      studies at Rutgers, the State University          ciplinary education as a priority for            serves on the JHS Health Policy Forum,
      of New Jersey.                                    healthcare providers in order to deliver         Nursing Shortage Task Force, Faculty Club,
                                                        safe, effective care. Dr. Wakefield              Board of Directors, Graduate Council, and
      “Dr. Schaal has done an outstanding job of
                                                        indicated that TJU is an environment             Awards and Fellowships Committee.
      guiding the department over the last eight
                                                        that is well suited to take a lead in inter-
      months and has earned the opportunity to                                                           Dr. Schaal received her diploma and
                                                        disciplinary education. Therefore,
      lead the department as its regular chair,”                                                         Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from
                                                        I have initiated work with Jefferson Medical
      said James B. Erdmann, Dean of the                                                                 Thomas Jefferson University, a Master of
                                                        College to develop a model for life-long
      Jefferson College of Health Professions.                                                           Science degree in Community Health
                                                        interdisciplinary education between nurses
      “She has already had a very positive impact                                                        Nursing from the University of
                                                        and physicians.”
      on the department, both in terms of new                                                            Pennsylvania and her Doctoral degree in
      programs and in terms of management. We           In 1995, Dr. Schaal received a Robert Wood       Education from Rutgers, the State
      are fortunate to have the expertise and           Johnson Foundation grant to support the          University of New Jersey. Last year she
      enthusiasm that Dr. Schaal brings to her          development of an interdisciplinary              received an Alumni Special Achievement
      position.”                                        community-based educational program.             Award from JCHP.
                                                        The following year, in collaboration with
      Dr. Schaal has been a noted contributor to                                                         “My 38-year career as a professional nurse
                                                        Planned Parenthood Federation of America,
      nursing education in the areas of                                                                  has been rewarding and filled with
                                                        she received an award from the Office of
      curriculum design, development and evalu-                                                          accomplishments I attribute to the strong
                                                        Population Affairs to develop a distance-
      ation, distance learning and health promo-                                                         foundations provided in the nursing
                                                        based RN-to-MSN educational program.
      tion. At Jefferson, she was instrumental in                                                        education I received at Jefferson,”
      the revision and redesign of the graduate                                                          commented Dr. Schaal.
      nursing program, the development of a
      one-year accelerated program for second

Diagnostic Imaging                                                                                Imaging, explains that the winners demon-
                                                                                                  strate awareness of new trends, demon-
Students Discover                                                                                 strate a complete understanding of the top-
                                                                                                  ics and are able to answer questions.

Presentation                                                                                      “What we stress in the course is that they

is Important                                                                                      familiarize themselves with the various
                                                                                                  journals so they can target their submis-
                                                                                                  sions more effectively. The valuable lessons
                                                                                                  they receive over and above the actual
                                                                                                  writing in this project include soliciting
                                                                                                  sponsorship from vendors whose products
For the third consecutive year, JCHP           JCHP’s winning streak began in September           are used in the study. When they leave us,
students have been invited by the Society      of 2000 when students were accepted to             they have the confidence and the employer
of Diagnostic Medical Sonography to            present at the Society of Diagnostic Medical       gets a mature worker who is a valuable
present their original research abstracts at   Sonographers 17th annual conference in             asset. Everybody wins.”
the annual scientific presentation             Dallas, Texas. Kristi Maiese and Danielle
competition. Thousands of sonographers         Miller were recognized in the student              JCHP’s Diagnostic Imaging program has
as well as students each year vie for the      poster competition.                                the distinction of last year receiving a full
coveted opportunity to publish and                                                                10-year accreditation from the Commission
present. At the 2002 competition held          Last year in Las Vegas, Lauren Saulin              on Accreditation of Allied Health Education
in Atlanta, Georgia this October, three        won the coveted first place for her “Carotid       Programs (CAAHEP) in collaboration with
of those four slots were filled by JCHP        Angioplasty/Stenting for the Management of         the Joint Review Committee on Education
cardiovascular technology students.            High Grade Carotid Stenosis: A Case                in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
                                               Report.” Third place was awarded to                (JRCDMS). Shillingsburg says her course is
They were Cyrena Mailloux, Ava Horrell         Charla A. Brown, Karen M. DiSandro and             a unique combination of college resources,
and the combined efforts of Jacqueline Park    Patricia Gilroy, RVT.                              willingness of clinical sites to collaborate
and Christine Craig. The single mother, the                                                       and great mentors who support their
                                               Shillingsburg’s course is a weekly seminar         students and promote student ownership
doctor’s wife and the energetic young
                                               in which students are required to write a          of their own projects and, consequently,
traditional students are all members of
                                               research paper or case study that pertains         confidence and success. Most of
Cynthia Shillingsburg’s cardiovascular
                                               to one or more of the specialties of               Shillingburg’s students can add “published”
seminar. They came together to write
                                               cardiovascular technology. The paper has           to their resumes when they graduate.
papers that overwhelmed the selection
                                               to be presented via an oral report and
committee. Park and Craig garnered second
                                               submitted to a journal for publication.            Demand for these highly qualified cardio-
place for their paper, “The Advantage of
                                               Michael Hartman, Shillingsburg’s colleague,        vascular technologists is great. Salaries are
Intraoperative Duplex Ultrasound for
                                               has a similar seminar in which students            reported at $45,000 to start plus sign on
Carotid Endarterectomy.” They worked
                                               submit a research poster.                          bonuses. For those who are willing to be on
with two Temple University vascular
technologists at their clinical site and                                                          call, salaries could double this amount.
                                               Students choose topics that are personally
consulted with Philadelphia Heart Institute    interesting. Shillingsburg, Clinical
physicians for this abstract.                                                                     Says Christine Craig, of Salisbury,
                                               Coordinator for Cardiovascular Technology
                                                                                                  Maryland, who graduated this past May,
                                               in JCHP’s Department of Diagnostic
Horrell took third place for her work on                                                          “I had three great job offers before
“The Utilization of Duplex Ultrasound in
Differentiating Distal Internal Carotid        (l to r) Cynthia Shillingsburg, Christine Craig,                           (continued on page 8)
Artery Occlusion from Distal Internal          Ava Horrell, Cyrena Mailloux.
Carotid Artery Dissection: A Case Study.”

In exchange for their 15-minute
presentation based on their 250-word
abstract, the Jefferson students received a
complimentary three-day conference
registration and the valuable opportunity
to network with prospective employers
and associates.

                                                                                                                                          FALL 2002
                           Special Occasions Make Special News
                                                                                                    Diagnostic Imaging
                                                                                                    Students Discover
                                                                                                    is Important
       Special Occasions                                                                            (continued from page 7)

       Make Special News                                                                            graduation…Peninsula Regional,
                                                                                                    Pennsylvania and Cooper Hospitals. And
                                                                                                    the employers certainly do take note when
      Please use the inserted form or e-mail us       about your joyous event. Also, please
                                                                                                    they see that you have already been pub-
      with all of your news. However, please          include your name, your spouse’s name,
                                                                                                    lished.” Ava Harrell, ’02, moved with her
      keep in mind that we particularly want to       your name at graduation, your program
                                                                                                    physician husband from Kansas to
      highlight your big events in print!             and year and address. Baby pictures are
                                                                                                    Philadelphia. “Jefferson has a reputation in
                                                      extra special and a welcome addition to
      Weddings Are Wonderful,                                                                       the field. Those at Johns Hopkins,
                                                      your announcement. Please send us a
      Tell Us About Yours !                                                                         Dartmouth, Vanderbilt all know the
                                                      picture we can print or e-mail one to us.
                                                                                                    caliber of Jefferson students.” Harrell took
                                                      We have a Jefferson baby gift ready to send
      Please let us know about your recent                                                          a job in the vascular lab at Miseracordia
                                                      out to you!
      wedding, so we can include your happy                                                         Hospital part of the Mercy Health System.
      announcement in a future issue of The           Special Occasion News,
      Review. Include with your announcement a                                                      Cyrena Mailloux ,’02, a single mother and
                                                      Any News And Change of
      picture we can print and we will send you                                                     Drexel Hill, PA resident, gained experience
      a Jefferson gift. You can e-mail us a picture
                                                      Address Can Always Be Sent Via:
                                                                                                    in more than research while doing her
      or send us one in the mail. (Please clearly     • E-Mail via our web site                     paper,”Utilization of Contrast Agent
      identify the picture.) Also, include your               Optison in Transthoracic Echo Evaluation
      name at graduation, your year, your               or use the form below                       of the Left Centricle.” She gained expertise
      married name, your spouse’s name, the date                                                    in working with product manufacturers as
      of your wedding, and your address.              • E-Mail, Mail, Phone, or Fax Contact:
                                                                                                    she solicited funding and negotiated
                                                        Dorothy Grieb
                                                                                                    product use. Mailloux comments that
      We Bet You Had A Beautiful                        Director of Alumni Relations
                                                                                                    while a student she had been working in
      Baby!                                             Jefferson College of Health Professions
                                                                                                    one of the Jefferson Health System’s
                                                        130 S. 9th Street, Suite 705
      Please, tell us more, so we can include your                                                  Echocardiography labs and “a terrific job
                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19107-5233
      baby announcement in a future issue of                                                        just fell into my lap.” She was weighing
                                                        (215) 503-7709 telephone
      The Review. Include in your information,                                                      her options but felt that she would
                                                        (215) 503-9834 fax
      your baby’s name, date of birth, and any                                                      ultimately choose Jefferson.
      other information you would like to share
                                                                                                    Kimberly Pockevich, ’01, was thrilled to
                                                                                                    discover that The Journal of Vascular
                                                                                                    Technology accepted her article for publica-
                                                                                                    tion. According to Shillingsburg, “This was a
      Change of Address/News Form                                                                   real accomplishment. Jefferson and our
                                                                                                    department were cited in the footnote.”
      Name _______________________________________________________________________
      Name at Graduation (if different) _________________________________________________           Continued Shillingsburg, “I am so proud
      Program __________________________________________________ Year _______________               of these great young women. They are
                                                                                                    graduating at the forefront of this
      Address ______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                    profession. It is a pleasure for me to
      City _______________________________________ State _______ Zip __________________             mentor and teach them, to share my
      Email Address _________________________________________________________________               expertise and in so doing, contribute to
      Personal News ________________________________________________________________                the growth of our field.”
      Professional News ______________________________________________________________

                    Join JAVA And Keep Admissions Brewing!

                                                                                    Joan Kane
Join JAVA                                                                           Amick
And Help Keep Admissions Brewing!                                                   Memorial
Mark your calendars and help spread the word.      Wednesday, April 16, 2003        Joan Kane Amick, a pillar of the nursing
We need your help in identifying and motivat-      6:30 pm - 8 pm                   community of Thomas Jefferson
ing talented students to choose a career in                                         University and an educator of many
healthcare. Your presence at these events offers   OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY WORKSHOPS   Thomas Jefferson University Diploma
students a unique perspective from someone         Wednesday, February 19, 2003     nurse and BSN students, passed away on
who has been there – YOU ! Training and            6:30 pm - 8 pm
                                                                                    May 18, 2002. Joan was an active and
parking reimbursement are available. Call Karen                                     dedicated member of the Delta Rho
Jacobs, Director of Admissions and Enrollment      Saturday, April 26, 2003
                                                                                    chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International
Management at (215) 503-1040 or e-mail             10 am - 12 pm
                                                                                    holding positions as president, to sign up.
                                                   PHYSICAL THERAPY WORKSHOPS       corresponding secretary, archives and
Current opportunities to help are as follows:
                                                   Wednesday, February 19, 2003     heritage committee, chair of the by-laws
                                                   6:30 pm - 8 pm                   committee and newsletter editor. Joan was
DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING WORKSHOPS                                                        a leader and a major contributor to Delta
                                                   Saturday, April 26, 2003         Rho’s current success. She also served
Wednesday, December 11, 2002
                                                   10 am - 12 pm                    International as a regional mentor and a
10 am - 1 pm
                                                                                    member of International’s wisdom
                                                   SPRING PHONATHONS
Wednesday, February 12, 2003                                                        council, mentoring committee and the
                                                   DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING
10 am - 1 pm                                                                        dean’s task force. Because of Joan’s
                                                   Wednesday, March 12, 2003
                                                                                    commitment to mentorship and her love
Saturday, April 12, 2003                                                            of Delta Rho, the board of directors has
                                                   LABORATORY SCIENCES
10 am - 1 pm                                                                        voted to memorialize the annual academic
                                                   Wednesday, March 12, 2003
                                                                                    scholarship in her honor.
Wednesday, May 7, 2003
6 pm - 8 pm                                                                         Contributions to the scholarship may be
                                                   Tuesday, March 18, 2003
                                                                                    made to Delta Rho Chapter of Sigma
Wednesday, June 4, 2003                                                             Theta Tau and note on the check that the
                                                   OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
10 am - 1 pm                                                                        donation is for the Joan Kane Amick
                                                   Tuesday , March 11, 2003
                                                                                    Academic Scholarship. Checks may be
                                                   PHYSICAL THERAPY                 mailed to: Delta Rho Chapter of Sigma
Tuesday, December 10, 2002
                                                   Tuesday , March 13, 2003         Theta Tau. Thomas Jefferson University,
6 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                                                    Jefferson College of Health Professions,
                                                   SPRING OPEN HOUSE                130 South 9th Street, 12th Floor,
Tuesday, February 12, 2003
                                                   Saturday, March 29, 2003         Philadelphia, PA 19107.
6 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                   11 am - 2 pm
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
                                                   OTHER EVENTS
6 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                   PACE WELCOME PICNIC
Tuesday, June 10, 2003                             Monday, June 23, 2003
6 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                   AFFILIATE SCHOOL LUNCHEON
LABORATORY SCIENCES WORKSHOPS                      Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Saturday, February 8, 2003
                                                   PACE ADVISING DAY
10 am - 1 pm
                                                   Friday, June 27, 2003

                                                                                                                         FALL 2002
                Changing Spaces – Campus Housing Gets a Face Lift!
                                                                                                               Your Alma Mater
                                                                                                               Needs Your Support
                                                                                                               Each year, Jefferson College of Health
                                                                                                               Professions asks alumni to give to the
                                                                                                               Annual Fund. Annual giving by alumni
      Changing Spaces                                                                                          is an important source of financial
                                                                                                               support at every college and university
      Campus Housing Gets a Face Lift!                                                                         in the country. Although each year many
                                                                                                               schools’ alumni contribute millions of
                                                                                                               dollars, contributions from our JCHP
      Safe and attractive student housing is a major       ment of residential housing and has recently        alumni are more modest, barely breaking
      asset to any college or university campus.           entered into several arrangements similar to        the five-figure threshold.
      Add to that a residential living program that        ours at other universities in the area.
      provides social, educational and support             The agreement with Luber-Adler is a long-           At a time when you are besieged by
      services for students, and you have a vital          term lease of the Orlowitz and Barringer            organizations asking for money via
      component of student life. For decades,              buildings that results in an investment of          telephone and forced to endure public
      Jefferson students have enjoyed the benefits         $25-$30 million in capital improvements.            television “beg-a-thons,” why should you
      of living in Orlowitz, Barringer and Martin          The end result will be modern apartments            respond to an appeal from your College?
      Residences. Our three residence halls provide        with wireless access and the latest in life safe-   There are lots of good reasons. First and
      a variety of housing options from traditional        ty systems (sprinkler and fire alarm systems).      foremost, our tuition does not cover the
      “dormitory-style” rooms in Martin to three-                                                              cost of education. Hard to believe, but
                                                           A huge benefit in addition to upgraded
      bedroom apartments in Orlowitz and                                                                       true. In addition to tuition, we rely on
                                                           facilities is that Lubert-Adler, owners of the
      Barringer. Maintaining these facilities is                                                               federal and state grant support, income
                                                           Victory Building on the corner of 10th and
      always a financial challenge, especially during                                                          from our endowment, and, yes, gifts
                                                           Chestnut Streets, will renovate and restore
      these demanding times in the healthcare                                                                  from alumni and friends of the College.
                                                           that Victorian masterpiece to create 50 to 60
      industry. As Orlowitz and Barringer have
                                                           apartments for our students and provide             What do we do with your gift? Some of
      aged, we have needed a large infusion of
                                                           expanded space for the Jefferson bookstore.         it goes to scholarships for current
      capital funds to replace building systems and
      to upgrade worn finishes such as carpeting,          Although Orlowitz and Barringer are leased          students. The Christopher Rivera
      cabinetry and drapes.                                to Lubert Adler, the University continues to        Memorial Scholarship for Physical
                                                           provide residential living programs and             Therapy students is a good example.
      With the high demand on University funds
                                                           service to students. The extensive renovation       New patient simulation labs and
      for academic, clinical and research programs,
                                                           should be completed by the end of next              expanded computer facilities for students
      we decided to enter into an innovative
                                                           summer. When the dust settles, Jefferson            are expensive but well worth the cost.
      partnership with Lubert-Adler Management,
                                                           students can look forward to campus                 To stay abreast of the latest technology
      Inc. Lubert-Adler is an investment firm that
                                                           housing that is more attractive and varied          and curricular innovations requires a
      specializes in the development and refurbish-
                                                           than any previously available.                      significant financial commitment, and
                                                                                                               your gifts can help us achieve that goal.
                                                                                                               By supporting these initiatives, you assist
                                                                                                               our current students and, at the same
      Barbara Schock Retires                                                                                   time, enhance the Jefferson reputation,
                                                                                                               which is a direct benefit to you as a
                                                                                                               graduate of the College.
       Many alumni who resided on the Jefferson campus remember
       Barbara Schock, Director of Housing and Residence Life, as a                                            So when you are contacted by the
       tireless advocate for the campus housing community. After pro-                                          College and asked to contribute to the
       viding the University with 25 years of dedicated service, Barbara                                       Annual Fund, please say “yes.” Even a
       has retired.                                                                                            small gift can make a big difference for
                                                                                                               your College.
       She started her career at Jefferson in the late 70’s and began serv-
       ing as the University’s chief housing officer in 1983. In 1987, she was named Director of               You will also find a postage-paid
       Housing and Residence Life. During her tenure as Director, she created a highly effective res-          envelope included in this magazine.
       idential living program as well as a successful and profitable short-term housing program that          Please take this opportunity to give
       has served many University visitors and patient families.                                               something back to your school.

                                 Federal Stafford Loan And Interest Rates At All-Time Low!

Federal Stafford Loan And Federal Consolidation Interest Rates
At An All-Time Low!
For the second straight year, Federal Stafford Loan rates and related federal consolidation rates     ADVANTAGES OF CONSOLIDATION
dropped to an all-time low!
                                                                                                      Lock in your interest rate. A consolidation
The formula for Federal Stafford Loans disbursed after July 1, 1998 is based on the 91-day            loan will have a fixed interest rate
T-Bill plus 1.7% while in school, grace or deferment and 2.3% while in repayment or                   associated with the new loan. The interest
forbearance. A similar formula exists for loans disbursed between July 1, 1995 and June 30,           rate for the Federal Consolidation Loan is
1998 with the corresponding rates of T-Bill plus 2.5% while in school, grace or deferment and         fixed and is equal to the weighted average
T-Bill plus 3.1% while in repayment or forbearance.                                                   of the interest rates of the loans being con-
                                                                                                      solidated, rounded up to the nearest 1/8th
Applicable Federal Stafford Loan rates for the period July 1, 2002 to June 30, 2003 are               of one percent, not to exceed 8.25%.
as follows:
                                                                                                      Monthly payment is reduced. As a
                                                                                                      repayment period of up to 30 years may
    FEDERAL STAFFORD LOAN            IN-SCHOOL, GRACE              FORBEARANCE AND ACTIVE             be granted based on loan size, monthly
    DISBURSEMENT DATE                AND DEFERMENT RATE            REPAYMENT RATE                     payments will be much lower than an
                                                                                                      original payment based on a 10-year
    7/1/1198 - 6/30/2003             3.46%                         4.06%                              repayment period.

                                                                                                      Save money on payment incentives. Some
    7/1/1995 - 6/30/1998             4.26%                         4.86%                              lenders are offering payment incentives in
                                                                                                      the form of interest rate reductions.
    7/1/1994 - 6/30/1995             4.86%                         4.86%
                                                                                                      Make one monthly payment to one lender
                                                                                                      for all of your federal loans.
Considering that Federal Stafford Loan interest rates are so low, now is a great time to think
about ‘consolidating.’ Federal Consolidation is the process by which borrowers may combine all        DISADVANTAGES OF CONSOLIDATION
of their federal debt into one ‘refinanced’ loan. Federal loans eligible for consolidation include:
                                                                                                      More interest may be paid on the borrowed
• Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized and unsubsidized)                                                 funds if you extend payment based on
• Federal Direct Loan (subsidized and unsubsidized)                                                   options offered under federal consolidation.

• Federal Perkins Loan                                                                                Eligible deferment options may change.
• Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL)
                                                                                                      Payment incentives you currently are
• Nursing Student Loan (NSL)                                                                          receiving on the loans you want to
• Federal Insured Student Loan (FISL)                                                                 consolidate may be forfeited.
• Auxiliary Loan to Assist Students (ALAS)                                                            Only federal loans may be included
• Federal Supplemental Loan for Students (SLS)                                                        in the Federal Consolidation Loan.
• National Direct Student Loan (NDSL)                                                                 Institutional loans and private loans may
                                                                                                      not be included.
• Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL)
• Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)                                              If you have any questions regarding the
• Loan for Disadvantaged Students (LDS)                                                               Federal Stafford Loan or the Federal
                                                                                                      Consolidation Loan, please contact your
Consolidation is extremely helpful if the borrower has many federal loans with different lenders.     Federal Stafford Loan lender(s) or contact
However, consolidation may be done even if the borrower only has federal loans with                   the University Office of Student Financial
one lender.                                                                                           Aid at (215) 955-2867 or

                                                                                                                                              FALL 2002
                                                      Drs. Erdmann and Cooter Take the Lead

      It’s Official!
      Drs. Erdmann and Cooter Take the Lead

      James B. Erdmann, PhD, and Raelynn                     Loyola Psychometric Laboratory and
      Cooter, PhD, have been named Dean and                  Assistant Professor, Department of
      Senior Associate Dean, respectively for                Psychology at Loyola University in Chicago.
      Jefferson College of Health Professions.
                                                             Dr. Erdmann received doctoral and master’s
      They had served in “acting” capacities since
                                                             degrees in Psychological Measurement and
      December 2001.
                                                             Cognition from Loyola University. His hon-
      Dr. Erdmann joined Thomas Jefferson                    ors include Who’s Who in America in
      University as Jefferson Medical College’s              2000, Who’s Who in Medicine and
      Associate Dean of Administration and                   Healthcare in 1995, Who’s Who in the
      Special Projects in 1987. Continuing his               World in 1988 and Who’s Who in
      role as Associate Dean of Administration,              Healthcare in 1977. Dr. Erdmann is
      Dr. Erdmann also became Registrar of the               currently a member of the American
      Medical College in 1990 and the University             Educational Research Association and the
      Registrar in 1997. Dr. Erdmann is also                 Association of American Medical Colleges
      Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs,             and has served on many committees of
      JMC and a professor in the Departments of              and consulted with various educational
      Medicine and Psychiatry and Human                      institutions in the U.S. and abroad.                    role of Director of Financial Aid for the
      Behavior.                                                                                                      Medical College in 1990. When the
                                                             Raelynn Cooter, PhD, will serve as
                                                                                                                     College offices were consolidated in 1997,
      Before coming to Jefferson, Dr. Erdmann                University Registrar as well as JCHP’s
                                                                                                                     through December 2001, Dr. Cooter served
      was the Director of the Division of                    Senior Associate Dean of Administration.
                                                                                                                     as Director of the University Financial
      Educational Measurement and Research at                Since last December, she has been serving
                                                                                                                     Aid Office.
      the Association of American Medical                    as Acting Associate Dean for Administration
      Colleges, Washington, DC and Clinical                  of JCHP and Interim University Registrar.               She received her Bachelor’s Degree in
      Associate Professor at George Washington               As University Registrar, she will report to             Sociology from the State University of
      University School of Medicine and Health               the Dean of Jefferson Medical College,                  New York at Oswego, her Master’s in
      Sciences. Previously, Dr. Erdmann was                  consistent with past policy.                            Human Services Administration from
      Associate Professor of Medical Education                                                                       Rochester Institute of Technology and her
                                                             Dr. Cooter joined the University in 1984 as
      and Educational Psychology at Michigan                                                                         PhD in Higher Education Administration
                                                             the Coordinator of Financial Aid for
      State University, East Lansing, Michigan                                                                       from the University of Pennsylvania.
                                                             Jefferson Medical College, assuming the
      and Acting and Associate Director of the

      Jefferson Generations Update
      Thanks to all of you who have sent us your interesting Jefferson generation stories. Due to editorial considerations, we are now planning to make
      this a feature of our Spring/Summer ’03 issue of The Review. Hence, there is still time to participate. Here are the details: If you are part of a Jefferson
      family, from any of the three divisions, (Jefferson College of Health Professions, Jefferson Medical College, or Jefferson College of Graduate Studies),
      we would love to hear from you. If you have an interesting story or just want to tell us about your Jefferson family connection, please let us know
      and we will contact you for a telephone interview, if necessary. Please e-mail us with your name, program/division, class year, telephone number, and
      include any of the same pertinent information about your relative(s). We, of course, would welcome photographs as well. Please e-mail this informa-
      tion to Dorothy Grieb, Director of Alumni Relations, and she will follow up with you for any necessary details.

                                               Occupational Therapy Gets New Classroom

Occupational Therapy
Gets New Classroom

There’s a new classroom on Edison’s 7th             with sensory integration dysfunction as
floor. This multi-purpose room (711) will           well as adults and senior citizens.
be used primarily for occupational therapy
                                                    A portion of this space will house the OT
lab courses. In their new and expanded
                                                    Assessment Library containing a wide range
space, OT students will be able to practice
                                                    of standardized assessments used to
their early intervention skills with school-
                                                    evaluate occupation-based problems.
aged children and their families. Other
populations served will include children

                                                                                                 Move Over
                                                                                                 Career Development
                                                                                                 Where in the world is the Career
                                                                                                 Development Center now that the OT
                                                                                                 classroom resides there? It is just around
                                                                                                 the corner. Room 707, directly ahead as
                                                                                                 you enter on the left side of the floor, is
                                                                                                 now the CDC’s new home. According to
                                                                                                 David Westhart, Director of the CDC,
                                                                                                 “The new location makes our resources
                                                                                                 more accessible to the students and
                                                                                                 provides them with a bright, friendly

                                                                                                                                        FALL 2002
                                                     Alumni and Almost Alumni – It’s All for You!

       Alumni and Almost Alumni
       It’s All for You!

      JEFF ALUMS: ARE THE BEST IN THE                      The second annual                                     “The Tradition
      WORLD, ARE WORLD CLASS,                              Pizza Day was held                                    Starts Here” theme
      ARE THE SWEETEST IN THE WORLD,                       on the first day of                                   echoed twice this
      HAVE THE WORLD ON A SPRING, HAVE                     spring exams, April                                   summer, as
      THE KEYS TO THE WORLD were themes                    29, 2002. Once                                        Registration/
      invoked in the Annual Senior Salute held on          more, in record                                       Orientation was
      February 28, 2002. Participating seniors were        time, our students                                    changed to two
      delighted to pick up everything from stress balls    consumed more                                         summer dates, July
      to slinkys printed with these “worldly” sayings.     than 50 pizzas and                                    9, 2002 and August 6, 2002. While new stu-
                                                           ten cases of cold                                     dents attended to the business of getting their
      The Alumni Association provided the theme for
                                                           drinks. Our stu-                                      ID badges, filing paperwork and learning about
      the annual event which is sponsored by the
                                                           dents love pizza !                                    housing, activities and programs, they were
      University Registrar’s Office. “Almost alumni”
                                                                                                                 greeted at the Alumni Association table with a
      register for graduation, pick up their caps and      The long-standing
                                                                                                                 gift of their traditional alumni coffee mugs.
      gowns, have the opportunity to purchase class        tradition of alumni
                                                                                                                 Many students also won Jefferson travel mugs as
      rings, and stop by information stations provided     speakers at Class
                                                                                                                 well by participating in a drawing.
      by the Office of Alumni Relations, the Office of     Night continued on May 16, 2002. Participating
      Student Affairs, the Career Development Center,      this year were Kate Guzzetti, OT ’96, Joann           It was, “HOT, HOT, HOT”. On October 18,
      the Center for Collaborative Research, and the       Ludwig, DI ’67, Anne Malin, N’93, Beverly             2002, Jefferson Occupational Therapy
      University Bookstore.                                Zimmerman, LS ’97, and Joanne Gauthier, GS,           Alumni attended a reception in their honor at
                                                           00. Also, blue portfolios with the Jefferson seal     the annual Pennsylvania Occupational
                                                           were distributed to all graduates along with their    Therapy Conference held at the Renaissance
                                                           alumni cards.                                         Hotel, Philadelphia. Nearly 75 guests, including
                                                                                                                 27 alumni, students, faculty, and others, were
                                                           On May 23, 2002, the JCHP Alumni Association
                                                                                                                 treated to favors (miniature bottles of Tabasco
                                                           hosted 85 people for a DI Luncheon. Attending
                                                                                                                 sauce printed with the words, “Jeff Alums Are
                                                           the event at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City
                                                                                                                 Hot Stuff”). Some alums also took home prizes
                                                           were more than 50 alumni, faculty, current stu-
                                                                                                                 of Tabasco sauce beanbags with “Jefferson OT
                                                           dents, and clinical preceptors. This event was held
                                                                                                                 Alums Are Hot Stuff” ribbons tied to them.
                                                           in conjunction with the annual Leading Edge in
                                                           Diagnostic Ultrasound Conference, a major East        It was fun, it was nostalgic, and no one wanted
                                                           Coast professional event. Guests were treated to a    to go home. Those words best describe the
      The National Student Nurse Association held its
                                                           wonderful buffet lunch and heard greetings from       Physical Therapy Class of ’92 Tenth Year
      national annual conference in Philadelphia the       Dorothy Grieb, Director of Alumni Relations, and      Reunion held on October 26, 2002 at the
      week of April 1, 2002. The Office of Alumni          Betty Bisaccia-Hanson, Director of Marketing and      Hilton Garden Inn, Philadelphia. Please see
      Relations honored our nursing graduates that         Public Relations for the College. Alumni in atten-    cover story on page 4. Our heartfelt thanks to
      week by providing a welcome table for nurse          dance participated in a drawing and many won          Carole High Gross, PT 92, Reunion Chair,
      alumni attending the Annual Nurse Scholar            Jefferson Alumni sweatshirts.                         for her tireless efforts, persistence, loyalty
      program on April 3, 2002. On April 15, 2002,                                                               and enthusiasm.
      the alumni office also honored our own student
      nurses by delivering box lunches and Jefferson
      Nursing Notepads to the Department of Nursing
      for all students and faculty. On April 16, 2002, a
      hoagie lunch was held for the Jefferson RN to
      BSN students based at the Atlantic City Medical
      Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

                                                             Alumni Update

 Alumni Update
DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING                               Helen Claire MacDonald Ogden-Grable, LS,          Doris Thomas Rowell, LS, ’51 retired as a
                                                 ’81 is employed as the clinical educator for      medical technologist in 1995. In 2001, she
Jennifer Plum, DI, ’01 has been elected to a
                                                 DSI Laboratories at Naples Community              received recognition of being registered by the
two-year term as a member of the JCHP
                                                 Hospital in Naples, Florida. She also serves as   American Society of Clinical Professions for 50
Alumni Association Board of Directors.
                                                 an ASCP State Advisor for Florida and is a        years. Doris reports great pride of being part of
Jennifer is currently employed as a
                                                 member of the Editorial Advisory Board for        the medical professions for so many years.
sonographer in parinatal high-risk ultrasound
                                                 Laboratory Medicine magazine (ASCP). In
at Drexel University.
                                                 addition, Helen serves as secretary for the
John Bauer, DI, ’95 has been elected to a        Professional Association of Laboratory
two-year term as a member of the JCHP            Medicine (PALM), in Fort Myers, Florida.          Brian Bixby, BSN,’93 has been elected to a
Alumni Board of Directors. Jack is employed      This organization is a regional association       two-year term as a member of the JCHP
as the chief vascular technologist and           providing continuing education to medical         Alumni Board of Directors. Brian works at the
technical director of the UMDNJ Vascular         technologists in a five-county region in south-   University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing,
Laboratory in Stratford, New Jersey.             west Florida.                                     where he is the project manager of a
                                                                                                   NIH-NNR sponsored nursing research grant
Laurie Miller, DI, ’87 has been elected to a     April O’Connor, LS, ’01 e-mailed the Office
                                                                                                   assessing needs of elders and their caregivers
two-year term as a member of the JCHP            of Alumni Relations with a request for a new
                                                                                                   with cognitive impairment.
Alumni Board of Directors. Laurie is a per-      Jefferson Alumni bumper sticker to replace the
diem chief sonographer at the Delaware           one she got from the Alumni Association when
Valley Institute of Fertility and Genetics in    she graduated. She wrote, ”Well, to make a
Marlton, New Jersey.                             long story short, my car was recently stolen
                                                 and the Jefferson bumper sticker which I had
                                                 displayed in the rear window was also stolen.
                                                 My car has since been recovered, but the
Jill Carroll, LS, ’96 has been elected to a      bumper sticker was never found. I am proud
two-year term as a member of the JCHP            to be a TJU alumna and I would really appre-
Alumni Board of Directors. Jill works at         ciate it if you could send me a replacement
Thomas Jefferson University as the laboratory    bumper sticker.” We sent a new one to her
coordinator of the Tay-Sachs Prevention          and told her, obviously the car must have been    Anne Malin, BSN, ’93 has announced her
Program. She is also on the Board of             stolen to get that valuable bumper sticker!       engagement to Chris Markham and a May 3,
Directors of the National Tay-Sachs and                                                            2003 wedding is planned in Philadelphia.
                                                 Patricia Kalck, LS, ’94 began a new job in
Allied Diseases, Delaware Valley Chapter.                                                          Anne is currently working as a nurse
                                                 June 2002 at Esoterix Inc.-Clinical Trial
Jill is married with two daugthers, Deryn                                                          practitioner/clinical research coordinator for
                                                 Services in East Windsor, New Jersey. She is
Sage, age four, and Payton Morgaine, nine                                                          infectious diseases at Thomas Jefferson
                                                 the key operator of hematology/urinalysis in
months old. A true Jeffersonian, Jill was born                                                     University. She is also an instructor for the
                                                 the central safety lab. Patricia is part of the
at Jefferson as were her two children. She                                                         Jefferson College of Health Professions
                                                 start-up team of this new lab, which
earned her bachelor’s degree, is beginning                                                         Department of Nursing in the Oncology
                                                 implemented, correlated and validated the
pursuit of her master’s degree at Jefferson,                                                       Advanced Practice Nurse Tract.
                                                 instrumentation for lab licensure by NJ, NY
and is a full-time Jefferson employee.
                                                 and CAP. Patricia was previously employed in      Rebekah Sinclair Syverson, BSN, ’93
Lisa Mucciola, LS, ’93 has been elected to a     the hematology lab at Thomas Jefferson            is married with five boys (seven and under!)
two-year term as a member of the JCHP            University Hospital for eight years and was the   and lives on a small farm in Northern Idaho.
Alumni Board of Directors. She is employed       clinical instructor of body fluids at the         She has been a labor and delivery nurse at
as a clinical medical coordinator at Merck &     Jefferson College of Health Professions for       night for nine years.
Company, Inc, in Horsham, Pennsylvania.          seven years.

                                                                                                                                           FALL 2002
                                                                        Alumni Update

      Joyce Gosnicak, BSN, ’97 is getting married          from the Northeast region selected for having        OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
      in May 2003 to long-time boyfriend, Michael          conducted significant research in gerontologic
                                                                                                                Jennifer R. Palko, OT, ’99 has been elected
      Southers. Joyce graduated from New York              nursing and for her strong leadership potential.
                                                                                                                to a two-year term as a member of the JCHP
      University with an MA in Psychiatric Mental          Lisa was recently appointed Chair of the
                                                                                                                Alumni Board of Directors. Jennifer is a staff
      Health Nursing and is now working as a               Department of Nursing of the University of
                                                                                                                occupational therapist at the HMS School for
      psychiatric nurse practitioner at the Bronx-         Delaware. She is also an associate professor in
                                                                                                                Children with CP in Philadelphia,
      Lebanon Medical Center in New York City.             the Department of Nursing at the university
                                                                                                                Pennsylvania. She has served as senior
                                                           and is the director and principal investigator of
      Paula Dean Jackson, BSN, ’93 is currently                                                                 occupational therapist at Magee
                                                           several major grants related to program evalua-
      working as a pediatric nurse practitioner at                                                              Rehabilitation in Philadelphia and is also a per
                                                           tion of geriatric health programs and nursing
      Reliance Medical System at the Atlanticare                                                                diem occupational therapist for the
                                                           education including demands of family care-
      Healthplex in Atlantic City, New Jersey.                                                                  Moorestown Visiting Nurses Association. In
                                                           giving as well as the socialization of the marital
                                                                                                                addition, Jennifer serves as program co-chair
      Kim Ragone, BSN, ’95 works as a registered           couple after a spouse’s stroke. She also recently
                                                                                                                for District V of the Pennsylvania
      nurse at Pennsylvania Hospital in the operating      received federal funding for a research study on
                                                                                                                Occupational Therapy Association.
      room as part of the plastic surgery teams            promoting healthy lifestyles among the elderly
                                                                                                                She reports that she recently completed a
      serving both cosmetic and reconstructive             and underserved populations in Delaware.
                                                                                                                beginner’s sailing class and enjoys running
      patients. In addition, she practices as an RN
                                                           Maureen E.                                           and spending time at the shore.
      clinical aesthetician for Dr. Louis Bucky, a plas-
      tic surgeon with the University of Pennsylvania                                                           Rachel R. Wagner, OT, ’00 has been elected
                                                           Kerns, Esq.,
      Health System. She provides                                                                               to a two-year term as a member of the JCHP
                                                           BSN, ’88
      specialty skincare services including microder-                                                           Alumni Board of Directors. Rachel is a
                                                           was recently elected
      mabrasion, chemical peels, laser hair removal,                                                            pediatric occupational therapist with Mercy
                                                           partner at regional
      and I.P.L. Photofacial Treatments. Kim likes to                                                           Health System/Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, and
                                                           law firm Fox
      spend the good weather on the golf course and                                                             works primarily in the public schools. She
                                                           Rothschild O’Brien
      on the beach.                                                                                             also sees pediatric outpatients and has
                                                           & Frankel, LLP.
                                                                                                                enjoyed supervising Level I and II
      Michelle Campbell, BSN, ’00 and her                  Maureen had previ-
                                                                                                                Occupational Therapy Students from
      husband Rob became parents on January 27,            ously worked at
      2002 to twin girls, Alexis and Sofia.                Thomas Jefferson
                                                           University Hospital                                  Jeanne Fetch Quinn, OT, ’91 is a present day
      Cheryl Kinslow Carlson, BSN, ’81 is                  in intensive care                                    caregiver who is celebrating the one- year
      employed as a neonatal nurse practitioner at         and graduated from                                   anniversary of her company “B.Able Inc.” in
      the Medical University of South Carolina in          Widener Law School. Her law practice includes        Warrington, Pennsylvania. B. Able provides
      Charleston, South Carolina.                          general corporate, real estate and transactional     innovative healthcare and easy-living products
      Melissa Stone Doebley, BSN, ’96 is employed at       law, specializing in healthcare regulatory and       and services at discount prices. The company
      Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia,      transactional law, where she represents both         benefits seniors, caregivers, other health
      Pennsylvania as a certified nurse practitioner.      institutional clients and professional practice      professionals and anyone who is having
                                                           groups. She is a member of the firm’s Health         difficulty performing daily tasks. It is also a
      Holli Pheasant-Viscusi, MD, BSN, ’90                 Law Group.                                           distributor for companies like Sammons
      recently celebrated her 5th wedding                                                                       Preston, Rolyan, North Coast, Ali-Med,
      anniversary with her husband, Johnny and             Michele Vaccone Butler, BSN, ’94 and her
                                                                                                                Rubermaid/Carex, and Pride Mobility.
      nearly two-year old son, Salvatore. Holly also       husband announce the birth of their son, Cade
                                                                                                                Consumers and health professionals can also
      graduated from Jefferson Medical College in          Patrick Butler on June 25, 2002. He was 9lbs.,
                                                                                                                make purchases through catalog shopping,
      1994 and completed a family practice residen-        5oz. and 22 1/4 inches at birth!
                                                                                                                in-home consults, inservices, group
      cy at Bryn Mawr Hospital in 1998. After four         Bethany Hall-Long, RN, PhD, FAAN, BSN,               demonstration shows and a “traveling store.”
      years of private practice in Blue Bell,              ’86 was recently inducted as a fellow in the
      Pennsylvania, she has joined Lancaster                                                                    Christine Werley Miller, OT, ’93 and her
                                                           American Academy of Nursing.
      Emergency Associates in the fast care at                                                                  husband Marc are living in Overland Park,
      Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster,               Our condolences to the families of                   Kansas and announce the birth of their
      Pennsylvania.                                        Mary P. Mallard, BSN, ’97 and Stephen                daughter, Lauren Caroline Miller, on October
                                                           Barch, BSN, ’92, both of whom passed away            11, 2002 in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.
      Lisa Ann Plowfield, PhD, BSN, ’86 was                earlier this year, and to the family of Irene
      recently named by the John A. Hartford                                                                    Linda Pahlke Galbraith, OT, ’89 is the
                                                           Catherine Cardell, BSN, ’83, who passed
      Institute for Geriatric Nursing of the New York                                                           occupational therapy clinic lead at Inglis
                                                           away in November, 2001.
      University Division of Nursing as a Scholar in                                                            House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      its 2002 Geriatric Research Scholars and
      Fellows Program. She was one of eleven nurses
                                                               Alumni Update

Colleen Gownley, OT, ’00 is employed as a staff
occupational therapist at the Hospital of the
University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Stephanie Kerns, OT, ’01 is a work unit
supervisor at the Philhaven Behavioral Healthcare
Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

James Cino, OT, ’95 announces the birth of a
8lb., 3oz. baby girl, Gaetiana Lurene Cino on
September 27, 2002. James currently owns
                                                     PT Class of ‘98
Adaptive Home Safety and Accessibility, Inc., pro-
viding in-home PT/OT to those in danger of falls,
                                                     The PT Class of ’98, rallied to provide     works at an outpatient health and
injury and chronic occupational dysfuction.
                                                     the following news about members of         wellness center owned by Hunterdon
                                                     their class. What a great effort of com-    Medical Center in New Jersey. She also
PHYSICAL THERAPY                                     munication by Kathy Crop Ucciferri, PT      has had research published in the
                                                     ’98, who coordinated this effort.           Journal of Orthopaedic Sports and
Amy Bennett
Metrena, PT, ’97                                     Nelson Aviles, PT, ’98 lives in             Physical Therapy.
married David
                                                     Homestead, Florida with his wife, Yvette,   Steve Decker, PT, ’98 lives in
Metrena on April 27,
                                                     and daughter Adrian, age 4. They are        Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania and works
2002 in Sea Girt,
                                                     currently building a new house and Nelson   in outpatient ortho. He reports he is
New Jersey. After a
honeymoon in                                         is working as a consultant for a company    the proud parent of Lody, a boxer
Aruba, Amy and her                                   called Therapist.                           puppy.
husband are residing
                                                     Mary Beal, PT, ’98 lives in Columbus        Cynthia Dougherty, PT, ’98
in Danbury,
                                                     Ohio and is director of therapies           is engaged to fiancé Bill. While
Connecticut where
                                                     (PT, OT, ST) for Health Care Personnel,     working as acting director at the
Amy works for the
Danbury Public Schools and the Danbury Visiting      a home-care agency.                         Pennsylvania Hand Center, she is also
Nurse Association.                                   Drew Betton, PT, ’98 works at the Crozer    working towards her CHT.

Nanette Michelangelo McKenna, PT, ’92 gave           Chester Medical Center, rotating among      Mary Dougherty, PT, ’98 is working
birth to a baby girl, Sarah Leigh McKenna on         outpatient, inpatient-ortho, trauma, and    for Electric Mobility as a rehab product
November 11, 2001. Nanette is a physical             rehabilitation. Drew works with other       specialist. She will be competing in an
therapy supervisor at the Healthsouth                Jefferson graduates who are contract        Ironman Triathlon in November 2002.
Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital in               therapists.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.                                                                        Jeanne Erthal, PT, ’98 has been
                                                     Kathryn Caucci, PT, ’98 lives in Turlock,   married to husband John for 19 years.
Lisa Herbinski, PT, ’92 was married on               California and works at the Emanuel         They have a son, John, 14, and a
August 3, 2002 to Glen C. Hebel. After a hon-
                                                     Medical Center in outpatient ortho and as   daughter, Julie, 12. Jeanne works with
eymoon in Hawaii, they are currently living in
                                                     an ergonomics consultant. She has also      three to five year olds in home and
Perry Hall, Maryland.
                                                     bought a home in 2000, ran her first        center-based early intervention and
Michele Zande, PT, ’01 has been working in the       marathon in 2001, and passed the OCS        three to twenty-one year olds in
stroke unit of the Rehabilitation Hospital of the    exam in June 2001.                          school-based therapy (autism and
Pacific in Hawaii. She is planning a move to
                                                     Kathy Crop Ucciferri, PT, ’98 married       PPD children).
Boston in early 2003.
                                                     Marco Ucciferri in September 2001. She      Bonnie Feiner, PT, ’98 is working on
Brenda Dunfee Price,
                                                     works at an outpatient ortho facility in    a TCU at Frankford Hospital in Bucks
PT, ’96
                                                     Glenolden, Pennsylvania and is taking       County, Pennsylvania. She is no longer
married Jeffrey Prince
                                                     classes at Temple for a transitional DPT.   teaching aerobics but is involved with
on August 12, 2000.
Brenda lives in Juno                                 Matt Cross, PT, ’98 is living in Cherry     spinning.
Beach, Florida and                                   Hill, New Jersey and is working at          Ken Friedman, PT, ’98 had been
works in outpatient
                                                     Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia.         working on Broadway doing physical
rehabilitation at the
Jupiter Medical                                      Angela Dalla Palu Donnelly, PT, ’98 and     therapy with dancers. He is now
Center.                                              her husband, Rob, are parents of Samantha   working on Rehab and LTC with
                                                     Nicole, born on October 3, 2001. Angela     geriatrics.

                                                                                                                                     FALL 2002
                                                            Alumni Update

      Aimee Grafstrom, PT, ’98 does a lot of       Bill Knapp, PT, ’98 and wife Mary are      Susan Rudy, PT, ’98 married her fiancé
      traveling and is working at Mercy            the parents of Kyle, born on March 28,     Karl on June 15, 2002. She works at
      Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby,                2000. Bill works at Lancaster General      Lancaster General Hospital in outpatient
      Pennsylvania.                                rotating between acute care and            and does home care with visiting nurses
                                                   outpatient clinic.                         of Lancaster County Pennsylvania.
      Carla Graham Staack, PT, ’98 married
                                                                                              Her research has been published in
      Josh, in November 2001. They announce        Karen Malinowski, PT, ’98 works at the
                                                                                              the Journal of Orthopaedic Sports and
      the birth of their son, Matthew Kenneth      Lutheran Medical Center Sports Therapy
                                                                                              Physical Therapy.
      Staack, born on March 12, 2002. They         in Brooklyn, New York. Karen volun-
      report that they are enjoying parenting      teered in September 2001 at Ground         Lauren Schwartz Ceisler, PT, ’98
      tremendously.                                Zero in lower Manhattan.                   married Andy on October 7, 2001.
                                                                                              They live in New York City and she
      Timothy Greer, PT, ’98 and wife              Jay Marcinowski, PT, ’98 married Dotty
                                                                                              works at Florence Nightingale Health
      Michele became parents of Keara Lynn,        on October 9, 1999 and lives in
                                                                                              Center and Rehabilitation Institute of
      born on November 16, 2001. Timothy           Edinboro, Pennsylvania. He is working
                                                                                              New York, a subacute unit and NH.
      works in outpatient ortho at Nova Care       as a rehab director at Rolling Fields,
      in Burlington, New Jersey.                   LTC facility.                              Molly Snyderman, PT, ’98 has moved to
                                                                                              North Carolina and is planning her wed-
      Annette Hagmaier, PT, ’98 lives in           Emily Metcalf Soriano, PT, ’98
                                                                                              ding to fiance Matt on May 10, 2003.
      Somerville, Massachusetts and is working     married Jovie on October 6, 2001.
      for Regional Rehabilitation Associates, an   She is working at Johns Hopkins            Max Sunder, PT, ’98 works at
      outpatient company.                          Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland in acute     Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey
                                                   inpatient rehab and acute care neuro.      in outpatient and acute care PRN. He
      Bob Hickman, PT, ’98, wife Cathy and
                                                                                              and his wife are the parents of three chil-
      daughter Abigail, one and a half years       Karen Richard-Monaghan, PT, ’98 and
                                                                                              dren, Kathryn Maria, age 3, Christina,
      old, live in San Diego, California, where    husband Mark are the parents of Cecilia
                                                                                              age 10 and Maxie, age 8.
      Bob works in outpatient. He also earned      Elizabeth, born on July 22, 1999. Karen
      his certification in McKenzie last year.     works for Genesis Eldercare-Chestnut       Suzanne Syed, PT, ’98 works in home
                                                   Ridge and also works PRN for LTC.          care with an agency through Shore
      Brenda Hollandsworth Murphy, PT, ’98
                                                                                              Memorial Hospital in New Jersey. She is
      got married after she finished her last      Stephanie Muth, PT, ’98 is working
                                                                                              building a new home and is the mother
      clinical and is now the mother of Jessica    at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in
                                                                                              of two daughters, Jennah, age 3, and
      Lynn, nearly two years old. Brenda is        Philadelphia and also for Journey
                                                                                              Anisa, age 2.
      currently working in outpatient, treating    Home, which is Diane Levy’s non-profit
      neuro, ortho, SCI and wound care for a       community health promotion                 Jeremy Wasko, PT, ’98 married Melissa
      company that owns two hospitals.             organization.                              in January 2001 and works as the facility
                                                                                              director for Keystone Rehabilitation in
      Rebecca Ironside, PT, ’98 lives in           Deanna Pinto Falcone, PT, ’98 married
                                                                                              outpatient ortho.
      Union, New Jersey and works in a senior      Mike in October 2000. She is currently
      center with an elder Spanish and Russian     working for Kessler Home Health.           Melissa Wolfe Glass, PT, ’98 and
      population where she gives dancing les-                                                 husband Rob were married on April 21,
                                                   Jeremy Raimo, PT, ’98 married his
      sons and ultrasounds. She reports she                                                   2001 and celebrated the arrival of a baby
                                                   finance, Lisa, on June 14, 2002 and
      has married Diego, a native of Colombia.                                                girl, Ellie Wolfe Glass, on July 31, 2002.
                                                   honeymooned in Hawaii. Jeremy works
                                                                                              Melissa works at Apple Hill Medical
      Marissa Kepner Davis, PT, ’98 married        at Lancaster General Hospital.
                                                                                              Center in Pennsylvania.
      Tim in April 2000. Marissa is the
                                                   Mason Rockwell, PT, ’98 lives in
      step-mother of nine year old Mackenzie
                                                   Mannington, West Virginia and works at
      and gave birth to a baby boy, Blaine
                                                   Mountain State PT. He is the Mannington
      Richard, in September 2001.
                                                   West Virginia clinic manager and a staff
      Keith Kmieczak, PT, ’98 spent 13             PT at the Fairmount location.
      months in California before heading to
      the Slovak Republic to work as an
      English teacher. He is currently a
      physical therapist with Health South in
      Boston but will be heading back to
      Pennsylvania soon.

                                                     Commencement 2002

Commencement 2002
The Kimmel Center for the Performing           Honorary Doctor of Laws recipient and com-
Arts was the brand new venue hosting           mencement speaker was Leslie Anne Miller,
this year’s commencement ceremony on           a partner and shareholder in the law firm
May 17. Jefferson College of Health                                          .C.
                                               McKissock and Hoffman, P Miller has
Professions’ Class of 2002 included 254        received many awards during her distin-
graduates, consisting of 240 bachelor of       guished career. In recent years she became
science degree recipients in the disciplines   the first woman president of the
of nursing, occupational therapy, diagnos-     Pennsylvania Bar Association (1998), was
tic imaging and laboratory sciences; seven     named a Distinguished Daughter of
post-baccalaureate certificate recipients in   Pennsylvania by Governor Tom Ridge,
laboratory sciences and seven associate        received the Sandra Day O’Connor Award
degree graduates. Also included in the         (1999) and was named one of five “Women
totals were physical therapy students who      Making History” by the Greater Philadelphia
completed their combined BS-MS degree          Chapter of the National Association of
program during the summer and received         Women Business Owners (2002). The set-
their degrees at a closing convocation ear-    ting for JCHP’s commencement exercises this
lier in May at the Independence Seaport        year is a fitting tribute to Miller’s accomplish-
Museum at Penns Landing.                       ments. She was a driving force in overseeing
                                               final preparations for the December 2001
University President Paul C. Brucker, MD
                                               opening of the Kimmel Center and complet-
conferred the degrees. Dean James B.
                                               ing the $265 million Campaign to Build the
Erdmann, PhD, addressed the students
                                               Kimmel Center. In November of 2002, she
and their families and presented the JCHP
                                               was appointed General Counsel to
Student Life Award to Jacqueline Titus, an
                                               Pennsylvania Governor-Elect Edward
OT graduate from Mechanicsburg, PA
                                               Rendell and will serve in his cabinet.
Janice Burke, PhD, OTRL/L, Chairman
and Associate Professor, Department of
                                               (l to r) Douglas MacMaster, Jr., Esq., Chairman of
Occupational Therapy, served as the
                                               the Jefferson Board of Trustees; Leslie Anne Miller,
Grand Marshal.
                                               Esq., honorary degree recipient; Paul C. Brucker,
                                               MD, University President; James B. Erdmann,
                                               PhD, JCHP Dean.

                                                                                                      FALL 2002
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