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PROSPECTUS St Joseph Ysgol Sant Joseff


									  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

  St JoSeph’S
Primary School

 2010 - 2011
                                              St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


WELCOME TO ST JOSEPH'S SCHOOL .................................................................................. 3

MISSION STATEMENT ............................................................................................................. 4

THE SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY ................................................................................................... 6

CONWY COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL ............................................................................... 7

COMPOSITION OF SCHOOL GOVERNORS ......................................................................... 8

TEACHING STAFF ..................................................................................................................... 9

PART TIME TEACHING STAFF ...................................................................................... …. 10

PUPILS ADMISSION .......................................................................................................... ….. 12

SCHOOL ORGANISATION ...................................................................................................... 13

SCHOOL HOURS ....................................................................................................................... 14

SCHOOL ABSENCE .................................................................................................................. 15

SCHOOL UNIFORM .................................................................................................................. 16

SCHOOL MEALS ....................................................................................................................... 17

CURRICULUM ............................................................................................................................ 18

CHARGING / EDUCATIONAL VISITS .................................................................................. 19

SPECIAL NEEDS ........................................................................................................................ 20

R.E. - COLLECTIVE WORSHIP / SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION ............................... 21

COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS ................................................................................... 22

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES........................................................................................................ 23

PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION ...................................................................................... 23

FINAL NOTE .............................................................................................................................. 24

SCHOOL HOLIDAY DATES .................................................................................................... 25

END OF KEY STAGE 1 AND 2 RESULTS ........................................................................ 26/27
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                 WELCOME TO

St Joseph’s is a Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School maintained by the Diocese
of Wrexham in accordance with the relevant legislation.

It is a Catholic school with a happy, caring family type atmosphere, where each
individual’s all round development can be monitored and assisted by a hard working
staff, full of ideas in keeping with the demands of today's Education system.

The school is named after St Joseph who with Our Lady raised Jesus in a loving and
caring environment. The ethos of St Joseph's School reflects the values of such an

The school was officially opened on Tuesday 17 January 1933 with the admission of
49 children. Today the school can admit up to 240 pupils.

We believe the Catholicity of the school permeates all we do with the children. On
entering the school a visitor should be able to feel the caring nature both through staff
and the children. The work displayed throughout the school also reflects this, in turn,
we, the staff, believe the children benefit from this atmosphere and develop as
individuals within a true community.

We try to cater for the individual interests, needs and abilities of the children and we
hope that our work with them will be relevant to their everyday lives and also be of value
in the preparation for their future life.

It is hoped the information given on the following pages will be of use to you. Please do
not hesitate to contact the school about any problems or suggestions you may have.

Mrs S P Williams
                                   St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                                     Grow in Love

                                                           Friends, we wish you happiness; try to
     Love one another as I have loved you –
                                                           grow perfect; help one another. Be
     John 1: 9-17
                                                           united; live in peace; and the God of
                                                           love and peace will be with you -
     Let your love for each other be real -
                                                           Corinthians 13:11-13
      1 Peter 1:22 – 23 (letter)
                                                           Knit together as a community of love -
     My prayer for you is that your love for               Corinthians 1:13-14
     each other may increase more and more
      Philippians 1:3-6. 8-11                              Follow Christ by loving as he loved you
                                                           – Ephesians 5: 1-5:2

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School                                      Mission Statement

        Aims of the School

1       As a Catholic school, St Joseph's aims to develop within pupils a belief that
        Christ should be central to their lives and consequently all that they undertake
        day to day at school.

2       To provide a caring Christian atmosphere which will help the children to develop
        spiritually, morally, academically and socially.

3       To give all pupils a sense of self-worth. No pupil should feel a failure in any
        way. Indeed, Christ's mission was to heal and reconcile.

4.      To encourage pupils to respect those around them, based on the example of
        Christ and a caring staff.

5       To pass on the Catholic faith to pupils, giving them a sound knowledge in the
        process and promoting Christ as a loving person.

6       To encourage pupils to develop a love and understanding of prayer and the

7       To ensure that the total curriculum stimulates religious growth and development,
        along with academic and social progress.

8       True education is concerned with the whole person. There must therefore be
        opportunities for the 'whole person' to develop at St Joseph's in whatever area, eg
        creative, social and emotional. Education is not simply a didactic process.

9       To encourage each child to grow in confidence, self-awareness and sensitivity to
        the needs of others.

10      To work in partnership with parents, developing a sense of trust and co-operation
        for the good of all.
                             St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

11    To widen pupils' social awareness and involvement within the school, parish
      and local community, nurturing their understanding of the wider world with its
      various races and creeds.

12    To ensure that home, parish and school together provide for the building up of
      God's Kingdom on the foundations of the Gospel values of love, peace and

13    To nurture a family type atmosphere where children feel trusted, secure, loved
      and respected. Through self-discipline, pupils can reflect these values within

14    To provide a dynamic, industrious, progressive environment within which the
      National Curriculum can be addressed in a relevant, individualised manner.

15    To give pupils the opportunity to develop an aesthetic awareness of the world
      around them, through pride in themselves, their work, school and community.

16.   To provide equal opportunities for the growth and development of individual
      children, taking into account their intellectual capacity, their social and
      environmental background. This philosophy must also apply to those children
      with learning difficulties or special needs. A child-centred approach is
      essential to each special problem. Consequently, a pupil's sense of being
      different should be minimised.

17    The management and governors of St Joseph’s are fully committed to
      appropriate training and development for all staff to enhance the quality of
      education at the school.
                                 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                   THE SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY
St Joseph's is a Catholic school with a happy caring family type atmosphere where each
individual's all round development is monitored and assisted by a hard working staff, full
of ideas in keeping with the demands of today's Education system.

We believe the Catholicity of the school permeates all that is done with the children. On
entering the school a visitor should be able to feel the caring nature through both staff
and children. Visually the work displayed throughout the school should reflect this. It is
hoped that the atmosphere that exists allows children to benefit and develop as
individuals within a true community.

Although first class teaching takes place, perhaps the thought exists that to develop
rather than teach is the nucleus of our educational philosophy, to bring every child to full
stature in all developmental aspects: moral, religious, intellectual, physical and aesthetic.

Above all, St Joseph's as a school recognises that the message of Christ through the
Gospels and the Church is the foundation of the educational experience for all those
attending. A sound knowledge of the Catholic faith should be imbibed and lived: so
that, and love of Christ are encouraged.

Teachers of all classes study a topic each half-term/term. To bring about continuity the
Nursery class is also included in all topic/work planning. There is however scope for
teachers when they see fit, to teach in a subject based method to make certain all the
areas staff intend to cover over a period of time with pupils in their care are actually

Staff believe learning does not begin and end within the four walls of the classroom.
Outside visits are encouraged to develop understanding. Visitors to school, who can
pass on first hand experience or skills, are also welcomed.

As a caring school, St Joseph's places great importance on Special Needs Education.
Children with learning difficulties or special needs have a very special place within the
school where their talents can be brought to the fore and their sense of being different
minimised. It is a belief of the staff that equal opportunities should be given to all pupils,
taking into account their intellectual capacity and their social and environmental
background. The chance to find an unknown or an untapped talent is essential for all

Children’s progress and development at St Joseph's are monitored closely, parents being
encouraged to work in partnership with staff for the benefit of the pupils. Home, school
links are vital for the development of our ethos. On entry to St Joseph’s a Home School
Agreement is issued to all parents. In this document the Mission Statement and ethos of
the school are set out. It identifies the responsibilities of pupils, parents and the school.
All parties are asked to sign the agreement acknowledging their support of St Joseph’s
                              St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                        St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School
                                  Brackley Avenue
                                     Colwyn Bay
                                     LL29 7UU

                            Telephone 01492 532394

Headteacher                            Mrs S P Williams B.A. (Hons)

Chairman of Governors                  Mr D McGee

Chief Education Officer               Mr Geraint James

Head of Education Service             Mr Dilwyn Price
                                      Education Department
                                      Government Buildings
                                      Colwyn Bay
                                      LL28 4UL

                                       Telephone (01492) 544261

School Classification                  Catholic Aided Primary
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The School Governing Body consists of fourteen members, some of whom are appointed
by the Bishop. These are called Foundation Governors and serve for a term of four
years. Other Governors represent the Local Education Authority, the District Council,
the parents and the teachers of the school.

Governors nowadays have an increasingly demanding role in the running of the school.
They are responsible not only for the maintenance and care of the building but also for
the curriculum. In addition the Governors are expected to exercise budgetary control
over the school's expenditure on staffing, heating, lighting, purchase of equipment and
general maintenance of the property - Local Management of Schools (LMS).

The parent Governor, as the title implies, represents the interests of the parents, and
should be contacted if you have any matters pertaining to your children’s education
which you wish to be brought to the notice of the Governing Body. All Governors are
invited to spend some time in visiting the school whilst it is at work and becoming
familiar with routine and practise.

 Chairman            Mr D McGee                                Parent Governor   Dr M Romachney

 Vice Chairman       Mrs C Wreglesworth                        Foundation        Father D O’Keeffe J Baxenda

 Headteacher         Mrs S Williams                            Foundation        Dr S Finnie    Mrs J Mathew

 Teacher             Mrs J Wynne
                      Non teaching                            Ms          Mr S Ganley
                                                       FoundationJ Collinson N.N.E.B.           Mr J Ashton
                                                                          Foundation            Rev Father J T
 Non teaching                             Ms J Collinson N.N.E.B.
                                                       Foundation         Mr D Lavin
                                                                          Mr A O’Kelly
 staff Governor      Ms G Leigh
                                                               Foundation        Mrs S Owen
 Councillor LEA      Mrs M Doyle                                                 Mrs S Finnie
                     Mr K Toy                                  Foundation        Father J Toole
                                                                                 Rev Father J Toole
 Councillor          Mrs A Robinson
 Local Authority                                                                 Mr D Lavin

Clerk to the Governors                             Mrs Shelagh Murray

Diocesan Director of Schools                       Mrs Rita Price
Assistant Director of Schools                      Mrs Kathryn Ranson
                                                   Curial Offices
                                                   Bishop’s House

Director of Religious Education                    Rev Father A A Morrin
Diocese of Wrexham                                 Curial Offices
                                                   Bishop’s House

Diocese of Wrexham                                 Curial Offices
                      St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                     TEACHING STAFF
Mrs S Williams                           B.A. (Hons)
Headteacher                              Language responsibility

Mr J Wilkinson                           B.Sc (Hons)
Deputy Headteacher                       Responsibility for I.T. & Maths

Mrs L Norris                             B. Music (Hons)
                                         Responsibility for Music & Welsh

Mrs A Connor                             Cert. of Education
                                         Responsibility for Design/Technology
                                         & Foundation Phase

Mrs A Sherrington                        B.Ed. (Hons)
                                         Responsibility for R.E

Mr H Roberts                             B.A. (Hons)
                                         Responsibility for Science & joint
                                         responsibility for P.E.

Mrs E Roberts                            B.A. (Hons)
                                         Responsibility for PATHS, Healthy
                                         Schools Award & Environmental Club

Mrs M Taylor                             B.A (Hons)
                                         Responsibility for Art/Display


Mrs J Wynne                              B.Ed Additional Learning Needs & joint
                                         responsibility for P.E.

Miss S Vickers                           B.Ed (Hons)
                                         Joint responsibility for Netball
                           St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                    VISITING TEACHERS
Mrs T Hall                                   Music / Woodwind

Mrs J Edge                                   Music / Violin

Mr M Haigh                                    Percussion

Mr K Jones                                    Brass

Mrs K Sadler and Mrs C Schofield              English as a second language or additional

                  TEACHING ASSISTANTS
Mrs A Perry                                   Teaching Assistant Nursery
                                              Cache Level 3

Mrs J Williams                                Teaching Assistant Nursery
                                              NVQ Level 3

Mrs M McKevitt                                Teaching Assistant Nursery

Mrs B Kane                                    Teaching Assistant Reception

Miss K Jones                                  Teaching Assistant Reception
                                              BA (Hons)

Mrs N Williams                                Teaching Assistant Reception
                                              Cache Level 3

Ms G Leigh                                    Teaching Assistant Year 1

Mrs A Hatcher                                 Teaching Assistant Year 2
                                              NVQ Level 3

Mrs T Jenkins                                 Teaching Assistant Year 3
                                              NVQ Level 3

Mrs M Wilkinson                               Teaching Assistant Year 4
                                              NVQ Level 3

Mrs N Turner                                  Teaching Assistant Year 5
                                              NVQ Level 3

Mrs F Aspinall                                Teaching Assistant Year 6

Mrs S Gelezinis                               Learning Support Assistant
                                              NVQ Level 3
                    St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                  ANCILLARY STAFF

Mrs J Pritchard                        School Secretary

Mrs C Griffiths                        Caretaker

Mrs S Graham                           Cook

Mrs M Moorhouse                        Kitchen Assistant

Mrs J Wetton                           Kitchen Assistant

Ms G Leigh                             Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs M Wilkinson                        Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs A Hatcher                          Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs S Gelezinis                        Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs O Thomas                           Mid-day Supervisor

Mr A Aponsu                            Cleaner
                              St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                        PUPILS ADMISSION
The school follows Diocesan guidelines (*with additions deemed necessary by the
Governing Body)

1.    *It is the Aim of the school to admit 30 pupils each year to the Reception classes.

2.    The Governors will admit: -

      a)     Baptised Catholic Looked After children within the parishes which the
             school serves. *Unless the school or age group applied for is deemed to
             be full.

      b)     Baptised Catholic children within the parishes which the school serves.
             *Unless as in a).

      c)     Baptised Catholic children whose medical, educational or pastoral
             needs can only be met by this school. *Unless as in a).

      d)     Children who have a brother or a sister at the school at the time of
             likely admission. *Unless as in a).

      e)     Looked After Children
             It would be necessary for such parents to have expressed a desire for
             them to be educated in a Catholic school and to be fully supportive of
             its Catholic ethos. *Unless as in a).

      f)     Children of other Christian Denominations
             It would be necessary for such parents to have expressed a genuine
             desire for them to be educated in a Catholic school and to be fully
             supportive of its Catholic ethos. *Unless as in a).

      g)      Children of other Faiths whose parents demonstrate a commitment to
             the ethos of the school. *Unless as in a).

      h)    Children for whom the LEA has specifically asked for a place at the
            school. *Unless as in a).

3.    The Governors will treat applications in this order.

4.    It is the wish of the Governors that not more than 10% of the pupils are non-

5.    *Admission numbers and policy to be reviewed on a regular basis in line with
      budgetary considerations and staff at the school.
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                    SCHOOL ORGANISATION
The school year is from September to the following August. Children who are accepted
for Nursery should be 3 years of age before 31 August for September admission.
Children starting full time school must have their 5th birthday during their 1st year - ie
Reception year.

Parents of Reception and Nursery age children are invited into school during the
Summer term prior to admission to meet the staff and discuss arrangements,
requirements and expectations.

Nursery admission is preceded by a visit from staff to the homes of all the pupils in the
first couple of weeks in the Autumn term. Pupil entry into Nursery is staggered to
ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new

Reception admission is also staggered over the first two weeks of the school year. Pupils
attend for either morning or afternoon sessions during the first week and then change
sessions for the second week. This enables pupils to adapt to their new environment in
readiness for their first experience of full time education.

Children leave St Joseph's at the end of the school year during which they have attained
their 11th birthday. Information regarding Secondary Schools is sent to parents during a
child's final year at St Joseph's.

                      CLASS ORGANISATION
The school is organised into 7 classes to accommodate up to 210 full time pupils and
1 Nursery class providing 0.5 education for up to 30 pupils.
Classes are made up of single year groups.
Classes are of mixed ability.
Work is designed to meet the needs of the National Curriculum and thus the individual.
Work is taught through topics and through subject based teaching.

                      NURSERY AND PLAYGROUP

The Nursery is open each morning (hours as listed).
More details about the Nursery are available in the
Nursery prospectus available at the school.


St Joseph's has its own on site. The Playgroup is run by Mrs J Williams with the
assistance of Mrs M McKevitt, Mrs O Thomas and Mrs N Williams. It is open each
afternoon for children from the term they are 2½ years old. Further details are available
from Mrs Williams.        St. Joseph’s Playgroup is included in the Welsh Assembly
Government Flying Start initiative. This initiative aims to provide early years care and
education and develop a strong partnership with families and other services that cater for
young children. As a result St. Joseph’s Playgroup has received additional resources.
                                 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Pupils living within the designated Flying Start catchment area will be able to access free
childcare funding prior to the receipt of Early Years Funding.


The school operates an After School Club. The club is run by Mrs N Turner, with the
assistance of Mrs V Williams and Mrs M McKevitt. It is open from 3.20 pm – 5.30pm
each evening after school. Further details available from Mrs Turner.

                             SCHOOL HOURS
Morning                Infants            8.55am (Bell)            -   11.45am
                       Juniors            8.55am (Bell)            -   12.00pm

Afternoon              Infants            12.55pm                  -   3.15pm
                       Juniors            12.55pm                  -   3.15pm

                       Nursery            8.55am - 11.30am

Infants have mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.
Juniors have a mid-morning break.

Teaching Times - Infants 21 hours per week
Teaching Times - Juniors 23.5 hours per week

Parents who drop off, or collect their children by car should not drive on to the school
grounds. The road area immediately in front of the school is a designated Bus/Taxi,
drop off and collection point. No parents should park in this area.

Parents can bring their children on to the school grounds each morning - (No earlier
than 8.45 am) - but it is preferred that they then leave straight away to avoid
congestion and problems getting their offspring into class. (Obviously if parents need
to see a member of staff they can do so). We prefer younger children to be brought to
school and met at the end of the day by parent/guardian. If parents arrange for
someone other than themselves to collect their child/children from school then it is
important that the school is informed as early as possible.

St Joseph's school endeavours to help children develop self-discipline, understanding
and maturity of thought. At the beginning of the school year each class draws up a set
of agreed class rules, sanctions and rewards for good behaviour which are shared with
parents at the initial Parents’ Evening in the Autumn Term. Sanctions will usually take
the form of a reprimand by a member of staff, time out to consider inappropriate actions
or withdrawal of privileges may be considered. Pupils across the school are encouraged
to exhibit good behaviour and we use tick charts, merit cards, certificates, badges and
privileges to reward examples of good practise. If there ever happened to be a case
where a child was badly behaved on a regular basis, parents would be contacted and
invited into school to discuss the problem and seek a sound solution.
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Suspension or expulsion from school could occur with a very serious breach of
discipline. The School Behaviour and Discipline Policy and Pupil's Code of Conduct
can be obtained from the Headteacher.

                           SCHOOL ABSENCE
If a child is absent for some reason, parents should contact the school before 9.15am.
Should no apology have been received, school will try to contact you by telephone on
the first day of your child’s absence. When the child returns to school a letter
explaining the absence should be given to the class teacher. If a parent or guardian
fails to contact the school in written or verbal form, the pupil is regarded as an
unauthorised absentee.

Rates of Attendance, Authorised absences and Unauthorised absences for the school
year 2008- 2009: -

Total number of pupils of compulsory school age 197
Percentage attendance              93.2%
Percentage of authorised absences   6.5 %
Percentage of unauthorised absences 0.3%

                        HOLIDAYS IN TERM TIME
The school requests that family holidays are not taken in term time. If a holiday has
to be taken in school time, the Education Authority Regulations permit a maximum of
two weeks leave of absence during any one school year. In such a case the school
should be notified in writing before the holiday commences.

When homework is set it is usually to help overcome a particular problem, reinforce a
new area of learning or to enable children to catch up on some work. Sometimes
homework may be given to enable children to gather material or
information for class-work. Often pupils are asked to go over individual
reading books at home. Whatever the homework is, staff expect parental
support to ensure tasks are carried out. Parents are free to view the
School’s Homework Policy on request.

                              MEDICAL CARE
Children will be examined by the School Doctor or Nurse during their time at St
Joseph's. On such examinations parents are invited to attend.

Vision, dental and hearing tests are also carried out at the school. If the Nurse or Dentist
deems that further action is required, parents will be notified.
                                 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                           SCHOOL UNIFORM
The Governors request that all children attending St Joseph's School wear the set
uniform. Staff and Governors feel that the uniform gives the children an identity with
the school and a basic form of discipline. Children are encouraged to take a pride in
their uniform and their appearance. ‘Tidy appearance, tidy minds’.

The Uniform:-
Winter – Boys          Grey trousers, white shirt, school tie, navy jumper, black shoes.
                       Outdoor coat – navy or black.

Winter - Girls          Navy skirt or pinafore or grey trousers, white blouse, white socks,
                        school tie, navy cardigan or jumper, black shoes.
                        Outdoor coat – navy or black.

Summer Uniform:- ( as Winter or:-)

Boys                    Sky blue polo shirt carrying the school crest, grey shorts or
                        trousers, black shoes.

Girls                   Light blue & white gingham dress, navy cardigan, white socks,
                        black shoes. - or, navy skirt with sky blue polo shirt carrying the
                        school crest.

All pupils should wear the correct clothing for P.E.

Black pumps, white polo shirt/T-shirt, navy shorts/skirt, (football boots for soccer)
St Joseph's tracksuit (optional) is also available from the suppliers. Training shoes for
outdoor games (or pumps) on hard surface.

Parents should ensure that all children's clothing have name labels.


Boppers Boutique - 1 Woodland Road West, Colwyn Bay, Tel: 532241

The PTA organises a weekly uniform stall in the school hall every Monday afternoon at
the end of the school day. Items of good quality recycled uniform are available for
purchase for a small donation to school funds.


It is preferable that those pupils with long hair have it tied up, in a bun or plaited out of
the way. This is a more sensible and hygienic way for those pupils concerned to wear
their hair, when surrounded by many other children.


No jewellery at all should be worn for school. This includes studs, earrings, bracelets,
necklaces, medals and chains. This applies equally to boys and girls. Wrist watches are
allowed, but the school cannot be held responsible for loss, or damage.
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                             SCHOOL MEALS
The school meals’ staff aim to encourage healthy eating. Both Infants and
Juniors are able to avail themselves of the set menu in use in all Conwy
schools via the Central Client Division.

                            MEAL PAYMENTS

Money should be sent into school on the first working day of each week.

Please try and send the correct amount in as this helps the School Secretary.

Current charges are: -         Infants             £1.75 per day
                               Juniors             £1.80 per day

                                FREE MEALS
If you feel that you could be entitled to free meals for your child, please obtain an
application form from the school via the Secretary. This procedure is obviously strictly

                                  FREE MILK
Early Years and Key Stage 1 pupils receive free milk on a daily basis.

                           PACKED LUNCHES
Children, either Infant or Junior are allowed to bring a packed lunch to school should
they so wish. Drinks should be cold and in a plastic screw top flask or in a plastic bottle
or carton. Cans and glass bottles can be dangerous in school.

Parents should inform the school if their children have a special diet

Parents of Reception and Key Stage 1 children pay £1.50 a week (paid Monday) for
drink and fruit snacks for their children. If you do not wish your child to have fruit
please inform your child’s class teacher at the beginning of the school year. A fruit
tuck shop organised by pupils in Year 6 is now available for children in Key Stage 2
to purchase a piece of fruit, fruit juice or dried fruit for 20p – 30p during morning
break. All proceeds from the sale of snacks are used to support class based activities
and to help provide new playground equipment for the
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                        SCHOOL TRANSPORT
Children under the age of eight and living over two miles from school and
children over the age of eight and living over three miles from school may
qualify for free transport to school. If you wish to apply please contact the
School Transport Section, Education Department, Government Offices,
Dinerth Road, Colwyn Bay. Tel: (01492) 544261.

All children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum will be
differentiated appropriately to meet the diverse needs of all children. All children
have the right to be included in the life of the school on a social, locational and
functional basis.

The school aims to create a caring environment, which is conducive to the academic,
personal and social development of each child. Classes are arranged into (mixed
ability) single year age groups.

We encourage children to become independent learners as they move through the
school by providing them with challenging activities, appropriate to their ability.

Children at St Joseph's are taught through the medium of English. In accordance with
the Education Authority's policy, Welsh is taught as a second language, although use of
incidental Welsh is encouraged throughout the day.

In accordance with the County policy and the requirements of the National Curriculum, a
broad-based education is provided for pupils at St Joseph's covering the subjects listed
        English                              Music
        Mathematics                          Art
        Science                              Physical Education
        Religious Education                  Information Technology
        History                              Design Technology
        Geography                            Welsh

Pupils in Early Years are taught the Areas of Learning in the Foundation Phase as
required by the Welsh Assembly Government:

     Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
     Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
     Mathematical Development
     Welsh Language Development
     Knowledge and Understanding of the World
     Physical Development
     Creative Development.
The Foundation Phase encompasses the developmental needs of children. At the
centre of the statutory curriculum framework lies the holistic development of children
and their skills across the curriculum, building on their previous learning experiences,
knowledge and skills. The Foundation Phase Curriculum will be rolled out to pupils
in Key Stage 1 over the next few years.
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


Apart from the day to day areas that make up the school curriculum, extra curricular
opportunities are many and varied. Parents who wish to see Curriculum policy
information, may do so on request.

Activities take place during the lunch hour and after school. Some examples:-

Football, Netball, Cricket, Athletics, Choir, Urdd and Environmental Group.

The school takes part on an annual basis in local sporting competitions. The School
Choir has also represented the school with great success over the years. During the
school year discos and film shows are often held for pupils. Older pupils are given the
opportunity of taking part in a residential, educational activity trip during the year.

All pupils in the school also take part in annual concerts performed for parents:

Key Stage 1 & 2 – Autumn Term                 Nursery & Reception – Spring Term

All St Joseph’s children are taught a variety of activities providing opportunities
for the development of physical, cognitive and social skills as well as attitudes.
We believe that Physical Education promotes such qualities as enjoyment,
perseverance, enthusiasm, tolerance and reliability.

Games, Gymnastics and Dance are taught in all classes with the opportunity for
Athletics and Swimming occurring in Key Stage 2. The school boasts a number
of sporting successes at both local and national level.

Musical tuition is provided for under a range of instruments. Pupils wishing to take part
are currently asked to donate £60 a year towards the cost of tuition. Parents sign an
agreement form at the beginning of the academic year.

Pupils in Year 5 & 6 are asked to contribute towards the cost of travel to and from the
swimming pool. Currently we ask for a donation of £1.70 per week per pupil.

During the course of the academic year pupils are given the opportunity to engage in
various educational activities.

School is visited by various theatre, musical and drama groups.

Children attend D.T. and Art workshops and take part in various educational visits.
                                  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The school will only ask for voluntary contributions to fund such visits. However the
Governing Body wish to make it quite clear that they will not 'top up', or support the
payment for any children. If the total collected is insufficient to cover the total bill, trips
will be cancelled.

                               SPECIAL NEEDS
The school acknowledges that a percentage of the children have Special Educational

In line with the new SEN Code of Practice for Wales St Joseph’s recognises the
importance of early identification, assessment and provision for any child who may
have Special Educational Needs from Nursery through to Year 6.

Children with learning difficulties are identified by the class teacher and after a short
monitoring and assessment period they are given extra help in a small group situation
for as long as required, and an Individual Education Programme (IEP) provided.

From earliest identification, parents are kept informed of the provision for their child
and their progress is reviewed on a regular basis. The school aims to maximise
individual help but minimise the feeling of being in any way different.

The SEN Co-ordinator and teacher liaise with staff to plan teaching strategies and
monitor development. The Educational Psychologist may be called upon to assist
staff in formulating a scheme of work for a child or to make an assessment.

A report on the school SEN policy is included in the Governors’ Annual Report to
Parents. Where a child has a Statement of their Special Educational Needs the Local
Education Authority will provide appropriate provision for the pupils needs, which is
reviewed annually.

The school has a Disability Equality Scheme and an SEN and Disability Access Plan
which set out our policy for increasing access to the school for pupils with disabilities.
Following the completion of a whole school building project in 2003 St Joseph’s is
able to meet the requirements for the inclusion of pupils with physical disabilities.
The school has low level access to the main entrance and two lifts which allow access
to all teaching areas within the building. St Joseph’s also benefits from disabled toilet
and changing facilities and many additional features installed following consultation
with Conwy advisors during the building project. We aim to include all pupils at our
school and in the event of a pupil requiring additional arrangements to access the
curriculum we would make every reasonable effort to accommodate them.

The S.E.N. teaching co-ordinators are Mrs J Wynne / Mrs S P Williams
The S.E.N. Governor is Mrs C Wreglesworth
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                     RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
As a Catholic school in the Wrexham Diocese, St Joseph's follows the 'Here I Am'
Religious Education Syllabus in line with Diocesan policy. The scheme operates on a
four year cycle. All pupils within the school study 9 topics per year. Pupils during their
time at St Joseph’s will therefore study each topic twice within Foundation/Key Stage 1
and Key Stage 2. Pupils share their work with each other in a collective whole school
celebration at the end of each topic. In this way pupils are able to see the progression of
the topic across both Key Stages.

Collective Worship

Pupils come together in class to pray at the beginning, middle and end of every day. On
a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon the whole school gathers for collective

The children participate in classroom or whole school celebrations at the end of each
topic in the syllabus. There is close co-operation between the Parish Priest, the school
and parents. We have regular school Masses in which the children are actively involved.

Pupils help to prepare the liturgy and attend Masses as a whole school at the beginning
and end of each term and on special feast days. Masses being celebrated are related to
the R.E. themes being studied. The pupils also regularly attend Mass on a rota basis
throughout the year.

Sacramental Preparation

As part of the R.E. syllabus pupils learn about the sacraments throughout the school.
Children are now prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy
Communion within the parish. Pupils from the school and parish meet weekly in the
Parish Centre throughout the Spring and Summer Terms to prepare. They follow the
Marie-Paule Mordefroid sacramental preparation programme. Currently the Sacrament
of Reconciliation is received in the Spring Term and Holy Communion in the Summer

Members of the parish act as guides during the preparation process; this is a process in
which parental support is vital.
                                 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                             SEX EDUCATION
Sex Education is provided in the context of Natural Science and Religious Education.
In Year 6 pupils will also follow the Archdiocese of Birmingham programme – All
That I Am. This aims to provide a curriculum in sex and relationship education that is
authentic to the Church’s teaching and acknowledges pupils’ stage of physical and
sexual development.

The school nurse is available to contribute to the delivery of the curriculum.

Parents are informed prior to any discussion, which enables them to reach a decision
if they wish to withdraw their children from the programme.

St Joseph’s aims to develop a good relationship with parents. We believe it is essential to
have co-operation and good communication between school and home. Parents and
children on entry to St Joseph’s are given a copy of the prospectus and are asked to sign a
Home School Agreement which sets out school ethos, parental and children’s
expectations and responsibilities.

We encourage parents to attend our school and class Masses and many give their help in
the classrooms on a voluntary basis. Regular letters are sent home with the children
informing parents of all activities and important events in school. The PTA produce a
newsletter once a term detailing forthcoming events and fund raising activities. Prior to
admission, parents of new children to St Joseph’s are invited to school in the Summer
Term for a welcome meeting to discuss arrangements and policy.

                          PARENTS EVENINGS
There are three formal opportunities to meet with parents during the school year. The
first Parents’ Evening of the year takes place around October. The second is in the
middle of the Spring term and in the Summer Term, parents are given the opportunity to
discuss their child’s Annual Reports. Letters are sent out to parents with the dates and
times well in advance, inviting parents to discuss their children’s work and progress.

Teachers are willing to see parents at very short notice, but it is obviously a great help if
an appointment can be made.

                   COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE
At St Joseph’s we aim to provide a high standard of education in a caring
environment. We encourage parents to discuss any concerns they may have with
members of staff or the Headteacher. Most concerns can be dealt with quickly and
effectively in this way.

The school follows the Diocesan School Commission Complaints Procedure
guidelines should any concern raised by parents need to be investigated formally.
                                St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

A written report is presented to parents towards the end of the school year.

                      EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES
It is the belief of the school that equal opportunities should be given to all pupils taking
into account their intellectual capacity, physical ability and their social and
environmental background. Within St Joseph’s we value and respect the different racial
origins, religions, cultures and languages of the children in our care. Each child will be
valued as an individual, without racial or gender stereotyping. Children will be
encouraged to develop positive attitudes to differences in physical ability, race, culture
and language. The way in which we provide care and our activities and resources will
reflect this equal opportunities policy and will provide children with positive images and
attitudes towards difference. This will assist them in their social development, by
encouraging the development of their self esteem and self confidence. The chance to
find an unknown or untapped talent is essential to all.

The school recognises the rights of all members of the school community to be treated
equally and follows the LEA and Diocesan guidelines for the admission and access of
disabled pupils.

The school values the security, health, welfare and safety of each member of its
community and follows the Conwy LEA Health and Safety Policy guidelines to
ensure that the highest standards are implemented and monitored.

The school has a hard working P.T.A. that meets on a regular basis. The P.T.A.
activities revolve around fund raising, but there is also great emphasis on the social
relationship between teachers, parents and the community.

A garden area to the front of the school used by all pupils was created by the work of
parents, pupils and staff. Plans were drawn up by the Environmental group and work
was undertaken by pupils and parents.

The P.T.A. has raised funds to provide new athletics equipment and an I.T. Suite for the
school. Each classroom has been equipped with its own T.V. and video, an interactive
whiteboard an additional computer and music and maths resources.

In September 2008 PTA fund raising supported the purchase of a canopy which extends
along the length of the Infant building. The canopy provides a sheltered area enabling
pupils to engage in year round outside activities as part of the implementation of the
Foundation Phase curriculum within all schools in Wales. The focus for fund raising in
2010-2011 will continue to be the provision of equipment to further develop the outside
environment of the school.
                               St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                                FINAL NOTE
We hope that this booklet has been of use to you. Please feel welcome to come and visit
our school and meet the staff and the children. We feel certain that once you have seen
St Joseph's School in operation you will feel secure in the knowledge that the school we
claim exists within this booklet actually exists in reality.

At the time of printing all information contained in this booklet is believed to be
correct. The Governors reserve the right to make necessary alterations.
                         St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

              SCHOOL TERM / HOLIDAY DATES 2010 / 2011

     AUTUMN TERM 2010



HALF TERM CLOSE                        FRIDAY 22 OCTOBER 2010


STAFF TRAINING DAY                     FRIDAY 8 OCTOBER 2010

END OF TERM                            MONDAY 20 DECEMBER 2010

     SPRING TERM 2011

STAFF TRAINING DAY                     TUESDAY 4 JANUARY 2011


HALF TERM CLOSE                        THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2011

STAFF TRAINING DAY                     FRIDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2011


END OF TERM                            FRIDAY 15 APRIL 2011

     SUMMER TERM 2011

STAFF TRAINING DAY                     TUESDAY 3 MAY 2011


MAY DAY                                MONDAY 2 MAY 2011

HALF TERM CLOSE                        FRIDAY 27 MAY 2011

BEGINNING HALF TERM                    MONDAY 6 JUNE 2011


END OF TERM                            WEDNESDAY 20 JULY 2011
                                        St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                     St Joseph’s End of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment
                              COMPARATIVE REPORT 2009

Summary of the National Curriculum Assessment results of pupils in the school (2009) and nationally (2008) at
the end of Key Stage 1 as a percentage of those eligible for assessment.

                                                                N      D      W     1      2      3         4+    EL
English                                    School               0      0      0     6.7    70     23.3      0     93.3
                                           National             0.1    0.2    3.5   13.8   63     19.4      0     82.4
Oracy                                      School               0      0      0     0      73.3   26.7      0     100
                                           National             0.1    0.2    2.4   10.7   62.8   23.8      0.1   86.7
Reading                                    School               0      0      0     6.7    46.7   46.7      0     93.3
                                           National             0.1    0.2    4.1   14.9   55.2   25.5      0.1   80.7
Writing                                    School               0      0      0     20     76.7   3.3       0     80
                                           National             0.1    0.2    4.8   15.9   67.8   11.3      0     79

Mathematics                                School               0      0      0     3.3    86.7   10        0     96.7
                                           National             0.1    0.2    2     10.9   65.2   21.6      0     86.8
Using & Applying                           School               0      0      0     3.3    86.7   10        0     96.7
Mathematics                                National             0.1    0.2    2.7   15.6   64.8   16.6      0     81.5
Number & Algebra                           School               0      0      0     10     80     10        0     90
                                           National             0.1    0.2    2.1   11.8   64.9   21        0     85.9
Shape, Spaces & Measures                   School               0      0      0     3.3    90     6.7       0     96.7
                                           National             0.1    0.2    2     10.6   67     20.2      0     87.2

Science                                    School               0      0      0     0      86.7   13.3      0     100
                                           National             0.1    0.2    1.6   8.5    66.3   23.4      0     89.7
Scientific Enquiry                         School               0      0      0     0      86.7   13.3      0     100
                                           National             0.1    0.2    2     12.6   65.5   19.7      0     85.2
Life Processes & Living                    School               0      0      0     0      73.3   26.7      0     100
Things                                     National             0.1    0.2    1.3   6.9    63.8   27.7      0     91.5
Materials & their Properties               School               0      0      0     0      100    0         0     100
                                           National             0.1    0.2    1.6   8      67.3   22.9      0     90.2
Physical Processes                         School               0      0      0     0      73.3   26.7      0     100
                                           National             0.1    0.2    1.7   9.4    66.2   22.4      0     88.7

Core Subject indicator

The percentage of pupils attaining at least Level 2 by teacher assessment in either
English, Mathematics and Science in combination.

   Core Subject                       Boys                            Girls                           All
     School                           91.7                            88.9                             90
    National                          76.6                             85                             80.7

Number of pupils in cohort: 30                                        SEN : 7 pupils 23%

4+       represents Level 4 and above
D        represents disapplied under sections 364 or 365 of the Education Act 1996
W        represents working towards Level 1
N        not awarded a level for reasons other than disapplication
-        Not exactly zero
EL       Percentage achieving expected level (L2+)
                                        St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

                      St Joseph’s End of Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment
                               COMPARATIVE REPORT 2009

Summary of the National Curriculum Assessment results of pupils in the school (2009) and nationally (2008) at
the end of Key Stage 2 as a percentage of those eligible for assessment.

                                                   N      D     W      1      2     3      4      5          6+    EL
English                          School            0      0     0      0      0     8      72     20         0     92
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.6    3.1   15.6   51.3   28.5       0     79.8
Oracy                            School            0      0     0      0      0     12     64     24         0     88
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.6    2.8   15.2   50.9   29.6       0.1   80.6
Reading                          School            0      0     0      0      0     12     64     24         0     88
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.6    0.6    3.2   15.5   47.7   32.2       0.1   79.9
Writing                          School            0      0     0      0      0     28     56     16         0     72
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.6    0.8    4.2   21     50.3   22.8       0.1   73.2

Mathematics                      School            0      0     0      0      0     12     68     20         0     88
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.6    2.7   14.7   51.4   29.9       0.1   81.3
Using & Applying                 School            0      0     0      0      0     24     64     12         0     76
Mathematics                      National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.7    4     21.9   48.4   24.1       0.1   72.6
Number & Algebra                 School            0      0     0      0      0     28     44     28         0     72
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.5    2.7   15.1   49.5   31.3       0.1   80.9
Shape, Spaces &                  School            0      0     0      0      0     8      64     28         0     92
Measures                         National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.6    2.6   14.3   52.2   29.5       0     81.8

Handling Data                    School            0      0     0      0      0     8      64     28         0     92
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.6    2.7   15.9   51.2   28.7       0.1   80
Science                          School            0      0     0      0      0     12     60     28         0     88
                                 National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.5    1.8   11.4   53.9   31.7       0     85.6
Scientific Enquiry               School            0      0     0      0      0     16     52     32         0     84
                                 National          0      0.2   0.5    0.6    2.6   16.5   51.2   28.3       0     79.6
Life Processes &                 School            0      0     0      0      0     4      64     32         0     96
Living Things                    National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.4    1.6   10.7   52.4   34.2       0     86.6
Materials & their                School            0      0     0      0      0     16     48     36         0     84
Properties                       National          0.1    0.2   0.5    0.4    1.7   12.3   53.4   31.3       0     84.8
Physical Processes               School            0      0     0      0      0     16     68     16         0     84
                                 National          0      0.2   0.5    0.5    1.8   12.7   54     30.2       0     84.2

   Core Subject                       Boys                            Girls                            All
     School                           78.6                            81.8                             80
    National                          71.6                            79.6                            75.5

Number of pupils in cohort: 25                                        SEN : 4 pupils 16%

Core Subject indicator
The percentage of pupils attaining at least Level 4 by teacher assessment in either
English, Mathematics and Science in combination
4+     represents Level 4 and above
D      represents disapplied under sections 364 or 365 of the Education Act 1996
W      represents working towards Level 1
N      not awarded a level for reasons other than disapplication
-      Not exactly zero
EL     Percentage achieving expected level (L4+)

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