2004 Division I Men's Basketball Championship Handbook

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registered marks of the Association and use in any manner is prohibited unless
prior approval is obtained from the Association.
                                Table of Contents
Introduction .................................................................................................. 6

Men’s Division I Basketball Championship Information
Mission Statement ..................................................................................... 7
Important Dates .......................................................................................... 8
General Administration ........................................................................... 9
Dates and Sites ............................................................................................... 9
Sports Committee.......................................................................................... 9
Annual Forms................................................................................................. 11
Determination of Competing Institutions ........................................ 12
Championship Structure .............................................................................. 12
Championship Selection............................................................................... 12
Automatic-Qualifying Conferences ........................................................... 12
Instructions to Participants ................................................................... 14
All-Tournament Team................................................................................... 14
Arrival.............................................................................................................. 14
Awards............................................................................................................. 14
Backboards and Baskets ............................................................................... 14
Bands................................................................................................................ 14
Basketballs....................................................................................................... 15
Checklist for Participating Institutions...................................................... 15
Cheerleaders, Mascots and Banners .......................................................... 16
Commercial Involvement ............................................................................ 17
Credentials Criteria for Domestic Media Agencies................................. 17
Drug Testing ................................................................................................... 17
Game Management Issues........................................................................... 18
Game Staff....................................................................................................... 18
Halftime........................................................................................................... 18
Hospital ........................................................................................................... 18
Licensing.......................................................................................................... 18
Lodging for Participants............................................................................... 18
Mandatory Meetings..................................................................................... 20
Mementos........................................................................................................ 20
Merchandising................................................................................................ 21
Microphones ................................................................................................... 21
Mini-Camera Policies.................................................................................... 21
National Anthem ........................................................................................... 21
News Conferences and Postgame Interviews.......................................... 21
Obligations of the Head Coach ................................................................... 23
Official Traveling Party ................................................................................ 27                                                            Appendixes
Officials............................................................................................................ 27    A. Championship Bracket.......................................................................... 55
Participants Admission to Arena................................................................ 27                          B. Division I Men’s Basketball Committee ............................................ 56
Per Diem.......................................................................................................... 29       C. 2004 Automatic-Qualifying Conferences .......................................... 59
Practice............................................................................................................. 30    D. Regional Advisory Committees .......................................................... 64
Print Photographers ...................................................................................... 31               E. Principles and Procedures for Establishing the Team Bracket...... 66
Programs ......................................................................................................... 31       F. Tournament Personnel.......................................................................... 74
Prohibited Items............................................................................................. 31            G. Future Tournament Sites ...................................................................... 78
Public Statements Regarding Officiating .................................................. 31                               H. Participating Institution Tournament Checklist .............................. 81
Radio ................................................................................................................ 32   I. Credentials Criteria................................................................................ 83
Rules of Play ................................................................................................... 32        J. Game Management Issues ................................................................... 90
Scouting Seats................................................................................................. 33          K. NCAA Licensing Program ................................................................... 91
Sports Information Directors....................................................................... 33                      L. NCAA Event Merchandising Policies................................................ 94
Squad Size ....................................................................................................... 34       M. Mini-cam Policies ................................................................................... 97
Starting Times................................................................................................. 34          N. Tentative Schedule of Events............................................................... 99
Strobe Lights ................................................................................................... 35        O. Officials ....................................................................................................108
Student-Athlete Affidavit ............................................................................ 35                   P. Print Photography Policies...................................................................113
Team Benches and Coaching Aides ........................................................... 35                              Q. Radio Policy ............................................................................................115
                                                                                                                            R. Strobe Lights ...........................................................................................118
Team Introductions........................................................................................ 35
                                                                                                                            S. Television Commerical Format ...........................................................120
Team Videotapes ........................................................................................... 36              T. Use of Footage by Television Agencies .............................................122
Television......................................................................................................... 37
Tickets .............................................................................................................. 37   [Note: For all references to bylaws, see the 2003-04 NCAA Division I
Training Facilities........................................................................................... 39           Manual.]
Uniforms.......................................................................................................... 39
Use of Footage by Television Entities ........................................................ 41
Warm-Ups....................................................................................................... 41
                   General Championship Information
Administration and Management .............................................................. 42
Advertising ..................................................................................................... 43
Americans with Disabilities Act.................................................................. 44
Awards............................................................................................................. 45
Budgets ............................................................................................................ 45
Certification of Eligibility/            Availability....................................................... 45
Commercial Involvement ............................................................................ 46
Crowd Control ............................................................................................... 46
Drug Testing ................................................................................................... 46
Eligibility ......................................................................................................... 47
Financial Penalty............................................................................................ 47
Insurance ......................................................................................................... 48
Medical Arrangements ................................................................................. 49
Misconduct...................................................................................................... 50
Risk Management Statement....................................................................... 51
Tobacco Ban .................................................................................................... 52
Transportation ................................................................................................ 53

                                                           4                                                                                                                         5
   During the 2003-04 academic year, the Association will sponsor 88
national championships, of which 41 are for men, 44 are for women,
and three are for both men and women. Among the men’s champi-
onships, three are National Collegiate Championships, 13 are Division I
championships, 12 are Division II championships and 13 are Division
III championships. Among the women’s championships, five are
National Collegiate Championships, 12 are Division I championships,
13 are Division II championships and 14 are Division III champi-
onships. The combined men’s and women’s championships are
National Collegiate Championships.
   A championships handbook is produced for each NCAA champi-
onship and posted on the NCAA Online Web site (
How to Use This Publication. The handbook is divided into four sec-
tions: (1) General Administration; (2) Determination of Competing
Institutions; (3) Instructions to Participants; and (4) General
Championship Information. The first three sections pertain only to the
respective sport, while the fourth deals with NCAA policies applicable
to all 88 championships. [Note: Some policies listed in the general sec-
tion have been revised by individual sports committees. The
revision(s) will appear in the sport-specific section of the handbook.]
   Each topic included in the handbook is referenced to other applicable
areas in the handbook or in the NCAA Manuals, where appropriate.
For example, if you wish to know about regional advisory committees,
the basic information for that particular sport would be included in an
appendix. However, as referenced under the heading “Regional
Advisory Committees,” more information concerning general NCAA
policy governing regional advisory committees can be found later in the
handbook and in the NCAA Manuals.

  Men’s Basketball
  Championship Information
                    Mission Statement
  The primary mission of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball
Committee is to administer a national championship composed of
teams representing institutions of higher education played in a whole-
some environment that exemplifies the amateur spirit of intercollegiate
athletics and diversity. Consistent with this mission, it also shall be the
responsibility of the committee to monitor and take action as appropri-
ate regarding selected issues affecting college basketball, and to maxi-
mize exposure and revenue from the championship through policies
and activities coordinated and approved by the committee, subject to
the final authority of the NCAA Division I Championships/
Competition Cabinet.
  The committee’s mission shall be implemented through the following
administrative and management policies:
   • Ensuring that the primary focus of the championship shall be
     placed on the participating institutions, their student-athletes,
     coaches, administrators, alumni and fans;
   • Assuring that the participating student-athletes, coaches, game
     officials and other institutional representatives exhibit sportsman-
     like conduct and adhere to the highest standards at all times dur-
     ing the tournament;
   • Creating a nationally balanced bracket that often may require
     teams to travel outside their natural regions to compete;
   • Identifying the specific roles and responsibilities of the host institu-
     tions/conferences and the committee through operations manu-
     als, bid guidelines and other direct communications;
   • Standardizing administrative procedures for all game manage-
     ment, media, entertainment, hospitality and marketing activities;
   • Administering an equitable and progressive media-relations pro-
     gram that includes domestic and international coverage of the
     championship through newspapers, magazines, Internet, radio
     and television networks that broadens its appeal to a variety of
   • Ensuring that commercial activities do not detract from the whole-
     some environment of the championship;

   • Controlling through the protection guaranteed by legal procedures
     and local city ordinances both the registered marks of the
     Association and the official logo of the championship to eliminate
     commercial exploitation;
   • Enhancing the championship through long-range planning;
   • Educating participants, coaches, staff and the public to the dam-
     aging effects of gambling in order to safeguard the integrity of the
   • Maintaining fiscal responsibility by maximizing revenue sources
     and controlling expenses in order to realize the greatest possible
     return to the NCAA membership while not compromising the mis-
     sion of the committee, and
   • Monitoring the championship-related activities of all “external”
     entities to ensure that the principles herein are not imperiled.

                      Important Dates
Thursday, January 29—First coaches’ regional advisory committee poll
  due in national office.
Friday, February 20—Deadline for Division I conferences to submit nomi-
  nations for game officials for the championship.
Monday, March 1—Pre-championship mailing sent to institutions that
  qualify automatically and those under consideration for at-large selec-
Friday, March 5—Second coaches’ regional advisory committee poll due.
Friday, March 12—Institutions must notify the NCAA national office of any
  student-athletes who are ineligible or unavailable for the championship.
  Institutions also must notify the national office if they do not plan to par-
  ticipate in the tournament if selected.
Thursday-Sunday, March 11-14—Division I Men’s Basketball Committee
  selects at-large teams and assigns teams to bracket.
Sunday, March 14—Announcement of tournament bracket.
Tuesday, March 16—Opening-round game.
Thursday-Friday, March 18-19—First-round games.
Saturday-Sunday, March 20-21—Second-round games.
Thursday-Friday, March 25-26—Regional semifinals.
Saturday-Sunday, March 27-28—Regional finals.
Saturday, April 3—National semifinals.
Monday, April 5—National championship.

                                                                            Championships Information
              General Administration
Dates and Sites
[Reference: Appendixes F and G (pages 74 and 78) in this handbook and
Bylaw 31.1.3 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
Determination of Dates and Sites. Invitations or bids to conduct tour-
nament sessions are considered by the basketball committee.
   An institution or conference interested in hosting a tournament ses-
sion is required to submit to the committee a list of hotel accommoda-
tions for participants; summary of air and local ground transportation;
size and quality of facility; a proposed budget and additional informa-
tion. Full procedures for making such an application are available from
the NCAA vice-president of Division I men’s basketball.
  Any session may be conducted in an off-campus facility, if it is hosted
by a member institution or a conference.
  Any institution that desires to host any session of the tournament
must agree that its key administrative personnel will be available to
conduct the tournament.
  The formula for determining championship dates follows:
   Opening Round—Tuesday before first-round games.
   First/Second Rounds—Thursday through Sunday before regionals.
   Regionals—Thursday through Sunday before the Final Four.
   Final Four—Saturday and Monday after the first Sunday in April.
Sports Committee
[Reference: Administration and Management (page 42) in this handbook, and
Bylaws 31.1.1 and 31.1.2 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
  The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship is under the
control, direction and supervision of the NCAA Division I Men’s
Basketball Committee. Current members of the committee are:
   Bob Bowlsby, University of Iowa, chair
   Karl Benson, Western Athletic Conference
   Floyd Kerr, Southern University, Baton Rouge
   Jon LeCrone, Horizon League
   Jim Livengood, University of Arizona
   Craig Littlepage, University of Virginia
   Les Robinson, The Citadel
   Judy Rose, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
   Gary Walters, Princeton University
   Gerald Myers, Texas Tech University
                                                                                                                                                      Championships Information
  Administrative assistance is provided to the committee by Tom             The opening-round, first-/second-round and regional tournament
Jernstedt, NCAA executive vice-president and Greg Shaheen, vice-pres-     managers are the directors of athletics or commissioners of the host
ident of Division I men’s basketball.                                     institutions or conferences, or their appointed representatives, and they
  Representatives of the basketball committee will attend each open-      shall review all tournament details with members of the Division I
ing-round, first-/second-round and regional session to assist the tour-   Men’s Basketball Committee.
nament manager with administration. The tentative 2004 assignments        Annual Forms
   Opening Round (March 16)                                               Expense Reimbursement Form. Expense forms with instructions will
      Dayton, Ohio — Bob Bowlsby                                          be available on the NCAA Web site (
   First/Second Rounds (March 18 and 20)                                  Directors of athletics of competing institutions who are unable to
      Buffalo, New York – Gary Walters                                    access the forms on the Web site may contact Joyce Collins or Juanita
      Denver, Colorado – Jim Livengood                                    Sheely at the NCAA travel department (phone: 317/917-6757; e-mail:
      Raleigh, North Carolina – Les Robinson                     to receive hard copies.
      Seattle, Washington – Karl Benson                                      Completed forms must be received at the NCAA national office with-
   First/Second Rounds (March 19 and 21)                                  in 30 days of the final day of competition.
      Columbus, Ohio – Craig Littlepage                                     Teams and/or individuals should provide themselves sufficient
      Kansas City, Missouri – Gerald Myers
                                                                          money to meet all expenses throughout the tournament, including
      Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Jon LeCrone
                                                                          ground transportation, lodging and meal expenses, and other miscella-
      Orlando, Florida - Judy Rose and Floyd Kerr
                                                                          neous expenses.
   Regionals (March 25 and 27)
      East Rutherford, New Jersey – Craig Littlepage and Gary Walters     [Reference: Official Traveling Party (page 27), Per Diem (page 29) and
      Phoenix, Arizona – Karl Benson, Jim Livengood and Gerald Myers      Transportation (page 53) in this handbook, and Bylaw 31.4.6 in the NCAA
   Regionals (March 26 and 28)                                            Division I Manual.]
      Atlanta, Georgia – Floyd Kerr and Les Robinson
      St. Louis, Missouri – Jon LeCrone and Judy Rose                     Proposed Budget and Financial Report Form. The NCAA will send
 For additional information about the Division I Men’s Basketball         the appropriate forms to prospective hosts before sites are selected.
Championship, contact:                                                    Each tournament host must submit a financial report, including pay-
                                                                          ment of the amount due the NCAA, no later than 60 days after the
   Bob Bowlsby                                                            conclusion of the competition at the site. The Division I Men’s
      Chair, Division I Men’s Basketball Committee                        Basketball Committee may assess a $1,000 fine for each day a host
   Tom Jernstedt                                                          institution/conference fails to submit its financial report after this
      Executive Vice-President                                            deadline. The basketball committee has the authority to waive this
   Greg Shaheen                                                           provision based on extenuating circumstances.
      Vice-President of Division I Men’s Basketball and Championship
      Strategies                                                          [Reference: Bylaw 31.4 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
   Jeanne Boyd                                                            Automatic-Qualification Application Form. Applications for automatic
      Director of the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship            qualification are available to each NCAA member conference on the
   L.J. Wright                                                            NCAA Web site:
      Director of the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship   
   Tammy Lee                                                                These applications must be completed by the date specified on the
      Assistant Coordinator for the Division I Men’s Basketball           application.
   Bill Hancock                                                           [Reference: Bylaws 31.3.4 and 31.3.5 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
      Consultant to the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship
[See Appendix B (page ) for contact information for the NCAA staff.]

                                     10                                                                      11
                                                                                                                   Championships Information
                                                                              America East Conference
                                                                              Atlantic Coast Conference
                                                                              Atlantic Sun Conference
         Determination of Competing                                           Atlantic 10 Conference
                                                                              Big East Conference
                 Institutions                                                 Big Sky Conference
                                                                              Big South Conference
Championship Structure                                                        Big Ten Conference
  The tournament bracket will include 65 teams. Two teams will play           Big 12 Conference
in an opening-round game. Sixty-four teams will play in the first round.      Big West Conference
                                                                              Colonial Athletic Association
  The 16 second-round winners qualify for regional competition and            Conference USA
the regional champions advance to the Final Four.                             Horizon League
  The bracket, dates and sites are found in Appendixes A and F, pages         Ivy Group
55 and 73.                                                                    Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
                                                                              Mid-American Athletic Conference
Championship Selection                                                        Mid-Continent Conference
                                                                              Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
[Reference: Bylaws 31.01.2 , 31.01.3, 31.01.4 and 31.3 in the NCAA Division   Missouri Valley Conference
I Manual and Appendix E (page 66) in this handbook.]                          Mountain West Conference
  Selection of at-large teams is made by the Division I Men’s Basketball      Northeast Conference
Committee, which receives reports from coaches regional advisory              Ohio Valley Conference
committees. The specific duties of the regional advisory committees are       Pacific-10 Conference
identified in Appendix D, page 64. The brackets will be announced the         Patriot League
Sunday before the opening round.                                              Southeastern Conference
                                                                              Southern Conference
  It is the intention of the committee to select the best at-large teams in   Southland Conference
the nation, regardless of geographical location. There is no limit to the     Southwestern Athletic Conference
number of teams the basketball committee may select from one confer-          Sun Belt Conference
ence.                                                                         West Coast Conference
  The committee will follow Bylaw 31.3.3 when selecting at-large              Western Athletic Conference
  Committee members will not be able to notify institutions of their
placement in the bracket. Institutions are encouraged to watch CBS
Sports’ televised announcement of the bracket at 6 p.m. (Eastern time)
Sunday, March 14.
Automatic-Qualifying Conferences
  [Reference: Bylaws 31.3.4 and 31.3.5 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
   The 2004 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship bracket provides
for a field of 65 teams, 31 of which automatically qualify as conference
champions. An opening-round game will be conducted in 2004 because
more than 30 Division I conferences are eligible for automatic qualifica-
tion. Conferences that will automatically qualify for the 2004 champi-
onship are:

                                    12                                                                        13
                                                                                                                                                            Championships Information
                                                                              uals who are not students at the institution. An institution may use an
                                                                              “outside” band that includes any prospective student-athlete (i.e., any
                                                                              individual who has started ninth grade, or older) only if the band is
          Instructions to Participants                                        located within 150 miles of the competition site. Further, a student who
                                                                              has not yet started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospective
                                                                              student-athlete if the institution provides the individual (or the individ-
All-Tournament Team                                                           ual’s relatives or friends) any financial assistance or other benefits that
   At each of the four regional sites, media representatives selected by      the institution does not generally provide to prospective students.
the United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) will select a          If participating institutions do not want to use their allotted time to
five-person all-tournament team, including the most outstanding play-         perform at halftime, it is permissible for a host institution’s band, dance
er. The team will be announced immediately after the final game at            team or spirit squad to perform. If the host exercises this option, it must
each site. All-tournament teams will not be selected at the other rounds.     purchase game tickets to admit members of such entities.
Arrival                                                                         Bands will be seated in rows designated by the tournament manager,
  Each participating team must be at the competition venue no later           and will be admitted to the facility via a pass-gate list provided to the
than its first mandatory practice time or its first scheduled news confer-    tournament manager by the athletics director at the pre-tournament
ence.                                                                         meeting. The band director will be issued an all-access credential.
                                                                                Electronic musical instruments and amplifiers are prohibited except
Awards                                                                        permitted amplifiers provided by domed facilities. Bands, or any com-
[Reference: Awards (page 44) in this handbook and Bylaw 31.1.12 in the        ponent thereof, are not allowed to play while a contest is in progress,
NCAA Division I Manual.]                                                      but may play during timeouts. Bands will be permitted to perform dur-
                                                                              ing practices only on “Final Four Friday.” At all sites, bands and cheer-
   Each institution participating in the championship will receive 26
individual participant awards. The NCAA will ship all individual              leaders are not allowed to perform pep rallies in parking lots or walk-
awards to the athletics directors of participating teams after their team’s   ways around the outside of the facility. Band members must wear the
elimination from competition. The basketball committee will present           institutional band uniform that may bear only a single manufacturer’s
the NCAA championship trophy to the national champion after the               or distributor’s label or trademark not to exceed 2.25 square inches in
championship game. The other three teams participating in the Final           area. Songs affiliated with any professional sports team or commercial
Four will be presented a participant trophy after their elimination from      product are prohibited.
the competition.                                                                Bands are obligated to perform at selected functions at the Final Four.
   The NCAA will provide official NCAA “celebration apparel” (i.e.,           The NCAA will provide a schedule of those functions the week of the
caps and T-shirts) to each regional champion and to the national cham-        event.
pion. These items are to be worn during the postgame celebrations. No
other special “celebration apparel” will be allowed.
                                                                                 The Wilson Solution B-0700R basketball will be used. The manufac-
Backboards and Baskets                                                        turer will send the balls directly to the tournament managers.
   Each backboard shall have a breakaway rim and a red indicator light           Each tournament manager will receive 24 imprinted balls and will
that illuminates when the game clock sounding device signals the end          give one ball to each team at the conclusion of the team’s participation
of the first half, the second half and any extra period. (Note: As an         at a site.
alternative to the red lights, the use of LED lights behind the backboard
is permitted.)                                                                   The captains of the participating teams will meet before the begin-
                                                                              ning of each game and agree on which Wilson basketball will be used
Bands                                                                         as the game ball.
[Reference: National Anthem (page 21) in this handbook.]                      Checklist for Participating Institutions
   At all tournament sessions, bands in attendance will be limited to 30        Appendix H, page 81, is a checklist that participating institutions
members, including one conductor. Only if it does not have a band of          should review before and during the championship.
its own may a participating institution use a band composed of individ-
                                   14                                                                             15
                                                                                                                                                             Championships Information
Cheerleaders, Mascots and Banners                                           mercial products. All cheerleading squads shall conform to the guide-
                                                                            lines set forth by the American Association of Cheerleader Coaches and
   Cheerleaders and/or dance-team members, not to exceed 12 in num-
                                                                            Advisors (AACCA). Neither the NCAA nor the host institution/confer-
ber, plus the costumed mascot, will be admitted via a pass-gate list pro-
                                                                            ence, nor the facility, will be responsible for supervising or monitoring
vided to the tournament manager by each athletics director at the pre-
                                                                            routines performed by cheerleaders at championship events. Except as
tournament meeting. The cheerleading coach will be issued an all-
                                                                            noted in this section, supervision of cheerleading squads, their activi-
access credential.
                                                                            ties, yells and stunts are the sole responsibility of the participating insti-
   During their team’s participation, a maximum of 12 cheerleaders          tution. The participating institution shall ensure that the squad has suf-
and/or dance-team members, plus a mascot, will be allowed on the            ficient training, supervision and equipment for any and all routines its
floor when the clock is stopped. Additional members may be allowed          squad may choose to perform. Tournament managers must inform par-
to perform before the game and at halftime only; these additional indi-     ticipating institutions if the host facility has more stringent require-
viduals must purchase a ticket and be seated in the stands. The cheer-      ments. If so, the director of athletics at each institution must apprise his
leading coach will be provided a seat in the participating band seating     or her cheerleading squad of such requirements and ensure their com-
area and will not be allowed on the floor area when games are in            pliance.
progress or during timeouts.
                                                                               Only if it does not have cheerleaders of its own may a participating
   The 12 cheerleaders and mascot will be located in an area at the end     institution use cheerleaders composed of individuals who are not stu-
of the playing court designated by the tournament manager. The cheer-       dents at the institution. An institution may use an “outside” group of
leaders and mascot are allowed in this designated area only when their      cheerleaders that includes any prospective student-athlete (i.e., any
institution is participating. Cheerleaders and mascots who wish to          individual who has started ninth grade, or older) only if the cheerlead-
watch the other game in their school’s session may sit in the non-play-     ers are located within 150 miles of the competition site. Further, a stu-
ing participant section.                                                    dent who has not yet started classes for the ninth grade becomes a
   During pregame player introductions, cheerleaders and/or dance-          prospective student-athlete if the institution provides the individual (or
team members will be restricted to the area between the end line and        the individual’s relatives or friends) any financial assistance or other
free-throw line extended on the end of the playing floor where their        benefits that the institution does not generally provide to prospective
team’s bench is located.                                                    students.
   Cheerleaders and mascots will alternate performances at timeouts.           No banners other than those of the NCAA, CBS Sports and the
They shall depart the floor when the first horn sounds at the conclusion    NCAA Radio Network may be posted at any session of the champi-
of a timeout. They shall not perform on the floor during 30-second time-    onship. An institution’s flag(s) may be displayed or waved on the court
outs but may perform during 60-second timeouts. It is not permissible       only during pregame and halftime activities.
for cheerleaders and/or mascots to converse with or approach game
officials. Cheerleaders and mascots may not throw items (e.g., T-shirts,    Commercial Involvement
souvenir basketballs) into the stands.                                        Local sponsorship programs using the NCAA’s registered marks or
   Cheerleaders are obligated to perform at selected functions at the       involving any official tournament functions are prohibited.
Final Four. The NCAA will provide a schedule of those functions the           The NCAA’s corporate champions and partners generally will acti-
week of the event.                                                          vate promotional activities that focus on the tournament, under the
   In the event a squad uses recorded music as part of its performance,     supervision of the NCAA staff.
the use of such music will be permitted only during halftime.
Megaphones may be used for voice amplification, but they shall not be       Credentials Criteria for Domestic Media Agencies
used as a noise distraction. This includes pounding them on the floor or      (See Appendix I.)
striking them with the hands or other objects or waving them in any
way.                                                                        Drug Testing
   The logo restriction on student-athlete apparel as set forth in Bylaw    [Reference: Drug Testing in the Division l General Section and Bylaws
12.5.4 will apply to commercial logos on uniforms worn by cheerlead- and 31.2.3 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
ers, dance-team members and mascots. These groups shall not perform           Student-athletes who compete in this championship may be subject-
routines that are affiliated with any professional sports teams or com-     ed to drug tests in accordance with Bylaws and 31.2.3, and may
                                   16                                                                            17
                                                                                                                                                               Championships Information
be determined to be ineligible as a result thereof. Only student-athletes    night minimum (practice night and the night of the first competition at
who have consented in writing to such testing are initially eligible for     the site.) If it does not notify the hotel otherwise by 5 p.m. Tuesday
this championship; and thereafter, student-athletes who are tested shall     (Monday for opening round) before competition, the participating insti-
remain eligible only if they test negative.                                  tution will be financially responsible for the first two nights’ “contin-
                                                                             gency” rooms as well. Each participating institution shall forward a
Game Management Issues                                                       rooming list to the hotel by 5 p.m. on the Tuesday before competition.
  Deliberate conduct of a student-athlete, coach or other institutional        The following rooms will be reserved for each team:
representative that interrupts the orderly progression of competition         Opening-Round Site                 Room Block
would subject individuals and the institution to the penalties prescribed     Night Before Game                  50 rooms (25 guaranteed, 25 contin-
in Appendix J, page 87.                                                                                          gency)
                                                                              Night of Game                      50 rooms (25 guaranteed, 25 contin-
Game Staff                                                                                                       gency)
  For all sessions except the Final Four, the game staff will be provided     First- and Second-Round Sites Room Block
by the host institution/conference and will include the following per-        Night Before Practice              40 rooms (all contingency)
sonnel: official scorer, timer, 35-second clock operator, scoreboard oper-    Night of Practice                  75 rooms (50 guaranteed, 25 contin-
ator, public address announcer, statistics crew, locker room attendants,                                         gency)
athletic trainer, tournament physician, practice coordinator and a maxi-      Night of First Round               75 rooms (50 guaranteed, 25 contin-
mum of six ball boys/girls. The NCAA will provide the game staff for                                             gency)
the Final Four. All game-management staff members must be familiar            “Off” Night                        75 rooms (all contingency)
with NCAA men’s basketball rules and must have worked at least five           Night of Second Round              50 rooms (all contingency)
college games during the season. The public address announcer shall be        (Saturday Eastern time zone sites)
familiar with and adhere to the guidelines developed by the Division I        Night of Second Round              30 rooms (all contingency)
Men’s Basketball Committee. Promotional messages and/or public                (all other Saturday sites)
address announcements shall be limited to NCAA activities (e.g., cham-        Night of Second Round              None
pionships, Youth Education through Sports clinics).                           (all Sunday sites)
                                                                              Regional Sites                     Room Block
Halftime                                                                      Night Before Practice              40 rooms (all contingency)
  There will be a 15-minute intermission between halves, except during        Night of Practice                  100 rooms (75 guaranteed, 25 contin-
the regional finals, national semifinals and national championship                                               gency)
games, when halftime will be 20 minutes.                                      Night of Semifinals                100 rooms (75 guaranteed, 25 contin-
  Only the participating institutions’ representatives may perform at
                                                                              “Off” Night                        100 rooms (all contingency)
halftime. Each institution may occupy the floor for a maximum of four         Night of Finals                    50 rooms (all contingency)
minutes.                                                                      (Saturday Eastern time zone sites)
Hospital                                                                      Night of Finals                    30 rooms (all contingency)
                                                                              (all other Saturday sites)
  A hospital will be selected by each host institution/conference and         Night of Finals (all Sunday sites) None
identified to the participants.                                                It is preferable that separate properties be reserved for each team. If
Licensing                                                                    this is not possible, the host will assign as many institutions to the most
                                                                             desirable hotels as necessary. Prospective opponents at the site will not
  [See Appendix K.]                                                          be assigned to the same hotel.
Lodging For Participants                                                       For the Final Four, the institutions will be financially responsible for
                                                                             500 rooms for four nights beginning the Friday before the national
   The host will make reservations and secure special rates at hotels        semifinals. Institutions are strongly encouraged to allocate tickets with
located not more than 20 miles from the competition site. The institu-       rooms in a manner to assure all hotel rooms in the block are used.
tions will be financially responsible for all guaranteed rooms for a two-
                                                                               At all sites, the hotels will offer a special rate for 40 of the rooms. It is
                                   18                                                                              19
                                                                                                                                                            Championships Information
the intent of the basketball committee that these rooms be used for the        Merchandising
participants and members of each student-athlete’s immediate family.
                                                                                 (See Appendix L)
   A participating institution may be released from all or a portion of its
room obligation only if it obtains a written release from the hotel man-       Microphones
ager before 5 p.m. on open practice day. The hotel is under no obliga-           The placement of microphones on a coach or in team huddles and
tion to provide this release. Before relocating, the institution must file a   bench areas for television, radio or motion-picture purposes is prohibit-
copy of the written release with the tournament manager and must also          ed in all NCAA championships.
forward a copy to the NCAA. Unless approved by the NCAA in
advance, an institution is precluded from relocating to a hotel where          Mini-Camera Policies
another institution or the game officials have been assigned. Any                (See Appendix M.)
unpaid charges for hotel rooms will be deducted from the institution’s
share of tournament receipts.                                                  National Anthem
   The host will distribute detailed hotel information to all participants,      The higher-seeded team’s band will play the national anthem before
who should contact the hotels directly by midnight the Tuesday before          the first game of each session of the championship. Vocalists are not
competition to confirm the arrangements and provide any special                permitted. The basketball committee expects the coaches and student-
instructions.                                                                  athletes who are competing in that game to remain on the court during
   A participating institution may remain on campus rather than at the         the playing of the national anthem.
hotel. In any case, the institution is financially responsible for the rooms   News Conferences and Postgame Interviews
as noted in this section.
                                                                                 All coaches and student-athletes shall be available for all news confer-
   At preliminary-round sites, each hotel will reserve two rooms for           ences and interviews. See Appendix N, (page 100), for the schedule of
team meals and team meetings. At the Final Four, the “team headquar-           events.
ters” hotels will reserve the two meeting rooms and also one large room
for alumni functions.                                                            Throughout the championship, news conferences are scheduled to
                                                                               provide the media with tournament information required for thorough
Mandatory Meetings                                                             coverage and to limit the time demands placed upon the coaches and
[Reference: Bylaws 31.02.3 and 31.1.10 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
                                                                                 On the day before the opening round, first rounds, second rounds,
   The director of athletics and/or his or her designated representative       regional semifinals and national semifinals, each head coach and a min-
and the sports information director of each participating institution          imum of two first-team players are required to participate.
shall attend the pre-tournament meeting on the day before the opening-
round game, first-round games, regional semifinals and national semifi-          On the day before the regional final and national championship, each
                                                                               head coach and each of the five starters representing the teams advanc-
nals. The head coach shall attend the pre-tournament meeting before
                                                                               ing to the championship game are required to participate.
the opening round and the first round. The head coach, a full-time assis-
tant coach or the director of basketball operations shall attend the             Postgame Interviews. All coaches and student-athletes shall be avail-
pre-tournament meeting before the regional semifinals and national             able for interviews.
semifinals.                                                                       1. Pregame Designation. Before each game, the coach shall des-
                                                                                     ignate a minimum of two starters to report to the interview area
   Additionally, the director of athletics and/or his or her designated
                                                                                     immediately after the cooling-off period ends. The media coordi-
representative and the sports information director shall attend the tran-
                                                                                     nator will distribute the names of these individuals to the media
sition meeting on the day before the second-round games, regional
                                                                                     before the end of the game. The media coordinator may also
finals and national championship game.                                               require that a non-designated student-athlete join or replace the
Mementos                                                                             designated student-athletes in the interview room, should the
                                                                                     non-designated student-athlete’s performance merit.
  Other than those provided by the NCAA, mementos will not be                     2. CBS Sports, Radio Rights-Holders’ Interviews. If requested,
distributed to participants, coaches, media and officials by the host.               both coaches and the winning team’s student-athletes shall grant
                                                                                     postgame interviews (not to exceed four minutes) to CBS and the
                                    20                                                                            21
                                                                                                                                                             Championships Information
     NCAA Radio Network, provided the network is still providing live            7. Procedure. The coach shall accompany the student-athletes to
     coverage from the facility. Neither network shall inordinately                 the news conference. The moderator will ensure that the following
     delay the coaches’ return to the locker rooms. If the networks are             format will be followed:
     not prepared to conduct live interviews immediately, it will be nec-          (a) An opening statement from the head coach;
     essary for the interviews to be taped. The interview with the los-            (b) Questions to the student-athletes;
     ing coach will be conducted off the court near the team’s locker              (c) Dismiss the student-athletes when there are no more
     room.                                                                             questions, and
     A participating institution’s radio rights-holder may interview a             (d) Additional questions to the head coach.
     coach or student-athlete who is not being interviewed by CBS or          Locker Rooms
     the NCAA Radio Network; the interview may not exceed four
     minutes.                                                                    1. Practice Day. On practice days, any of each team’s top seven
3.   Cooling-Off Period. A “cooling-off period” has been set aside for              student-athletes who are not in the interview room and any others
     a coach to be with the student-athletes in the locker room after               requested by the media shall be available to the media in the
     the game. The period begins when the coach enters the locker                   locker room area during the time the coach and selected student-
     room immediately after the game or interview with CBS or the                   athletes are participating in the news conference. A representa-
     NCAA Radio Network. The period will be five minutes for the win-               tive of each institution’s sports information staff shall be in the
     ning team (plus an additional five minutes for student-athletes to             area and shall coordinate these interview requests.
     shower before the locker room is open to the media) and 15 min-             2. Game Days. The locker rooms will be open to the media for a
     utes for the losing team. A coach may shorten the cooling-off                  minimum of 30 minutes after the cooling-off period ends, provided
     period, but may not extend it.                                                 that media representatives are present the entire time. Student-
4.   Order of Appearance. With two exceptions, the winning coach                    athletes who do not play in the game and student-athletes select-
     and student-athletes will be scheduled in the interview room                   ed for drug testing may depart earlier.
     before the losing coach and student-athletes. After the regional            3. The head coach has the option to allow representatives of CBS
                                                                                    Sports into the locker room before the game and during the cool-
     final and national championship game, the losing coach and stu-
                                                                                    ing-off period after the game. These representatives must leave
     dent-athletes will be scheduled first. After the last game of a first-
                                                                                    the locker room after the cooling-off period if the NCAA sports sci-
     round evening session, representatives from the losing team will
                                                                                    ences staff must notify student-athletes that they will participate in
     have the option to participate in postgame interviews in their lock-
     er room rather than in the interview room.
5.   Obligation of Coach. Regardless of any personal regular-sea-             Obligations of the Head Coach
     son radio or television contracts, the coach is first obligated to the
                                                                               Each head coach of an institution participating in the tournament
     entire media staffing the tournament and must report to the inter-
                                                                              must fulfill the following obligations that have been established by the
     view room immediately after the cooling-off period. After fulfilling
                                                                              NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee:
     this commitment to the media staffing the tournament, the coach
     and student-athletes may participate in other interviews. The            1. All Rounds.
     coach cannot delay a postgame interview with the covering                   A. General.
     media to conduct an interview with a single newspaper, radio or             • Wear the credential pin to practices and games.
     television reporter unless requested to grant the short interview           • Participate in scheduled news conferences the day before the first
     noted herein with CBS or the NCAA Radio Network.                               round, regional semifinals and national semifinals. A member of
6.   “Selected Media” Policy. Except for CBS as noted under “lock-                  the sports information staff should escort the coach to each news
     er rooms” herein, no interviews may take place during the cool-                conference.
                                                                                 • Ensure that the student-athletes who represent their team partici-
     ing-off period. Should a coach permit one media representative
                                                                                    pate in scheduled news conferences. A member of the sports
     to enter the locker room before the cooling-off period has
                                                                                    information staff should escort the student-athletes to each con-
     expired, the locker room will be open to all other media represen-
                                                                                    ference. CBS will contact a participating team’s sports informa-
     tatives desiring access to the area.
                                                                                    tion director before arrival at a site should the network desire to
                                                                                    interview the student-athlete(s) on practice day.
                                                                                 • Participate in scheduled postgame news conferences and ensure

                                     22                                                                             23
                                                                                                                                                           Championships Information
   that the locker room is open to the media after the designated            C. NCAA Radio Network.
   cooling-off period. The team advancing to the next round shall            • If requested, grant interviews with the NCAA Radio Network dur-
   open its locker room not later than 10 minutes after the coach               ing halftime of the other game in the session in which the team is
   enters it. The other locker room opens 15 minutes after the                  not participating or between games if the postgame news confer-
   coach enters it. The coach and a minimum of two starters repre-              ence obligations have been fulfilled. A coach is not required to
   senting the team advancing to the next round will participate in a           participate in a Game No. 1 halftime or postgame interview if the
   news conference in the designated interview room immediately                 team that he represents is participating in Game No. 2 of the ses-
   after the locker room is open.                                               sion.
• Personally attend the pre-tournament meeting on the day before             • If requested, provide an interview to the NCAA Radio Network
   the first-round games.                                                       after all contests. In most instances, the radio network will inter-
• Either personally attend or require a full-time assistant coach or            view a student-athlete while the coach is being interviewed by
   director of basketball operations to attend the pre-tournament               CBS.
   meeting on the day before the regional and national semifinal          2. Before Arrival at the Final Four Site.
   games.                                                                   A. General.
• Refrain from any act of dishonesty, unsportsmanlike conduct,                • Monday-Tuesday. The head coach and a minimum of two
   unprofessional behavior or breach of law occurring incident to, en            starters shall participate in a one-hour, mid-day news conference
   route to, from or at the locale of the competition or practice that           scheduled by the participating institution on campus on the
   discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics, which constitutes          Monday and/or Tuesday preceding the national semifinals.
   misconduct.                                                                • Wednesday. The head coach of each participating team shall
• Wear the credential pin provided at the team entrance gate at all              participate in a mid-day telephone conference scheduled by the
   times in the facility.                                                        basketball committee. The NCAA will confirm the telephone num-
B. CBS Sports.                                                                   ber from which the coach will participate with the institution on
• If requested, grant an interview to CBS upon the team’s arrival on             Monday. This schedule will be followed:
   game days. The coach may permit CBS to interview student-ath-              1-1:15 p.m. .....................Coach of Game 1, Team A (alphabetically)
   letes at this time.                                                        1:15-1:30 p.m. .................Coach of Game 1, Team B (alphabetically)
• The coach will have the option of participating in a halftime inter-        1:30-1:45 p.m. .................Coach of Game 2, Team A (alphabetically)
   view with CBS. The following procedures will be used: CBS will             1:45-2 p.m. ......................Coach of Game 2, Team B (alphabetically)
   interview the coach of the leading team going off the floor at the         B. CBS Sports.
   start of the halftime period and will interview the other coach when       • If requested, the coaching staff and student-athletes shall partici-
   the teams return to the floor at the end of the halftime break. If            pate in interviews with CBS Sports on campus the Monday,
   the game is tied, the coach of the higher-seeded team will be                 Tuesday and Wednesday preceding the Final Four.
   interviewed first.                                                         • It is the option of the coach to permit a CBS video crew to fly on
• Participate in news conferences and interviews with CBS Sports                 the team charter or commercial flight to the Final Four city.
   at the facility the day before the second round, regional finals and   3. Thursday. Join the other three head coaches that evening at the
   national championship.                                                 Final Four Salute Presentation. Each head coach will respond to gener-
• If requested, grant interviews to CBS Sports after all contests.        al questions from a moderator.
• If requested, grant interviews with CBS Sports during halftime of       4. Friday. Participate in the scheduled news conferences at the facility
   the other game in the session in which the team is not participat-     between 1 and 3 p.m. Each head coach and a minimum of two starters
   ing or between games if the postgame news conference obliga-           shall be available to the media in the interview room. The locker room
   tions have been fulfilled. A coach is not required to participate in   will be open to the media during the time that the coaches and student-
   a Game No. 1 halftime or postgame interview if the team that he        athletes are in the interview room. (Please refer to the schedule of
   represents is participating in Game No. 2 of the session.              events.)
• Make special coverage opportunities available to CBS Sports, if
                                                                              A. CBS Sports.
   any special media arrangements are made with a single televi-
                                                                                 • Participate in interviews with CBS in conjunction with the news
   sion station or a network or cable entity.
                                                                                 • Participate in a joint CBS interview with the head coach of the

                                  24                                                                             25
                                                                                                                                                            Championships Information
            semifinal opponent. This interview will take place between the        A. CBS Sports.
            scheduled news conferences.                                           • If requested, grant an interview to CBS Sports at a mutually deter-
        • Require student-athletes to participate in a CBS interview in              mined time and place.
            conjunction with the news conference.                                 • At the option of the head coach, permit CBS Sports to video the
    B. NCAA Radio Network. Participate in an interview with the NCAA                 following selected portions of the team’s daily routine and activi-
        Radio Network in conjunction with the news conference.                       ties: selected portion of team meeting; selected portion of coach-
    C. NCAA Productions. Participate in an interview with NCAA                       es meeting; players at the team hotel; team meal and bus ride to
        Productions in conjunction with the news conference.                         game.
    D. NCAA Sports-Wagering Awareness Seminar. Attend the sports-                 B. NCAA Productions. If requested, participate in an extensive inter-
        wagering awareness seminar at the facility. Assistant coaches                view with NCAA Productions after all other media obligations
        must also attend.                                                            have been fulfilled after the championship game.
5. Saturday. Participate in the scheduled postgame news conferences.
6. Sunday.                                                                     Official Traveling Party
    A. News Conferences. The head coach and each of the five                   [Reference: Per Diem (page 29) and Transportation (page 52) in this hand-
        starters, and any other student-athlete(s) identified by the tourna-   book.]
        ment media coordinator are required to participate in a mid-day          Transportation expenses and a per diem of $150 will be provided for
        news conference.                                                       an official traveling party of 75 persons for preliminary-round sessions.
    B. CBS Sports.                                                             For the Final Four, transportation expenses and a per diem of $187.50
        • Be available, along with student-athletes, for exclusive inter-      will be provided for an official traveling party of 100 persons.
            views with CBS for not more than 30 minutes immediately
            before or after practice at a site mutually determined by the        If personal cars, rental cars or institutional vehicles are used for
            coach and CBS. The obligation is limited to 30 minutes, but        ground transportation outside the metropolitan areas of the competing
            can be extended at the discretion of the coach.                    teams and sites, reimbursement will be made at a rate of 32 cents per
        • Meet with the talent, producer and director to develop back-         mile (round trip) for a maximum of five cars.
            ground material that will enhance the quality of the next day’s    Officials
        • Participate in a joint interview with the other head coach           (See Appendix O of this handbook.)
            advancing to the championship game between the two sched-          Participants Admission to Facility
            uled afternoon news conferences.
        • Be available, along with student-athletes, for interviews with          All-access credentials will be issued to the following administrative
            CBS in conjunction with the news conferences.                      staff members from the participating institutions: one for the director of
        • At the head coach’s option, permit CBS Sports to video the fol-      athletics; a maximum of three for the sports information staff members;
            lowing selected portions of the team’s daily routine and activi-   four for administrators, including will-call and player-guest staff; one
            ties: team breakfast/meal; bus ride to practice; behind the        for the cheerleading coach; one for the band director and one for the
            scenes at the news conference; team and coaches meeting;           team’s official scorer if not a member of the sports information staff.
            players relaxing at the team hotel with family and friends; team      Additionally, the host will issue temporary-access credentials to a
            meal; alumni group party and any team group outing.                maximum of nine (21 to the winners of the regional championship and
    C. NCAA Radio Network. If requested, participate in an interview           the national championship games) full-time representatives of each par-
        with the NCAA Radio Network in conjunction with the news con-          ticipating institution (e.g., president, faculty representative) or others
        ference.                                                               designated by the chief executive officer. The temporary-access creden-
    D. NCAA Productions. If requested, participate in an interview with        tial does not grant gate admittance but provides access to the media
        NCAA Productions in conjunction with the news conference.              areas and locker rooms before and after games.
7. Monday. Participate in the scheduled postgame news conferences.                These policies govern admission of the official traveling parties:
The coach and players representing the second-place team will appear              Each day of practice and competition, only those individuals on the
first in the postgame interview room after a 15-minute cooling-off period.     institution’s pass-gate list will be admitted. The pass-gate list will
The winning coach and players will appear after a 10-minute cooling-off        include a maximum of 35 individuals for practice days and 22 individu-
period following the trophy presentation on the court.                         als for game days. Institutions must send the pass-gate list to the tour-
                                      26                                                                            27
                                                                                                                                                             Championships Information
nament manager by facsimile or e-mail before the open practiced day.            Credential pins may be worn only by individuals who are on the
Teams may revise the pass-gate list each day and present the changes at       team’s 22-person pass-gate list. They are not transferable.
the team entrance area. Only a full-time coach or administrator may
make changes to the list.
                                                                              Per Diem
                                                                              [Reference: Official Traveling Party (page 35) and Transportation (page 69)
  Should an institution list a person normally identified as a media rep-
                                                                              in this handbook.]
resentative on the team pass-gate list, the facility will be open to all
media once that individual enters.                                               A per diem allowance is guaranteed for all National Collegiate,
                                                                              Division I, Division II and Division III championships. Exceptions to
  This pass-gate list will be used for all practices and games at the site.   this policy may be approved by the Division I Championships/
Persons on the list can enter the facility any time on practice or game       Competition Cabinet.
days. Once inside the facility, participants will be issued a credential or
wristband, which must be worn for access to courtside, media areas and           Per diem allowances will be paid or pro-rated on the following basis:
other secured locations. The pin must be worn on the lapel.                      1. One for the day before the first day of the championship, provided
                                                                                    travel occurred on or before that day.
Practice-Day Admittance: At the gate on both practice days, each of              2. One for the day of competition.
the 35 individuals on the team’s pass-gate list will be admitted to the          3. One for each day between days of competition.
facility and must be issued a credential pin. This pin must be worn for          4. One-half for the day of departure from the site, provided the team
admission to the courtside and locker-room areas.                                   did not compete on that day.
Game-Day Practice Admittance: At the gate, the non-student-athletes              5. If approved in advance by the NCAA finance group, member insti-
among the 35 individuals on the team’s pass-gate list will be issued a              tutions may be provided additional per diem due to transportation
wristband that will be good for courtside admittance for the team’s                 circumstances that would otherwise prevent teams from arriving
practice only.                                                                      at the site of competition in time to meet administrative require-
Game Admittance: At the gate, each of the 22 individuals on the                     ments of the championship (e.g., practice, pre-tournament meet-
team’s pass-gate list will be admitted to the facility and escorted to the          ings or news conferences).
locker room. Credential pins will be issued to coaches and other                 6. If approved in advance by the NCAA finance group, institutions
administrative personnel and must be worn for admittance to the                     may be provided additional per diem to travel from one prelimi-
bench area, locker rooms, media areas (including scouting seats) and                nary-round site to the next site, rather than returning to campus
the non-playing participant seating area.                                           between rounds.
                                                                                 7. If a host institution’s on-campus dining and residence facilities are
Participants in Game No. 1 of a session: For student-athletes, no cre-              open and available to student-athletes, the host institution will
dential is necessary for first-game courtside admittance. The game uni-             receive one-half day’s per diem for each day the institution com-
form or warm-up will suffice. After the game, all student-athletes                  petes. If the host institution’s campus dining and residence facili-
should be issued a credential pin. The pin is required for access to the            ties are closed, the institution will receive the full per diem for
non-playing participant seating area.                                               each day the institution competes and each day between compe-
Participants in Game No. 2 of a session: At the gate, any of the 22                 titions. This policy will also apply to competing institutions located
individuals who wish to watch the first game must be issued a creden-               in the same metropolitan area as the championship site (i.e.,
tial pin and must wear it for admission to the non-playing participant              those located within 25 miles of the site).
seating area. For student-athletes, no credential is necessary for sec-          8. Institutions that lose in the national semifinals will receive four
ond-game courtside access. The game uniform or warm-up will suf-                    days’ per diem.
fice. To be admitted to the courtside area for the second game, coaches          9. For a participating institution to receive full per diem and trans-
and other administrative personnel must wear a credential pin.                      portation expenses for the Division I Men’s Basketball
                                                                                    Championship, its traveling party must include 30 band members
Teams That Have Been Eliminated: The 22 individuals on the pass-                    (including one director), 12 cheerleaders and one mascot. If the
gate list of teams that have been eliminated may be admitted to                     traveling party does not include 30 band members (including one
remaining sessions of the championship at the site. They will be                    director), 12 cheerleaders and one mascot, the institution will
admitted via the pass-gate list. Once inside the facility, each of the 22           receive per diem and transportation expenses for the actual num-
individuals must be issued a credential pin and must wear it for access             ber of band members, cheerleaders and mascot who attend.
to the non-playing participant seating area.                                        Institutions will not receive per diem for “rented bands.”
                                    28                                                                              29
                                                                                                                                                               Championships Information
Practice                                                                      Print Photographers
   Teams may practice at the competition site only on the day or              (See Appendix P of this handbook, page 114)
evening before the first competition at the site, game days and the day
between games. (See Appendix N, page 99).                                     Programs
   The Division I Men’s Basketball Committee believes the practices on        [Reference: Advertising (page 43) and Sports Information Directors (page 33)
the day before the initial competition at a tournament site provide a         in this handbook and Bylaw 31.6.3 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
unique opportunity to promote college basketball. The committee                 Host Communications, Inc., will publish the championship pro-
encourages host institutions/conferences to arrange for the attendance        grams. Questions regarding program production should be directed to
of school children and others who may not have an opportunity to pur-         Brad Johnson          at Host Communications (859/226-4536,
chase game tickets.                                                  or Lisa Turner at the NCAA
   The basketball committee requests that (1) each team report at the         national office (317/917-6838).
start of its assigned practice time on the day before competition for
practice, (2) use at least 30 minutes of the time, and (3) student-athletes   Prohibited Items
wear their correct jersey numbers during all open practices.                     Laser pointers, artificial noisemakers of any kind, megaphones used
   Teams may also practice away from the competition site.                    for distraction, air horns, electronic instruments, inflatable noisemakers,
Tournament managers will provide teams with a list of sites for addi-         etc., are prohibited. Facility staff will ask patrons to return items to their
tional practice, along with the name and telephone number of a contact        vehicles.
person at each site. Teams shall make their own arrangements with the            Promotional items (e.g., shakers, cups, flags) with commercial slogans
practice sites. The team will have the option of closing the practice to      or identification are not allowed. Items such as newspapers, handbills,
the media. Teams must provide their own equipment (e.g., towels, bas-         fliers, memorabilia, T-shirts, caps, etc., except merchandise sold by the
ketballs.) Practices at the competition site on the day before the open-      NCAA or its agents, may not be distributed on the premises.
ing-round, first-round, regional semifinal and national semifinal games          Large signs, flags or banners are not permissible. Items that can be
will be open free-of-charge to the public and credentialed individuals.       held by one individual, reflect good sportsmanship and do not block
   Except as noted below, all practices, other than those on the day          the view of other ticket patrons may be permitted. No signs, flags or
before the first competition day, will be closed to the general public and    banners of any size may be affixed to the facility.
all media.                                                                       Ticketed patrons shall not bring video equipment into the facility on
Game-Day Exceptions. Representatives of CBS Sports, the rights-               game days. Still cameras are permissible.
holding radio networks and still photo technicians from Sports                   The NCAA reserves the right to prohibit additional items at any time.
Illustrated, Associated Press and other agencies installing strobe lights,
will have access to the floor as soon as the backstage media work areas       Public Statements Regarding Officiating
open to the media. Also, on first-round game day, practices in the            [Reference: Misconduct (page 50) in this handbook.]
facility within two hours of tip-off are open to credentialed individu-
als, but no photography or interviews will be permitted.                        Members of the coaching staff or other representatives of participat-
Off-Day Exceptions. The basketball committee representative may
                                                                              ing institutions or conferences shall not make public statements critical
determine, after consultation with the producers of CBS Sports and the        of officiating in any NCAA competition. Failure to comply with this
NCAA Radio Network, whether a limited number of production tech-              policy may subject the individual institution or conference to the mis-
nicians can be present during closed practice on the “off” day to per-        conduct provisions of Bylaw 31.1.10.
form necessary services related to the presentation of the telecasts and      Radio
broadcasts. No announcers or management personnel may be admit-
ted.                                                                          (See Appendix Q of this handbook.)
Admission to Closed Practice. Closed practice is restricted to 35 indi-       Rules of Play
viduals from the participating institution, the basketball committee
representative and the practice coordinator. No media representatives          The current edition of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball
shall be included in the list of 35, nor shall any media representative       Rules and Interpretations will be followed. If play is interrupted
have access to the playing floor during closed practice.
                                    30                                                                             31
                                                                                                                                                           Championships Information
because of events beyond the control of the basketball committee, it will             director shall participate in a meeting with the host media coor-
be continued from the point of interruption at a time determined by the               dinator at 10 a.m. on the day of open practice. The Final Four
games committee. The games committee’s authority has been estab-                      meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. The SID shall also
lished by the basketball committee in accordance with Rule 5-4 of the                 attend a pretournament or transition meeting on the day before
Men’s and Women’s Basketball Rules and Interpretations.                               each game.
                                                                                   B. The SID shall ensure that the head coach and student-athletes
Scouting Seats                                                                        participate in all scheduled news conferences and that they
   Hosts will reserve seats for participating team scouts in the courtside            are available as required in the locker room area. The SID
media area. Only members of the basketball coaching staffs of the com-                shall accompany participants to all news conferences; also, a
peting teams, who are wearing team pins, may occupy scouting seats.                   representative from the SID staff shall coordinate media activi-
No scouting seats will be reserved for any team participating at another              ties in the locker room area.
site, nor for any team that has been eliminated from competition.                  C. When the team qualifies for the tournament, the SID shall
Tournament Round                      Scouting Seats Available                        send the following (by overnight service) to the NCAA’s game-
First Round, Afternoon                Six seats (for the two teams                    program publisher, Host Communications, Inc., 904 North
Session, First Game                   playing in the second game)                     Broadway, Lexington, Kentucky 40505: media guide and post-
                                                                                      season guide (if available); roster including name, position,
First Round, Afternoon                Three seats (for the team that won
                                                                                      number, height, class, letters won, hometown, high school;
Session, Second Game                  the first game)
                                                                                      probable starting lineup; game-by-game scores; individual and
First Round, Evening Session,         Six seats (for the two teams                    team statistics; school logo; three game-action photos; a team
First Game                            playing in the second game)                     photo and head-and-shoulders photos of all student-athletes,
First Round, Evening Session,         Three seats (for the team that                  all coaches, the institution’s president/chancellor and the ath-
Second Game                           won the first game)                             letics director.
Second Round, First Game              If the second-game winner will               D. On Sunday or Monday of tournament week, each SID shall
                                      play the first-game winner in the               forward the following (by overnight service) to the site’s media
                                      regional semifinals, six seats                  coordinator: media guide and postseason guide (if available);
                                      (three for each team in the                     roster, including name, position, number, height, class, letters
                                      second game). Otherwise, no seats.              won, hometown, high school; notation of probable starting line-
Second Round, Second Game             If the first-game winner will play              up; game-by-game scores; individual and team statistics and
                                      the second-game winner in                       school logo.
                                      the regional semifinals, three            2. Coordinate credentials and lodging for local media.
                                      seats for the first-game winner.             Each sports information director shall create a list of media repre-
                                      Otherwise, no seats.                         sentatives from the institution’s geographical area who will staff
Regional Semifinals, First Game       Six seats (three for each team partici-      the tournament. The NCAA will provide a form for the SID to com-
                                      pating in the second game)                   plete. The SID shall submit the completed form to Bill Hancock in
Regional Semifinals, Second Game      Three seats (for the first-game winner)      the NCAA national office by March 1 and to the host media coor-
Regional Finals                       No scouting is permitted                     dinator by 5 p.m. the Monday before competition.
                                                                                   The NCAA will distribute blank forms to all conference offices.
Sports Information Directors                                                       The conference public relations directors will distribute the form to
  Responsibilities of the sports information director (SID) generally fall         each SID.
within three basic areas:                                                       3. Assist the media covering the tournament.
   1. Ensure that the institution’s staff and student-athletes fulfill their       The SID shall send media guides to the tournament site, coordi-
      tournament media obligations.                                                nate interview requests and distribute media guides and updated
      A. At first-/second-round and regional sites, sports information             statistics. The NCAA encourages the SID to arrive at the Final
                                                                                   Four site by Wednesday evening to assist with media arrange-

                                      32                                                                          33
                                                                                                                                                             Championships Information
Squad Size                                                                      Strobe Lights
   All teams will be limited to 15 players in uniform. Replacements are         (See Appendix R.)
permitted until the starting time of any game. After the game starts, no
replacements will be permitted for any reason.                                  Student-Athlete Affidavit
   The number of student-athletes in competitive uniform shall not                 Pursuant to Bylaw 18.4, the Division I Championships/Competition
exceed 15 at the start of the contest. An institution that is advised that it   Cabinet has directed the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee to
is in violation of this policy and does not promptly conform to it shall        administer a certification procedure under which student-athletes par-
automatically forfeit the competition. There shall be no inordinate delay       ticipating in the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship must com-
of the competition to allow the institution to conform to the rule.             plete and sign the affidavit and swear to its truthfulness before a notary
                                                                                public. The NCAA will send the affidavit to the directors of athletics of
Starting Times                                                                  institutions that may participate in this year’s championship on or
   The basketball committee will determine and announce start times             about March 1. Detailed instructions concerning the completion of the
for all games. The committee will announce all first-round start times          affidavit will be sent at that time.
and start times at five of the eight second-round sites on selection            Team Benches and Coaching Aides
Sunday evening. Start times at the remaining second-round sites will be
announced after the first-round games at those sites have been complet-           The basketball committee representatives at each site will assign the
ed. The committee will announce regional semifinals start times on the          team benches in accordance with the placement of each team’s tickets.
Saturday and Sunday evenings before those games. The committee will             Electronic transmission to or from the bench during the conduct of a
announce regional final game times after the regional semifinal games           game is prohibited (e.g., telephone or pager communication to or from
at those sites are completed.                                                   any area inside or outside the facility).
   The opening-round game will be played on the Tuesday evening                   Seventeen chairs will be set at each team bench. Only the 15 student-
before the first-round games. First-round games generally will be               athletes in uniform and the seven individuals (or more if there are fewer
played between noon and 5 p.m. and between 7 p.m. and midnight                  than 15 student-athletes in uniform) wearing credential pins will be per-
Eastern time. Without prior approval from the basketball committee, no          mitted on the team bench.
game at a site will begin earlier than noon local time and the last game          The NCAA will provide towels, cups, water coolers, water bottles
at a site will not begin after 9:37 p.m. local time. Generally, second-         and carriers to be used by the participating teams.
round games on Saturday will be played between noon and midnight
Eastern time. Second-round games on Sunday will be played between               Team Introductions
noon and 7 p.m. Eastern time.                                                      The public address announcer will introduce the starting players in
   Regional semifinal competition generally will be played between 7            the following order, beginning with the lower-seeded team: forward,
p.m. and midnight Eastern time. The regional final games will be                forward, center, guard, guard.
played Saturday afternoon, generally between 3 and 9 p.m. Eastern                  The first player introduced shall proceed to the center circle at mid-
time and Sunday afternoon, generally between 2 and 7 p.m. Eastern               court and remain there. Next, the first player from the higher-seeded
time.                                                                           team will be introduced. That individual shall proceed to the center cir-
   The national semifinal doubleheader will tip-off at approximately            cle, where these two players shall shake hands; then each will go to the
5:07 p.m. Central time Saturday, April 3. The sequence of games will be         free-throw line in front of the respective bench.
determined by Monday, March 29.                                                    The second player from the lower-seeded team introduced shall
   The national championship game will tip-off at approximately 8:18            move to the jump circle, and the same procedure is observed until the
p.m. Central time Monday, April 5.                                              final starter from the higher-seeded team has been presented.
   There will be 30 minutes between games except for a 40-minute inter-            The two head coaches will be introduced (lower-seeded team’s coach
val between national semifinal games. These intervals include three             first) and they shall shake hands in front of the official scorers’ table.
minutes for starting-lineup introductions.

                                     34                                                                            35
                                                                                                                                                             Championships Information
Team Videotapes                                                                 All television rights (over-the-air and cable), both live and delayed,
                                                                             will be under the jurisdiction of the Division I Men’s Basketball
   During all preliminary-round games, each team may use one camera
                                                                             Committee and the Division I Championships/Competition Cabinet.
operator to videotape its games. The team representative will be permit-
                                                                             Matters pertaining to telecasts should be directed to Greg Shaheen,
ted to document only that team’s game(s). On completion of the game
                                                                             NCAA vice-president for men’s basketball.
being videotaped, the representative will be required to immediately
depart the upper photography area in order for other photographers to           CBS Sports has purchased television rights to all games. Mike Aresco,
establish their shooting positions.                                          senior vice-president, programming, CBS Sports, 51 West 52nd Street,
                                                                             New York, New York 10019 (phone: 212/975-1117), should be contact-
   Representatives of participating institutions may tape the CBS Sports
                                                                             ed for more information.
telecast of any game at its site, using a video distribution outlet in the
media work room. The institution must provide its own recording                 Television stations may purchase game action for non-news sports
equipment. In addition, Hammond Communications will provide each             telecasts by contacting Greg Weitekamp, NCAA associate director of
team with a VHS tape of its games. For teams that win a first-round, or      broadcasting and Internet, (phone: 317/917-6222). See Appendix O,
regional semifinal game, Hammond Communications will provide a               page 91.
copy of its next opponent’s last game. A team representative should
contact the Hammond Communications representative in the media
interview room to obtain the videotape.                                      [Reference: Bylaw 31.1.13 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
   Participating institutions are prohibited from videotaping the nation-      General. Ticket prices, allocations and locations are subject to the
al semifinal and championship games. The NCAA will provide each              approval of the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee. After comply-
team with a complimentary videotape of each of its game. Teams reach-        ing with the ticket requirements specified by the NCAA for the partici-
ing the championship game will receive videotapes of both semifinal          pating institutions, game officials, etc., the tournament manager will be
games. Videotapes will be available immediately after the national           responsible for the disposition of the remaining tickets. Minimum and
semifinal games. A team representative should contact the Hammond            maximum ticket prices for each 2004 tournament session are:
Communications representative in the media interview room to obtain            Opening round, $10 Adults, $5 Youth (16 and under);
the videotape. The NCAA coverage will include game action from end             First/second rounds, $30 to $55 per session;
line to end line and potential live-ball free-throw situations.                Regionals—$40 to $60 per session.
   Any footage of any game of the championship may freely be per-            Complimentary tickets are prohibited. Media representatives shall
formed for an institution’s own non-commercial purposes (not includ-         have the right to purchase tickets, before a deadline specified by the
ing television broadcast or cablecast) only with the advance written         tournament manager, or until the media allocation is exhausted. Such
consent of the NCAA. No footage of the championship may be repro-            tickets shall be sold on a first-request basis.
duced or distributed for any purpose without the written permission of          General public tickets must be sold only as all-session tickets until 8
the NCAA.                                                                    a.m. on open-practice day. At that time, any unsold all-session tickets
   CBS Sports owns the NCAA Home Video/DVD rights to all NCAA                may be broken and sold as single-session tickets.
championships. CBS Sports, in conjunction with the NCAA, will pro-              Unless specifically authorized in advance by the NCAA, tickets may
duce an official DVD of the 2004 Division I Men’s Basketball                 not be offered as a prize in a sweepstakes or contest.
Championship and will market it nationally in conjunction with CBS
Paramount Home Video. An institution that produces a season-in-              Participating institutions. Participating institutions’ tickets will be allo-
review video highlighting its own team must license footage of the           cated by the following policies:
NCAA tournament games from the NCAA. It will not be allowed to               Opening round: Each institution participating in the opening round
use any CBS announcers’ descriptions or CBS graphics within its video.       must purchase 50 tickets.
An institution may not use footage of any game in which its team does        First/second rounds: Each institution participating in the first round
not participate. Contact Greg Weitekamp, NCAA associate director of          must purchase 350 lower-level tickets for the session in which it is a
broadcasting and Internet, (phone: 317/917-6222) for additional licens-      participant and, if it advances, the institution must purchase 350
ing information.                                                             lower-level tickets for the second-round session. Each institution may

                                   36                                                                             37
                                                                                                                                                                Championships Information
purchase 200 additional first- or second-round tickets for the session in       Will-Call. Each institution will be provided space to operate a will-call
which it participates. Each institution may return any of the 200 tickets       window at the facility. If the institution elects to use the will-call, it
no later than noon, local time of the host institution/conference, one          must provide staffing for its own will-call, beginning at least 30 min-
day before the first round. Second-round participants must notify the           utes before the gates open. Participating institutions must forward the
tournament manager no later than the transition meeting if they wish            names of representatives who will staff will-call and player-guest
to use the additional 200 tickets for the second round.                         entrances to the tournament manager by noon the Tuesday before
Regionals: Each institution advancing to the regionals must purchase            competition. At the Final Four, participating institutions are strongly
500 lower-level tickets for the regional semifinal and final regardless of      encouraged to assign two individuals to begin distributing tickets
whether it advances to the regional final.                                      from the facility box office or off-site location beginning Thursday
   Each institution may purchase 750 additional tickets for the regional
semifinals and final. Institutions may return any of the 750 unsold all-        Location. Team allotments will be assigned either behind its team’s
session tickets no later than noon, local time of the host institution/con-     bench or directly across the court from its bench.
ference, one day before the regional semifinals. The institution will be           Payment. Institutions are required to forward full payment for tickets
obligated to purchase any all-session tickets not returned to the tourna-       to the appropriate tournament manager within 45 days of the last date
ment manager before the deadline.                                               of competition at the site. A fine may be assessed for each day an insti-
   Any tickets not sold before the deadline will be divided equally             tution fails to pay for its tickets after the 45-day deadline. The basketball
among the other participating institutions that desire tickets.                 committee may waive this provision based on extenuating circum-
Final Four: Each participating institution will receive a minimum of
4,500 tickets. The tickets will be delivered to the directors of athletics of   Training Facilities
the participating institutions at the site of the regional finals. Any par-
ticipating institution not wishing to use its full allotment of tickets            A training room and athletic trainer will be available at each competi-
shall notify L.J. Wright, director of the NCAA Division I men’s basket-         tion venue.
ball championship, no later than 6 p.m. local time at the Final Four site
on the Thursday before the national semifinals. Any tickets retained by
the institution at that time shall be purchased by the participating            [Reference: Bylaw 12.5.4 in the NCAA Division I Manual.]
institution.                                                                       The higher-seeded team shall wear its light uniform. If the higher-
Non-Playing Participant Seating. The host will reserve seats for partic-        seeded team’s light uniforms are not in a color contrasting with the
ipants to view other games at the site. Seating in these areas will be          lower-seeded team’s uniforms, the lower-seeded team must adjust and
restricted to the 22 individuals on each team’s official travel party           wear a contrasting color.
pass-gate list. Members of the teams that lose in the first round,                 During practice, competition, postgame activities, news conferences
regional semifinals and national semifinals may be seated in this area          and awards ceremonies, participants may not wear apparel other than
if the institution chooses to remain at the site. The number of seats is        the institution’s game uniform, practice uniform and/or warm-up.
as follows:                                                                     NCAA basketball playing rules prohibit manufacturers’ labels or trade-
   First-/Second Rounds, 100.                                                   marks on game jerseys and on T-shirts under the jersey. However, one
   Regionals, 50.                                                               manufacturers’ label or trademark will be allowed on the practice jersey
   Final Four, 50.                                                              and on the t-shirt worn under the jersey. One logo or trademark also
Player-Guest Admissions. Per NCAA Bylaw 16.2, participating insti-              may appear on the practice shorts and game shorts, however, the logo
tutions must first purchase tickets, which may be treated as compli-            must be no larger than 2.25 square inches. Further, any apparel (e.g.,
mentary tickets for the student-athletes’ guests. The individuals must          sweat suits, sweat shirts, etc.) worn at the tournament practice site must
present identification at the entrance, at which time they will be given        comply with this policy.
a ticket stub and directed to their seat.
                                                                                   During the off-day press conferences, participants may wear street
   Each institution must assign a minimum of two individuals to staff its       clothes as long as they do not bear any commercial or professional iden-
player-guest entrance beginning one hour before the doors open to its           tification. For the off-day press conference, the manufacturer’s label
session. Failure to provide player-guest staff could result in the reduc-       may be displayed on the product, provided that it satisfies the NCAA
tion of the team’s per diem reimbursement.                                      apparel logo rule.
                                     38                                                                              39
                                                                                                                                                      Championships Information
   Official NCAA “celebration apparel” (i.e., caps and T-shirts) will be      Use of Footage by Television Entities
provided by the NCAA to each regional champion and to the national            (See Appendix T.)
champion. These items are to be worn during the postgame celebration.
No other celebration apparel will be allowed other than the institutional     Warm-Ups
uniform or warm-up.
                                                                                 The teams will warm up away from their respective benches before
Logos. An institution’s official uniform and all other items of apparel       the start of the game.
(e.g., socks, headbands, T-shirts, wristbands, visors or hats, swim caps,
and towels) that are worn by student-athletes in competition may bear            Except for the national championship game, teams participating in
a single manufacturer’s or distributor’s normal trademark, not to             the first game of a session may begin pregame warm-ups a maximum
exceed 2.25 square inches, including any additional material (e.g.,           of one hour before tip-off if the final morning shoot-around has con-
patch) surrounding the normal trademark or logo. The logo or trade-           cluded, 45 minutes otherwise. Teams participating in the second game
mark must be contained within a four-sided geometrical figure (i.e.,          may begin warm-ups as soon as the floor is cleared. See “Starting
rectangle, square, parallelogram).                                            Times” for the intervals between games. For the national championship
                                                                              game, teams may begin warm-ups a maximum of 90 minutes before
   The logo restriction on student-athletes’ apparel, as set forth in         tip-off.
NCAA Bylaw 12.5.4, will apply during NCAA championships to all
personnel (e.g., coaches, athletic trainers, managers, cheerleaders, band
members) who are on the team bench for practices and games, or who
participate in news conferences. Contracts between institutions and
apparel manufacturers or distributors that include logo specifications
may be honored, provided that such contracts were in effect before
August 11, 1998.
   In addition, an institution’s official uniform cannot bear a design ele-
ment similar to the manufacturer’s that is in addition to another logo or
that is contrary to the size restriction.
   A student-athlete representing an institution in intercollegiate compe-
tition is limited to wearing apparel items that include only the logo (not
to exceed 2.25 square inches) of an apparel manufacturer or distributor.
The student-athlete may not wear any apparel that identifies any other
entity other than the student-athlete’s institution.
   During NCAA championships, it is not permissible for coaches and
other bench personnel to wear lapel pins or other items attached to their
clothing that identifies any commercial entity (including apparel com-
   These policies apply to bench personnel and non-competing partici-
pants (see Bylaws 31.1.7 and 31.1.8 in the NCAA Division I Manual).
This bylaw will be strictly enforced at all NCAA championships and
the names of individuals and institutions that are not in compliance
with this bylaw will be forwarded to the NCAA enforcement staff.
United States Basketball Writers Association
   The United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) will
appoint an individual to serve as the liaison and pool reporter at each

                                    40                                                                         41
                                                                            lodging, transportation, promotions, financial administration and
  General                                                                   adherence to the policies outlined in the NCAA operations manual for
                                                                            preliminary-round hosts.
                                                                              Unless notified otherwise by the NCAA, host institutions/confer-
  Championship Information                                                  ences will be responsible for providing all necessary equipment for the
                                                                            conduct of the tournament. Unless the equipment is deemed essential
                                                                            to the conduct of the competition, visible advertisement may not
                                                                            appear on the equipment. Other equipment shall not have any com-
                                                                            mercial advertising attached to it other than the customary manufac-
                                                                            turer’s label that the company ordinarily places on its products.
Administration and Management                                                 At all times, representatives of the host institution/conference will
[Reference: Sports Committee (Page 9) in this handbook and Bylaws 31.1.1    work in close cooperation with the basketball committee, to the end
and 31.1.2 in the NCAA Manual.]                                             that the championship reflects favorably upon the best traditions and
                                                                            character of intercollegiate athletics.
General Policies. As specified in Bylaw 18.1, the NCAA Division I
Men’s Basketball Championship will be conducted in accordance with          Participating Institutions. Participating institutions are required to
the general policies established by the Division I                          send a paid staff member to accompany their student-athletes during
Championships/Competition Cabinet and will be under the control,            the entire championship.
direction and supervision of the Division I Men’s Basketball
Committee, subject to the standards and conditions set forth in Bylaw

                                                                                                                                                       General Information
31 and this handbook.                                                       [Reference: Bylaw in the NCAA Manual.]
  An appeal of a decision of a governing sports committee, or a sub-
                                                                            Prohibited. NCAA advertising policies are designed to prohibit those
committee designated by it, concerning questions of individual or insti-    advertisements that do not appear to be in the best interests of higher
tutional eligibility or the conduct of a championship will not be consid-   education. The NCAA will have the authority to rule in cases where
ered by the Division I Championships/Competition Cabinet at any             doubt exists concerning acceptable advertisers and advertising copy
time during the championship or 48 hours immediately before the             in publications, broadcasts and telecasts of NCAA championships.
beginning of the championship. During such period, the governing            The following expressly are prohibited:
sports committee (e.g., the basketball committee) or a subcommittee           1. Alcoholic beverages (except as specified below);
designated by it, will be the final authority in acting upon appeals con-     2. Cigarettes and other tobacco products;
cerning the conduct of the championship, subject to the provisions of         3. Professional sports organizations or personnel (except as speci-
Bylaw 31.2 regarding institutional and individual eligibility questions.         fied hereafter), and
Games Committee. The basketball committee will appoint a games                4. Organizations promoting gambling.
committee to supervise the conduct of each championship session. A          Restricted. There will be no advertisements in publications or broad-
member of the basketball committee will serve as chair of the games         casts for alcoholic beverages other than malt beverages, beer and
committee. The games committee will also include the director of ath-       wine. Such advertisements shall compose not more than 14 percent of
letics/commissioner of the host institution/conference (or a designat-      the space in the publication devoted to advertising or not more than
ed representative) and a member of the officials evaluation committee.      60 seconds per hour nor more than 120 seconds total of any telecast or
Host Institutions/Conferences. The director of athletics/commission-        broadcast.
er of the host institution/conference shall appoint a person, preferably    Use of Professional Athletes. Advertisements featuring active profes-
with experience in tournament administration and game manage-               sional athletes from the sport for which an NCAA telecast, broadcast
ment, to serve as tournament manager. The tournament manager will           or publication is being produced are permissible provided there are
ensure that the policies of the committee are applied. Specific respon-     no vocal or visual references to that sport. There are no advertising or
sibilities may include direction and supervision of facility arrange-       promotional limitations applicable to active professional athletes in
ments, ticket sales, development of participant information, security,      other sports. Parties representing the NCAA in advertising sales or

                                   42                                                                         43
involved in advertising sales for NCAA telecasts, broadcasts or publi-       “At the site” is intended to include the period from the time access to
cations shall take every reasonable step to discourage the use by            the site is available to spectators until all patrons have left the facility or
advertisers of active professional athletes from sports regulated by the     area used for competition. Additional championship awards may not
NCAA, informing the advertisers of the NCAA’s desire that such pro-          be purchased by either an institution or an individual.
fessional athletes not be used. Every potential sponsor will be advised
of the terms of this provision before contracting with such sponsor.         Other Permissible Awards. The above provision places no restriction
Advertisements in telecasts, broadcasts or publications that contain         on institutions presenting awards at sites other than that of the cham-
reference to or photographs of the games, personnel (except as noted         pionship competition itself.
above), broadcasts, telecasts or other activities of professional sports     Commemorative Awards. An institution whose student-athletes
organizations are not acceptable.                                            receive individual awards as a result of its team’s performance in an
Drug Advertisements. Non-therapeutic drugs and, generally, other             NCAA championship may purchase any number of commemorative
drugs and patent medicine advertisements are excluded; however,              awards, all of which must be ordered through the Association’s
analgesics, cold remedies, antacids and athletics training aids that are     national office.
in general use are acceptable. Institutional advertising by pharmaceu-       Appreciation Awards. Recognition or appreciation awards may be
tical firms also is acceptable.                                              presented to individuals or organizations that have contributed to the
   Affiliation with NCAA, Participating Teams. No commercial adver-          development and/or management of the event. Any such presenta-
tisement may relate, directly or indirectly, the advertising company or      tion must be separate from and cannot occur in sequence with the pre-
the advertised product to the participating institutions or their student-   sentation of the official NCAA championship awards.
athletes, NCAA championships or the Association itself, unless prior         Budgets
written approval has been granted by the NCAA.

                                                                                                                                                               General Information
                                                                               Institutions/conferences interested in hosting the championship
Final Approval. The NCAA reserves the right of final approval for all        should contact the NCAA national office. Prospective hosts are
advertising in any championship.                                             required to submit two proposed budgets, one for game expense and
  Content. Advertising content in a publication shall not exceed 40 per-     one for entertainment expense, for approval by the basketball commit-
cent of the total pages in the publication, including the cover pages.       tee;

Americans with Disabilities Act                                                The host institution/conference is responsible for all expenditures
                                                                             over the approved budgets, even if gross receipts exceed the original
   The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that public establish-       estimate, unless it can be demonstrated that the cause of the overage
ments offer equal access and services to people who are physically and       was beyond the control of the host institution/conference.
mentally disabled. The NCAA will rely on host organizations to con-
firm compliance with the act by the various host facilities. The host is     Certification of Eligibility/Availability
responsible for ensuring that its facility will be in compliance as of the
dates of the championship and to advise the NCAA national office if it       [Reference: Bylaw in the NCAA Manual.]
will not, in any regard, be in compliance.                                     Only student-athletes eligible under Bylaws 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 may
                                                                             compete in NCAA championships. Institutions must inform Greg
Awards                                                                       Shaheen in the NCAA national office before 5 p.m. Eastern Standard
[Reference: Awards (page 14) in this handbook.]                              time March 12, 2004 of any student-athlete who may have participated
                                                                             in regular-season competition but, subsequently is determined to be
  The Association has created standard awards for individuals and            ineligible or unavailable for NCAA championship competition.
teams that participate in NCAA championships. The number of such
awards for the championship will be determined by the basketball             Discovery of Ineligibility of Student-Athlete After Selection. When an
committee and is subject to the approval of the Division I                   institution fails to report an ineligible student-athlete and the omission
Championships/Competition Cabinet. These official NCAA awards                is not discovered until after the institution is selected to participate in
will be the only awards presented by the Association to teams and indi-      the championship, necessitating the institution’s withdrawal from the
viduals for participation in NCAA championship competition, and will         championship, that withdrawal will be considered as one of the years
be the only awards presented at the site of an NCAA championship.            of ineligibility, provided that another member institution participates

                                    44                                                                             45
in the championship in place of the disqualified institution. If the dis-     2003-04 Drug-Testing Programs booklet or the NCAA Web site for the
covery of the ineligible student-athlete(s) occurs so near the beginning      published list of banned substances and the procedural guidelines for
of the championship that the governing sports committee does not              testing. Coaches are urged to review this material with their student-
have a reasonable period of time to replace the disqualified institution      athletes before any NCAA championship participation.
in the bracket, that fact will be taken into consideration in determining
                                                                                Pursuant to NCAA drug-testing protocol, persons who test positive
the number of years the disqualified institution will be ineligible to
                                                                              at one championship automatically will be tested at the next champi-
                                                                              onship at which they appear and at which drug testing is being con-
Commercial Involvement                                                        ducted.
[Reference: NCAA Championships Promotions Guidelines Manual.]                 Eligibility
  Local-contributor programs are not permitted at the Division I Men’s        [Reference: Bylaw 31.2 in the NCAA Manuals.]
Basketball Championship opening round, first/second rounds and
regionals. For information regarding the Final Four, or about the             Protests. Any team that has been duly certified as eligible for an
NCAA’s national corporate program, contact Greg Shaheen at the                NCAA championship or any student-athlete duly certified by the
NCAA national office.                                                         institution for an NCAA championship shall not be withheld from
                                                                              participation because of any protest made or filed during the progress
Crowd Control                                                                 of the competition or during the 24 hours immediately before the
                                                                              beginning of the championship. If there is a break in the continuity of
  The development and implementation of a security plan is the                the championship (e.g., between rounds of a basketball tournament)
responsibility of the facility management. Host institutions/confer-          when no competition is being conducted, a team or the student-ath-

                                                                                                                                                             General Information
ences shall consult with representatives of all appropriate public safety     lete may be withheld from further competition in the championship,
agencies when developing the security plan. Directors of athletics of         provided the protest is made or filed at least 24 hours in advance of
the competing institutions shall encourage enthusiastic support within        the beginning of the next segment of the championship.
the confines of good sportsmanship by their student athletes and fans.
                                                                              Amateurism. If requested by the Division I Championships/
Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Beverages. Alcoholic beverages                 Competition Cabinet, a student-athlete who participates in an NCAA
and tobacco products will not be sold or otherwise made available for         championship must sign an affidavit certifying the student-athlete’s
public consumption, nor will any such beverages or products be                amateur standing under the provisions of Bylaws 2.9 and 12. The affi-
brought to the site during the championship (i.e., during the period          davit will be administered by the chair of the games committee and
from the time access to the site is available to spectators until all         completed on a form prescribed by the appropriate cabinet or com-
patrons have left the facility or area used for competition).                 mittee. If the student-athlete fails or refuses to complete the affidavit
                                                                              fully and properly, the student-athlete may not be certified for partici-
Drug Testing                                                                  pation in the championship.
[Reference: The 2003-04 Drug-Testing Programs booklet and                     Financial Penalty]
                                                                              [Reference: Bylaw 31.1.11 in the NCAA Manuals.]
   All NCAA championships are subject to the drug-testing program.
Student-athletes will be selected for testing on the basis of playing time,      The basketball committee may assess a financial penalty against an
position and/or random selection. The goal of the drug-testing pro-           institution for failure of any of its representatives to adhere to the poli-
gram is to provide fair and equitable competition for student-athletes        cies and procedures governing championship administration, subject
competing in NCAA championships. The program involves urine col-              to review by and appeal to the Division I Championships/Competition
lection on specific occasions and laboratory analysis for substances on a     Cabinet. The institution may be assessed:
list of banned drugs developed by the Executive Committee. This list is          1. One hundred dollars per team or $50 per individual, up to a $300
composed of drugs generally purported to be performance enhancing                   maximum penalty, for failure to adhere to published procedures
and/or potentially harmful to the health and welfare of the student-                for the submission of regular-season results or availability ques-
athlete. The list specifically includes stimulants (such as amphetamines            tionnaires.
and cocaine) and anabolic agents, as well as other drugs. Refer to the

                                    46                                                                            47
   2. One hundred dollars, cancellation of all or a portion of the              The insurance program covering participants in NCAA champi-
      Association’s travel guarantee, or all or a portion of the institu-     onships will reimburse expenses incurred in excess of the deductible
      tion’s share of revenue distribution for failure to adhere to pub-      amount as noted and not covered by other valid and collectible insur-
      lished managerial and administrative policies and procedures.           ance plans, government programs or other sources. For additional
   3. Cancellation of all or a portion of the honorarium for hosting an       information or to obtain a claim form, contact the travel and insurance
      NCAA championship for failure to submit the financial report with-      manager at the NCAA national office.
      in 60 days after the competition, as specified in Bylaw         Accidental Death and Dismemberment. If an injury incurred by a
   4. Financial penalty for each day a participating institution fails to     student-athlete under the situations described in the medical section
      pay for its game tickets subsequent to the 45-day deadline.             above results directly and independently of all other causes and, within
   5. Financial or other penalties different from Nos. 1, 2 and 3 above,      180 days from the date of the injury, in loss of life, an indemnity will be
      but only if they have prior approval of the Division I                  paid in the amount of $10,000. Further, under the benefits of this policy,
      Championships/Competition Cabinet.                                      provisions are made for dismemberment and loss of sight. This cover-
Insurance                                                                     age also applies to athletics department staff representatives, faculty
                                                                              athletics representatives, coaches, student-managers, student-coaches
[Reference: Bylaw 31.7.4 in the NCAA Manual.]                                 and student-trainers who are traveling with the team and representing
                                                                              the institution.
  Medical. Arrangements have been made to provide basic accident,
medical and catastrophic injury medical insurance for student-athletes        Medical Arrangements
in NCAA championships.
                                                                                Each scheduled practice or contest of any round of an NCAA cham-
  The basic coverage will pay all medical and dental expenses incurred        pionship should include the following:

                                                                                                                                                            General Information
as the result of an accident up to $50,000 on each claim, subject to the         1. The on-site presence of a person qualified and delegated to ren-
deductible of $250. Benefits would be afforded to a student-athlete                 der emergency care to a stricken participant;
while:                                                                           2. The presence or planned access to a physician for prompt med-
   1. Actually practicing for or competing in an NCAA championship as               ical evaluation of the situation, when warranted;
      an official representative of the institution;                             3. Planned access to a medical facility, including a plan for commu-
   2. Actually being transported in a group, under the supervision and              nication and transportation between the competition venue and
      personal direction of a coach, manager or other duly delegated                the medical facility for prompt medical services, when warranted;
      authority of the institution, to or from practice or play in an NCAA       4. Immediate availability (or quick accessibility) to all necessary
      championship, or                                                              emergency equipment. Equipment should be in good operating
   3. On a supervised team trip away from the city or town in which the             condition, and personnel must be trained in advance to use it
      institution is located for the purpose of participating in an NCAA            properly. Additionally, emergency information about the student-
      championship.                                                                 athlete should be available for use by medical personnel;
                                                                                 5. A thorough understanding by all parties, including the administra-
   This coverage also applies to athletics department staff representa-
                                                                                    tors of participating teams, of the personnel and procedures
tives, faculty athletics representatives, coaches, student-managers, stu-
                                                                                    associated with the medical plan, and
dent-coaches and student-trainers who are traveling with the team and
                                                                                 6. An inclement-weather policy that includes provisions for decision-
representing the institution.                                                       making and evacuation plans.
  The catastrophic coverage will provide lifetime medical and rehabili-         Further, participating institutions should require certification in car-
tation benefits to student-athletes, student-coaches, student-trainers        diopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques, first aid and prevention
and student-managers who suffer injuries while participating under            of disease transmission (as outlined by OSHA guidelines) for all athlet-
Nos. 1, 2 or 3 as outlined above. Benefits would begin after the injured      ics personnel associated with practices and contests. New staff
participant’s medical and dental expenses exceed the deductible               engaged in these activities should comply with these rules within six
amount of $50,000 (limit of basic program). The coverage will provide         months of employment.
disability benefits and lifetime medical and rehabilitation benefits to all      The student-athlete’s team physician shall examine each student-ath-
students incurring catastrophic injuries.                                     lete injured during NCAA competition and make a recommendation to

                                     48                                                                           49
the student-athlete, the coach and the chair of the basketball committee,     on an institution or any student-athlete or representative of an institu-
or the chair’s designated representative, as to the advisability of contin-   tion guilty of misconduct that occurs incident to, en route to, from or
ued participation or disqualification of the athlete. In the absence of       at the locale of the competition or practice:
said team physician, the NCAA tournament physician, as recommend-               1. Public or private reprimand of the individual;
ed by the host institution/conference and approved by the basketball            2. Disqualification of the individual from further participation in the
committee, shall examine the injured student-athlete and make a rec-               NCAA championship involved;
ommendation as noted above. The chair of the governing sports com-              3. Banishment of the individual from participating in one or more
mittee, or the chair’s designated representative, will be responsible for          subsequent championships of the sport involved;
enforcement of the medical recommendation if it involves disqualifica-          4. Cancellation of all or a portion of payment to the institution of the
tion.                                                                              Association’s transportation and/or per diem allowance for the
                                                                                   individuals involved;
Misconduct                                                                      5. Withholding of all or a portion of the institution’s share of revenue
[Reference: Bylaw 31.1.10 in the NCAA Manual.]                                  6. Banishment of the institution from participation in one or more
   Misconduct in an NCAA championship is any act of dishonesty,                    subsequent championships in which its team in that sport other-
unsportsmanlike conduct, unprofessional behavior or breach of law                  wise would be eligible to participate;
occurring incident to, en route to, from or at the locale of the competi-       7. Disqualification of an institution for a period of time from serving
tion or practice that discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics.           as host institution for one or more NCAA championships;
                                                                                8. Cancellation of all or a portion of the honorarium for hosting an
   Criticism of Officials. Members of coaching staffs or other representa-         NCAA championship, and,
tives of participating institutions or conferences shall not make public

                                                                                                                                                           General Information
                                                                                9. Financial or other penalties different from Nos. 1 through 8, but
statements critical of officiating in any NCAA championship event.                 only if they have prior approval of the Division I
Failure to comply with this policy may subject the individual, institu-            Championships/Competition Cabinet.
tion or conference to the misconduct provisions of Bylaw 31.1.10 .
                                                                              Ban from Subsequent Championship. When a student-athlete or
Coaches Meeting. During the pr-tournament meeting, the basketball             institutional representative is banned from participation in a subse-
committee representative will review and explain the policies related         quent championship, such penalty will be applied to the next tourna-
to tournament administration and misconduct policies.                         ment(s) in which the individual’s team is involved and the individual
Hearing Opportunity. An act of misconduct may be found upon an                otherwise is eligible to participate.
administrative hearing granted to the student-athlete or the institu-         Review of Action. Any action related to misconduct may be reviewed
tional representative involved by the governing sports committee or           by the basketball committee upon request of any institution partici-
the games committee authorized to act for it.                                 pating in the championship.
Misconduct Incident to Competition. Under normal circumstances, if            Risk Management Statement
the act of misconduct occurs during the competition, the individual
will be allowed to complete the competition in which he or she is par-          The NCAA recognizes that an institution/conference is familiar with
ticipating at the time of the incident. An administrative hearing will        the facilities, grounds and equipment it will be providing for use in the
be held at the conclusion of the day’s competition between rounds of          championship and that the institution/conference’s staff members are
the tournament, when no competition is being conducted, or at the             in the best position to oversee safety preparations and inspections.
conclusion of the championship. However, if the act of misconduct is          Accordingly, on behalf of the institution/conference, its staff members
so flagrant that it obviously violates the principles of fair play and        must agree to perform such preparations and inspections and to pro-
sportsmanship, the games committee may immediately withdraw the               vide such facilities, grounds and equipment free from all defective or
student-athlete or institutional representative from the competition          hazardous conditions that are known or reasonably detectable. If any
and conduct the hearing after this action. Other acts of misconduct           such conditions cannot be cured before the championships, specific
may be dealt with at the governing sports committee’s convenience.            information must be provided to Greg Shaheen in writing (fax number:
                                                                              317/917-6827) as far in advance of the championships as reasonably
Penalty for Misconduct. In accordance with Bylaw, the gov-          possible. Receipt of any such notice will not obligate the NCAA either
erning sports committee (or the games committee authorized to act             to cure the conditions in question or to relieve the institution/confer-
for it) may impose any one or a combination of the following penalties        ence of its legal duties with respect thereto.
                                    50                                                                           51
Tobacco Ban                                                                     NOTE: If any part of a ticket is unused or canceled the ticket must be
                                                                                returned immediately to Short’s Travel for proper credit. NEVER destroy a
   The use of tobacco products by any individuals on or near the play-          ticket. The institution WILL BE responsible for lost-ticket charges, which
ing floor, as well as during other championship activities such as ban-         currently are $100 per ticket.
quets, autograph sessions, news conferences and postgame interviews,
at NCAA championships is prohibited. Violations of this policy will be             Institutions may also make reservations through Short’s Travel for
dealt with by the appropriate sports committee in accordance with the           persons not in the official traveling party, to take advantage of unpub-
misconduct provisions of Bylaw 31.1.10.                                         lished discounted airfares available through Short’s Travel. Upon pre-
                                                                                sentation of a purchase order number or major credit card to charge,
Transportation                                                                  the institution will be billed directly. Prompt payment by the institu-
                                                                                tion is expected.
[Reference: Bylaw 31.4.6 in the NCAA Manual.]
                                                                                   Institutions that make air reservations through a local agency for
   If an institution is eligible to use air transportation to the site of the   NCAA-sponsored travel must advise the agency to release, not cancel,
championship (i.e., if it is located more than 300 miles from the site),        the space to Short’s Travel. To be eligible for Short’s Travel unpub-
and there is a major airport located within 120 miles of the champi-            lished negotiated airfares, tickets must be issued by Short’s Travel.
onship site, then the participating institution is required to fly into/out
of that airport and ground transport to and from the site of competi-           Charter Flights. All charter flights for a team’s participation in an
tion. This also applies if the originating airport is located within 120        NCAA championship must be arranged through Short’s Travel. If an
miles of the participating institution’s campus. This policy only applies       institution desires an unusually high seating capacity or it appears
when airfare is less expensive from the more distant airport.                   that a charter will not be economical, Short’s Travel will advise the
                                                                                institution of the options available within the required guidelines. For

                                                                                                                                                             General Information
  Mileage will be based on the computer software program Microsoft              all championships, the NCAA will pay the prorated cost for the offi-
Streets and Trips 2004. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be          cial traveling party based on the charter’s total cost and the number of
directed to the NCAA travel department before making travel arrange-            seats available on the aircraft, but not to exceed the regular coach fare.
ments.                                                                          The institution must pay for additional passengers above the official
                                 Air Travel                                     traveling party size. The NCAA has final approval of any charter that
   All airline reservations must be made through Short’s Travel                 is part of the NCAA travel guarantee. Please note, charter service to
Management in order to receive the NCAA guarantee for air travel.               championships is limited. Institutions should be prepared to adjust
Airline reservations must match the name exactly as it appears on the           departure and return time, to book commercial reservations, or to
photo identification. The Association pays for the tickets for official         split the traveling party.
traveling party members and those individuals qualified to compete.                                       Ground Travel
Short’s Travel maintains a 24-hour toll-free telephone service to enable        Local Transportation. Local transportation must be paid by the par-
individuals to make or change reservations. The number is 866/655-              ticipating institution Transportation between the team’s hotel and the
9215, including calls from Alaska and Hawaii.                                   competition or practice site is considered local transportation. If a
  Institutions will be able to use an online system for pre-planning            competing team or a competition site is located outside the metropoli-
                                                                                tan area of an airport (more than 50 round-trip miles) reimbursement
before the championship selections are announced, and to make and
                                                                                may be claimed for the cost of transporting the team from the campus
confirm arrangements once selections are released. The NCAA travel
                                                                                to the airport or from the airport to the competition site. If the team or
department and Short’s Travel will provide more information before
                                                                                competition site is within 50 round-trip miles, any transportation costs
the championship.                                                               are the responsibility of the institution.
General Air Travel Information. Because airlines have placed severe             Vehicle Usage. When teams are required to travel by ground trans-
restrictions on their tickets, it is imperative that travelers make any         portation to the site of competition, an institution may choose to use a)
changes well before the scheduled departure time. The NCAA rec-                 commercial charter buses; b) rental automobiles or vans; c) institution-
ommends contacting Short’s Travel at least 30 minutes prior to sched-           al vehicles; d) personal vehicles; or e) a combination of these options.
uled departure to make any changes.                                             The NCAA will reimburse the actual cost of charter buses, rental vehi-
                                                                                cles or institutional vehicles, provided an invoice or rental receipt is
                                                                                attached. Personal vehicular use will be reimbursed at the rate of 32
                                     52                                                                            53
cents per mile. The maximum number of reimbursable vehicles is
five, in any combination.
Charter Bus. Arrangements to transport teams via charter bus may
be made by the institution through local motor coach carriers or
through Short’s Travel. Institutions may claim the actual cost of the
charter. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the expense forms
for reimbursement to be made.
Expense Forms
   Expense forms with instructions will be available on the NCAA Web
site ( Forms
can be faxed or mailed if the institution is unable to access them on-line.
Please contact the NCAA travel department (317/917-6757 or to receive hard copies of the form.
  Completed forms must be received at the NCAA national office
within 30 days of the final day of competition.
  Teams and/or individuals should provide themselves sufficient
money to meet all expenses throughout the tournament, including
ground transportation, lodging, meal and all other miscellaneous
Travel Exceptions. If extraordinary circumstances may warrant an
exception to the Association’s guidelines, institutions must contact the
NCAA’s travel department for approval BEFORE making any travel
arrangements. The travel department can be reached at 317/917-6757,
or by e-mail at

                                         2004 NCAA Division I Men’s
                                         BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP
              March 18 or 19   March 20 or 21                                                                                                                                                        March 20 or 21   March 18 or 19

                                                                                                         San Antonio
                                                                                                           April 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Appendix A

                                                            San Antonio                                                                              San Antonio
                                                              April 3                                                                                  April 3

                                                                              On March 14, the basketball committee will select two
                                                                           teams to play the opening-round game March 16 in Dayton.
                                                                             The winning team will be a 16th seed in the first round.

                                                                   *First- and second-round sites will be placed in the bracket by the
                                                                        NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee March 16.
                                                                         March 18—20 sites: Buffalo, Denver, Raleigh, Seattle
Appendixes                                                         March 19—21 sites: Columbus, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Orlando
             NCAA 17471-6/03                    The NCAA opposes all sports wagering. This bracket should not be used for sweepstakes, contests, office pools or other gambling activities.
                         Appendix B               Gerald Myers
                                                     Director of Athletics
                                                     Texas Tech University
          Division I Men’s Basketball Committee      Jones SBC Stadium
Karl Benson                                          6th and Boston
   Commissioner                                      Lubbock, Texas 79409
   Western Athletic Conference                       Office: 806/742-3355
   9250 East Costilla Avenue, Suite 300              E-mail:
   Englewood, Colorado 80112-3643                 Les Robinson
   Office: 303/799-9221, extension 209               Director of Athletics
   E-mail:                           The Citadel
Bob Bowlsby, chair                                   171 Moultrie Street
   Director of Athletics                             Charleston, South Carolina 29409-6150
   University of Iowa                                Office: 843/953-5240
   1 Elliott Drive                                   E-mail:
   Iowa City, Iowa 52242                          Judy Rose
   Office: 319/335-9435                              Director of Athletics
   E-mail:                  University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Floyd Kerr                                           Barnhardt Student Activity Center
   Director of Athletics                             9201 University City Boulevard
   Southern University, Baton Rouge                  Charlotte, North Carolina 28223
   P.O. Box 9942                                     Office: 704/687-4920
   Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813                      E-mail:
   Office: 225/771-2722                           Gary Walters
   E-mail:                        Director of Athletics
Jon LeCrone                                          Princeton University
   Commissioner                                      P.O. Box 71
   Horizon League                                    Princeton, New Jersey 08544
   201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 500                  Office: 609/258-3947
   Indianapolis, Indiana 46225                       E-mail:
   Office: 317/237-5622
                                                  NCAA Staff
Craig Littlepage                                  Tom Jernstedt
   Director of Athletics                             Executive Vice-President
   University of Virginia                            NCAA
   P.O. Box 400846                                   P.O. Box 6222
   Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4846              Indianapolis, Indiana 46206
   Office: 434/982-5100                              Office: 317/917-6222, ext. 6525
   E-mail:                        E-mail:
                                                     Executive Assistant: Steve Kanaby, e-mail:
Jim Livengood
                                                  Greg Shaheen
   Director of Athletics
                                                     Vice-President of Division I Men’s Basketball and Championship
   University of Arizona
   233 McKale Center

   Tucson, Arizona 85721-0096
                                                     P.O. Box 6222
   Office: 520/621-4622
                                                     Indianapolis, Indiana 46206
                                                     Office: 317/917-6222, ext. 6487
                                                     Executive Assistant: Brenda Butz, e-mail:
                                  56                                                57
Jeanne Boyd                                                                                              Appendix C
    Director of the Division l Men’s Basketball Championship
    NCAA                                                                              2004 Automatic-Qualifying Conferences
    P.O. Box 6222
                                                                                                     AMERICA EAST CONFERENCE
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206
    Office: 317/917-6222 ext. 6550                                          State University of New York at Albany University of New Hampshire
                                                                            Binghamton University                  Northeastern University
    E-mail:                                                  Boston University                      State University of New York at Stony
    Administrative Assistant: Kelly Kaufman, e-mail:      University of Hartford                   Brook
L.J. Wright                                                                 University of Maine                    University of Vermont
    Director of the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship                                         ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE
                                                                            Clemson University                     University of North Carolina, Chapel
    P.O. Box 6222                                                           Duke University                          Hill
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206                                             Florida State University               North Carolina State University
    Office: 317/917-6222, ext. 6504                                         Georgia Institute of Technology        University of Virginia
    E-mail:                                                University of Maryland, College Park   Wake Forest University
    Administrative Assistant: Ben Weesies, e-mail:
                                                                                                       ATLANTIC SUN CONFERENCE
Tammy Lee
                                                                            Belmont University                       Jacksonville State University
    Assistant Coordinator of the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship
                                                                            Campbell University                      Jacksonville University
                                                                            University of Central Florida            Mercer University
    P.O. Box 6222
                                                                            Florida Atlantic University              Samford University
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206
                                                                            Gardner-Webb University                  Stetson University
    Office: 317/917-6222, ext. 6500
                                                                            Georgia State University                 Troy State University
    Staff Assistant: Abby Dilay Nool, e-mail:                                    ATLANTIC 10 CONFERENCE
Bill Hancock                                                                University of Dayton                  University of Rhode Island
    Consultant to the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship              Duquesne University                   University of Richmond
    NCAA                                                                    Fordham University                    St. Bonaventure University
    P.O. Box 6222                                                           George Washington University          St. Joseph’s University
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206                                             La Salle University                   Temple University
                                                                            University of Massachusetts, Amherst  Xavier University
    Office: 317/917-6222, ext. 6499
    E-mail:                                                                          BIG EAST CONFERENCE
                                                                            Boston College                              St. John’s University (New York)
                                                                            University of Connecticut                   Seton Hall University
                                                                            Georgetown University                       Syracuse University
                                                                            University of Miami (Florida)               Villanova University
                                                                            University of Notre Dame                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
                                                                            University of Pittsburgh                       University
                                                                            Providence College                          West Virginia University
                                                                            Rutgers The State University of New
                                                                             Jersey, New Brunswick

                                                                                                          BIG SKY CONFERENCE
                                                                            California State University, Northridge  Montana State University-Bozeman
                                                                            California State University, Sacramento  Northern Arizona University

                                                                            Eastern Washington University            Portland State University
                                                                            Idaho State University                   Weber State University
                                                                            University of Montana

                                    58                                                                             59
                             BIG SOUTH CONFERENCE                                                                    IVY GROUP
Charleston Southern University                Liberty University                        Brown University                           Harvard University
Coastal Carolina University                   University of North Carolina, Asheville   Columbia University                        University of Pennsylvania
Elon College                                  Radford University                        Cornell University                         Princeton University
High Point University                         Winthrop University                       Dartmouth College                          Yale University
                              BIG TEN CONFERENCE                                                           METRO ATLANTIC ATHLETIC CONFERENCE
University of Illinois, Champaign        Northwestern University                        Canisius College                     Marist College
Indiana University, Bloomington          Ohio State University                          Fairfield University                 Niagara University
University of Iowa                       Pennsylvania State University                  Iona College                         Rider University
University of Michigan                   Purdue University                              Loyola College (Maryland)            St. Peter’s College
Michigan State University                University of Wisconsin, Madison               Manhattan College                    Siena College
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities                                                                             MID-AMERICAN CONFERENCE
                              BIG 12 CONFERENCE                                         University of Akron                     Marshall University
Baylor University                        University of Nebraska, Lincoln                Ball State University                   Miami University (Ohio)
University of Colorado, Boulder          University of Oklahoma                         Bowling Green State University          Northern Illinois University
Iowa State University                    Oklahoma State University                      State University of New York at Buffalo Ohio University
University of Kansas                     University of Texas at Austin                  Central Michigan University             University of Toledo
Kansas State University                  Texas A&M University                           Eastern Michigan University             Western Michigan University
University of Missouri, Columbia         Texas Tech University                          Kent State University
                               BIG WEST CONFERENCE
                                                                                                                 MID-CONTINENT CONFERENCE
University of California, Irvine          University of Idaho
University of California, Riverside       Long Beach State University                   Chicago State University                Oral Roberts University
University of California, Santa Barbara   University of the Pacific                     Indiana University-Purdue University at Southern Utah University
California State University, Fullerton    Utah State University                            Indianapolis                         Valparaiso University
California State University, Northridge                                                 University of Missouri, Kansas City     Western Illinois University
California Polytechnic State University,                                                Oakland University
  San Luis Obispo                                                                                          MID-EASTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE
                     COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION                                      Bethune-Cookman College             University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
University of Delaware               University of North Carolina, Wilmington           Coppin State College                Morgan State University
Drexel University                    Old Dominion University                            Delaware State University           Norfolk State University
George Mason University              Towson University                                  Florida A&M University              North Carolina A&T State University
Hofstra University                   Virginia Commonwealth University                   Hampton University                  South Carolina State University
James Madison University             College of William and Mary                        Howard University
                                                                                                                  MISSOURI VALLEY CONFERENCE
                               CONFERENCE USA                                           Bradley University                       University of Northern Iowa
University of Alabama at Birmingham    University of North Carolina, Charlotte          Creighton University                     Southern Illinois University at
University of Cincinnati               Saint Louis University                           Drake University                           Carbondale
DePaul University                      University of South Florida                      University of Evansville                 Southwest Missouri State University
East Carolina University               University of Southern Mississippi               Illinois State University                Wichita State University
University of Houston                  Texas Christian University                       Indiana State University
University of Louisville               Tulane University
Marquette University                                                                                           MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE
University of Memphis                                                                   Brigham Young University            San Diego State University
                                                                                        Colorado State University           U.S. Air Force Academy
                                  HORIZON LEAGUE                                        University of Nevada, Las Vegas     University of Utah

Butler University                          University of Wisconsin, Green Bay           University of New Mexico            Universtiy of Wyoming
Cleveland State University                 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
University of Detroit Mercy                Wright State University
University of Illinois, Chicago            Youngstown State
Loyola University (Illinois)

                                         60                                                                                   61
                            NORTHEAST CONFERENCE                                                  SOUTHWESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE
Central Connecticut State University     Mount St. Mary’s College (Maryland)    Alabama A&M University             Jackson State University
Fairleigh Dickinson University,          Quinnipiac College                     Alabama State University           Mississippi Valley State University
  Metropolitan Campus                    Robert Morris College                  Alcorn State University            Prairie View A&M University
Long Island University-Brooklyn          Sacred Heart University                University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff Southern University, Baton Rouge
  Campus                                 St. Francis College (New York)         Grambling State University         Texas Southern University
University of Maryland, Baltimore County St. Francis College (Pennsylvania)
Monmouth University                      Wagner College
                                                                                                              SUN BELT CONFERENCE
                            OHIO VALLEY CONFERENCE                              University of Arkansas, Little Rock      Middle Tennessee State University
Austin Peay State University             Southeast Missouri State University    Arkansas State University                New Mexico State University
Eastern Illinois University              University of Tennessee at Martin      University of Denver                     University of New Orleans
Eastern Kentucky University              Tennessee State University             Florida International University         University of North Texas
Morehead State University                Tennessee Technological University     University of Louisiana                  University of South Alabama
Murray State University                                                            at Lafayette                          Western Kentucky University

                             PACIFIC-10 CONFERENCE
                                                                                                       WEST COAST CONFERENCE
University of Arizona                     Oregon State University
Arizona State University                  University of Southern California     Gonzaga University                 St. Mary’s College (California)
University of California, Berkeley        Stanford University                   Loyola Marymount University        University of San Diego
University of California, Los Angeles     University of Washington              Pepperdine University              University of San Francisco
University of Oregon                      Washington State University           University of Portland             Santa Clara University

                               PATRIOT LEAGUE                                                         WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE
American University                     Lafayette College                       Boise State University               Rice University
Bucknell University                     Lehigh University                       California State University, Fresno  San Jose State University
Colgate University                      U.S. Military Academy                   University of Hawaii, Manoa          Southern Methodist University
College of the Holy Cross               U.S. Naval Academy                      Louisiana Tech University            University of Texas at El Paso
                                                                                University of Nevada                 University of Tulsa
                        SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa    Louisiana State University                                                  INDEPENDENTS
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville University of Mississippi                  Centenary College                       University of Texas, Pan American
Auburn University                    Mississippi State University
University of Florida                University of South Carolina, Columbia
University of Georgia                University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Kentucky               Vanderbilt University                      Note: The Ivy Group does not conduct a postseason conference tournament.
                          SOUTHERN CONFERENCE
Appalachian State University           University of North Carolina,
College of Charleston (South Carolina)    Greensboro
The Citadel                            University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Davidson College                       Virginia Military Institute
East Tennessee State University        Western Carolina University
Furman University                      Wofford College
Georgia Southern University
                           SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE
Lamar University                      Sam Houston State University

University of Louisiana at Monroe     Southeastern Louisiana University
McNeese State University              Southwest Texas State University
Nicholls State University             Stephen F. Austin State University
Northwestern State University         University of Texas at Arlington
  (Louisiana)                         University of Texas at San Antonio

                                       62                                                                              63
                                                                                             West Advisory Committee
                        Appendix D                                        Big Sky            Doug Oliver       Idaho State
                                                                          Big West           Pat Douglass      UC-Irvine
              Regional Advisory Committees                                Mountain West      Ritchie McKay     New Mexico
  The regional advisory committees are composed of head coaches           Pacific-10         Ben Braun         California
representing each Division I conference. Coaches serve three-year         Western Athletic   Mike Dement       Southern Methodist
terms and are selected by the National Association of Basketball          West Coast         Randy Bennett     St. Mary’s (California)
Coaches (NABC). The committees submit rankings of teams in their
respective regions for consideration for possible at-large selection to
the tournament. Rankings are submitted twice, once in late January
and once immediately preceding selection weekend.

Conference               Coach              Institution
                     East Advisory Committee
America East         Al Walker         Binghamton
Atlantic 10          Thad Matta        Xavier
Atlantic Coast       Leonard Hamilton  Florida State
Big East             Craig Esherick    Georgetown
Colonial             David Henderson   Delaware
Ivy                  Dave Faucher      Dartmouth
Metro Atlantic       Rob Lanier        Siena
Mid-Eastern          Frankie Allen     Howard
Northeast            Dave Calloway     Monmouth
Patriot              Emmett Davis      Colgate
                   Midwest Advisory Committee
Big Ten             Mike Davis         Indiana
Conference USA      James Green        Southern Mississippi
Horizon League      Larry Farmer       Loyola (Illinois)
Mid-American        Tim Buckley        Ball State
Mid-Continent       Rich Zvosec        Missouri-Kansas City
Missouri Valley     Barry Hinson       Southwest Missouri State
                     South Advisory Committee
Atlantic Sun         Sidney Green       Florida Atlantic
Big 12               Ricardo Patton     Colorado
Big South            Pete Strickland    Coastal Carolina
Ohio Valley          Travis Ford        Eastern Kentucky
Southeastern         Kevin Stallings    Vanderbilt
Southern             Pat Dennis         Citadel
Southland            Dennis Nutt        Southwest Texas State
Sun Belt             Monte Towe         New Orleans
Southwestern         Rob Spivery        Alabama State


                                  64                                                                     65
                        Appendix E                                          8. At any time during the process, the chair may designate a “quiet
                                                                               period”, generally 15 minutes in length, to permit members to indi-
NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship                                  vidually reflect on the way they will vote. These periods may be
                                                                               (a) before finalizing the vote on teams eligible for the last remain-
 Principles and Procedures for Establishing the                                ing at-large positions; (b) before the start of the seeding process,
                    Bracket                                                    and (c) before the start of the bracketing process.
There are three phases in the process:                                      9. All votes will be by secret ballot.
                                                                           10. At any time during the process, the chair may request a "nitty-grit-
I. Select the at-large teams (a minimum of 34 teams);                          ty" report, which compares teams that are under consideration.
II. Seed the teams; and                                                        The elements of the "nitty-gritty" report are:
III. Place the teams into the championship bracket.                             • Division I record;
      General Principles for Selection, Seeding and Bracketing                  • Overall RPI;
The basketball committee will abide by the following principles:                • Non-conference record;
1. At no point in the process shall a member vote for a team the indi-          • Non-conference RPI;
     vidual represents as an athletics director or com-missioner.               • Conference record;
2. A member shall not be present in the meeting room during com-                • Conference RPI;
     mittee discussion regarding the se-lection or seeding of a team            • Road record;
     the individual represents as an athletics director. Nor may an ath-        • Record in last 10 games;
     letics director an-swer questions about the team the individual            • Record against teams ranked 1-50 by RPI;
     represents, except for factual questions (e.g., dates of injuries,         • Record against teams ranked 51-100 by RPI;
     status of injured players.)                                                • Record against teams ranked 101-200 by RPI;
3. A commissioner is permitted to answer general questions about                • Record against teams ranked below 200 by RPI;
     teams in the conference the individ-ual represents; however, this          • Record against other teams that are under consideration (i.e.,
     committee member must leave the room during any discussion                    “board teams”).
     re-garding the selection or seeding of teams the individual repre-                   I. Principles for Selecting At-Large Teams
     sents.                                                                 1. The committee shall select the best available teams to fill the at-
4. An athletics director is permitted to discuss other teams in the            large berths, regardless of confer-ence affiliation.
     individual’s conference only when asked.                               2. There is no limit on the number of teams the committee may
5. When 24 or fewer teams remain in a pool of teams under consid-              select from one confer-ence.
     eration, a member may not partici-pate in “list X teams” votes if a                  Procedures for Selecting At-Large Teams
     team he or she represents as a commissioner or athletics director
                                                                                                   First and Second Ballots
     is included. An athletics di-rector or commissioner may not partic-
                                                                            1. On the Monday preceding the March meeting, the staff will for-
     ipate in cross-country votes (i.e., ballots where the members rank
                                                                               ward to each committee member indi-vidual information sheets
     a selected number of teams) that involve a team the individ-ual
                                                                               on all teams ranked 1-105 by the RPI and two ballots listing those
                                                                               teams. The information will be listed alphabetically by team.
6. When 20 or more teams are under consideration in “list X teams”
                                                                            2. Each committee member will submit the two ballots Thursday
     ballots, each member shall list eight.
                                                                               evening of selection weekend.
     When 14 to 19 teams are under consideration, each member
                                                                                a. On Ballot No. 1, each committee member shall identify not
     shall list six.                                                               more than 34 teams that should be at-large selections into the
     When 13 or fewer teams are under consideration, each member                   tournament based upon their successful play to date, even if
     shall list four.                                                              they could eventually rep-resent conferences as automatic
7. At any time during the process of selecting the at-large teams, the

     committee may elect to begin seeding the teams. This will permit           b. On Ballot No. 2, each committee member shall identify all
     the committee to move ahead and still consider the results of                 other teams that should receive consideration for at-large
     games played during selection weekend.                                        berths.

                                  66                                                                          67
3. Members are not limited to the 105 teams ranked by the RPI.                8. Steps No. 5, 6 and 7 will be repeated until all at-large berths are
4. A member shall not vote for a team that has earned automatic                  filled.
   qualification. A team that eventually could earn automatic qualifi-        9. If a team fails to be included among the four teams receiving the
   cation, but has not at the time of the initial voting, is eligible to         least amount of points (Step No. 7) for two consecutive ballots, it
   receive votes.                                                                shall be returned to the nomination board.
5. The staff will collect the ballots by 8 p.m. on the committee's first     10. A team may be removed from an at-large berth by a vote of
   meeting date.                                                                 seven eligible voters. Such a team would be returned to the
6. Any team receiving all but two of the eligible votes on Ballot No. 1          nomination board.
   shall be moved onto the at-large board.                                   11. At any time during the process, the chair may suggest that the
7. The committee will form an "at-large nomination board" consisting             committee begin considering teams that should be eliminated
   of an alphabetical listing of all teams that:                                 from consideration. The same voting procedures will be used.
    a. Received more than one vote in either of the initia ballots but       12. At any time during the process, the chair may call for a cross-
       did not receive enough votes on Ballot No. 1 to move to the at-           country vote of the teams under con-sideration.
       large board;                                                          13. The number of teams eligible to receive votes may be increased
    b. Did not receive more than one vote in the initial balloting, but          or decreased by the chair if circumstances war-rant. Further, the
       subsequently was recommended by more than one member                      chair has the option to revise from four to two the number of
       prior to closing initial nominations, or                                  teams to be moved into at-large berths per Procedure No. 7.
    c. Won or shared the regular-season conference championship
       or conference divisional championship.                                                   II. Principles for Seeding of Teams
8. After Step No. 7, the process for creating the initial "at-large nomi-     1. The committee will seed (i.e. “rank”) the teams 1 through 65.”
   nation board" will be closed.                                              2. The “seed list” is used as a reference to ensure balance.
9. Once the "at-large nomination board" is closed, a team may be              3. Once the “seed list” is established, it remains unchanged through-
   added to the nomination board at any time providing it re-ceives              out the committee’s deliberations in placing the teams into the
   more than two votes. A team may be removed from the nomina-                   championship bracket.
   tion board if it receives all but two of the eligible votes. Oral nomi-    4. The bracket-placement principles adopted by the committee may
   nations are permitted.                                                        preclude a team from being placed in its “true” seed (in accor-
                                                                                 dance with the “seed list”).
                             Remaining Ballots
1. The committee will begin evaluating those teams on the at-large                              Procedures for Seeding the Teams
   nomination board.                                                          1. Each committee member votes for the top eight teams, not
2. Each committee member will submit a listing of eight teams to be              ranked in order, from the automatic quali-fication and/or at-large
   added to the at-large field.                                                  boards.
3. Those teams receiving seven of the eligible votes shall be added           2. Committee members rank the top eight vote-getters from Step
   to the at-large field.                                                        No. 1, using a cross-country scoring system.
4. From those teams not receiving seven votes in Step No. 2, the              3. The four institutions receiving the least amount of points from the
   top four vote-getters will be held for the next ballot.                       cross-country scoring are moved into the seed list in order.
5. Each committee member next will submit a listing of eight teams            4. The remaining four teams are held for the next cross-country bal-
   (see “General Procedures” No. 6) to be considered in the next at-             lot.
   large ballot. Those teams receiving the most votes will be includ-         5. Each committee member votes for four additional teams from the
   ed with the remaining teams from Step No. 4 to provide a pool of              automatic qualification and/or at-large boards. The top four vote-
   eight teams for the next at-large ballot.                                     getters will join the four remaining teams on the next cross-coun-
6. Committee members rank the eight teams from Steps No. 4 and                   try ballot.
   5, using a cross-country scoring system (e.g., first is valued at          6. Committee members rank the eight teams from Steps No. 4 and

   one point.)                                                                   No. 5, using a cross-country scoring system.
7. The four teams receiving the least amount of points shall be               7. The four teams receiving the least amount of points are moved
   added to the at-large field. The other four teams will be held for            into the seed list in order.
   the next ballot.                                                           8. Steps No. 4, 5, 6 and 7 are repeated until all the teams are seed-
                                                                                 ed, 1 through 65, for the seed list.
                                   68                                                                          69
  9. After a team has been voted into the seed list, it may be moved to         (Note: The only possible exception would occur if a conference
     a different position by a vote of seven or more committee mem-             has five or more teams seeded in line Nos. 1-4. The other princi-
     bers.                                                                      ples herein would apply in the exception case.)
                        Additional Considerations                            12. In lines No. 5-12, two teams from the same conference may be
                                                                                 placed in the same group of four provid-ing that they would not
  The committee is not obligated to seed the lines in chronological
                                                                                 meet until the regional championship game.
order. For example, any time during this process, the committee may
                                                                             13. Conference teams shall not meet each other prior to the regional
use the procedures to determine the fourth quadrant of teams in the
                                                                                 final unless a ninth team is se-lected from a conference. Two
seed list.
                                                                                 teams from the same conference within the same region, there-
    III. Principles for Placing Teams into Championship Bracket                  fore, shall not be seeded together in either of the following
  1. The top priority for the committee is to balance the bracket in             groups: Nos. 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 16; or Nos. 2, 3, 6, 7, 10,
     each region across the country.                                             11, 14 and 15.
  2. The teams seeded 64 and 65 will compete in an opening-round             14. There shall not be more than two teams from a conference in one
     game the week of the first round. The winner of the opening-                region unless a ninth team is se-lected from a conference.
     round game will play as a No. 16 seed in the first round at a           15. Teams will remain in or as close to their areas of natural interest
     Friday-Sunday first-round site to be determined by the committee            as possible.
     during selection weekend.                                               16. To ensure equitable competitive opportunities, the committee
  3. The committee will assign all four teams in each ‘pod’ (seeds 1,            shall not place teams seeded on the first five lines at a potential
     16, 8, 9), (4, 13, 5, 12), (2, 15, 7, 10), (3, 14, 6, 11) to the same       “home-crowd disadvantage” in the first round.
     first-/second-round site. There will be two ‘pods’ at each first-       17. An institution may be moved one bracket line from its true seed
     /second-round site. The first-/second-round sites that feed into a          line (e.g., from a No. 13 seed to a No. 12 seed) when it is placed
     regional site may be in different geographic areas from the                 in the bracket if necessary to meet the principles.
     regional. Also, the two ‘pods’ at a first-/second-round site may                                Additional Considerations
     feed into different regional sites.                                      1. A team moved out of its natural area will be placed in the next
  4. Sixteen levels are established (i.e., the seeds, 1 through 16) in           closest region when possible.
     the bracket that transcend each of the four regions, permitting          2. If possible, rematches of regular-season games should be avoid-
     evaluation of four teams simultaneously on the same level.                  ed in the first and second rounds.
  5. Each region is divided into four sections with four levels in each,      3. If possible, rematches of previous years’ tournament games
     permitting the evaluation of four different sections within each            should be avoided in the first and second rounds.
     region against the complementing sections in every other region.         4. The committee will examine the previous five tournament brack-
  6. All seeds on each line (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, etc.) should be as             ets to determine the number of times a par-ticular team or confer-
     equal as possible.                                                          ence has been moved out of its natural region. The committee
  7. If two teams from the same natural region are in contention for             shall at-tempt to avoid moving a team or conference out of its nat-
     the same bracket position, the team ranked higher in the seed list          ural region or geographic area an inordi-nate number of times.
     shall remain in its natural region.
                                                                             Procedures for Placing the Teams into the Championship Bracket.
  8. A team will not be permitted to play in any arena in which it has
                                                                              1. Place the teams seeded 1 through 4 in each of the four regions,
     played more than three regular-season games, not including con-
                                                                                 then determine the Final Four semifinals pairings, making best
     ference post-season tournaments.
                                                                                 effort to pair the top seed’s region against the fourth seed’s region
  9. A host institution’s team shall not be permitted to play at the site
                                                                                 and the second seed’s region against the third seed’s region.
     where the institution is hosting. However, the team may play on
                                                                              2. Place the No. 2 seeds in each region.
     the same days when the institution is hosting.
                                                                              3. Place the No. 3 seeds in each region.
 10. Each of the first three teams selected from a conference shall be

                                                                              4. Place the No. 4 seeds in each region.
     placed in different regions.
                                                                              5. After each group of four teams is determined, check for conflicts
 11. No more than one team from a conference may be seeded in the
                                                                                 with the principles for placing the teams into the bracket.
     same grouping of four (in line Nos. 1-4 and 13-16) in a region.

                                    70                                                                          71
  6. After the top four lines have been assigned, determine the relative       Several independent elements are combined to produce the RPI.
     strengths of the regions by adding the true seed numbers in each       These elements are a part of the statistical information that can be uti-
     region to determine if any severe numerical imbalance has been         lized by each member in an objective manner.
  7. After the committee has placed the top four teams in each region,        Each committee member independently evaluates a vast pool of
     the committee will assign those teams (and, subsequently, the          information available during the process to develop individual prefer-
     other teams in their pods) to first-/second-round sites. The com-      ences. It is these subjective opinions--developed after many hours of
     mittee will attempt to assign each to the most geographically com-     personal observations, discussion with coaches, directors of athletics
     patible first-/second-round site, proceeding in order of the seed      and commissioners, and review and comparison of objective data--that
     list. When multiple teams are a similar distance from a site, the
                                                                            dictate how each individual ultimately will vote on all issues related to
     team with the higher seed-list ranking will be assigned to the site.
  8. Place seeds No. 13, 14, 15 and 16 in the bracket per the princi-       the selection, seeding and bracketing process.
     ples.                                                                    While the various elements of the RPI are important in the evaluation
  9. Repeat steps No. 5, 6 and 7.                                           process, the tournament bracket each year is based on the subjectivity of
 10. The committee will assign teams placed on lines 5-12 a bracket         each individual committee member to select the best at-large teams
     line number (i.e., five through twelve) rather than using the seed
     number. All teams on a given line, therefore, will have the same
                                                                            available and to create a nationally balanced championship.
     numerical value. The committee will evaluate each region to
     ensure that no region in-cludes all of the highest or lowest seeds
     from the seed list on each line within a region's group of four.
     Gen-erally, no more than five points should separate the lowest
     and highest total.
 11. Place seeds No. 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the bracket per the principles.
 12. Repeat Steps No. 5, 7 and 10.
 13. Place seeds No. 9, 10, 11 and 12 in the bracket per the princi-
 14. Repeat Steps No. 5, 7 and 10.
 15. Review the groups of fours to ensure adherence to the principles
     for seeding.
 16. Review the principles (Section III) for placing teams in the cham-
     pionship bracket.
                      Rating Percentage Index (RPI)
  The Rating Percentage Index (RPI) was created in 1981 to provide
supplemental data for the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee in its
evaluation of teams for at-large selection and seeding of the champi-
onship bracket.
   The RPI is intended to be used as one of many resources used by the
committee in the selection, seeding and bracketing process. It never
should be considered anything but an additional evaluation tool. No
computer program that is based on pure numbers can take into account
subjective concepts, e.g., how well a team is playing down the stretch,
what the loss or return of a top player means to a team, or how emo-

tional a specific conference game may be.

                                    72                                                                         73
                          Appendix F                                                            RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina
                                                                              Host: North Carolina State University
                                                                              Director: Lee Fowler, director of athletics, 919/630-7530
                     Tournament Personnel                                     Manager: Charlie Cobb, associate athletics director, 919/865-1424
                                                                              Media Coordinator: Bill Newton, media relations director, 919/515-1180
                           Opening-Round Site                                 Facility Event Coordinator: Rob Douglas, event coordinator, RBC Center,
                           Tuesday, March 16                                   919/861-5469
                University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio                      Facility Manager: Dave Olsen, vice president and general manager, RBC
Host: University of Dayton                                                     Center, 919/861-2300
Director: Tim Wabler, senior associate director of athletics, 937/229-4108
Manager: Tim O’Connell, associate director of athletics/director of UD                             KeyArena, Seattle, Washington
  Arena, 937/229-4613                                                         Host: University of Washington
Media Coordinator: Doug Hauschild, director of sports information/media       Director: Barbara Hedges, director of athletics, 206/543-2212
 relations, 937/229-4390                                                      Manager: Brian Trent, project manager, 206/789-8192
Facility Event Coordinator/Facility Manager: Matt Uchtman, senior opera-      Media Coordinator: Jim Daves, director, media relations, 206/543-2230
 tions coordinator, UD Arena, 937/229-4597                                    Facility Event Coordinator: Edie Burke, event service representative, Key
                       First-/Second-Round Sites                               Arena, 206/684-7208
                                                                              Facility Manager: Jyo Singh, manager, Key Arena, 206/684-7210
              Thursday, March 18 and Saturday, March 20
                                                                                                   First-/Second-Round Sites
                    HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York
Co-hosts: Canisius College, Niagara University and the Metro Atlantic                        Friday, March 19 and Sunday, March 21
 Athletic Conference
Co-Directors: Tim Dillon, director of athletics, Canisius College, 716/888-                     Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
 2972 ; Mike Hermann, director of athletics, Niagara University, 716/695-     Host: Ohio State University
 9995 ; Rich Ensor, commissioner, MAAC, 732/738-5455                          Director: Andy Geiger, director of athletics, 614/292-7572
Manager: Joe Del Balso, Assistant Commissioner, MAAC, 732/738-5455            Manager: Richelle Simonson, associate athletics director, 614/292-4792
Media Coordinator: Jill Skotarczak, director of public relations, MAAC,       Media Coordinator: Steve Snap, director of athletic communications,
 732/738-5455                                                                  614/292-3103
Facility Event Coordinator: John Faso, director of event services, HSBC       Facility Event Coordinator: Mary Pat Clark, event manager, Nationwide
 Arena, 716-855-4467                                                           Arena, 614/246-3880
Facility Manager: Stan Makowski, senior director, facilities management,      Facility Manager: Jay Cooper, general manager, Nationwide Arena,
 HSBC Arena, 716/855-4520                                                      614/246-2000

                    Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado                                             Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri
Co-hosts: Colorado State University and the Mountain West Conference          Host: Big 12 Conference
Director: Craig Thompson, commissioner, MWC, 719/488-4048                     Director: Kevin Weiberg, commissioner, 214/742-1212
Manager: Dan Butterly, associate commissioner, MWC, 719/488-4053              Manager: Tim Allen, associate commissioner, 214/753-0104
Media Coordinator: Bob Burda, assistant commissioner, communications,         Media Coordinator: Chris Theisen, associate director of media relations,
 MWC, 719/488-4046                                                             214/753-0107
Facility Event Coordinator: Dave Jolette, director, event operations, Pepsi   Facility Event Coordinator: Mike Young, event coordinator, Kemper
 Center, 03/405-8551                                                           Arena, 816/513-4242

Facility Manager: John Scheck, director of booking, Pepsi Center,             Facility Manager: Debra Churchill, general manager, Kemper Arena
 303/405-8549                                                                  816/513-4051

                                    74                                                                           75
                 Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Host: Marquette University                                                                               Regional Sites
Director: Bill Cords, director of athletics, 414/288-5249
Manager: Jim Nasiopulos, associate director of athletics, 414/288-5931                       Friday, March 26 and Sunday, March 28
Media Coordinator: To be determined
Facility Event Coordinator: Dan Cardona, director of event services,                              Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
 Bradley Center, 414/227-0493                                                 Host: Georgia Institute of Technology
Facility Manager: Steve Costello, general manager, Bradley Center,            Director: Dave Braine, director of athletics, 404/894-5411
 414/227-0797                                                                 Manager: Paul Griffin, senior associate athletics director, 404/894-3780
                                                                              Media Coordinator: Mike Stamus, associate director of communications,
               T. D. Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, Florida                       404/894-5445
Host: Stetson University                                                      Facility Event Coordinator: Susan Chapman, event coordinator, Georgia
Director: Jeff Altier, director of athletics, 386/822-7157                     Dome, 404/223-8600
Manager: Richard Skeel, associate athletics director, 386/822-8126            Facility Manager: Carl Adkins, general manager, Georgia Dome,
Media Coordinator: Jamie Bataille, sports information director, 386/822-       404/223-8800
Facility Event Coordinator: Andy Martinez, event coordinator, T. D.                           Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri
 Waterhouse Centre, 407/849-2000                                              Host: Missouri Valley Conference
Facility Manager: Jon Dorman, deputy director, T. D. Waterhouse Centre,       Director: Doug Elgin, commissioner, 314/421-0339
 407/849-2000.                                                                Manager: Joe Mitch, associate commissioner, 314/421-0339
                                                                              Media Coordinator: Mike Kern, associate commissioner, 314/421-0339
                          Regional Sites                                      Facility Event Coordinator: Paige Millard, director of event management,
             Thursday, March 25 and Saturday, March 27
                                                                              Facility Manager: Bruce Sommer, executive director, Edward Jones
                                                                               Dome, 314/342-5036
        Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Host: Rutgers University
Director: Bob Mulcahy, director of athletics, 732/445-7839
Manager: Kevin MacConnell, 732/445-7816
Media Coordinators: Helen Strus, vice president of event marketing,
 Continental Airlines Arena, 201/460-4355 and John Wooding, Director
 of Media Relations, Rutgers University, 732/445-4200
Facility Event Coordinator: Michael Graime, director of event operations,
 Continental Airlines Arena, 201/460-4361
Facility Manager: Tim Hassett, senior vice president and general manag-
 er, Continental Airlines Arena, 201/460-4298

                  America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Host: Arizona State University
Director: Gene Smith, director of athletics, 480/965-6360
Manager: Mike Chismar, associate director of athletic operations and
 facilities, 480/965-8219
Media Coordinator: Mark Brand, assistant director of athletics, media rela-

 tions, 480/965-6592
Facility Event Coordinator/Facility Manager: Jim Bochenek, director of
 event operations, America West Arena, 602/379-2035

                                    76                                                                           77
                                                                   • Dallas, Texas, March 17 and 19, American Airlines Arena (Big
                   Appendix G                                        12 Conference, host)
                                                                   • Auburn Hills, Michigan, March 17 and 19, The Palace of
              Future Tournament Sites                                Auburn Hills (Oakland University, host)
                              2005                                 • Greensboro, North Carolina, March 16 and 18, Greensboro
                                                                     Coliseum (Atlantic Coast Conference, host)
                      First and Second Rounds                      • Jacksonville, Florida, March 16 and 18, Veterans Memorial
                          (March 17 and 19)                          Coliseum (Jacksonville University, host)
•   Boise, Idaho: Boise State University Pavilion (Boise State     • Salt Lake City, Utah, March 16 and 18, Jon M. Huntsman
    University, host)                                                Center (University of Utah, host)
•   Cleveland, Ohio: CSU Convention Center (Cleveland State        • San Diego, California, March 16 and 18, Cox Arena (San Diego
    University, host)                                                State University, host)
•   Indianapolis, Indiana: RCA Dome (Butler University and
    Horizon League, co-hosts)                                                               Regionals
•   Tucson, Arizona: McKale Center (University of Arizona, host)   • Washington, D.C., March 24 and 26, MCI Center (Georgetown
                                                                     University, host)
                       (March 18 and 20)                           • Atlanta, Georgia, March 23 and 25, Georgia Dome (Georgia
• Charlotte, North Carolina: Charlotte Coliseum (Davidson            Tech, host)
  College, host)                                                   • Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 24 and 26, Midwest: Hubert H.
• Nashville, Tennessee: Gaylord Entertainment Center (Ohio           Humphrey Metrodome (University of Minnesota, host)
  Valley Conference, host)                                         • Oakland, California, March 23 and 25, Oakland Arena
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Ford Arena (Big 12 Conference,            (University of San Francisco, host)
• Worcester, Massachusetts: Centrum Centre (College of the                               Final Fours
  Holy Cross, host)                                                • 2005—Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri (Missouri
                    (March 24 and 26)                                     Valley Conference, host) (April 2 and 4)
• West—Albuquerque, New Mexico: University Arena (University       • 2006—RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana (Butler
         of New Mexico, host)                                             University/Horizon League, co-hosts) (April 1 and 3)
• Midwest—Chicago, Illinois: Allstate Arena (DePaul University,    • 2007—Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia Institute of
             host)                                                        Technology, host) (March 31 and April 2)
                                                                   • 2008—San Antonio, Texas, April 5 and 7, Alamodome
                    (March 25 and 27)                                     (University of Texas-San Antonio, host)
• South: Austin, Texas: Frank Erwin Center (University of Texas    • 2009—Detroit, Michigan, April 4 and 6, Ford Field (University of
  at Austin, host)                                                        Detroit Mercy, host)
• East: Syracuse, New York: Carrier Dome (Syracuse                 • 2010—Indianapolis, Indiana, April 3 and 5, RCA Dome (Butler
  University, host)                                                       University and Horizon League, co-hosts)
                                                                   • 2011—Houston, April 2 and 4, Reliant Stadium (University of
                         2006                                             Houston, host)
                     (68th Annual)
                      Opening Round
• Dayton, Ohio March 13, UD Arena (University of Dayton, host)
                 First and Second Rounds

• Dayton, Ohio, March 17 and 19, UD Arena (University of
  Dayton, host)
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 17 and 19, First Union
  Center (Atlantic 10 Conference, host)

                             78                                                                 79
               Future Tournament Dates
Year   1st Round     2nd Round       Regionals         Finals
                                                                                          Appendix H
2005   Mar. 17, 18   Mar. 19, 20   Mar. 24-27        Apr. 2, 4       Participating Institution Tournament Checklist
2006   Mar. 16, 17   Mar. 18, 19   Mar. 23-26        Apr. 1, 3     This checklist is arranged in chronological order to be of assistance
2007   Mar. 15, 16   Mar. 17, 18   Mar. 22-25 Mar. 31, Apr. 2    to those individuals who have specific institutional responsibilities for
2008   Mar. 20, 21   Mar. 22, 23   Mar. 27-30        Apr. 5, 7   the opening, first and second rounds and regional competition.
2009   Mar. 19, 20   Mar. 21, 22   Mar. 26-29        Apr. 4, 6
2010   Mar. 18, 19   Mar. 20, 21   Mar. 25-28        Apr. 3, 5   ______ Determine and invite official traveling party.
2011   Mar. 17, 18   Mar. 19, 20   Mar. 24-27        Apr. 2, 4
2012   Mar. 15, 16   Mar. 17, 18   Mar. 22-25 Mar. 31, Apr. 2    ______ Determine ticket allocations (e.g., team, official traveling party
2013   Mar. 21, 22   Mar. 23, 24   Mar. 28-31        Apr. 6, 8          and booster group).
2014   Mar. 20, 21   Mar. 22, 23   Mar. 27-30        Apr. 5, 7
                                                                 ______ Determine institutional policy regarding travel expenses for var-
2015   Mar. 19, 20   Mar. 21, 22   Mar. 26-29        Apr. 4, 6
                                                                        ious groups (e.g.,official traveling party, student-athletes, band
                                                                        and cheerleaders, etc.).

                                                                 ______ Make official traveling, party arrangements through the NCAA
                                                                        travel service, Short’s Travel (East Rutherford Regional:
                                                                        877/562-1153 [], St. Louis Regional:
                                                                        877/562-1155 [], Atlanta Regional:
                                                                        877/562-1154 [], Phoenix Regional:
                                                                        877/562-1156 []).

                                                                 ______ Make ground transportation arrangements for team,
                                                                        band/cheerleaders, boosters and alumni groups (e.g., buses,
                                                                        rental cars, etc.).

                                                                 ______ Distribute copies of the team manual to all staff members who
                                                                        may be assigned specific tournament responsibilities (e.g.,
                                                                        coaches, trainer, manager, designated administrator, sports
                                                                        information contact, ticket manager, band director and cheer-
                                                                        leader coach).

                                                                 ______ Call assigned hotel property on Sunday night to get room rate,
                                                                        room availability, team meeting/banquet rooms, ballroom for
                                                                        pep rally, etc. Make arrangements for team check-in, billing
                                                                        and team meals. Fax or e-mail catering and function require-
                                                                        ments to hotel as soon as possible.

                                                                 ______ By 3 p.m. (local time at the competition site) on the Monday
                                                                        preceding the competition: Fax or e-mail the Local Media
                                                                        Credentials List to the host media coordinator and to Bill
                                                                        Hancock (Fax: 317/917-6827; E-Mail:

                                                                        [See Appendix No. 1]

                                                                 ______ By 3 p.m. (local time at the competition site) on the Monday
                                                                        preceding the competition: Fax or e-mail the Participating
                                                                        Institution Travel/Information Form to the host institution’s tour-
                                                                        nament manager. [See Appendix No. 2]
                            80                                                                      81
______ Prepare an itinerary and review the schedule of events, includ-
       ing news conferences, practice schedule, pre-tournament                                       Appendix I
       meeting and transition meeting with the coaching staff.             NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship
______ Review will call and player-guest admissions and other ticket                        Credentials Criteria
                                                                             The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee has reiterated its
______ By noon (local time at the competition site) on the Tuesday         opposition to all forms of sports wagering, and encourages the media to
       preceding the competition: Fax or e-mail the Will Call and          assist in the education of the public with regard to the hazards of sports
       Player-Guest Institutional Personnel Form to the host ticket        wagering.
       manager. [See Appendix No. 3]                                         Requests for working media credentials for first/second rounds and
                                                                           regionals shall be directed to the host media coordinator. Requests for
______ By noon (local time at the competition site) on the Tuesday         the Final Four shall be directed to the NCAA national office.
       preceding the competition: Fax or e-mail your assigned hotel
       the room list for the team block and notify the hotel whether          A “press agency” for purposes of these criteria shall mean a daily or
       your institution will use the rooms reserved on a contingency       weekly publication, cable system, radio or television station and net-
       basis.                                                              work requiring immediate news coverage. “Immediate news coverage”
                                                                           for purposes of these criteria shall mean that the editorial, audio and/or
______ By noon (local time at the competition site) on the Tuesday         visual deadline for the tournament action being documented occurs no
       preceding the competition: Fax or e-mail the Participating          later than 48 hours after the competition at the site has been completed.
       Institution Credential Form to the host media coordinator. [See        Media agencies that have not been certified for the Final Four, but
       Appendix No. 4]                                                     represent the geographic area and/or locale of a participating institu-
                                                                           tion, shall staff the participant’s first- and second-round action in order
______ By noon (local time at the competition site) on the Tuesday         to receive credentials to the regional competition. (An entity must staff
       preceding the competition: Fax or e-mail the team pass gate         the first-round session to receive a credential for the second-round ses-
       list to the tournament manager. [See Appendix No. 5]                sion; an entity must staff the regional-semifinal session to receive a cre-
                                                                           dential to the regional final.) Only those media agencies that have
______ Process check request for game tickets and encourage ticket
                                                                           staffed all of the participant’s tournament competition may qualify for
       manager to pay amount due upon receipt of tickets.                  credentials if that institution advances to the national semifinals and
______ By noon (local time at the competition site) on the day preced-     championship game.
       ing the first round and regional semifinals: Discuss ticket pro-       A press agency or television or radio station in the immediate geo-
       cedures and policies with your ticket manager and return any        graphic area and/or locale of a participating or host institution that has
       pool tickets in the team allocation.                                staffed its games on a regular basis throughout the season and does not
                                                                           otherwise meet the criteria may be designated by the participating or
______ At 8:15 p.m. (local time at the competition site) on the day pre-   host institution as a “minority media enterprise.” A “minority media
       ceding the opening round and at 4:15 p.m. (local time at the        enterprise” shall mean a business enterprise involved in the dissemina-
       competition site) on the day preceding the first/second rounds      tion of sports news to individuals socially or economically disadvan-
       and regionals: Submit the band pass gate list and cheer-            taged from cultural, racial or chronic economic circumstances or other
       leader/mascot pass gate list at the pre-tournament meeting.         similar cause. Such persons include, but are not limited to, African
       [See Appendix Nos. 6 and 7]                                         Americans, Puerto Ricans, Spanish-speaking Americans and American
                                                                             Except for television photographers, a credential may be issued only

                                                                           to an authorized full-time, salaried representative of, or a representative
                                                                           who regularly and customarily performs services for, such an entity.
                                                                           Credentials are not transferable.

                                  82                                                                           83
  Membership in a writer’s or broadcaster’s association (e.g., United                     have a minimum circulation of three million may receive a maxi-
States Basketball Writers Association) does not automatically qualify an                  mum of four seats and two limited-access credentials. A weekly
agency for credentials.                                                                   that does not meet this criteria or the criteria that govern media
                                                                                          agencies of the host and participating teams does not qualify for
  Subject to limitations of space, credentials at all sites shall be assigned
in accordance with the following priorities:
                                                                                     7.   The media coordinator may authorize a media agency to receive
Writers                                                                                   a credential for a “special need.”
                                                                                           a. A specialty publication that is distributed nationally on a regular
  Separate publications sharing common ownership may not be com-                              basis during the basketball season is a media agency that
bined for purposes of meeting circulation or other criteria.                                  may have a “special need” and may receive one seat in the
   1. An agency, regardless of circulation, in the geographic are of a                        overflow press section if space is available.
      participating institution qualifies for credentials if it has staffed at             b. A “special need” entity that normally provides specific services
      least 90 percent of the institution’s home games throughout the                         for a media agency (e.g., scores) shall not receive credentials
      season and each of its games in the NCAA championship. This                             if many of its clients have been accredited to staff the event.
      includes newspapers or other periodicals specifically designed to                    c. A “special need” entity shall be limited to one credential.
      cover the activities and events of a single institution.                       8.   At the media coordinator’s discretion, one credential may be
   2. An agency, regardless of circulation, qualifies for credentials if it               issued to a reporter representing the “news side” of the major
      has staffed at least 90 percent of the home games of the host                       newspaper of the participating and/or host institution.
      institution throughout the season.                                             9.   A newspaper included on a team’s local media list may receive
   3. Any agency with circulation greater than of 60,000 will be identi-                  additional credentials at a regional site not to exceed the total
      fied as “national media” and will qualify for credentials even if it                number of credentials it received covering first-/second-round
      does not meet the provisions in No. 1 or No. 2 above. Press                         competition at all sites.
      agencies may receive credentials according to the following circu-            10.   Credentials may be issued to two individuals, certified by the
      lation requirements:                                                                director of athletics or designated representative of each partici-
   Circulation                             Credentials                                    pating and host institution, who will be the sole representatives of
    60,000 - 99,000                        one seat                                       all media organizations affiliated with any such institution.
   100,000 - 249,999                       one seat, one limited access
   250,000 - 349,999                       two seats, one limited access
   350,000 - 449,999                       three seats, one limited access           1. Television stations from the tournament host city each may be
   450,000 - 649,999                       four seats, one limited access               represented by two crews if they are representing multiple, regu-
   650,000 - 999,999                       five seats, two limited access               larly scheduled news programs.
   1 million and above                     six seats, two limited access             2. Television stations from the locale of a participating institution that
(Note: A limited-access credential only permits access to the working-press             have staffed at least 90 percent of its home games each may be
room, locker rooms and interview room. A hotel room will be available for an            represented by one crew.
individual who receives a limited access credential only if space is available.)     3. Credentials may be assigned to an individual or one crew desig-
                                                                                        nated by a national television network—which may include sepa-
   4. Any press agency that has been certified for a Final Four creden-                 rate requests from the sports, news, entertainment and affiliate
      tial shall receive a first-/second-round and/or regional credential               divisions—or cable entity that originates a daily sports news pro-
      upon request.                                                                     gram. (Approved agencies are: CBS News Path, CBS World
   5. The Associated Press and the primary newspaper(s) that provide                    News, CBS News, CBS This Morning, NBC News Channel, NBC
      daily coverage for the host institution each may receive a maxi-                  Nightside, NBC World News, NBC Today Show, Good Morning
      mum of eight seats and two limited-access credentials at the Final                America, CNN, ESPN, FOX, ABC News One, ABC Weekend

      Four.                                                                             News and World News Tonight.)
   6. A national weekly publication that has a circulation between                   4. Credentials may be assigned to an individual or one crew repre-
      500,000 and three million and a national monthly publication with                 senting a television station in a market area estimated to have
      a circulation between 750,000 and three million each may receive                  represented a minimum of one million U.S. television households
      two seats and two limited-access credentials. Publications that

                                       84                                                                                 85
      the previous year by the A. C. Nielsen Company.                            5. Only a full-time, salaried employee of an online news agency
   5. Credentials may be assigned to the following news services: NPI                intending to provide actual game coverage (as opposed to pro-
      (one seat, one TVC), Conus Communications (one seat, two                       ducing feature stories) may receive a credential.
      TVC), and SNS Sports New satellite (one seat, two TVC),                    6. To qualify for a credential, online entities not associated with one
      National Sports and Entertainment (one seat, one TVC), and                     of the competing teams must have registered at least one million
      Christian Broadcasting Network (one seat, one TVC).                            unique users per month in each of the past 12 months.
   6. A crew includes a maximum of three people: one talent (media               7. An online entity may receive a credential only if its own full-time
      credential), one photographer and one audio technician or pro-                 staff writes an overwhelming percentage of that site’s material.
      ducer (television-compound credentials) plus a fourth for a techni-        8. Only online agencies that staff college basketball games regularly
      cian who is responsible for maintenance of a satellite truck that              (weekly at a minimum) and publish material regarding college
      may be parked at the arena (television-compound credential.)                   basketball will receive credentials.
Radio                                                                            9. Online entities will not receive photography credentials.
                                                                                10. Each participating institution may receive one credential for its offi-
   1. One media credential may be assigned to the following radio enti-             cial online site, in addition to the two credentials noted under Print,
      ties: AP, ABC, CBS, CNN Radio, ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio,                  No. 11. Other online entities that operate only fan-based Web
      Sporting News Radio, USA Radio Network, Mutual Broadcasting,                  sites will not receive credentials.
      NBC, Echlin Sports Service, National Public Radio, Voice of
                                                                                11.Representatives of online agencies will receive seats in the court-
      America, Sports Byline USA and UPI Audio.
                                                                                    side media-seating area on a space-available basis only. If court-
   2. One media credential may be assigned to a radio station in a
                                                                                    side seats are not available, these representatives shall sit in the
      market area representing at least one million radio homes that
                                                                                    upper press box (if space is available) or the backstage media
      regularly (10 or more) originates college basketball games and a
                                                                                    work area during the games.
      daily “sports talk” program.
                                                                                12.Any online service that is recognized as an outlet intended primari-
   3. One media credential may be assigned to a radio station in the
      geographic area of the host or a participating team that regularly           ly for the purpose of delivering news related to the recruitment of
      (10 or more) originates college basketball games and a daily                 student-athletes will not qualify for credentials.
      “sports talk” program, or that has staffed at least 90 percent of the   Agencies Not Eligible
      home games of that team.
                                                                                 1. Representatives staffing Web sites, specialty publications (includ-
   Each radio station that has purchased live broadcasting rights is limit-         ing books and magazines), score-reporting services, other college
ed to the number of individuals required to originate 90 percent of its             newspapers or magazines, professional basketball teams and
games during the regular season, up to a maximum of four credentials.               telephone reporting services shall not be accredited for creden-
If an institution is represented by more than one originating radio out-            tials.
let, Host Communications, Inc., will work with the NCAA and the host             2. A press credential may not be authorized to a media representa-
institution to determine the number of seats that shall be assigned to              tive or an individual normally identified as a media representative
each agency.                                                                        for the primary purpose of authoring a book about a coach, ath-
Online                                                                              lete or participating institution.
                                                                                 3. The following will not be accredited for working press or photogra-
   1. The official NCAA Web site will receive credentials.                          phy credentials: television shows produced by a syndicator or
   2. The official Web site of a competing institution, as approved by              independent producer for or by a head basketball coach of a par-
      that school’s sports information department, may receive a maxi-              ticipating or host institution, syndicated television or cable pro-
      mum of two credentials.                                                       grammers.
   3. A print, radio or television agency will not receive more creden-
      tials than the number provided for elsewhere in this document.          Print Photographers

      An agency may allot one (or more) of its credentials to its online
                                                                                Sports editors shall request all photography credentials. Most media
                                                                              agencies will be limited to one credential. At a regional site, the major
   4. An online entity not associated with another media agency (e.g., a
                                                                              newspaper(s) from the locale of a participating team may receive a sec-
      “traditional” print, radio or television agency) may qualify for one
      credential unless otherwise noted in these policies.
                                                                              ond photography credential.

                                     86                                                                             87
  “Immediate news coverage” for purposes of these criteria shall mean         International Media Agencies (Final Four Only)
that the editorial deadline for the tournament action being documented
                                                                                When space is available, credentials (writer and/or photographer)
occurs no later than 24 hours after the competition at that site has been
                                                                              will be issued to a full-time, salaried employee, or a representative who
                                                                              regularly and customarily performs services, for:
  Subject to limitations of space, photography credentials shall be              a. A newspaper that has a minimum circulation of five percent of the
assigned to agencies requiring immediate news coverage in accordance                total population of the country;
with the following priorities:                                                   b. A specialty publication that has a minimum circulation of one per-
   1. Two photographers, certified by the director of athletics or desig-           cent of the total population of the country;
      nated representative of each participating and host institution, will      c. The official publication of the country’s basketball federation;
      be the sole representatives of all media organizations affiliated          d. A television station that has a signal reaching 25 percent of the
      with such institutions and all media organizations whose coverage             homes in the country;
      primarily is directed to any such institution and its activities.          e. Each of the two largest sports networks in the country.
   2. The primary press agencies at the competition site that have            Credential Policies
      staffed at least 90 percent of the home games of the host institu-
      tion or conference may receive a maximum of three (two floor)             The following will be printed the front of all credentials:
      credentials.                                                              By accepting this credential the bearer agrees to the conditions on the
   3. The Associated Press may receive four (three floor level) creden-       reverse side hereof.
      tials. Sports Illustrated magazine, Reuters and USA Today each
      may receive three (two floor level) credentials. The Sporting News        The following will be printed on the back of all credentials:
      magazine and Knight-Ridder each may receive two (one floor)                       CONDITIONS PLACED ON USE OF CREDENTIALS
      credentials. Getty Images may receive one photo credential.                This working credential is issued for the sole purpose of providing
      Each of the above agencies may also receive two photo com-              facility access to an accredited agency’s full-time salaried employee
      pound credentials.                                                      who has a legitimate working function (media or game service) in con-
   4. A press agency with a minimum daily circulation of 350,000, a           nection with this championship. It is nontransferable. Any unautho-
      weekly circulation of 500,000, or a monthly circulation of one mil-     rized use of this credential subjects the bearer to ejection from the facili-
      lion may receive one photo credential and one photo-compound            ty and prosecution for criminal trespass.
      credential. Agencies with lower circulations are not eligible,
      except as noted in No. 5 below.                                           Any secondary use of any picture, audio description, videotape/film
   5. A participating institution may identify four credentials for media     or drawing of the game taken or made by the accredited organization
      agencies that do not meet the minimum daily or weekly circulation
                                                                              or individual to whom this credential has been issued (including but
                                                                              not limited to use in delayed editorial or noneditorial, advertising, sales
      requirements. These agencies must have staffed at least 90 per-
                                                                              promotion or merchandising) is prohibited without prior specific writ-
      cent of the institution’s home games throughout the season and
                                                                              ten approval of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
      each of its games in the championship.
   6. A “special need” publication shall not receive a photography cre-          Television stations, networks or cable systems taping game action
      dential.                                                                shall utilize the network feed via the video and audio distributing facili-
                                                                              ties provided by the NCAA. These agencies recognize that any videos
Photo Couriers                                                                may be used only in connection with a regularly scheduled television
  A maximum of 10 courier credentials will be available at each site.         newscast within a seven-day period following the game and the film
Seven will be available to The Associated Press and three will be             clip or video portion of each such showing shall not exceed three (3)
reserved for Reuters News Service. AP Photo will be responsible for           minutes in length and shall adhere to the specific policies that govern
                                                                              the length of video and times that it may be aired. Television entities

coordinating the courier service in the arena at all sites for all newspa-
pers except those serviced by Reuters. No other agency will receive a         may not air highlights of a game until the CBS broadcast “window”
courier credential.                                                           that includes that game has been completed.
                                                                                Television stations, networks, cable systems, participating institutions
                                                                              or their designees, are prohibited from making available game film or
                                                                              video to any other organization even though the planned use may be

editorial in nature without advance written permission from the
NCAA. Such film or video may be aired only by the specific station or                                  Appendix J
entity to whom this credential is issued. These rights may not be
assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed to any person, firm or cor-                        Game Management Issues
poration. Any agency wishing to use NCAA film or video in any other           Following are NCAA policies relative to selected game manage-
manner must obtain written permission for such usage from the                ment issues:
NCAA.                                                                          1. Elapsed time. The official has the authority to determine the
                                                                                  length of time that may elapse before a "forfeit," "no game" or an
  Radio stations that have not purchased rights shall not carry any               "interrupted game" is declared. The official shall assess an indirect
broadcast report from courtside on a live basis or any live description of        technical foul after a one-minute delay and shall advise the coach
any game action while it is still in progress. A station may report on            that if the game is not resumed within the following two minutes,
events of the championship (other than on a live basis from courtside)            the game shall be declared either a forfeit (if one team refuses to
for broadcast within a newscast and is not precluded from reporting or            play), no game (if both teams refuse to play) or an interrupted
updating the score of a game while it is in progress except from court-           game (once a game has begun, if both teams refuse to resume
side or in the arena proper.                                                      play).
   Television/radio stations, networks or cable systems agree to indem-        2. Penalties.
nify and save harmless NCAA, its officers, agents, employees, and each            a. No game, forfeited game or interrupted game. In the event
of its member institutions, their officers, agents and employees, of and              that either a no game, a forfeited game or an interrupted game
from any and all claims, demand and causes of action arising out of                   is declared, the following penalties shall be imposed:
anything done or purported to have been done by the television/radio                  (1) The share of revenue the conference would have received
stations, networks or cable systems, its agents or assigns.                                had the institution participated shall be withheld.
                                                                                      (2) The institution shall be prohibited from participating in the
  Real-time transmission of streaming video, digital images, real-time                     subsequent championship.
audio, including play-by-play and statistics, of any game of the champi-              (3) The involved head coach shall be prohibited from participat-
onship is exclusive to the NCAA’s web site and/or any other web site                       ing in the next basketball championship in which the institu-
designated by the NCAA and its rightsholders. “Real-time” is defined                       tion where the coach is employed is selected as either an
as “live, continuous play-by-play or description of an event.”                             automatic qualifier or an at-large representative.
                                                                                  b. Delay of game. If one team chooses to either delay the start
  The aforementioned further agrees to release the NCAA and all per-                  of a game or the continuation of a game, officials shall assess
sons and educational institutions involved in the management or pro-                  an indirect technical foul after a one-minute delay and advise
duction of the competition from any claim or liability arising from fail-             the coach that if the game is not resumed within the next two
ure to provide space for telecasting/broadcasting, or other facilities for            minutes, the game shall be declared a "forfeit."
the television/radio station, network or cable system.                                   If the game is continued before being declared a forfeit,
  Acceptance of this credential constitutes agreement by the bearer and               misconduct provisions shall be considered by the committee
his or her organization to abide by the foregoing conditions. Thank you               depending upon the specific details relative to the delay of
for your cooperation.                                                                 the game.
                                                                               3. Advancement in the tournament.
                                                                                  a. No game or interrupted game. In the event that either a no
                                                                                      game or an interrupted game is declared, the game will not be
                                                                                      re-scheduled nor will either team advance in the bracket.
                                                                                      [Note: The next opponent would receive a "bye."]
                                                                                  b. Forfeited game. In the event that a forfeit is declared, the
                                                                                      team receiving the forfeit shall advance to the next round of

                                                                                      the tournament.

                                   90                                                                             91
                         Appendix K                                           Judicial Procedures
                                                                                 The NCAA also utilizes state counterfeiting statutes which provide
                  NCAA Licensing Program                                      criminal remedies against any individual or company involved in the
                                                                              production, distribution, sale, or offering for sale of any infringing or
License Agreement                                                             counterfeit goods bearing the NCAA’s marks.
   A license agreement with the NCAA grants a manufacturer the right
to use certain NCAA-related designations, including each year’s cham-         NCAA Trademarks and Logos
pionship logos, on specific articles of merchandise pursuant to condi-           All rights to the identifying marks and symbols of the NCAA are
tions and restrictions set forth in the agreement. The agreement also         reserved. No one may reproduce or copy them except with the permis-
grants the right to use NCAA trademarks and logos in advertising, pro-        sion of the NCAA and never to endorse either directly or indirectly a
motion and merchandising of these articles subject to prior approval by       product, service or commercial venture without a written license.
the NCAA.                                                                     Vigorous legal action will be taken against violators.
  A license agreement does not indicate the endorsement of the NCAA              These trademarks may NOT be used to refer to other championships
for a product. The NCAA does not endorse products covered in license          (i.e., the semifinals of any championship other than Division I Men’s
agreements; the NCAA only permits use of its registered trademarks            and Women’s basketball may not be referred to as “The Final Four,”
for products that have met strict standards of excellence and quality,        “final four” or “Final Four”).
and that enhance the image of the NCAA.
                                                                              Local Organizing Committee Assistance
“Officially Licensed Product”                                                   The host institution and/or local organizing committee (LOC) can be
   By the terms of a license agreement, a product is “officially licensed”    of significant assistance to the NCAA in its efforts to protect its marks.
by the NCAA, and the NCAA urges its licensees to advertise this asso-         The NCAA may ask the LOC to:
ciation.                                                                        Provide the names and addresses of retail establishments in the area
  A licensee can communicate its association with the NCAA through            of the championship and, in particular, any contact with a downtown
advertising, packaging and promotional copy for licensed products. It         merchants association.
may state that the merchandise is an “Officially Licensed Product of the        Provide access to local media, print and electronic, for the national
NCAA.” Products under the license must bear an approved hangtag or            office staff to provide NCAA licensing guidelines and enforcement pro-
label stating that the product is licensed.                                   ceedings for championships.
Protection of NCAA Registered Marks                                             Provide the NCAA with city, county and state administrative and
                                                                              law enforcement personnel for purposes of organizing a trademark
  The NCAA’s marks are protected under both federal and state statu-          enforcement effort.
tory and common law principles, which enables the NCAA to protect               Present the NCAA to local media to discuss the trademark enforce-
against the unauthorized and/or counterfeit use of its marks by third         ment effort. This should be an ongoing dialogue between media and
parties.                                                                      the NCAA staff during the 90 days before the championship and dur-
                                                                              ing the championship competition.
Lanham Act
                                                                                Present the NCAA to the chamber of commerce, downtown mer-
   Under the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. 1114), the unauthorized produc-            chants association and/or other comparable organizations regarding
tion, distribution, sale, offering for sale, or advertising of any goods or   this enforcement activity.
services displaying a registered mark of the NCAA may also obtain an
ex parte seizure order from the court authorizing the seizure of goods          Disseminate information regarding NCAA registrations and names

displaying a counterfeit mark, the means used in the production of such       and contacts of NCAA licensees to merchants.
goods, and any records documenting the manufacture, sale or receipt of          Monitor the marketplace for infringements on merchandise or in
items as a result of the counterfeit use.                                     advertising or promotion and forward information to the NCAA staff.

                                    92                                                                           93
  For more licensing information please contact:
  Erika Wise
                                                                                                 Appendix L
  NCAA                                                                           NCAA Championship Merchandising Policies
  Cory Moss                                                             The NCAA retains the exclusive right to sell souvenir products at all
  The Collegiate Licensing Company                                    rounds and sites of the 88 National Collegiate Championships; host
  770/956-0520                                                        institutions and sponsoring agencies for all NCAA championships are
  The NCAA has licensed the exclusive right to sell NCAA licensed     required to sell items provided by the official NCAA event souvenir
merchandise at championship venues to Event 1, a subsidiary of Gear   merchandiser.
For Sport, Inc. For information regarding the NCAA’s souvenir mer-     The official NCAA event souvenir merchandiser is Event 1, Inc.
chandise sales program please contact:                                which has purchased souvenir merchandising rights to all sites of all
  Melissa Caito                                                       National Collegiate Championships.
  NCAA                                                                  Event 1 will enter into an agreement with the official vendor of the
  317/917-6222                                                        host institution or sponsoring agency to vend product at the site of the
  Joe Streck                                                          championship event. Event 1 will supply merchandise, vending sup-
  Event 1                                                             plies, and inventory reconciliation forms as necessary to the official ven-
  913/693-2106                                                        dor. The official vendor of the host institution or sponsoring agency at
                                                                      the site of the championship(s) is responsible for complete retail vend-
                                                                      ing accountability, including full responsibility for inventory and, as
                                                                      such, must provide:
                                                                         A. Inventory accounting upon arrival of merchandise from Event 1.
                                                                         B. Immediate notification (within 24 hours of receipt) to Event 1 of
                                                                            any discrepancies in initial inventory counts (non-notification will
                                                                            represent host or vendor acceptance of initial inventory provided
                                                                            by Event 1.
                                                                         C. Total management, control, and accountability of the merchan-
                                                                            dise. If goods are lost, stolen or damaged, those goods are the
                                                                            responsibility of the host institution or vendor.
                                                                         D. At the conclusion of the event, the sum of all monies and invento-
                                                                            ry equal to the retail value of initial inventory plus any additional
                                                                            merchandise supplied by Event 1 during the course of the event.
                                                                         E. An appropriate number of selling locations and sellers throughout
                                                                            the facility in order to meet the demands of the projected crowds.
                                                                         F. Selling locations that are well displayed and fully stocked prior to
                                                                            the public’s access to them.
                                                                         G. Strict adherence to the merchandising and display standards set
                                                                            • Merchandise made available for sale at all times during the

                                                                            • Each item neatly displayed with correct prices clearly marked.
                                                                            • Neatly dressed personnel that are customer-oriented.
                                                                            • Skirted tables for display and checkout.

                                  94                                                                       95
      • Display boards and grids.                                               • Tents or shelters for outside events.
      • Tents, sheltered areas or other means of protection from                • Electricity and phone lines to support the merchandise sales
          inclement weather.                                                      effort.
      • Keeping selling areas clean and neat at all times.                      • Equipment for moving merchandise on site.
      • Re-stocking of back-up inventory in a fast and efficient man-          Should a championship site have a prior contractual relationship with
          ner.                                                               vendors that cannot be waived for NCAA Championship competition,
      • Calling Event 1 to request re-orders should sales warrant.           Event 1, when supplied with written proof of the contract, is required to
   H. A complete inventory accounting of all merchandise sold with a         make the vending opportunity available to the facility’s vendor.
      final inventory count and merchandising report supplied to Event
      1 no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.              The host institution/conference must notify Event 1 if it has an exist-
   I. Total gross sales revenues and a final copy of the inventory           ing contract that will prohibit Event 1 from supplying vendors for this
      report must be sent to Event 1 within 10 business days of the          event.
      conclusion of the event.                                                 Questions relative to merchandising should be directed to Event 1 or
   J. The remaining inventory forwarded to Event 1 or the next event         Erika Wise, brand licensing manager, (317/917-6222, e-mail:
      site as determined by Event 1 within 2 days of the conclusion of
      the event.
  Having met each of the above requirements, Event 1 will pay to the
host institution/conference, sponsoring agency or its assigned vendor,
a commission equal to 20% of sales net of taxes and credit card service
fees. Commissions will be paid within 30 days of receiving all revenues
and inventory and having satisfied full audit and compliance.
 The host institution/conference may not sell or allow for sale any
merchandise that infringes upon the exclusive rights of Event 1.
   The host institution may sell merchandise that features the host insti-
tutional mark or logo at NCAA competition under the conditions that
the host institution/conference or official vendor has guaranteed to
purchase all product from the NCAA event merchandiser at the site of
the competition, and the host institution/conference or official vendor
has agreed to provide the NCAA championships department 25 per-
cent of sales (net of taxes and credit card service fees) of all non-NCAA
championship merchandise. The quantity of NCAA merchandise
available for sale shall not be less than a comparable shipment to a com-
parable site of the previous year’s championship [NCAA Bylaw 31.6.2-
  If the host institution/conference cannot agree to the terms as set
forth above, it may accept a buy-out offer from Event 1. In case of a
buy-out offer being made by Event 1 the host institution/conference or
sponsoring agency will be paid 10% of sales, net of taxes and credit card
usage fees, if the host institution/conference provides all of the follow-
ing accommodations:

   • Merchandise receiving.
   • Locked and supervised storage adequate to accommodate all
     championship merchandise.
   • Covered and/or skirted tables.
   • Merchandising display booths and/or display carts.

                                   96                                                                           97
                                                                               d. On “open” practice day, these representatives may videotape
                       Appendix M                                                 from the end zones or behind the last row of media seating or
                                                                                  from the public seating area.
                         Mini-Cam Policies                                  e. Locker rooms are open for postgame coverage.
1. CBS is the only television entity that may transmit live from inside        Editing in the video distribution area is permitted any time the
   the arena from open-practice day until the day after competition            workroom is open to the media.
   ends at that site.
2. Only CBS Sports and NCAA Productions are authorized to use
   mini-camera equipment in the arena during tournament competi-
   tion. CBS Sports and NCAA Productions have no time restric-
   tions except when the arena is closed for team practice or other
   activities approved by the basketball committee.
3. If a non-originating television station, network or local cable origi-
   nation channel desires to receive videotape and audio of tourna-
   ment games, international sound, crowd/team “color” activities
   and all formal news conferences, it must take a feed from the
   video and audio distribution facilities provided by the NCAA at
   the arena. Any videotape or audio highlight excerpts received
   from the distribution facilities that are aired by a telecaster shall
   include an on-air “Courtesy CBS Sports.”
    a. Camerapersons representing these telecasters are not per-
       mitted to photograph game action or formal news confer-
       ences and will not have courtside access except as noted
       (1)Non-originating telecasters have access to the arena floor
           until 75 minutes before the first game in each session.
           During this time, mini-cam operators may work from the
           end zones only.
       (2)Access for the second session at a first-round site begins
           when CBS Sports discontinues its first-session coverage
           from the site and continues until 75 minutes before tip-off
           of the first game of the next session. (NOTE: The floor
           may not be available, depending upon the time between
       (3)From that time, the floor (and all other areas from which
           the playing floor may be seen) shall remain off limits to all
           television or cable cinematographers until CBS Sports has
           discontinued its coverage of the session.
       (4)Camerapersons shall not return to the arena floor between
           games of a session.
    b. The media coordinator shall identify an area off the court for
       all television and cable representatives to wait until CBS has

       discontinued its coverage from the site. They then will be
       escorted to the court when it is available.
    c. Video equipment is limited to the locker rooms, interview
       room or work room during the restricted-access times.

                                   98                                                                       99
                          Appendix N                                                             First and Second Rounds
                                                                                               Day Before First and Second Rounds
               Tentative Schedule of Events                                    General
                            (All times local)                                  9 a.m.          Work areas and courtside open to media
                                                                               10 a.m.         Sports information directors meeting with media coordinator
                          Opening Round                                        10:30 a.m.      Team entrance opens
                                                                               11 a.m.         Arena doors open to public
                     Day Before Opening Round
                                                                               4:15 p.m.       Pre-tournament meeting
                                                                               4:30 p.m.       Strobe test
2 p.m.           Work areas and courtside open to media
5 p.m.           Sports information directors meeting with media coordinator   5 p.m.          Media bufffet
5 p.m.           Arena doors open to public                                    Practices (open to media and general public)
8:15 p.m.        Pre-tournament meeting                                        Noon-12:50 p.m. Game No. 1 Lower Seed
Practices (open to media and general public)                                   1-1:50 p.m.     Game No. 2 Lower Seed
6-6:50 p.m.      Team A (by alphabetical order)                                2:10-3 p.m.     Game No. 1 Higher Seed
7:10-8 p.m.      Team B (by alphabetical order)                                3:10-4 p.m.     Game No. 2 Higher Seed
                                                                               5-5:50 p.m.     Game No. 3 Higher Seed
News Conferences in Interview Room                                             6-6:50 p.m.     Game No. 4 Higher Seed
6:30-6:45 p.m. Team B student-athletes                                         7:10-8 p.m.     Game No. 3 Lower Seed
6:45-7 p.m.    Team B coach                                                    8:10-9 p.m.     Game No. 4 Lower Seed
7-7:15 p.m.    Team A student-athletes
7:15-7:30 p.m. Team A coach                                                    News Conferences in Interview Room
                                                                               1 p.m         Game No. 1 Lower Seed student-athletes
Media Activities Outside Interview Room                                        1:15 p.m.     Game No. 1 Lower Seed coach
  Each team’s top seven student-athletes (and others requested by the          1:30 p.m.     Game No. 1 Higher Seed student-athletes
media) who are not in the interview room shall be available to the             1:45 p.m.     Game No. 1 Higher Seed coach
media in the locker room during the time the coach and selected                2 p.m.        Game No. 2 Lower Seed student-athletes
student-athletes are participating in the news conference.                     2:15 p.m.     Game No. 2 Lower Seed coach
                        Opening-Round Game Day                                 2:30 p.m.     Game No. 2 Higher Seed student-athletes
General                                                                        2:45 p.m.     Game No. 2 Higher Seed coach
9 a.m.                     Game officials meeting at officials hotel           6 p.m.        Game No. 3 Higher Seed student-athletes
4 hours before game        Backstage work areas open to media                  6:15 p.m.     Game No. 3 Higher Seed coach
2 hours before game        Courtside open to media ***                         6:30 p.m.     Game No. 3 Lower Seed student-athletes
2 hours before game        Arena doors open to public                          6:45 p.m.     Game No. 3 Lower Seed coach
1.5 hours before game      Media buffet                                        7 p.m.        Game No. 4 Higher Seed student-athletes
7 p.m.                     Opening-round game                                  7:15 p.m.     Game No. 4 Higher Seed coach
                                                                               7:30 p.m.     Game No. 4 Lower Seed student-athletes
Practice (closed)
   Each team will be offered 50 minutes of practice time. There shall be       7:45 p.m.     Game No. 4 Lower Seed coach
five time slots, concluding two hours before game time. The teams              Media Activities Outside Interview Room
will select the actual practice time at the pre-tournament meeting.              Each team’s top seven student-athletes (and any other individuals
Team A shall choose its practice time first. There shall be a 10-minute        requested by the media) who are not in the interview room shall be
break between each practice.                                                   available to the media in the locker room area during the time the

   *** Representatives of CBS Sports, selected still-photography techni-       coach and selected student-athletes are participating in the news con-
cians and rights-holding radio networks have access to courtside as            ference.
soon as the arena opens to set up equipment, rehearse and perform
other administrative duties. No still photos, videotaping or interviews
are permitted.
                                  100                                                                             101
                         First-Round Game Day                                                    Second-Round Game Day
General                                                                     Each team shall be offered 30 minutes of practice time, with a 10-
8 a.m.                      Game officials meeting at officials hotel    minute break between each practice. There shall be two consecutive
1 hour before practice      Team entrance opens                          90-minute "time windows." The first shall be for the participants in the
4 hours before game         Backstage work areas open to media           first game and the second window shall be for the participants in the
2 hours before game         Courtside open to media ***                  second game.
1.5 hours before game       Arena doors open to public                      The second window will conclude two hours before tip-off of the
TBA                         First-Round Game No. 1                       first game.
TBA                         First-Round Game No. 2                          The teams will select the actual practice times at the transition meet-
Between sessions            Media buffet                                 ing. The higher-seeded team in each game shall choose its practice
TBA                         First-Round Game No. 3                       time first.
TBA                         First-Round Game No. 4                       4 hours before game        Backstage work areas open to media
                                                                         2 hours before game        Courtside open to media ***
Practices (if within two hours of tip-off, open to media)                2 hours before game        Arena doors open to public
8 a.m.             Game No. 1 Lower Seed                                 1.5 hours before game      Media buffet
8:20 a.m.          Game No. 1 Higher Seed                                TBA                        Second-Round Game No. 1
8:40 a.m.          Game No. 2 Lower Seed                                 TBA                        Second-Round Game No. 2
9 a.m.             Game No. 2 Higher Seed
9:20 a.m.          Game No. 3 Lower Seed
9:40 a.m.          Game No. 3 Higher Seed                                                              Regionals
10 a.m.            Game No. 4 Lower Seed
                                                                                             Day Before Regional Semifinals
10:20 a.m.         Game No. 4 Higher Seed                                General
                                                                         9 a.m.            Work areas and courtside open to media
                 Day Between First and Second Rounds                     10 a.m.           Sports information directors meeting with media
General                                                                                    coordinator
10:30 a.m.        Backstage work areas open to media                     10:30 a.m.        Team entrance opens
Noon              Transition meeting                                     11 a.m.           Arena doors open to public
Practices (closed)                                                       noon              Media bufffet
Noon-1:30 p.m. Game No. 1 Winner                                         4:15 p.m.         Pre-tournament meeting
1:35-3:05 p.m.    Game No. 3 Winner                                      4:30 p.m.         Strobe Test
3:10-4:40 p.m.    Game No. 2 Winner
4:45-6:15 p.m.    Game No. 4 Winner                                      Practices (open to media and general public)
News Conferences in Interview Room                                       Noon-12:50 p.m. Game No. 1 Lower Seed
1:35-1:55 p.m.    Game No. 1 Winner student-athletes                     1-1:50 p.m.      Game No. 2 Lower Seed
1:55-2:15 p.m.    Game No. 1 Winner coach                                2:10-3 p.m.      Game No. 1 Higher Seed
2:15-2:35 p.m.    Game No. 2 Winner student-athletes                     3:10-4 p.m.      Game No. 2 Higher Seed
2:35-2:55 p.m.    Game No. 2 Winner coach
3:10-3:30 p.m.    Game No. 3 Winner student-athletes                     News Conferences in Interview Room
3:30-3:50 p.m.    Game No. 3 Winner coach                                1-1:15 p.m.    Game No. 1 Lower Seed coach
3:50-4:10 p.m.    Game No. 4 Winner student-athletes                     1:15-1:30 p.m. Game No. 1 Lower Seed student-athletes
4:10-4:30 p.m.    Game No. 4 Winner coach                                1:30-1:45 p.m. Game No. 1 Higher Seed student-athletes
                                                                         1:45-2 p.m.    Game No. 1 Higher Seed coach
Media Activities Outside Interview Room                                  2-2:15 p.m.    Game No. 2 Lower Seed coach
  Each team’s top seven student-athletes (and any other individuals

                                                                         2:15-2:30 p.m. Game No. 2 Lower Seed student-athletes
requested by the media) who are not in the interview room shall be       2:30-2:45 p.m. Game No. 2 Higher Seed student-athletes
available to the media in the locker room area during the time the       2:45-3 p.m.    Game No. 2 Higher Seed coach
coach and selected student-athletes are participating in the news con-

                                    102                                                                     103
Media Activities Outside Interview Room                                    2:35-3:05 p.m.  Game No. 1 Winner student-athletes and coach on dais
  Each team’s top seven student-athletes (and any other individuals        3:05-3:25 p.m.  Individual news conferences, coach on dais, student-ath-
requested by the media) who are not in the interview room shall be                         letes in breakout rooms
available to the media in the locker room area during the time the         Media Activities Outside Interview Room
coach and selected student-athletes are participating in the news          1-1:30 p.m.       Game No. 2 Winner student-athletes and coach inter-
conference.                                                                                  view with CBS Sports
1-1:30 p.m.       Game No. 1 Lower Seed student-athletes available for     3:30-4 p.m.       Game No. 1 Winner student-athletes and coach inter-
                  interviews in locker room                                                  view with CBS Sports
1:15-1:30 p.m.    Game No. 1 Higher Seed coach, CBS interview                Each team’s top seven student-athletes (and any other individuals
1:30-1:45 p.m.    Game No. 1 Lower Seed coach, CBS interview               requested by the media) who are not in the interview room shall be
1:30-2 p.m.       Game No. 1 Higher Seed student-athletes available for    available to the media in the locker room area during the time the
                  interviews in locker room.                               coach and selected student-athletes are in the interview room.
2-2:30 p.m.       Game No. 2 Lower Seed student-athletes available for
                  interviews in locker room                                                      Day of Regional Championship
2:15-2:30 p.m.    Game No. 2 Higher Seed coach, CBS interview              Practice (closed)
2:30-2:45 p.m.    Game No. 2 Lower Seed coach, CBS interview                 Each team shall be offered 60 minutes of practice time, with a 10-
2:30-3 p.m.       Game No. 2 Higher Seed student-athletes available for    minute break between each practice. There shall be five one-hour time
                  interviews in locker room                                slots, concluding two hours before game time. The teams will select
                       Day of Regional Semifinals                          the actual practice times at the transition meeting, with the higher-seed
General                                                                    having first choice.
10 a.m.                  Backstage work areas open to media                General
1 hour before practice   Team entrance opens                               4 hours before game            Backstage work areas open to media
2 hours before game      Courtside open to media ***                       1 hour before first practice   Team entrance opens
2 hours before game      Arena doors open to public                        2 hours before game            Courtside open to media ***
2 hours before game      Media Buffet                                      2 hours before game            Arena doors open to public
TBA                      Regional Semifinal Game No. 1                     2 hours before game            Media Buffet
TBA                      Regional Semifinal Game No. 2                     TBA                            Regional championship game
Practices (closed)                                                           *** Representatives of CBS Sports, selected still-photography techni-
   Each team shall be offered 60 minutes of practice time. There shall     cians and rights-holding radio networks have access to courtside as
be seven 60-minute time slots. The final window will conclude three        soon as the arena opens to set up equipment, rehearse and perform
hours before tip-off of the first game. The teams will select the actual   other administrative duties. No still photos, videotaping or interviews
times at the pre-tournament meeting. Teams in the first game shall         are permitted.
choose their practice times first, with the higher seeded team choosing                                    Final Four
                                                                                                Day Before National Semifinals
                  Day Before Regional Championship                                      (All activities below will be held in the facility
General                                                                                    Practices are open to media and public.)
10:30 a.m.       Backstage work areas open to media                                                  Game No. 1 Lower Seed
Noon             Transition meeting                                        Noon-12:50 p.m. Practice
Practices (closed)                                                         Head Coach’s Schedule
1-2:30 p.m.     Game No. 1 Winner                                          11:30-Noon         Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and

2:35-4:05 p.m. Game No. 2 Winner                                                              NCAA Radio
                                                                           1-1:15 p.m.        News conference in interview room
News Conferences in Interview Room
                                                                           1:20-1:30 p.m.     Joint CBS interview with other Game No. 1 coach
1:30-2 p.m.   Game No. 2 Winner student-athletes and coach on dais
                                                                           1:45- 2:15 p.m.    Sports-wagering awareness session
2-2:20 p.m.   Game No. 2 Winner Individual news conferences, coach
              on dais, student-athletes in breakout rooms
Student-Athletes’ Schedule                                              Head Coach’s Schedule
11:30-noon       Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and   1:15-1:45 p.m. Sports-wagering awareness session
                 NCAA Radio (selected student-athletes)                 1:45-2:15 p.m. Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and
1-1:30 p.m.      Individual interviews outside locker room                             NCAA Radio
1:15-1:30 p.m.   News conference in interview room (selected student-   2:20-2:30 p.m. Joint CBS interview with other Game No. 2 coach
                 athletes)                                              2:45-3 p.m.    News conference in interview room
1:45-2:15 p.m.   Sports-wagering awareness session                      Student-Athletes’ Schedule
                       Game No. 2 Lower Seed                            1:15-1:45 p.m.   Sports-wagering awareness session
                                                                        1:45-2:15 p.m.   Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and
1-1:50 p.m.      Practice                                                                NCAA Radio (selected student-athletes)
                                                                        2:30-3 p.m.      Individual interviews outside locker room
Head Coach’s Schedule                                                   2:30-2:45 p.m.   News conference in interview room (selected student-
2-2:15 p.m.    News conference in interview room                                         athletes)
2:20-2:30 p.m. Joint CBS interview with other Game No. 2 coach          4:15 p.m.        Pre-tournament meeting
2:45-3:15 p.m. Sports-wagering awareness session
3:15-3:45 p.m. Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and
               NCAA Radio                                                                      Day of National Semifinals

Student-Athletes’ Schedule                                              Practice (closed)
2-2:30 p.m.      Individual interviews outside locker room                 Each team shall be offered one hour of practice time. There shall be
2:15-2:30 p.m.   News conference in interview room (selected student-   five one-hour time slots, with a 10-minute break before each practice.
                 athletes)                                              The final window will conclude on the nearest half-hour five hours
2:45-3:15 p.m.   Sports-wagering awareness session                      before tip-off of the first game. The teams will select the actual times
3:15-3:45 p.m.   Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and
                                                                        at the pre-tournament meeting. Teams in the first game shall choose
                                                                        their practice times first, with the higher-seeded team choosing first.
                 NCAA Radio
                                                                        5:07 p.m. Central: Semifinal Game No. 1 (subject to change)
                       Game No. 1 Higher Seed                           35 minutes after conclusion: Semifinal Game No. 2
2:10-3 p.m.      Practice                                                              Day Before National Championship Game
Head Coach’s Schedule                                                   12:30 p.m.         Transition Meeting
12:45-1:15 p.m. Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and    Winner of Semifinal Game No. 1
                NCAA Radio                                              11-11:30 a.m.    News Conference, Game No. 1 Winner student-athletes
1:20-1:30 p.m.  Joint CBS interview with other Game No. 1 coach                          and coach on dais
1:45-2 p.m.     News conference in interview room                       11:35 a.m.-      Individual news conferences, coach on dais, student-
3:15-3:45 p.m.  Sports-wagering awareness session                       12:05 p.m.         athletes in breakout rooms
                                                                        12:10-12:20 p.m. Coaches joint interview with CBS Sports
Student-Athletes’ Schedule                                              12:25-12:55 p.m. Student-athletes and coach available for individual inter-
12:45-1:15 p.m. Individual interviews with CBS, NCAA Productions and                     views with CBS Sports, NCAA Productions and NCAA
                 NCAA Radio (selected student-athletes)                                  Radio.
1:30-2 p.m.      Individual interviews outside locker room                               Selected other student-athletes available in locker room
1:30-1:45 p.m.   News conference in interview room (selected student-   1-2:30 p.m.      Practice (closed)

3:15-3:45 p.m.   Sports-wagering awareness session

                       Game No. 2 Higher Seed
3:10-4 p.m.      Practice

                                 106                                                                       107
Winner of Semifinal Game No. 2
12:10-12:20 p.m. Coaches joint interview with CBS Sports                                                Appendix O
12:30-1 p.m.     News conference, Game No. 2 Winner student-athletes
                 and coach on dais                                                                             Officials
1:05-1:35 p.m.   Individual news conferences, coach on dais, student-
                 athletes in breakout rooms                                     Arrangements for game officials will be made by the Division I Men’s
                                                                              Basketball Committee. Following are the officiating policies for the 2004
1:55-2:25 p.m.   Student-athletes and coach available for individual inter-
                 views with CBS Sports, NCAA Productions and NCAA
                 Radio.                                                          1. Selection and Assignments.
                 Selected other student-athletes available in locker room           a. The basketball committee will select and assign all game offi-
                                                                                       cials for the championship. Each automatic-qualifying confer-
2:30-4 p.m.      Practice (closed)
                                                                                       ence is guaranteed that a minimum of one of its nominated
                                                                                       game officials, having met the requirements to do so, will be
                  Day of National Championship Game                                    assigned to the tournament. Non-automatic-qualifying confer-
Practice (closed) ***                                                                  ences may also nominate game officials from their officiating
   Each team shall be offered 60 minutes of practice time. There shall                 rosters.
                                                                                    b. The commissioner of each conference is required to provide
be five one-hour time slots with a 10-minute break before each prac-
                                                                                       two separate lists to the basketball committee. One list will
tice, concluding five hours before game time. The actual times shall be
                                                                                       rank in order all game officials who worked 10 or more games
established at the transition meeting. The higher-seeded team shall                    in that conference, number one being the best. The confer-
determine its practice time first. If both teams have the same seed, a                 ence will identify the names of the game officials whom the
drawing will determine the first team to practice. Teams may chose                     conference nominates for consideration to work the tourna-
one of the following time slots:                                                       ment. The second list will rank, in order, those game officials
Team Practice                                                                          whom the conference nominates but who worked fewer than
                                                                                       10 games in that conference. No more than two officials
8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.
                                                                                       should have the same rank. Commissioners will also be asked
9:40 a.m.-10:40 a.m.                                                                   to provide officiating assignments for the final rounds of each
10:50 a.m.-11:50 a.m.                                                                  conference post-season tournament. Lists must be submitted
Noon -1 p.m.                                                                           by each conference no later than February 20.
1:10 - 2:10 p.m.                                                                    c. Conference commissioners will be asked to include the follow-
8:18 p.m. Central: Championship Game                                                   ing information on each nominated official: biographical data,
                                                                                       experience in conference tournaments, exclusions, colleges
  *** Representatives of CBS Sports, selected still-photography techni-                attended, potential conflicts of interest and any other pertinent
cians and rights-holding radio networks have access to courtside as                    information.
soon as the arena opens to set up equipment, rehearse and perform                   d. At its March meeting, the committee will select one three-per-
other administrative duties. No still photos, videotaping or interviews                son crew to officiate the opening round, 32 three-person crews
are permitted.                                                                         (96 officials) to officiate the first round and will assign four
                                                                                       crews to each of the eight first-round sessions. Also, it will
                                                                                       select 56 officials who will remain at a first-/second-round site
                                                                                       to work a second-round game at the site. Once the first-round
                                                                                       games are completed, the committee will assign officials,
                                                                                       including standby officials, will be assigned to the second-

                                                                                       round games. All officials who work in the opening round, first
                                                                                       round or second round (including standbys) are eligible for
                                                                                       assignment to the regionals.

                                   108                                                                            109
   e. Each of the four referees at each first-round site also will serve        round session wish to attend the game(s) that will be played
       as the standby game official for a game not adjacent to the              before their assignment on that day, they will be seated in the
       game the individual is assigned to officiate. See No. 10 in this         overflow media area.
       list.                                                               3.   For regionals and the Final Four, officials will not arrive at the
  f. On Friday, March 12, 2004, the basketball committee will notify            competition site in advance to observe the games they will not be
      the game officials selected to officiate the opening-round                officiating.
      game. Saturday, March 13, the committee will notify the per-         4.   At the opening round, first/second rounds and regionals, an offi-
      sons selected to officiate the first-/second-round games.                 cials evaluation committee will rate (not rank) the officials. The
      Included with the letter of appointment will be an agreement              officials evaluation committee will be composed of a maximum of
      that all game officials are required to sign before officiating in        three pre-assigned coordinators of basketball officials and chaired
      the tournament. The agreement, which also will be distributed             by the basketball committee representative. Each member of the
      at the game officials’ breakfast meeting, will be collected at the        officials evaluation committee will receive a credential for admit-
      conclusion of the meeting. The agreement will outline the terms           tance and the opportunity to purchase two all-session tickets at
      and conditions of the officials’ employment with the NCAA                 the site.
      while officiating in the tournament.                                 5.   No official will be assigned to work any session unless the official
  g. The NCAA national office will notify each tournament manager               agrees to refrain from entering into any officiating commitment the
      of specific assignments for game officials once they are avail-           day before the tournament game date. For the Final Four, each
      able. On Sunday or Monday before the first round, the tourna-             official will agree to not accept any officiating assignment within
      ment manager will notify the officials game of whether they will          five days of the national semifinals for reasons of health and safe-
      work the first round only or both the first- and second-rounds.           ty. For all rounds, the official must also agree to be at the site of
  h. The committee will consider both quality and neutrality when               the game by 9 p.m. the day before the competition. Each game
      making the selections.                                                    official shall contact the tournament manager immediately upon
  i. A telephone conference will be conducted by the basketball                 arrival or notify the tournament manager of any delays.
      committee after the second round to assign crews for regional        6.   Game officials are prohibited from making unprofessional, inap-
      semifinal and final games. Twelve three-man crews (36 offi-               propriate public comments regarding the Division I Men’s
      cials) will be assigned to the four regional sites. The 96 first-         Basketball Championship, participating coaches and/or student-
      round officials will be eligible for a regional assignment. Two           athletes before, during or after the championship. Officials who
      crews will be assigned to the regional semifinals and one to the          violate this policy will jeopardize any future championship officiat-
      regional final at each site. All regional game officials will be          ing assignments.
                                                                           7.   The NCAA staff will send general information to each official, and
      considered as candidates for assignment to the Final Four.
                                                                                the basketball committee representative will be responsible for
  j. Ten officials from the regionals will advance to the Final Four.
                                                                                briefing officials upon their arrival at the tournament site. A meet-
      Of the 10 selected officials, two crews will be assigned to the
                                                                                ing for officials will be held at 10 a.m. a.m. the day of the opening-
      national semifinal games and a third crew will be assigned to
                                                                                round game, 8 a.m. for the first-round games and regional cham-
      work the championship game. One official will serve as the
                                                                                pionship, 9 a.m. for the regional semifinals and at 8 a.m. for the
      standby for all three Final Four games. The committee will
                                                                                national semifinals and national final at the officials’ hotel. Game
      make these assignments no later than the Tuesday preceding
                                                                                officials will be housed in hotel properties separate from the
      the Final Four.                                                           teams and their followers and the officials evaluation committee.
  k. The officials’ conferences or places of residence will not be         8.   The basketball committee member will assign the game officials
      released to the media or public.                                          to the games they are to work and will notify the officials of the
2. After completion of the game that each official works, he or she             referee for each game.
   may remain at the site and be given the opportunity to purchase a       9.   Transportation arrangements shall be made through the NCAA
   maximum of two tickets to the remaining game(s). However, per

                                                                                travel service, Short’s Travel, 866/655-9215. The Association will
   diem and expenses will not be paid after the date that each game             pay transportation expenses not to exceed coach air fare, or 32
   official works. If the officials assigned to work a first-/second-           cents per mile, but not including terminal or other local transporta-
                                                                                tion; $75 per diem; $700 fee per opening-, first- and second-round
                                                                                game; $850 fee per regional game and $1,200 fee per national

                                  110                                                                          111
      semifinal and championship game. Officials’ room and tax for                 (USBWA) and, if the network requests, a representative of CBS
      opening-round, first-/second-round and regional games will be                television shall accompany the committee representative to the offi-
      paid by the host institution/conference and reported on the host             cials locker room to receive an interpretation in order to enhance
      institution/conference’s financial report. Officiating fees will be          the public’s understanding of activities that occurred. No cameras
      paid directly by the NCAA. Two tickets will be available for each            will be permitted. The pool reporter and the CBS representative
      official to purchase for any tournament session, regardless of               must distribute the information to other media.
      whether he or she advances. Officials who are advancing to the                 Additionally, if the basketball committee representative deems it in
      next session will be provided a seat for the game(s) they are not              the best interest of the tournament, a pool reporter may be used
      working, and officials who do not advance must use one of the                  to receive an interpretation pertaining to other specific situations.
      two tickets they may purchase if they choose to attend the next                If the involved game official elects not to speak to the pool
      session.                                                                       reporter, the referee will decide whether the referee or the stand-
10.   The standby official shall be in uniform, prepared to work and                 by official will provide the interpretation on behalf of the officiating
      seated at the official scorers’ table. If a standby official replaces a        crew.
      game official in the first half of a game, the standby official must           The interpretation will apply exclusively to the specific situation.
      complete that half. In the event that the game official is able to        15. A sports committee or games committee may not require mem-
      return after halftime, the game official will work the second half. If         bership in any specific officials association as a prerequisite for
      a standby official replaces a game official in the second half of the          selection to officiate in an NCAA game or tournament. The sports
      game, the standby official will complete the game.                             committee or games committee will ensure that game officials
11.   Standby officials will be reimbursed $200 for the opening-round                adhere to the Association’s policies related to gambling activities
      game and each first-/second-round game and $300 per game for                   and drug and alcohol use. Furthermore, game officials must con-
      subsequent rounds of the tournament. These fees are in addition                duct themselves in a manner befitting intercollegiate athletics.
      to per diem and ground transportation expenses. For first-round                Failure to do so may result in termination of the officiating assign-
      sessions, the referee from Game No. 3 will serve as the standby                ment.
      for Game No. 1; the Game No. 4 referee will serve as standby for
      Game No. 2, and the referees from Game Nos. 1 and 2 will serve
      as standby officials for Game Nos. 3 and 4, respectively. After
      first-round games the basketball committee will designate a sev-
      enth game official at each of the eight sites to serve as standby
      for the second-round games. After the second round, the basket-
      ball committee will identify the official at each site who will serve
      as the standby official for the regional semifinals and final.
12.   Game officials will wear an NCAA patch on their uniforms while
      officiating in NCAA tournament play. Officials may also opt to
      wear an American flag patch on the left sleeve of their uniform.
      No other patch on the uniform will be permitted, unless approved
      by the basketball committee.
13.   When seeking clarification of a rules interpretation for the media,
      only the game officials working that session, the approved stand-
      by official, the designated representative(s) of the basketball com-
      mittee, the national coordinator of basketball officials, the tourna-
      ment manager and the media coordinator (accompanied by a
      member of the basketball committee) will be permitted in the offi-

      cials locker room before, during or after a game.
14.   When a game includes a potential fighting situation that results in
      a technical foul and/or ejection of a participant, a pool reporter
      appointed by the United States Basketball Writers Association

                                     112                                                                             113
                       Appendix P                                        10. No photography equipment (i.e., cameras, strobes) shall be
                                                                             attached to the backboard or goal standards.
                  Print Photography Policies                             11. The media coordinator may approve “special need” requests to
                                                                             place photography equipment in upper arena areas or under the
                                                                             first row of press tables opposite the official table. Cameras may
1. A photographer approved to work on the floor level shall secure           not protrude more than four inches from under the draping. The
   from the media coordinator or representative an armband before            media coordinator should consult with Bill Hancock before autho-
   the first game in each session. All other photographers are               rizing an unmanned camera at any courtside position.
   restricted to the upper photography areas.                            12. Cameras shall not be installed over the playing court without
2. Individuals assigned by the media coordinator to assist photogra-         special permission from the media coordinator. If permission is
   phers on the floor and upper photography levels will provide arm-         granted, the camera shall be double-secured and in position 24
   bands, copies of photo policies, photographers programs and/or            hours before the start of the first game. Requests for such
   speed cards. Photographers should claim play-by-play and sta-             placement shall be made to the media coordinator before March
   tistics in the statistical control center.                                1.
3. Photographers working the floor level are restricted to the “pho-     13. See Appendix 12-C for information regarding strobe lights.
   tographers box” at each end of the playing court except as noted      14. No tripod may be placed on or beside the playing floor.
   below.                                                                15. A still photographer shall not use a flash attachment to the cam-
4. The media coordinator will assign reserved spaces for each floor          era or any other courtside location.
   photographer in the “photographers box.”                              16. Photographers will not be admitted to any potential working posi-
5. At no time may photographers work from directly behind the offi-          tion over the playing court from 60 minutes prior to the first game
   cial table and team benches.                                              of a session until 30 minutes after the second game.
6. Photographers may work from the following areas:                          Newspapers covering a particular team are not guaranteed a
   Practice Day: End zones or from behind Row No. 2 of the court-            floor location when that team is not playing.
   side media area.
   Game Day From the Beginning of Pregame Warm-ups Until End
   of Game: End zones only.
   Between Games of a Session: End zones or along the sideline
   opposite the team benches, to shoot the postgame celebration.
   When the celebration ends, the photographers must return to
   their end zone positions.
   After the Last Game of a Session: Anywhere on the courtside
   apron or behind Row No. 2, of the courtside media area to shoot
   the postgame celebration or the awards ceremony.
7. A photographer assigned to the second photo row may sit on an
   elevation not more than six inches high.
8. Couriers. Couriers and technicians shall not photograph game
   action. Mike Feldman, Associated Press, New York, will coordi-
   nate the assignment of couriers for AP and most newspapers.
   Reuters will coordinate the assignment of its couriers. No indi-
   vidual agency may receive a photo courier credential.
9. Only couriers have “in-and-out” access to the arena and these
   individuals are required to display a credential and an armband.

   They shall not loiter around the playing court or obstruct the view
   of any ticket patron.

                                114                                                                        115
                       Appendix Q                                               itself. Any of the aforementioned circumstances will result in a
                                                                                rights fee for an Internet-only broadcast.
                                                                           5.   Each station or network may use only the maximum number of
                           Radio Policy                                         seats it required to originate 90 percent of the institution’s games
                                                                                during the regular season, but in no instance shall more than
1. Westwood One has radio broadcast rights to all sessions of the               four seats be reserved. Each participating institution shall pro-
   championship, including Internet audio rights (See section 14).              vide Westwood One or its designee the names of the broadcast
   Westwood One will originate live broadcasts via a national net-              crew each station or network employed for all home and away
   work. In addition, rights shall be granted to each participating             games. If it is represented by multiple radio originations, the insti-
   institution’s official radio station or network.                             tution shall designate to Westwood One or its designee the prior-
2. Institutions’ stations or networks must contact Mike                         ity of stations or networks and the number of credentials distrib-
   Dodson at Host Communications (859/226-4390) or e-mail                       uted to outlets—not to exceed a total of nine seats. to obtain the broadcast              6.   A participating or host institution shall make no additional charge
   rights. All stations broadcasting any game of the championship               or receive any additional consideration for the rights accorded
   must complete a radio agreement and submit it to Mr. Dodson                  hereunder to the originating station or network.
   before the game that will be broadcast.                                 7.   No commercial may relate, directly or indirectly, the advertising
   Westwood One or its designee will authorize the form and submit              company or the advertised product to the participating institu-
   it to the site’s media coordinator. On-site radio-network person-            tions or their student-athletes, or the Association itself, unless
   nel also should retain a signed copy of the radio agreement for              prior written approval has been granted by the NCAA president.
   reference.                                                              8.   Westwood One and the NCAA reserve the right of final approval
3. No exclusive rights shall be granted, except in those instances              for all advertising in any championship.
   when a competing institution shall request such rights for a sta-       9.   Any station that does not broadcast a game of a championship,
   tion or network that contracted for exclusive coverage of the insti-         after contracting for such space, shall be required to pay a forfei-
   tution’s regular-season games. Such exclusive rights then shall              ture fee of 50 percent of the initial rights fee for that particular
   be restricted to the markets where exclusivity existed during the            championship.
   regular season. If more than one institution has radio stations in     10.   Only the NCAA Radio Network and CBS television may display
   the same market, then exclusive rights shall not be granted in               banners at the championship site.
   that market.                                                           11.   The commercial format used by radio stations shall conform to
4. All rights fees must be paid to Westwood One or its designee in              acceptable broadcast standards to ensure a quality broadcast.
   advance. Stations will be charged for each game broadcast. If          12.   Following are the policies governing radio originations from the
   the originating station or any station within the network intends to         facility during the tournament by agencies other than Westwood
   stream the broadcast over the Internet via their station’s Web site          One or the institutions’ official networks.
   or any other third-party Web site, then the station’s representa-             a. Live programming may not originate from inside the arena on
   tives should contact the NCAA for information. The station                       game days from tipoff of the first game each day at the site
   streaming the broadcast is required to supply a link to the official             until the end of the last game each day at the site.
   NCAA Championships Web site,                              b. Agencies that do not own play-by-play rights may generate
   The per-game rights fees are as follows:                                         live programming (e.g., news reports, call-in show participa-
   Originating commercial station - $600                                            tion) at times other than the period described in 12- A, as
   All affiliates joining a network - $150 per station                              noted below. Such programming may originate only fromthe
   Non-commercial station that feeds a commercial station - $250                    media workroom.
   Additional Internet streaming fee - $100 (See section 13)                           (1) Agencies that are affiliates of Westwood One or partici-
   Commercial Internet-only fee - $100 (See section 13)                                    pating institution’s network may generate live program-

   (A rights fee will be waived for any non-commercial, university-                        ming for a maximum of ten minutes per hour.
   funded, student-run radio station. The rights fee will be waived                    (2) Agencies that are not affiliates of Westwood One or the
   for Internet-only broadcast if there are no commercials, spon-                          institutions’ networks may generate live programming-
   sored elements or underwriting spots within the broadcast itself.                       for a maximum of one minute per hour.
   In addition, there cannot be any advertising on the audio player

                                 116                                                                           117
    c. Any station or network may report by tape delay on the
       events of the championship at any time for broadcast within                                Appendix R
       the framework of general and sports newscasts.                                                 Strobe Lights
13. Westwood One has exclusive Internet streaming rights and will
    do so in one of the following two ways: (Westwood One and the
    NCAA will notify participating institutions of the chosen policy.)     A maximum of three sets of strobe lights may be installed at an arena
    a. Any station or network intending to stream its broadcast must     for media agencies requiring immediate news coverage. The placement
       do so by providing the stream to Westwood One, which              of the units must be approved by the NCAA.
       would then make the link available on
       as a complimentary element of a subscription package.                The purpose of this policy is to provide the fullest high-quality still
       Participating institutions, stations and/or networks would        photographic coverage possible for media agencies in deadline situa-
       advise patrons to access the stream at            tions without seriously affecting the quality of the network telecasts of
       Under this scenario, the NCAA and Westwood One would              the games.
       waive all Internet streaming rights fees.                             1. Following are the strobe-use priorities:
    b. In the event that does not aggregate all                 a. Sports Illustrated.
       Internet streams through its subscription package, each par-            b. The Associated Press, Reuters and USA Today. (These
       ticipating institution, station or network would provide the               agencies shall pool one set of strobe lights unless Priority “a”
       stream directly from its own Internet site, and would also pro-            or “c” is not enacted.)
       vide a link to Stations or networks would               c. A single pool unit for all other media agencies may be
       be charged an Internet streaming rights fee as described in                installed upon the approval of the NCAA.
       Section No. 4.                                                      Should Sports Illustrated, the Associated Press, Reuters or USA
14. Questions regarding these policies may be directed to Greg           Today elect not to install strobe units, the unused priority may be
    Weitekamp at the NCAA national office (phone: 317/917-6265 or        transferred to another agency, provided that the policies in No. 2
    e-mail:, or Bill Hancock (317/917-6499          below are observed.
    or e-mail: at the NCAA.
                                                                            Porter Binks of Sports Illustrated (212/522-3325)—or another indi-
                                                                         vidual designated by the NCAA—will coordinate the installation of
                                                                         strobe units at each site and identify for the media coordinator those
                                                                         photographers who will use the strobes. A fee may be assessed by the
                                                                         strobe coordinator to cover installation, power, arena fees and equip-
                                                                         ment costs on a shared basis among the users.
                                                                           No single agency may install more than one set of strobes at a site,
                                                                         regardless of the number of units that will be used.
                                                                           2.The following procedures govern the placement of the strobe units.
                                                                               a. Representatives of each media agency installing a unit shall
                                                                                  meet with the media coordinator and CBS producer assigned
                                                                                  to the site at 4:30 p.m. local time on the open practice day to
                                                                                  test the placement of the strobes and determine if the strobes
                                                                                  potentially have a negative impact on the telecast. The bas-
                                                                                  ketball committee representative has the final authority to
                                                                                  determine if adjustments in the placement or angle of the

                                                                                  units must be altered.
                                                                               b. Strobes only may be used if approved by the basketball com-
                                                                                  mittee representative after the foregoing test.
                                                                               c. All hanging or installed strobes must be placed as close to the

                                 118                                                                         119
          playing court as possible, depending upon the physical struc-
          ture of the arena, near the corners of the playing court, but not                            Appendix S
          behind the baskets. If the physical structure of an arena pre-                      Television Commercial Format
          vents a media agency from meeting these specifications, the            The television commercial format during the NCAA Division I
          agency may petition the basketball committee for an excep-          Men’s Basketball Championship allows a maximum of 27 minutes of
          tion.                                                               commercial time per game. In addition to that time, the network may
     d.   No hand-carried strobe lights may be used during the game.          also air commercials during 60-second team-called timeouts in each
          They may be used during awards ceremonies and postgame              overtime period.
          celebrations.                                                          Ten "full television timeouts" shall be permitted per game. Those
     e.   No strobes may be directed toward a television lens.                include four each half, at the first non-shooting dead-ball situation
     f.   The approved strobe-light setup shall consist of three sets of
                                                                              after the game clock passes 16, 12, eight and four minutes remaining.
                                                                              The other two "full television timeouts" will be the first team-called
          four heads each, installed in the catwalks at the four corners of
                                                                              timeout in each half. That timeout does not replace one of the sched-
          the arena. The placement should be as close to directly over        uled "full television timeouts." For example, if the first team-called
          the corners of the court as possible. If, because of the config-    timeout in the second half occurs with 15:58 remaining in the half, that
          uration of the arena and the catwalks, an adjustment of the         timeout becomes a "full television timeout;" another "full television
          placement is necessary, a variation must be approved by the         timeout" will be called at the next non-shooting dead-ball situation.
          basketball committee.                                                  The network is not guaranteed any in-action breaks other than the
     g.   The strobe lights for a conventional (non-dome) arena must          four "full television timeouts" in each half. All other in-action breaks
          not exceed 2,400 watt-seconds for each power pack, and the          are contingent on teams calling timeouts. The length of the timeouts
          flash duration should be less than 1/1000-second. A typical         are as follows:
          approved installation would consist of four power packs with           Each "full television timeout" shall last two minutes, 15 seconds
          four-tube heads on each pack. In the instance of unusually          from the time the teams arrive at their benches to the "second horn."
          high-ceilinged buildings or domes, additional power units and
                                                                                 Each team will have available the normal complement of four 30-
                                                                              second timeouts and one 60-second timeout. Except for the first one
          strobe heads may be used, as long as they are producing an
                                                                              called in each half, all team-called timeouts shall last 30 or 60 seconds
          equivalent light on the court and the flash duration meets the      from the time the teams arrive at their benches to the "second horn."
          criteria.                                                              In overtime, timeouts will last 60 seconds from the time the teams
  Strobe use is intended for coverage of game action by media involved        arrive at their benches to the "second horn."
in news coverage of the championship. Strobe use is not permitted by             During the regionals and the Final Four, the network may extend
photographers who have been assigned feature profiles for current or          any two timeouts by 10 seconds; these extensions shall not be used for
future publications such as books or preview magazines, e.g., photo-          commercial or promotional purposes. Following is the permissible
graph(s) of a individual players, coaches or fans.                            commercial format:
                                                                              Before game
                                                                              Two minutes of local-affiliate commercials on Thursday and Friday
                                                                              evening games. (Does not count toward total.)
                                                                              Break 1: Two minutes of commercials.
                                                                              During first half
                                                                              Breaks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Two minutes of commercials. (Four television time-
                                                                              outs after 16, 12, 8 and 4, plus the first team-called timeout expands to
                                                                              a full timeout).

                                                                              During halftime
                                                                              Break 7: One 60-second break.
                                                                              90-second local affiliate break. (Does not count toward total.)

                                     120                                                                         121
Break 8: One 60-second break.
Break 9: One 30-second break.                                                                       Appendix T
90-second local affiliate break. (Does not count toward total.)                          Use of Footage by Television Entities
During second half
Breaks 10, 11, 12, 13, 14: Two minutes of commercials. (Four television     1. Videotaped, filmed or audio excerpts of a National Collegiate
timeouts after 16, 12, 8 and 4, plus the first team-called timeout in the      Athletic Association (“NCAA”) game of the Division I Men’s
second half, which expands to a full timeout).                                 Basketball Championship (“Highlights”) may be used for news
                                                                               purposes only in regularly scheduled news programs up to 72
Break 15: 30-second commercial (If timeout is called by a team).               hours after they become available for news use under the follow-
Break 16: 30-second commercial (If timeout is called by a team).               ing guidelines. A “news broadcast” shall be a regularly sched-
Break 17: 30-second commercial (If timeout is called by a team).               uled program devoted exclusively to general news and/or sports
                                                                               news. Sports entertainment programs do not qualify under this
Postgame                                                                       provision.
Break 18: Any of above breaks that did not air in-game.                     2. An approved telecaster may use a maximum of three minutes of
                                                                               footage on a sports news broadcast. Television entities may not
                                                                               air highlights until the CBS “window” for that competition has
                                                                               been completed. The graphic “Courtesy CBS Sports“ must
                                                                               accompany all highlights.
                                                                            3. A station/network may not broadcast live reports and/or live pro-
                                                                               gramming from the site of the tournament competition (e.g.,
                                                                               arena proper, hallways, interview, working media or dressing
                                                                               rooms) on practice or game days.
                                                                            4. Highlights may not be sold, traded, loaned or given away to any
                                                                               other entity and may not be used commercially for on-air promo-
                                                                               tion or in any other manner not specifically set forth in these poli-
                                                                               cies without prior written permission from the NCAA. By way of
                                                                               illustration, but not limitation, without a specific separate license
                                                                               from NCAA, championship game footage may not be used (i) in
                                                                               pregame shows, (ii) in weekly sports highlights shows, (iii) in
                                                                               commercials, (iv) in a “sponsored segment” of a program, (v) in
                                                                               “on-air” promotions (e.g., “tune-in” promotion or “tease”), (vi) as
                                                                               “file footage,” or (vii) for any other use (e.g., archival) not specifi-
                                                                               cally permitted by these policies.
                                                                            5. Telecasters may broadcast live feeds of news conference taken
                                                                               from the video and audio distribution facilities provided by the
                                                                            6. No television entity — broadcast or cable — may incorporate,
                                                                               superimpose, or “burn in” into any tournament highlights a logo,
                                                                               trademark, advertise-ment, scoreboard or other graphic without
                                                                               prior written permission from the NCAA.
                                                                            7. Highlights from NCAA tournament game telecasts may only be

                                                                               used by a telecaster if such telecaster is party to a reciprocal
                                                                               agreement with CBS Sports for highlight usage.

                                   122                                                                         123
 8. In consideration for access to video and/or record audio excerpts
    of a tournament game, the television entity agrees, upon the
    request of the NCAA, to supply the NCAA with a videotape or
    audio recording (as may be the case) of any program incorporat-
    ing highlights and hereby consents to the use of excerpts from
    such a program by the NCAA.
 9. NCAA and CBS Sports shall have the authority to withdraw per-
    mission for the use of highlights by appropriate notice at any time
    and for any reason.
10. Under no circumstances may any highlights be broadcast or oth-
    erwise distributed on the Internet or via any other online service
    or computer service without the prior written consent of NCAA
    and CBS Sports.
11. Neither these policies nor the rights granted herein may be
    assigned or otherwise transferred in any manner without the prior
    written consent of NCAA.
    Use of highlights constitutes acceptance of these policies in the
    form of a licensing agreement between the telecaster and NCAA.


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