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 -What is it?
 -How do you get it?
 -How do you loose ?
 -Why bother?
       A brand is not a logo

• A logo is short for logotype
• Which is a custom lettered word
  – Coca Cola
• The Nike swoosh is a trademark
  Brand is not an identity program
• Identity programs control use of logos and
  trademarks and fonts on:
  – Signs
  – Letterhead
  – Business cards
  – Ads
  – Uniforms
  – Publications
• A Brand is not a product or service
• A Brand is not what you designed
• A Brand IS your markets’ collective
  gut reaction to your business.
• A Brand is not what you say it is
• A brand is what they say it is
           U.S. Currency
• Gold and silver
• Become Silver Certificates backed by
  silver reserves
• Become Federal Deposit notes backed by
• A BRAND called America
• A Brand so strong we trust paper!
       Brand is based on trust
•   Disney
•   IKEA
•   IBM
        A Charismatic Brand
• Has no substitute
• It makes ordinary table salt a commodity
            1. Differentiate
• Who are you?
• What do you do?
• Why does it matter?

• We are John Deere. We make farm tractors
  and related equipment. It matters because
  generations of farmers have trusted our
Why Differentiation Counts.
•Who are you?
•What do you do?
•Why does it matter?
         Marketing Emphasis
• Products-Features-What it has

• Service-Benefits-what it does

• Experience-How it makes you feel

• Identification-Who are you
           Brand Extensions
• Often fail if they are profit driven
  – Porsche a classic sports car selling SUVs
• Often succeed if they add mass and
  definition to the brand
  – OXO easy grip kitchen utensils
• Only one competitor can be cheapest.
• Others must differentiate by branding
• The stronger the brand, the greater the
• Brands are little gods
• Each ruling a mood, need or activity
• Brands require focus
  – Harley is not BMW
  – Focus require tough decisions
  – Over time specialists beat generalists
• People base their buying decisions more
  on symbolic cues than features, benefits
  and price.
• Make sure your symbols are compelling.
  – IBM SECURITY-the pillow ad.
  – Apple ?
  – Coca Cola ?
• Ads, PR, Events, Programs, Service,
  Strategy, Promotions, Web, Publications,
  Name, Facility, Uniform, Signs, Staff,
            3- Innovate
• Bland or Brand
• When others ZIG, ZAG
• CRUNCH original
• Observe how people actually use your
• Cover up test
• Prototype testing
   My Summary of Key Points
• From BRAND GAP by Marty Neumeier

• ‘The surprise book of the year’ Fast

• Follow Up Book is called ZAP

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