Guess the Covered Guess the Covered Word Vocabulary Lesson 9 by liaoqinmei


									 Guess the
Covered Word
Vocabulary Lesson 9 by Gabriela
Rodriguez, Michelle Hornedo and
       Ricardo Riverale
My mother was
adamant that I not
go to the part
The team members put
aside their differences
once they realized that
camaraderie was their
only ticket to winning
the game.
Citizens who do not
comply with the law
usually suffer severe
I decided to propitiate
matters between me
and my friend Michelle
with whom I had
recently argued.
She got up and insulted
the teacher on the
pretext that she should
be able to excise her
volition as she desired.
Scientists of the time
refused to acquiesce to
Galileo’s innovative
scientific reforms.
The girl balked her
chores when she
realized dish-washing
would eventually ruin
her manicure.
My cantankerous
grandfather scolded my
sister for incessant
Her presumptuous air
came from her
erroneous belief that
she was the smartest
girl in school.
Small children are
usually gullible due to
their tractable minds.
Sentence with first
word. Cover the word
with the curtain.

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