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Fashion By Gini Stephens Frings Prentice Hall Retail Selling Jaico Publishing Appareal Textiles Export Customer Relationship Management TMH Principles of Management TMH Apparel Production Management-Diploma Blackwell Science MERCHANDISING Total Quality Management Springer Apparel Product Development Apparel Manufacturing Analysis Prentice Hall Materials Management Pearson Managing Productivity in the Apparel Industry CBS Publishers Transport Management TMH Apparel Production Management Blackwell Science Apparel Quality Management New Age International Retailing Management TMH Logistics and retail management Kogan Page Publishers Operations Management TMH Inventory Management PHI Supply Chain Management Retail Management Jaico Publishing Retail Operations Cengage Learning Marketing Management Prentice Hall Retail Buying Techniques Management Books Supply Chain Strategy Prentice Hall Brand Management Vikas Publishing House Fashion Buying Blackwell Science Merchandising Mathematics Fashion Marketing Blackwell Science Patternmaking for Fashion Design Prentice Hall The Business Of Design Longman General Management. Pearson Consumer Behaviour Business Communication PHI International Business TMH Personel Management Himaliya Publishers Fashion Design: Process, Innovation & Practice. lackwell Science B Fashion Illustration -1 Fashion Illustration -II Garment Technology for Fashion Designers Blackwell Science Consumer Behaviour In Fashion Prentice Hall Textile Nanufucturing


Fashion By Gini Stephens Frings Retail Selling By Peter Fleming Appareal Textiles Export By pradip Joshi Customer Relationship Management By Jagdish Seth Principles of Management,3/e By P N P & Reddy Tripathi Techonology Of Clothing manufucturing By harold Type a description for this product here... Total Quality Management By Hubert K. Rampersad Apparel Marketing & Merchandising By Seshadri Apparel manufacturing By Ruth E. Glock, Grace I. Kunz Introduction to Materials Management By J.R.Tony Arnold Managing Productivity in the Apparel Industry By Rajesh Bheda Supply chain logistics management By Donald J. Bowersox, David J. Closs, M. Bixby Cooper Introduction to Clothing Production Management By A. J. Chuter Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry By Pradip V. Mehta, Satish K. Bhardwaj, National Institute of Fashion T Retailing management By Michael Levy, Barton A. Weitz Logistics and retail management By John Fernie, Leigh Sparks Production and Operations Management By S.N. Chary Inventory Management By D.Chandra Bose Retail Management By Gibson G. Vedamani Retail Environment & operations Management By Andrew Newman, Peter Cullen Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller Retail Buying Techniques By Fiona Elliott, Janet Rider, Janet Morpeth, British Shops and Stores Association Supply Chain Management By Sunil Chopra Brand Management by ylr moorti Fashion Buying By Helen Goworek Fashion Buying And Merchandising management Fashion Marketing By Mike Easey Patternmaking for Fashion Design By Helen Joseph Armstrong Inside Fashion Design By Sharon Lee Tate, Mona Shafer Edwards General Management Management Stoner ( management 6 edition ) Business Communication Today - Bovee International Business By A Aswathappa Personel Management ByC.B. Momoria Fashion Design: Process, Innovation & Practice By Kathryn McKelvey, Janine Munslow Fashion Illustration -1 By Ritu Fashion Illustration -II Garment Technology for Fashion Designers By Gerry Cooklin Consumer Behaviour In Fashion by Michale Solomon. Textile Nanufucturing by M.G. Kulkarni


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