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Slide 1 American Association of Critical Care Nurses Lessons Learned Rebuilding the Greater New Orleans Chapter of AACN

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									 Lessons Learned:
   Rebuilding the
Greater New Orleans
 Chapter of AACN
              Denise Bonura-Henry, RN
                CAT Region 12 (AR, LA, MS)

                       Liz Stevens, RN
                     President-Elect GNOC

                   Michelle Rihner, RN
                          President GNOC
• Identify challenges facing a chapter post

• List strategies that can be used to
  rebuild and/or revitalize a chapter

• Utilizing the President’s Theme to gain
  strength and regroup
 Lessons Learned:
   Rebuilding the
Greater New Orleans
 Chapter of AACN

              Denise Bonura-Henry, RN
                CAT Region 12 (AR, LA, MS)
Disaster Struck

 August 29, 2005
       Impact on Healthcare

• 14 hospitals prior to Katrina
• 3 hospitals remained opened during/after
• Currently 8 hospitals opened
    Impact on GNOC Members

•   Do we have jobs?
•   Where will we live?
•   Where will our children attend school?
•   Families split between cities/states
•   Retirement and lost benefits
        Where is everybody?
•   Members scattered across the country
•   504 area code down
•   985 area code overloaded
•   No mail, UPS, FedEx
•   Chapter information at homes of
    – Home addresses
    – Home and work phone numbers
    – Cell phone numbers not in database
Finding Strength and
 Engaged in Strategies to
    Find Our Nurses
• GNOC website
  – ET’s Phone home not an option
  – Engage in today’s technology with “email
    • “Where are you?”
    • “What do you need?”
    • “What is your situation?”
   Engaged in Strategies to
      Find Our Nurses
• AACN office and its resources
  – A means of communication; a link between local
  – Phone conference call with Pres. Debbie Brinker,
    Pres-elect Mary Fran Tracy, and CEO Wanda
  – AACN Katrina Disaster Connection Center – a
    message board on AACN’s website
    Engaged in Strategies to
       Find Our Nurses
•   Word of Mouth
•   Hospital visits
•   Engaging your CAT
•   Visit from AACN Pres Debbie Brinker
    and Pres-elect Mary Fran Tracy
  Meeting and Resuming
    Chapter Business
• Teamwork and shared responsibilities
  – Sensitivity to each one’s own situation
  – Stepping up to the plate
• Hospital liaisons or “Chapter
Finding Strength and
 Lessons Learned:
Rebuilding the Greater
New Orleans Chapter
      On The Frontline
   Michelle Martello Rihner
   GNOC AACN President
This is our love, This is our life,
 This is our home, Louisiana,
This is our day, come what may,
        This is our home.
Lessons Learned:
Rebuilding the Greater
New Orleans Chapter
Lessons Learned
        • Been there,
        • Did that,
        • Got the T- shirt

        • If only I had….
              Lessons Learned
• In order:                     • Recover
   – To prepare for “it could
     happen to us”              • Rebuild
   – To regroup from
     whatever “storm” may
                                • Renew
     have befallen you
   – To save the life of a
     chapter “on your shift”:
Chronicles of
“Warning Ya”
      Preparation- the Board
• Design an emergency protocol and review
  with all levels of the chapter, once a year through
  meetings, email, newsletters

• Each board member knows how to easily
  access chapter emergency contact information
      Preparation-the Board
• All members of the board should have a hard
  (Paper/CD) copy list of board/chapter members
  to easily store/transport

• Design a board “emergency phone tree” to be
  activated in the situation of an urgent
             On Line Archival
• Set up this information on an online archival
  – At the chapter e-mail site
     • Have folders listed for each officer or task
        Board contact list
        Membership list/ Mailing list
        Facility liaison list
        Financial reports
         On-Line Archival
• Purchase a
  program for
  online archiving
•Engage- Why should I invest
my energy into this task

   Internal: Officers
   External: Members, Patients

•Transform- Take action
          In The Emergency
• With the email/phone tree system:

• As appropriate: each officer takes their
  respective Chapter binders, information discs
  with them or knows how to access the

• Remind each officer to contact the Chapter
  President/ National ASAP after the event
           In The Face of the

• President notifies the National Office-Chapter
  Relations (Mitzi Inman), reference point for all
  board members to communicate with, if they
  are unable to reach local chapter leaders

• President establish correspondence with the
  Regional CAT
• Establish an “out-of-the-area” National
  contact name and maintain communication
  with that same person

• Converse with a minimal # of people and
  establish a record of communications with a
  “notebook” and converse consistently with
  your CAT
  In The Emergency-Chapter

• Minimize communications to only those

  – Establish members’ personal safety, needs of
    family members
  – Refer all members to a central site of
    communication, AACN web site, local resources if
    available: ARC, FEMA, banks

• Powered by insight

• And each other
Rise Strategy
• Where is everyone?

• Contact Board members first –phone,
  email, text message

• Establish an updated contact list for the
  board and be certain that all members of
  the board receive each other’s new
• Locate membership:
    – E-mails are sent out first as possible
    – Postal service mail is attempted second
•   Printers have moved to ??????
•   Mailers( mail services) are MIA or moving still
•   P. O. Box is closed, no mail delivery
•   Post office itself moves
•   Mail service now takes weeks to deliver by way of
           Rise: CONTACT
• Contact Chapter members

• Contact chapter vendors that provided
  communication services and send out an
  immediate contact flier
  – Mailers 1: never found
  – Mailer 2: found them…then lost them???
  – Mailer 3: found 30 miles North
• Thoughts for the day:

   – Do a physical mailing to a “pre-disaster”
     membership list

   – Initially, use first class delivery to accumulate
     information on displaced/ “non-deliverable”

   – Certain zip codes are not receiving mail at all
– Bulk mailing is not permitted to certain zip
  codes including journals

– Initiate E-mailing to any current facility

– Conduct member-delivery of fliers to facilities
  as possible
There is no greater gift
  than your physical
                Rise: Contact
• Field Rides

• Officer/s divide chapter area into quadrants

• List all facilities with active critical care units
   – Walk into every hospital, every unit
• On the Field Ride
• Bring fliers with:

  – Local chapter statements/ priorities
  – National contacts list
  – Local chapter contacts list
     • web sites
     • email addresses
            At each unit:
– Assess staff member/ unit losses and

– Establish specific facility liaison contact per
  email/phone: Critical Care Circle

– Communicate findings to the board/ chapter
  as feasible
                    Hear us…
Flier for Fall
Field Rides>
                   AACN Katrina
                 Connection Center
                  We are listening
AACN helping nurses……

AACN has launched a special online Katrina hurricane disaster connection center, which combines
existing resources with a new one developed in response to communications with members from
the impacted areas as well as from across the country. The latter is a message board where nurses
wanting to provide assistance can post what they have to offer and nurses needing assistance can
respond directly to them.
AACN has received numerous inquiries from its chapters and individual members about how they
can help their Gulf Coast colleagues. And, during a recent conference call with a group of members
from the New Orleans area, AACN leadership heard about the need for a way to connect with
displaced colleagues and others.
The message board will be a place to post offers of assistance, such as available jobs,
temporary housing, furniture and personal items.
Also in this online center are the existing resources that were posted immediately following the
hurricane and the “Share Your Stories” area, where members are posting accounts of their personal
To access this new online resource, go to > AACN Announcements > AACN Katrina
Disaster Connection Center.
…….Nurses helping the Gulf Coast
Please help us help others……..

            We, the local chapter of GNOC- AACN, would like to extend our deepest gratitude and
            appreciation for all the critical care nurses who aided our community before, during,
            after the hurricanes.
            We, as your local chapter, are trying to locate our displaced critical care nurses.
            If you should happen to know of one of our members who had to move to due to the hurricanes,
            please have them connect with us through the AACN web site.
            There is a “Locate a Colleague”page for members to contact our chapter officers directly. This
            page can also be used for connecting our critical care nurses who have been separated from
            their peers.

            The site is intended to help the displaced members and critical care nurses find assistance
            through local resources or the many concerned chapters in our organization. Displaced
            members and critical care nurses can liaison with other AACN members in their current
            geographic area.
            We would greatly appreciate your help in this most important of endeavors.
            Our AACN officers have been in contact with us and helping as they can. Some of our officers
            are hoping to come to the New Orleans area in the end of January. They are here to give their
            support, hear your concerns, and needs. We will update you as the dates near.
            Our thoughts and best wishes are with you all at this time.
            Please help us :
            Engage and transform Critical Care Nursing, New Orleans, and our neighbors
            We are with you.
   >AACN Announcements> AACN Katrina Disaster Connection Center (on
            the home page, top, left, in red)
Hello to you from AACN-GNOC,

If we have not been able to meet with you directly, we are hoping to work with you in the mutual endeavor of
bringing quality critical care to our community.
Because of the hurricanes, we have lost contact with many of our displaced members and critical care nurses. We
would like your help in communicating with them.
If we may receive your email address, personal or with the institution, we will e-mail flyers, communications,
update, resources etc. directly to your address . We would like you to post these flyers to aid in reaching all our
We will also be emailing you about various forms of support, for the nurses , from resources as it becomes
available. We would like your assistance in making sure these resources reach those nurses in need.
Please visit the AACN Katrina site. There are options to post job openings, locate colleagues, and several other
pages to assist the Gulf Coast Nurses recover. >AACN Announcements> AACN Katrina
Disaster Connection Center (on the home page, top, left, in red)
If you should have any questions, please feel free to call Michelle Rihner at 504-338-4244 or email
Engaging and transforming Critical Care Nursing , New Orleans, and her Neighbors,
Michelle M Rihner R.N., BSN,CCRN
President Elect AACN-GNOC
• Create the e-mail contact list of all facility
  contacts and email the same list to the board

• Place the post-event facility contact list in the
  archival system so all officers and facilities can
  contact each other directly
        January- AACN Visit
• Chose 4 major facilities that operated
  throughout the storm
• Made contact with facility representatives with
  goals and general itinerary of the national visit
• These representatives coordinated interviews
  with staff members in each unit from various
  shifts and experiences
EJGH- (L-R)Greg Wood,Pam Taylor,. Kelly Spalt,Jeanie
Smith,Liz,Lynn Strain
A big Thank You smile from Pam
her gift
coat from
on a chilly
day in
Krista, Sonja, Erin
Janice Taulli -Lasseigne,Michelle, Paula Kensler, Liz, Krista,Denise Bonura-
Henry ,Nicole Judice
Krista in the chair…at the dental clinics
at the Spirit of Charity tents.
Pivotal Ingredient for Success
                 Our 1st Meeting
• Annual CCRN dinner that had been cancelled due
  to Katrina
• Features an “O” topic: Balance: Myth or Legend
• Update membership files, data, displaced
  members lists
Charitable donations
   – Jackets :AACN contacted by Chadwick’s
      • Many are donated to local schools
   – Financial assistance donated by chapters
   – Gifts donated by chapters
      OOPS- Postal Services
• Officer Ballots are returned- Our GNOC P.O.
  Boxes are closed
• Flier send outs are delayed
• Officer activity
  – “Elect” officers have received little training
• Membership list is defunct
• National reports are due..stay in touch
  – Design a calendar
  NTI 2006
Presentation at NTI
Messages of Hope
 Continuing to Rise and Moving
• Empower- here are the tools and the
  authority to move forward

• Insight- built upon experience and
Are we all working in the same
direction?-Mission Statement
               •   Lots of activity
               •   Lots of exertion
               •   No forward motion
               •   Everyone ends up
                   a little dirty

• Leaders at all levels of the ladder
• Leaders of all diversities and cultures
     Leadership Walter Lippman
• The final test of a leader is that
• he leaves behind him
• in other men
• the conviction and the will to
  carry on.
      We will rise

Powered by insight
• August 2006
• Co-sponsored a meeting with the Association
  of American Medical Surgical Nursing
  – Increase attendance
  – Increase cohesive nursing force
  – Increase resources
            November 2006
• Field Rides

• Newsletters initiated
  – All trackable members
  – Critical Care Circle
                   Field Rides
•   Meeting Fliers
•   Newsletters
•   Announcements
•   Contact information for local and national
•   Finger food containers
•   Labels with contact information and our message:
    – We are with you
    – We will rise…powered by insight…and each other
• Between chapter/board meetings

  – E mailing of newsletters to facility liaisons

  – Physical delivery of newsletters/fliers as
    December Program Meeting
•   Agenda of meeting activities
•   Field ride results posted
•   Newsletter available
•   Design and announce Priorities of the chapter
• January-
• Sponsored Business Meeting
  – Activate Committees
     • Chaired and designed to assist each office
     • President: Minute Man
     • President Elect: Program
     • Treasurer/Elect: Finances, Grants
     • Secretary: Critical Care Circle, Ambassadors
     • Board 1 Year: Membership/ Community Project
     • Board 2 Year: Membership
Creating a Visually Active Chapter
 – Co-ordinate with another association

 – Announce a business agenda for every
   meeting and a change in meeting format

 – Board members give office reports at every
           Board Meetings
• February
   – Encourage all members/ non-members to
   – Board-Officer Meeting Checklist
   – New Meeting format/ Officer Reception
   – Interface with state government
   – Interact with other Nursing Specialty
     You always have an attitude
•   Is the …Glass half full
•   Is the …Glass half empty
•   -OR-
•   Now where did I put that glass????
    Positive Situational Focusing
•   See and acknowledge the positive
•   See and acknowledge the negative
•   Keep the assessment factual and in the present
•   Assign the appropriate meaning and weight to
    the +/- of the situation….

    –what will be the return on your
• E=Events,
 Experience plus
• R= Response to the
• O= Outcome

          Officer Motivation
• Environment we are living in
• Focus on the role, acknowledge the person’s
• Design simple, clarified roles
• Learn; teach; and then have the learners teach
• Assist in the determination and use of resources at
  all levels
If that doesn’t work…
Everyone has a role..
           • Everyone has a specific role in
             a group:
           role appreciation
           • That role is based on the
             strength that a team member
             innately has
           • This role becomes their
             contribution to the team:
           group dynamics

           • A teammate is someone
             who can look right
             through you and still
             enjoy the view!!
• March
  – New Physical Officer Reception line to meet all
    members and offer services/reports
     •   Treasurer and their Elect- Registration
     •   Board Members-Membership- AACN,GNOC/Community
     •   Secretary-Liaisons/Correspondences
     •   Announcements-President
     •   Presentation Introduction-President Elect

  – Meeting provides as an educational liaison for
    other offerings
  – Ballots
  – Dead President’s Society****
  – Active Communication with Committees
  – Calendar of annual activities designed
Prepare for: Loss
• Online communication system-Critical Care
• Attendance to program meetings increases from
  30-40 attendees/meetings to over 60
• Growing number of facilities represented at each
• Growing number of new members at each
• Committees--   WITH volunteers
• Officers who re-enlist for terms
• Growing new leaders
• Growing new professional nursing
  relationships to form a nursing solidarity
• Engaged, transformed, and powered by
  insight and
•What we learn
 after we know it
  • Rejoice in our suffering
  • Suffering produces
  • Perseverance; character
  • And character; hope
Romans 5:3

Guthrie,E. Miller,W. Making Change.
-Minneapolis:Interpersonal Communications

Lower, J.S. Transitioning to Charge Nurse
-10/2006 Advance for Nurses, PA.

Miller , J. QBQ The Question Behind The
  Question. Denver: Denver Press,2001.

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