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                               To The ABA MArkeTiNg NeTWork

                                  n today’s economy bank marketers are expected to
                                  work faster, better, and more efficiently than ever
                                  before. That’s why successful professionals are
                               constantly searching for time-saving solutions that
                               work, updates on the latest marketing trends and best
                               practices, and peer-to-peer exchanges that yield new
                               ideas and information.

                               As the only nationwide network of bank marketers,
                               the ABA Marketing Network allows marketing
                               professionals to tap into a wealth of expertise and
                               ideas. Membership is an exceptional value, providing
                               special services, discounts, and resources, as well
                               as instant access to hundreds of bank marketing
                               professionals. With a steady stream of on-target
                               publications, networking opportunities and learning
                               programs, ABA Marketing Network members never
                               have to look far for the strategies they need to raise
                               the bar on their performance.

          e did not invent the telephone or the internet,
          but we found a way to make good use of
          both. Through the ABA Marketing Network,
  bank marketers can multiply their marketing efforts by
  connecting with their peers across the country.

                                                                               “ There’s no reason to put effort into “thinking outside the
  ABA Marketing Network Professional                                           box” – membership in the ABA Marketing Network brings
  Online Community                                                             with it all you need; an unlimited pool of talented members
  This Web-based community leverages technology to bring all ABA
                                                                               willing to share ideas, successes, and failures, whether it be
  Marketing Network members more functionality. The site is a private
  meeting place that provides members of ABA Marketing Network with:           at a conference or via e-mail. And best of all, unlike the tons
  n An interactive discussion forum for exchanging ideas and information       of unsolicited advice we all get in the mail, the ideas shared
  n Marketing resource library full of useful articles, white papers, and
                                                                               within the ABA Marketing Network community are ideas
  n Samples of member’s marketing collateral and templates to inspire          among bank marketing professionals who share the
     your creative side                                                        same trench as you do. ”
  n And much, much more
                                                                                                                                              David M. Kreiman
                                                                                                                                          Senior Vice President
  Be sure you are taking advantage of your member-exclusive benefits at                                                       Glenview State Bank, Glenview, IL
                                                                                                                                         $852 Million in Assets
                                                                               Membership Directory
  Conferece Networking                                                         our online membership directory provides easy access to members across
  Networking with peers at the annual ABA Marketing Conference is easy.        the state or across the country. easy and fast - it’s all at your fingertips at
  Members get special recognition by receiving an ABA Marketing Network
  membership ribbon at the conference. You’ll be able to identify fellow
  members easily, which opens up opportunity for discussion with your peers.   Telephone Briefings/Webcasts
                                                                               Timely and Cost-Efficient
  ABA Marketing Network Web Site                                               Bank marketers can get timely and comprehensive information on a variety
  Take advantage of the ABA Marketing Network’s member-only portal on          of industry topics without having to leave the office. ABA telephone briefings
  the Web site: You’ll have access to            and webcasts are an easy and economical way to stay on top of issues in
  information about ABA publications, schools and conferences, and various     today’s challenging economy. get the jump on your competition by attending
  marketing resources. it’s the smart way to stay current with the latest      one of the many sessions. You can easily find out what hot topics are being
  marketing topics impacting the financial services industry.                  addressed by going to
“ I see the Marketing Network as an invaluable extension of
what began with my School of Bank Marketing experience. The
ability to network with my peers on a national level is made
even easier today with daily e-mails, forum discussions, and
information sharing among noncompeting financial marketers. I
can honestly say that my CFMP certification played a significant
factor in obtaining a senior management position, and I would
highly recommend participation in the Marketing Network to
                                                                                     ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management
anyone who seriously considers a career in bank marketing. ”                         The first choice of bankers and financial institutions nationwide, the ABA
                                                                    David Eldred     School of Bank Marketing and Management is the only financial marketing
                         Senior Vice President/Marketing & Product Management
                                                        LibertyBank, Eugene, OR
                                                                                     school of its kind. it offers valuable, bottom-line benefits you can take back
                                                           $903 Million in Assets    to your organization. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or new to the
                                                                                     profession, you’ll find the know-how you need for a long and rewarding career.
      ABA Online Training
      ABA Online Training gives you – and your bank – the knowledge to win.          ABA Stonier National Graduate School of Banking
      Designed especially for the financial services industry, the ABA Online        once you have completed the ABA School of Bank Marketing and
      Training delivers practical knowledge and unparalleled speed to proficiency.   Management, senior level marketers should attend the ABA Stonier National
      These self-paced and instructor-led online courses cover just about every      Graduate School of Banking. Students develop strategies to be proactive
      aspect of banking. ABA Online Training is available 24/7, so it can be used    in today’s competitive financial environment, improve their effectiveness
      anytime; anywhere there’s an internet connection.                              and hone their expertise in all areas of banking. The ABA Stonier National
      Some instructor-led courses include:                                           Graduate School of Banking has long been heralded as the nation’s
      n AiB Banking Today                                                            preeminent program for banking professionals.
      n AiB Financial and Business Planning for Bank Marketers
      n AiB Marketing Financial Services                                             ABA Marketing Conference
      n AiB Principles of Banking                                                    With a focus on balancing the traditional needs of bank marketers and
      n AiB Understanding Bank Performance                                           today’s newer challengers, the ABA Marketing Conference will give you the
                                                                                     tools, tactics, and techniques needed to stay on the cutting edge.
      Some of the self-paced courses include:
      n Basic Banking knowledge Courses                                              For more information on any of the schools or conference,
      n Fundamental Business Skills Courses                                          visit
      n retail Banking Courses

      Visit for more information on all of the available bank
      marketing related online cources.
            ABA                                   ABA
                                       ”As always, thanks for your
     FINANCIAL                                                                              ABA
     AWA R D S
                                            help! I just sent in the
                                          invoice for my membership
                                                 AWA money!
                                             - well spentR D S The
                                                                                     MARKETING                   AWARDs
                                                                                     AWA R D S
                                              ideas, suggestions, and
                                                advice pay for it many
                                                        times over! ”
                                                                      Anne Moran
                                                      First Federal Savings Bank,
                                                                                     ABA Financial Marketing Awards
                                                                Elizabethtown, KY    The ABA Financial Marketing Awards, sponsored by the ABA Marketing
                                                            $820 Million in Assets   Network, is the premier national awards for financial services marketing.
                                                                                     each year, the ABA Financial Marketing Awards showcase and honor the
                                                                                     best in bank marketing and advertising from across the U.S.

                                                                                     Financial institutions - including banks, savings and loans, trust companies,
                                                                                     savings banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, investment firms,
                                                                                     and credit card companies - and their advertising agencies, as well as ABA
                                                                                     service members are invited to compete.
  Certified Financial Marketing Professional
  ABA Marketing Network, in cooperation with the institute of Certified              The ABA Financial Marketing Awards are presented once a year at the ABA
  Bankers (iCB), developed a certification credential for financial marketing        Marketing Conference in a variety of categories from Customer Acquisition
  professionals. The Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP)               & retention Marketing to Annual reports and Branding. entries are judged
  designation is bestowed upon top marketing professionals within the                by asset size, so you compete with your peers.
  banking industry who demonstrate financial marketing expertise. For more
                                                                                     For more information on the ABA Financial Marketing Awards, please visit
  information regarding the certification, please visit

  AIB Marketing Diploma
  ABA Marketing Network worked in cooperation with the American institute
  of Banking (AiB) to develop a marketing diploma for junior-level marketers.
                                                                                                                                                   I’m going to win this year...
  This diploma program provides the tools necessary for today’s potential bank                                                                                You say that every year.
  marketing professionals. Junior level bank marketers, employees with marketing
  experience but new to banking, employees working in other areas of the bank
  interested in marketing skills and branch managers responsible for selling
  their bank’s products and services will benefit from taking this comprehensive
  program. For more information, please visit
                                                                                             A MEMBER Member:
                                                                                  NOT and Easy Ways to Become a YET
ABA PUBLICATIONs                                                                  Four Quick

  Included as part of your ABA Marketing Network membership                       American Bankers Association
                                                                                  Attn: ABA Marketing Network
  ABA Bank Marketing magazine                                                     1120 Connecticut Ave., NW
  (not included in junior or de novo memberships)                                 Washington, DC 20036-5760
  Financial marketing executives worldwide get their marketing savvy from
  the pages of ABA Bank Marketing magazine. A one-stop destination for            Phone
  successful marketing ideas and intelligence, this publication features          1-800 BANKERS
  essential industry news, in-depth articles, award-winning columnists, and
  the ABA Marketing Network’s Marketing Edge Newsletter.                          Internet
  Marketing Insights e-Newsletter
  The Marketing Insights is a monthly e-newsletter that takes a look at           Fax
  marketing-related news, and spotlights Marketing Network membership
                                                                                  Please include credit card information.
  tools, benefits, and solutions.

  Discounted rates available for the following ABA publications as part of your
  ABA Marketing Network membership

  ABA School of Bank Marketing & Management Papers
  Use this collection of outstanding marketing plans and research papers from
  the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management to access a wealth of
  practical ideas and innovative solutions for your bank marketing programs.
  You’ll get the what, why, and how-to of successful marketing strategies.        NEW Junior Marketing Network Membership
                                                                                  Does your fellow colleague already belong to the ABA Marketing Network?
                                                                                  If so, you can now join the Marketing Network at a junior membership level.
  ABA Bank Marketing Survey Report
  Compare your marketing budgets to those of your peers – and your competition    Join today and enjoy the same membership benefits as a regular members
  – all at a glance. This comprehensive resource presents statistics on           (excluding subscription to the ABA Bank Marketing magazine) for a
  advertising, public relations, sales promotion, training, and research.         discounted rate. For more information, please visit
                                                                                  marketingnetwork or phone 202-663-5355.
  Bank Marketing 1-2-3
  This collection of six publications provides practical examples of ideas you
  can implement right away, helping you save time and money. each book has         For more information on any of the resources or benefits listed
  been compiled using field-tested examples that have been submitted by            in this guide, please call the ABA Marketing Network at
  marketing officers and Ceos.                                                     1-800-BANKERS or 202-663-5355. For prices, or to order any of the
                                                                                   publications, call ABA Member Services at 1-800-BANKERS or
  For more information on any of the publications, please visit
American Bankers Association
1120 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036

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