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aiHit is a provider of company data to business information companies, credit rating
agencies, and business directories. We specialise in collecting company data from the
World Wide Web, using highly advanced proprietary software. In essence, we are
revolutionising the collection and monitoring of web data. We are a fast growing company
based in London and have been officially selected by The Telegraph and TechCrunch as
one of Europe's 100 hottest start-ups: We are currently
looking to expand our team of B2B sales professionals.

Job title: Sales Executive (Opener/Lead Generator)
Reporting to: VP Sales
Position: Full-time
Location: Farringdon, London, UK
Salary: Depending on experience, £20k - £40k base, £30 - £60k OTE
Start date: flexible

What you will do in the job:

      You will be selling:
           o Company data generated by our proprietary engine that sources structured
               company data from the web;
           o You will be researching and producing a focused client base determining
               the key decision makers within each company to whom you will be selling
               subscriptions to data and/or data feeds;
           o Your target customers will be senior members of management and key
               decision makers of large business information companies, credit rating
               agencies, and business directories, such as Dun & Bradstreet, Experian,
               Equifax, Bisnode, or Creditreform;
           o These target customers are located worldwide, so you will be selling to
               them largely via the phone.
      Your primary responsibility will be to:
           o Generate, grow and maintain a sales channel of new customers of all sizes
               and profiles across multiple sectors through the primary activity of cold
               calling and also networking in a way which successfully represents aiHit
               and leads to more business opportunities;
           o Maintain consistent sales processes by following up on leads, adding them
               to the Sales Pipeline, presenting aiHit’s services through detailed
               Powerpoint presentations and articulate emails.
      In order to achieve this, you will have to:
           o Work with other members of the Sales team who will progress the sales
               leads which you will be generating
           o Work with members of the Content team who will support you in pre-sales
               with technical advice that potential leads may require and a post-sales
               delivery function;
           o Work with the Marketing team, who will support you by making the
               company look better to customers;
           o Interact with other aiHit staff and support them in their roles (a
               requirement for all aiHit staff).
      Your day to day work will consist of:
           o Being in our London office 4 days of the week, one day can be worked
               from home;
           o Developing new leads for the company in an organised, timely and
               professional manor;
           o Managing prospects via a primarily phone/web based sales process;
             aiHit Ltd, 31 – 35 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TE, United Kingdom
           Tel: +44-203-371-7275 Fax: +44-207-022-8634 web:
                         Co. No. 06289636 VAT Reg. No. 923 5156 34
We are looking for:

      Experience:
           o You must have a minimum of two years experience in cold calling with a
               substantial and successful proven track record of achieving and delivering
               sales targets ;
           o You must have commercial awareness and have done B2B sales before.
      Prior product selling experience:
           o If you have sold technology-based products or services in the past, then
               this is a plus;
           o If you have sold products that required customer ‘education’, for example
               products that were highly differentiated or entirely new type products (as
               opposed to selling products that required little customer education, for
               example products that were just better or cheaper) then this is also a plus.
      Your values:
           o We are looking for tenacious individuals who care about their customers
               and colleagues, and derive satisfaction from seeking out and acting upon
               the requirements of customers;
           o We expect you to want to have some impact on the world and for you to
               take initiative to make things happen;
           o We require you to have a deep-seated desire to learn and improve both
               yourself and the company.
      Language skills:
           o You must speak fluent, very high quality English;
           o If you speak fluent German, fluent Spanish or fluent French, then this
               would be an advantage.
      Working permit:
           o You must be eligible to work in the UK without visa.

What we want you to achieve:

      In order to be a successful sales person, we would expect you to:
           o Coordinate with the Marketing, Sales and Content Teams, so that you
               maximise the number of prospects whom you can successfully progress
               through the sales cycle and ensure no leads provided go to waste.
      To be fulfilled in your job, we would expect you to:
           o Be happy with your day to day activities and your working environment;
           o Feel that your initiatives are making a difference;
           o Know that you are continuously growing and developing yourself and those
               around you.

Our contact details:

Send CV and cover letter to:
Duska Cutler – HR Manager

             aiHit Ltd, 31 – 35 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TE, United Kingdom
           Tel: +44-203-371-7275 Fax: +44-207-022-8634 web:
                         Co. No. 06289636 VAT Reg. No. 923 5156 34

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