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									Supermarket Bingo

    Friday October 29, 2010

Floral Park Memorial Gymnasium

       7:00pm – 10:00pm
               Thank you
          for joining us at our
       2010 Supermarket Bingo
         We are thrilled by the
       overwhelming response.
      Thanks to your generosity,
       the PTSA will be able to
     continue to fund scholarships
       for graduating students.

       With Heartfelt Thanks
        and Appreciation,

The Floral Park Memorial HS PTSA
Game 1:   Regular Bingo
Game 2:   Regular Bingo
Game 3:   Letter X
Game 4:   Regular Bingo
Game 5:   Inside Squares

Game 6: Regular Bingo
Game 7: Regular Bingo
Game 8: Four Corners
Game 9: Regular Bingo
       Outside Square
        Full Card
                Prize Baskets

1. Taste of Italy:     $25 Gift Certificate to
Village Pizzeria and assorted pasta goodies.

2. How Sweet It Is:      Chocolate treat maker,
assorted candy and a $5 gift certificate to Tulip
Sweet Shop.

3. Scent of a Woman:           Elizabeth Arden
Sunflower Perfume set, straw basket and $10.00
gift certificate to The Nail Garden.

4. We All Scream for Ice Cream: 10
piece ice cream set, $25.00 gift certificate to
Sonic Car Wash/Ice Cream Parlor.

5. Autumns’ Up: Assorted fall items and
$25.00 gift certificate to Associated

6. Holiday Time: Assorted Christmas items
and $25.00 gift certificate to Matty’s Toy Shop.
7.   Grill Night:   Large Party Time Grill

8. Bake Me a Cake: Assorted baking
supplies, cook books and $15.00 gift certificate
to Tulip Bake Shop.

9. Wine and Dine Her: Bottle of wine and
a $40.00 gift certificate to Villa d’Este.

10. Why Cook: Bottle of wine and a $50.00
gift certificate to Stella Restaurant.

11. Need A Change: $25.00 gift certificate
to Bellerose Nails and $20.00 gift certificate to
Changing Images Hair Salon.

12. School Pride: Assorted FPMHS items,
donated by the FPMHS Booster Club.

13. Happy Hour: Martini Kit and $50.00
gift certificate to Bobs Restaurant.
14. Light and Fit: Deluxe Yogurt Maker and
$25.00 gift certificate to Met Food.

15. Dine Around: $20.00 gift certificate to
Yesterday’s Diner, kitchen candle and Crème
Brule Set.

16. Say Cheese: Digital Key Chain, Picture
Frame and $25.00 gift certificate to Triple Crown

17. Honey I’m Home: $50.00 gift
certificate to Village Florist.

18. Lunch Time: Crabtrees gift certificate
for lunch, Bath and Body Works, Friendly Nail
Manicure and note pads.

19. Brunch For Lunch: Jameson’s Brunch
for Two Gift Certificate and Home Décor Vases
and candle.

20. Time to Eat: $25.00 gift certificate for
Trattoria Lucia and bottle of Wine.
21. Time to Eat 2:      $25.00 gift certificate
   for Trattoria Lucia and bottle of wine.

22. German Anyone:         $25.00 gift
   certificate for Koenigs Restaurant and a
   bottle of wine.

23. Lunch Time Already:        Lunch for
   two at Poppy’s Restaurant and a bottle of

24. It’s A Man’s World:         Leather
   computer bag donated by Lee’s Drug
   Store, assorted stationary items and gift
   certificate to Subway.

25. Out To Dinner:        $50.00 gift
   certificate to Trinity Restaurant and a

26. Necessary Accessory:        Jewelry
   Box, Luminiere Gift Certificate, Dog Pin
   and $25.00 to Reflections Jewelry Store.
27. Toss It Around:      $45.00 gift
   certificate for Palermo Pizzeria, candle
   and Music CD donated by Manor Irish
   Gift Shop.

28. Around Town (Covert Ave):
   One dozen bagels, $20.00 to La Botega,
   Pizza from VIP Pizzeria, Manicure from
   Covert Nails.

29. Surf and Turf:     $20.00 gift certificate
   to Pellegrini Meats, 1 pound shrimp from
   Right House, 1 pound cookies at LaBella
   Bakery and a manicure at Nail Garden.

30. Around Town 2 (Tulip Ave):
   $20.00 gift certificate to Fiore Restaurant,
   $5.00 gift certificate to Tulip Sweet Shop,
   $10.00 gift certificate to Station Deli and
   $10.00 gift certificate to Levines.

31. It’s All About Me:        $25.00 gift
   certificate to Reflections Jewelry Store,
   Manicure at Sarah’s Nails, $15.00
   Starbucks gift certificate and beauty
32. Twinkle Toes:     $75.00 gift certificate
   to Star Light Dance Studio.

33. Twinkle Toes 2:        $75.00 gift to Star
   Light Dance Studio.

34. Around Town 3 (Verbena):
   Lunch for two at Poppy’s Restaurant and
   $20.00 gift certificate to Swing the

35. Deli-licious:      $10.00 gift certificate
   to Tulip Caterers, $10.00 gift certificate
   to Floral Station Deli, $10.00 gift
   certificate to Mariannna’s Bakery and
   $5.00 gift certificate to Tulip Sweet

36. Light and Fit:      Fruit Platter and
   Curves gift certificate.

37. Green Thumb:       Plant from Becker
   Florist and Curves gift certificate.

38. Let’s Get Physical:     Curves Gift
   Certificate and Angels Hair Salon gift
39. Get Fit: 3 month Gift Certificate to
   Twin Park Fitness and candle.

40. OxyMoron:      Porkey’s Gift Certificate
   for $15.00 and 1 month Curves gift

41. OxyMoron 2:        Porkey’s Gift
   certificate for $15.00 and 1 month Curves
   gift certificate.

42. A Little Bit of Everything:
   Manicure from Luminiere Nail Salon,
   Picture Frame, Candle and $20.00 gift
   certificate to Ciro’s.

43. So Pretty:   Flower Arrangement from
   Floral Park Florist and $5.00 Sweet
   Shoppe gift certificate.

44. Arbonne Take Me Away:
   Assortment of Arbonne beauty products.

45. Pamper Me:     Assortment of Pampered
   Chef baking products.

46. Pass the Bread:   Loaf of Bread once
   a month from Panera Bread and candle.
47. So Fresh:    Two meals from Baja Fresh,
    Pizza Pie from Pizza Express, friendship
    book, stuffed animal and Bath and Body
    Works spray.

48. All American:      $50.00 gift certificate
    to Tavern 18 and a candle.

49. Looking Good:         Gift certificate to All
    in One Hair Salon for $35.00 and one
    month gift certificate to Curves.

50. Eat and Drink:       Iavarone Brothers
    gift basket and $20.00 gift certificate to
    Tulip Wines.

51. Car Problems:          Gift certificate for
    $25.00 to Advanced Auto Parts, $20.00
    gift certificate to Jack Duggan’s and

52. Take Me Out To The Ballgame:
    $100.00 Registration gift certificate to
    Floral Park Little League, shirts, jerseys,
    socks and hats.

53. Take Me Out To the Ballgame
    2: $100.00 Registration gift certificate to
    Floral Park Little League, shirts, jerseys,
    socks and hats.
Slap Shot: Four (4) New York
Islander vs. Devils tickets for Friday,
November 26, 2010, $600.00 Value.
Donated by: Lisa Cardalena

It’s a Late Night: 2 Late Night tickets
for the taping of David Letterman, 2
tee shirts and 2 hats.
Donated by: Janice Penino/Hoffman
Thank you to all our Sponsors. The
following businesses have generously
      supported our fundraiser.

          Advanced Auto Parts
          All in One Hair Salon
           Angels Hair Salon
        Arbonne (Bridget Alfonso)
            Associated Food
                Baja Fresh
              Bellerose Nail
            Bobs Restaurant
               Booster Club
            Changing Images
              Ciro’s Pizzeria
           Colony Collectibles
               Covert Nails
          Crabtree’s Restaurant
             Dunkin Donuts
            Fiore Restaurant
        Floral Park Little League
           Floral Park Florist
           Floral Station Deli
            Friendly Nail Spa
     Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.
           Iavarone Brothers
       Jack Duggan’s Restaurant
         Jameson’s Bar & Grill
             Jericho Nails
           JW Becker Florist
            La Bella Bakery
               La Botega
   Late Show with David Letterman
            Learn to Dance
            Lee’s Drug Store
          Levine’s Stationary
           Manor Fruit Shack
          Marianna’s Bakery
               Met Food
        Mary Kay (Gwen Christ)
           Matty’s Toy Shop
              Nail Garden
            Palermo Pizzeria
    Pampered Chef (Barbara Heine)
             Panera Bread
            Pelligrini Meats
             Pizza Express
             Poppy’s Place
          Reflections Jewerly
Richie O’Shea’s Manor Irish Gift Shoppe
 Right House Seafood
      Sarah’s Nails
    Stella Restaurant
   Swing The Teapot
        Tavern 18
     Trattoria Lucia
  Triple Crown Diner
    Tulip Bake Shop
      Tulip Caterers
  Tulip Sweet Shoppe
Tulip Wines and Spirits
       Twin Park
       Ultra Sonic
Villa D’Este Restaurant
     Village Florist
     Village Pizzeria
      VIP Pizzeria
    Yesterdays Diner

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