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					Enterprise Florida International Trade Lead
Trade Lead Sector: Consumer Goods & Home Furnishings
Trade Lead Topic: Bicycle carrier

Trade Lead ID:             L - 039191                                                            Trade Lead Date:              5/26/2011

                                                     Company and Contact Information

Company Name:                PEARLLIN CYCLE CO LTD
Contact Name/Title: Pearl Lin

Address:                     708 Shuang Wen Rd, Tali City, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan
City:                        Taichung Hsien, Ta
                                                                               Phone Number: 886-4-24075338
State:                                                                         Fax Number:   886-4-24075338
Postal Code:                 412
Country:                     Taiwan
Company Product/Service Description:
Bicycle, e-bicycle, ride on car, toy, motorcycle, scooter, baby walker, baby stroller, gift, sport, baby bed, wooden toy, bike, auto
part, bicycle part
# of Employees:               10                                                                   Annual Sales:
Year Established:

                                                                  Trade Lead Detail
Trade Lead Description:
Detailed Buying Lead Description
We need 10000 Pcs of carrier. This royal hunter rear carrier is for 28" wheel size is made of mild steel. Need excellent Nickel
Chromium Plating Total weight - 1.750 kg Sizes of the required raw material Square Rod Thickness = 5.969 mm Lever Wire
Size = 5.08 mm Carrier Spring Wire Size = 4.572 mm Leg Gauge = 7 Leg Breadth = .750 inches Length of the required raw
material Carrier Perimeter = 2 Pcs = 36.5 inches Middle Square rod length = 8 Pcs = 7 inches Reflector mount = 1 Pcs = 2.125
inches Lever = 19 inches Carrier Spring Rod = 6.3125 inches Leg Length = 16.5 inches Leg Extender piece = 2 inches The
carrier comes with the following 1. Lever and spring 2. Front name plate 3. Carrier fitting 4. Backside reflector in outer frame 5.
Front Head 6. Double Twisted Legs
Business Relationship Desired:
 One Time Purchase                                                       Long Term Purchase
                                                                      Submitted By
EFI Taiwan Office                                                                      Phone Number: 011 (886-2) 2758-5181
Enterprise Florida, Inc.                                                               Fax Number:   011 (886-2) 2723-5892
Taipei World Trade Center                                                              Email:
Suite #7E-01
5 Hsin Yi Road, Sec. 5,
Taipei, Taiwan

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contact the International Office or Florida staff-person that submitted the lead for further information (see above.) If you have questions about
our International Trade Leads program, please send a message to or call 407-956-5618.

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