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A good tender writer is a key to winning tenders for your company. Using skilled and quality tender management

and tender writing professionals is the best way to win bids when your company is competing against many

others, who may have more experience than you. You are competing for a tender against many other companies,

and almost every company is looking for an edge, so having a tender writer who knows how to write an excellent

bid that will stand out from the competition is a great asset to have.

The process starts when an appropriate Invitation To Tender (ITT) is identified. The ITT is an official document

published by a company that lets other companies know that bids for a project, piece of work, or service are

needed. The tenders must always be submitted by a fixed deadline, so the process and tender management is

very time intensive, therefore having a quality tender writer on your staff is imperative to applying for funding and

winning tenders. A well-written tender can bring a great amount of revenue and business to your company.

Tender writing is not something that just anyone with good writing skills can do well. The requirements for many

tender and bid submissions are very specific. It takes a great amount of time for an individual to learn and acquire

the skills necessary to meet all of the requirements for submitting a tender, and to do it well. There are many

courses available to give an employee the necessary training to write winning tenders. These courses also often

offer other information relevant to successful tender writing, like researching the company and making sure the

tender is original. Making sure word requirements, font requirements, deadlines, and spelling and grammar

requirements are met when applicable is also imperative to successful. You are competing with so many other

bids and tenders; it is imperative that what your company submits must be impeccable in order to win the bid.

If you do not feel that having a tender writer on staff is the best option for your company, there are also many
different tender and bid writing services available that you can utilize who will write tenders for you. Similar to a

resume writing service, tender writing and bid services know the market inside and out, and typically have years

of experience in the field. This can be a very attractive quality about tender writing services that many companies

are willing to pay for. Just be sure to research any bid service or tender writing service to make sure they are a

good fit for your needs.

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