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The Montreal Gazette

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									The Montreal Gazette
TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
Absence of crime--A condition whereon       1886   June 12   7, c. 1-2   [The Grand Jury at Harbor Grace--           Gazette
Newfoundland prides itself--Bounty to                                    Agricultural Act--The fisheries--The
farming settlers--The bank fishery                                       Queen's birthday--Miss Louisa
prosperous--Miss Journeaux's peril--                                     Journeaux--The S.S. Siberian--Death of
Death of Hon. E. White                                                   the Hon. Edward White]

Accident to the Caspian--Close of the       1880   May 5     2, c. 4-5   The work of the Dundee steamers. [New       Gazette
legislature--The railway question--Crown                                 post office amendment to the jury law]
 lands legislation--The seal fishery--The
results of the catch--The inshore catch--
Pension to Sir H. Hoyles--The Sewerage

Adrift without a course--That seems to      1895   Feb. 20   8, c. 3-4   [The seal hunt--A mild season]              Gazette
be the position of Newfoundland just
now--Uncertainty prevails as to the
policy Sir William Whiteway will decide
to follow

Affairs in Newfoundland--Proceedings in     1889   June 17   7, c. 1     [Epidemic of diphtheria--Close of the       Gazette
the Sillars-Parnell murder trial--An                                     legislative session--The fisheries]
epidemic of diphtheria--The Legislature's
 close--The fisheries season

Affairs of Newfoundland--Rather a good      1894   Oct. 25   6, c. 1-2   [Another member disqualified--Sir W.        Gazette
report on the past year's business--A                                    Whiteway's manifesto--Bye-election in
Whiteway manifesto--Sir William issues                                   Trinity Bay--Another election petition]
a curious document to the electors
justifying the conduct for which he was

All about Labrador--A land of               1872   Dec. 26   1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [climate and soil--The              Gazette
desolation--Its people, position and                                     inhabitants--The fisheries of Labrador--
boundaries                                                               The red Indians of Labrador--The
                                                                         Esquimaux--Scenery of Labrador]

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
All from Newfoundland--Dull times in         1890   Feb. 25    2, c. 2     [French Shore, arbitration--Diphtheria--    Gazette
trade and politics--The French Shore                                       A sad accident--A hotel burned--Railway
trouble--The railway--Centarians dead                                      work--"A cold snap"--Death of a

Ambrose H. Knight--Her trouble for           1888   June 18    8, c. 4     [Forest fires--The murder case--            Gazette
selling bait to the French--Serious forest                                 Poisoning case]
fires--And other items of interest from

Another gold field--Newfoundland             1896   Oct. 9     6, c. 1-2                                               Gazette
reports of promising discoveries--Ore
from Cape Broyle--It has been assayed in
 London and favorably reported on as to

Another mysterious ship                      1898   April 23   8, c. 3     "Incoming ships report having seen a        Gazette
                                                                           mysterious steamer off Cape Race.
                                                                           Rumor has it that she is a Spanish
                                                                           warship watching for American vessels."
                                                                           full text of entry

Answer received--Hitch in the                1895   May 11     1, c. 1-2   Confederation                               Gazette
Newfoundland negotiations--Is said to be                                   special cable
settled--The cost of the railway was the
only point at issue--Imperial
Government--Was asked to and it is said
will assume this obligation--The feeling
is in favor of

Antiquarian discovery--Two old Basque        1887   April 29   7, c. 1-2                                               Gazette
graves by Placentia Bay--The story of a
peculiar people--Who were pioneers in
the fisheries of North American waters

Appeal to the throne--Newfoundland's         1890   June 13    1, c. 7     [An Address to the Queen--Not exclusive     Gazette
Parliament's protest against the French--                                   rights--The Premier's opinion]
The Assembly prorogued--French fishery                                     Although from St. John's does not say
 aggressions resented and Treaty rights                                    from our own correspondent
explained--The failure of the Bait Act

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                      PAPER
Are disappointed--The Newfoundlanders        1895   May 23     1, c. 1     special cable                              Gazette
had hoped for union--Become a crown
colony--Seems to be the only alternative
 left the Islanders--Unless Bond succeeds-
-in raising a loan in the United States, a
thing of which the most sanguine are not

Are solvent after all--Messrs. Prowse,     1894     Dec. 15    1, c. 7     special cable                              Gazette
Hall and Morris have a surplus of assets--
The Newfoundland crisis--Much relieved
by this welcome news--A scheme of
assistance--Bankers sail for Newfoundland

Around the island--Governor O'Brien          1893   Sept. 21   7, c. 1-2   [In regard to the scenery--The French      Gazette
makes a tour of Newfoundland--The                                          Shore incident--An insult to his flag--
French Shore incident--Result of the                                       The fisheries--Protection of game--The
fisheries--Protection of game--The                                         elections]

Arrival of Sir John Glover--Poetic           1876   Dec. 15    2, c. 4                                                Gazette
effusions--Failure of the western herring
fishery--New fishing grounds--A singular
murder and a too lenient verdict

Atlantic cable                               1892   Aug. 24    5, c. 1     letter to the editor                       Gazette

Atlantic cable idea--A renewed discussion    1889   July 2     6, c. 3     [Evidence in favor of Mr. Gisborn]         Gazette
 as to who first conceived it--The
evidence considered--The credit due to
Mr. F.N. Gisborn of the Dominion
Telegraph Service

Bait Act--Strictly and successfully          1888   May 5      7, c. 1-2   [Prohibited the exportation of bait--      Gazette
enforced by Newfoundland cruisers--An                                      Justice of the Bait Act--Great benefits
advantage to the fisheries--                                               from its enforcement--Good effects on
Incorporation of the capital of the                                        the herring fishery--The most ruinous
Island--Prohibition and high license                                       and destructive methods--Incorporation
discussed                                                                  of the capital--Prohibition and high

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Bait and ice--Northern Labrador--Bett's    1878   April 3   4, c. 4-5                                                 Gazette
Cove mine--The seal fishery--Tilt Cove
mine--Outrage in a cemetery--Another

Bait Bill allowance--How the news was      1887   May 30    7, c. 1-2   [Colonial loan bills--Mail steam service--    Gazette
received in Newfoundland--Financial                                     Bank fishery--Orange Incorporation
position of the Island--A loan of                                       Bill--Incorporation of St. John's--
$800,000 authorized--Bank fishery                                       Placentia railway--Ordination and
expansion--Induction services                                           induction services]

Bait for codfish--The Governor's tour--    1876   Oct. 9    2, c. 5-6   Monday October 9, 1876                        Gazette
The murder at Burgeo--Speculation in
seal fisheries--Casualties at sea                                       p. 2, c. 5-6 September 28

Bait question--A Newfoundland              1886   Oct. 4    7, c. 1-2   [The Bait Bill of last session--The           Gazette
delegation wait on the Colonial                                         precedent of 1845--A bounty from their
Secretary--And urge against                                             government--The constitutional
disallowance--The Act of the Legislature                                agreement--The American case--
prohibiting the export of bait                                          Reception of the deputation]

Bank fishery--A new industry--Prospects    1880   Aug. 19   2, c. 3-4   [Sir John Glover - Bishop Power - The         Gazette
 of success--A trip to the Banks--How                                   Atlanta]
the fishery is carried on--Expenses and
profits--The railway survey--The
fisheries and the crops--Personal

Bank fishery--Revival of the industry      1885   Aug. 5    2, c. 3     [The bounty had done its work--Four           Gazette
and cheering success had--What the                                      hundred vessels--The shore and Labrador
bounty system did                                                        fisheries--The latest news from
                                                                        Labrador (July 30)]

Bankers' defence--What managers of the     1895   Nov. 25   6, c. 5-6   [The abuse of over-drafts--A contract         Gazette
 Newfoundland institutions say--The                                     with the past--The coal discoveries--A
system is blamed--It worked all right in                                slander denied]
prosperous periods, but collapsed when
commerce became depressed

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                       PAPER
Bay of Islands as a home for emigrants--     1876   Aug. 9     2, c. 3-4    [The French shore again--Episcopal          Gazette
The French Shore dispute--An                                                authority versus civil rights in the
ecclesiastical dispute--An appeal and                                       Roman Catholic Church, singular
decision of the Sacred congregation--                                       conflict--The appeal and decision of the
Fisheries                                                                   Sacred Congregation...Fisheries] Dr.
                                                                            Carpgnini, Bishop of Harbor Grace vs.
                                                                            Benevolent Irish Society

Biggest in the world--Newfoundland's         1889   Dec. 23    7, c. 1-2    [Re-stocking depleted waters with cod--     Gazette
great salt water fish hatchery--Reason                                      Erection of Dildo hatchery--Lobster
for its success--Cod and lobster culture                                    hatching]
and the profit therefrom

Britain's co-operation--It is asked on one   1895   April 29   2, c. 1-2    [(April 23) A stirring time ahead--Quick    Gazette
 point in the Newfoundland                                                  action needed--The Government's duty--
arrangement--Delegates well pleased--At                                     Business getting better--The St. John's
St. John's--They speak highly of their                                      press]
reception by the Canadian authorities--
Position of the press

Budget--Progress of the temperance           1880   March 22   2, c. 3-4                                                Gazette
cause--The shipbuilding industry--The
bank fishery--The Government finances-
-Seal fishery--A steamer beset in the
Arctic regions--The Irish relief fund--
The Island Railway.

Burying the wren--A curious Christmas        1888   Jan. 19    7, c. 1-3    --Origin of the practice--A merry           Gazette
custom observed aat Newfoundland--A                                         Christmas--New currency act--Get rid of
new currency act--A volunteer corps                                         the foreign silver--Volunteer corps--Mr.
being formed--Henry Norman on the                                           Henry Norman's letter--Frequently
Island--A favorable opinion--The                                            misrepresented and defamed--Power
prohibition movement [The custom now                                        wielded by the merchants--Prohibition--
 is almost extinct                                                          Juvenile fancy ball]

Cabot's discoveries--Their fourth            1893   Nov. 16    7, c. 1-2    [Petroleum discovered--The season's         Gazette
centenary soon to be here--A suggestion                                     fishery returns--Return of mission ship
from Newfoundland in regard to the                                          Albert]
event--Petroleum in the Island Colony

Call for copper--It leads to the sale of     1898   July 2     12, c. 4-5   [Lucky finds--Sir John Bourinot--The        Gazette
Newfoundland mines--Some lucky finds                                        landfall discussiion--An ice field--The
told of--Sir John Bourinot congratulated,                                   Labrador boundary--Delegates to
 also Dr. Dawson--The ice fields                                            England]

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Cape Race and Cape Rage--A mistake in         1890   March 11   7, c. 3-4   --Was it a clerical error?--"French Shore     Gazette
latitude that the French have profited-                                     question" again--Effects of the Bait Act-
by--The French Shore issue--Brought up                                      -Rise in the price of fish since 1886--
in a new light--Effects of the Bait Act--                                   Expense of enforcing the act--Work on
Facts the Government may not ignore                                         the railway--The weather, ice harvest--
[Latitude of Cape Ray--Act. Geo. III                                        The seal fishery--Cost of living--
Cap. 35                                                                     Norwegian fishery

Captain Blandford--A noted                    1896   Feb. 28    6, c. 3-4   [The market for cod fish--A cable             Gazette
Newfoundland sealer and cod hunter--His                                     steamer in dock--Minor items]
trips to Labrador--They resulted in
benefit to the country--Other news from
the Island Colony

Census of Newfoundland--emigration            1892   Jan. 29    7, c. 1-2   [Swelling tide of emigration--Looking         Gazette
telling on the population of the Island--                                   for the cause--The figures in detail--Hon.
Looking for the cause of a serious                                           A.W. Harvey's letters in the Times--A
situation--The defence for discriminating                                   new private secretary at Government
 against Canada                                                             House]

Census of Newfoundland--Growth of             1886   Dec. 9     2, c. 4     [The Labrador fishery--The bank               Gazette
population--Interesting facts regarding                                     fishery--The seal fishery--The cod
the fisheries--The condition of agriculture                                 fishery--Statistics of agriculture]

Chamber of Commerce--U.S. Fishery             1879   Sept. 2    2, c. 5-6                                                 Gazette
Commission--The Fortune Bay
"Outrage"--News from Labrador--Mr.
Douglas' visit

Claims for compensation--                     1891   Oct. 22    7, c. 1-3   [The Grand Falls of Labrador--                Gazette
Newfoundlanders want damages for                                            Foundering of the S.S. Wolviston]
French shore outrages--Labrador's Grand
Falls--How the water comes down a
height of five hundred feet--The hard
work and perils of the exploring parties

Close of the fishing season--A                1878   Nov. 16    3, c. 4     [The Spanish dollar depreciated--The          Gazette
depreciated currency--Matters political                                     elections]

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Coal in Newfoundland--Exploration of          1890   Oct. 3    5, c. 3-4   [The "Howley coal seam"--The Murray           Gazette
the deposits at Bay St. George--The                                        seam--Value of the explorations--What
Island's experiments in lobster and                                        Bay St. George might be--Great success
codfish propagation promising well                                         in the artificial propagation f lobsters--
                                                                           Codfish propagation--The crops and
                                                                           fisheries--Political affairs--Railway

Cod and the lobster--Newfoundland's           1890   Aug. 5    2, c. 1-2   [Spawning cod in pounds--A month's            Gazette
success in their propagation--Its value to                                 labor-20,000,000 cod--Value of a million
 the Island--Sir Ambrose Shea and his                                       codfish--Lobster hatching--Prejudices
work in the Bahamas--The fishery                                           yielding--Visit of Sir Ambrose Shea--The
question                                                                    cod fishery--French Shore question--A
                                                                           new invention]

Cod fishery on the Banks--Results of the      1876   July 13   4, c. 3     [Trial trips successful--The late Bishop      Gazette
 naval trips--The late Bishop Field--                                      Field--Geological survey--Honor to the
Geological survey--Honour to the Brave-                                    brave--Mining--The weather and the
-Mining operations--The weather and                                        fisheries]brave=Alfred Moores receives
the fisheries                                                              gold medal from Royal Humane Society
                                                                           for rescuing men from Waterwitch

Cod fishery--Interesting particulars--        1880   Jan. 30   2, c. 5-6                                                 Gazette
National importance of the fishery--
Norwegian cod fishery--Uses of the
codfish--Departure of Sir Hugh Hoyles--
Episcopal Cathedral--Sir John Glover's
return--Hon. Mr. Whiteway

Coercion Bill--Sir William Whiteway's         1892   May 25    2, c. 1-2   [Objectionable nature of the bill--Hon.       Gazette
defeat in Newfoundland--Mr. Bond                                           Mr. Bond's position--The amendment
looked upon as the coming man--Sir                                         which carries--Declared they never
William's change of base in London--A                                      assented to it--What will Britain do?--
synopsis of the debate                                                     The Bond-Blaine Convention]

Col. Vincent at St. John's--Terra Novans      1891   Aug. 18   2, c. 1-2   [Confederation--Le Temps                      Gazette
 take an interest in his Imperial League--                                 correspondent--The fisheries]
Federation with Canada--The idea
continues to meet with growing favor
among the populace--A French idea of
the Island's future

Cold subject--The birth, rise, decline and    1884   June 4    2, c. 3-4   [A huge iceberg--A berg five miles long--     Gazette
fall of icebergs--An island of ice--Settles                                The genesis of an iceberg--An ice-
on the Newfoundland coast and protects                                     covered ocean--Torn from the
the Islanders from sun-stroke                                              Greenland mountains--The great glacier
                                                                           of Humboldt]

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                      PAPER
Collision of the steamer Arizona with an    1879   Nov. 25    2, c. 3-4                                              Gazette
iceberg--A graphic description--Full
particulars of the accident

Commissioner of fisheries--The Fortune      1880   May 15     6, c. 4-5   [Governor's visit to England]              Gazette
Bay trouble--The Newfoundland
Railway--The seal fishery--Failure of the
returns--The accident to the Caspian--
The weather

Confederation given up--No prospect         1888   Sept. 20   2, c. 1-2   [Anti-confederate demonstration]           Gazette
that Newfoundland will join the union--
Hostile public opinion--Too much for
the few friends of the movement to

Confederation in the air--Signs of          1887   May 11     2, c. 2                                                Gazette
changed feeling in Newfoundland--That
may ultimately result--In the Island
Colony joining its fortunes with the

Confederation must come--It is in           1895   Jan. 22    6, c. 1-2   [Looking to federation--An overture of     Gazette
Newfoundland's air and likely to come                                     1888--One industry revived--The latest]
soon--Former offer recalled--The people
 see that a continuance of present
conditions is out of the question

Confederation the issue--It is now          1895   March 21   6, c. 1-2   [How to secure union--The issue on the     Gazette
directly raised in Newfoundland--Review                                   Island--The commercial outlook]
of the situation--How it should be moved
for, and how effected--The case is an
urgent one and does not brook delay

Confederation--Position of the              1879   Jan. 28    2, c. 3-4                                              Gazette
Provincial Government--Condition of
the people--Meeting of the legislature.

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Consumption of liquor--The drink bill of     1884   Dec. 20   2, c. 1-2   [Consumed by our working classes--Our         Gazette
 Newfoundland and the counteracting                                       temperance act--The Harbour Grace
movement--Harbour Grace prisoners--                                       prisoners--The weather, the meat
The weather and the markets--A                                            market, provisions--The Union Bank--
prosperous bank--Western herring                                          Western herring fishery--Wreck at
fishery                                                                   Channel]

Copper mining--Caving in the mines--         1880   May 26    2, c. 3-4   [Steamers - The supreme Court Sir J. H.       Gazette
The result of operations--The future of                                   Glover]
the industry--New map of the island--
The fisheries--The weather.

Corean is safe in port--She arrives at St.   1894   Nov. 23   8, c. 1                                                   Gazette
John's, Nfld., yesterday morning--
Parisian's rough trip--A passenger washed
 out of his berth by a wave--The buoys in
 the river

Counting the cost--A retrospect of the       1892   Aug. 3    7, c. 1-2   [Attempts to save property useless--          Gazette
disastrous fire at St. John's--The loss of                                West end of the city was saved--
life--caring for the homeless--A more                                     Wandering around the ruins--The loss of
hopeful feeling arising--How safes stood                                  life--Stood the fiery ordeal--Sheltered in
the fire test--The pressing need of the                                   wooden huts--Contributions to the relief
moment                                                                    fund]

Crime in Newfoundland--More on Lady          1889   June 5    2, c. 1-2   [Lady Blake's article--Railway extension-     Gazette
Blake's article upon "Seals and savages"--                                -Diphtheria--The weather and the
The Island railway extension scheme--                                     fisheries--The Presbyterian Church]
Diphtheria in St. John's--The advanced

Crime in Newfoundland--The record at         1888   May 31    7, c. 1-2   [Judge Prowse and the Bait Act--Mr.           Gazette
the opening of the Supreme Court--                                        Putnam's approval of the Bait Act--
Enforcing the Bait Act--And how it                                        Americans supplying bait to the French--
affects the French--The Confederation                                     Confederation, the case of P.E. Island--
deputation                                                                Fishery prospects, a late spring]

Crisis in Newfoundland--Two St. John's       1894   Dec. 11   1, c. 3     special cable                                 Gazette
banks have to suspend payments--
Business houses closed--What is said in
Montreal about the situation and its
causes--Trade conditions on the Island

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                           PAPER
Cultivation of sea fish-Interesting work    1892   Feb. 9    7, c. 1-2    [Artificial propagation of sea fish--The        Gazette
by Newfoundland's Commission--                                            success of cod hatching--Hon. R. Bond's
Improving the herring--Other new from                                     letter--New line of steamers--Spanish
the Island--Mr. Bond's letter and the                                     duties on fish--The Legislature--Wreck
Reciprocity Treaty--New steamship line                                    of a schooner]=Avenger

Cure of codfish--Extent of the codfish      1876   Nov. 2    2, c. 4-5                                                    Gazette
trade--The Newfoundland banks--The
governor's tour--Seal fishery--New
copper mine--Church burned

Curiosities of a census--More men than      1892   July 9    12, c. 4-6   [Professions and employment--Cod                Gazette
women on the Island of Newfoundland--                                     hatching--The St. John's penitentiary--
Mr. Nielsen's successful work in hatching                                 Consecration of Rev. Dr. Howley--The
cod--The penitentiary and its inmates--                                   fisheries]
Bishop Howley

Dead issue now--Newfoundland                1895   May 16    1, c. 1      plan of avoiding a crown colony                 Gazette
confederation is impossible--The British                                  special cable
Government--Has refused to take over
part of the Colony's debt--Hon. Mr.
Bond is in town--On his way to Ottawa
to interview the Government--
Newfoundland's severe

Death in the ice fields--The tragic fate    1893   Dec. 26   5, c. 1-2                                                    Gazette
of two Swedish naturalists--Story of
brave struggle--It ended in a stormy
ocean in the darkness of the Arctic night

Decline in bank fishery--A French           1893   Feb. 3    7, c. 1-2    [How the deterioration is caused--              Gazette
discovery that may bother                                                 Newfoundland bank fishery--Restoration
Newfoundland--The cod falling off in                                      of depleted fishing grounds--Fish culture-
number and size--What may be done to                                      -Protection of salmon rivers--An old and
remedy the evil--Commercial notes                                          respected firm fails--An old firm retires-
                                                                          -Arrival of Commandant Herbert Booth-

Decline of the seal--Newfoundland's         1887   Nov. 22   2, c. 4      [Introduction of steamers--Seal oil             Gazette
great industry on the wane--The effect                                    depreciated--Seals reduced in numbers--
of steam competition--And the                                             Loss of an industry, compensations]
introduction of new processes in

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Declining lobster--Its habits make it easy   1890   Feb. 25    2, c. 1-2   [Lobster hatching--Hatching detached          Gazette
 prey to man--Newfoundland's artificial                                    eggs--Value of the process--History of
hatchery and the method of conducting                                      the discovery]

Delegates report--Newfoundland               1895   April 26   1, c. 1      one of them very important                   Gazette
Legislature met yesterday--The Canadian                                    special cable
 acceptance--Of the ancient Colony's
terms now being awaited--Legislature
adjourned--For two weeks--Canada has
accepted all of Newfoundland's terms
except two,

Democratic spring tide--That swept the       1889   Nov. 28    5, c. 3-4   [Causes of the catastrophe-The Bait Act       Gazette
Newfoundland Government away--                                             at the elections--Will the Bait Act be
Contributing causes to the result--The                                     repealed?--The future]
Bait Act and its history--The Ministry
to resign

Department of fisheries--Newfoundland        1887   Aug. 31    2, c. 1-2   [The evils flowing from this negligence--     Gazette
at last realizes the value of such a                                       Jubilee celebrations--Naval ball--The
Bureau--Jubilee celebrations on the                                        fisheries--The latest news (Aug. 25)]
Island--State of the fishery--Better news
from Labrador

Diana's voyage--Not promising as to          1897   Oct. 20    6, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
Hudson Bay route's success--Ice fields in
July--Work of the members of the
expedition along the shores and in
Baffin's land

Distressful colony--Newfoundland still       1895   Feb. 8     6, c. 3-4   [No hope save in Canada--A slight             Gazette
suffering from political woes--But                                         improvement in business--The failed
business improving--Confederation                                          banks--Exaggerated the distress--A
regarded as the one means of relief--The                                   violent press--Latest]
failed banks' affairs--A press condemned

Dominion elections--Prospects of             1872   Oct. 10    2, c. 4-5   [Tilt Cove mine--A wreck--Labrador            Gazette
Confederation--Copper Mining--A                                            fisheries--A disreputable house--The
Wreck--Labrador fisheries--A noose?--                                      exhibition]wreck=Caspian
The Exhibition

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Dominion tariff and Newfoundland--The        1879   Apr. 15   2, c. 5-6                                                Gazette
 seal fishery--Interesting particulars of
the season's work--The legislature--
Shipwreck--The Lieutenant-Governor
coming to Canada

Election in Newfoundland--A keen fight       1900   Nov. 9    7, c. 3                                                  Gazette
and a bitter one ended yesterday--Island
was in a ferment--Result cannot be
known before tomorrow--Prospects are
in favor of return of Liberal Government

Encouragement to the Bank fisheries--        1876   Apr. 10   4, c. 4-5   [Ways and means--French shore                Gazette
Colonial revenue and expenditure--The                                     question--The seal fishery--Tilt Cove
French rights in Newfoundland--A                                          mine--Latest]
territory without law--The sealing fleet
ice-bound--Gloomy lookout--Mineral

End of the trials--Second Newfoundland       1897   Dec. 28   8, c. 1-3   [(Dec. 22 by mail) The Commercial            Gazette
prosecution dropped--Crown did not                                        Bank case--The judge's position--A
proceed--The result causes satisfaction in                                deciding result]
St. John's--Incidents in the two cases

Enforcing the Bait Act--Bad plight of        1888   July 25   2, c. 1     [Enforcment of the Bait Act--Naval           Gazette
the French bankers off Newfoundland--                                     intelligence--Collision at sea--Coastal
The Island fisheries--A rather                                            mail steamers--The fisheries--Success of
unfavorable outlook--News from                                            the Newfoundland loan]
Labrador looked for

Events in Newfoundland--Promising            1889   Aug. 21   2, c. 1-2   [Economic importance of lobster              Gazette
success of the lobster hatchery                                           hatching--Cod hatching--Alleged French
experiment--French outrage stories--                                      outrages on the west coast--Political--
Reports that have no foundation in fact-                                  The fisheries--Death of Rev. Father
-The political situation--Labrador                                        Morris]

Events in Newfoundland--Speculation as       1887   June 21   7, c. 1-2   [Who will succeed his Excellency?--          Gazette
to who will be the new Governor--An                                       Government-built railways--Union bank-
attack on the railway--A prosperous                                       -Marine Court of enquiry--The jubilee--
bank--Arbor Society formed--The                                           Arbor Society--Fisheries

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Events in Newfoundland--The Chamber          1890   Sept. 15   7, c. 1-2   [Father Matthew centennial--Wrecks--           Gazette
of Commerce condemns the Bait License                                      The fisheries--French Shore
 policy--The trade of the Island--Father                                   controversy]
Mathew centennial--Wrecks on the
coast--The fishery prospects

Exploration in Labrador--A Grand Falls       1888   July 9     8, c. 3-4   [Extent of explorations--Grand Falls-          Gazette
that few know anything of--A luxuriant                                     2,000 feet high--Description of the falls-
growth--A sterile border to a pleasant                                     -Interior of Labrador--Labrador spar--
summer land in the interior                                                Interesting features--Previous

Exploration in Labrador--The U.S.            1891   Aug. 4     2, c. 1-2   [Invitation to "the World's Fair"--Bait        Gazette
expedition to the interior of the desolate                                 supplies to Canada--The shipwreck on
 land--An invitation to Chicago--                                          Baccalieu Island--Death of Dr. Hubert--
Newfoundland still angry with Canada--                                     Furniture factory burnt]
The Pubnico Belle scandal--A McGill
doctor's death

Failure of the fisheries--The                1886   Sept. 29   1, c. 4     [Remedial measures]                            Gazette
Newfoundland and Labrador catch far
below the average--How distress is being

Far worse than Ireland--The evils of         1892   July 18    7, c. 3-4                                                  Gazette
absentee landlordism in Newfoundland--
St. John's wants money--Rather than
provisions or goods--Montreal
subscribers to consider their position

Farming in Newfoundland--Only fifty          1891   Feb. 13    8, c. 5-6   [St. John's Agricultural Society--Goulds'      Gazette
thousand acres of the Island under                                         Agricultural Society--Baird versus
cultivation--The interesting case that is                                  Walker--A contradiction--Things in
to affect the French Shore issue--The                                      general--Legislative]
weather on the Island

Favorable to Goodridge--The verdict on       1894   May 24     6, c. 1-2   [(May 16) Bye-election, St. John's East--      Gazette
the result of the Bay de Verde election--                                  Disturbances in Bay de Verde
Each party gets a seat--The campaign
was the hottest and most bitter
Newfoundland ever had experience of

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Federation failure--What is thought on     1888   Oct. 3     2, c. 1-2   [The delegation impotent to negotiate--      Gazette
the subject in Newfoundland--Ultimate                                    Party politics obstructing the way--
union possible--Valuable ore discoveries                                 Valuable discovery of magnetic iron ore-
at St. George's--Latest from the                                         -The fisheries--Sad occurrence on board
fisheries--An officer's suicide                                          H.M.S. Emerald--Arrival of Sir Ambrose
                                                                         Shea]Emerald death=Lieut. Tomson

Federation mission--Newfoundland's         1895   April 1    5, c. 1-2   [No opposition delegates--The appeal to      Gazette
delegates able and representative men--                                   England--Must be a contest--A British
Attitude of the antis--They do not like                                  agent--The bank prosecutions]
the discussion of union and will make a
contest on the Island inevitable

Federation proposal--Arguments for and     1888   April 13   2, c. 1-2   [Confederation in the press--Anti-           Gazette
against it in Newfoundland--Canadian                                     confederate arguments--Action of the
Grits at work--Island merchants                                          Government] The seal fishery--Great
frightened--Illogical arguments by the                                   catch on the Newfoundland shores--Case
antis                                                                    of child murder (Ada March kills child)

Federation with Canada--Both               1893   May 25     7, c. 3-4   [Railway extension-Its bearing on            Gazette
Newfoundland political parties agreed to                                 confederation--Seal fishery--
avoid it--Railway extension and how it                                   Temperance legislation--Governor's
may affect confederation--The                                            projected trip--The late Sir Robert
emigration rage--Work of the                                             Pinsent--Sir James Winter--Rebuilding
Legislature                                                              St. John's]

Fighting with figures--The Newfoundland    1893   Oct. 17    7, c. 1-3   [Polling day--The fall trade--New            Gazette
Government's reply to its critics--what                                  assistant Roman Catholic bishop--Death
has been done with the money spent--                                     of R.J. Kent, Q.C.--Latest--The weather]
The Bait Act and its suspension--The
Bond-Blaine Convention

Finances all right--Sir Wm. Whiteway       1895   May 31     1, c. 4     special cable                                Gazette
announces Hon. Mr. Bond's success in
loan raising

Finances of the colony--Cost of the        1880   June 23    2, c. 5-6                                                Gazette
Government--The weather and the
fisheries - Accident of the Flamingo--
The Union Bank--Remarkable success--
The Railway.

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TITLE                                     YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Fine stamp--Newfoundland's                1897   Sept. 28   8, c. 1-2                                                 Gazette
commemoration of Cabot's discovery--It
 was a happy idea--It also brought the
Colony a special revenue of quite three
hundred thousand dollars

First arrival from the ice fields--A      1873   Apr. 12    2, c. 3-4   [Voyage of the Eagle--Fresh arrivals--        Gazette
Bumper trip great excitement - thirty-                                  Prospects of the fishery--Washington
two thousand seals at one haul -ninety-                                 Treaty--The projected railway across
six thousand dollars in a fort night--                                  Newfoundland--Latest]
Washington Treaty--Newfoundland

Fisheries clauses--Newfoundland not       1885   Jan. 1     8, c. 4     [Derived immense advantages]                  Gazette
alarmed at their early termination--The
Americans the sufferers

Fisheries Treaty--Meets with general      1888   March 14   2, c. 1-2   [Our ocean mail service--Legislative          Gazette
commendation in Newfoundland--The                                       proceedings--Placentia railway--The
Colony's mail service--Opening of the                                   Barcelona exhibition--The seal fishery--
Legislature--Placentia railway works--                                  The Premier--The weather]
The sealers

Fisheries--Discouraging reports from      1884   Sept. 24   8, c. 4     [Severe privations and hardships--Latest]     Gazette
Labrador and other fishing grounds--A
gloomy outlook

Fisheries--Favorable prospects--Murder    1876   Aug. 23    2, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
by a Malay--Steamers for the seal
fishery--Direct Cable Company--Visit of
the Bellerophon--Wrecks

Fisheries--Serious failure of the sea-    1884   Nov. 6     7, c. 3     [Vessels which have been wrecked--The         Gazette
harvest in Labrador--The price of cod-                                  price of codfish]

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Fishermen at Holyrood--Where                 1893   May 2      7, c. 1-3   [Fishing at Holyrood--Coal at Grand           Gazette
Newfoundland has the biggest fish pond                                     Lake--Asbestos--The seal fishery--
in the world--Coal deposits at Grand                                       Rescue of twenty-four men--Legislative-
Lake--Asbestos on the west coast--The                                      -Latest]
result of the seal hunt

Fishery award--The Fortune Bay               1878   Dec. 19    2, c. 4-5   [A million dollars, what shall we do with     Gazette
difficulty--A million dollars for                                          them?--Progress of the copper mines--
Newfoundland --What will they do with                                      Labrador codfish]
it?--Copper mining--Labrador cod-fish

Fishery Commission--Newfoundland's           1877   Dec. 13    2, c. 3-4   [The magistracy of the west coast--Visit      Gazette
share--What should be done with it--The                                    of Sir Hugh Allan--Bonne Bay herring
 magistracy on the West Coast--Visit of                                    fishery--Turning the penny--The
Sir Hugh Allan--Bonne Bay herring                                          steamer Strathtay--The SS. Hindoo and
fishery--Turning the penny--The                                            SS. Neptune--J.W. Smith, Esq.]penny=
steamer Strathtay--Severe sea voyages--                                    Dauntless raised and sold for profit

Fishery Commission--The Newfoundland         1877   Sept. 4    2, c. 5-6   [The Hon. W.V. Whiteway--Condition            Gazette
case--The wrong man illustrated--                                          of the Colony--Bank fishery--A narrow
Prosperity in the Island--Bank fishery--                                   escape]picture of Conroy in Canadian
A narrow escape                                                            Illustrated news above Whiteway's name;

Fishery question--Are Americans bound        1879   Sept. 16   2, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
to obey the local regulations?--The
weather and the fisheries--A
distinguished visitor--Sanitary progress.

Fishery question--Newfoundland too           1886   July 20    2, c. 1-2   [Danger of destroying the bait--Present       Gazette
poor to protect her fisheries--Americans                                   condition of the cod fishery--Grounds of
purchasing bait--Local restrictive laws in                                 hope]
abeyance--The cod fishery--
Discouraging prospects

Fishery rights--The French Shore             1886   April 30   7, c. 1     [The French in Fortune Bay--The seal          Gazette
question and kindred subjects in                                           fishery]
Newfoundland--Results of the seal

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Floating horrors--The awful condition of    1885   Dec. 14   7, c. 3     [unreadable....--A clergyman's               Gazette
 female labor in Labrador fisheries--A                                   testimony?--Something more fearful]
species of white slavery

Foolish policy--Newfoundland does away      1895   June 21   1, c. 1     special cable                                Gazette
with its Fisheries Department

Fortune Bay trouble--The fishery award-     1878   Nov. 28   4, c.       [Meaning of rights "in common"--How          Gazette
-The cause of dispute--The reciprocity                                   Mr. Marcy interpreted the reciprocity
treaty--An important document--A                                         treaty, an important document--A
misconception--The elections                                             misconception-The elections]

French aggressiveness--Part of a policy     1890   June 24   7, c. 1-2   [What happened at Bay St. George--The        Gazette
to keep alive unfounded claims--Bay St.                                  "Saturday Review" speaks frankly--How
George's sample--A situation where                                       the captain of the Indre views matters--
France has all the fun and Newfoundland                                  Visitors--Visit of Mr. Samuel Wilmot--
all the annoyance--Railway contract let                                  Railway contract--Icebergs]

French rights in Newfoundland--Danger       1873   July 2    2, c. 3-4   [Mr. Field's statements--The new cable,      Gazette
of international trouble--The Telegraph                                  the Great Eastern--Search for the
question--Cyrus Field's statements--The                                  Polaris--Wreck--The weather and the
New Castle search for the Polaris wreck-                                 fisheries]wreck=Memento
-The weather and the fisheries

French Shore again--A British warship in    1890   July 9    5, c. 1-2    Dr. Howley's claim--A new                   Gazette
 St. George's Bay raises trouble--Lobster                                development--The legislature endorses
factory closed--Trouble at White Bay                                     Mr. Baird's views--Further action of Sir
also-The Port-au-Port affair--A gross                                    Baldwin--The French in White Bay--
and glaring outrage [Very Rev.                                           Government deputies--Port-au-Port
                                                                         troubles--Representatives of the English
                                                                         press--The weather--Latest]

French Shore again--Latest negotiations     1892   May 10    7, c. 1-3   [Our difficulties with Canada--Indemnity     Gazette
between Newfoundland and England--                                       clauses--What one sealing steamer has
The difficulty with Canadian Bait license                                done]
indemnity-A great seal catch

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
French Shore again--Minister Goblet's       1889   Jan. 11   7, c. 1-2   [Judge Pinsent's opinion--The treaties--      Gazette
threats arouse the Newfoundlanders--A                                    High handed proceedings of the French--
high-handed outrage--British fishermen                                   Christmas--Condition of the Colony--
forbidden to pursue their vocation--                                     Railway extension--The weather]
French lobster factories established

French Shore again--Remarkable orders       1893   July 6    7, c. 1-2   [The queen's birthday--What our new           Gazette
of a British naval commander--                                           line of railway may do--Deep Sea
Newfoundland's new railway line--A                                       Mission to Labrador--H.M.S. Blake--The
possible travel route between Europe and                                  weather and fisheries]

French Shore again--The advantage of        1890   Feb. 17   7, c. 1-2   [Comments of the "London Times"--             Gazette
the Bait Act to the Newfoundlanders--                                    The Bait Act our sheet anchor---The
The Government's policy--Sad fire                                        Whiteway Government's policy--
fatality--Hon. Charles Bowring dead--                                    Terrible catastrophe--Death of Hon.
The weather and health                                                   Charles Bowring--The weather and the
                                                                         public health--Political]

French Shore again--The Gambia              1890   Nov. 27   2, c. 1-2   [Conseil-General of St. Pierre--              Gazette
settlement not too favorably received--                                  Sectarianism buried--Fatal disasters at
Value of the Bait Act--A return to good                                  sea--Politiacl news] disasters=Bell
relations in religions matters--The                                      Haddon and coasting vessel of Bay
political situation                                                      Roberts

French Shore Convention--Reasons for        1886   April 6   2, c. 1-2   [Rejection of the arrangement--Joint          Gazette
its rejection by the Newfoundland                                        Committee's view--The great objection--
parliament--The logic of events alone                                    Other objections--Newfoundlanders'
likely to solve the long disputed problem                                views]

French Shore difficulty--Meeting of the     1876   Mar. 13   2, c. 5-6   [The Legislation opened--House of             Gazette
legislature--Topics of the governor's                                    Assembly--Competition in our seal
speech--Parliamentary amenities--                                        fishery--Newfoundland literature--Direct
Competition in the seal fishery--                                        Cable Company]"Florimel Jones" by
Newfoundland novel--Cable competition                                    W.B. Stabb; "Search for a lost race" or
                                                                         similar title by a Boston gentlemen about
                                                                          Red Indians

French Shore dispute--Highhanded            1888   Aug. 7    2, c. 3-4   [The right of taking lobsters--               Gazette
measures by the French create more                                       Interpretations of the treaties--Hon. Mr.
trouble--What the treaties say--The                                       Justice Pinsent's opinion--Utterly
right of taking lobsters claimed--Mr.                                    inapplicable to lobster catching--The
Justice Pinsent's opinion--Seizure and                                   American schooner Ambrose H. Knight-
release of an American schooner                                          -The worst case under the Bait Act]

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
French shore losses--Newfoundland takes    1891   Sept. 17   7, c. 1-2   [Sir Ambrose Shea--The Bait Act--           Gazette
 action to ascertain the amount--A bill                                  Drowning accident--Railway building--
against Britain--The Bait Act to be                                      The fisheries] drowning=Mr. E.P. Powell
sustained as a defence against French                                     of Oxford
bounty competition

French Shore outrages--Officially denied   1889   Oct. 31    5, c. 3-4   [General elections]                         Gazette
by a Newfoundland judge--Varied rights
explained--The issues of the election
campaign--Ballot and manhood suffrage

French Shore question--A Newfoundland      1886   Feb. 11    2, c. 2     [Good news for Newfoundland--               Gazette
view of its contemplated settlement--A                                   Newfoundland as a mining country]
gain to the colony

French Shore question--Details of the      1886   March 22   2, c. 1-3   French and by them--Advantages of the       Gazette
new Anglo-French Convention--History                                     arrangement [Origin of the trouble--
of the negotiations--This much vexed                                     Efforts to solve the difficulty--
question likely to be settled--If the                                    Conflicting interpretation of the
Colonial Legislature agrees--An                                          treaties--Treaty engagements must be
interesting review of the long dispute--                                 respected--French and British
Concessions to the                                                       contentions--Character of the new...]

French Shore question--How its             1886   Feb. 23    2, c. 5-6   [A new Governor appointed--Sir              Gazette
settlement is regarded in Newfoundland--                                 Ambrose Shea's cancelled appointment--
The new Governor--Unjust aspersions                                      Returned largely by the vote of
upon Sir Ambrose Shea                                                    Orangemen--Has been utterly

French Shore question--Tardy progress      1876   July 3     4, c. 2-3   [Mining--A prosperous institution--The      Gazette
of the negotiations--Mining wealth - A                                   fisheries--Death of Bishop
remarkably prosperous bank--The                                          Field]institution=Union Bank of
Fisheries--The death of Bishop Field--                                   Newfoundland
Hon. N. Stabb.

French Shore--Causing new difficulties     1895   Sept. 12   6, c. 1-2   [Might bring matters to a crisis--An        Gazette
and disputes in Newfoundland--An                                         exclusive right of fishing--Sir Terence
outrage reported--The British                                            O'Brien--Nothing to expect from Great
Government unwilling to financially                                      Britain--Narrow escape from a watery
assist the Island--Progress of railway                                   grave--Labrador missions--The Island
construction                                                             railway--The Commercial Bank]

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                       PAPER
French Shore--Fishery facts from              1896   Sept. 21   5, c. 5-6    [The railway work--The fisheries--          Gazette
Newfoundland's sore spot--The business                                       Politics and despatches]
is small--A French protest against the
construction of a railway wharf--New
district opened up

French Shore--Important despatch from         1890   Dec. 27    8, c. 3-4    [Refused by the French authorities--Not     Gazette
Lord Knutsford to Newfoundland--Not                                          very cheering news--Baird versus
much comfort for the Islanders--The                                          Walker--Mr. bond in Washington]
case of Baird's lobster factory--Mr.
Bond's mission

French Shore--Newfoundland Legislature        1895   June 24    8, c. 7                                                  Gazette
extends the modus vivendi

French Shore--What the Royal                  1898   Oct. 8     11. c. 1-2   [To promote agriculture--A railway          Gazette
Commissioners saw of it--Hopes for                                           mishap--St. john's progress]
their visit--Another Commission looking
 up Newfoundland's agricultural
capacities--Much good land in sight

From an old newspaper--London and its         1891   Oct. 31    11, c. 1-5                                               Gazette
life one hundred and thirty years ago--
When George III was king--American
history in its youth and English literature
 in its great days--Pecularities of the
press in its infancy

From Newfoundland--Statistics of the          1896   Jan. 29    6, c. 1-2    [Colony's credit improving--Present         Gazette
trade of 1894 just issued--Business is                                       trade prospects--The iron
improving--The credit of the Colony on                                       deposits]106=Daniel Grangell
a good basis--Rich iron deposits--A man
of 106

Frozen north's martyrs--Two brave             1893   Dec. 2     1, c. 7      special cable                               Gazette
young Swedes who have probably
perished--Bought an old schooner--And
sailed over a year ago from St. John's,
Nfld.--A message received from them

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Fury of the winds--Schooner Eleanor and      1899   Nov. 18    16, c. 1                                                 Gazette
 forty fishermen are missing--Romp is
ashore at Burin--Imogene loses her sails,
bulwarks, deck gear and much of her

Gatling gun Howard--Newfoundlanders          1895   Sept. 7    1, c. 5     special cable                                Gazette
excited over seizures made by him--His
story not known--In the meantime the
release of the vessels has been ordered by
 the Canadian Government

Geological paradise--Prof. Hyatt on the      1886   June 3     2, c. 1-2   series of delightful surprises-The           Gazette
west coast of Newfoundland--A region of                                    inhabitants, the steamer Curlew-Rare
 beautiful scenery--Abounding in rare                                      fossil cephalopods-Geological structure-
fossils and picturesque villages--Sir                                      Messrs. Murray and Howley's work
William Logan's theories vindicated [A                                     confirmed-Sir Wm. Logan's views
geological paradise--Superb scenery--                                      sustained--Professor Hyatt confirms M.
Coast scenery, a                                                           and H-Time the avenger-Photogr...]

Geological Survey--The formation and         1879   Sept? 25   2, c. 6-7                                                Gazette
resources of the country--Its mineral
wealth--Arrival of the "Uncle Sam"--A
perilous voyage--The regatta--The

Gigantic cuttle-fishes in Newfoundland       1873   Nov. 26    2, c. 4     includes letter from M. Harvey               Gazette

Gold discovery--Meeting of the               1879   Jan. 6     3, c. 3                                                  Gazette
Trade returns--Mining prospects.

Gold in Newfoundland--The need of            1886   May 25     7, c. 1-2   [Discovery of grey copper ore--Railway       Gazette
railway extension imperative--The                                          extension--Extent of cultivated land,
backwardness of settlement--The French                                     farm products--The French Shore again--
 Shore deadlock--Death of Hon. Mr.                                         Death of the Hon. P.G. Tessier--The
Tessier--The weather                                                       weather]

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Good coming out of evil--St. John's to      1893   May 12    7, c. 1-3   [Judge Prowse's report on the fire of        Gazette
have a modernly equipped fire brigade--                                  July--Business outlook--Legislative--
Other Newfoundland news--Sir Robert                                      Sealing voyages--Markets--Death of
Pinsent's death--The seal fishery and                                    Captain Pike--Latest]
business outlook

Good news times--In Newfoundland are        1897   April 8   8, c. 4-6   [The Legislature--Seal fishery of 1897--     Gazette
better than the praised old times--The                                   The cold]
Bait Act dilemma--Preparations for and
prospects of the sealing fleet--The
weather cold

Government of the West Coast--              1878   May 16    2, c. 3-4   [Our new Premier--Seal fishery--Mining       Gazette
Prospects of settlement and                                              region]Premier=Whiteway
development--The new Premier--Seal
fishery--Mining region

Governor O'Brien, of Newfoundland,          1895   July 29   1, c. 4     special cable                                Gazette
sails away for home--Many bade him

Governor's visit to Canada and the          1879   Dec. 29   2, c. 3-4                                                Gazette
United States--His administrative career
on the Island--Sir John Glover as a
soldier--A faculty jury system--Deep sea
monsters--Casualities--Sickness on the
S.S. Bellona.

Graphic description--Of the devastating     1892   July 21   2, c. 1-3   Attempts at incendiarism--The destitute      Gazette
fire in Newfoundland's capital city--Mass                                and needy [A mass of ghastly ruins--The
 of ghastly ruins--Scenes of desolation                                  work of ten hours--Firemen were utterly
and terror--The homeless multitude--A                                    powerless--The work of destruction--
life's work undone in a night--How the                                   Church of England Cathedral--The most
fire was started--A loss of twelve                                       serious losses--Looking more hopefully
millions--                                                               to the future]

Great auk--An American scientific           1887   Aug. 18   2, c. 4     [Its remotest haunts were invaded--          Gazette
expedition in search of the bird--As                                     Objects of the Grampus party--Finding
extinct as the dodo--Skeleton found on                                   the objects of the search--Other
Funk Island--Recklessly slaughtered by                                   important objects of the
fishermen--Other objects of the                                          expedition]=mackerel

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                         PAPER
Great event at St. John's- -Encouraging       1877   Aug. 21    2, c. 3      [News from Labrador--Table of exports         Gazette
news from Labrador--Exports of                                               with their value in 1870--Blasting of the
Newfoundland for 1876--The Merlin                                            Merlin Rock--Successful saw mill--
Rock--A successful sawmill--Steam                                            Increase of steam communication to the
communications                                                               north]mill=owned by G.T. Murphy

Great graving dock--Description of the        1885   Jan. 1     5, c. 5      [Will stand the climate--The first vessel     Gazette
fine work at St. John's, Newfoundland--                                      to enter--Opening of the dock]
Interesting particulars

Great seal catch--Newfoundland has one        1891   May 16     10, c. 1-2   [French shore affairs]                        Gazette
good cause for rejoicing--Endangered by
politics--The delegates in England and
their promises to the House of Lords--A
peculiar incident

Great seal fishery--A decided success for     1888   April 25   2, c. 1-2    [How the steamers fared--More arrivals--      Gazette
the residents along shore--The Neptune's                                     Decling importance of the seal fishery--
 big catch--What is being done about                                         Confederation in the Legislature--The
Confederation in Newfoundland                                                outlook--Prohibition--Legislative]

Great seal fishery--Newfoundland              1891   Oct. 30    2, c. 1-2    [Mining--The Bait Act--Melancholy             Gazette
legislates to prevent its destruction--                                      accident--The City of Rome-the living
Growth of mining on the Island--A                                            story--Severe storm--The state of the
hopeful review by the Chamber of                                             markets
Commerce--That City of Rome Canard

Great seal fishery--This year ends in a       1893   April 20   7, c. 1-2    [Cause of failure--Hon. A.W. Harvey on        Gazette
disastrous failure--The seals floated south                                  the Halifax Conference--The budget--
 while the ships went north--The Bond-                                       Steamer Thames on fire]
Blaine Newfoundland Convention--The
Island's finances

Great seal hunt--A poor year for the          1886   April 20   2, c. 3      [Loss of the SS. Resolute--Narrow escape      Gazette
steamers, but good for the shoremen--                                         of the steamship Aurora]
How the resolute was crushed--Two or
three good cargoes taken--A list of the

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
Greenlands icy mountains--What Peary       1892   Oct. 1    7, c. 1-3   [The fears for the party--Mrs. Peary's      Gazette
saw in his journey to the far north--A                                  courage--The surface of Greenland--
lonely tramp for 92 days--How Mrs.                                      Some rough experience--A welcome
Peary stood the test--Possibility of                                    home--What has been learned--The one
reaching the pole                                                       fatality]

Gulf Ports Company--Breach of              1873   Jan. 4    2, c. 3-4   John's Gas Company--Wholesale prices        Gazette
contract--The Gallant Picton--Action                                    current] "A whole month has elapsed
against the company [The Halifax                                        since my last communication to the
Morning Chronicle on our steam service-                                 Gazette was despatched . Owing to the
-The SS. Eagle and Christmas geese,                                     break down in the mail service of the
turkeys, political crisis--A law case,                                  Gulf Ports Company, our fort nightly
manufacture of seal oil--St.                                            mail was not forwarded; ..."

Halifax Conference--How it may affect      1892   Dec. 9    2, c. 1-3   [A new queen of song--Fire sufferers--      Gazette
federation ideas in Newfoundland--A                                     Extraordinary longevity--Gold
Terra Nova nightingale--Relief of the                                   discovery--Curious insurance case--
fire suffers--Discovery of gold--Curing                                 Boneless codfish]

Harbour Grace riots--A true bill found     1884   May 21    8, c. 1-2   The facts of the case--A spectacle of       Gazette
against nineteen of the rioters--Orange                                 shame--Condemnation of processions--
and green again--Facts of the case as                                   Finding of the Grand Jury--The case for
submitted by the presiding Judge                                        the prosecution--Bound to kill or be

Hard on Newfoundland--The "Times"          1895   Jan. 14   1, c. 4                                                 Gazette
says it must renounce responsible

Hard to raise the cash--Necessary to pay   1895   May 20    8, c. 1     United Press cable                          Gazette
Newfoundland's coming obligations--
Hon. Mr. Bond could not--Effect the
necessary loan in Montreal--What local
financiers have to say regarding the

Harrowing tale--It was a woman's and       1896   March 9   2, c. 1-2   [The vital statistics--The market for       Gazette
about Newfoundland--But it was not true-                                fish--The seal hunt--slaughter of deer]
-Prospects of the fish market--The seal
hunt--Slaughter destroying the deer

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Harshness of the French--More              1891   July 7     2, c. 1-2   [Death of Sir John Macdonald--                Gazette
complaints from the people of                                            Confederation prospects--The weather
Newfoundland--There must be a change--                                   and the fisheries--Hymneal]
The exclusion of Canadians from bait
privileges--Sir John Macdonald's death--
Prospects of confederation

Has a clear course now--Newfoundland       1894   July 31    1, c. 7     special cable                                 Gazette
courts give the Government a majority--
The speaker is unseated--Only one
member of the late government is now a
member of the Legislature

Herring fishery--What is being done to     1891   Dec. 16    8, c. 4-5   [Fatal accident--Loss of the mail steamer     Gazette
improve it in Newfoundland--A fatal                                       Volunteer]
accident--The loss of the Volunteer--
Market prices in St. John's

Home rule--As it has worked in             1886   June 24    7, c. 1-2   [Rule of the Protestant portion--             Gazette
Newfoundland's mixed population--The                                     Responsible government and its results--
fishery catch of the year--The new                                       Loyalty in the ascendant--The lesson of
Spanish Treaty--Masonic bazaar--                                         the whole--The new Spanish treaty--
Political matters                                                        Masonic bazaar--The fisheries--Political
                                                                         matters--Exaggerated reports of

Hon. Mr. Bond's defence--He holds          1891   March 24   2, c. 1-3   Mr. Bond's return--The sealed                 Gazette
Newfoundland's convention should be                                      documents--Mr. Bond's second visit to
ratified--A dispute as to facts--The                                     Washington--Sir Julian's hands tied--The
Newfoundland Commissioner appears to                                     inexplicable element--Mr. Bond acted in
have overestimated his powers [Lord                                      good faith--Storm signallings--The seal
Knutsford's position--Mr. Bond per                                       fishery--The Legislature--Annexation--
contra--The convention presented--                                       ...election in Canada]

Hope revived at St. John's--Canada's       1892   July 1     1, c. 7                                                   Gazette
generosity is fully appreciated--A more
confident spirit--Animating the people--
Canadian safes bear the fiery test--St.
Pierre's narrow escape

Hope revived at St. John's--Canada's       1892   July 14    1, c. 7                                                   Gazette
generosity is fully appreciated--A more
confident spirit--Animating the people--
Canadian safes bear the fiery test--St.
Pierre's narrow escape

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Howard's seizures--A great and angry          1895   Sept. 12   2, c. 3                                                  Gazette
commotion caused in Newfoundland--
This bumptious official executing his
acts with an armed force--Three
schooners seized

Hudson's Bay expedition--Arrival of the       1885   Aug. 5     2, c. 1     [Preparing to return--The experience of      Gazette
steamer Alert at St. John's, Nfld.--                                        the Alert--Too early in starting--A word
Disabled by ice--Puts back for repairs and                                  about Dr. Bell--Scooped out valleys and
 again preceeds to the Straits                                              lakes]

Importance and value of the codfishery -      1880   Jan. 16    2, c. 4-5                                                Gazette
 Bank fishery - British American
fisheries - Fishing by steamer - Christmas
 - Sir John Glover - Further particulars of
 the Plainmeller

Important legislation--Some of the            1888   May 24     7, c. 1-2   [St. John's Municipal Act--A Fisheries       Gazette
measures passed by the Newfoundland                                         Department--Protection of lobsters--
House--Confederation question--                                             Other Legislative enactments--Hon. Mr.
Statistics of crime--A serious ice                                          Justice Pinsent--The Confederation
blockade--The propagation of cod--St.                                       question--The ice blockade]
John's Incorporated

Improving finances--Newfoundland gives        1896   April 8    2, c. 1-2   [The Great Bank geography--The lobster       Gazette
 a good account of its treasury--Great                                       industry--Season may affect the fish--
Bank soundings--The lobster-packing                                         The sealers]
industry, and some things that are
puzzling the packers

In Arctic seas, graphic sketch of the         1884   July 29    7, c. 1-2   [Perished by cold and hunger--The            Gazette
Greely relief expedition, a tale of                                         deplorable results--Might have been
hardship and privation, results                                             saved--Poor stores of provisions--While
accomplished by the brave explorers,                                        these terrible scenes--Told by the
errors of the past                                                          survivors--At Lady Franklin Bay--The
                                                                            survivors, who are here]

In Newfoundland--A bear story of the          1901   July 26    6, c. 1-3   ["The Roof of Newfoundland"--Mr.             Gazette
early railway days--The roof of the                                         Andrew Carnegie--The weather--The
Island--A Carnegie gift--Weather and                                        fisheries--Legislative--The whale hunt]
Fisheries--The whale catch

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
In Newfoundland--A bounty for sailing        1898   Jan. 14    5, c. 3-4   [The lobster fishery--The Legislature--       Gazette
ships in the seal fishery--The lobster                                     The herring fishery]
fishery good--Dr. Macphail's work
commended--The Legislature--Future
status of the Colony--Herring catch

In Newfoundland--A disquisition on a         1900   Sept. 28   7, c. 1-2   [The big storm--The Patriotic fund--          Gazette
curious Island place name--Big storm's                                     Politics] place=Quidi Vidi
bad work--The Patriotic Fund a success--
A dull election in the Colony, too

In Newfoundland--A fine French warship       1899   July 15    7, c. 3-4   [The Bait Act's enforcement--The              Gazette
 visits St. John's--The Whaling industry--                                 whaling industry--The game laws--A
Changing the game laws--A geologist's                                      geologist's visit--A noted visitor--A
search for a missing link--Documents of                                    murder trial]geol.=Charles D. Walcott;
the French period                                                          visitor=Prof. Jean C. Bracy of Vassar and
                                                                            Lieut.-Col. Haggard; murder of Mary
                                                                           Nugent by Francis Canning

In Newfoundland--A great lumbering           1900   March 19   7, c. 4-6   [Optimism justified--Death of Sir             Gazette
scheme for the Island--Sir frederick                                       Frederick Carter--Political--The sealing
Carter--His work and place in                                              fleet--Mr. R.G. Reid]
Confederation--The political situation--
The sealers

In Newfoundland--A new mineral find          1897   Dec. 14    6, c. 1-2   [The Labrador boundary--The bank              Gazette
from which much is expected--The                                           trials--Work for economy]
Labrador boundary--A claim that
Newfoundland's jurisdiction extends into
the interior--Bank director's trial

In Newfoundland--A noted geologists on       1900   Jan. 22    5, c. 4-6   [The slate deposits--The revenue--            Gazette
the Colony's growth--Slate mining                                          Political--The whalers]
outlook--The revenue increasing--Result
of improving conditions--The political

In Newfoundland--A quiet opening of the      1901   June 4     8, c. 3-4   [The fisheries--Other matters--French         Gazette
 Colonial Legislature--French Shore                                        Shore question--Bond Blaine
question--Not much prospect of its                                         Convention--Fishing by trawler]
settlement in the near future--The Bond-
Blaine Convention

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                          PAPER
In Newfoundland--A rising revenue but a     1899   July 29   10, c. 4-6   [The fleet arrives--The prorogation--          Gazette
deficit in the finances--A rise in the                                    The icebergs--The Deep Sea Mission]
duties--New silver coinage--A change in
the Ministry--Prorogation of the
Legislature--The Deep Sea Mission

In Newfoundland--A visit to Labrador        1900   Feb. 3    11, c. 4-5   ["Baedeker's Canada"--The Heligoland's         Gazette
and the Moravian missions--A work for                                     loss--Political--French Shore modus]
the Innuits--The political crisis near an
end--Renewal of the French Shore modus

In Newfoundland--An agent's hard time       1896   Jan. 7    6, c. 1-2    [A slander refuted--Local political talk--     Gazette
with the people of St. Pierre--They liked                                 A mild and busy Christmas]agent=Mr.
 smugglers--And resented the                                              James Fox
Newfoundlander's residence among them
as a danger to an industry

In Newfoundland--An attack on the           1901   Feb. 4    11, c. 1-3   [A scientific defender--Cause of the           Gazette
Colony and its author--Gen. Dashwood                                      wrath--Some specimens--The Queen's
criticised--The Queen's death and King                                    death--Mr. Bond's visit--A poetical
Edward's proclamation--Mr. Bond's                                         tribute] tribute by Sir Robert Thorburn

In Newfoundland--Arrival of Sir             1901   July 1    7, c. 4-5    [A Governor's duties--The Assyrian loss-       Gazette
Cavendish Boyle as Governor--The                                          -Vital statistics--The Legislature--
Assyrian's wreck--Heavy death rate--The                                   Weather and fisheries]
 Legislature at work--Fisheries and

In Newfoundland--Big Scottish               1900   Aug. 11   11, c. 4-5   [Railway being built--Benefit of Reid          Gazette
lumbermen to operate extensively--Due                                     contract--Dr. Grenfell--The fisheries]
to Reid contract--Means much to the
Colony--Labors of Dr. Grenfell--The
fisheries--Belle Isle strike

In Newfoundland--Bishop Howley's            1899   June 3    13, c. 4-5   [The Royal Commission]                         Gazette
reported interviews criticized--Royal
Commission report--The feeling of the
people towards Canada and the United

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--Canada's share of the       1900   April 2   12, c. 1-3   [United States imports--Great Britain's      Gazette
Colony's foreign trade--A fine hotel                                       share--New Avalon hotel--St. Patrick's
started--St. Patrick's Day celebrated--                                    Day--The Legislature]
Loyal resolutions--The Legislature called

In Newfoundland--Chamberlain's French        1899   Feb. 4    10, c. 1-2   [A long agitation--Cabot Steam Whaling       Gazette
Shore talk gives pleasure--Old evil to be                                  Company--The dry dock's value--The
removed--The whaling company--A                                            fishing company--The new Governor--
good season--The dry dock's value--The                                     Latest]
new Governor--Death of Miss Whiteway

In Newfoundland--Cod catch for 1897 is       1897   Oct. 27   8, c. 3      [The elections--New steamship service]       Gazette
a very small one--The election outlook--
New steamer for the Sidney route--A
good thing for travellers

In Newfoundland--Colony now has a            1900   Aug. 25   10, c. 5-6   [The red Cross work--Mrs. Bond dead--A       Gazette
monthly literary magazine--Work for                                         gold field story--A general election]
sick soldiers--Big suit by Sir William
Whiteway--Better news from the
fisheries--The general elections

In Newfoundland--Colony's contribution       1901   May 25    10, c. 1-4   [A good beginning--Cod fishery--Wood         Gazette
to Naval Reserve returns--Cod fishing by                                   pulp--Other matters]
 trawlers--Interesting experiment Messrs.
 Bowring Bros. are making--Pulp
industry in Labrador--Other matters

In Newfoundland--Currency of the             1899   Feb. 25   10, c. 5-6   [Adopted dollar and cents--A silver          Gazette
colony and its regulation--New                                             venture--Current events--A cold winter--
Governor's arrival--A cold winter--                                        Slaughter of deer]
Heavy slaughter of deer along the West

In Newfoundland--Difficulty over the         1900   June 27   6, c. 4-6    [What he has done--A desirable               Gazette
Reid railway contract--Strike at Belle                                     arrangement--Sanction refused--Strike at
Island--The men secure a substantial                                        Belle Isle--A queer fish]
raise in their wages--A rare fish captured

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--Doctors with the seal       1901   April 24   5, c. 5-7    [Defects pointed out--The mining             Gazette
fleet proved a great success--A new iron                                    industry--A fatal accident--Premier
discovery--Valuable deposit of                                              Bond--The seal fishery]
manganese at Conception Bay--A fatal                                        accident=electrocution of Mr. Frank
accident--The seal fishery                                                  Wing at Petty Harbor

In Newfoundland--Dr. Grenfell and the        1899   Dec. 23    10, c. 5-7   [The S.S. Glencoe--A new service--           Gazette
Deep Sea Mission--A new coastal                                             Political]
steamer--Weekly service to Halifax--
The political situation--Winter ministry
may hold on

In Newfoundland--Effects of the war on       1898   May 7      12, c. 1-2   [The trade outlook--The coal fields--        Gazette
the Colony's commerce--Working the                                          Whale fishing--The Fisheries Service--
coal deposits--A whale fishing company                                      Affairs political]
started--Superintendent Neilsen's work--
The business outlook

In Newfoundland--Exceeding virulence         1898   Dec. 3     11, c. 1-2   [Free grant lands--The steamer service--     Gazette
of opposition methods--Mr. Reid's free                                      The French Shore question--An oil field]
grants--New fleet of coastal steamers--
Mr. Chamberlain and the French Shore--
An oil field rumor

In Newfoundland--Formation of a Royal        1901   April 8    9, c. 1-2    [Seal fishery of 1901--Other topics]         Gazette
Naval Reserve decided upon--Seal fishery
 a success--Reports of returning steamers
 show that it was one of the best in many

In Newfoundland--Governor McCallum           1899   April 1    10, c. 4-5   [St. Patrick's Day--Hering for U.S.          Gazette
pays a visit to the seal hunters--He is a                                   vessels--The political crisis--A cold
popular viceroy--St. Patrick's day                                          winter]
celebration--U.S. vessels buying herring--
The winter was cold

In Newfoundland--Governor McCallum           1899   March 16   6, c. 1-2    [The legislature--The seal fishery]          Gazette
received a hearty welcome--The
Legislature's meeting--The lobster side of
 the French Shore question--The sealing
fleet under new conditions

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--Governor McCallum's       1899   Oct. 26   2, c. 4-6    [Our financial position--French Shore        Gazette
tour of the Island--The naval reserve                                    and Transvaal war--The Boer described]
idea--Fiances of the Colony--A reform
in methods--French Shore and Transvaal

In Newfoundland--Governor Murray's         1899   Feb. 14   8, c. 5-7    [Some more correspondence--The               Gazette
closing rebuff of Mr. Morine--More                                       French Shore--The new Governor--The
letters published--Feeling over Mr.                                      seal fishery]new industry=manufacturing
Chamberlain's speech--The new                                            of ready-made clothing
governor--A new industry

In Newfoundland--Herring have desserted    1901   May 9     9, c. 1-2    [The lobster--New ore discovery--A           Gazette
 the Labrador coast--A warning to                                        sealer's peril--Mr. Bond's return]
packers--Manganese deposits found--A
sealer in peril--The hunt a success

In Newfoundland--How the Colony            1900   Oct. 15   9, c. 1-2    [Political--Mr. Morine's manifesto]          Gazette
became noted for its port wine--the
political contest--Premier Bond and Mr.
Morine issue manifestoes declaring their

In Newfoundland--Inauguration of the       1900   July 12   7, c. 4-6    [Labor troubles--The governor's return--     Gazette
Cabot Memorial Tower--The labor                                          A cold summer]
troubles--Governor McCallum's return
from England--A cold summer

In Newfoundland--Large interest in the     1898   Feb. 14   6, c. 1-2    [Mining--A new service--Caribou]             Gazette
opening of the Legislature--The
ministers' programme--Imperial
Commission idea--Briefness in the reply
to the address--Some opposition

In Newfoundland--Mr. Morine's              1899   May 6     13, c. 4-5   [A personal letter--An agitation ended--     Gazette
restoration to the Government--Story of                                  The Legislature--The trade outlook--
 the negotiations--Legislature soon to                                   The Gaspesia]
meet--Good trade prospects in the Colony

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                          PAPER
In Newfoundland--Mr. Reid's enterprise       1899   Oct. 17   7, c. 5-6    [St. John's street railway--The                Gazette
and its effect on industry--Street railway                                 Governor's tour--A Cabot memorial--
work--Governor McCallum's tour--A                                          The whalers--The fishery]
Cabot memorial--The whale hunters

In Newfoundland--Much hoped from             1896   Nov. 4    6, c. 1-2    [Improvement in commerce--The Cabot            Gazette
establishment of new industires--Business                                   celebration--Work on the railway--The
 is improved--early competition of the                                     fisheries]
railway will open a new rote to Canada--
The fisheries a success

In Newfoundland--Premier Whiteway            1897   Aug. 30   5, c. 1-2    [A debt conversion idea--The price of          Gazette
welcomed home from England--What he                                        codfish--The railway]
 urged there--Confederation talk and the
French Shore--The railway--Big cod catch

In Newfoundland--Prospective                 1897   Jan. 4    6, c. 1-2    [The Norwegian example--Island's iron          Gazette
inauguration of a whale fishery--The                                       deposits--Mission to Deep Sea
iron ore deposits--What the Labrador                                       fishermen--The Maggie disaster--
Deep Sea Mission did--Aid for the                                          Christmas cheer]
Maggie disaster sufferers

In Newfoundland--Protection for salmon       1899   Nov. 24   10, c. 3-4   [Col. Haggard's ideas--West coast              Gazette
 rivers to be provided--West coast                                         scenery--In political circles--A patriotic
scenery--The political field--Bye-                                         fund]
election results--A patriotic fund scheme

In Newfoundland--Reckless slaughter of       1901   Jan. 22   6, c. 3-5    [The lobster fishery--Change in                Gazette
caribou in the interior--The lobster                                       Governor--A severe winter]
fishery--Sir Henry McCallum's removal--
A severe winter--The railway

In Newfoundland--Royal Commission            1899   June 17   7, c. 1-3    [The mode of settlement--Bishop                Gazette
report on the French Shore--Deep Sea                                       Howley--The Deep Sea Mission]
Mission work--A defence of it against
some attacks that should not have been

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                         PAPER
In Newfoundland--Rules to protect the        1899   May 20     13, c. 5-6   [Artificial propagation--New use for          Gazette
diminishing lobster industry--The work                                      sealskins--The French Shore--The
of propagation--New use for seal skins--                                    Legislature--Caribou protection needed--
The protection of the caribou--Sir                                          Sir William Whiteway]
William Whiteway

In Newfoundland--Seal fishery most           1900   May 25     5, c. 4-6    [Never so abundant--Medical assistance--      Gazette
successful of recent years--Medical                                         Dr. Roddick asked to help--Dr. Grenfell--
assistance--Scheme to place it on all the                                   His long trip--Political]
ships engaged--Dr. Grenfell's work--

In Newfoundland--Sir Charles Tupper has      1896   June 4     6, c. 3-4    [A great iron deposit--The cod fishery--      Gazette
 started Confederation talk--Great iron                                     The Bank prosecutions--Lieutenant
deposits--The prospect of the summer                                        Peary]
cod fishery not too promising--The
Bank cases

In Newfoundland--Sir James Winter and        1898   Aug. 26    6, c. 1-2    [Sir James Winter--Turmoil about the          Gazette
the Quebec Conference--The Island's                                         Governor--The fisheries]
strong case--Exhibition of sympathy
with the retiring Governor, Sir Herbert

In Newfoundland--Sir James Winter's          1896   Dec. 4     6, c. 3-4    [St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church--The        Gazette
resignation of his judgeship--A                                             defunct banks--Petroleum at Bonne Bay-
remarkable address--New St. Andrew's                                        -An English representative]
minister--Petroleum at Bonne Bay--The
defunct banks

In Newfoundland--Sir Mackenzie               1900   Sept. 12   6, c. 1-2    [A Labrador fishery--A liner's close          Gazette
Bowell's visit and the Colony--A                                            shave--The mission's work--Sad tale of
Labrador fish curer--Dr. Grenfell's work--                                  the sea--The fisheries]
Fate of three fishermen--A liner's close
shave--The fisheries

In Newfoundland--St. John's electric         1900   May 14     11, c. 1-2   [Wages being raised--The lunatic asylum-      Gazette
street railway inaugurated--A demand for                                    -Political--The Montpelier--Quartz
 labor--Colonial asylum statisitcs--The                                     discovery reported]
Legislature prorogued--Election prospects

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--Start of the fleet for    1901   March 26   6, c. 3-4   [The first doctors--The Legislature--Sir     Gazette
the sealing grounds--The doctors on                                      Henry McCallum]
board--Meeting of the Legislature--The
railway agreement--Sir Henry McCallum

In Newfoundland--The anniversary of        1895   Dec. 19    2, c. 1-2   [Actions for libel-The smuggling             Gazette
Black Monday and its memories--The                                       prosecutions--The new Governor--
case of the banks--Hard fortune of Mr.                                   Asbestos mining--A new industry--The
Pitts--Suits against a newspaper--The                                    Deep Sea Mission]
smuggling prosecutions

In Newfoundland--The anti's last kick at   1899   Jan. 21    10, 4-5     [Room for advancement--The holidays          Gazette
the railway contract--Improving the                                      and business--A banking
fisheries--A British Company's extensive                                 change]=departure of W. Stewart
 plan--The holidays and business--A                                      manager of Bank of Nova Scotia for
banking change                                                           Boston

In Newfoundland--The bad state of the      1896   May 21     6, c. 1-2   [The seal hunt--Superintendent Nielsen       Gazette
Commercial Bank's affairs--Sealers'                                      back--A late season--Latest]
rough voyage--The hunt this year one of
 the most perilous on record--
Superintendent Nielsen's return

In Newfoundland--The change to follow      1898   Feb. 1     8, c. 1-2   [What is now possible--The Legislature--     Gazette
the completion of the railway--New                                       Changes for economy--The pulp
chances for capital--The Legislature's                                   industry--Labrador timber lands--The
work---Tariff changes may be                                             Cabot whaling Company--Minor notes]
protectionist--An Imperial Commission
on the finances

In Newfoundland--The Colony now            1900   Oct. 27    6, c. 1-2   [The drink traffic--The fisheries--The       Gazette
boasts of a monthly magazine--The                                        elections]
traffic in spirits--The result of the
fishery season--The election campaign on

In Newfoundland--The commerce of the       1897   Feb. 16    8, c. 1-3   [General election coming--The French         Gazette
year 1896 reviewed--Election in                                          Shore--The lawyers busy--Mr. Fenelon's
prospect--The French Shore grievance--                                   death--Miscellaneous]
A judge's claim for compensation--Hon.
Mr. Fenelon's death

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                          PAPER
In Newfoundland--The defeat of the         1900   March 1   9, c. 1-3    [The French modus--The special session-        Gazette
Winter Government--An opposition                                         -Government was confident--An
surprise--Something like treachery seems                                 opposition surprise--Looked like
 to have been arranged for                                               treachery--The modus bill passed--
                                                                         Resignation in prospect--New Reid

In Newfoundland--The election result       1897   Nov. 17   8, c. 1-2    [The bank trials]                              Gazette
surprised the observers--Causes of the
change--The new Government's
prospective policy--The trial of the
bank directors

In Newfoundland--The election verdict      1900   Dec. 27   7, c. 1-3    [The price paid--The railway section--         Gazette
and the Reid contract--Two sides to the                                  The Colony's side]
case--Considerations that are forgotten
by those loudest in condemning the

In Newfoundland--The extension of the      1898   Dec. 31   2, c. 3-5    [The Reid contract sustained--Pointed          Gazette
royal Naval Reserve--Reid contract                                       paragraphs]
sustained--Mr. Chamberlain lays down
the principles that govern in such cases

In Newfoundland--The fatal explosion of    1897   June 23   7, c. 3-4    [Fisheries--A political surprise]              Gazette
 a locomotive boiler--The fisheries'
outlook--Ice unusually thick off the
coast--Mr. Morrison's retirement from

In Newfoundland--The Finlander             1899   Aug. 26   10, c. 1-3   [The case of Finland--What the Colony          Gazette
delegates and their mission--What is                                     offers--The railway--The minerals]
offered them--The railway and its work
it is convincing the people of its worth

In Newfoundland--The French Shore          1900   Feb. 17   7, c. 4-5    [A bit of secret history--Possibilities of     Gazette
issue once more discussed--A bad secret                                  settlement--The modus vivendi--
bargain--Possibilities of a settlement--                                 Confederation possibilities]
The Modus vivendi--Outlook for

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--The government's            1896   Dec. 19    12, c. 1-2   [The bank trials--The year's business]       Gazette
purchase of the Harbor Grace railroad--
Counted a good move--Bank directors'
trial suspended--An outside judge may be
sent for--The year's business

In Newfoundland--The Government's            1900   Nov. 23    6, c. 4-7    [Mr. Reid's point of view--The               Gazette
sweep in the Legislative elections--How                                     contractor's work--The party turnover--
it affects Mr. Reid--Old-time results                                       Royal Naval Reserve--The Canadian
recalled--Recruits for the naval reserve--                                  soldiers]
Canadian soldiers entertained

In Newfoundland--The governorship            1898   Sept. 17   10, c. 5-7   [A new iron mine--A peculiar island]         Gazette
question is finally settled--A great iron
deposit--Belle Isle, in Conception Bay
and the development work done there

In Newfoundland--The indictment              1896   Aug. 22    12, c. 4-5   [The work of the Legislature--A peculiar     Gazette
against the bank directors quashed--A bill                                   claim--The railway's progress--The
 not sanctioned--A Legislative Act held                                     fishery]
up for a curious cause--Progress of the
railway--The fisheries

In Newfoundland--The Island's growing        1899   Aug. 11    6, c. 4-5    [An interesting report--A big total--        Gazette
mineral production--Record of ten years-                                    Petroleum, too--The Governor--The
-It shows an output of $7,829,000--                                         fisheries]
Prospects of further development

In Newfoundland--The London Times            1901   Jan. 5     7, c. 3-4    [The Volunteer Corps--Doctors on             Gazette
and the Reid contract issue--The                                            sealers--A good trade year]
Volunteer Corps--Medical help for the
seal hunter--The Colony's business
situation good

In Newfoundland--The Moravians' work         1900   April 30   9, c. 5-7    [The Esquimaux dog--The missionary           Gazette
for the Esquimaux tribes--Talking                                           wives--The heathen section--
Confederation--An interesting article in                                    Confederation--Legislature]
the St. John's telegram--The Legislature's

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TITLE                                          YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--The Murray-                   1898   Dec. 17    6, c. 1-2    [The Whiteway government--Mining--           Gazette
Chamberlain correspondence published--                                        Mr. Reid's fleet--Fisheries]
It is very interesting--The Governor
very free in criticising his Ministers' acts
and projects, verbally as well as in

In Newfoundland--The Murray-Morine             1898   Nov. 19    10, c. 1-2   [Mr. Reid's plans--The Premier]              Gazette
incident caused excitement--Opinion                                           mentions the letters of Murray Morine
favors Mr. Morine--A great pulp                                               appeared in the Daily News Nov. 7
project--Mining projects on foot--Sir
James Winter's movements-A new

In Newfoundland--The new Cabinet and           1897   Dec. 2     6, c. 1-2    [The matter of appointments--                Gazette
its new programme--The question of                                            Retrenchment begun--The courts--The
offices--The courts at work--The                                              Savings Bank--In general]
Savings Bank--Atlantic hurricanes and
their effect on shipping

In Newfoundland--The new railway               1901   Aug. 16    6, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
agreement and its effects--It is good for
Mr. Reid--May have the effect of
hastening the entry of the Colony into

In Newfoundland--The new whale hunt            1898   Aug. 12    2, c. 4-5    [Distinguished visitors--The Royal           Gazette
turning out a success--New steamer to be                                      Commission--Latest]
built--Sir Sandford Fleming and Principal                                     Commission=rumored to be about the
Grant speak about the Colony and its                                          French Shore grievances

In Newfoundland--The new whaling               1901   July 13    10, c. 4-6   [Large forest fire--the slate deposits--     Gazette
industry and its success--A large forest                                      The Lusitania's loss--The finances]
fire--The slate deposits--The Lusitania
enquiry--The captain acquitted

In Newfoundland--The news from Peary           1899   Sept. 26   10, c. 3-4   [Hardships ahead--A fishing disaster--       Gazette
not over satisfactory--Fishermen in a                                         Wireless telegraph relief--Noted
storm--Wireless telegraph to aid the                                          visitors]=Mrs. Cardess (wealthy woman
Labrador fleet--Noted yachting visitors                                       from America in her yacht "The

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--The political crisis due   1899   Dec. 13    9, c. 1-2    [A personal quarrel--Hopes of a patch-       Gazette
 to personal reasons--Hopes of a patch                                     up--The Patriotic Fund]
up--A successful meeting in aid of the
Patriotic fund for Soldiers

In Newfoundland--The protective             1898   April 23   11, c. 3-4   [Mr. Reid's contract--The Greenland          Gazette
features of the new tariff--Good results                                   disaster--The seal hunt]
hoped for--Mr. Reid takes over the
railway and other works--The seal
fishery--Help for the Greenland sufferers

In Newfoundland--The question of a          1898   July 30    9, c. 3-4    [A constitutional point--The contract--      Gazette
Governor's duties raised--Some new                                         General topics]=includes visit of Mrs.
correspondence--Sir Herbert Murray                                         Jean Harvey (singer)
condemned the Reid contract, and Mr.
Chamberlain sympathized with him

In Newfoundland--The Reid contract          1898   April 2    11, c. 1-2   [The Colony's finances--The tariff]          Gazette
finally assented to--The Governor's
objection--The Colony's finances--
Speech of Mr. Morine--The tariff--
Moderate protection given

In Newfoundland--The session to discuss     1901   March 16   11, c. 1-2   [The modus vivendi--The prorogation--        Gazette
the modus vivendi--Tributes to the King-                                   The sealers]
-Sir Henry McCallum's last address to the
 Legislators--The sealers

In Newfoundland--The surgeons' work         1901   June 17    12, c. 3-4   [Causes of disease--The doctors' pay--       Gazette
with the sealing fleet--Many bad things                                    The Legislature--The fisheries--A Welsh
shown--The Legislature's work--Mr. Reid                                     slate owner]=Mr. Owen
 and his contract--The fishery outlook

In Newfoundland--The van Horne              1899   Sept. 8    6, c. 1-2    [The Belle Isle ore--Other great             Gazette
party's visit to the Colony--Belle Isle's                                  deposits--Sir William's impressions--The
ore beds--They and other Island riches                                     Finland delegates]
greatly impress the observers

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
In Newfoundland--Tide of summer travel      1900   July 28    7, c. 1-2    [The Labrador fishery--New land              Gazette
 has well set in--The Labrador fishery--                                   company--The lobsters]
New land company formed--Schemes of
development--Lobsters and whales

In Newfoundland--Welcome to a               1900   Dec. 7     7, c. 1-3    [Deep Sea Mission--The political             Gazette
returned soldier from South Africa--Deep                                   situation] soldier=Roland Penny
 Sea Mission work--The political
situation--Probable ministerial changes--
Mr. Reid's interests

In Newfoundland--What customs returns       1901   Feb. 21    6, c. 1-2    [Going ahead--A hard winter--Mr. Bond's      Gazette
show about the Island--A time of                                            visit--The Governor--A glut of venison-
progress--Severe weather--Unseasonable                                     -The Legislature]
floods--The Governor's farewell--A glut
of venison

In Newfoundland--Work in developing         1898   Sept. 23   8, c. 3-4    [What science foresaw--The Royal             Gazette
the coal measures--The Royal                                               Commission--Summer visitors--Latest]
Commission--Much is hoped from the
enquiry--Visitors and departures--A
discovery of petroleum

In Newfoundland--Work of the                1900   June 9     12, c. 4-6   [Propagation of lobsters--The cod            Gazette
Department of Marine and Fisheries--On                                     fishery--Union with Canada--Benefits of
 union with Canada--Subject is again a                                     union]
live one in the ancient capital--Some of
its advantages

Inciting to industry--Newfoundland to       1888   July 11    2, c. 1-2    --Evil results of the system--Re-            Gazette
discontinue aid to able-bodied paupers--                                   introduction under another name--The
How a bad system grew--The bait                                            difference between fresh and salt bait--
question--The experience of a United                                       Methodist Conference--Deputation of
States fisherman--The Methodists[How                                       Confederation--The Union Bank--Sir
pauper relief has grown                                                    Ambrose Shea--The Barcelona
                                                                           Exhibition--The fisheries]

Island recovering--Newfoundland trade       1895   Aug. 27    2, c. 3-4    Other local news=Lawrence Walsh              Gazette
shows signs of improvement--Railway                                        arrested for McCarthy murder; 80 dead
construction proceeding rapidly--Bay of                                    Esquimaux at Nain, cause unknown yet
Islands soon to be reached--Other local

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
It was an annihalation--Newfoundland's      1889   Nov. 13   2, c. 1-2   [(Nov. 7) The issues--(Nov. 8) A             Gazette
Premier also bites the dust--Badly beaten                                surprising result--A damaging campaign]
 in Trinity--Sir William Whiteway polls
three votes to Sir Robert Thorburn's one

Judge on the issue--Mr. Justice Pinsent     1890   May 16    7, c. 1-2                                                Gazette
on the French Shore claim--Sovernity of
 England--? ? recognized fact in the
Treaty of Utrecht--Hopes of the

Labrador disaster--Sufferings of women      1885   Nov. 11   2, c. 3-4   [Crowded with fishermen--Sufferings of       Gazette
and children from overcrowded vessels--                                  the poor women--Female labor and its
A vicious system exposed--Losses by the                                  degradations--Drowned in the rolling
 storm--Destitution of the people--Relief                                surges--Losses by the storm--Violence of
 measures                                                                 the late storm]

Labrador fictions--Tales of dire distress   1887   Aug. 31   2, c. 3     [Official contradiction of the lying         Gazette
among the people absolutely false--The                                   telegrams--Who are at the bottom of
lying correspondents too early at work--                                 it?]
Official contradiction by Newfoundland's

Labrador fisheries--A successful season     1888   Aug. 7    2, c. 2                                                  Gazette
indicated--Price of fish expected to be

Labrador fisheries--The catch in late       1887   Dec. 26   7, c. 1-2   [Average catch on Labrador--Estimates        Gazette
years and its value to Newfoundland--                                    and returns for 1884--Fatal accident on
Fatal railway accident--The Placentia                                    the railway--Cause of the accident--
railway construction--The Island Fishery                                 Placentia railway--Our Fisheries
 Commission--Weather note                                                Commission--The weather]

Labrador fisheries--Their great value to    1891   Nov. 13   5, c. 1-2   [A summer herring fishery--Wheat             Gazette
the people of Newfoundland--A search                                     growing in Newfoundland--Destructive
for the herring in its summer haunts--                                   fire]
Pecularities of the coast waters--
Important results anticipated

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
Labrador fishermen--Work of the Deep         1892   Nov. 15    8, c. 3-5    [Confederation--The relief of the fire       Gazette
Sea Mission in their relief--                                               sufferers--A visitor to Canada--The
Newfoundland confederation and the                                          weather] visitor=Mr. J. R. McCowen
delegates--Relief of the St. John's fire

Labrador fishery--Latest news from the       1887   Sept. 15   7, c. 1      [Exaggeration on the side of failure--       Gazette
fishing fleet rather disheartening--The                                     Later reports less favorable (Sept. 9)--
herring catch light--Fear of slim                                           Fishermen have done badly--Cope
provision for the long winter--Price of                                     successfully with our difficulty]
fish rising--Caution against exaggerated

Labrador hurricane--Graphic description      1885   Nov. 4     2, c. 1-2    [Scenes of terror--Nearer and nearer to      Gazette
of the terrific gale--Agonies of the ship-                                  the fatal rocks--Sufferings of the
wrecked--Over seventy lives lost and                                        shipwrecked--A winding sheet of foam--
eighty vessels wrecked--Heroism and                                         A Newfoundland hero--A noble boy--
hair-breadth escapes                                                        Newfoundland dogs save a woman--In a
                                                                            pitable plight--Estimate of losses]

Labrador's wealth--Believed to lie in its    1898   June 25    11, c. 4-5   [The timber land--Seal skin values--Lots     Gazette
forests and minerals--Limits being taken                                    of libel suits--New mining venture--
up--An advance in seal skins--St. John's                                    Visitors increasing]
libel suits--Other Newfoundland topics

Land and mineral Laws--A synopsis of         1886   Jan. 12    7, c. 3-4    [Timber and timber lands--Mineral lands-     Gazette
the provisions of the new act in                                            -Gold mining--New Masonic Temple
Newfoundland--A new Masonic Temple-                                         dedicated--Burning of the rope walk]
-Burning of the rope walk

Land of caribou--In Newfoundland they        1895   Dec. 4     6, c. 1-2    [Suppressing the smugglers--Resources of     Gazette
are plenty and easily got--News from the                                     the Island--The new Governor--Sir
 Colony--How the smugglers were                                             William Whiteway's visit--Latest]
suppressed--The new Governor--
Personal items

Landfall of Cabot--A study of the            1890   June 17    2, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
authorities on the discover's Prima Vista-
-Maps to show that it was at Cape North
 on Cape Breton the continent was first

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Landfall of Cabot--Newfoundland writers      1896   Sept. 8   2, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
 are discussing its whereabouts--Three
theories upheld--But the differers are all
likely to join in doing honor to Cabot's

Landfall of Cabot--What the earliest         1890   June 26   5, c. 1-3   second paper                                  Gazette
maps show of the coast line--Early
Portuguese navigators--Cabot's
voyaging--His discovery of the
continent and #10 reward

Legislators strike--Newfoundland             1895   June 29   1, c. 4                                                   Gazette
members want a full sessional allowance
and a bonus

Leonberg dog--Valuable canines--Copper       1879   Oct. 15   2, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
mining--Full weather--Our graving dock-

Lessons of a great fire--What St. John's     1892   Aug. 16   5, c. 1-2   [Loss of church property--Meeting of          Gazette
has learned about fire protection--Losses                                 the Legilsature--Aid for fire sufferers--
 of the churches--Wonderful case of the                                   Baird versus Walker]
cathedral reredos--Gratitude to Canada--
The land tenure and the Legislature

Lieut. Greely rescued--Seventeen of his      1884   July 18   8, c. 1-4                                                 Gazette
party dead from starvation--Terrible
suffering of the survivors--The men
reduced to living on strips of sealskin--
Affecting scenes at the rescue--The men
brought away when within two days of
certain death

Life in Labrador--A graphic description      1895   July 30   6, c. 1-2   [The fascination of the ?--? / of             Gazette
of the Vikings to-day--A Cabot                                            Labrador life--A Cabot commemoration-
commemoration--Why the great                                              -Roll of England's greatest explorers--
explorer deserves honor--Arrest of                                        Arrest of bank directors--Overdrafts
Union Bank directors                                                      without any security--A domestic
                                                                          tragedy]=killing of two Conroy children
                                                                          by mother

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Lobster catch--It is becoming more          1896   July 24    2, c. 1                                                   Gazette
valuable in Newfoundland--Work of
propagation--It is highly developed in
the Island Colony, which leads in care of

Lobster fishery--Growth of this             1888   Jan. 5     8, c. 1-2   [Dangers of the lobster fishery--Value of     Gazette
important industry in Newfoundland--                                      our Bait Act--Condition of the Colony--
The Bait Act enforced--Good results                                       Political matters--Drowning
expected from its operation--Condition                                    accident]=James Robisson
of the Colony--Little destitution
anywhere--Political matters

Long term ended--Sir Terence O'Brien        1895   Aug. 15    6, c. 1-2   [The welcome to Mr. Bond--The Union           Gazette
farewell to Newfoundland--Mr. Bond's                                      Bank case--The fishing season]
new loan--He tells of the good effect its
negotiation will have on the Colony's

Looking on the dark side--St. John's        1885   Sept. 3    2, c. 1-2   [Condition of chronic grumbling--             Gazette
Chamber of Commerce annual report--                                       Looking to the future--Sir Ambrose
Remarks on the Canadian duties--Fair                                      Shea's mission--Give Canada "a bit of
prospects for the current                                                 their mind"--Look at the report]

Loss of the Hanoverian--Strikes on a        1885   Sept. 15   5, c. 1-2   [A terrible grating sound--The boats were     Gazette
rock off the Newfoundland coast--The                                       at once launched--The news of the
cause of the disaster--Passengers all                                     catastrophe--Cause of the disaster--Most
safely landed and well cared for                                           vigilant and careful commander--
                                                                          Condition of the ship--Latest regarding
                                                                          the Hanoverian]

Luck of the seal hunter--                   1892   April 7    5, c. 1-2   [The business of the session--Trinity         Gazette
Newfoundlanders happy over the                                            Bay disaster]
season's work--Business in the Island
Legislature--A loan needed--Trinity Bay

Making boneless codfish--Newfoundland       1891   Jan. 8     5,c. 1-2    [Case of a French smuggler--The devil         Gazette
being forced into enterprising ways--The                                  fish once more--Political]
 case of a smuggler--The finding of the
latest devil fish--The mistake of the
lucky fishermen

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Maritime interests of Newfoundland--         1877   Nov. 27    2, c. 6-7   [Opening of the Supreme Court--The             Gazette
Supreme Court business--Storms at sea--                                    S.S> Thames, a narrow escape, fearful
Bank changes--A complaint against the                                      storms--Loss of a vessel with fifty
Telegraph companies                                                        persons on board--The Union Bank--
                                                                           Public telegrams]loss=The Rose of

Market for Canada--What Newfoundland         1891   Jan. 27    2, c. 1-3   [Our tobacco account--Wines and liquor-        Gazette
 buys and where she buys--Epidemic of                                      -An epidemic of diphtheria--Opinions of
diphtheria--Interesting details of the                                      the doctors--Artificial propagation of
Island's trade--The artificial propagation                                 fish]
of fish

Matters in Newfoundland--A foolish           1887   May 11     2, c. 2     [Placentia branch railway--Bank fishery-       Gazette
French threat--Ballot Bill passed--                                        -Death of Thomas Glen, Esq.--The
Preparations for the fishery                                               Ballot Bill]

Matters in Newfoundland--Fixing the          1892   Sept. 6    7, c. 1-2   [Investigation of the causes of the fire--     Gazette
blame in connection with the great fire--                                  Legislation--The fisheries--The Dildo
The Legislature taking action to                                           cod hatchery--Lobster hatching]
improve the city--Fishery prospects fair-
-Cod and lobster hatching

Matters in Newfoundland--Opening the         1887   June 8     2, c. 3-4   [Close of the Legislature--the Queen's         Gazette
Supreme Court and closing the                                              birthday--Arrival of the Premier--
legislature--Tall talk by French ?--Fair                                   Marine disasters--Outlooks of the
fishery prospects--The codfish striking                                    season's operations--French gasconading]
in and market promising well

Matters in Newfoundland--Peculiar            1885   March 26   8, c. 1-2   --Estimated revenue for 1885--The seal         Gazette
position of the Whiteway cabinet--The                                      hunt of 1885, start for the ice fields--
finances of the colony--The seal fishery                                   Number of steamers--Second trips
and its prospects--Death of Judge                                          discontinued--Prospects--Death of the
Hayward [Position of the government--                                      Hon. Mr. Justice Hayward--Fatal
The budget--Estimated expenditure for                                      accident at Ferryland--The weather--Sir
1885                                                                       Ambrose Shea]

Matters in Newfoundland--Perilous            1885   Sept. 2    2, c. 3     [The SS. Summerside--The SS. Nestorian         Gazette
position of a wrecked whaler's crew--                                      at St. Shotts--Arrival of the SS. Eagle--
Damage to the Grassbrooke--Marine                                          Arrival of an American whaler--Vessel
casualties--Fishery prospects and                                          run down--Fishery protection steamers--
protection                                                                 The SS. Miranda--The fisheries--Fatal
                                                                           accident]=Kenneth McRitchie drowned

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
Matters in Newfoundland--The                 1894   May 15    6, c. 1-2   [Cases all much alike--The first bye-       Gazette
Government's chances depend much on                                       election--The country all right--Sir
delay--The bye-election contest a bitter                                  James Winter supported--The Bay de
one, in which violent language is too                                     Verde candidates--The weather

Meeting of Church of England Synod--         1877   July 27   2, c. 3-4   [Methodist Conference--Tilt Cove mine,      Gazette
Resignation of Bishop Kelly--Methodist                                     a suit in equity--Union and Commercial
Conference--A mining suit--Union and                                      banks--Mr. Andrew--Death of the Hon.
Commercial Bank--Prosperous banking--                                     James Clift--Seamen's Home--The
Mr. Andrew--Obituary Seaman's Home--                                      fisheries]
The fisheries

Meeting of the Diocesan Synod of the         1876   Oct. 18   2, c. 4-5                                               Gazette
Church of England--A coadjutor Bishop-
-Destructive storm in Labrador--Tour of
the Governor--Lord Dunraven in
Newfoundland--Progress of the French
shore negotiation--The Direct Cable

Missed opportunity--Our St. John's           1895   June 5    6, c. 1-2   [The fisheries]                             Gazette
correspondent on the Newfoundland
question--Holds Canada blundered--The
prospects for the fisheries--A cause of
satisfactory anticipations

Mission to fishermen--What it has done       1893   Dec. 9    8, c. 1-2   [The political waves still high]            Gazette
for the Deep Sea toilers of
Newfoundland--Echoes of the election
fight--Libel suit against a paper--Talk of
petitions to unseat

Mission to Labrador--Steam yacht Sir         1895   July 3    2, c. 1-2   [The retrenchment scheme--Latest            Gazette
Donald again ready for duty--                                             about the fisheries]
Newfoundland economy--Does not meet
universal approval among the people of
the Island Colony

Modus vivendi matter--Firm                   1890   May 6     7, c. 1     [More despatches]                           Gazette
determination to resist the obnoxious
arrangement--Correspondence between
the Newfoundland and the Imperial

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Monsters of the deep--The devil fish       1886   Nov. 25    7, c. 1-2   [Two perfect specimens--Particulars           Gazette
reappears on the Newfoundland coast--                                    regarding these specimens--These
The specimens not preserved--                                            gigantic cuttle fish--Some human victim
Description of the big squid--Thought to                                 encircled--The now celebrated devil fish]
be the sea serpent

Movements of herring--A cause of           1893   March 9    7, c. 1-2   [Inspection of pickled fish--How to           Gazette
wonder and loss to Newfoundland                                          improve the inspection--The Bait Act--
fishermen--The deficient inspection of                                   Boneless codfish--The markets--The seal
pickled fish--The Bait Act--Preparations                                  fishery--Halifax Conference]
 for the seal fisheries--The Halifax

Mr. Bond's convention--                    1891   April 15   5, c. 1-2                                                 Gazette
Newfoundlanders changing their views as
to its value--Exclusion of green cod--
Causes them to think there is not so
much in the Treaty as there should be

Mr. Tupper and Mr. Bond--How they          1892   April 19   5, c. 1-3   [The budget--Public debt--Our strained        Gazette
may have disagreed over the                                              relations with Canada--The seal fishery--
Newfoundland treaty--A peculiar                                          Legislative--French Shore]
irregularity in procedure that raised a
debate--The budget and debt

Mr. Whiteway's speech before the           1878   Jan. 1     2, c. 4-5   [Value of Newfoundland fisheries--Future      Gazette
Fishery Commission--The fisheries and                                     developments of these fisheries--The
their development--The bait question--                                   bait question--The west coast murders--
The West Coast murders--Miscellaneous                                    Loss of the Jane Stewart--Saw mills--The
                                                                          seal fishery--Another devil fish]

Mr. Whiteway's speech on the fishery       1878   Jan. 15    3, c. 4-5   [How Americans utilize their privileges--     Gazette
claims--How Americans use their                                          Free markets in United States, are
privileges--Free market question--Tilt                                   equivalent for privileges conceded--The
cove mine--The weather--Cod-fish                                         Washington Treaty privileges in a
                                                                         national point of view--Tile Cove mine-
                                                                         -The weather--Price of codfish]

Murder at Burgeo--Wreck of the             1876   Sept. 7    2, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
Mayaguezana--New mineral discoveries--
The coastal service--The fisheries--
Trade of Newfoundland--Mr. Patterson
in St. John's

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Murray to Morine--The correspondence        1898   Nov. 14    6, c. 1-2   a series of correspondence between            Gazette
in the Newfoundland coup--Due to                                          Murray and Morine; Not Harvey? see
partizan politics--St. John's Liberal                                     Nov. 19 article
Association drew the Governor's
attention to Mr. Morine's position

New Atlantic Cable Company--Evils of        1873   Sept. 11   2, c. 3     [Our great capitalists--Annual exhibition     Gazette
monopoly--The Duplex System--Our                                          of flowers, fruits and vegetables--The
great capitalists--Horticultural                                          weather and the fisheries]
exhibition--The weather and the

New cod fishing grounds--Interesting        1894   Feb. 6     6, c. 1-2   [Imports and exports for 1892--               Gazette
discoveries by a Newfoundland captain--                                   Political--Restored St. John's]
Island's trade record--The political
situation-An important decision in
regard to contestations--Restored St.

New from Newfoundland--Manhood              1889   April 23   5, c. 1-2   [Cod hatching--Lobster hatching--             Gazette
suffrage and how it was carried--The cod                                  Roman Catholic schools--Railway
and the lobster--Possibilities and profit                                 extension]
of their artificial propagation

New Land Act, adopted by Newfoundland       1884   July 1     8, c. 1     [The antiquated policy--Licenses of           Gazette
 to promote settlement, provisions of                                     occupation--Homestead rights--Fair
the measure                                                               share of the emigrants]

New mail route--Between Newfoundland        1887   Jan. 6     7, c. 1-2   [The future of our seal fishery--The          Gazette
and Canada via the Placentia railway--                                    destitution cry--A libel suit--Partially
Future of the seal fishery--The cry of                                    rectified the verdict] suit=J.E. Furneaux
destitution not justified--An interesting                                 (Even. Mercury) vs. editor of Even.
libel suit between journalists                                            Telegram

New Ministry formed--Mr. Goodridge is       1894   April 14   1, c. 7     special                                       Gazette
now the Premier of Newfoundland--
Condemn Supreme Court--The aim of a
resolution introduced by Mr. Bond in the
 Colonial Legislature--The new Cabinet

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
New project--A dock for St. John--           1878   Aug. 23    3, c. 4-5   conti. title: Looking towards home--The       Gazette
Fishery news--Exports from                                                  closing scene--United in sorrow
Newfoundland and Labrador for the year
1877--Other industries--Cod liver oil
manufacture--Tricks of trade--The death
of the papal delegate--A noble character

Newfoundland                                 1899   Dec. 16    4           Christmas number                              Gazette

Newfoundland & Canada--Hard words for        1891   March 10   7, c. 1-2   [The address in reply--The Governor's         Gazette
 the Dominion from Island legislators--                                    reply--Reciprocity wanted--What the
Violence without force--A rebuke from                                      Premier things--What Sir William thinks
the governor which meets the                                                about confederation--Baird versus
commendation of moderate people--A                                         Walker--The seal fishery--Legislative]
dissident Premier

Newfoundland & union--Confederation          1888   May 4      7, c. 1     [The benefits of union with Canada--An        Gazette
likely to carry after a severe struggle--                                  invasion of Canadian "drummers"]
The probable delegates and when they
will start for Ottawa--Objectious urged to

Newfoundland ["A special despatch            1875   Feb. 19    2, c. 3      from our own correspondent in St.            Gazette
received yesterday                                                         John's, Newfoundland, informs us that
                                                                           the Government of that Colony have
                                                                           apparently come to the determination to
                                                                            avail themselves of their rights, and to
                                                                           abolish the telegraph monopoly by pre-

Newfoundland affairs--Mr. Bond's             1892   March 22   2, c. 3-5   [The seal fishery--Trinity Bay disaster--     Gazette
defence of the Government's conduct--                                      Latest]
The reciprocity Convention and dispute
with Canada--Coal and iron discoveries--
Trade and the railway

Newfoundland also--A hearty celebration      1897   July 5     6, c. 1-2                                                 Gazette
 of the diamond jubilee--All classes
joined in--And made the day one long to
be remembered in the history of the

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Newfoundland and union--A odified view      1892   Dec. 27    7, c. 1-2   [Artificial propagation of codfish and       Gazette
of the Halifax Conference results--                                       lobsters--Lobster harvesting--The
Propagation of codfish and lobsters--The                                  French Shore question--Fatal
French Shore matter coming up again                                       accident]=Thomas Mooney of steamship

Newfoundland Assembly--A gratifying         1889   Feb. 26    2, c. 1     [Agriculture and mining--Discontinuance      Gazette
report in the address from the Throne--                                    of pauper relief--The Bait Act--
The Washington Treaty--Railroad                                           Placentia railway--Public loan--
extension to be pushed into the lumber                                    Barcelona exhibition--The revenue of
region                                                                    the year--The Washington Treaty--
                                                                          Railway extension--Fishery bureau]

Newfoundland Assembly--What the             1893   June 13    7, c. 1-3   [The Fisheries Commission--Asbestos          Gazette
Governor said at the prorogation of its                                   mining--Other mines--H.M.S. Cleopatra-
work--The railway, the French Shore,                                      -The Norwegian Viking--The SS.
the fisheries--Asbestos mining work--                                     Carolina--Sir James Winter--The French
The Cleopatra and the Viking                                              Shore question in Harbor Grace--

Newfoundland bait--The question of          1897   March 5    5, c. 5-6   [The game laws--Reciprocity with the         Gazette
shutting off the supply to the French--                                   United States--Situation at St. John's-
Killing of the game--Talk of reciprocity                                  The Cabot celebrations--The St. Pierre
with the States and other matters that                                    grievance]
are concerning the Island Colony

Newfoundland coal--Recent discoveries       1897   Sept. 13   6, c. 1-2   [Iron ore deposits--Value to Canada--Sir     Gazette
prove to be of much value--Rich iron ore                                  William's welcome--The fishery--The
 finds--Island's worth to Canada--The                                     political campaign]
railway's progress--Fisheries and crops

Newfoundland commerce--A report that        1894   Jan. 6     6, c. 3-4   [Sealing steamers--Narrow escape of a        Gazette
is a little late in coming out--Bank                                      crew--Disaster at St. Pierre--Drowning
fishery in danger--Lobster propagation                                    accident--Political]accident=Alfred
proving a success--Sealing steamers sold-                                 Simms and Joseph Smallwood
-Sir. Wm. Whiteway and the

Newfoundland crash--The worst               1894   Dec. 26    7, c. 1-2   [Shareholders' bad plight--The Goodridge     Gazette
misfortune the Colony has experienced--                                    Government--The remote causes--(Dec.
Credit system the cause--The outlook a                                     18) Death of Mr. Munn--Canadian aid
very unpromising one--Business on the                                     looked for--The situation is
Island is practically paralyzed                                           complicated]

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE      NOTES                                   PAPER
Newfoundland crisis--A public meeting       1895   Jan. 2    1, c. 6   special cable                           Gazette
protested the Government's action--And
passed resolutions--Demanding that the
Government guarantee bank notes in
full--Also want a Royal Commission

Newfoundland crisis--A Royal                1894   Dec. 31   1, c. 7   special cable                           Gazette
Commission is now the great popular
demand--Guarantee bank notes--The Bill
for that purpose passes the Legislative
Council--Governor may not assent to it

Newfoundland crisis--A story that           1895   Jan. 30   1, c. 7                                           Gazette
Canada has refused to consider federation

Newfoundland crisis--All passed off very    1895   Jan. 10   1, c. 6   special cable                           Gazette
quietly in St. John's yesterday--Aid for
the destitute--Lady O'Brien organizing
soup-kitchens, for which assistance is
needed--The Royal Commission

Newfoundland crisis--Annexation to          1895   Jan. 21   1, c. 6   special cable                           Gazette
Canada to be made a Government

Newfoundland crisis--Bank of Montreal       1894   Dec. 12   1, c. 3   special cable                           Gazette
asked to start a St. John's branch--
Government may resign--Trade is at a
standstill, as the Colony is without a
circulating medium--Great excitement

Newfoundland crisis--Commercial Bank        1894   Dec. 18   1, c. 7   special cable [The suspended banks]     Gazette
directors overdrew their accounts--
Another heavy failure--Chas Bennett &
Co., suspend--Outside assistance needed
to restore the Colony to prosperity

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE      NOTES             PAPER
Newfoundland crisis--Confederation with     1895   Jan. 15   1, c. 6   special cable     Gazette
Canada looked upon as an avenue of

Newfoundland crisis--Demand that the        1895   Jan. 1    1, c. 7   special cable     Gazette
Government assumes banks' obligations--
The Bank of Montreal--To open a
branch in St. John's--Officials leave
Montreal for that purpose

Newfoundland crisis--Elections to be held   1895   Jan. 25   1, c. 7                     Gazette
to submit the question of Canadian

Newfoundland crisis--Government deny        1895   Jan. 4    1, c. 7   special cable     Gazette
having pledged savings bond securities

Newfoundland crisis--Government may         1894   Dec. 29   1, c. 6   special cable     Gazette
guarantee the defunct banks' bills--The
arrested directors--The action widely
deprecated--The Assembly still
considering means of relief--Outside

Newfoundland crisis--Government             1895   Jan. 5    1, c. 3   special cable     Gazette
objects to asking for a Royal
Commission--Bailiffs in possession--Of
the Commercial Bank--The loan made
by the Bank of Montreal--Much distress

Newfoundland crisis--Imperial authorities   1895   Jan. 12   1, c. 5   special cable     Gazette
and the proposed Royal Commission

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE      NOTES             PAPER
Newfoundland crisis--Much indignation        1895   Jan. 18   1, c. 6   special cable     Gazette
in St. John's over the Union Bank's

Newfoundland crisis--No improvement          1894   Dec. 21   1, c. 7   special cable     Gazette
as yet in the commercial situation--The
Tourmaline arrives--And will spend the
winter at St. John's--Depositors object to
 winding up of the Commercial Bank

Newfoundland crisis--Order has been          1895   Jan. 11   1, c. 7   special cable     Gazette
perfectly restored--Union Bank's affairs

Newfoundland crisis-Premier Whiteway         1895   Jan. 23   1, c. 4   special cable     Gazette
will engineer Confederation with Canada

Newfoundland crisis--Resignation of the      1894   Dec. 13   8, c. 3   special cable     Gazette
Goodridge Government accepted--
Legislature is summoned--To meet on
Saturday--The Opposition refused to
form a coalition Government--No more

Newfoundland crisis--Sir William             1895   Feb. 7    1, c. 4                     Gazette
Whiteway given until to-day to form his

Newfoundland crisis--Sir William             1895   Jan. 24   1, c. 4                     Gazette
Whiteway to become Premier next week

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland crisis--The customs           1895   Jan. 28   1, c. 7     special cable                                 Gazette
revenue for January only one-sixth as
large as last year

Newfoundland crisis--The Governor will     1895   Jan. 3    1, c. 5-6   special cable and Dec. 27                     Gazette
assent to the guarantee bills--The Bank
of Montreal--Makes a loan to the
Government--The "Gazette"
correspondent writes of the condition of

Newfoundland crisis--The Legislature       1894   Dec. 17   1, c. 7     special cable [The interest on the debt--     Gazette
meets to consider relief measures--Hon.                                 Mr. Harvey's scheme]
A.W. Harvey's plan--He would have the
Government guarantee a percentage of
the notes issued by the banks

Newfoundland crisis--The reports of the    1895   Jan. 7    8?, c. 4    special cable                                 Gazette
distress cannot be exaggerated--The
Royal Commission--The government
does not want to grant it--Sir Ambrose
Shea reaches the Island

Newfoundland crisis--The Trinity           1894   July 3    1, c. 7                                                   Gazette
corruption case--The Mandamus

Newfoundland crisis--Was rioting in the    1895   Jan. 9    1, c. 3     special cable                                 Gazette
streets of St. John's yesterday--Wanted
bread or work--Premier Green promised
them the latter in three days--Against a
Royal Commission

Newfoundland crisis--Writs have been       1895   Jan. 29   8, c. 3                                                   Gazette
issued for the general elections

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Newfoundland deal--Government's new         1898   Feb. 19    8, c. 4                                                  Gazette
railway contract with Mr. Reid

Newfoundland education--Where               1889   March 26   7, c. 3-4   [Church of England schools--Methodist        Gazette
sectarianism is carried to the extreme--                                  schools--General Protestant Academy--
Destruction of caribou--Manhood                                           Destruction of caribou--Manhood
suffrage and other matters before the                                     suffrage--The new Fisheries Department-
Newfoundland Legislature                                                  -Death of the Hon. Dr. Crowdy]

Newfoundland elections--Full returns        1897   Nov. 5     1, c. 2     includes news from Nov. 1 by mail            Gazette
give the opposition a majority of ten

Newfoundland elections--The Goodridge       1894   Nov. 15    6, c. 1-2   [(Nov. 1) Trinity election--From             Gazette
Government are very badly beaten--In a                                    Labrador to vote--Saturday's contests]
minority of eight in the Legislature--A
review of the elections and their causes

Newfoundland election--The Whiteway         1897   Oct. 29    6, c. 4                                                  Gazette
manifesto--Virulent tone of the election

Newfoundland election--To which a           1888   Nov. 2     2, c. 1-2   [Vacancy in Bonavista--Mr. Morine's          Gazette
great deal of significance is attached--                                  share in the contest--Mining operations-
The mining industries--New railway                                        -Opening of a new line of railway--The
branch opened--The fisheries a fair                                       fisheries]new line=Placentia

Newfoundland farming--A creditable          1887   Nov. 11    8, c. 3-4   [Sir Ambrose Shea--Mr. H. Norman--           Gazette
display at the St. John's show--Proofs of                                 The fisheries, the destitution cry]
the soil's fertility--Sir Ambrose Shea's                                  Norman=Pall Mall Gazette
departure--The fisheries and the stories
of destitution

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland fisheries--Commissioner        1895   March 4    8, c. 4-6   [An unjust law--Newfoundland's latest--       Gazette
Nielsen's plan for revolutionizing them--                                 No signs yet of the government's policy-
Means much to the trade--And will be of                                   -Bishop Howley's consecration--A sad
benefit to the fisherman, the merchant,                                   fatality--Arrival of Bishop Howley--
the Colony and the consumer                                               Death by suffocation--Relief for the
                                                                          poor]death=two brothers Jordan

Newfoundland fisheries--Large increase      1886   Jan. 22    2, c. 1-3   [Revival in the French Bank fishery--         Gazette
in the catch off the French Bank--The                                     Remarkable westher--What is meant by
Island's new Governor--Satisfaction                                       silver thaw--Sir Ambrose Shea's
expressed with Sir Ambrose Shea's                                         appointment--New duties and
appointment--Remarkable weather--                                         responsibilities--Reconstruction of the
Reconstruction of the cordage factory--                                   rope walk--Distressing occurrence--
A misleading telegram                                                     Misleading telegram]

Newfoundland fisheries--Much expected       1889   March 14   7, c. 1-2   [Mr. Nielsen's movements--Destruction         Gazette
from artificial propagation of the cod--                                  of cod's eggs--An ingenious calculation--
The seal hunt's decline--An emphatic                                      Artificial hatching--Room for human
endorsation of the Island's Scott Act                                     skill--Political--Temperance--The seal
                                                                          fishery--The weather--The S.S. Devonia]

Newfoundland fisheries--Satisfactory        1891   Nov. 26    7, c. 1-2   [The revenue]                                 Gazette
report of the special commissioners--
Artificial propagation of sea fish--Cod
and lobsters--Improvement in the
herring pack

Newfoundland fisheries--Success of the      1890   Nov. 13    7, c. 1-2   [Report on lobster hatching--Floating         Gazette
cod and lobster propagation                                               incubators--Cod hatching--Young cod fry
experiments--Nova hatched by the                                           abundant--Emigration from
millions--Emigration from the Island on                                   Newfoundland--Reciprocity with the
the increase--Reciprocity with the                                        United States--The French Shore
United States--The French Shore                                           question--Railway construction--Two
                                                                          bankers lost] bankers= Annie M.; Murtle

Newfoundland fisheries--What the            1894   Jan. 24    6, c. 1-2   [Political--Collision at sea]                 Gazette
Fishery Commission has done for their
betterment--The political situation--The
 Opposition's contestation surprise and
its effect--The Flandre-Cyphrenes

Newfoundland fish--How they might be        1897   April 26   6, c. 1-3   [Cod fishery--Dildo cod hatchery--Judge       Gazette
made of more value--An interesting                                        Prowse and higher education--Mr.
report--A contest about higher                                            Adolph Nielsen]
education, and other news from the
Island Colony

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland fish--The usefulness of        1897   July 21    6, c. 3-4   [The French bounties--A fish-exporting        Gazette
the Bait Act called in question--An                                       company--Ice and the cod fishery--The
exporting scheme--The ice on the coast                                    jubilee book]=Harvey's
affecting the cod catch--Other
Newfoundland notes--The jubilee book

Newfoundland in winter--Business dull       1890   Jan. 28    7, c. 1-2   [Loss of the Plover--Winter                   Gazette
and social festivities brisk--The railway                                 amusements--Breaking into the
progressing--What it will cost and may                                    penitentiary--?--Progress of the railway-
affect--The Island's health--Political                                    -The public health--Rebuilding Harbor
situation                                                                 Grace Cathedral--By- elections]

Newfoundland industries--They are to be     1892   Feb. 23    8, c. 1-2   [Asbestos mining in Newfoundland--            Gazette
displayed at a fall exhibition--Asbestos                                  Legality of the extra duties on Canadian
mining on the Island--The extra duties                                    imports--Meeting of the legislature--
on Canadian goods--The Legislature                                        Severe rain storm--Wholesale prices

Newfoundland industry--A large grant to     1890   May 16     2, c. 1     [Seal fishery--Inspection of herrings--       Gazette
establish wood pulp factories--Seal                                       Tenders for the railway construction--
fishery returns--A small number, but                                      The weather]
better returns in oil--Inspection of

Newfoundland is excited--A member           1890   March 26   5, c. 1-2   -Views of the opposition--Debate on the       Gazette
expelled from the House of Assembly--                                     address--Text of the "modus vivendi"--
The modus vivendi row--Strong                                             Resolutions of the House--Debate on the
resolutions adopted by the Legislature--                                   resolutions--Public indignation--Evil
Evil effects of the arrangements [Action                                  effects anticipated--French rights
 on the Bait Act--Mr. Morine and the                                      imaginary--The seal fishery]

Newfoundland loan--Announcement of          1895   June 14    1, c. 4     special cable                                 Gazette
its terms made in the Legislature

Newfoundland loan--It has been arranged     1895   June 1     1, c. 1     leaving the Colony                            Gazette
 on favorable terms--By Montreal                                          special cable
financiers--Syndicate of London Bankers
 are to take the loan--Retrenchment
scheme--Will be announced by Sir
William Whiteway on Monday next--A
large number of people

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TITLE                                     YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
Newfoundland lobsters--The people         1890   April 8   2, c. 1-3   [A door opened for smuggling--A             Gazette
determined that the French shall not                                   pointed resolution--Mass meeting in the
take them--A complicated situation--                                   park--Feeling of the colonists--Blunder
The French given advantages over Island                                of the imperial government--
 packers--A revenue complication--The                                  Correspondence of the modus--The Bait
popular indignation                                                    Act]

Newfoundland news--Bank directors who     1895   March 9   2, c. 3                                                 Gazette
overdrew their account must put up or
shut up

Newfoundland news--Congratulating the     1895   July 25   1, c. 5     special cable                               Gazette
Hon. Robert Bond--Governor leaves on

Newfoundland news--Directors of the       1895   May 27    1, c. 4     special cable                               Gazette
Commercial Bank committed for trial

Newfoundland news--Gov. O'Brien snubs     1895   June 27   1, c. 2                                                 Gazette
the Whiteway ministers--Supply bill

Newfoundland news--Governor O'Brien's     1895   June 12   1, c. 2                                                 Gazette
successor--The Government's
retrenchment scheme

Newfoundland news--Hon. A.W. Harvey       1895   July 27   1, c. 5     special cable                               Gazette
resigns--Newspaper attack on Gov.

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Newfoundland news--Imperial                1895   June 7     1, c. 2                                                  Gazette
Government may not assent to the new

Newfoundland news--Public confidence       1895   June 5     1, c. 2     leaving the Colony                           Gazette
restored and business improving                                          special cable

Newfoundland news--Resignation of the      1885   March 11   8, c. 4-6   [Sir William Whiteway's motion--The          Gazette
Speaker of the House of Assembly--A                                      Receiver-General's speech--The speaker's
political crisis--Disruption of the                                       views--The vote--The speaker's
coalition government--Other                                              resignation--Position of parties--Sir
resignations of office proable--The seal                                 Ambrose Shea's position--Political
fishery                                                                  prospect and retrospect--Seal fishery]

Newfoundland news--Rumored that the        1895   July 26    8, c. 2                                                  Gazette
Hon. Augustus Harvey has resigned

Newfoundland news--Sir Graham Bower        1895   June 28    1, c. 4                                                  Gazette
is to succeed Governor O'Brien

Newfoundland news--Sir Herbert             1895   May 2      1, c. 4                                                  Gazette
Murray's measures for relieving the

Newfoundland news--Sir Herbert Murrray     1895   July 2     1, c. 4                                                  Gazette
leaves for home--Offered Labrador to

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TITLE                                  YEAR   Month      PAGE       NOTES                                       PAPER
Newfoundland news--Smugglers punished- 1895   Nov. 1     8, c. 2    special cable                               Gazette
-The revenue for October--Union Bank

Newfoundland news--Supposed murder on 1893    Sept. 30   11, c. 4   [Death of a naval officer--The              Gazette
Labrador--The fisheries outlook                                     fisheries]death=Captain James B. Hay of
                                                                    HMS. Buzzard

Newfoundland news--The "Telegram"      1895   June 6     1, c. 4    special cable                               Gazette
apologizes--The Legislature again

Newfoundland news--The Governor's      1895   June 17    1, c. 2                                                Gazette
departure--The Colony's finances

Newfoundland news--The Legislature     1895   May 28     1, c. 2    special cable                               Gazette
adjourns for want of a quorum

Newfoundland news--The Legislature     1895   May 10     1, c. 2    special cable                               Gazette
meets and adjourns for a week

Newfoundland news--The panic ended--   1895   May 9      8, c. 7                                                Gazette
No answer yet received from Great

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE      NOTES                     PAPER
Newfoundland news--The retrenchment        1895   June 8     1, c. 2                             Gazette
scheme--Peary relief expedition

Newfoundland news--The seal catch          1894   April 17   6, c. 3   [The prisoner Singer]     Gazette
spoiled by unfavorable winds--A bad man
 with good friends

Newfoundland news--The seal fisheries      1895   April 2    1, c. 3                             Gazette
turning out fairly successful

Newfoundland news--The shareholders        1895   June 25    1, c. 2                             Gazette
preparing to arrest the Union Bank

Newfoundland news--The smuggling           1895   Oct. 22    8, c. 4                             Gazette
disclosures cause trouble in the Cabinet

Newfoundland news--The trouble in the      1895   July 1     1, c. 5                             Gazette
Legislature to be amicably settled

Newfoundland news--Thorburn &Tessier       1895   March 30   1, c. 2                             Gazette
in insolvency--The Premier's health--
Destitution is spreading

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Newfoundland news--Warrants for the        1895   July 20    1, c. 5     special cable                                  Gazette
arrest of the Union Bank directors

Newfoundland news--Work of the             1896   Aug. 10    8, c. 3                                                    Gazette
Legislature--News of the fishery--New
St. Andrew's Church

Newfoundland notes--Bishop Power's         1893   Dec. 23    2, c. 3-4   [Labrador herring fishery--Munn's              Gazette
death--Poor Labrador fishers--                                           boneless codfish--Political--Latest]
Disappearance of the herring--Codfish at
the World's Fair

Newfoundland notes--Government             1894   Sept. 25   5, c. 3     [General Booth--Survey of the Sir              Gazette
supporters in good hopes--Survey by the                                  Donald--Fisheries]
Sir Donald--The fisheries

Newfoundland ore--It is a large and        1898   Nov. 5     9, c. 3-4   [Bishop Howley's charges--A foolish            Gazette
growing item in exports--What Mr. Reid                                   agitation--The Royal Commission--
is doing--Bishop Howley's awkward                                        Business is good--The cure of codfish]
position--The Royal Commission's
work--The French Shore injustices

Newfoundland politicics--A touch of        1894   March 8    6, c. 1-3   [Debate on the address in reply--Dr.           Gazette
partizanship in the Governor's address--                                 Grenfell's report--The election petitions-
The railway's progress--Lumber trade                                     -The next Governor of the colony--The
developing--Fine farming land opened                                     weather]
up--Tariff revision promised--The next

Newfoundland politics--A strengthened      1888   Feb. 16    2, c. 1     [The Government have gained in                 Gazette
Government to meet the Legislature--                                     popularity--Death of Sir Hugh Hoyles--
Death of Sir Hugh Hoyles--The weather-                                   The weather--The seal fishery]
-Preparing for the seal fishery

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Newfoundland politics--Both parties          1889   Sept. 19   5, c. 1-2   [The great issue--Smuggling from St.            Gazette
getting ready for the election contest--                                   Pierre--Attitude of the Government--Sir
The Bait Act an issue--The Harbor Grace                                    William Whiteway's policy--The two
Cathedral--Church of England synod--A                                      policies--Destruction of the cathedral at
gigantic devil fish                                                        Harbor Grace--Synod of the Church of
                                                                           England--The fisheries--A gigantic cuttle

Newfoundland politics--Dissolution of        1885   July 24    8, c. 1     [The policy of progress--The acts of our        Gazette
the Assembly and the pending elections--                                    own Government--Passed over to the
The policy of the Ministry--The                                            Opposition--The position of parties--
religious question an issue--What the                                      The confidence of Protestants]
Government has accomplished--Mr.
Winter's resignation

Newfoundland politics--Parties preparing     1893   June 29    7, c. 1-2   [Prospects of the Opposition--The               Gazette
for the coming general elections--                                         French Shore again--Suspension of the
Elements in favor of both sides--The                                       Bait Act--Labrador fishery--Deep Sea
French Shore question once more on                                         Mission to Labrador--The Peary
deck--A customs complication                                               expedition--Fishing operations]

Newfoundland politics--Sectarian strife      1886   Aug. 5     2, c. 3     [A political treaty of peace--Non-              Gazette
ended and a strong Government formed--                                     secterian Government formed--The new
A new coalition ministry                                                   officials]

Newfoundland politics--The position of       1885   Sept. 30   8, c. 5-6   [Division in the Protestant camp--              Gazette
parties in the approaching elections--                                     Probabilities of the issue--The candidates]
Only a religious conflict--Issues of vital
importance made subservient to
sectarian strife

Newfoundland politics--The situation         1889   Dec. 12    7, c. 1-2   [Weakness of the opposition--A new              Gazette
created by the recent elections--A new                                     party formed--Confederation--The
opposition party--Confederation as an                                      fisheries]
issue may have been brought nearer

Newfoundland products--Their rank at         1884   May 7      2, c. 1-3   Our Labrador herrings- Appliances for           Gazette
International Fisheries Exhibition--                                       fishing-Reaped important results-The
Practical results derived--Result of the                                   French Shore question-Prospects of
seal fishery--Trial of the Harbour Grace                                   colonization--The seal fishery--Trial of
rioters--Close of the Legislature--The                                     the Harbour Grace rioters-Closing of the
Hudson's Bay route [Refined cod liver                                      Legislature-Hudson's Bay route-
oil--Pale seal oil                                                         Meteorological observations

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland railway--An extension of       1889   May 16    5, c. 1     [The weather]                                 Gazette
250 miles resolved on by the

Newfoundland railway--Its present and       1887   Feb. 17   7, c. 1-2   [An important decision--Sir Ambrose           Gazette
prospective benefits to the colony--                                     Shea and the Bait Act--What
Feeling on the bait question--Feeling on                                 Newfoundland thinks of the Edmunds
the Edmunds Bill--The Allan mail                                         Bill--Termination of the mail contract--
contract to be terminated                                                The commercial bank--Legislative
                                                                         session--In memoriam]=Sir John Glover

Newfoundland railway--Scores a success      1887   Jan. 27   7, c. 1-2   [Reasons of the judgement--Death of           Gazette
in a suit with the Government--The                                       Lieut. Lindsay, of H.M.S. Emerald--Sad
progress of Methodism--Death of a                                        drowning accident--New Methodist
promising naval officer--Sir Ambrose                                     College--Sir Ambrose Shea]

Newfoundland railways--Their extension      1889   May 6     8, c. 1-2   [Natural resources locked up--How the         Gazette
an essential to the welfare of the                                       railway is to be built--A trip on the
Colony--Placentia, the ancient French                                    Placentia railway--The ancient French
capital, and its old cemetery--A new                                     capital--Close season for lobsters--Seal
route for commerce                                                       fishery]

Newfoundland result----The                  1893   Nov. 21   7, c. 1-3   [Sad disaster in the Arctic regions]=J.A.     Gazette
workingman's cry won the Whiteway                                        Bjorling and M. Kalstinius
victory--Aided by other methods a
skillful politician knew how to make use
of--Sir Robert Thorburn's defeat

Newfoundland stirred up--Over Lady          1889   May 17    7, c. 1-2                                                 Gazette
Blake's criticisms of the seal hunters--
Allegations of cruelty--Repelled by those
acquainted with the facts--A minister's

Newfoundland surprise--Sir Robert           1893   Oct. 26   2. c. 1-2   [Sir Robert Thorburn turns a somersault-      Gazette
Thorburn joins his old opponents--The                                    -Sir Robert's motives--The latest]
ex-Premier whom Sir William Whiteway
 defeated becomes a Whiteway candidate

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Newfoundland to Canada--A movement          1894   April 7   6, c. 1-3   [The budget--Effects of our new railway-     Gazette
from the Island to the northwest--The                                    -The seal fishery--Sad loss of
colony's finances--Satisfactory state of                                 life]=Parsons
affairs shown--A tariff revision
proposed--Benefit of the Island railway

Newfoundland topics--Higher prices for      1887   Dec. 8    7, c. 1-2   [Decline in the value of oil--Opening of     Gazette
fish and an increased export trade--                                     the Supreme Court--Libel suit--Escape of
Opening of the Supreme Court--Verdict                                     a prisoner--Fatal accident--Loss of the
against a newspaper--Escape of a                                         mail steamer Plover--S.S. Ontario]
prisoner--Fatal accident--Shipping news

Newfoundland topics--Labor troubles--Sir    1887   July 21   2, c. 1     [Sir Ambrose Shea--The fisheries--Crop       Gazette
 Ambrose Shea--Condition of the                                          prospects--Placentia railway]
fisheries--Crop prospects

Newfoundland topics--Opening of the         1885   Dec. 14   2, c. 3-4   [The recent elections--Presentment of        Gazette
Supreme Court and the cases to be tried--                                the Grand Jury--Harbor Grace ?--
The charge of the Chief Justice--The                                     Smallpox ?--The Compulsory
Harbor Grace prisoners--Guarding against                                 Vaccination Act--French Shore question-
smallpox--The French Shore question--                                    -The fish markets]
Fish markets

Newfoundland topics--Sir Ambrose Shea       1886   Feb. 11   2, c. 1-2   [Vindicate his position--New                 Gazette
and the British Colonial Office--The                                     ecclesiastical appointment--Political
political situation                                                      matters--The weather]

Newfoundland topics--Sir William            1887   Oct. 14   2, c. 3-4   [The reasons Sir William alleges--The        Gazette
Whiteway's manifesto on the political                                    coastal and ocean steam service--Coastal
situation--The mail services--The                                         mail contract--The fisheries
Fishery Commission--A disabled                                           commission--The steamer Egypt--
steamer--Found drowned                                                   Drowning]=three fishermen

Newfoundland topics--The condition of       1886   Nov. 12   2, c. 1-2   [Employment of the people--Marine            Gazette
the people and the outlook for winter--                                  disasters--Fatal accident--Political
Employment on public works--Maritime                                     matters--Bishop Ussher--Sad accident]
disasters--Political matters--Bishop
Ussder at St. Johns--Fatal accident

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Newfoundland topics--The contract with        1885   Dec. 24   7, c. 1-2   [The Washington Treaty--Free access to       Gazette
 the Allan Company for mail                                                 all our fishing--Political movements--
conveyance--The Washington Treaty--                                        The Harbor Grace prisoners--The
Political movements--The Harbor Grace                                      weather]
prisoners--The weather

Newfoundland topics--The destitution of       1886   Oct. 27   2, c. 3-4   [The number of widowers--Arrival of the      Gazette
 the people not so serious as represented-                                  SS. Anchoria--No heavy gales were
-Condition of the fisheries--Curiosities                                   experienced--The fisheries outlook for
of the census--Arrival of the overdue                                      the winter--The employment of the
Anchoris--Construction of public works-                                    destitute--Belle Isle, Conception Bay]
-A fertile Island

Newfoundland topics--The new                  1886   Jan. 12   7, c. 2-3   [Political matters--The Harbor Grace         Gazette
governor, and how his appointment is                                       prisoners--St. Andrew's Presbyterian
received--Meeting of the Legislature--                                     Church--A new book--The weather]
Important questions to be settled--The
Harbor Grace prisoners--Minor subjects

Newfoundland topics--The outlook for          1887   April 5   7, c. 1-2   [relief works--The Norwegian cod             Gazette
the seal fishery somewhat doubtful--                                       fishery--Observation of St. Patrick's
Introduction of the ballot system--                                        Day--Regulation of the seal fishery--The
Norwegian cod fishery--Relief works--St.                                    Bait Bill--The progress of the seal
 Patrick's Day--Regulating the seal fishery                                fishery--Mining in Placentia]

Newfoundland topics--The result of the        1885   Nov. 24   7, c. 2     [Sad death--The smallpox--Fatal              Gazette
elections--Sad death--The smallpox--                                       shooting accident--A valuable gift--
Fatal shooting accident--Death of a                                        Death of Monsignor Sears--An
Prelate                                                                    acknowledgment]

Newfoundland topics--What is being            1886   Dec. 25   7, c. 1-2   [The object of the enterprise--The           Gazette
done to promote the comfort of                                             Fishermen's and Seamen's Home--Home
fishermen--Industrial co-operation--The                                    industries--The bank fishery--Road
bank fishery--Measures of relief--No                                       operations, destitution, the weather--
danger of destitution                                                      The steamer Hercules--The Mikado]

Newfoundland tradegy--The murder of           1888   Dec. 13   2, c. 3-4   [Railway extension--Art exhibition--         Gazette
Archibald Sillars and its peculiar                                         Steel cables]
circumstances--One of the wealthy men-
-Of the Island killed, it is supposed, by a
man who was his debtor

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TITLE                                    YEAR   Month      PAGE      NOTES              PAPER
Newfoundland union--Canada's answer to   1895   May 13     8, c. 1   special cable      Gazette
 Newfoundland's proposal received--
Returning to Ottawa--Hon. Mr. Bond
and Mr. Reid sail on the Tiber--The
outlook for Confederation hopeful

Newfoundland union--Short meeting of     1895   April 6    1, c. 4   special cable      Gazette
delegates yesterday--Mr. Murray in

Newfoundland union--The anti-            1895   March 27   1, c. 2   special cable      Gazette
confederates to make a demonstration
when the delegates sail

Newfoundland union--The Canadian         1895   May 4      8, c. 6   press despatch     Gazette
terms declared not to be satisfactory

Newfoundland union--The Colonial         1895   May 6      1, c. 2   special cable      Gazette
Government awaiting a reply from

Newfoundland union--The delegates        1895   March 26   6, c. 3   special cable      Gazette
appointed and they will sail to-day

Newfoundland union--The delegates        1895   March 28   1, c. 2                      Gazette
sailed yesterday for Ottawa

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
Newfoundland--A new authority on its          1898   May 21     12, c. 3-4                                                Gazette
great mineral resources--Mr. G.H.
Collins, F.G.S.--A past president of the
British Institution of Mining and
Metallurgy, speaks of the Colony's latent

Newfoundland--Colonial budget brought         1898   March 12   1, c. 5                                                   Gazette
down yesterday--Duties increased--
Island's new tariff is decidedly
protective--Big deficit is reported--But it
 is expected that ends will meet next
year--The debt is to be reduced--
Prosperity ahead

Newfoundlanders in luck--Herring strike       1892   Jan. 9     7, c. 1-2    [How uncle Sam is fooled--Our imbroglio      Gazette
in unusually great number--How the U.S.                                       with Canada--Exports to Canada 1890-
law is evaded--The trouble with Canada--                                     91--The S.S. Pensher--Christmas, 1891--
Views taken by business men on the                                           Market quotations]
Island--The S.S. Pensher

Newfoundlanders in luck--The seal hunt        1894   March 20   1, c. 5      (March 13) Act regulating the fishery--A     Gazette
promises to be a good one--The white                                          Canadian forestaller]
coats plenty--And favorable weather
conditions to aid the hunters--The shore
catch good

Newfoundlanders indignant--At the             1886   Aug. 19    7, c. 1-2    [The new rope walk--French                   Gazette
stories of the distress in Labrador--A fine                                  encroachments--Progress of the
 rope walk at St. John's--The fishery                                        fisheries--Labrador fishery--Horrible
prospects fair both on the Island and                                        murder at St. Pierre]=Carlos Jose
Main Land                                                                    Sussarigny murders Stanislaus Coste

Newfoundland--Governor withholds              1897   May 21     6, c. 1-2    [The election law--The political             Gazette
assent from an election bill--The                                            campaign--Business is good--The Cabot
campaign begun--Sir James winter to lead                                     celebration--The Queen's jubilee--
 the opposition--Signs of improving                                          Summer visitors]
business--Summer travellers

Newfoundland--Its financial and social        1887   Aug. 2     2, c. 1-2    [Causes of destitution--Pauperism--          Gazette
condition reviewed--Serious increase in                                      Public debt--Education, mail steamers,
pauperism--But business sound at the                                         subsidies--Problems for solution--The
bottom and an early recovery looked for                                      crops, the drought--The fisheries--
                                                                             Mining operations--Confederation--
                                                                             Latest fisheries news]

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TITLE                                          YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland's affairs--A satisfying           1888   March 5    7, c. 1-2   [The Royal silver wedding--Norwegian          Gazette
report of agricultural progress--The                                         fisheries for 1887--Norwegian herring
trouble with the railroad--Norway's fish                                     fishery--Volunteer movement?--
industry--Establishing a volunteer corps-                                    Washington Fisheries Commission]
-The Royal silver wedding

Newfoundland's Bait Act--Canadian and          1889   Oct. 3     8, c. 4-5   [Effect of the Bait Act--Effect of ? ?--      Gazette
U.S. fishermen aid the French in its                                         One million dollars fishery award--The
evasion--The political campaign-Sir                                          political campaign]
William Whiteway pursuing a peculiar

Newfoundland's Bait Act--Effects of its        1893   April 4    2, c. 1-2   [Effects of suspension--Injurious results     Gazette
suspension on the Island's position--The                                     probable--Americans and Canadians--
prospect not a pleasant one--The                                             Motives of the Government--Disposal of
Government's motives in its course--The                                       the surplus revenue--Our seal fishery]
 surplus revenue

Newfoundland's Bait Act--Indignation at        1887   Feb. 21    2, c. 1-2   [(Feb. 8)]                                    Gazette
its disallowance by Great Britain--It is re-
enacted by the Legislature--How it
affects the interests of the Island Colony

Newfoundland's Bait Act--Its operation         1888   Sept. 11   5, c. 1-2   Exhibition--Washington Treaty--Land           Gazette
endorsed by the St. John's Chamber of                                        cultivation--Mining--A remarkable
Commerce--An alarming decision--That                                         decision--Misrepresentations regarding
may legalize practices very injurious to                                     Newfoundland--Condition of agriculture-
the seal fishery [The Bait Act--Fish                                         -Hon.David Wells' opinion--General
hatching--Seal fishery--Lobster fishery--                                    Dashwood--The fisheries--Sir James
Barcelona                                                                    Winter--Working of our Bait Act]

Newfoundland's budget--Public railway          1890   May 2      2, c. 1-2   [Estimated expenditure of 1890--              Gazette
building adding to the debt--Increase in                                     Estimated revenue--Increased taxation--
the tariff--The seal fishery fairly good--                                   Loans--Board of Health--Shipbuilding--
That modus vivendi--Delegation in                                            Seal fishery--French encroachments--
Canada                                                                       Delegates appointed--The Bait Act]

Newfoundland's capital--Census return of       1885   Sept. 30   8, c. 4     [Great change for the better--The city is     Gazette
 the population and progress of St.                                          extending itself--Important public
John's--Manufacturing industries--The                                        buildings--Various religious
public buildings--Various religious                                          denominations]

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                           PAPER
Newfoundland's complaint--Of being          1887   March 17   2, c. 1-2    [Malicious motives--The capture and             Gazette
misrepresented by lying correspondents--                                   sale of bait--The United States and
A report on the bait question--The                                         Newfoundland--Legislative intelligence--
British Government's reason for                                            Despatches on the bait bill--The seal
disallowing the prohibition of its                                         fishery]

Newfoundland's condition--Reports of        1886   Oct. 13    5, c. 4      [Results of the season's operations--Able       Gazette
destitution among the people greatly                                       to grapple with its difficulties--The shore
exaggerated--The results of the fisheries                                   fishery]

Newfoundland's condition--Reports of        1886   Dec. 9     2, c. 3      [Ship on fire--Accident to the steam tug        Gazette
distress among the people greatly                                          Hercules--The Exploits Valley--The
exaggerated--A fire at sea--Accident to                                    quality of the land]
the steam tug Hercules--The valley of
the Exploits River

Newfoundland's conflict--High conduct       1894   June 23    11, c. 6-7   [Collection of the revenue--The business        Gazette
of the courts in face of the agitation--                                    situation--Wreck of the steamship
Collection of revenue--What Sir William                                    Texas--Fire]=Judge Conroy's house
 Whiteway did to make it impracticable,
and how the Government overcame it

Newfoundland's crisis--Commercial Bank      1894   Dec. 20    1, c. 4                                                      Gazette
will only pay about fifty cents on the

Newfoundland's crisis-The proposal for      1888   April 5    7, c. 1-3    --Advantages to this Colony--Terms              Gazette
Confederation under discussion--The                                        spoken of--Present condition and
Ministry divided--A review of the                                          outlooks of the Colony--Action of
position of the Island and the forces                                      Government--The Cabinet divided--State
operating among the people [Reception                                       of public feeling--The press--Latest
of the proposal--There will be a strong                                    (March 25) Effects of delaying a
opposition                                                                 deputation]

Newfoundland's dilemma--A choice            1891   June 11    2, c. 1-2    [Outrages in St. George's Bay--Horrible         Gazette
between the objectionable modus and                                        murder]=Follett
coercion--Wisdom conquers pride--A
foolish resolution rescinded and Lord
Knutsford's terms agreed to--Mr.
Morine's vindication

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland's exports--The wonderful       1885   April 10   7, c. 2-3   [Exports 1883-84--The census of 1884-         Gazette
harvest of the sea--Figures for 1884--A                                   -The seal fishery--The Legislature--Sir
steady growth--The new census returns--                                   Ambrose Shea's mission to Washington--
Political matters--Sir Ambrose Shea's                                     Duty on our fish in Canada]
mission--Trade relations with Canada

Newfoundland's finances--An increase in     1889   April 9    7, c. 1-2   [Expenditure for 1889--Manhood                Gazette
revenue and estimated surplus--                                           suffrage--The seal fishery of 1889--First
Promising trade outlook--Manhood                                          arrival from the seal fishery--Wonderful
suffrage adopted--The best seal fishery                                   trip of the SS. Ranger--Probable catch--
for years                                                                 Our bank fishery]

Newfoundland's finances--Colony has a       1893   April 7    1, c. 7     Special cable to the Gazette                  Gazette
surplus of $215,000 for the past year--
Reduction in the duties--On flour and
pork--The funded debt--The seal fishery
is an unprecedented failure

Newfoundland's finances--The                1891   May 8      7, c. 1-3   [The Bait Act temporarily upset--             Gazette
Government has a deficit to add to its                                    Canadian fishermen refused licenses--Seal
trouble--Better times expected--Heavy                                      fishery--Political]
cost of poor relief--The charge of the
hatcheries--The Bait Law and its

Newfoundland's Governor--Arrival of Sir     1886   April 30   7, c. 2                                                   Gazette
George Des Voeux at St. John's--He
meets a rather cool reception

Newfoundland's latest--Discovery of         1894   Oct. 11    2, c. 3-4   [Sir Terence O'Brien in England--             Gazette
very valuable iron deposits--Sir T.                                       Political]
O'Brien's interview--His reported words
in London shown to be ill-judged and ill-
based--The political situation

Newfoundland's minerals--A revival in       1888   July 27    2, c. 3     [Depression of prices--reports of mining      Gazette
the copper mining industry--Deposits of                                   engineers--Long Pond mine--Further
great value--Prospects of great wealth to                                 evidence--Valuable rubish--Mineral
 the successful operators                                                 deposits in the Island]

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland's new loan--A satisfactory     1889   Sept. 5   7, c. 1     [The Labrador fishery--Death of Sir           Gazette
success on the London market--The                                        Thomas Howley--Regatta--Political]
Labrador fisheries--Endangered by
unpropitious conditions off the coast--
The political campaign

Newfoundland's news--Something about        1884   Nov. 6    7, c. 1-2   [One of the first Cathedrals--                Gazette
the Church of England and its new                                        Improvements in St. John's--Man-of-war
Cathedral--Orange and green--A man-of-                                    on service--Met by an armed mob--The
war to be stationed at Harbour Grace for                                 Boston Globe's correspondent--Reported
protection                                                               murder on Labrador--Brutal outrage on a
                                                                         wife--The latest]

Newfoundland's one issue--The evolution     1890   June 5    2, c. 3-5   rights claimed--Compromises--The              Gazette
 of trouble with the French--How the                                     lobster difficulty--Address to Her
thin end of the wedge was inserted--The                                  Majesty--Arbitration refused--Reception
intolerable situation at present [Early                                  of deputies at the Colonial Office--Sir
concessions--Impeachment of Lord                                         Robert Pinsent--Legislative--The
Oxford--New concessions--The climax                                      weather and the fisheries--French
reached--Exclusive of                                                    aggression--Her Majesty's birthday]

Newfoundland's people--How they are         1892   June 29   7, c. 1-2   [Prorogation of the Legislature--Treaty       Gazette
divided among the religious sects--Causes                                with Spain--The hospital ship Albert for
of the movement noted in the                                             Labrador--Expedition to the Polar
population--Prorogation of the                                           regions]
Legislature--General Island news

Newfoundland's politics--A weak             1888   Dec. 27   5, c. 1-2   [Record of the Government--                   Gazette
opposition and a successful government-                                  Confederation--A Department of
-The Confederation issue--A                                              Fisheries--The Sillars tradegy--Another
Department of Fisheries to be organized-                                 suspected murder--Presentation to the
-Jam for the Queen                                                       Queen accepted]

Newfoundland's Premier--Addresses a         1889   Aug. 8    5, c. 1-2   [The Bait Act and the French fisheries--      Gazette
manifesto to the people of the Island--A                                 Periwinkles for bait--Fish hatchery--
good record detailed--Confederation not                                  Epidemics--Fisheries]
an issue--Effects of the Bait Act--The
public health

Newfoundland's prosperity--tested by the    1887   Oct. 27   7, c. 1-2   --Misleading representations of               Gazette
 condition of the Government Savings                                     destitution--State of the cod fishery--
Bank--The cod fishery--Decline in the                                    The cod fishery advancing--Decline in
price of cod oil--Personal items--The                                    the price of cod oil--Placentia railway--
Placentia railway--A disabled steamer                                    Sir Ambrose Shea--Mr. H. Norman--
[The statistics of our Savings Bank                                      Church of England bazaar--Disabled

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland's protest--Against the         1887   March 3    5, c. 1-2   [Disallowance of the Bait Bill--State of      Gazette
disallowance of the Bait Bill--What was                                   public feeling--Legislative Council--Seal
said in the Legislature--A strong feeling                                 fishery--Winter amusements]
that the people should have their own
way in their own land

Newfoundland's railway--It is now           1894   Aug. 30    5, c. 1-2   [Political matters--Bye-elections--           Gazette
completed for over 300 miles--An                                          Fisheries]
traverses a country full of scenic beauty
and of high agricultural possibilities

Newfoundland's railway--Soon to open        1893   Aug. 31    7, c. 1-2   [The gander district--The political           Gazette
up the Gander and Exploits Valleys--The                                   situation--Reciprocity with the United
 locomotive may drive away the French-                                    States--Sad drowning accident]=Mr. W.C.
-A description of the new country--                                        Webber and Mr. Hiscock
Politics on the Island

Newfoundland's railways--The need of        1886   April 7    8, c. 1-2   [Sir Ambrose's resolutions lost--The          Gazette
immediate extension required--A falling                                   budget--Public debt--Revision of the
revenue and its causes--An increase in                                    tariff--The increase of taxation--A
the tariff necessitated--Obstruction by                                   legislative episode]
the Opposition

Newfoundland's retort--An official order    1891   Dec. 10    1, c. 3                                                   Gazette
increasing the duties on Canadian goods--
Whiteway loses his head--Canada's
threats to tax Newfoundland's fish sets
the ancient colony by the ears--A strong

Newfoundland's rulers--Regret expressed     1888   Nov. 15    2, c. 1-2   [Our new Governor--Bye-election in            Gazette
at Sir Henry Blake's departure--Sir T.                                    Bonavista]
O'Brien's record--The issues and
incidents of the Bonavista election

Newfoundland's tariff--An increase of       1887   April 12   8, c. 3-4   [The proposed increase of duties--            Gazette
duties to meet the deficiency in the                                      Prohibition of intoxicating liquors--
revenue--A prohibitory liquor measure--                                   Prohibition is premature--Smuggling on
Smuggling on the west coast--Wreck and                                    the west coast--Wreck and loss of life--
loss of life--Gold mining--The Bait Bill                                  Gold mining--Our Bait Bill--Railway
                                                                          construction] wreck=Susan

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TITLE                                          YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland's trade--A slowly growing         1889   Oct. 17   5, c. 1-2   [Labrador--Report of the Chamber of           Gazette
import trade from the Dominion--Fish                                        Commerce--Discovery of a mine of
the great staple--An antimony                                               antimony--The political situation]
discovery--The political outlook--Sir
Wm. Whiteway's programme

Newfoundland's trade--Imports and              1884   Nov. 20   8, c. 6     [Largest consumers of our cod--Half the       Gazette
exports of the year from Labrador and                                       catch of last year--Imports for 1883]
the Island--The fish export

Newfoundland's trade--Yearly review of         1886   Sept. 1   2, c. 3-4   [The doctrine of Bimetallism--The seal        Gazette
the St. John's Chamber of Commerce--                                        fishery of last spring--In regard to the
Causes of the depression--The fisheries--                                   bait question--Extension of our railway--
How they can be improved--Latest news                                       The condition of the fisheries--The
from Labrador--Extension of the Island                                      Bellerophon--Rev. L.G. MacNeil]

Newfoundland's tragedy--The last solemn        1889   July 25   7, c. 1-2   [The epidemic of diphtheria--The Bait         Gazette
 act in the history of the Sillars' murder--                                Act--The fisheries]
Parnell admits his sins--The news from
the Island--The Bait Act and the French

Newfoundland's troubles--The Legislature       1891   Feb. 25   7, c. 1-3   Mining--Revenue--French shore                 Gazette
 debates the U.S. Treaty of Reciprocity--                                   negotiations--Railway contract--The
Criticism in the Council--A strong                                          Bait Act--Education--Failure of French
feeling that Canada should mind its own                                     shore negotiations--The House in
business--The Baird-Walker case [Trade                                      Committee of Priviledge--The
relations with the United States--                                          Legislative Council on the resolutions--
                                                                            Baird versus Walker--The weather]

Newfoundland's trouble--The situation          1894   June 19   6, c. 3-4   [Every nerve was strained--His                Gazette
becomes even more complicated--                                             opponents hate Mr. Morine--Judgment
Whiteway's quatre bras--The Bay de                                          in the St. John's West case]
Verde election looks much like the
preliminary of a fateful Waterloo

Newfoundland's upset--The final act            1894   Aug. 20   6, c. 4-5   [It is a sad sight--New book on               Gazette
concluded in the Legislature--New book                                      Newfoundland--The fisheries--Annual
on the colony--Rev. Moses Harvey adds                                       regatta--The weather]
one more to his works on the island and
its institutions

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Newfoundland's woe--Doubtful if               1895   May 18     1, c. 1-2   oppresses her                                 Gazette
retrenchment can save her--Must e a                                         special cable
crown colony--Has no means of meeting
 her obligations on June 30th--Hon. Mr.
Bond talks--He is of opinion that the
Colony will be able to weather the
financial storm that now

News from Newfoundland--Hamburg               1892   Sept. 29   7, c. 1-2   [Rebuilding the city--Relief funds]           Gazette
steamships' dodge to avoid quarantine--
Rebuilding St. John's--Who suffer from
the fire--Good fishery prospects and a
big revenue

News from Newfoundland--How the               1894   Sept. 13   6, c. 1-2   [New Masonic Temple--New St.                  Gazette
accident happened to the Sir Donald--                                       Andrew's Presbyterian Church--Hatching
Hatching the codfish--Corner stones of                                       of codfish--Political]
the new Masonic Temple and new
Presbyterian Church laid

News from Newfoundland--The Bond              1895   June 19    2, c. 1-2   [An object lesson--Economy very               Gazette
loan creates an unexpected situation--                                      necessary--Officers' salaries to suffer--
Business is much better--Sir Wm.                                            Things look better]
Whiteway will not have easy sailing on
his administrative economy voyage

News from Newfoundland--The French            1894   March 22   6, c. 1-2   [French aggressions--St. Pierre as a          Gazette
Shore trouble again before the                                              smuggling centre--Election petitions--
legislature--The foreign aggression--St.                                    Legislative proceedings--Dynamite
Pierre as a smuggling centre--The                                           explosion--The steamer Briscoe--Burnt
election petitions--Work of the                                             to death]=Mrs. Driscoll and four
Legislature                                                                 children; explosion=Brett and Toms on
                                                                            the Walrus

News from Newfoundland--The                   1893   March 8    1, c. 7     special cable                                 Gazette
Legislature begins its sessions yesterday--
Speech from the Throne--Discusses a
large number of topics--The revenue
more than expected--Thanks to Canada

News from Newfoundland--The medical           1894   Nov. 30    8, c. 5-7   [The need of this mission--Political--        Gazette
mission work on the Labrador coast--                                        Prospects of Confederation]
The political situation--Causes that led
to the Government's defeat in the
constituencies--The prospects of a
general election

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
News of Newfoundland--Cabot                  1896   Oct. 6    5, c. 2      [Resignation of Mr. Justice Winter--The      Gazette
celebration meeting--Sir James Winter--                                    fisheries]
The fisheries

News of Newfoundland--Peculiarities of       1892   May 7     11, c. 3-5   [City of St. John's--Cod liver oil--         Gazette
the St. John's epidemic of diphtheria--                                    Political--Seal fishery--Fisheries
Improving the grade of cod liver oil--                                     Commission--"The Montreal True
Canada and the Bond-Blaine                                                 Witness"
Convention--The status quo continues

News of Newfoundland--Small prospect         1894   Dec. 11   5, c. 4-5    [The railway--Supreme Court--Libel           Gazette
of Whiteway's return to the                                                suits--The weather--Dr. Grenfell]
Premiership--Mr. Goodridge to resign--
Work on the railway--The McCarthy
murder trial--Severity of the weather

News of Newfoundland--The Baird-             1892   Nov. 2    7, c. 1-3    [The idea of confederation--Anti-            Gazette
Walker suit and the principles it                                          confederate arguments--A newspaper
establishes--The idea of confederation--                                   advocate--Shipwreck-sad loss of life--
The new generation and its attitude--                                      The Labrador fishery--An ocean lame
Fallacious anti-arguments--The Labrador                                    duck--Good fortune of a sealing steamer-
 fishery                                                                   -The markets]

No more bait--To be obtained from            1887   Nov. 25   2, c. 1-2    [The Bait Act--A matter of life or           Gazette
Newfoundland by the French fishermen--                                     death--Enforcement of the Bait Act--
Effect of the Prohibition Act--The                                         Condition of the Colony--Hon. Mr.
condition of the Colony greatly                                            Justice Pinsent, D.C.L.--Disabled
improved--Danger of destitution                                            steamers]=Ontario; Cremon
disappears--Disabled steamers

No quorum again--The Newfoundland            1895   June 4    1, c. 4                                                   Gazette
Legislature again compelled to resign

No reciprocity--The Newfoundland             1898   Dec. 26   8, c. 5                                                   Gazette
estimate of the Conference situation--A
failure to agree on the Atlantic fisheries
question is also considered likely

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Norwegian Commission--Visits                1887   Aug. 16    2, c. 3-4   [What the deputies say of our fisheries--     Gazette
Newfoundland to learn the condition of                                    Norwegian cash vs. our credit--Artificial
the fishermen--Artificial propagation of                                  propagation of codfish--Address and
codfish--Sea and land harvest prospects--                                 presentation to Sir Ambrose shea--
Presentation to Sir Ambrose Shea--The                                     Jubilee celebrations--The fisheries and
Prince of Monaco                                                          crops--The Prince of Monaco]

Odious modus vivendi--Indignation           1890   March 24   1, c. 7     [Why Newfoundland objects--The cause          Gazette
meetings being held in Newfoundland--A                                    hard to understand--A territorial right
startling change made--Against the                                        ceded--Nothing in theirs]
Whiteway Government ? Sir James
Fergusson--Why Newfoundland objects

Off the Labrador coast--Mr. Nielsen's       1893   Feb. 7     7, c. 1-3   Codfish found far north--Use of deep sea      Gazette
study of sea temperatures and cod                                         thermometers--Fish and temperature--
habitat--A voyage which may mean                                          Codfish-their power of resisting cold--
considerable for Newfoundland--General                                    Cure of codfish on Labrador--A sad tale
news of the Island [Temperature of the                                    of the sea--Commandant Booth--The
sea-singular phenomena--Questions                                         weather--Political]

Opening of the Legislature--The Speech      1880   March 12   4, c. 4-5   [Irish Famine Relief Fund - Preparations      Gazette
from the throne.                                                          for the Seal Fishery]

Opening of the Supreme Court--Yield of      1876   Nov. 30    3, c. 5-6                                                 Gazette
the fisheries--Lumbering in
Newfoundland--Proposed road through
the Island--Governor Glover

Opposed in Newfoundland--The anti-          1891   Dec. 11    1, c. 7                                                   Gazette
Canadian regulation not generally
popular--Island interests injured--Fish
exporters and fishermen? will loss--The
differential duties--The English Press

Opposition manifesto--The case              1893   Oct. 11    7, c. 1-2                                                 Gazette
presented against the Newfoundland
Government--The Bait Act a main point
 of assault--The French Shore and
fisheries administration also grounds of

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter                    1883   Aug. 31    2, c. 1     conti from Aug. 30 [Progress of the          Gazette
                                                                         fisheries--Newfoundland the oldest
                                                                         British Colony--H.M.S. Canada]

Our Newfoundland letter                    1877   April 7    4, c. 4-5   [Our manufacturing era begun--Prospects      Gazette
                                                                          and requirements--Prospects of the seal
                                                                         fishery--The Arctic and Aurora--Other
                                                                         vessels--The weather--
                                                                         Mails]manufacturing=biscuits and boot
                                                                         and shoe factory

Our Newfoundland letter                    1878   Sept. 19   2, c. 6-7   [The Anglo-American Telegraph                Gazette
                                                                         Company and the Chamber of
                                                                         Commerce--Well merited honors--
                                                                         Boston Quintette Club--The fisheries--
                                                                         Tilt Cove mine--Sir Hugh
                                                                         Hoyles]honors=Rev. W.R. Cruikshank

Our Newfoundland letter                    1874   Nov. 19    1, c. 7-8   unreadable                                   Gazette

Our Newfoundland letter [no headings]      1878   June 22    2, c. 5-6   [Honours--The railway--The bank              Gazette
                                                                         fishery--Arrival of Bishop
                                                                         Jones]honors=Hon. F.B. Carter

Our Newfoundland letter [no headings]      1878   July 4     3, c. 4-5   [Cheap wine--bank fishery--Summer cod        Gazette
                                                                         fishery--Enthronement of Bishop Jones-
                                                                         -Laying the corner stone of St. Andrew's
                                                                         Presbyterian Church--Papal Ablegate--
                                                                         Sale of the Tilt Cove mine]

Our Newfoundland letter--A murder trial-   1874   June 9     1, c. 6-7   [Wolf! wolf!--Legislation regarding our      Gazette
-Wolf stories--The seal fishing--                                        seal fishery--Biography of a seal--Loss
Legislation on the subject called for--                                  of H.M.S. Niobe]
Biography of a seal--Loss of the Niobe

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                            PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--A new cable         1873   June 23    1, c. 7-8   [Our seal fishery--Mining--Homicide--            Gazette
company--Our local fishery--Cheering                                       Singular freaks of lightning--The New
prospects for the Colony--Mining--                                         York "Herald" on the Polaris
Homicide--Singular freaks of lightning--                                   expedition]homicide=Singleton kills
The Polaris expedition                                                     Coffee

Our Newfoundland letter--A prosperous        1874   June 18    1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [Loss of H.M.S. Niobe--Progress          Gazette
bank--Large dividend--Loss of the                                          of our geological survey--Supreme court,
Niobe--Geological survey--Interesting                                      Cahill's trial for murder]
particulars of the geology of the island--
Murder trial

Our Newfoundland letter--A stranger's        1880   Oct. 13    3, c. 3-5   conti- mines--The local press--The               Gazette
opinion of the Island--What the London                                     fisheries [Mr. Rae's opinion of our
 "Times" correspondent said of it--The                                     railway--Discoveries of gold near Brigus-
resources of the country--The Island                                       -The Howgate Arctic expedition--Sale of
railway--The discovery of gold--A                                           mines--The press of Newfoundland--
possible bonanza--The Howgate Arctic                                       The fisheries]
expedition--The sale of

Our Newfoundland letter--A successful        1884   Sept. 25   7, c. 1     [Loss of the Greenland by fire--The              Gazette
whaling voyage--Loss of the steamer                                        Trans-Atlantic dory--A new departure in
Greenland--The trans-Atlantic dory--                                        mining--The railway--Fatal accidents
Mining interests--Railway progress--                                       near Trepassey--A gunboat at Harbour
Fatal accidents--Minor topics                                              Grace--Sir Ambrose Shea]

Our Newfoundland letter--Agriculture in      1880   Sept. 30   2, c. 1-2   conti- mines [Causes of obstruction in           Gazette
the Island--An historical retrospect--                                     colonization--The old obstruction policy
Want of railways--The obstructive                                           still active--Prospects of the fisheries--
policy still active--Prospects of the                                      H.M.S. Northampton--Loss of the
fisheries--H.M.S. Northampton--Loss of                                     steamer Anglia--The S.S. Flavian--The
the steamer Anglia--The SS. Flavia--The                                    Merlin Rock--Sale of mines--The latest]
 Western Rock--Sale of

Our Newfoundland letter--An illustrious      1877   Oct. 17    3, c. 5-6   [Dimensions of the animal--The cuttle is         Gazette
stranger--The largest devil-fish yet                                        brought for exhibition in New York--
captured--Description of the monster--                                     Destructive powers of these cuttles--The
Its destructive powers--Wreck at Cape                                       place of the cuttle in the scale of being--
Race--Miscellaneous topics                                                 Items of general news--Wreck at Cape
                                                                           Race, loss of nine lives]==A?e et Marie

Our Newfoundland letter--An interesting      1885   July 7     5, c. 3-4   Albatross [Steam contracts--The service          Gazette
budget of news from the Island colony--                                    of the Allan Company--Another steam
Fisherman's and Seaman's Home--Steam                                       service required--New post office--The
contracts--A new service required--The                                     fishery treaty--The wrecked steamer
fishery clauses--The wrecked steamer                                       Grassbrooke--Progress of the fishery--
Grassbrooke--Progress of the fisheries--                                   The U.S. steamer Albatross]
The U.S. steamer

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Application of    1873   July 31   1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [Progress of the cod fishery--        Gazette
 steam to the cod fishery--Prospects of                                 Washington Treaty--Complimentary
the fisheries--Washington Treaty--                                      notice--Mr. Cyrus Field--Wreck at
Complimentary notice--Mr. Cyrus Field-                                  Channel--Search for the
-Wreck at Channel--Search for the                                       Polaris]wreck=Concordia

Our Newfoundland letter--Arrival and       1878   July 25   1, c. 8-9   [New road across the Island--A successful     Gazette
reception of the Papal Ablegate--An                                      bank--The bank fishery--Labrador
enthusiastic community--Protestant and                                  fishery--Shore fishery--The French
Catholic joining hands--New road across                                 shore question, more trouble]
the Island--A successful bank--The bank,                                bank=Union Bank
 Labrador and shore fisheries--The
French shore question

Our Newfoundland letter--Chamber of        1880   Sept. 1   4, c. 4-5   [Our mining industry--Wreck--The              Gazette
Commerce report--Progress of mining                                     fisheries]
industry-Wreck of the S.S. Flavian--
Encouraging news from the fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--Charter of the    1873   May 10    2, c. 3-4   [A panic in the stock market--Sudden          Gazette
Cable Company--Important right of pre-                                  death of Mr. Foley--Seal fishery--Curious
emption--Sudden death of a police                                        facts about seals--The Legislature--
inspector--The seal fishery turning out                                 Latest]
fairly--A splendid prize--Disproportion
of sexes--A general election in

Our Newfoundland letter--Close of the      1874   May 26    2, c. 3-4   [Education--Death of the Telegraph            Gazette
Legislature--Denominational troubles in                                 monopoly--The seal fishery--Honour to
the education question--The telegraph                                   whom honour is due--Extraordinary
monopoly--The Seal fishery--Well                                        birth] (Reference to Appleton's journal)
merited honor--Extraordinary birth

Our Newfoundland letter--Close of the      1883   May 11    2, c. 2-3   [Appointment of a Fisheries                   Gazette
Legislature--Fisheries commissioner--                                   Commissioner--The landlord question--
The landlord question--Statute                                          Consolidation of statute law--Seal
consolidation--The fisheries--                                          fishery--The cod fishery--Death of the
Miscellaneous                                                           Postmaster-general--Return of the
                                                                        governor--Fisheries exhibition--New
                                                                        book on Newfoundland]

Our Newfoundland letter--Close of the      1882   Jan. 5    6, c. 1-2   [Statement of exports--Prosperity in          Gazette
year--Taking stock--Exports and their                                   18881--Railway work--Mining--
values--An era of prosperity--The                                       Christmas]
progress of railway construction--Mining

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Completion of       1884   Oct. 22   2, c. 1-2   [Attractions for tourists--A caution,          Gazette
 the railway to Harbour Grace--                                           telegraphic news--Raising of the steamer
Attractions for tourists--Telegraphic                                     Greenland--New sealing steamer--The
exaggerations--The steamer Greenland--                                    nail factory--Vacancy in the
New sealing steamer--The nail factory--                                   representation of Harbour Main--Arrival
Political--The steamship Neptune                                           of SS. Neptune]

Our Newfoundland letter--Condition of        1886   Aug. 5    1, c. 6     [Public works, agricultural settlements--      Gazette
the country--The state of the fisheries--                                 Of interest to tourists]
Public works to be undertaken--
Attractions of the Island for tourists

Our Newfoundland letter--Curiosities of      1880   Nov. 29   6, c. 2-3   [Shipwrecks--The fisheries--Sealing            Gazette
natural history--The devil-fish and great                                 steamers]
auk--The basking shark--Shipwrecks--
The fisheries--Sealing steamers

Our Newfoundland letter--Cuttles great       1877   Aug. 8    2, c. 3-4   ['The big squid"--A dainty dish, squids        Gazette
and little--Importance of the caplin and                                  stewed and fried--Banks--Saw mill
squids--The gigantic cuttle fish--                                        burned--Relief for St. John, N.B.--Visit
Discouraging prospects for the fisheries--                                of the Receiver-general to Canada--The
Personal--Confederation--The Fishery                                      Bellerophon--Fishery
Commission                                                                Commission]mill=Messrs. Job Brothers
                                                                          on River Gambo

Our Newfoundland letter--Death in the        1885   June 23   2, c. 1-2   [A new Masonic Temple--The grand               Gazette
woods--A new Masonic Temple--                                             honors were then given--Handsome and
Opening of a new hotel--The                                               commodious erection--Opening of a new
Fishermen's and Seamen's Home--                                            hotel--Excursions in various directions--
Political news                                                            The dining hall will seat--Fishermen's
                                                                          and Seamen's Home--Political]

Our Newfoundland letter--Death of the        1883   Oct. 3    2, c. 1-3   [Failure of the Greely relief expedition--     Gazette
Governor--A sketch of his life--The                                       The expeditionary vessels--A terrible
Greely relief expedition--Loss of the                                     moment--Perilous boat voyage--The
Proteus--A tale of hardship, suffering                                    chief subject of regret--Lieutenant
and endurance--The weather and the                                        Greely's party--The weather and the
fisheries--Mining                                                         fisheries--Mining--Other relief measures
                                                                          (Sept. 20)]

Our Newfoundland letter--Exports and         1882   Dec. 21   8, c. 2-3   [Value of last year's codfishery--             Gazette
their values--Value of the cod fishery--                                  Exporting firms--Political intelligence--
Exporting firms--Political intelligence--                                 Fisheries exhibition--The railway
Fisheries exhibition--The railway disaster                                disaster]

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Facts about       1875   Jan. 19    3, c. 4     [Operations of our merchant princes--           Gazette
the fisheries--The new cable--Fatal                                      Western shore trade--Faraday, cable
affray--Severe weather--Lectures                                         ship--Fatal affray--The weather, the
                                                                         lectures]affray=Butler and Harvey kill

Our Newfoundland letter--Failure of the    1877   Oct. 4     1, c. 9     fishery-Bett's Cove mine-A wreck-               Gazette
cod fishery--Lessons of the crisis--New                                  Arrival of prisoners accused of the
steamers for the seal fishery--Mining                                    murder of Capt. Ridout and his crew-Fire
industries--A wreck--The murder of                                       in St. John's-Relics of the Franklin
Captain Ridout--Relics of the Franklin                                   expedition]wreck=SS. Roland;
expedition [Lessons of the crisis-New                                    fire=bakery of T. Mitchell p.2,c.1
steamer for the seal

Our Newfoundland letter--Fatal railway     1882   Dec. 9     7, c. 1-2   [Political matters--The Evening                 Gazette
accident--Political matters--Opening of                                  Telegram--Opening of the Supreme
the Superior Court--The year's business,                                 Court--The year's operations--Fire in a
&c., &c.                                                                 tannery--The weather, etc.-The railway]

Our Newfoundland letter--Financial         1881   June 7     2, c. 2-3   [Labrador--Our exporting houses--The            Gazette
condition of the colony                                                  Supreme Court--Fire on board a ship--
                                                                         Norwegian fisheries--Bank fishery--
                                                                         Fishery protection--The whale fishery--
                                                                         The railway--Fortune Bay trouble]

Our Newfoundland letter--French claims     1876   Jan. 19    4, c. 4-5   [Prospects of settlement--Extraordinary         Gazette
in Newfoundland--Prospect of                                             price of cod fish--Mysterious
settlement--Cod fish market--Mysterious                                  disappearance--The Direct Cable again
 disappearance--The Direct Cable                                         broken]disappearance=John Nowlan,

Our Newfoundland letter--General           1874   Oct. 10    2, c. 5     [Prospects of government--Protestant            Gazette
election--Severe conflict expected                                       and Catholic dogs--New territory
prospects of the government--?--?--The                                   discovered, fertile belt of land explored--
weather and the fisheries                                                The weather, the fisheries]land=Gander
                                                                         Bay, River and Lake

Our Newfoundland letter--Great seal hunt   1878   March 19   1, c. 8-9   [Whelping grounds of the whitecoats--           Gazette
 of 1878--The Provincial budget--The                                     Bloody work--The budget--Supply of bait
bait and ice questions--The Fortune Bay                                   and ice to Americans--Fortune Bay
fishermen                                                                fishermen]

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Imaginary           1873   Nov. 8    1, c. 8-9   [Loss of French bankers--Political--The         Gazette
hurricane on the Labrador coast--Heart-                                   weather and the fisheries]
rendering details--The New York Press
victimized again--Loss of French
schooners--Political topics--The weather
 and the fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--Imports and         1876   Nov. 20   1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [The liquors we use--Postal             Gazette
exports of the colony--Consumption of                                     returns--Agricultural settlement on the
liquor--Postal business--Promising                                        Exploits River--Wreck on the Labrador
agricultural settlement--Loss of six lives                                coast, loss of six lives--Fatal accident at
on the Labrador coast                                                     Bett's Cove mine, three miners

Our Newfoundland letter--Imports and         1880   Feb. 21   2, c. 6-7   [Countries with which we trade--Our             Gazette
exports of the Island--Trade relations                                    customers--Shipping--Meeting of the
with other countries--The shipping                                        legislature--How the winter passes]
interests--A prosperous colony--The
Legislature--Matters in general

Our Newfoundland letter--Imports of          1883   Oct. 11   2, c. 2-3   [The fisheries--The railway--Gold               Gazette
1882--The fisheries--Railway                                              mining--The Greeley relief expedition--
construction--Gold mining--The Greely                                     Fatal stabbing case--potato disease--Sir
relief expedition--Fatal stabbing case--                                  A. Shea--Chairman of the Board of
Personal                                                                  Works]

Our Newfoundland letter--Labrador fish--     1877   June 15   2, c. 3-4   [Companionship of St. Michael and St.           Gazette
A useful lesson--Mining success--                                         George--Her Majesty's birthday--
Imperial honors--Potato exports                                           Exportation of potatoes--The SS.
                                                                          Plover--Discouraging to lawyers--Survey
                                                                          of the mining region--Salmon]

Our Newfoundland letter--Labrador--The       1883   Nov. 24   2, c. 2-3   [The custom duties--The French Shore            Gazette
 boundary line between Newfoundland                                       question--Railway work--Fatal accident--
and the Dominion--The French Shore                                        Temperance Coffee House--Telephones-
question--The Year's operations--                                         -Newfoundland, the oldest British colony]
Railway work--Fatal accident--
Temperance Coffee House--Telephones

Our Newfoundland letter--Land tenure--       1883   July 17   2, c. 2-3   [Legislative interfernce--Arrival of Sir        Gazette
Sir Ambrose Shea at home--                                                Ambrose Shea--The cod fishery--Public
Newfoundland at the Fisheries                                             amusements---Mining operations--Mr.
Exhibition--The cod fishery--Mining                                       Stuart Cumberland--The Diocesan
operations--Mr. Stuart Cumberland                                         Synod]

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TITLE                                     YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Lord             1881   Feb. 15   8, c. 3-5   [Prospects of the Newfoundland railway-        Gazette
Dunraven's "Glimpses of Newfoundland"-                                 -Meeting of the Legislature--The
-What he saw and the opinions he                                       weather]
formed--A criticism of his paper--Some
errors corrected--The Island railway--
Meeting of the Legislature--The weather

Our Newfoundland letter--Loss of the      1882   Oct. 26   5, c. 2-3   [The political conflict--The fisheries--       Gazette
Herder--The general elections--The                                     Crops--Mr. Vennor at fault]
fisheries--The crops--Vennor at fault

Our Newfoundland letter--Meeting of the   1876   Jan. 31   3, c. 4-5   [Sir John Glover, our new Governor--Our        Gazette
Legislature--Political outlook--The new                                 leading shipping firms--Who receive our
Governor--The leading shipping firms--                                  exports?--Mr. Ellershausen--New boot
Copper mining--Boot and shoe factory                                   and shoe factory]

Our Newfoundland letter--Meeting of the   1877   Jan. 27   1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [The S.S. George Cromwell--            Gazette
 Legislature--The steamship George                                     Disasters at sea--Lost in the snow drift--
Cromwell--Disasters at sea--Lost in a                                  Ecclesiastical--The weather]wreck=Fire
snow drift--Ecclesiastical--The weather                                Fly, William; snow=Constable Ringwood
                                                                       of Bay Roberts

Our Newfoundland letter--Migration of     1883   Nov. 12   2, c. 2-3   [Winter quarters of food fish--Our             Gazette
the codfish--The Agricultural show--Mr.                                Agricultural show--Mr. Murray geologist-
Alexander Murray--The Railway--The                                     -The railway--The SS. Canima--
steamship Canima--The electric light--                                 Introduction of the electric light--Return
Political                                                               of Mr. Smith McKay

Our Newfoundland letter--Mineral lands    1884   Aug. 13   2, c. 3-4   [Gold mining--Timber and timber lands--        Gazette
and lumbering--The Newfoundland law--                                  Lumbering operations--New copper
New copper mine--Loss of the                                           mine--Loss of the SS. Hartington--Rope
Hartington--Rope manufacture--The                                      manufacture--Melancholy accident--The
fisheries--The Greely relief ships                                      fisheries--Departure of the Greely relief

Our Newfoundland letter--More copper      1881   Dec. 15   2, c. 1-2   [Indian Island-silver, lead [unreadable]--     Gazette
bonanzas--A lead and silver mine in                                    Exports of the colony for the year
Indian Island                                                          ending August 1st, 1881--Representation
                                                                        of the French shore--Progress of railway
                                                                        construction--Departure of the
                                                                       governor on sick leave--Death of John
                                                                       Rendell, Esq.]

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Mr.                1877   Jan. 11    1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [The railway--New geography of        Gazette
Patterson's "Brief notes"--The resources                                  Newfoundland--More copper ore--
of Newfoundland--The mines--The                                           Reward of heroism--Disasters at
Island railway--Miracalous escape                                         sea]Alfred Moores rescues men from the
                                                                          Waterwitch; wrecks=D.V. Chipman,
                                                                          Kitty Clyde, Daniel A. Burnham

Our Newfoundland letter--Mr. Stuart         1883   July 31    7, c. 1-2   [The dry dock--Mr. Hall--Progress of          Gazette
Cumberland--Our dry dock--Timber                                          the fishery--Labrador fishery--The
trade--Progress of the fishery--The                                       weather]
Labrador fishing--The crops

Our Newfoundland letter--Native wit and     1881   Aug. 3     2, c. 1-3   [A dead bargain--Fire the faggot--What        Gazette
 humour--Some racy examples--The                                          is the child's name to be?--The fisheries
fisheries and the weather--Disturbances                                   and the weather--Disturbances on the
on the west coast--War ships--The                                         west coast--Ships of war--The railway--
railway                                                                   French banker]

Our Newfoundland letter--New graving        1882   May 15     2, c. 1-2   [The Short Line Railway--Seal fishery--       Gazette
dock in St. John's--Important movement                                    The railway--The narrows of the Gulf of
                                                                          St. Lawrence--A severe lesson to
                                                                          libellous journalists-an editor caned]

Our Newfoundland letter--Newfoundland       1883   June 7     2, c. 1-2   [The Newfoundland department--Sealing         Gazette
at the Fishery Exhibit--A creditable                                      steamers and vessels--The first prize
display--The Island carries off the                                       awarded to Newfoundland--Hon. A. Shea
honors--Hon. Mr. Shea knighted--                                          knighted--Her Majesty's birthday--The
Queen's birthday celebration--Joint stock                                 St. John's Gas Company--The
 enterprises--The seal and cod-fishery                                    Athenaeum--Seal fishery--The cod
                                                                          fishery--Opening of the Supreme Court

Our Newfoundland letter--Newfoundland       1881   Jan. 7     7, c. 1-2   [Statement of exports--Labrador               Gazette
exports for 1879-80--Labrador.                                            fisheries--Dominion fisheries for 1879--
Canadian and Norwegian fisheries                                          Norway fisheries for 1879--The
                                                                          weather--The Legislature]

Our Newfoundland letter--Newfoundland       1881   April 13   7, c. 1-2   [The Newfoundland Consolidated Copper         Gazette
going ahead--American proposal                                             Mining Company--The seal fishery]
accepted by the Legislature--Contract
for construction of the railway under
consideration--Mining--The fishery

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Norwegian cod      1884   June 17    2, c. 1-2   [Our shore and bank fishery--Hudsons'          Gazette
 fishery--The shore and bank fisheries--                                  Bay exploration--What Captain Adams
Hudson's Bay exploration--Valuable                                        thinks of the route--A sealing vessel in
testimony on the subject--Caught in the                                   the ice--Sad disaster at sea--The trial of
ice--Disaster at sea--The Harbour Grace                                   the Harbour Grace rioters--Placentia
trials--Placentia mines--Sir John Glover,                                 mines--Sir John Glover--Bequest--
etc., etc.                                                                Destructive fire--The

Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1882   Feb. 28    2, c. 1-2   [French Shore Difficulty ended--The            Gazette
the Legislature--A prosperous exhibit--                                   shortest route between America and
French Shore difficulties ended--The                                      Europe via Newfoundland--Melancholy
short route to Europe--Marine disaster                                    disaster at sea--Case of smallpox]

Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1881   March 1    7, c. 1-2   [Railway syndication-Progress of               Gazette
the Legislature--The governor's speech--                                  negotiations--Advantages of a railway-
The railway--Prospects of its                                             Prospects of its construction--The
construction--The seal fishery--The                                       weather--Seal fishery--Death of Edwin
weather--Obit.                                                            Duder, Esq.]

Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1885   Feb. 27    2, c. 3-5   community regarding it-The fisheries-          Gazette
the Legislature--The railway and the                                      Effect of the late trials [Perm. Act
graving dock--The French Shore--                                          defeated in St. John's-Causes of the
Domestic troubles--The defeat of the                                      defeat-Missions of Sir A. Shea to Wash.-
Permissive Act--The pros and cons of                                      Fisheries of 1883-84-seal fishery of '85-
the question--Sir Ambrose Shea's                                          Fort. Bay herring fishery-State of public
mission--Opinion of the mercantile                                        feeling-weather]

Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1875   March 15   1, c. 8     [Forests opened--Telegraph monopoly,           Gazette
the parliamentary session--A railway                                      pre-emption--Mining--The weather]
across the Island--Opening up of the
timber districts--The telegraph
monopoly--A valuable vein of nickel--
Severity of the winter

Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1882   June 9     2, c. 1-2   [Closing of the Legislature--Outrage on        Gazette
the Supreme Court--Closing of the                                         the railway--Terrible death--Shipwreck
Legislature--Railway wreckers--                                           and loss of life--Railway progress--
Shipwreck and loss of life--Railway                                       Steamer in collision with an iceberg--
progress--Collision with an iceberg--                                     Professor Fowler--Agricultural--
Agricultural matters--Political                                           Political] death=Power; wreck=Trial of

Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1883   Dec. 7     2, c. 1-2   [Sir Ambrose Shea at the Fisheries             Gazette
the Supreme Court--Sir Ambrose Shea--                                     Exhibition--The policy of progress--
His address at the Fisheries Exhibition--                                 Coastal mail steamers--Storm and
The coastal mail steamers--Storms and                                     shipwrecks--Our new Governor--Address
shipwrecks--Sir John Glover, the new                                      of congratulations--Our market]
Governor--The market

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Opening of         1885   June 3     2, c. 2-3   [The Harbor Grace prisoners--                   Gazette
the Supreme Court--The Harbor Grace                                       Conviction for perjury--Scientific
prisoners again on trial--The new                                         expedition--Startled the scientific world-
indictment--Head Constable Doyle                                          -(May 27) Harbor Grace prisoners--Bank
reinstated--An important scientific                                        fishery] expedition =Hyatt
expedition--The fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--Our mining         1881   Nov. 15    2, c. 2-4   [The scenery of Bay Verte--Future               Gazette
industry--Discovery of a copper                                           mining developments--Progress of
bonanza--Prospects of development--                                       railway construction--Marine accidents
Progress of the railway--Marine disaster-                                 and disasters--The weather and the
-The weather and the fisheries                                            fisheries]

Our Newfoundland letter--Our railway--      1881   Aug.31     2, c. 2-4   [Disturbances in St. George's Bay-The           Gazette
Turning of the first sod--The French                                      French Commandant--Trial for murder--
shore troubles--The fisheries--Accident                                   Marine disasters--Accident to H.M.S.
to H.M.S. Druid                                                           Druid--Labrador fishery--Mining]

Our Newfoundland letter--Political          1873   March 17   1, c. 8-9   [Panning seals--Hurrah! for the ice-            Gazette
warfare--Seal catch--Off for the Ice-                                     fields--Prospects of the seal fishery--
fields--Excellent prospects--Coal fields                                  Revenue--Mr. Murray on the coal field
                                                                          of St. George's Bay--Washington Treaty]

Our Newfoundland letter--Progress of        1873   April 28   1, c. 7-8   [The race is not to the swift--Legislating      Gazette
the seal fishery--Caprices of fortune--                                    for the seal fishery--Loss of the
Cruelties of seal hunting--The shortest                                   Atlantic--Atlantic Telegraph Company]
route to Europe--Atlantic Telegraph
Company--Important right of the Colony

Our Newfoundland letter--Progress of        1885   April 21   7, c. 1-2   [First arrival from the ice--Arrival of the     Gazette
the seal fishery--First arrival from the                                   Ranger--Other arrivals--Unfavorable
ice--Arrival of the Ranger--Unfavorable                                   news--Causes of failure--Overloading
news--Overloading--Cathedral building--                                   sealing steamers--The Church of England
Progress and taxation                                                      Cathedral--Progress and taxation--The

Our Newfoundland letter-Proposed            1883   March 14   2, c. 3-4   hic communication-The new dock-The              Gazette
fisheries department-The US. Fisheries                                    seal hunt-The weather [A fishery bureau
Commission and artificial fish                                            needed-Legislative proceedings-The seal
propagation-Needed measures and                                           fishery, outlook--the weather]
appliances-The work of the legislature-
Amended Seal Fishery Act-Oceanic and
coastal steam service-Extended telegrap

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Provincial          1876   May 19    2, c. 6     [The fisheries--Breaking of the Anglo         Gazette
finances--Fishery prospects--The Anglo-                                   Company's cables--The railway]
American Company's cable--The railway

Our Newfoundland letter--Public              1874   Aug. 1    2, c. 4     [The Anglo-American Telegraph                 Gazette
accounts position of the Colony--The                                      Company--A valuable prize--Progress of
Anglo-American Telegraph Company--                                        the fisheries]prize=J.H. Price schooner
An episode in its history--A valuable                                     salvages Cananoque
prize--Progress of the fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--Public              1874   Aug. 17   3, c. 4     [Electioneering operations, hire of           Gazette
expenditure--Report of a Royal                                            steamers--The cable steamer Faraday--
Commission--Electoral corruption--The                                     Performance of the Faraday--Condition
cable steamer Faraday--Condition of the                                   of the new cable--Progress of the
new cable--The fisheries--Shipwreck--                                     fisheries--Shipwreck--Another cable
Another cable steamer                                                     steamer--Cyrus Field--A visitor]=Wm.
                                                                          Smith; wreck=Azalea

Our Newfoundland letter--Record of a         1883   Jan. 31   2, c. 1-3   [Sabbath observance--Our seal fishery--       Gazette
successful seal captain--The seal fishery-                                The weather--Stone on wooden docks--
-The weather--Stone or wooden docks--                                     New rink--The Athenaeum--Waste of
Skating and curling--The Athenaeum--                                      water supply] Ath=resignation of Harvey
Waste of water supply                                                      from 20 years on Committee of

Our Newfoundland letter--Report of the       1874   Aug. 31   1, c. 9     p. 2, c.1[?--Seal fishery,?--unreadable]      Gazette
Chamber of Commerce--Observing
condition of trade in all departments--
Important suggestion for seal and herring
 fisheries imports ?--The Bellerophon

Our Newfoundland letter--Results of the      1876   May 5     2, c.3      [How the vessels fared--Close of the          Gazette
seal fishery--Interesting particulars of                                  Legislature--French shore difficulty--Our
the hunt--Arrivals from the seal fishery-                                  new governor--Railroad for
-Close of the Legislature--The Education                                  Newfoundland]governor=Sir John Glover
 law--French shore difficulty--The new

Our Newfoundland letter--Results of the      1882   May 31    2, c. 1-2   [Imports and exports--Legislative news--      Gazette
sealing voyage--Imports and exports--                                     Business]
Legislative matters--The business

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Rough             1884   July 1     7, c. 1     [Narrow escape from an iceberg--Ice             Gazette
experience of a sealer--Icebergs and the                                 blockade in the north--Manslaughter--
ice blockade--Gallant conduct reward--A                                  Gallant conduct rewarded--Mica mine on
nice mine--The steamship Bonavista--                                     Labrador--? Bonavista--The SS.
S.S. Cremouin disabled                                                   Cremona disabled]

Our Newfoundland letter--Seal-hunting      1873   Feb. 17    1, c. 8-9   [Sealing steamers--Calling steamers--S.S.       Gazette
and the fleet engaged in it--The                                         Austrian--Rescue of the shipwrecked
Himalaya and Austrian--Shipwrecked                                       crews--The Legislature--Another
crews--Meeting of the Legislature--The                                   steamer called--Latest]wrecks=Sailor's
Governor's speech                                                        Home and Julia

Our Newfoundland letter--Sir Ambrose       1885   May 18     7, c. 1-3   immense catch lost through a storm--            Gazette
Shea's return from Washington--Results                                   The Redistribution Bill--A rejected
of his mission--Trade relations between                                  petition--Trial by jury on trial--Perils of
Newfoundland and the United States--                                     the deep--The census [Sir A.
The fishery clauses of the Washington                                    Shea...Legislative proceedings--Mr.
Treaty--An international commission--                                    Goodridge's jury bill...]
The seal fishery--An

Our Newfoundland letter--Splendid cod      1883   July 5     2, c. 1-3   [Fatal accident--Newfoundland herrings          Gazette
fishery--Fatal drowning accident--The                                    in the Dominion market--ancy fair--
Inspection question--Arrival of the                                      Home industries--Greeley relief
governor--Fancy fair--Home industries--                                  expedition--The weather and the crops--
Greeley relief expedition--The weather                                   Opera Company]
and the crops

Our Newfoundland letter--Sport on the      1881   Oct. 13    6, c. 1-3   [Salmon fishing--Caribou shooting--             Gazette
Island--Salmon fishing--Caribou                                          Arrival of our new Governor--Death of
shooting--Arrival of the new Governor--                                  President Garfield--The fisheries--The
The fisheries--The new railway                                           railway]

Our Newfoundland letter--Sport on the      1880   Sept. 16   3, c. 1-2   [Steamers in port--Concert--Norway as a         Gazette
Island--The grouse shooting--Something                                    rival in the fish market--The fisheries--
about the ptarmigan--A sportman's                                        The SS. Flavian--Chamber of
paradise--Steamers in port--The                                          Commerce]
Norwegian fish trade--The fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--Sporting notes    1881   Sept. 29   2, c. 1-3   [The welcome to Sir Wm. Whiteway--              Gazette
 in Newfoundland--Capt. Kennedy's                                        The French shore question--Our railway
impression of the island--Return of the                                  news--Return of the steamer Proteus--
Premier--The French shore question--                                     The fisheries]
Our railway news--Return of the steamer
Proteus--The fisheries

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--State of           1882   Aug. 18   5, c. 1-2   [Fresh salmon for France--The annual          Gazette
education in the Island--Fresh salmon for                                regatta--International Fisheries
 France--The International Fisheries                                     Exhibition--Sir Henry Maxse--The
Exhibition--Sir Henry Maxse--The                                         fisheries--The crops--Political affairs]
annual regatta--The fisheries and the

Our Newfoundland letter--Steam service      1878   March 6   3, c. 4-5   [Things in general--The seal fishery--        Gazette
and the projected railway--A gay winter                                  Legislative--Disturbances in Fortune Bay
in the capital--The seal fishery--                                        between American and Newfoundland
Legislative-Another version of the                                       fishermen--New Bishop]=Rev. Llewellyn
fortune Bay "outrage"                                                     Jones

Our Newfoundland letter--Street             1873   Oct. 9    1, c. 8-9   [Urban swine--Hard times for the pigs, a      Gazette
quadrupeds, freedom of the subject--Hard                                 remarkable petition--The elections--Fog
 times for the pigs--A remarkable                                        whistle at Cape Race--Forged bank
petition--The elections--Fog whistle at                                  notes--Fisheries]
Cape Race--Forged bank notes--The

Our Newfoundland letter--Sugar              1884   Dec. 4    2, c. 3-4   [Opening of the Supreme Court--A trial        Gazette
consumption in Newfoundland--Opening                                     for burglary--Trial of the Harbour Grace
of the Supreme Court--A trial for                                        rioters--Little Bay copper mine--Rise in
burglary--The Harbour Grace rioters--                                    the price of codfish--Deaths]
Copper mining--Price of codfish--Deaths

Our Newfoundland letter--Terrible           1882   Jan. 20   7, c. 1-2   [Later intelligence--Railway matters]         Gazette
disaster--Loss of the steamship Lion and                                 refers to a telegraph previous Monday
all on board--Railway matters                                            Find???

Our Newfoundland letter--The accident       1881   Aug. 17   6, c. 1-2   [Progress of our railway--Mining--The         Gazette
of the SS. Manitoban--Progress of the                                    fisheries--Our annual regatta--Deposit of
railway--Mining industries--The                                           the railway company paid]
fisheries--The regatta

Our Newfoundland letter--The American       1880   July 21   2, c. 6-7   [The railway enterprise--The weather          Gazette
Arctic expedition--Insufficient outfit--                                 and the fisheries--Wrecks]= S.S. Harris
Hopeless prospect--Railway enterprise--                                  others? as unreadable
The weather and the fisheries--Wrecks

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The                1875   Feb. 3     1, c. 7-8   [French fishery rights in Newfoundland--      Gazette
approaching session of the Legislature--                                  Prospects of a settlement--SS. Faraday--
Railway across the Island--French fishing                                 Canada Marine Telegraph Act--S.S.
 rights--The S.S. Faraday--The Marine                                     "City of Brooklyn"]
Telegraph Bill--The City of Brooklyn

Our Newfoundland letter--The budget--       1875   March 30   1, c. 6-7   [The seal fishery of 1875--Serious riot--     Gazette
Increase of salaries--The sealing fleet--                                 Painful calamity--The railway--
Serious fight between two crews--A                                        Telegraph monopoly and pre-emption--
terrible accident--The projected railway-                                 Latest]calamity=French vessel Violette
-Telegraph monopoly and the pre-
emption question

Our Newfoundland letter--The Canadian       1874   Dec. 3     1, c. 6     [Opening of the Supreme Court--The            Gazette
Marine Telegraph Company--The                                             rival cable companies--Laying the new
Supreme Court--The rival cable                                            cable--The elections]
companies--Mishap to the Faraday--

Our Newfoundland letter--The census--       1885   May 2      7, c. 1-3   [Religious denominations--House of            Gazette
Its favorable showing--Sources of the                                     Assembly, Redistribution Bill--The seal
increase--Religious distribution of the                                   fishery--House of Assembly--The latest
population--Comparisons--Political                                        (April 24)]
affairs--Date of prorogation assured--
The Redistribution Bill--Its passing
assured--The fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--The climate of     1883   Jan. 4     5, c. 1-2   [Christmas day--Death of John Stuart,         Gazette
 Newfoundland--Some interesting                                           Esq.--Meeting of the Legislature--The
particulars--Christmas Day--Death of                                      new dock--The railway--New book on
John Stuart--Meeting of the Legislature--                                 Newfoundland]
The new dock--The railway--New book

Our Newfoundland letter--The cod            1881   July 7     2, c. 1-2   [Landlordism in Newfoundland--The             Gazette
fishery--A successful catch--The largest                                  Union Bank--The SS. Alliance--Fire near
haul in thirty years--Landlordism in the                                   Little Bay mine--Steamer ashore--Sir
Island--The Union Bank--Extraordinary                                     John H. Glover]
earnings--Some general topics

Our Newfoundland letter--The codfish        1881   Dec. 26    8, c. 3-5   [Hon. A. Shea in Harbour Grace--Railway       Gazette
trade--Prospects in foreign markets--                                      construction--Arrivals of disabled?
The exporting houses--Labrador fishery                                    steamers--Shipping disasters--Legislature
returns--Hon. Mr. Shea among his                                          (Dec. 19)]
constituents--Railway construction--
Disabled steamers--Shipping disasters

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The                  1880   Oct. 26    2, c. 1-2   cont- deposits discovered [Shipping             Gazette
commerce of the Island--Its import and                                      returns--This year's fisheries--The
export trade--Interesting statistics--                                      railway survey--Mining operations--The
Shipping returns--The fisheries--A field                                    SS. Flavian--Discovery of gold at Brigus-
awaiting development--The Island                                            -New mines--Fatal accidents] = Cantwell
railway--Mining operations--The                                             shot brother; Patrick Brenn and Croix
stranding of the SS. Flavian--New ore                                       drown

Our Newfoundland letter--The conflicts        1874   April 13   1, c. 6-7   [The debate of the door-keeper--A long          Gazette
in the Legislature--Debate over a door-                                     parliament and no Cromwell--The
keeper--Talking against time a contest                                      Revenue Bill--Atlantic telegraph
of physical strength--Revenue Bill--                                        monopoly--The Treaty of Washington--
Atlantic telegraph monopoly--The seal                                       The seal fishery]

Our Newfoundland letter--The credit           1880   Nov. 13    2, c. 3-5   [The new "outrage" on American                  Gazette
system and the fishery trade--                                              fishermen--New mineral discoveries--
Importance of promoting other                                               The weather and the fisheries--Murder]
industries?--The new "outrage" on                                           murder= one Esquimaux shot another
American fishermen--New mineral
discoveries--The weather and the

Our Newfoundland letter--The devil-fish       1881   Nov. 28    7, c. 1-3   [Description of the monster--Railway            Gazette
once more--A new appearance--                                               progress--Our new Governor--The
Description of the monster--Railway                                         weather-fisheries--the Latest]
progress--The new Governor--The
weather and the fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--The devil-fish-      1874   Jan. 9     1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [Size of the gigantic cuttle-fish--     Gazette
-Size of the fish--Agassiz on the subject--                                 Agassiz on the subject--The political
The political outlook--Wreck of the S.S.                                    outlook--Wreck of the S.S. Robert
 Robert Lowe--Thanksgiving day--                                            Lowe--Another hoax]=plague on
Another hoax                                                                Labrador

Our Newfoundland letter--The dreadful         1874   April 20   1, c. 9     [Loss of the Osprey--Failure of the seal        Gazette
explosion on the "Tigress"--Loss of the                                     fishery--Arrivals from the ice--The
Osprey--Failure of the seal fishery--                                       weather--The Legislature]
Political topics

Our Newfoundland letter--The election         1882   Nov. 9     8, c. 4-5   [The Governor's health--The weather             Gazette
contest--The oldfogey mercantile                                            and the fisheries--Railway work--
opposition--The Governor's health--The                                      Confederation]
 weather and the fisheries--Progress of
the railway--Confederation

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TITLE                                     YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The elections-   1874   Oct. 28   1, c. 9     p. 2, c. 1 [Calculations--Election week--       Gazette
-Calculations--Gander Bay and river--                                  Potato disease--Gander Bay and River]
Election week--The potato disease

Our Newfoundland letter--The elections-   1873   Oct. 25   1, c. 7     [The Polaris searching expedition--The          Gazette
-Pleasures of canvassing--Confederation                                fisheries--Shipwreck at Cape Ray]=Rivoli
prospects--The Polaris expedition--The

Our Newfoundland letter--The elections-   1873   Dec. 5    1, c. 8     [Wreck of the S.S. Robert Lowe--The             Gazette
-Result in favour of the government--                                  devil fish--New geological map]
Episodes of the contest--Wreck of the
S.S Robert Lowe--The devil fish--
Geological map

Our Newfoundland letter--The fishery      1885   Jan. 19   7, c. 1-3   [Enormous quantities of bait--The               Gazette
question--The question of reciprocity--                                festive season at St. John's--St. Stephen's
Christmas in St. John's--The Orange                                     day in Harbour Grace--Disturbances in
troubles--Processions, etc.                                            Bay Roberts--Processions--Prohibition--
                                                                       The weather--Harbor Grace prisoners--
                                                                       Sir Ambrose Shea]

Our Newfoundland letter--The Fortune      1881   June 25   2, c. 1-3   [Outfit for the Labrador fishery--The           Gazette
Bay outrage--Facts of the case--                                       fisheries--American Arctic expedition--
Diplomatic blundering--Outfit of the                                   Sir John Glover--The railway--Gold
Labrador fishery--The fisheries--                                      mining--Latest (June 16)]
American Arctic expedition--The
railway--Gold mining--Sir John Glover

Our Newfoundland letter--The French       1875   Dec. 3    3, c. 4-5   [The projected railroad--How is the             Gazette
Shore difficulty--The Newfoundland                                     railroad to be built?--The fisheries of the
railway--Seal and codfisheries--The new                                 year--The new Atlantic cable
Atlantic cable

Our Newfoundland letter--The French       1884   July 30   2, c. 2     [The fisheries and the weather--Herring         Gazette
Shore negotiations--The fisheries and                                  inspection]
the weather--Herring inspection

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The French          1881   April 27   6, c. 2-3   [A prospect of a settlement--The seal         Gazette
shore question--Extraordinary                                              fishery--The Railway]
pretensions--Prospect of a settlement--
A bright future--The seal fishery--The
railway--The contract concluded

Our Newfoundland letter--The general         1882   Oct. 14    2, c. 2-3   [Sensational paragraphs made to order--       Gazette
elections--Lively times in the                                             The fisheries--The Lady Franklin Bay
constituencies--Sensational canards--The                                   expedition--Mining]
 fisheries--Failure of the Lady Franklin
Bay expedition--Mining

Our Newfoundland letter--The                 1883   Feb. 15    2, c. 3-4   [Extension of local industries--Criminal      Gazette
Geological Survey--Local manufactures--                                    statistics--The constabulary force--
Criminal statistics--The police force--                                    Melancholy and fatal accident--Bavarian
The railway                                                                 beer--The railway--Current events]

Our Newfoundland letter--The gigantic        1874   Jan. 20    1, c. 9     2, c. 1                                       Gazette
cuttle-fish, further details--New Atlantic
cables--The telegraph monopoly--
Harbor Grace elections--Nfld Christmas

Our Newfoundland letter--The Great           1873   July 17    1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [Trinity Bay--The Great Eastern       Gazette
Eastern at Heart's Content--Trinity Bay                                    approaching--The Atlantic cable talking-
ocean telegraphing--Superiority of the                                     -She comes at last--Laying of the cable,
new cable--Cod fishery--The search for                                     further operations--Cod fishery--SS.
the Polaris                                                                Juniata]

Our Newfoundland letter--The Great           1874   Sept. 18   1, c. 9     p. 2, c. 1 [The rival cable companies in      Gazette
Eastern--The rival cable companies in                                      equity--Politics--Investigation regarding
equity--An interesting legal controversy-                                  the public accounts]
-Political probabilities--The public
accounts investigation

Our Newfoundland letter--The great seal      1882   March 23   8, c. 4-6   [The Budget--Mr. Blackman--Later]             Gazette
hunt--The start for the icefields--The
coast ice blockaded--The budget--A good
 showing--The railway

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                        PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The Gulf Ports     1872   Nov. 20    1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [Pictou town and Pictou              Gazette
 Company--Pictou as a mail terminus--                                     steamers--Discovery of a lead mine--
Lead, copper and other mines--                                            Copper mines--Presentation to Mrs.
Presentation--The summer fishery--                                        Hill--Close of the summer fishery--
Imperial honours--Fog whistle at Cape                                     Honour to whom honor is due--A judge
race--Slow steaming                                                       at fault--Fog whistle at Cape Race--
                                                                          Latest]honor=F.B. Carter and A. Shea

Our Newfoundland letter--The Harbour        1884   Feb. 13    7, c. 1-2   [The wounded--Commitments--False             Gazette
Grace affray--The matter in the courts--                                  reports--Death of Mr. Robert Alexander-
Depositions before the Magistrate--The                                    -Opening of the Legislature--The
late Mr. Robert Alexander--Opening of                                     weather]
the Legislature--The week

Our Newfoundland letter--The Harbour        1884   Jan. 17    2, c. 3-4   [Scene of terror and confusion--Intense      Gazette
Grace riots--Fatal results--Rum an                                        excitement--Religious conflicts were
incentive--Arctic ice--Miscellaneous                                      common--Later intelligence--Early
                                                                          appearance of Arctic ice--A flourishing
                                                                          industry--Latest news from Harbour
                                                                          Grace] industry=Boot and shoe factory

Our Newfoundland letter--The Hon. Mr.       1885   June 16    7, c. 1-2   [Sir Ambrose Shea's visit to Washington-     Gazette
Justice Pinsent's lecture on                                              -Revival of the bank fishery--Fisheries
Newfoundland before the Royal Colonial                                    protection--The Harbor Grace prisoners-
Institute--Sir Ambrose Shea's visit to                                    -The weather]
Washington--Revival of the bank
fishery--Fisheries protection--The
Harbor Grace prisoners--The weather

Our Newfoundland letter--The Hudson         1880   Dec. 24    7, c. 1-3   [The Fortune Bay "outrage"--Supposed         Gazette
Bay route to Manitoba--Staff-                                             loss of two coasters--Epidemic of
Commander Boulton's survey of                                             diphtheria--Condition of the fisheries-
northeastern Labrador and Ungava Bay--                                    Railway]
Discovery of a new entrance to Ungava

Our Newfoundland letter--The Indians of     1876   Jan. 7     2, c. 4-5   [Interesting discoveries in Placentia--      Gazette
 Newfoundland--Some new relics--                                          The copper mines of the north--Tilt
Interesting discoveries in Placentia--The                                 Cove and Bett's Cove mines--Fishery
 copper mines of the north--Fishery                                       products]

Our Newfoundland letter--The                1882   Sept. 14   2, c. 1-2   [New work on Newfoundland--The               Gazette
International Fishery Exhibition--The                                     approaching elections--The railway--
Island contribution--A new work on                                        Sunday train--The fisheries--False
Newfoundland--The approaching                                             report] new work=Harvey and Hatton
elections--Railway progress--Sunday                                       book
trains--The fisheries

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The Island as     1884   Sept. 12   2, c. 1-2   [Steam communication with New York--          Gazette
viewed by an outsider--Steam                                             Sad drowning accident--The fisheries--A
communication with? New York--Sad                                        wreck, collision with an iceberg]
drowning accident--The fisheries--
Collision with an iceberg

Our Newfoundland letter--The Island        1881   July 19    5, c. 1-2   [Agricultural development in connection       Gazette
railway--Completing arrangements for                                      with the railway--Importations of
work--Some results expected from it--                                    agricultural produce and cattle--The
Agricultural imports--The Fortune Bay                                    French shore question--Sir John Glover
affair--The French shore question-- The                                  and his successor--Ecclesiastical--
Governorship                                                             American Arctic expedition--The
                                                                         fishing--A steamer short of coal]

Our Newfoundland letter--The Island        1881   March 17   8, c. 4-5   [The seal fishery]                            Gazette
railway--The rival proposals--
Opposition of the English houses--The
seal fishery

Our Newfoundland letter--The Labrador      1884   Sept. 6    2, c. 3-4   [Statistics of the Labrador fisheries--       Gazette
peninsula--Recent returns of fisheries--                                 Quantities of fish taken--Annual regatta,
Annual regatta--Sad disaster--Bishop                                      sad disaster--Bishop Ussher--Sad
Ussher--Drowning accident--Steam                                         drowning accident--The coastal steam
service--Holidays and picnics                                            service--Holidays and picnics--The

Our Newfoundland letter--The land          1881   Oct. 28    5, c. 3-5   [The French shore difficulty--Our new         Gazette
question--Remedial measures instituted--                                 Governor--Progress of the railway--The
The French Shore difficulty--The new                                     weather and the fisheries]
Governor--The progress of the railway--
Weather and the fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--The               1883   Feb. 27    2, c. 3-5   [Opening of the Legislature--The              Gazette
Legislature--Agricultural and mining                                     Government and the Opposition--The
progress--Railway construction--Orderly                                  weather--The seal fishery--Honor to
elections--The Opposition--New                                           whom honor is due--Bavarian beer--Loss
members--A policy of progress--A                                         of the woollen factory by fire]
severe season--Fishing interests--Hon.
John Rorke--Loss by fire

Our Newfoundland letter--The Leonberg      1880   Dec. 9     2, c. 3-4   [The opening of the Supreme Court--           Gazette
dog in Newfoundland--Commercial                                          The murder on Labrador--The Bank
statistics--The murder in Labrador--The                                  fishery--Marine disasters--Conviction]
Bank fishery--Marine disasters--                                         disasters=Thomas Roy; Algitha;
Conviction                                                               Voyager; Sofala; Defiance; Kate; Dove;
                                                                         Mary Jane;Emma Jane; Beatrice

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The liquor         1884   April 8    2, c. 1-2    [Reported earthquake--Terrible tragedy-       Gazette
traffic--"Local option" curiously                                          murder and suicide--First sealers arrival
supplies--Reported earthquake--Murder                                      from the ice--Legislative]
and suicide--Good returns from the                                         murder=John Martin killed wife and
sealers--Legislative                                                       himself at Great Jervals

Our Newfoundland letter--The Nevada-        1884   May 24     2, c. 3      [A huge iceberg--Greely relief                Gazette
Romano collision--A huge iceberg--The                                      expedition--Norwegian cod fishery--
Greely Relief expedition--Fatal accident                                   Fatal accident at sea--The weather-Sir
at sea--Personal                                                           John Glover]

Our Newfoundland letter--The                1874   July 18    1, c. 8-9    Cape Race fog whistle--Progress of the        Gazette
Newfoundland devil-fish--An anxious                                        fisheries--Labrador--Politics]
inquirer--Cape Race fog whistle--The
fisheries--Political notes

Our Newfoundland letter--The news of        1875   April 17   1, c. 6      [The railway--The S.S. Faraday--The           Gazette
the seal fishery--Railway across the                                       weather]
Island--The S.S. Faraday--The weather

Our Newfoundland letter--The opening        1884   Feb. 27    7, c. 1-2    [The seal fishery--The railway--Silver        Gazette
of the Legislature--The Greely                                             and lead mining in Placentia--The
expedition and the sealing steamers--                                      weather]
Railway matters--Silver and lead mining

Our Newfoundland letter--The outrage        1883   Sept. 15   10, c. 1-2   [Visit of Prince George--The Fortune          Gazette
by Frenchmen on Newfoundland                                               Bay trouble settled--The flag ship
fishermen--Visit of Prince George--The                                     Northampton--The dock--Progress of
Fortune Bay trouble--The Northampton-                                      the fisheries--Sir Ambrose Shea]
-The dock--Progress of the fisheries--Sir
Ambrose Shea

Our Newfoundland letter--The Polaris        1873   Sept. 25   2, c. 2-3    [Voyage? of the Tigress and Juniata--         Gazette
expedition--General election--New steam                                    Wreck--General election--New steam
 service--The fisheries                                                    service--Outrage--The fisheries--
                                                                           Latest]wreck=Gloriana; steam=S.S. Viking

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The political      1874   Nov. 5     1, c. 8-9   [How the war goes on--Weather,                Gazette
outlook--Prospect of the elections--How                                   fisheries, &c.]
 the war goes on--The battle of the
cables--The weather and the fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--The                1882   Aug. 4     2, c. 1-2   [Shipping in 1881--Mr. De Cordova--           Gazette
population of the Island--Interesting                                     The fisheries--Fatal railway accident--
statistics from the census--The religious                                 The weather and the crops--Splendid run
divisions of the people--The wealth of                                    of the Nova Scotian--The SS. Juliet--
the Island--Shipping in 1881--Visit of a                                  Larceny--The railway]
humorist--The fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--The provincial     1884   March 24   8, c. 4-5   [The tariff for the year--The dry dock--      Gazette
 budget--The tariff--The dry dock--                                       Steam subsidies--Extension of our fish
Steam subsidies--Public debt--Fish                                        markets--Sunday railway trains--Start for
markets--Sunday trains--The seal                                           the ice--The Hudson's Bay route--The
fishery--Hudson's Bay route--Weather                                      weather--Harbour Grace]
notes--Harbour Grace

Our Newfoundland letter--The question       1872   Nov. 5     1, c. 8-9   [New speculations--Reduction of postage       Gazette
of Confederation and taxation--New                                         rates--The weather--A curiousity of
enterprises--Lumber, coal, copper, lead,                                  natural history--Sentence of death
?--?--The weather--A great cuttle-fish--                                  commuted--A ? liquor law ?]Joanna
Communication of ?--Drunkenness                                           Hamilton death sentence commuted

Our Newfoundland letter--The railway        1881   May 16     2, c. 1-3   [The debate in the Assembly--                 Gazette
contract--Its adoption by the                                             Advantages of the contract to the
Legislature--The terms of the contract--                                  colony--The sealers--Arrival of a
The security required--The debate in the                                  disabled steamer--Latest]
Assembly--Advantages of the project to
the colony--The seal fishery

Our Newfoundland letter--The railway        1875   June 24    3, c. 3-4   [Survey of timber lands--The census of        Gazette
survey--The parties off to the work--                                     1874--A prosperous bank--The weather
Particulars of arrangement--Western                                       and the fisheries]bank=Union Bank
Newfoundland--Timber lands--Census of
1874--A prosperous bank-The fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--The railway        1881   March 31   6, c. 3-4   [The terms favorable--Will the railway        Gazette
syndicate--Acceptance of the American                                     pay?--The seal fishery]
offer--Strong feeling in favor of the
railway--The seal fishery

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The railway--      1884   Jan. 4     7, c. 1-2   [New line of steamers--The revenue for         Gazette
A new line of steamers--The year's                                        1883--Train wrecking--The loss of the
revenue--Train wrecking--The loss of                                      SS. Proteus--Curious trial--The new
the Proteus--A curious trial--The new                                     Governor--Deplorable occurrence, four
Governor--The Harbour Grace riot                                          men killed, fourteen wounded]

Our Newfoundland letter--The regatta--      1883   Aug. 30    7, c. 1-2   [Regatta Day--Popular amusements--             Gazette
Popular amusements--Railway                                               Annual report of the Chamber of
construction--Trade report--Progress of                                   Commerce] conti. Aug. 31
the fisheries--Mr. Harvey's work on
Newfoundland--H.M.S. Canada

Our Newfoundland letter--The result of      1882   Nov. 24    5, c. 1-2   [The political situation--Disastrous           Gazette
the elections--Sweeping victory of the                                    defeat--Keen contest in Trinity--The
Government--The Opposition routed                                         battle in Twillingate--Triumphant return
everywhere--The political situation--                                      of Hon. A. Shea--Mr. Bowring's defeat
Some interesting details--The                                             in Fortune--Burgeo contest--Meaning of
significance of the victory                                               the victory]

Our Newfoundland letter--The S.S.           1883   Oct. 26    8, c. 2-3   [A repairing dock wanted--More French          Gazette
Canada disabled. She breaks her shaft in                                  outrages--Fatal affray--Fisheries
mid-ocean--Outrages on the French                                         exhibition--The fisheries--Greely relief
shore--Fatal stabbing affray--The                                         expedition--Wreck of the Polynesia]
Fisheries Exhibition--State of the
fisheries--The Greely relief expedition--
Wreck of the Polynesia

Our Newfoundland letter--The Savings        1880   April 24   5, c. 9     p. 6, c. 1 [Our great railway project--The     Gazette
Bank--A model institution--The Island                                     seal fishery]
railway--The advantages to be derived
from its construction--Estimated length
and cost of the road--The seal fishery--A
 ? by water offset by the land fishery

Our Newfoundland letter--The seal           1883   April 16   2, c. 3-4   [The ranger's trip--The Wolf's trip--          Gazette
fishery--A rare success--The trips of the                                 Others reported--The railway--The new
Ranger and the Wolf--The best of many                                     dock--The Legislature-The Hon. A. Shea]
years' seal-fishing--Railway matters--The
 Fisheries Commissioner at London--A
popular appointment

Our Newfoundland letter--The seal           1882   April 27   8, c. 3-5   [Voyage of the SS. Arctic to the ice           Gazette
fishery--Arrivals from the icefields--                                    fields--Mr. Blackman and the Short Line
Poor returns--Fishery likely to be far                                    Railway Company--St. Patrick's Hall--
below average                                                             Fatal accident] =Samuel Walsh

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The seal           1882   April 13   2, c. 1-2   [Conception Bay shut in by ice blockade-      Gazette
fishery--Gloomy prospects--The new                                        -Railway prospects-The Short Line
railway project--The Legislature--                                        Railway--The Legislature--Shipping--
Miscellanea                                                               Norwegian fisheries--Latest]

Our Newfoundland letter--The seal           1874   May 11     1, c. 7-8   [How the seal hunt is conducted--             Gazette
fishery--Interesting particulars--How the                                 Political--French shore question--S.S.
 seal hunt is conducted--Political--The                                   Tigress--Telegraph monopoly
French shore question--The explosion
on the Tigress--Telegraph monopoly

Our Newfoundland letter--The seal           1878   April 18   1, c. 8-9   [Outrage in the River Head Protestant         Gazette
fishery--Railroad matters--Outrages in a                                  cemetery--West coast--Latest]
cemetery--The west coast--Latest from
the fishery

Our Newfoundland letter--The sporting       1882   Oct. 4     2, c. 1-2   [The squid school-jigging for squids--The     Gazette
season--Ptarmigan shooting--The Squid                                      big squid--Political movements--The
school--The devil-fish--Political                                         fisheries--The railway--Death of W.P.
movements--The fisheries--The railway-                                    Munn--Encyclopedia Britannica]=article
-Death of W.P. Munn--Labrador                                             on Labrador and Newfoundland by Harvey

Our Newfoundland letter--The tariff--A      1877   May 31     1, c. 9     [The fisheries--Sandford Fleming, Esq.--      Gazette
policy of encouragement--The fisheries-                                   Suspected murder on the west coast--
-Good times on the island--Mr. Sandford                                   Bishop Kelly]murder=Capt. Ridout and
Fleming--The railway and its prospects--                                  crew
Suspected murder--Bishop Kelly

Our Newfoundland letter--The telegraph      1874   July 6     1, c. 8-9   [Icy visitors--The cod fishery--The           Gazette
monopoly--Visits from icebergs--                                          Governor knighted--A distinguished
Interesting description--The cod fishery-                                 visitor] Governor=Hill; visitor=Sir Henry
-The Governor knighted--A distinguished                                    Burrows arrived in yacht Dracaena

Our Newfoundland letter--The war in the     1878   July 23    2, c. 4-5   [Caplin school--Mining operations--           Gazette
 ocean--Some interesting particulars                                      Extension of the telegraph wire--
about fish--Caplin school--Mining                                         Temperance--Mr. Murray's survey--
operations--Telegraph extension--                                         Illness of the Papal Ablegate--
Temperance revival--Mr. Murray's                                          Destruction of two rinks by fire--
survey--Illness of Dr. Conroy--Fire--                                     Progress of the fisheries] Avalon and
Progress of the fisheries                                                 Victoria rinks

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--The                1873   Aug. 13    1, c. 9     2, c. 1 [Cable monopoly--Newfoundland           Gazette
Washington Treaty--Cable monopoly--                                       coming to the front--The fisheries--
A strong indictment against Cyrus Field--                                 Freaks of the lightning--False alarm--
The article in Blackwood--The fisheries-                                  The weather] loss of revenue cutter
-Freaks of lightning--False alarm--                                       William Stairs false
Weather and crops

Our Newfoundland letter--The weather--      1882   Feb. 16    5, c. 4-5   [The loss of the steamer Lion--Wreck--          Gazette
The railway--Progress of it--Expenditure                                  The Legislature] wreck=Harriet
and benefits--Mr. Blackman's "great
American and European Short Line

Our Newfoundland letter--Trade and          1881   Sept. 14   6, c. 1-3   [The railway--The weather and the               Gazette
commerce of the colony--Fishing and                                       fisheries--Railway work--Dedication of
mining industries--The railway and the                                    St. Patrick's Church--Whaling voyage--
Chamber of Commerce--The fisheries--                                      Steamers--Latest]
Arrival of the Premier

Our Newfoundland letter--Trade returns-     1884   March 13   2, c. 1-2   --Intoxicating liquors--Custom receipts--       Gazette
-Imports from Canada--Intoxicating                                        Shipping--Exports from Labrador in
liquors--Shipping--Labrador trade--Fish                                   1882--Fish exports from Newfoundland-
exports--Trade with Canada--Legislative                                   -Our trade with Canada--Legislative
proceedings [Our imports from Canada                                      proceedings--Legislative Council--
                                                                          Harbour Grace prisoners--The weather
                                                                          and the seal fishery]

Our Newfoundland letter--Trade returns-     1877   Sept. 20   2, c. 5-6   [Probable results of the cod fishery--The       Gazette
-Probable results of the cod fishery--The                                  shocking murder on the French shore--
 murders on the French shore--The new                                     Judge Robinson]
Knight--The Governor

Our Newfoundland letter--Trial for          1883   Dec. 26    8, c. 1-3   Exhibition [Greely relief expedition,           Gazette
murder--The prisoner sentenced to                                         enquiry into the loss of the SS. Proteus--
imprisonment for life--The loss of the                                    The gravest misconduct--His tent on she
SS. Proteus--A court of enquiry into the                                   floe--Plundering and mutinous conduct--
cause of the disaster--Judicial                                           A judicial appointment--Death of C. F.
appointment--The late Mr. Bennett--Sir                                    Bennet, esq.--Sir Ambrose Shea]
Ambrose Shea and the Fisheries

Our Newfoundland letter--Value of           1884   July 22    7, c. 1-2   [Exports for the year ending July 1st,          Gazette
exports--Progress of the Colony--The                                      1883--French Shore question--The
codfishery--French shore question--The                                    railway--The Union Bank--Arrival of
railway--The Union Bank--A prosperous                                     the Governor--The summer cod fishery-
 institution--Arrival of the Governor--                                   Sacrilegious outrage--Verdict in the case
Prospects for the fisheries--The Harbour                                  of the Harbour Grace rioters]
 Grace verdict

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Our Newfoundland letter--Values of           1881   Jan. 18    1, c. 6-7   [Cod liver oil- Cod roes-Waste of fish        Gazette
exports for year ended July 31st, 1880--                                   life--Decrease of offences--The public
Comparison of the exports of various                                       revenue--The Athenaeum--Death of the
years--Fisheries stationary--The public                                    President of St. Bonaventure College--
revenue--The weather                                                       The weather--State of business]

Our Newfoundland letter--Verdict in the      1885   Feb. 14    7, c. 1-3   herring fishery-Action for libel [Ind...      Gazette
case of the Harbour Grace prisoners--                                      meetings-Charge of the Chi...-Another
Indignation meetings--Charge of the                                        trial...-Political results-The Bay
Chief Justice--Another trial to follow--                                   Roberts...-The Permissive...agitation-
Political results--The Bay Roberts                                         The seal fishery, a new steamer-SS.
disturbances--The Permissive Act-The                                       Sardinian-Fortu...Stormy weather on so.
seal fishery-Fortune Bay                                                   coast-..Libel-Weather]

Our Newfoundland letter--Voyage of the       1873   Jan. 20    1, c. 9     [Mail contract--Steamers calling--            Gazette
Hibernian--New contract with the Allan                                     Wrecks--Our rinks in full blast--
Company--Opening of the rinks--Non-                                        Christmas day in Terra Nova, fearful
arrival of Christmas supplies                                              famine--Church going on Christmas day,
                                                                           more troubles]wrecks=Magnolia and

Our Newfoundland letter-Winding up the       1882   July 20    2, c. 3-4   [The summer cod fishery--Progress of          Gazette
 seal fishery--A disastrous season--The                                    the fishery--Value of the Newfoundland
summer cod fishery--Interesting                                            cod fishery--A barque colliding with an
particulars--Collision with an iceberg--                                   iceberg--The American colony in Lady
Arctic relief--Railway progress--Political                                 Franklin Bay--Railway progress--

Our Newfoundland letter--Wrecks and          1877   Mar. 8     3, c. 5-6   [Good news about the French shore             Gazette
heavy loss of life--The French shore                                       question--What Governor Glover thinks
question--The Governor's opinion of                                        of Newf.--The barque D.C. Chipman--
Newfoundland--Preparations for the seal                                    Disastrous fire--Rescue at sea--The seal
fishery--Miscellaneous                                                     fishery--The Legislature--The rival
                                                                           telegraph companies]Iris rescues Flash
                                                                           crew; Jocelyn farm fire

Out on an ice floe--The 16 missing           1898   Feb. 3     8, c. 3                                                   Gazette
Newfoundlanders not yet found--A
brigantine wrecked--It is feared that her
crew of seven men have perished-A
missing steamer

Parting of the ways--Where                   1895   April 16   8, c. 5-6   [Lord Ripon spoke plainly--                   Gazette
Newfoundland finds herself at this                                         Commissioner Murray--When the
moment--The choice a limited one--                                         delegates return]
Confederation with Canada or the status
of a crown governed Colony the

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TITLE                                          YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
Peace with honor--Canada and                   1892   June 11    11, c. 5-7   [The Premier and Mr. Morine--The seal        Gazette
Newfoundland once again friendly--The                                         fishery of 1892--The Legislature--The
idea of confederation strengthened by                                         weather]
the recent tiff--The French Shore again-
-Railroad work--The Premier and Mr.

Peary expedition--Had returned in safety       1894   Sept. 17   1, c. 3      special cable to Gazette                     Gazette
 to St. John's, Newfoundland--Peary
remained behind--For the purpose of
making further exploration--Not much
was accomplished--Some cold weather

Peary expedition--Plans of Mr. Bryant's        1894   July 19    8, c. 4-5    [Bjorling and Kallestenius--Like a           Gazette
auxiliary party--A search on a side line--                                    forlorn hope]
An effort to be made to discover the fate
 of Bjorling and Kallestenius, of the ripple

Peary expedition--Rough weather                1893   Aug. 14    7, c. 3      special [Fate of the Swedish naturalists--   Gazette
experienced and losses befall the party--                                     Cross the dreaded Melville Bay--A young
Fate of the Swedish naturalists to be                                          giant in strength]
sought--Fears for the adventurous youths

Peary expedition--What the explorer            1893   Oct. 27    8, c. 5-6                                                 Gazette
hopes to accomplish next year--He is
better equipped than last year, and
expects to get nearer the Pole

Peary in Greenland--The Falcon lands           1893   Sept. 6    1, c. 6                                                   Gazette
his party at Bowdoin Bay

Peary's Arctic venture--He will likely         1891   Sept. 5    10, c. 3-4   [Cod hatching--Search for summer             Gazette
have to be rescued by another                                                 herring--Lobster hatching--Sir Ambrose
expedition--Newfoundland fisheries--A                                         Shea--The fisheries]
search for summer herring--Cod and
lobster hatching--A fair catch this season

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Peculiar situation--Newfoundland bank        1896   Feb. 11   6, c. 1-2   [The fish market--Confederation talk--          Gazette
prosecutions may not be pushed--Dull                                      The Labrador fishery--The weather--A
market for fish--Confederation talk by                                    destitution fake]
Sir Charles Tupper--The Labrador
fishery--The weather

Peninsula of Avalon--A Newfoundland          1890   Oct. 15   2, c. 1-2   [Lumbering capabilities--A new                  Gazette
district suited for cattle raising--Timber                                antimony mine--The McKinley tariff--
on the Exploits--A beginning in the                                       Railway work--The fisheries--Political]
work of developing an important trade--
Political and general

People are starving--Destitution             1896   June 16   1, c. 5                                                     Gazette
reported as existing at White Bay, Nfld.

Perils of sealing--An authority speaks of    1897   June 11   5, c. 1-2   [Cure of cod fish--General topics]              Gazette
them in Newfoundland's legislature--
Curing of the codfish--St. John's firms
taking steps in the trade's interest--The
new route to Canada

Periwinkles as cod bait--The French          1890   Nov. 6    7, c. 1-2   [Ten years of cod fishing--James Baird          Gazette
discovery does not alarm the                                              versus Sir Baldwin Walker--A
Newfoundlanders--Decline in the product                                   derelict]=Norwegian barque Dovre
 of the fishery and its cause--The suit
against Sir Baldwin Walker--The French

Plea in abatement--Set up by indicted        1896   June 16   6, c. 1-2   [A prosperous bar--Unfavorable weather]         Gazette
Newfoundland bank directors--A
prospering bar--The Colony's troubles
brought a great grist to be ground in the
legal mills

Politics in Newfoundland--An                 1885   Oct. 15   2, c. 1-2   [The bugles sing truce--A political treaty      Gazette
unexpected turn in the public affairs of                                   of peace--Terms of agreement--Sir
the Island--Sir Wm. Whiteway resigns--                                    William Whiteway--Outlook for the
An amalgamation of Protestant parties--                                   future--Sir John Glover--The fisheries]
A new government formed--Hon. Robert
 Thorburn chosen premier

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Politics in Newfoundland--Fusion of the       1885   Oct. 26    7, c. 1-2   [A reorganization of government--The           Gazette
Protestant Party and selection of a new                                     elections virtually over--An anomalous
Executive--Sketch of the Prime                                              arrangement--The new Premier--The
Minister--A legislature divided by                                          outlook--The future of the government]
sectarian lines

Politics in Newfoundland--Opening of          1886   Feb. 23    2, c. 6     [The French Shore question--The treaty         Gazette
the Legislature and election of the                                         of Washington--In the House of
Speaker--The state of the finances                                          Assembly--State of the public finances]

Popular decision--Newfoundland Bank           1896   July 11    5, c. 3-4   [Cod liver oil--Packing of lobsters--          Gazette
shareholders free from double liability--                                   Session of the Legislature--Protection of
Cod liver oil making--Means taken to                                         game--Mr. bond may be knighted--The
improve the process and the packing of                                      fisheries]
lobsters--The Legislature

Premier very ill--Newfoundland union          1895   March 14   1, c. 1     special cable                                  Gazette
negotiations must be postponed--A
Goodridge compromise--Arranged by the
 Bank of Nova Scotia--Newfoundland's
correspondence with the Imperial

Prerogative mandamus--The lively              1894   Aug. 6     2, c. 1-3   [Sir W. Whiteway unseated and                  Gazette
interest it caused in Newfoundland--But                                     disqualified--Mr. Speaker Emerson and
it failed to work--Other Island topics--Sir                                 Mr. M'Grath--Labrador mission]
 Wm. Whiteway's position--The
Labrador mission work

Price of fish--Its lowness a cause of         1897   Sept. 27   8, c. 6     [Wrecked steamers--Minor items]="The           Gazette
anxiety in Newfoundland--Some good                                          Australian judge appointed to try the
conditions--Building in St. John's--                                        bank directors died suddenly in London.
Electoral fight begun--The wrecked                                          A successor is to be shortly appointed."

Prices of codfish--Their decline is           1897   Aug. 18    5, c. 1-2   [The pulp industry--Another coal               Gazette
bothering the Newfoundlanders--A pulp                                       discovery--Bait for Scotland--The
mill started--The coal at Codroy--Squid                                     Rotterdam's mishap]
bait for Scotland--The Rotterdam's

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Progress of the dispute--Newfoundland        1890   July 24    2, c. 1-2   [The modus vivendi a dead letter--No           Gazette
wants the French rights abolished--Mr.                                     legal sanction for the modus--Treaties
Baird's test case--It tends to make the                                    cannot be enforced--Sold language of
modus vivendi useless--The power to                                        the legislature--Embarrassing position of
enforce called to question--Some bold talk                                 the Imperial Government]

Prohibition plebiscite--Discussed ad         1887   May 26     2, c. 3                                                    Gazette
rejected by the Newfoundland
Legislature--The arguments pro and con-
-Grave trade questions that present
themselves in the consideration of the

Propagating the codfish--Investigations      1888   June 30    5, c. 1-2   [Newfoundland fisheries neglected--Need        Gazette
of the Newfoundland Commission--                                           of a fisheries department--Hatching of
Other lands' experience--And the curious                                   codfish--Advantages for hatching cod--
facts that have been established                                           Lobster fishery--Sufferers by the forest
                                                                           fires--Enforcement of the Bait Act--
                                                                           Opening of fishing season]

Propagating the codfish--The                 1893   Aug. 2     2, c. 3-4   [Mining--The Victoria disaster-The             Gazette
Newfoundland experiment showing great                                      crops--The fisheries--Rev. Father
success--The Island's minerals--Progress                                   Murphy--Visitors]
of work for their development--Relief                                      mistakenly? says N.B. when should be
for the Victoria sufferers--The crops and                                  N.F.
 the fisheries

Propagation of sea fish--Interesting facts   1891   April 21   7, c. 1-3   [Political]                                    Gazette
 learned in the Newfoundland hatcheries-
-A work of much promise--
Commissioner Nielsen succeeds with
both lobsters and codfish--The cure of

Prospects for union--Newfoundland            1892   Oct. 13    7, c. 3-4   [Friendly feelings towards Canada--Sir         Gazette
discussing the confederation question--A                                   William Whiteway--Damaged the
delegation to meet Canadian ministers--                                    interests of the city--The surplus
Sir William Whiteway's position--A                                         revenue--The relief? Committee--Sir T.
general election necessary to solve the                                    O'Brien--The fisheries--Wages]

Prosperous bank--Extension of the            1876   July 25    2, c. 3-4   [Extension of our telegraph lines--            Gazette
telegraph lines--Progress of the fisheries                                 Progress of the fisheries--French shore
- French shore question--An abandoned                                      question--An abandoned vessel--The
vessel--The weather and the crops--                                        weather and the crops--
Shipping                                                                   Shipping]vessel=Topaz

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
Protection of the fisheries--The French       1877   May 17    2, c. 3-4    [The Fishery Commissioners--Extension        Gazette
claims--The Fishery Commission--                                             of the telegraph to the northern
Telegraph extension--The effect of war-                                     districts--The war as it affects
-The seal fishery--Mining                                                   Newfoundland--The seal fishery--Mining
Extraordinary--Professor Hind                                                extraordinary--Professor Hind]

Public debt--Sheep farming--The bank          1879   May 17    6, c. 5-6                                                 Gazette
fishery--Mining industries--A remarkable
 case--Personal--The seal fishery

Queer customer--The sea cucumber--The         1879   July 28   2, c. 4-5                                                 Gazette
fisheries and the weather--Progress of
St. John's--A regatta--The Blind Asylum

Railway system for the Island--Arrival of     1880   April 2   3, c. 4-5    [Death of judge Renouf]                      Gazette
 the first sealer--Prospects of the catch--
Severe weather--Death from exposure--
The Irish relief fund--The sewerage of
St. John's--Obituary--Latest from the

Rather late statistics--Figures of            1891   Jan. 22   2, c. 1-2                                                 Gazette
Newfoundland's trade for 1889--
Diphtheria in St. John's--A lull in
political circles, but the French modus
vivendi may raise a storm

Reid contract--Being much used in             1898   Oct. 22   10, c. 1-2   [The condemned editor--A historical          Gazette
politics in Newfoundland--A bishop                                          error--Personal]
contradicted--Dr. Howley makes charges
which meet a denial--The editors'
contempt case

Reid contract--How its execution will         1899   July 4    5, c. 3-4    [The steamer services--The telegraphs--      Gazette
help Newfoundland--Fine steamer                                             The dry dock--Other features--A great
service--The telegraph lines, drydock                                       undertaking] Newfoundland notes--Work
and other costly works taken off                                             by the Legislature--Reducing hunters'
government's hands                                                          fees--Cost of Government (c. 4)

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Reid contract--It means much for the         1898   March 14   6, c. 1-3   [To own the railway--What critics say--        Gazette
Colony of Newfoundland--The railway                                        Other considerations--The telegraph
taken over--Steamer service to be run,                                     service--Makers of Newfoundland--In
drydock to be operated, telegraphs,                                        the Assembly]
market, street car service extended

Relief for Newfoundland--The Canadian        1895   Jan. 16    8, c. 4-5   [The revenue short--Opposition to a            Gazette
Banks' advent heartily welcomed--                                          Royal Commission--The new banks--
Situation still serious--Leaders of public                                 The prosecution--The street
life think too much of politics and not                                    disturbances]
enough of the business? of the country

Relief for St. John, N. B.--The Fisheries-   1877   July 12    2, c. 3-4   [The fisheries--Trouble with American          Gazette
-Trouble with American fishermen--The                                      fishermen--The S.S. Minia--The Fishery
Cable ship Minia--The Fishery                                              Commission--Governor's trip--Visits of
Commission--Governor's trip--Visits of                                     capitalists]=Mr. Stephen of Dundee and
capitalists                                                                Mr. McKenzie of Glasgow

Relief of St. John's--Drought is spoiling    1892   July 20    5, c. 1                                                    Gazette
the crops--The relief work in the city
and elsewhere

Remarkable situation--How a                  1894   May 2      8, c. 1-3   [A disappointed party--Legislative vs.         Gazette
government with a big majority lost its                                    judicial prerogatives--The simple truth--
power--The Whiteway downfall--A                                            The situation]
review of the facts connected with the
political revolution in the ancient

Reserved a bill--Action of                   1898   March 7    6, c. 1-2                                                  Gazette
Newfoundland's Governor and its result--
Some pointed despatches--Mr.
Chamberlain condemns as objectionable
certain sections of an Election Bill

Resources of the island--Mountain            1878   Nov. 13    2, c. 4-5   [Value of Mr. Murray's labors--Mountain        Gazette
ranges--Rivers--Fogs--Forest timber--                                       ranges--Our rivers--Fogs--Forest timber-
Mineral resources--Coal                                                    -Mineral resources--Coal]
                                                                              "A short absence from home has
                                                                           interrupted the letters of your

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Restored the grant--The Newfoundland        1895   Sept. 24   8, c. 1     [Important discovery of coal--Gat.              Gazette
Government will aid the fisheries--                                       Howard's seizures--Smuggling operations-
Pirates of Belle Isle--An important                                       -The Belle Isle pirates]
discovery of coal--Trade prospects

Retrenchment talks--It opens the session    1896   July 1     5, c. 3-4   [A surplus in the treasury--The fishery         Gazette
 of Newfoundland's Legislature--Colony                                    season--The late loan--Street railway for
has a surplus--Progress of the railway--                                   St. John's]
The fishery late in opening--A street
railway project for St. John's

Retrospective glance--Political events in   1892   Jan. 25    2, c. 1-2   [The Walker suit--At the bar of both            Gazette
 Newfoundland in the year 1891--The                                       Houses of Parliament--The Washington
modus vivendi and what came of it--At                                     Convention--Canada's action--Mr.
the bar of the Lords--The Washington                                      Blaine had beguiled Mr. Bond--Other
draft--Row with Canada                                                    important events--The fisheries--St.
                                                                          George's Bay]

Rising from the ashes--St. John's two       1892   Sept. 17   8, c. 3-5   [Special session of the Legislature--Fatal      Gazette
months after the conflagration--Many                                      accident--Charitable donations--Steamer
poor structures being put up--The losses                                  Grand Lake--Death of Mr. F.N.
and insurance--A very serious situation--                                 Gisborne--Quarantine]
The fire of 1846

Roofing slate--How land may be              1878   Aug. 6     2, c. 6-7   [Terms of which land can be obtained--          Gazette
obtained--Newfoundland's agricultural                                     Hone stone--Bett's Cove--The fisheries]
resources--Hone stone--Bett's Cove--
The fisheries

S. Harris enquiry--The railway--            1880   Aug. 2     2, c. 3-4   [The weather - Latest (Fox Trap)]               Gazette
Opposition to the surveyors--The
Gulnare Arctic expedition--The fisheries

Sailing of sealers--An event of the year    1896   March 24   6, c. 1-2   [The loss of the Wolf--fish market              Gazette
with the Newfoundlanders--Fish market                                     reviving--The "Bankers' Journal" article-
improved--The production of cod liver                                     -A courageous tramp]
oil--Long tramp to join a ship--Loss of
the wolf

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                       PAPER
Salmonier as a place of summer resort--      1879   July 14    2, c. 3-4                                               Gazette
A beautiful spot--Scenery--Angling--
Destructive fire in St. John's--Cruelty of
a ship captain--Suicides--The weather
and the fisheries

Says he didn't try--Reason why Mr. Bond      1895   May 21     1, c. 1     officials                                   Gazette
 did not effect a loan--With Montreal                                      part of a column including report from
bankers--Expresses indignation regarding                                   Boston
 newspaper reports--Retrenchment
scheme--Not at all popular in
Newfoundland--It does not cut down the
salaries of the Government

Scare at St. John's--It was led up to by     1895   May 21     6, c. 1-2   [The political situation--The summer        Gazette
malignant publications--But the run was                                    fishery]
brief--The result will probably be greater
confidence in the soundness of Canadian

Seal fishers--A better report from           1890   April 8    1, c. 4                                                 Gazette
Newfoundland--Perhaps an average catch

Seal fishery--Aurora arrives with a full     1897   April 10   1, c. 5                                                 Gazette
cargo after a hard experience

Seal fishery--Result of the catch            1884   April 24   2, c. 1-2   -Uncertain is the seal fishery--The         Gazette
disappointing--Only a quarter of a                                         successful trips--The next arrival--
million bagged--Newfoundland's                                             Arrivals from the Gulf--The other
retaliatory policy [Causes of failure--Ice                                 steamers--New hotel in St. John's--
fourteen feet in thickness-                                                Retirement of the Hon. Mr. Justice
                                                                           Hayward--Canada and the Newfoundland
                                                                           retaliatory tariff]

Seal fishery--Something like a failure in    1897   April 14   8, c. 1-2   [The Legislature]                           Gazette
Newfoundland--The main herd missed--
Carried south and out of the way of the
steamers, which generally had poor luck

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE         NOTES                                        PAPER
Seal fishery--The Newfoundland arrives     1893   April 5    1, c. 4      Special cable to the Gazette                 Gazette
at St. John's with 17,000 seals

Seal fishery--The prospect for a good      1887   April 11   7, c. 1      [Prospects are very gloomy--Anxiety          Gazette
catch very gloomy--Reported loss of SS.                                   about the S.S. Eagle]
Eagle--The end of an old Arctic explorer

Seal hunt of 1896--Stormy weather          1896   April 21   5, c. 1-2    [Dr. Grenfell's trip--Will correct           Gazette
reduced the number taken--Arctic ice                                      exaggerations]
very thick--Dr. Grenfell on board of the
ships--A hunter's peril and devotion to
his comrade

Seal hunt of '99--The most successful      1899   April 22   11, c. 5-6   [The herd very large--A rescued yacht--      Gazette
trips for a dozen years--Newfoundlanders                                  General notes]
 are glad--The Sir Donald's curious
adventure--Floated from Labrador to St.
John's with an ice floe

Sealing fishery--Neptune arrives at St.    1896   April 6    8, c. 3                                                   Gazette
John's with two-thirds cargo

Search for the Polar Sea--Interesting      1873   June 9     2, c. 3-4    [Loss and terrible ice voyage was begun--    Gazette
details of the voyage--Wonderful escape                                   The Polaris--The rescued--Local affairs-
of the Polaris party--Two thousand                                        -Telegraph Company's
miles on an ice floe--Homicide--                                          charter]rescued=Hans Christian, his wife
Telegraph Company's Charter                                               and 4 children and others

Sea-water fish preserve--Holyrood Pond,    1890   Dec. 11    7, c. 1-2    [Return of the government deputies--         Gazette
 and what may be done with it--The                                        Fearful hurricane]
French Shore again--Sir Wm. Whiteway
takes a somewhat pessimistic view of the
 situation in Newfoundland

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Sectarian education--Its highest            1887   July 7     2, c. 1-2   [How the grant is distributed--                Gazette
development in Newfoundland--Much                                         Comparative results--Hear the other
divided Superintendence--Jubilee                                          side--Jubilee services--Our new
services--The new Governor--The                                           Governor--Wesleyan Conference--The
Methodist Conference                                                      weather and the fisheries--Placentia

Seeking a coalition, Newfoundland's         1886   July 20    7, c. 1     [Our banks--Call to a Presbyterian             Gazette
government make overtures to the                                          minister--Mr. Smith's visit--The crops]
Opposition--Crop prospects--Two
prosperous banks--Cape Race lighthouse

Sewerage works in St. John's--Prospects     1879   Nov. 4     2, c. 4-5                                                  Gazette
of the graving dock--Temperance eating
houses--Heavy gale--Reported discovery
of gold--Steamer Eirime.

Shortest route of all--From Europe to       1888   Oct. 18    2, c. 1-2   [Difficulties--Recent developments--           Gazette
America across Newfoundland--More                                         Practicality of the scheme--Red Indians'
Boeothic remains--Cape Race light                                         remains--Cape Race light house--A new
improvements--Fruit preserving                                            industry--The weather and the fisheries--
industry--The fisheries                                                   Sir Ambrose Shea] Beothuks

Sir Ambrose Shea's return--He is            1886   March 10   2, c. 4-5   [A mass meeting--Legislative                   Gazette
enthusiastically welcomed at St. John's--                                 proceedings--Destitution extending--
Legislative relief measures--For the                                      Remedial measures--The seal fishery--
benefit of destitute Newfoundland                                         The weather]
fishermen--A question of the bait supply

Sir Henry Arthur Blake--Receives warm       1888   Dec. 4     2, c. 1-2   [Presentation of addresses--The                Gazette
praise on leaving Newfoundland--The                                       Bonavista election--Effect of the
Bonavista election--Prospects of iron                                     election--Was Confederation an issue?--
mine development from recent ore                                          Opening of the Supreme Court--Mining--
discoveries                                                               Corruption at the late election]

Sir Herbert Murray--His appointment to      1895   Oct. 9     6, c. 3     [Hopeful symptoms--Musical                     Gazette
the Governorship of Newfoundland--                                        matters]=Miss Sterling
Evidences of reviving trade and
prosperity--A successful artist

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                          PAPER
Sir W. Whiteway--A new Government          1889   Dec. 31    7, c. 1-2   [The Bait Act--French competition--            Gazette
takes the reins in Newfoundland--The                                     Effects of supplying bait to the French--
Bait Act question--Ante-election                                         Diphtheria--The year's business]
pledges--An awkward load--Diphtheria
on the Island

Sir William Whiteway--Returns to           1889   July 11    2, c. 1-2   [The convict Parnell--The epidemic of          Gazette
political life in Newfoundland--The                                      diphtheria--The fisheries]
elections discussed--The record of the
Government a satisfactory one

Sir Wm. Whiteway coming--To ask            1895   March 12   1, c. 1                                                    Gazette
terms for the admission of
Newfoundland--Into the Canadian union-
-He will according to one despatch, sail
for Halifax to-day--Great distress in

Sir Wm. Whiteway--Issues a manifesto       1897   Oct. 13    8, c. 1-2   [The Bond Blaine Treaty--A new fish            Gazette
to the Newfoundland electors--A new                                      company--The year's fishery]co.=The
fish company--Promises prosperity to                                     British and Newfoundland fish Exporting
the people--The election campaign is                                      Company, Ltd.
lively, and the result uncertain

Small business--Newfoundland               1895   June 22    5, c. 3     special cable                                  Gazette
Government officially blots out the
record of its friends' misdeeds

Some steamer lost--More about the          1898   Aug. 8     1, c. 5                                                    Gazette
reported wreck at Belle Isle--Wreckage
comes ashore--Could not possibly have
come from the Ipsden--Other ships
reported to have had narrow escapes

Somewhat excited--Newfoundlanders          1895   Sept. 6    1, c. 5     special cable                                  Gazette
object to Capt. Howard's action--
Flourished a revolver--Representations
are to be made by the Newfoundland
Government to the Canadian

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Sort out your wardrobes--For the St.        1892   July 15   5, c. 1                                                   Gazette
John's sufferers badly need clothing--A
veritable graveyard--Is how the city is
described--Montreal's funds reach
twenty-five thousand dollars

Specimens of Newfoundland humour--          1879   Aug. 8    2, c. 5-6                                                 Gazette
Progress of the fisheries--Arrival of a
cattle steamer--Visit of the Kersage--
Wreck of the Burgos

St. George's Bay row--The cause of the      1890   June 12   5, c. 1-2   [Reception of the delegates--Cod              Gazette
Newfoundland people's complaint--                                        hatchery--The weather and the fisheries-
Threat to cut the nets--Followed by the                                  -Railway tenders]
landing of an Officer and the reading? of
a threatening proclamation--The cod

St. John's cause celebre--Wm. Parnell       1889   June 27   5, c. 3-4   [Remarkable features of the trial--The        Gazette
after four days found guilty of murder--                                 sentence]
The prisoner makes a strange statement
and is sentenced to death

St. John's municipality--Newfoundland's     1889   Feb. 5    7, c. 3-4   [Fishermen's and Seamen's Home--              Gazette
capital makes a new start--Insuring the                                  Fishermen's insurance and compulsory
fishermen--A new project from which                                      food for dories--Arrival of our new
much good is anticipated                                                 Governor--Signs of prosperity--The
                                                                         Barcelona exhibition]

St. Pierre and Miquelon--France             1893   Aug. 17   2, c. 1-2   [Have now come to a dead-lock--               Gazette
pertinaciously clings to her last                                        Battling with the billows--A source of
foothold--The French Shore question--A                                   perpetual annoyance--The Governor's
 vexed problem still unsolved--                                          trip--Mr. Nielsen's operations]
Importance of the islands

Steam communication--Increased              1876   June 19   2, c. 4-5   [Departure of governor Hill--War              Gazette
accommodation--Departure of Governor                                     steamers--The Queen's birthday--
 Hill--War steamers--Queen's birthday--                                  Thunder storm]

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Story of a lost people--The Beothiks of    1893   Feb. 6     7, c. 1-2   Beothuks                                        Gazette
Newfoundland and their relics--A race
blotted out by the cruelties of
civilization represented by the pioneer

Strained relations--The effect of the      1891   Dec. 26    2, c. 1-3   [Effect of the duties--A violation of           Gazette
retaliatory tariff in Newfoundland--The                                  right--The reason for the act--The
Island's breach of faith--The alleged                                    increased duties--The question of
reason for the act--The question of                                      legality--A ridiculous excuse--The
legality--Herring trade                                                  French Shore once more--Our herring

Strange visitor--A white whale captured    1886   July 7     7, c. 1     [Dimensions and appearance--White               Gazette
in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland--Its                                        whale, their habitat--White whales in
appearance and natural history--Uses of                                  captivity--Final disposal]
its oil and skin

Study of imports--The origin of            1896   May 5      6, c. 1-2   [The seal fishery--The coming of spring]        Gazette
Newfoundland's foodstuffs--Canada's
right place--It is somewhat behind that
given her in former official returns

Successful cod hatching--Further reports   1894   Feb. 22    6, c. 1-2   [A brutal murder--Dr. Grenfell--Political-      Gazette
concerning Newfoundland's experiment--                                   -"The Trade Review"]murder=William
Canada takes more fish--A feature of the                                 McCarthy
 commercial situation that is troubling
the Island merchants

Taking in Newfoundland--The Ottawa         1895   March 13   1, c. 5                                                     Gazette
delegation unable to sail yesterday--Sir
Wm. Whiteway is ill--As is also Hon.
Mr. Bond, another of the delegates--The
distress in the Colony

Telegraphic extension--The bank            1877   Nov. 20    3, c. 4-5   [The bank fishery--Safe arrival of              Gazette
fishery--Arrival of Capt. Bartlett--The                                  Captain Bartlett--The devil fish in New
devil-fish in New York--The weather--                                    York--The weather--Departure of Sir
Judicial changes--Sir Bryan Robinson--                                   Bryan Robinson--Mining--Sir Hugh
Mining--Sir Hugh Allan.                                                  Allan]

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Ten thousand homeless-From three to          1892   July 11    1, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
four million pounds in damage--The city
of St. John's receives the worst blow in
its history--Help needed for the sufferers

Terms of union--The offer made by            1895   May 17     1, c. 1     confederation                                 Gazette
Canada to Newfoundland--It was liberal                                     special cable
enough--But Newfoundlanders think they
 cannot accept it--But one point at issue-
-The amount of debt Canada should
accept--Newfoundland wanted a great
deal to round off

Terra Nova hard case--The French Shore       1893   July 18    8, c. 4-5   [Deep Sea Mission to Labrador--The            Gazette
 again under discussion--Has the crisis                                    steamship Blake--Anniversary of the
arrived?--The French Admiral's peculiar                                    great fire--Later]
conduct--It is feared it may lead to
awkward results

Terra Nova in Canada--Lord Knutsford         1891   March 19   7, c. 1-3   [Sir W. Whiteway's line of action--Lord       Gazette
on the Island's Reciprocity Convention--                                   Knutsford vs. Mr. Bond--Mr. Bond's
A legislative protest--The Premier is not                                  mission and powers--Mr. Bond's view of
enthusiastic for the Bond arrangement--                                    the matter--Grounds of complaint]
The U.S. arrangement

Terra Nova lawmakers--The Governor's         1893   March 21   7, c. 1-3   [Hopeful tone justified--Gold mining          Gazette
speech to them in an optimistic key--                                      prospects--The French treaties question-
Many things to cause satisfaction to the                                   -Debate on the report--The vote]
Colony--The French Treaty question--
Differences in the Cabinet

Terra Nova lawmakers--The Governor's         1893   March 23   7, c. 1-3   [Hopeful tone justified--Gold mining          Gazette
speech to them in optimistic key--Many                                     prospects--The French treaties question-
 things to cause satisfaction to the                                       -Debate on the report--The vote]
Colony--The French treaty question--
Differences in the Cabinet

Terra Nova Legislature--A pleasant tale      1892   March 7    7, c. 1-3   [Condition of the fisheries]                  Gazette
told in the governor's speech--What the
government thinks of Canada--
Reciprocity--Trinity Bay disaster--The

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
Terra Nova mines--Attracting attention       1897   Oct. 26    8, c. 3-4                                                 Gazette
in the scientific press--Mr. Howley and
Mr. Dick--Two authorities tell of the
variety and nature of the ancient
Colony's mineral wealth

Terra Nova news--Government making           1895   Oct. 24    6, c. 1-2   [Department of Fisheries--The revenue--       Gazette
it warm for the smugglers--The revenue                                     Mining prospects--The weather and the
improving--Fisheries department to be                                      fisheries]
maintained--Mr. Nielsen to get a
holiday--Mining and trade prospects

Terrible death--Forty-eight                  1898   March 27   8, c. 1-2   includes cable from Halifax                   Gazette
Newfoundland sealers perish--Adrift on
the ice--Lost sight of their ship and were
 frozen to death--Greenland's awful
cargo--Brought back to sorrowing St.
John's a deck load of frozen corpses--
Terrible tale of the sea

Terrific gales--Great destruction to         1881   Nov. 5     6, c. 4-5   Another wreck-one man lost--An                Gazette
shipping and loss of life at                                               unknown vessel abandoned--A schooner
Newfoundland--Whole crews perish--                                         sunk with all on board--Going down
Two vessels go down with all on board--                                    among the breakers--Steamer Bristol of
Long list of disasters and tales of                                        Bristol England--Thirty days in a gale--
hardship and suffering [Loss of the                                        Ashore at Mansfield Cove--Loss of the
Ontario and her crew--                                                     Mary A. Louise] NY Herald

That French Shore--Anomalous                 1897   Nov. 12    8, c. 3     [The new route to Canada]=steamer             Gazette
conditions that injure the fisheries--A                                    Bruce
new official report--The latest on the
operation of Newfoundland's long-
standing treaty grievance

That French Shore--It is again vexing        1897   Jan. 26    6, c. 1-2   [The bait question--What can be done?--       Gazette
the souls of Newfoundlanders--Little                                       What may be done--The commercial
hope of relief--The old story of bounty-                                   situation--New industrial ventures]
fed competition, and a colony helpless
to counter on its competitors

They do things queerly--The                  1894   April 4    1, c. 7                                                   Gazette
Newfoundland Government now wants
new election--Is their only salvation--As
 the counts will unseat them for bribery
and corruption--Governor O'Brien
considering his answer

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TITLE                                      YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                         PAPER
This from Newfoundland--The                1895   July 17    6, c. 1-2   [                                             Gazette
arrangements of the Peary relief
expedition--The Legislature closed--
Prof. Salisbury on the geology of the
Island--The help to the fishermen--
Favorable fishing news

Three little isles--St. Pierre and         1897   July 29    5, c. 1-2   [The railway]                                 Gazette
Miquelon, and the trouble they cause--
Their fishing trade--Extent of its
competition with Newfoundland--
Progress on the railway and other
Colony news

To open up the island--A new company       1890   Jan. 9     2, c. 1-2   [Report of Mr. Bonnyn--Agricultural           Gazette
to operate in Newfoundland lands--                                       capabilities--The Company's grants--The
Fertility in the soil--The ministerial                                    future--Prospects of the Company--
changes, Bye-elections fixed, the Bait                                   Political--By-elections--The Bait Act]
Act to stand

To serve their country--The burning        1895   Feb. 5     1, c. 7     special cable                                 Gazette
desire of Newfoundland's politicians--
The Whiteway Cabinet--Cannot be
formed as all the Whitewayite members
insist upon being members of it

Topics in Newfoundland--Pressing the       1886   April 20   2, c. 4     [The railway--Norwegian fishery]              Gazette
French Shore agreement on the Island--
The government and the railway
question--The codfish market

Trade and shipping of St. John's--         1877   June 27    2., c.3-4   [Greenland seal fishery--Canadian beef in     Gazette
Greenland seal fishery--Canadian beef in                                  Nfld.--Bank fishery--Cod fishery--New
Newfoundland--Bank fishery--The cod-                                     steamer for Conception Bay--Loss of a
fishery--New steamer--Loss of a                                          schooner--American fishermen--Fishery
schooner--American fishermen--The                                        Commission--Accident at Bett's Cove
Fishery Commission--Accident                                             mine--Latest]loss=drowning of 4 men
                                                                         Noonans, Bay de Verde

Trade of Newfoundland--An interesting      1891   Oct. 2     5, c. 1-2   [An unfavorable sign--An unsatisfactory       Gazette
compilation of her commerce for last                                     state of affairs--Destructive methods of
year--An unsatisfactory sign--Decreased                                  fishing--The bank fishery of 1890--
imports and exports--Increased trade                                     Wholesale prices current--Marine
with Canada and decreased trade with the                                 disasters]=Parsee, Amazon, Blossom,
 States                                                                  Camellia, Mondego

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TITLE                                         YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                           PAPER
Trade of Newfoundland--Canada the             1888   Aug. 21   7, c. 1-2    [The exports--Articles imported--Bishop         Gazette
chief source of the Colony's imports--A                                      Jones--A Department of Fisheries--His
hard-working prelate--The fisheries                                         Excellency the Governor--Violation of
Department scheme--A bait-buyer fined-                                      the Bait Act]
-Twelve Labrador vessels lost

Trade of Newfoundland--The                    1893   Feb. 25   11, c. 3-4   Our trade with Canada--Trade with the           Gazette
government statistics late but                                              United States--Exports to United
interesting--Result of the last legislative                                 Kingdom and foreign countries--Tea and
session--Much useful work done--A sad                                       coffee--Legislative acts of last session--
tragedy [Cod fishery of 1891--Imports                                       Terrible tragedy--Deep sea mission--
and exports--Mineral export--                                               Drowning accident--The Legislative
                                                                            session--Prices current]

Trade of Newfoundland--The St. John's         1892   Nov. 25   7, c. 1-3    [The seal fishery--The cod fishery--            Gazette
Chamber of Commerce makes its report-                                       Lobster fishery--Pickled fish--Mining
-The election in Burin--A result that                                       and lumbering--The Bait Act--
may pressage the defeat of the                                              Confederation needed--The Deep Sea
Government--Another estimate of the                                         Mission--The loss by the fire--Sir James
fire losses--Battered ships                                                 Winter's victory--Another fire--Marine

Trade relations--Between the Island of        1885   June 3    7, c. 1-2    [Our exports of fish--An absolute               Gazette
Newfoundland and the United States--                                        necessity to them--Consumer will pay
The fishery question discussed--                                            the duty]
Newfoundland's premier expresses his
view upon it

Trade returns--The steamship Prussian--       1880   July 7    4, c. 4-5                                                    Gazette
Complaints as to mail services--The
fisheries--The Island railway

Trade with Newfoundland--The recent           1885   July 24   8, c. 3      [The growth of trade--The beginning of          Gazette
disturbance of commercial relations--                                       the trouble--Prohibitory in their effects-
The Island's position--A firm                                               -Transferred to the merchants of New
determination against discriminating                                        York]

Two more members gone--The                    1894   June 5    1, c. 5                                                      Gazette
Newfoundland election--Courts are again
at work--Only one more member--Need
to be unseated to give Premier Goodridge
 a majority--The Legislature is again

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TITLE                                       YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Two steamers lost--Wrecked a few miles      1897   Sept. 20   1, c. 5                                                     Gazette
apart on Newfoundland coast--Both
crews were saved--Though they suffered
considerably from exposure--One the
Khodora and the other Eugenie

unreadable the fisheries--What              1890   May 8      7, c. 1-2   [Organization of a commission--Plan             Gazette
Newfoundland's Commission is doing--                                      followed by the Commission--
Causes of decline and remedial measures                                   Investigations of the fisheries--Lobsters-
suggested by experience                                                   -Remedies]

Very good report--Things are looking        1897   April 12   7, c. 6-7   [The Bait Act--Mining assay office--To          Gazette
well in Newfoundland--Legislature at                                      try the bank case]
work--Special Judge to try the bank
directors--The Bait Act--Address to the

Warm welcome--On the return of              1890   Aug. 20    2, c. 1-2   [The Chairman's address--The                    Gazette
Newfoundland's delegates to England--A                                    resolutions adopted--No surrender, the
report on the mission--French claims                                      motto--A lull in the agitation--Fire on
must be extinguished--Result of                                           Pilley's Island--Railway building--The
negotiations awaited--Matters of general                                  fisheries]
interest--The fisheries

Washington Treaty, American sharp           1876   June 3     4, c. 4-5   [Loss of the sealing steamer Hawk--             Gazette
practice--Loss of a sealing steamer--                                     Mining prospects for the summer--Great
Mining prospects--Success of the seal                                     success in second trips of sealers--The
fishery--The French and the fisheries--                                   French and the fisheries--Bishop Field]
Bishop Field

Where cod abound--Straits of Belle Isle     1898   July 16    9, c. 3-4   [The seining process--The whaling               Gazette
riches and their capture--The new                                         company--A teachers' meeting]
whaling venture--It promises to be a
profitable thing for Newfoundland--
Other Colony news

Where deer abound--Newfoundland as a        1895   Nov. 5     2, c. 1-2   --Opening of the country to the tourist--       Gazette
popular resort for sportsmen--Smuggling                                   Immense regions in the interior--
operations--How and to what extent                                        Smuggling developments--Paid by the
they are carried on--The revival of trade                                 saloon keepers--The temptations to
 [The pleasures of deer stalking                                          smuggling--Effects on the morals of the
                                                                          people--The public revenue--Impressive
                                                                          lesson has been taught]

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE        NOTES                                           PAPER
Whiteway beaten--The Newfoundland            1897   Nov. 2    1, c. 5     cable                                           Gazette
opposition carries the country--The
Premier is defeated--Only two members
of the Executive were elected--The
opposition majorities are very large

Whiteway disqualified, Newfoundland's        1894   July 26   8, c. 1     special cable                                   Gazette
ex-premier receives a knock-out blow--
Judge Little's judgement--Unseats him as
well as Colonial Secretary Bond and the
third member for Trinity division

Whiteway Premier again--The latest           1895   Feb. 2    1, c. 5     special cable                                   Gazette
developments in Newfoundland's affairs--
Hon. Mr. Greene resigned--To enter the
Supreme court when a vacancy occurs--
Premier Whiteway's new cabinet

Whiteway proposals--They created             1891   May 29    5, c. 1-2                                                   Gazette
surprise among the angry
Newfoundlanders--A threat of
dissolution--The Premier compelled to
take strong measures to compel the
Legislature to act as he desired

Whitewayites win--Have apparently            1897   Oct. 30   1, c. 3                                                     Gazette
carried the Newfoundland elections--by a
 reduced majority--Hon. H.J.B. Woods,
Surveyor-General, defeated--
Whitewayite majorities have been
largely reduced

Whiteway's new cabinet--The same             1895   Feb. 8    1, c. 7     special cable                                   Gazette
personnel as his last with one exception-
-Meets the House to-day--When he will
outline the policy he intends to pursue--
A cordial reception anticipated

Wild Terra Novans--Lord Knutsford's          1891   April 7   7, c. 1-2   [Baird versus Walker--Plea of defendant-        Gazette
action causes much ill-feeling--It is time                                -Further justification--The judge's review
to do or die--So think the mass of the                                     of the case--The Legislature's action--
people and they take steps accordingly                                    Delegation Appointed-The delegates]

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month     PAGE         NOTES                                         PAPER
Will go to London--Newfoundland              1898   June 4    10, c. 1-2   [Delegation to go--The French fishery--       Gazette
delegates to see Mr. Chamberlain--                                         A fortification canard--A court change--
French fishery a failure--The Bait Act                                     Columbus' remains--The weather]
effective--Some judicial changes and
possible sequel

Will meet obligations--Important             1895   May 24    1, c. 3                                                    Gazette
announcement made by Premier
Whiteway--He has had some news--But
people are uncertain as to whether it is a
loan or a Royal Commission

Winding up the seal fishery--Mining--        1878   May 29    2, c. 4      [Mining--Concert--The Dundee                  Gazette
Vice-regal concert--The Dundee                                             steamers--Summer codfishery--Our
steamers summer cod fishery--The Island                                    railway]

Wired from St. John's--The Bank              1895   Aug. 27   1, c. 4                                                    Gazette
prosecution rests--Retrenching on
education and charity

Woe at St. John's--The sealing disaster      1898   April 8   6, c. 1-2    [Story of the disaster--The funeral]          Gazette
and its sad incident--The story of the
storm--How forty-eight of the
Greenland's hunters perished on the ice

Work of cod hatching--Interesting            1893   Jan. 26   8, c. 5-6    [The old year and the new--The                Gazette
matters connected with Newfoundland's                                      revenue--An error corrected]
experiment--The old year at St. John's--
Business good at the capital--The
revenue increased--Work and wages

Work of scoundrels--A very foolish           1895   May 8     1, c. 5      special cable                                 Gazette
story started in Newfoundland--Solvency
 of the banks--Alleged to have been
affected--A run ensued but a plentiful
supply of gold stopped it

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TITLE                                        YEAR   Month      PAGE        NOTES      PAPER
Wouldn't be released--Newfoundland           1895   Nov. 23    1, c. 2                Gazette
smugglers prefer to serve out their

Wreck is unknown--Nothing is recovered       1900   Jan. 27    16, c. 3               Gazette
to assist in identifying disabled boat

Wreck of Capulet--The ship went to           1896   June 25    8, c. 1                Gazette
pieces soon after she struck the rocks--
But no lives were lost--All the passengers
and crew reached land in safety--Two
weeks' Newfoundland mail lost

Wreck of the Spanish brigantine--The         1876   Sept. 25   2, c. 3-4              Gazette
Burgeo murder--Cod liver oil--Fish
exports--Disaster at sea--Signs of

Wreck on the reef--Unknown steamer           1900   Jan. 12    10, c. 4               Gazette
meets disaster in St. Mary's Bay--Many
are probably lost--Just before nightfall
last night several persons are seen in the
rigging of the ship

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