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									                                     1 - Tour & Orientation Section

1. Becoming familiar with your private/personal “Back Office”. Here is where your tour begins. Please
note that in each section we take you to there is a host of other information at your finger tips. This tour is
designed to show you high lights, but to also get you to explore in more depth each section we show you.

    a.   _____ Back Office - Go to www.prepaidlegal.com Click on “Associates Only” login. Enter the user
         name and password you selected when you signed up ***(If you were enrolled with a paper form and
         not online you will need to call Marketing Services and ask for your PIN number to gain access to this

    b.   _____ “My Statistics” In your back office, upper right hand corner. This area will not show much, if
         anything, at first but it will soon show you all your personal information, including personal and
         organizational sponsorships, memberships, and contact information of your upper management team.

    c.   _____ Licensing - Follow this trail: Menu on left side: Sales Assistance: go to Docs On Demand,
         go to Company Information, go to States At A Glance – Print this. You need this to understand
         what states require you to have a license to sell in that state. This is important and the best way to
         keep track of which products are sold where! Loaded with info, like which brochure to use in each
         state, states that require licensing, special plan availability, pricing and more!! If you want to get
         licensed in a particular state you will need to contact Marketing Services and go via them. Read
         more about the licensing requirements of a state you are interested in by going to Menu on left side:
         Information, go to States & Provinces at A Glance and follow the directions.

    d.   _____ Area Meetings – Follow this trail: Menu on left side, bottom section: Events: go to Area
         Meetings – Business Briefings, Executive Luncheons, & Super Saturdays listed by Region. Just
         choose your State or Province then select your City. Always stay connected to what is going on this
         section for your area. As well, when you talk to a prospective new associate in another city, you look
         in this section to let them know where they can go locally. NOTE: If you are brand new, this might
         take a day or two to start showing up.

    e.   _____ Area Events – Follow this trail: Menu on left side, bottom section: Events: go to Area
         Training – If you are looking for Group, Small Business, CDLT, Advanced Product Training (APT),
         etc. This is the place to find it. Listed by State or Province then select your City. NOTE: If you are
         brand new, this might take a day or two to start showing up.

    f.   _____ Legacy – Follow this trail: Menu on left side: Sales Assistance: go to Tools, go to PPL
         Legacy - PPL Legacy is a software application designed to help you manage your organization more
         efficiently and effectively. Download this to your computer, as you will be using this to keep up with
         your organization. Also, notice all the other reports available here.

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   g.    _____ UPS – Follow this trail: Menu on left side: Sales Assistance: go to UPS Shipping – We get
        a highly discounted rate for overnight packages sent to Pre-Paid Legal. I don’t recommend you using
        USPS. You should go ahead and order UPS Envelopes. In this area you can create a UPS Label
        and send your NEXT DAY AIR LETTER for only $7.95 when sent to PPL. (To save this money,
        Check with your local Area Coordinator as some of them send out a package every week from their
        local meeting. You can usually co-op in on that package (maybe a couple dollars) to send your
        applications along as well.)

   h.   _____ Customizing - Follow this trail: Menu on left side: Online Connection: go to My Account, go
        to Customize Your Pre Paid Legal.com Business Website (eService) The rest explains itself.

   i.   _____ Marketing Tools – Follow this trail: Menu on left side: Marketing: go to Supply Store –
        Products and tools to help run your business from PPL, and other Pre-Paid Legal products available
        through Pre-Paid Legal Licensed Vendors (scroll to bottom to see these vendors). Business cards,
        magazines, DVDs, Flip Charts etc. Many times, these items can be obtained at your local business
        briefings as well, check yours.

   j.   _____ Benefits – Follow this trail: Menu on left side: Online Connection: go to Benefits
        Association. Spend some time investigating this section.

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                      2 - Your Personal Pre-Paid Legal Website (eService)

2. Becoming familiar with your personal PPL website. This is your personal selling/recruiting website. It
is part of what eService provides for you. You have 9 different websites. Please take a few minutes to see
each of them and notice how they would appeal to different audiences. If you are not Group Certified (taken a
special training class and become certified to sell our products to companies for employee benefits) then you
will not have that site available on your eService, and the same goes for Small Business. But otherwise, you
will just plug your own user name into the end where I have “yourloginname” written.

    a.   _____ Main Site – www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/yourloginname (This site can have all your services on

    b.   _____ Membership Site - www.prepaidlegal.com/info/yourloginname (This site only shows the
         membership plan)

    c.   _____ Identity Theft - www.prepaidlegal.com/idt/yourloginname (This site only shows info on Identity
         Theft Shield)

    d.   _____ Business Opportunity - www.prepaidlegal.com/go/yourloginname (This site only showcases
         the business opportunity)

    e.   _____ Groups - www.prepaidlegal.com/group/yourloginname (This site is used for HR Directors
         and/or the business owner to view online info about our employee benefits plan. Only available after
         you take Group School.

    f.   _____ Small Business - www.prepaidlegal.com/biz/yourloginname (This site shows the business
         plan. Emphasis is on plan stability, value, and our business partner, GoSmallBiz.com) Only available
         after you get Small Business certified.

    g.   _____ Insurance / Financial Professionals - www.prepaidlegal.com/plan/yourloginname (This site
         shows the opportunity to prospective associates in the insurance industry as well as shows them the
         membership plan.)

    h. _____ CDLP - www.prepaidlegal.com/cdlp/yourloginname (This site showcases the truck driver

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       3 - Understanding Compensation

_____ Compensation We have created an easy to compare and see chart that outlines your basic
compensation. Please take time to study this and see how it works.

                                           Compensation Plan

                                                                   $26 PPL Family Plan w/ $9.95
                   $26 PPL Family Plan                                        IDT
                                           Personal   Mgr's                            Personal     Mgr's
                     Personal    Bonus     Advance     CFT       Personal    Bonus     Advance       CFT
                       Sales    Override    Minus     Bonus        Sales    Override    Minus       Bonus
Commission Level     Advances   Advance      MAS       Amt       Advances   Advance      MAS         Amt
                     $182.50    $107.50    $176.55    $75.00     $252.35    $148.64    $246.40     $103.71
Director             $150.00    $75.00     $144.05               $207.41    $103.71    $201.46

Manager              $125.00    $50.00     $119.05               $172.84    $69.14     $166.89

Senior Associate     $100.00    $25.00     $94.05                $138.27    $34.57     $132.32

Associate             $75.00       -       $69.05                $103.71       -       $97.76

CFT Associate         $50.00       -       $44.05                 $69.14       -       $63.19

                                                                   $17 PPL Family Plan w/ $9.95
                   $17 PPL Family Plan                                        IDT
                                           Personal   Mgr's                            Personal     Mgr's
                     Personal    Bonus     Advance     CFT       Personal    Bonus     Advance       CFT
                       Sales    Override    Minus     Bonus        Sales    Override    Minus       Bonus
Commission Level     Advances   Advance      MAS       Amt       Advances   Advance      MAS         Amt

Executive Director   $119.34    $70.30     $113.39    $49.05     $189.19    $111.44    $183.24     $77.76

Director              $98.09    $49.05     $92.14                $155.50    $77.76     $149.55

Manager               $81.74    $32.70     $75.79                $129.58    $51.84     $123.63

Senior Associate      $65.39    $16.35     $59.44                $103.66    $25.92     $97.71

Associate             $49.05       -       $43.10                 $77.76       -       $71.81

CFT Associate         $32.70       -       $26.75                 $51.84       -       $45.89

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               $12.95 ITD Stand Alone Plan
                                                         Personal        Mgr's                When an Associate on your team makes
                           Personal         Bonus        Advance          CFT                     a sale, you receive your Override
                             Sales         Override       Minus          Bonus                Advance less the Override Advance paid
Commission Level           Advances        Advance         MAS            Amt
                                                                                               to the first Associate below you in that
Executive Director          $90.90         $53.54         $84.95        $37.36                                    leg.

Director                    $74.71         $37.35         $68.76

Manager                     $62.26         $24.90         $56.31                                CFT Pgm - With help from your Mgr,
                                                                                                  recruit 3 new Assoc who have a
Senior Associate            $49.81         $12.45         $43.86                               membership, OR sell 5 memberships
                                                                                               to 5 different people, within your first
Associate                   $37.36             -          $31.41
                                                                                                   45 days, and you advance to a
CFT Associate               $24.90             -          $18.95                                manager! (and get a hefty pay raise)

>>Advance to Associate-If you don't advance thru CFT pgm, you'll advance to Associate Level on your 46th day, regardless of activity.

>>Advance to Sr Associate-If you do not qualify thru the CFT pgm, recruit 3 new assoc and sell one membership OR make 5 personal
sales counters OR you and your team sell 50 memberships.

>>Advance to Mgr-Qualify thru the CFT pgm OR have 3 legs with a Sr Assoc or above in each OR you and your team sell 100

>>Advance to Director-Have 3 legs with a Mgr or above in each leg, OR you personally sell 250 memberships, OR you and your team sell
250 memberships with no more than 200 memberships from 1 leg.

   This chart was created by Jim & Meshell Little to make compensation easy to see at a glance. For more information about other bonuses and income
                                                opportunities available, please refer to your Success Guide.

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                                     4 - Online Training Resources

   a.   _____ TIM SALES - IMPORTANT Please don’t miss this step – Tim Sales is a great network
        marketing mentor and we will train you exclusively with his techniques. His training is extremely
        unique, contains no hype or motivation and really works! Tim's successful experience and knowledge
        make him one of the most sought after advisors, speakers, trainers and creators of content in the
        industry. He's delivered well over 10,000 presentations and training sessions to over 92,000 people
        all over the world. Tim's signature training approach involves his ability to teach mastery of each
        component within your business. Visit www.brilliantexchange.com . We want you to get your training
        from Tim.

                ____Click on the FREE TRAINING available. Spend time here. This is different each month.

                ____Sign up for Tim’s free newsletters.

                ____plug into Tim’s free conference call training.

   b.   ____We will be letting you know when Tim’s live conference call training is happening too.

   c.   _____ PPL Center - This site was founded by Platinum III Executive Director Tony Hughes of the
        famed Hughes Brothers. Tony and Marsha Hughes are our Platinum Executive Directors and
        leaders for our overall team. This site is packed full of information and training. I just want to point out
        a few very helping sections. Go to www.pplcenter.com

                ____View the list of links on the left side of the page.

                ____Click on Conference Calls. Every Monday night at 8:00pm CST is the LTD
                Conference Calls. Get valuable training on how to build a successful organization. We
                suggest getting FlashTalk.

                ____Click on the “Training” link. This area will give even more helpful training and tips on
                how to grow your business.

                ____Click on the “Library” link on the left side of the page. Here you will find ALL kinds of
                documents and scripts to help you in the areas of Recruiting, Memberships, PBR’s, Group
                Marketing, Associate References, Personal Development, Network Marketing, & PPL in the

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                                 5- Plugging Into Marketing Services

You need to get on the phone with Marketing Services and take care of a few preliminary tasks. These are listed below.
  The number for Marketing Services is (580)436-7424 and they close promptly at 7PM CST (5PM West coast time).

   a.   _____Ask for your 4-digit pin number. You'll need this pin number to create your enhanced web
        site and to access the Interactive Voice Response System, better known as the IVR. The E-
        Service Websites & IVR are the tools you'll use to check on the status of any memberships you've
        submitted and to see how much money has been deposited into your account each day. They are
        your friend!

   b.   _____Give Marketing Services your email address. Pre-Paid Legal sends updates out over
        electronic mail so you'll definitely want to be on the corporate list if you have access to email. If the
        service representative tells you that your email address is already on file, have the person read it
        back to you to ensure that it is correct. – Discuss anything with them!

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                              6 - Commitments & Steps to Take Now

   a.    _____Continue attending your weekly business briefing. You'll find some of the best ongoing
        training every week at your weekly event. Not only will you learn the presentation from dozens of
        different speakers during your first few months as an associate, but in most markets, right after the
        event there is a get-together in the hotel's restaurant or lounge where you can really get to know the
        Directors and Executive Directors in your area. The skills and knowledge you can learn at these
        informal social events is perhaps some of the best "training" you will get anywhere, primarily because
        you can get the answers to your questions. Always try to take a new person with you, but if you don’t
        have someone to take – GO ANYWAY. (NOTE: If you are so remote that weekly meetings are
        honestly too far away (greater than an hours drive), I suggest you ensure you spend that time
        watching a different company DVD each week. Invest in getting a few of these they are CHEAP. Go
        to the vendors section of your back office and look for these.) Make no mistake; attending your
        local event on a weekly basis is critical to your success in this business. Commit to your
        success by committing to attending the events

   b.   _____Use the Service. Use the Service. Use the Service. One of the most important steps you can
        take for your business is to use the service. Test it out. Give it a whirl! For most new associates
        getting their Wills taken care of is the best way to initially use the service. But whether it's the
        Wills or something else, be sure to use the service immediately. It's amazing what having a great
        personal experience with the service will do for your business. As Harland Stonecipher, our CEO,
        says, "Sales is simply a transference of belief." People will buy your confidence in the service
        faster than they'll buy the service itself. It's bizarre, but true... Associates who have never used the
        service often struggle because they can't speak with confidence that the service really does
        work. People pick up on that. This is also why you should invest the time to take the law office
        tour. Seeing is believing.

   c.    _____Order your business cards. There are several vendors that supply Pre-Paid Legal business
        cards, just look in your “associates only” section of www.prepaidlegal.com website, click on “Supply
        Store” and scroll all the way to the bottom. You may use any APPROVED VENDOR.

       JFA Online Catalog at http://www.jfaonline.com will have your business cards in your hands in 5 to
   8 business d ays, and shipping is always FREE

        Don't order your business cards until you have created your enhanced web site. You'll
        definitely want the enhanced web site address on your card.

   d.   _____Get a daily planner to schedule your appointments. You can purchase a perfectly
        acceptable planner for as little as $10 at your local office supply store. You can also purchase a $200
        planner there as well! Perhaps the best choice is the planner that Pre-Paid Legal has designed
        specifically for building your Pre-Paid Legal business. You can order the planner directly from
        VideoPlus at (800) 388-3884 for only $29.95. Refill orders are from My-Tyme at (800) 678-1689.

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   e.   _____Look into tools autoship program. Go to http://www.ppltools-videoplus.com/ This can
        be best understood after you attend your first “Super Saturday” all day training class. But in general,
        this is a program designed to automatically ship your DVDs and magazines to you every month and
        keep you stocked in “exposure” tools. This is important, because exposure is behind every single
        sale! All businesses have overhead expenses. Rent, utilities, etc., this is simply one of our overhead
        expenses – advertising costs!

   f.   _____Order 3-way calling for your telephone. This is an inexpensive service that allows you to call
        two people simultaneously or to put a prospect on a conference call or recorded message. In many
        areas this service is included as standard feature of your phone service. For cellular phones it is often
        extra, so you'll need to check. You will use 3-way calling extensively as you build your Pre-Paid
        Legal business. 3-way calling is a must.

   g.   _____Start organizing your business materials now. In the next couple of weeks you will be
        getting your associate kit from Pre-Paid Legal. It is really nice to know where you will organize these
        DVDs, brochures, forms etc.

   h.   _____Open a separate checking account. Just as you wouldn't run a McDonald's restaurant out of
        your personal checking account, you also wouldn't want to run your Pre-Paid Legal business out of
        your personal account - it will drive your accountant crazy and it upsets the IRS because you're "co-
        mingling your funds." Whatever you do, don't co-mingle your funds! If you're already having your
        commissions automatically deposited into your personal checking account, you'll want to get that
        changed. You will also want to use your new account for any checks you write regarding your Pre-
        Paid Legal business, from purchasing sales aids to buying convention tickets. This will greatly simplify
        your accounting when tax season rolls around and it will allow you to track the profitability of your
        business more closely. By the way, you don't need a "business" checking account as the bank
        thinks of it which has everything you would need to run a Wal-Mart, but rather a second
        personal account that you use simply to keep your Pre-Paid Legal transactions separate from
        your personal transactions.

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                          P.S. If you don’t have eService or haven’t activated MAS

_____Subscribe to E-Service if you have not already. You probably subscribed to E-Service at the time
you completed your associate application online, but if you filled out the application and it was mailed in, you'll
want to take care of this ASAP. This is offered for no-charge for your first 30-days. Then the subscription is
$19.95 per month and is well worth the investment. This service allows you to not only have a replicated
website that prospects can sign-up at, but
also give you additional reports in your back office to manage your business. It also gives you a monthly
subscription to the Connections magazine & DVD, full of great tips strategies from the top income earners in
PPL to help you learn more!
Again remember this also includes your Pre-Paid Legal Business Website. Note: If you have your E-
service it makes it very fast and easy to sign up someone as an Associate and/or Member with your
personal website. Otherwise you will need to fill out the Associate and/or Membership applications
and have them UPS Next Day to Pre-Paid Legal, meaning you will have trouble working with someone who
lives a long ways from you.

_____ Activate MAS (Member Advantage Services) If you didn’t sign up online, this will be an issue. Once
you log into your Pre-Paid Legal web site activate MAS for all memberships you write. Under the section
“Online Connection” click on My Account > PPL Member Advantage Services. No one can do a better job
than Pre-Paid Legal with helping you build and maintain your business. PPL staff are experts with no less
than six weeks of intense classroom training, and a real-call mentoring program gives them the opportunity to
learn from the best of the best in PPL Customer Care.

_____You will be getting you MEMBERSHIP kit in a couple days from PPL and it’s important to get the
form filled out and sent back to Kroll Inc. for the Identity Theft Shield.

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