Sarah_ Plain and Tall

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					Sara, Plain
and Tall

By Ashley, Cherise,
    and Tobias
     Chapter Summaries

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   4        5         6
   7        8         9
Questions          Vocabulary
       Vocabulary Work

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Questions           Summaries
       Chapter Questions

   1          2            3
   4          5            6
   7          8            9
Vocabulary           Summaries
          Chapter One

     Caleb is talking to Anna about their
mom. Caleb likes to hear stories about her.
She died the day after Caleb was born.
     Papa talks to the children about Sarah
coming to live with them. Sarah wrote to
them about coming to live with them.
              Chapter Two
       The chapter takes place in the winter.
Anna, Caleb, and Papa got their letters, Anna’s
letter came first. We learned that Sarah can
braid hair and that she has a pet cat named Seal
because he is gray like the seals that live in the
         Chapter Three
     Papa went to get Sarah. Caleb and
Anna were worried that Sarah wouldn’t like
then when she got there. Sarah arrived at the
house. She is already feeling lonely because
she misses the sea.
        Chapter Four
Sarah had a collection of shells and if you put
the shell to your ear, you can hear the sea.
Caleb was the only one who talked to Sarah
from dawn till night.
Sarah and Caleb picked flowers- paintbrush,
clover, and prairie violets.
Sarah told Caleb about the Wolly ragwort
that grows by the sea. He made a song
about it.
Sarah taught them a song called “Summer Is
Icumen In”.
              Chapter Five
Anna and Caleb took Sarah to see the sheep.
She found a dead lamb and was very sad. Papa
went with a shovel to bury it.
Anna, Caleb, Papa, and Sarah talked about their
first words. Sarah’s was “dune”, Caleb’s was
“windmill”, and Anna’s was “flower” (Tobias’ first
word was “Mommy”).
Sarah missed the dunes home in Maine, and
Papa wanted to make her feel better so he made
one out of hay for her. They all slid down.Chapter
            Chapter Six
      Caleb and Anna were telling Sarah
about the winter time and how they got
to school. They talked about how they
built snowmen when they had snow
     Sarah took the children to learn
how to swim in the cow pond.
         Chapter Seven
Matthew and Maggie, the neighbors
came to visit. Maggie brought chickens
for Sarah, and she also brought her
flowers. Maggie and Sarah planted the
flowers in a new garden. Sarah and
Maggie talked about how they missed
the sea and the hills. Sarah decided
she must learn how to drive the wagon.
          Chapter Eight
Sarah and Papa were working on fixing the
roof but then a storm came in. Sarah,
Papa, Lily, and Caleb all gathered hay to
sleep on, and brought all the animals
inside. They waited in the barn until
morning. When they woke up they saw
hail covering the ground.
           Chapter Nine
After the storm, Papa taught Sarah how to
drive the wagon and ride a horse. Sarah then
took the wagon into town to get candles and
colored pencils that were the colors of the sea.
Lily and Caleb felt very sad when Sarah was
gone, but they were relieved when she came
home to them. At the end of the book, it told
how Papa and Sarah decided that they were
going to get married. Papa said that when he
is asked whether or not he will marry Lily at the
wedding, he will say “Ayuh!”
        Vocabulary – Ch.1
• Flounder: A type of fish
• Received: When you get something from
  someone, you receive it (“I received a new
• Else: Otherwise, instead of
• Envelope: A pocket for a letter
        Vocabulary – Ch. 2
• Enclosing: To close in
• Bonnet: A cloth or straw hat tied under the
  chin and worn by women and children
• Greetings
• Envelope
• Flounder
       Vocabulary – Ch. 3
• Suspenders
• Climbed
• Windbreak
         Vocabulary – Ch. 4
•   Paddock
•   Ceiling
•   Brides
•   Prairie
•   Ayuh
•   Echoed
         Vocabulary – Ch. 5
•   Coarse
•   Exclaimed
•   Sneezed
•   Formed
      Vocabulary – Ch. 6
• Reins
• Chanted
• Tumbleweed
         Vocabulary – Ch. 7
• Dandelion- a common weed with yellow flowers.
  The dandelion grew in our yard.
• Neighbor- one who lives near another. My
  neighbor lives in a brown house.
• Whickering- to whinny or neigh. The black horse
  was whickering to the horses in the other field.
• Dahlias- a perennial plant with large showy
  flowers. Our dahlias were planted next to the
• Nasturtiums
               Vocabulary – Ch. 8
• Sly- clever and deceiving, calculating. The sly fox walked toward
  the chicken coop.
• Weary- Tired, fatigued, physically or mentally exhausted. The
  weary man was walking slowly.
• Squall- A sudden violent wind that usually brings rain, snow, or
  sleet with it. A squall blew into the city of Moscow.
• Pungent- Powerful or strong odor or flavor. The pungent smell of
  burnt popcorn came from the kitchen.
• Bleating- the crying of a goat, sheep, or calf.The calf was bleating
  because it was hungry.
          Vocabulary – Ch. 9
•   Hailstones
•   Armful
•   Damaged
•   Hitched
         Questions – Ch. 1
• Why did Caleb want to hear the story
  about his mom and what she looked like?
• How did the mom die?
• What was Papa looking for in his letter to
  the town?

        Questions – Ch. 2
• What are Sarah’s favorite colors?
• What does Sarah want Papa to tell the
  children she can do?
• What kind of book did Sarah send?

         Questions – Ch. 3
• What did Sarah say rolled like the sea?
• What did Sarah give to Anna?
• What did Sarah give to Caleb?

         Questions – Ch. 4
• Who did Lottie and Nick like to sleep with,
  and why?
• Why does Caleb get excited when he
  hears Sarah say the word “later”?
• Why does Sarah talk differently?

        Questions – Ch. 5
• What did Sarah miss and why?
• Why did Papa bury the lamb?

        Questions – Ch. 6
• Who didn’t know how to swim?
• How did Sarah react when she found out
  that Caleb couldn’t swim?

     Questions – Ch. 7

•Why was Sarah sad about her house?
•Why was Matthew glad that Sarah moved
•Why did Sarah not need to drive wagons
back home in Maine?

         Questions – Ch. 8
•   Why were Lily and Caleb worried when
    Sarah wanted to drive to town alone?
•   What did Sarah run back out into the
    storm to get?

         Questions – Ch. 9
• Why did Sarah take the apples into the
• Why did the dogs go running down the
  road barking?
• Why did Caleb cry harder when Sarah

          Answers – Ch. 1
• Caleb wanted to learn more about their
• The children’s mother died the day after
  Caleb was born.
• Someone to help take care of his family
  and it was Sarah.
         Answers – Ch. 2
• Blue, gray, and green
• She can sing
• A book about seabirds
          Answers – Ch. 3
• The grassy hills
• A stone
• A seashell
          Answers – Ch. 4
• Sarah, because they loved her first.
• Because it meant she would stay
• Because she’s from a different part of the
  country (Maine)
         Answers – Ch. 5
• The sea, her brother, and the dunes
  because she was homesick for Maine.
• Because Sarah was upset it died, and she
  didn’t want anyone to come near it. She
  was afraid the birds would eat it.
         Answers – Ch. 6
• Caleb
• She was surprised. She wanted him to
          Answers – Ch. 7
• Because her brother was getting married
  and him and his wife were taking over the
  house and moving in.
• Because now Maggie has a new friend.
  She missed her old friends.
• Because she could walk to town in Maine.
         Answers – Ch. 8
• Because they were worried that Sarah
  might leave them and go back home to
• Her chickens
          Answers – Ch. 9
• To feed Ol’ Bess and Jack
• Because they heard Sarah returning to the
  house in the wagon
• He said it was because Seal missed
  Sarah, but really he was just so happy to
  see her again and know that she wasn’t
  really leaving them

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