Xanadu Salon Spa by liaoqinmei


Cuts, Styling & Perms (Long Hair Extra)
Cuts Women ------------------------------------$25 & Up
with Style -Short-------------------------------- $35&Up
with Style - Medium ---------------------------$40&Up
with Style - Long $45&Up Men --------------$25&Up
Children (under 10 years old) ---------------$20 & Up
Wash & Set -------------------------------------$25 & Up
Wash & Blow Dry ------------------------------$25 & Up
Special Conditioning Treatment -------------------$20
Aromatherapy Oil Treatment ----------------------$20
Keratine Copola --------------------------------------$100
Short to Shoulders -----------------------------$65 & Up
Long ----------------------------------------------$85 & Up
Spiral Long Hair -----------------------By Consultation
Below Bra Line -------------------------By Consultation
Cut & Blow --------------------------------------Dry Extra
Fashion Up-Styles (Med-Long)------------- $35 & Up
Kids Fashion Up-Styles -----------------------$15 & Up
Straightening by Consultation --------------$65 & Up
Hair Color
Short/Medium/Long ------------$45/ $55/ $65 & Up
Retouch ----------------------------------------$45 to $55
Cut & Blow Dry --------------------------------------Extra
High Lights- - Low Lights
Full Head- Short/Medium/Long -----$65/$85/$120
Each Additional Color Mix --------------------------$10
Partial Crown (according to re-growth) --$55 & Up
Bleach Full Head - First Time
Short! Medium / Long -----------------$45/ $55/$15
Toner ------------------------------$25
Color Glaze ----------------------$35
Non Chemical High Lights (any color) - $10 each
Hair Extension Application
For added hair strength, volume, body & length,
we offer a diferent Extension Systems to fit your
Hair Extensions --------------------------------$10 Each
Full Head Hair Extensions.-----------By Consultation
Hair Extension Removal ----------------$50 per Hour
Hands & Feet
Full Manicure - Clean cuticles, soak, file,
massage & polish --------------------------------$20

French Manicure - Full Manicure with French
Polish ------------------------------------------------$25

Paraffin Manicure - Clean cuticles, soak, file,
paraffin application, massage & polish ----$30

Exfoliating Manicure - Clean cuticles, soak tile
& exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin
cells, mask, moisturizing lotion massage &
polish -----------------------------------------------$30

Deluxe Manicure - Includes paraffin and mask

Full Pedicure - Clean, soak, file, dean calluses,
massage & polish or buff ----------------------$35

Hot Stone Pedicure - Same as Full Pedicure
with stimulating Hot Stone Massage -------$40

Exfoliating Pedicure - Same as the Full
Pedicure with an alpha hydroxyl acid
exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin
cells, mask, & massage with moisturizing
lotion ------------------------------------------------$45

Deluxe Pedicure - Paraffin, mask, and hot
stone massage ------------------------------------$50
Transforming Facials
All Dermalogica Facial Treatments include face
mapping, massage of neck, shoulders, arms & hands.

Petite Facial - For those with less time, this treatment
efficiently addresses your skin, nourishing & hydrating
it quickly & effectively -----------------------30 mins - $45

Classic Facial - This revitalizing treatment begins with
a deep cleansing followed by an exfoliant to remove
dead skin cells, then steam & an individualized mask
while hands experience a massage treatment. To
complete the treatment, a moisturizing cream is
applied to moisturize & re veal your skin’s natural
healthy glow -----------------------------------50 mins - $ 60

Aromatherapy Facial - A sensory experience using
organically grown aromatherapy products. A
traditional European facial, combining cleansing,
nourishing & hydrating with aromatherapy while
individually customized
for all skin types -------------------------------60 mins - $75

Purifying Facial - A traditional European facial,
targeting all aspects of problem skin. Corrective &
non- irritating products are used that respect the
cutaneous balance of the skin. This is designed for oily
& problem skins. Extractions also, if necessary                   --
------------------------------------------------------80 mins - $90

Teen Bloom Facial - It’s never too early to begin
prevention! This package includes exfoliation,
extractions, deep cleansing facial massage.---------------
------------------------------------------------------50 mins - $60
Men’s Fitness Facial - A therapeutic facial designed
especially for the needs of men---------------50 mins $60

Dermalogica Classic Facial Packages (Prepaid)
3 Sessions $165
6 Sessions $300
10 Sessions $450
Transforming Facials
Beautiful Back Facial Treatment - This treatment is
designed specifically for your back & shoulders. All of
the aspects of our Deep Cleansing Facial are included
along with our hand & foot paraffin treatment ---------
-----------------------------------------------------60 mins - $60

Facial Upgrades
Eye Contour Two-Step Treatment - This two-step
application k designed to treat eye puffiness &
wrinkles. Pure collagen diminishes fine lines while
Gingko Biloba calms & soothes puffiness. Perfect for
tired eyes -----------------------------------------------------$30

Dermabrasion $95, Series of 6: $450
Oxygen Facial $95, Series of 6: $450

Packages can be customized to meet your needs.
Spayourself or someone very special with “The
ultimate Spa Day” or one of our many other never-to-
be-forgotten indulgences for both women & men.

The Ultimate Spa Day — You deserves this! Your day
begins with Full Body Scrub (Polish) & full Massage,
then a Revitalizing Facial Manicure & Pedicure,
followed by a Brow Arch ----------------------5 hours$199

For Men Only - This is your opportunity to relax & be
pampered starting with our Men’s Facial energizing
Sea Salt Scrub, Full Body Massage & Manicure,
leaving you relaxed & confident ----------3 hours - $150

Seventh Heaven - A head-to-toe treatment beginning
with our Facial followed by a Therapeutic Massage,
then relax & receive a spectacular Manicure &
Pedicure -----------------------------------------4 hours- $150

The Pace Maker - This package includes an uplifting
Facial, any of our exfoliating Body Scrubs, our Xanadu
Sampler Full Body Massage. Pedicure & Manicure, ----
-----------------------------------------------------5 hours - $199

Twice as Nice - Beginning with a nourishing Body
Scrub, your treatment continues with our Xanadu
Sampler to create a unique treatment that sooths &
energizes -----------------------------------1.5 hours - $95

A Chance to Share - Bring a friend or loved one. Each
will receive a Body Polish Scrub followed by a Xanadu
Sampler massage & then finish with a manicure &
pedicure ----------------------------------------3 hours - $260

Full Body Sampler - Exfoliating Body Treatment,
Body Wrap, 34 hour massage, petite facial & foot ret
lexology ------------------------------------------3 hours-$150

The Quick Fix - Take a break Relax & enjoy a 1/2 hour
massage &a 1/2 hour facial --------------------1 hour-$80
Spa Packages can be custom designed especially for
you or someone you love. Gratuity not included.
Massage &Treatments
Swedish - A soothing relaxing treatment
employing European techniques of stroking, kneading,
percussion & friction to increase circulation & relieve
tension ---------------------------50 mins-$60, 75 mins-$85

Lymphatic - A relaxing massage utilizing lymphatic
drainage techniques & aromatic oils that directly
affect the physical, mental & emotional state of the
mind & body --------------------50 mins -$60,75 mins-$85

Deep Tissue - Neuromuscular & acupressure
techniques applied full body or as spot treatment to
release deep chronic tension & restore flexibility--------
-----------------------------------5Omins -$85, 75mins -$105

The Xanadu Sampler Integrated Massage - A
wonderful blending of techniques. This is our most
popular massage. If you can’t decide, this is your best
choice. Enjoy a selected combination of the above
mentioned techniques ------50 mins-$85, 75 mins $105

Hot Stone Massage - Heated stones are used to melt
away muscle tension & stimulate energy centers -------
-----------------------------------50 mins -$95, 75mins -$120

Reflexology - This massage is based on a theory that
certain zones in the feet correspond to specific areas
of the body, concentrating on the soles of the feet to
provide relief throughout the body -------30 mins - $40

Massage Packages (Prepaid)
3 Sessions $165
6 Sessions $300
Alpha Spa Body Capsule ($15 to $45) for relaxation &
detoxification may be added to any treatment, please
Reductive Sculpting
Inch Loss Treatments

Synergie TM Cellulite Reduction Program — The
Synergie Lifestyle System k the alternative, non1nvasive,
comfortable approach to achieving your health & beauty
goals. This treatment is a comprehensive program that
attacks those problem cellulite areas around the thighs,
hips, & buttocks. Synergie’s painless, invigorating, deep
massage trims away the inches & helps you feel great 1
Treatment ---------------------------------------(45mins) -$75
----16 Treatments (30 mins each) - $600 (Includes Suit)

Universal Contour Wrap & Body Capsule - The contour
wrap is an effective way to achieve inch reduction,
detoxify the body, cleanse the skin, combat cellulite, &
leave you feeling totally rejuvenated with a wonderfully
smooth & silkier skin texture. Then, lay within the
Sybaritic Alpha 20l0 body capsule. Your skin is treated to
the cleansing power of a dry sauna while you float on a
perfect(y contoured ergonomic bet! Vibratory massage
& aromatics calm your body & stimulates your senses
for the ultimate in health, beauty & relaxation.
Lose 10-12 total inches ---------------------2 Hours - $115
Body Toning
Plaster Wrap A simple & proven technique to

isolate & treat specific areas for inch loss. Such
as the stomach area, thighs, calves, upper
aims (2 wraps/session).
1 Session $95 Each
3 Sessions $250 Total
5 Sessions $350 Total
6 Sessions $400 Total
(additional wrap per session at $20 each)

Wine Therapy Wrap 60 mins - $75
Cold Compress Wrap 60 mins - $75
Hot Reductive Wrap 60 mins - $75
Hydrating Reductive Wrap 60 mins - $75
Mineral Wrap 60 mins - $75
Seaweed Wrap 60 mins - $75
MLIS Detox Wrap 60 mins - $75
*Series of 10 Packages for each above 6
Wraps:.. $600

Intense Reductive Treatment - Full body
exfoliation, Synergie 45 minute massage,
detoxifying session in Alpha 2010 Capsule,
body wrap & plaster wrap --------------------------
--------------------------------(3 hour package) $250
All Wrap Treatments include exfoliation and
Alpha 2010
Wellness Program

30 Days Wellness & Detoxification Program - The
30 day stillness & detoxification program has been
designed to cleanse the body of toxins, mucus and
other waste material in the intestinal tract and other
vital organs of your body.
You will experience a feeling of overall wellbeing
and clarity the detoxification process is enormously
beneficial and is a vital component to all our stillness
programs offered.
Wellness Package Includes:
I - M’Lis Detoxification Kit
2-Body Buffs
2- M’Lis Detoxification Lymphatic Body Wraps
2- Full Body Massages

--------------------------------------------------All for only $299

Weight Reduction
Program - The weight reduction
Weight Reduction Program
program ft designed to get to the root of weight-
related problems and aid in the improvement of
overall health. Our program ft NOT considered to be
a diet. It ft a lifestyle change designed to assist you in
weight loss and your ability to keep the weight off. In
addition to losing body fat, energy is elevated, blood
sugar is stabilized and overall health is enhanced
—Weight Reduction Package Includes:
2- M’Lis Detoxification Kit
4-M’Lis Body Wraps
I - Slender-Aid Treatment
4-Aqua Detoxification Treatments

--------------------------------------------------All for only $425
Cellulite Program
Cellulite — Wizen the body’s circulation and
elimination become impaired, toxins and wastes are
trapped hi vulnerable fatty cells of the connective
tissue, instead of being expelled through normal
means. Over a period of time, these wastes harden
and form cellulite. No amount of dieting or exercise
can dislodge them.

Xanadu Salon & Spa incorporates body wraps, a
superior inch loss program, that works in conjunction
with the detoxification program. The will enable you
to lose excess inches weight. If weight is loss is not
a desired goal, the program will enable you to lose
cellulite and tone your body.

Once caloric intake has been reduced and the body is
cleared of toxins, our inch hiss process can be applied
to help contour your body. This process aids in the
removal of cellulite and in the restoration of elasticity.

Cellulite Package Includes:
1- M’Lic Detoxification Kit
4- M’Lis Body Wraps
2-M’LE Body Buffs
8-Aqua Detoxification Treatments
16- Synergie Full Body Massages
All for only $999
   Thermal Treatments
Dermalogica Thermal Body Treatments
Encourage skin health while providing the results
you want to see in your skin.

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy
Your skin will be polished to a soft glow while
providing critical hydration and nourishment -------
-----------------------------------------------30 Mins - $45

Body Foliation Therapy
Gentle, customized exfoliation that will smooth
and brighten your skin -----------------45 Mins - $55

Power Recovery Therapy
An intense wrap therapy dedicated to feeding
your skin with the nourishment it craves for
optimal health and well-being --------60 Mins . $95

Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy
This treatment stimulates circulation while
smoothing the skin with this body wrap therapy
that promotes all over toning. --------60 Mins . $95

Mud Massage Therapy
A unique and exotic detoxifying treatment that
cleanses the skin while conditioning and fortifying
your skin with ant-oxidants -----------60 Mins . $95

Deep Thermal Therapy with Thermal Stamp
this process was inspired by 14th century Thai
therapy treatment practitioners. The treatment
utilizes a unique fabric stamp filled with skin-
benefiting ingredients and the power of heat to
detoxify, re-mineralize, de-stress, exfoliate and
relax --------------------------------------120 Mins- $l50
Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old East Indian Health
tradition that combines the mind, body & spirit in
order to detoxify & balance your sense of well being.
By applying herbs &oils designed especially for your
constitution to the energy points on your body, you
will leave any of these treatments feeling calmed &

Bindi Herbal Body Treatment - Using a blend of
herbs and oils personally selected for you, this
Ayurvedic treatment will bring the body into balance
by providing nourishment to the skin, profound
relaxation to the central nervous system, & quiet
peace to the mind & soul This serenity is accomplished
through gentle exfoliation of crushed warm herbs
followed by a light warm oil body massage. Together
these techniques improve circulation which releases
energy blockages & transports you to a heightened
sense of well being--------------------------90 mins - $105
Shirodhara Therapy - The Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic
therapy which begins with a stream of dripping
warm oil to help dear your energy channels & bring
an inner peace & balance to your emotion. A warm
infused oil & herbal rinse is massaged into the hair &
scalp to help nourish condition & promote relaxation.
Experience this ultimate mind & body rejuvenation ----
------------------------------------------------------60 mins - $85

Nirvana — The Nirvana (ultimate bliss) is a deluxe
Ayurvedic package which includes the Shirodhara
& the Bindi Herbal Body Treatment. These powerful
purification & rejuvenation therapies combined create
the ultimate experience that surpasses alt bringing
balance to your weary mind, body, & soul ----------------
--------------------------------------------------120 mins - $150

Elemental Balancing — Based on Ayurveda, this
massage is for the person who is weary in body mind,
& spirit. This full body massage combines classic
Swedish massage & ancient formulas of therapeutic
herbal infused oils, which are selected for you
individual needs to restore balance to your well being
-----------------------------------------------------60 mins - $80
Make Up
Regular Makeup --------------------------------------------$25
Air Brush Special Event Makeup ------------------------$45
Eyelashes 1x1 -----------------------------------------------$20
Special Semi-Permanent Lashes -------------$45 to $120

Specialty Additions                                                Spa & Salon
Alpha Body Capsule --------------------$15 to $45 Xanadu offers a wide range of services & treatments
Oxygen Cocktails -----------------------------------$5 to $30
                                                                   to care for you from head-to-toe. We will pamper
Aqua Detoxification Treatment ------------30 Mins - $30
                                                                   you in an environment that will leave you satisfied,
Total Make Over -------------------------------Upon Request
                                                                   relaxed, & pleased with the results. Our therapists are
“Girls Night Out” (6 Girls Min). Includes a choice of
                                                                   trained hi restoring energy healing your mind, body
mini treatments: facials, hand and feet treatments,
                                                                   & soul leaving you with a feeling of balance & well-
massage, and hair treatments------- 3 Hrs, $95/person
                                                                   being. Our stylists are experienced & artists in the
                                                                   latest trends in hair styling.
                                                                   Give the ultimate gift of beauty& wellness. Our gift
                                                                   certificates can he used for any service or dollar
                                                                   amount, as well as any Spa Packages. Spa Days can
                                                                   be arranged for large or small groups, Bridal Parties,
                                                                   Birthdays, or any special occasion. Spa catering is also

                                                                   Let Xanadu be your choice for a full service salon &
                                                                   spa centrally located within Tucson.
Body Wraps circulation,
Sea Mud Wrap — Helps to stimulate
eliminate toxins & relieve stress. Exfoliates &
enhances the skin making it smooth & soft. A series of
                                                               & then wrapped with warm linens. This treatment will
4 to 6 weekly treatments is ideal for conditioning-------
                                                               leave your skin soft, supple & nourished --30 mins $45
-----------------------------------------------------60 mins - $75
                                                               Scalp Treatment - A peppermint is applied to the
                                                               head using a massage technique that relaxes,
Black Mud Wrap - 100% pure mineral-rich Black Mud stimulates & tones the scalp. This treatment Is great
used to reduce muscular aches & helps troubled skin.           when combined with any one of our body wraps -$20
It relaxes you & gives your skin a healthy, youthful           (Scalp Treatment available only when combined with
appearance ---------------------------------------60 min - $75 any other spa treatment).
                                                                     Seaweed Body Wrap — Our seaweed body wrap
Herbal Wrap — This wrap detoxifies the body &                        is a wonderful gift to the skin. Allow your skin to
rehydrates your skin. First, a warm linen wrap soaked                hydrate & replenish with the natural elements found
in herbal pre-treated sheets will increase perspiration,             hi seaweed. Your journey will begin with a light scrub
help eliminate toxins & impurities; relax your muscles,              & then a wrap in warmed towels. The final touch
& hydrate your skin ---------------------------30 mins - $45         will be an indulging application of our extraordinary
                                                                     moisturizing lotion. Begin your journey today -----------
                                                                     -------------------------------------------------------60 mins $75
Aromatherapy Wrap — Allow the healing properties
of essential oils to smooth & enrich your skin. A
natural blend of essential oils first applied to the body
Permanent Makeup
How one feel about their own appearance may affect
their whole outlook on daily life. Though beauty may
                                                         Applications of Permanent Makeup:
only be skin deep, the way we feel about ourselves run
even deeper. Permanent Makeup is rapidly becoming        Eyebrows - can be tilled in & recreated with colors &
the preferred choice of active & physically challenged   shape to appear natural. For those with sparse or no
people wishing to avoid the expense & trouble of         eyebrows, this procedure is an excellent choice. Avoid
applying makeup every morning, or many times a day       the inconvenience of perspiring or rubbing off brow
to enhance one’s personal appearance.                    makeup.
Permanent Makeup uses a hypo-allergenic,
natural iron oxide pigment designed specifically         Eyeliner - lashes can be enhanced or liner applied to
for application to the face through the use of an        your wish. This procedure is extremely beneficial to
extremely mild probe to apply the micropigment into      those who have lost most of their lashes.
the uppermost dermal layer of the skin.

                                                         Lip liner - can be applied to enhance or redefine the
                                                         outline of the lips for feature redefinition & fuller

                                                         Full Lip Color - can put needed color back into faded
                                                         lifts and is perfect for those who want to look great
                                                         even after swimming or just waking up.

Eyebrows $300
Eye Liner, Full / Top / Lover $300/ $200 / $150
Lip Liner $250
Full Lips $400
Birthmarks & Scars $25 to $100
Corrections for non-Xanadu work By Consultation
Includes one touch-up only.
Client has six months to complete treatment at no
extra charge.

Touchups after 6 months: $100

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