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Welcoming the New Roman Missal


									Welcoming the New
  Roman Missal
Suggested Parish and School
   Breakout Session for “Affinity Group”
          & Young Adult Leaders

   Breakout Session General Goals
     Review of the implementation timeline
     Present recommended/endorsed resources
     Consider “Common Opportunities/Challenges”
     Discuss specific issues in smaller groups that
      represent “particular areas of ministry”
First Some Common Opportunities

   Pattern your specific ministry response on the
    principles of all good liturgical catechesis.
   Develop plans that
     Precede
     Accompany
     Follow

    the Implementation of the New Roman Missal
   Foster Faith Sharing for all throughout!
    First Some Common Opportunities
   The Mass is not changing—the words of the prayers
    are—how ready is everyone to celebrate with full,
    conscious and active participation & understanding?
   Build on your existing foundations!
      Link to the Living Eucharist Initiative
                See resources at:
           Reinforce, Repeat or Implement the LE goals and formational
            opportunities like:
                Eucharist Source and Summit with small groups
                K-8 Textbook/Program Lesson Alignments to S & S
                Living Eucharist Podcast/DVD Sections of the Mass
     First Some Common Opportunities

   Emphasize Bible Connections—Liturgy of
    the Word. Helpful resources:
Stephen J. Binz, Lectio Divina Bible Study: The Mass in

      ↓                  &/or
                    Threshold Bible Study

     First Some Common Opportunities

   Emphasize the connection between Eucharist and
       Revised “Collects” will make this more explicit on many of the
        Sundays and weekdays when the readings provide the “teachable
   Carpe Liturgiam—opportunities to connect the New Roman
    Missal to familiar liturgical and catechetical events. For
       Catechetical Sunday—Proximate Education Begins?
       Respect Life Month—Eucharist Connects to the Poor and Vulnerable
       All Saints/All Souls—New saints on the liturgical calendar
       National Bible Week—1 Week before 1st Sunday of Advent
      Catechesis That Could Precede the
     Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Preparing Yourself and Co-Ministers is Job 1!
     Explore  the USCCB and DOSP Websites to see
      what is available for your education and the
      education of others.
     Purchase and Use Resources that suit your
      ministry setting best.
       Catechesis That Could Precede the
      Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Highlight your particular ministry opportunities on the
    timeline, program schedule and liturgical year.
   Your first acts of catechesis are Adult Faith Formation.
    Properly prepared adults will be able to assist other adults,
    children and youth.
   Consider a structured AFF Process—a great resource is
    available from Liturgy Training Publications or OSV.
      Catechesis That Could Precede the
     Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Each Parish Received a Copy of
    this resource available from
     See pages 11-14 for Calendar Suggestions.
     See pages 14-21 for ministry setting/audience
      specific suggestions.
     See the reproducible worksheets and handouts on
      pages 31-44
     See the reproducible masters in appendices A-F.
     Catechesis That Could Precede the
    Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Here are some common themes in the
    suggestions for the specific ministries:
     Capitalize on gathered and non-gathered
      learning opportunities including Internet
      technology, Websites, e-mail and social
      networking sites.
     Differentiate your audiences-they have
      different needs, memories of previous texts,
      “agendas”. Don’t impose additional
      “agendas” that may not be organically those
      of your group!
      Catechesis That Could Precede the
     Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Differentiate between remote and proximate
     In advance, you can firm up or establish the
      foundations, explore some topics in depth and
      broaden the context of these new prayer texts.
     Just before, you need to switch gears and stick
      to familiarizing and practicing the new texts as
     Do these in this order—don’t be premature with
      your proximate/immediate preparation .
      Catechesis That Could Precede the
     Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Resources for all ages/programs
     Catechesis That Could Precede the
    Implementation of the Roman Missal
   Don’t forget the resources you already use! For
     TextbookSeries, Program Materials, Online Services,
   Plan for next year’s Sacramental Preparation
    Programs—buy only materials that will contain
    the new translations for the programs that begin
    next school/pastoral/catechetical year. This year
    use what is currently in practice/available and
    contains current translation. Don’t jump the gun
    on this one!
Catechesis that Could Accompany
the Implementation Advent 2011
   Just before/along with provide definitions
    to some of the new “words.” See
    Appendix A in USCCB Parish Guide.
     Teachers/Catechists/Leaders     and adults in
      the pews—hard copy, website, etc.
     Inquire about liturgical/music plans to “ease
      into the new sung/spoken responses.” How
      can you help with this in advance and in your
         Catechesis that Should Follow the
    Implementation of the New Translation of the
                  Roman Missal

   Call it Mystagogy, Follow-Up or De-Briefing—
    whatever— just remember that the job is not done
    on November 27, 2011!
   During Advent 2011, continue advance opportunities
    to read/study collects, ongoing exploration of new
    vocabulary and in every setting, opportunities to do
    theological reflection on the prayers of the preceding
    and upcoming week. Echo the Faith that is Prayed!
          Lex Orandi-Lex Credendi-Lex Vivendi!
          As We Worship, We Believe and Live!
          Resources and References
 Diocesan Website—see Right
    Column/Home Page & Office of Worship Resources
 Direct Link to the Roman Missal
    Pages of the Bishop’s Conference Website
 Liturgy Training Publications
 Liturgical Publications Inc.
 Stephen Binz Scripture Publications
 Renew International
 Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions
 National Conference for Catechetical
 National Federation for Catholic Youth
 National Catholic Young Adult Ministry
 Our Sunday Visitor Publications

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