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					Snack Kids                                                   April 8, 2011

Monday- Hunter

Tuesday– Parker
Wednesday- Hudson
                                Our mission is to value all learners by nurturing, guiding, and
Thursday- Jaren                 challenging students to become lifelong readers, writers, and
                                respectful problem solvers.
Special points of interest:

  Monday is library day.
                                Morning Meeting
  Tuesday and Thursday are
    P.E. days.                          Our morning          lish and Spanish. They              In our morning
  April 21- Science Night       meetings start with sing-    are making weather ob-      message, we have focused
    The kids are working on     ing and greeting each oth-   servations and predic-      on punctuation, spaces
    an experiment that they     er. The kids are very re-    tions., counting lunches,   between words, and sight
    will present to you that    sponsible for doing their    kids, and days of school,   words. The kids are real-
    night. Mark your calen-     jobs and thinking about      setting a clock to a cer-   ly thinking as they read
    dars.                       the questions they want      tain time, and putting a    the message. They know
  April 21– We will travel to   to ask their classmates      certain amount of money     when something is missing
    the Art Center during       about their job. They are    up on the money chart.      or wrong and they also
    the school day. A per-      learning about the days      WOW!! That is a lot of      know how to fix it.
    mission slip is attached    of the week and months       learning!
    to your email.              of the year in both Eng-
  On the last day of school,
   we will have a kindergar-
   ten celebration at 1:00
                                Writing Workshop
   p.m. Mark your calen-
                                       The writers in        the different kinds of
                                room 1 have been learning    characters written about,
Singing and Movement
                                about writing mentors.       etc. We have invited
This week we have been
                                We have read a variety of    them to use a writing
singing songs and learning
                                books by John Butler,        mentor to guide their       writing for the teachers
the sign language to a song.
The kids have giggled and       Denise Fleming, and Don-     writing—not copy their      to read over the weekend.
wiggled a lot!!                 ald Crews. As the teach-     writing. Many of the kids   I am amazed each week
                                ers read, the kids are       are trying out different    by the writing I am read-
P.E.                            noticing what these au-      writing crafts introduced   ing! They are playing with
We have been doing Chi-         thors do with their books.   by these authors we read    words, adding punctuation
nese Jump Rope this week.       They have been noticing      and from other authors in   in interesting ways, add-
The kids are great jump-        the creative ways the        the room, including each    ing detailed pictures, and
ers! They are working           words are on the page,       other.                      writing many details.
with partners to hold the
                                how punctuation is used,              Each week the
ropes and working very
                                the repetition of words,     kids turn in a piece of
well as a team.
Kindergarten News                                                                                       Page 2

Reading Workshop
         Our shared book     vited to notice things in            During word
this week was One Cold,      the poem. They noticed       study, the kids have con-
Wet Night. Before read-      the punctuation (ellipses    tinued their work on word
ing, the kids made predic-   and commas), rhyme, and      families. They have
tions and activated their    how the author used the      worked with words that
background knowledge.        alphabet.                    have all the different
After reading, the kids              During guided        vowels in the middle. The
focused on retelling the     reading, the groups each     kids have sorted, record-
book to their partner.       have their own focus and     ed, practicing handwrit-
Retelling has been our       they read books together     ing, and played games
focus during shared read-    at their reading level.      with these words. They        Sue and Tim Himes,
ing and guided reading.      This week after reading,     are working hard and          Parker’s grandma
While retelling the kids     they all practiced retell-   learning so much each         and grandpa, bought
are focusing on the char-    ing the story to their       day!                          all the kids the I
acters, the setting, and     group. We discussed the
                                                                                        Like Me! Books they
trying to include all the    importance of retelling—
                                                                                        brought home last
important events.            it means the reader is
         Our new poem was    thinking while they are
                                                                                        Thursday. The
A, B, C, . . . Monkey up a   reading and making mean-                                   telephone pioneers
Tree. The kids were in-      ing.                                                       are people who have
                                                                                        retired from the
                                                                                        telephone company.
Math Workshop                                                                           They are now
                                                                                        volunteering with
        This week the        hexagon and they com-        needs to be taught. It is
                                                                                        things like this to
mathematicians in our        bined geoblocks to make      amazing to hear these
                                                                                        get books into the
room were finishing our      cubes and rectangular        five and six year olds talk
                                                                                        hands of kids.
unit on shapes. They         prisms. They also played     about spheres, rectangu-
made 3-D shapes with         a variety of games with      lar prisms, triangular        After the telephone
playdough and straws,        2-D and 3-D shapes. The      prisms, hexagons, trape-      pioneers and the
they matched the faces       teachers are assessing       zoids, rhombus, etc.          Himes’ passed out
of the geoblocks to two      the kids one-on-one and in                                 the books to the
dimensional mats, they       small groups to see what                                   kids, their 3rd and
combined a variety of        they know, what they are                                   4th grade reading
pattern blocks to make a     able to do, and what still                                 buddies read them
                                                                                        their book. The hum
Science                                                                                 of reading and
        This week in the
                                                                                        excitement in the
                             potheses and then did the    21. The kids decided on
science center, the kids     experiment. After the        different questions that      room was awesome!!
did an experiment with       experiment, the kids rec-    they will experiment with     Thanks Sue and Tim
Alka Seltzer, water, and a   orded their observations     starting next week.           for your generous
film canister. We start-     with both pictures and                                     contribution to the
ed the experiment by         words in their science                                     kids learning!
asking a question—Can we     notebooks. This is the
mix a solid and a liquid     first part of the experi-
together and make a gas?     ments we will be doing for
The kids made oral hy-       our science night on April

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