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									                   IVE / YC                                                Y5ZONE Wireless LAN Service outside VTC premises
                                                                           In collaboration with Y5ZONE, VTC Staff and Student can
    Student Network Services (Computer &                                                                                                      Forget Password
                                                                           now enjoy free wireless service in public areas such as IFC,
       Network Account, CNA) Services                                      McDonald’s, Starbucks etc. For details, please check with             1.    Go to the CNA’s Utilities login page and click the “Forget
                                                                           VTC wireless LAN webpage.                                                   Password” link by entering the following URL in your web
                                                                           http://wlan.vtc.edu.hk                                                      browser:
Services Available                                                                                                                                     http://cnatools.vtc.edu.hk
     E-mail Service
     All IVE & YC students will be provided with a CNA of            Account Activation
     200MB* storage capacity, together with an e-mail address,       If you have completed the self registration process
     for      communication         by   using     Web-mail.
                                                                     through "New Student Registration System", your
                                                                     CNA will be activated automatically in 48 hours. You
            *You should clear your mailbox regularly to ensure       do NOT need to activate your CNA. Otherwise,
            you could receive e-mails.
                                                                     please use the following link to activate it.
     Outside Campus Access
     With Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can access VTC’s        http://cnatools.vtc.edu.hk
     Network (e.g. Library, Student Intranet ...) through any
     Internet Service Provider (ISP) at home.                                                                                                    2.    Read and accept the Undertaking & Acceptable Use Policy
                                                                     CNA’s Utilities                                                                   of VTC IT Resources.
     Wireless Campus Access
     Wireless accesses Intranet and Internet services in specific
                                                                           Change Password
     areas (e.g. hall, library, canteen ...) of IVE(XXX) campus.           For security reason, you muct change your personal
                                                                           password at least 180 days. You can check VTC password
     Online Notes/Learning                                                 policy.
     An Online Teaching Facility in which your lecturers could put         http://infosec.vtc.edu.hk/passwordpolicy_e.htm
     notes or extra materials on the WebCT for the courses.
     http://webct.vtc.edu.hk                                               Change Personal Information
     IVE Student Web-based System                                          Change the personal information of your CNA.
     A web site provides online information and student services.
     Students can check their examination results online.
     http://www3.vtc.edu.hk                                                Forget Password
                                                                           Reset your password when you forget it.
     Use Smart Phone connect to mailbox                                                                                                           3.    Fill in all the required information and provide a strong
     New student email system will support students checking                                                                                            password with “OK” displayed and then click the
     their email through their smart phone (like Windows Mobile,                                                                                        “Activate” button.
     iPhone). Students need setup the phone as following.                  E-mail Alias
                                                                           Allow you to select an additional e-mail address which is easier
     User name : xxxxxxxx@stu.vtc.edu.hk                                   to remember.
     Password : Your CNA password
     Domain : vtc.hk
     Server : webmail.stu.vtc.edu.hk                                       All CNA’s Utilities can be accessed via the Internet.
     SSL : ON

     Reminder: Your network service provider may charge
     you for data transmission cost.
                                                                      4.   In “Do the following” choose “forward or redirect”.
                                                                                                                                          7.   Type your external email address (like hotmail or yahoo mail).

Mail Forward                                                                                                                              8.   Click the “Save” button.
1.   After login the Webmail, click the “Options” button in the top

                                                                      5.   Check “Forward the message to people or distribution lists”.

2.   Then click the “Rules” link.

                                                                                                                                          9.   Click “OK”

3.   Select “Create a new rule for arriving messages”.                6.   In Rule description, click “people or distribution lists”.

                                                                                                                                          E-mail Alias
1     After login the CNA’s Utilities, click the “Create E-mail
      Alias” link.                                                       Help
                                                                                There is a help page, which you could get more information
2     Check the information display on the screen, and press the                about the CNA’s Utilities.
      “Next Step >>” button if it is correct. Otherwise, please                 http://cnatools.vtc.edu.hk
      contact campus support.

3                                                                               If you have further questions and could not find the answers
                                                                                on the above help page, you could e-mail IVE/YC’s staff:

                                                                                Chai Wan                          cwitadm@vtc.edu.hk
                                                                                Lee Wai Lee                       lwlitadm@vtc.edu.hk
                                                                                Haking Wong / Billion Plaza
                                                                                Tsing Yi                          tyitadm@vtc.edu.hk
      Select an E-mail Alias and press the “Save Changes” button.               Morrison Hill                     mhitadm@vtc.edu.hk
                                                                                Tuen Mun                          tmitadm@vtc.edu.hk
4     Your student ID, E-mail Address and E-mail Alias will be
      displayed, which indicates your E-mail Alias is created                   Sha Tin                           stitadm@vtc.edu.hk
      successfully.                                                             Kwai Chung                        kcitadm@vtc.edu.hk

          a.     You can only choose ONE E-mail Alias, and you                  Kwun Tong                         ktitadm@vtc.edu.hk
                 are not able to change it once it is created.                  SBI                               sbiitadm@vtc.edu.hk
          b.     The E-mail Alias is for sending / receiving e-mail
                                                                                VTC YCM Senior Secondary
                 only. You still need to use your student number for                                              sssitadm@vtc.edu.hk
                 CNA login.
                                                                                VTC Youth College                 ycitadm@vtc.edu.hk
                                                                                Training Centres / Skill Centres
Check Mailbox Size                                                              Apprenticeship Units

1.     In the navigation pane, click Mail.
                                                                                Before you use our services, please read our guidelines and
2.     Point to your name at the top of the Mail folder list. A window
                                                                                regulations carefully on the following webpage:
appears that shows the current size of your mailbox and your mailbox
size limit.

                                                                                                   ~ END ~

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