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                             lew                                       'ay                         ernie

 By Kim and Jeannine                         l5y                                         By Amber
              Pretty in Pink stars Molly
                                                        This year's 1986 boys            "Who knows whet-e
    Ringwald as Andie Walsh, a
                                                   varsity basketball team made               Bernie goes               ."
    17 yea r-old "zoid", (a working
                                                   the district playoffs with
   class girl), who falls for Blane
                                                  :ha rd work ing and determi ned            A few of you may not
   McDonough (Andrew McCarthy)
                                                  'players.                              have known where Bernie
   a "richie." Zoids and richies
                                                        The honor of district play       disappeared to on one
   aren't supposed to mix, which
                                                   stat-ted with the Wildcats            Thursday, Friday, and over
   poses a problem when they
                                                   traveling to Toutle Lake,             the weekend.     Big Bernie
    want to go to the prom
                                                  'w here they wou Id meet the
          went to ST ATE in wrestling
    together.            How will this
                                                   White Pass Panthers in a
             for his thi rd yea r! !
   modern day Romeo and Juliet
                                                   hud fought game.           The   .
       In Moses Lake, he
   be able to please themselves
                                                   Cats lost a heart breaker In
         wrestled 3 times, and won
   and thei r friends?
                                               ,	 the final seconds, losing by           1 but lost 2.     Bernie did
              Crossroads stars Ralph
. Macchio as Eugene Martone,
                                                   only one point, 28-27.         To     g~t to show some of "his
                                                    top all scorers was Scott            stuff" this year.     Last year
   a guitarist whose desire to be
                                                    Ditter with 13 points.               when he went to state, he
   a respected blues musician
                                                        The second game was at           got hurt by dislocating his
   sends him to the deep South.
                                                    Kelso against Kalama.        This    shou Ider, and he went as
   He teams up with Wi Ilie
                                                    is where Ocosta ended their          an alternate his freshman
i B~n, an aged harmonica                            season with 10 wins and 11
I pi             .=r. During thei: travels,                                              year.   Before he went to
                                                I   losses.     The Cats were shoot­     state Bernie had a record of
: they meet a street-wise                       ·	 ing cold and Kalama was hot.
   runaway (Jami Gertz) and an
                                                          26 wins, 3 losses.
                                                    Kalama won the contest by                He was our only Ocosta
   evil guitar wizard.               Together

                                                    a score of 64-40, which              wrestler to make it to state
   the two search for the secret

                                                    eliminated the Cats from the         this year!    So if you see
  of gt-eat blues music and

                                                    playoffs.                            big Bernie in the haJJ, pop
   Eugene learns some hard
                     I       The i ndividwd \ota I
                                                                             him on the back and tell
                                                   scoring is 3<; follows:               him, "Good Job:"
             Down and Out in Beverly               Scott Ditter-27 points, Brian
   Hills stars Richard Dreyfuss,
   Bette Midler, and Nick Norte.
                                                   Schlegel-16 points, Scott                      track
                                                   Devereaux-10 points, Todd
   Richard a nd Bette are                           B ridge-6 poi nts, Joe Arn~t-           I t's that time of the year
  married.              He's a red-hot             4 points, ~arl Waara-2 pOints,        again.      Yes it's track Ume
  manufacturer of clothes hangers : !:3 ria n Sa u 1- 1 po in t , and
                   This year's Ocosta Hi<]h
  by day, who's having an                        · Sonny Papka-l point.
                 T rack Team is big and
  affair with his housemaid by                          The head coach of the
           energetic!       Both boys and
  night.              Bette visits a shrink      ; Wildcats said that it was a
          girls are loaded with under'­
  and doesn't seem to notice her                   good experience for all the
          cJassmen and seniors.          The
  daug hter' s anorexic and her                    players and was happy that
           boys' team is led b'j Scott
  son is obsessed with lip gloss                 · the seniors were able to
             Devereaux and the gi,-ls'
 and tutus.                Who could burst       I make it to district.
                 by Lisa Avila.
  thei r bubble in Beverly Hills?                             j    Wild ts l
               The first meet wil; be
        ick Nolte, of course, who
                                                       held on March 21 st at
  plays a rau nchy, beer-bu rpins
                   he Color Purple stars
                                                                                         Steilacoom with Foster and
  dr~out who drops into the
                     Whoopi Goldberg as Celie, a
                                                                                         Seattle Lutheran.          The
  fa' y pool for a suicidal dip.
               country black girl who is
                                                                                         Ocosta Invitational, at Millel­
  No .. e is then given run of the
 treated with incredible cruelty                      Jr. High will be held March
  house by do-gooder Dreyfuss,
 by her father, her husband,                              29th, with the first home
 and before long, the wild­ 
                   and everyone else. The;
                                                point of this toucnms st~ry
             meet on Apri I 17th.
  bearded slob is a clean-shaven
                                                             By L i <"" an d K a r rI
  J.-. ' • -;·t:-    The H ii' • -"' ~          is watching Celie grow With

                                                 lridy and P3ula
By Jeclr1nine

     ThIS friendly senior gal
 was b lrn in Louisiana on
                                   Tl: Coal mi.~r's dau~hter
July J ,1968.      Her future      " Little ~1jss D",:lger.ous"
plans include going to flight,
                                   From: Volvo
school in Miami, Florida and
becoming a ticket agent for        To; Salu
an air nes.     She currently      'I   are to do StLpid
                                         •                           I

                                   ~ro;;]: Val
works .IS a receptionist for
an accouting fit'm in Aberdeen.
     She descri bes her perfect    To: Jennifer
mate as being considerate,         "Forever Y 'I:S"
thought ful, sensitive, and        From: Roo
havin~; a CJood sense of humor.
Her favorite hobbies include       To: Becca                             CROSSW
hOI'ses, going out with friends,   "Rough Boy"
movies, and talking with           From: Bub
    Her best experience in
                                                                         ANSW RS
high school was being a            "Hanging on"
cheerleader and being a            From: Rodness
Homecoming pi~incess both
her junior and senior years.       To: State-bound tracksters
Her most pri zed possessions       "Let';s~go all "the way"
are her family and friends.        From: The Elusive Quabster
    She loves pizza and Pepsi
and enjoys watching all            To: Jen
spol'ts, especially football,      "That's what friends are for"
basketball, and volleyball.        From: Your Bud
I f her dream car came true,
she'd be cruising around in        To:, All other track teams
3 red Lamborghini, jammin '
                                   " Another one B the:: Dust"
out to Heart, her favorite         From: The 1costa Track Team
gt-OUp, or the song, "Sara".
    Her favorite television        To: Mr. Bielec
                                                                              S    -FF
                                                                            BY $HOI\O
show is the New Newlywed           "Give Me A Break"
Came and she loves to laugh        "From: 9 Lives                         Editor-Roger Nyhus
~t her favorite star, the
hilarious Eddie Murphy.                                                   Lisa Avila
This senior's pet peeves           To: Beth
                                   " High on You"                         Sherri Bowe
are backstabbers, users, and                                              Cindy Oblad
immature freshman girls.           From: Ramo

                                                                          Paula COVJles
    This senior is the one and                                            Karri Heikkila
only Nickie Ross!     Good luck    To:       H   11 v

                                         StLJl            'ng You"        S ho ko Ornor j~
with your job and with the          'I

                                                                          Nickie Ross
future, Nickie!                    "" ro : S '::     t.
                                                                          Rod Bell
                                                                          Jeannine Erickson
                                                                          Kim Barker
                                                                          Amber Lundgren
                                                                          Bill Wade
                                                                          Larry Tisdale
                                                                          Randi Jensen
                                                                          Sara Schroeder
                                                                                    IF·   iI.                                                        i" • •                  em     .'P

                                                                                                A                               SE
                                                                                                                                                              By Kim and Jeannine

                                                                                                                                                              1.      "L.,:yrie"-I\~r,

        ~   '.,LO   lr~                                                   ,-'~t                           r.J       ,..,
'.'V:   ~ ''=1"';1 nml
                        " ri
        Tf vou p,o to u.. · :.. \.ries t                                  t·
       ~~hL,l<     , Gme-ri
:,       :1 ~Uy' \,.1 t ~ g ~cl t"," ks,

                                                                                                                                                              3.      "L1 \\ \','ill I Know?"-­
r ia.        ~·;"dy)        .~I.-1     g r~E-':L:s eye'::,                        . r.    r     h.,. '~         ~   '.          1       \     (; ~
                                                                                                                                                                      ':,'~" i tn e '1' Hou s ton
V(ILl       ~"n'          L!..:     lll~i.1.'~~i!·l~!dlt                  (" lln_,. e ,-..           Ill)           I      "   '<l   t ," ,
bc , :.. - Rl,b                   ;_0\"1::   is -",   - i ~J<,_~~::       ""Jmr I~r i ~ j nr                               d hu i(,
                                                                                                                                                              4, "-:-hese Dl-eams"-Heart
 f t ..:. fin~.                                                           '-n" "in ~:l     =                        ilJ.

            l..'~           Goki,e 'Lt:.k ',' pl Y'-~'                    :~o;.l:'ti.mes          11,,,,_           A,lnut              1()['~

                                                                                                                                                              5.      "Secret Love1"s"-Atlantic
                  chc.lces in .i e,
                    ttiO                                                   in th           ummel' t.i ,teo    In
                                                                                                                                                                      S ta I'"
to ,~:'ly hoc' ")-" 'r f r...                                             '..· ·nter, e SQL             I. SIl .-:

          "j-b is al so gCA'd il                                          nD ul r.",j Ceo          Ih       1 k of

                                                                                                                                                              6. "Silent Running"-Mike
his ..    rt mouth ~.i~"t: nfl.                                            ';       p pulat'on .ives in
                                                                                                                                                                      {;      The ;'.'\echanics
Alth ugh it tol O~_ ;~e s' e                                               this area.

 >dttern ~;s Rockies 1,2,3, ; d                                                   , kk id0, Japa 's

                                                                                                                                                              7.      "The S",eetest Taboo"­
:"  \-:e cdl1 never ge: tired of                                          nort' ern ost i.s " , [as
t.lw excitement and thrill of                                             \'~:::-y col" ".1.       to. S.   Temp r­
seei!:'" hG •..;it"l as 1 ittle                                            aturesfa~          bel 01,' f c_zing
                                              8.      II L: vi ng in America"­
cloc: ~s on as possible. But       .                             I
                                                                          for at Inasto r m 1 hs                                                                      James Brown
of \'ourse the real re so 1 1.t                                       S    -,uring the Io'i lel' and

gool is r.ecause .l.t has e '91'Y-                                         sno",,·fal is heavy.

                                                                                                                                                              9.      ';Life In A Northel-n Town ll
thin,.; cCJcedy, excit.ement, .                                                  ,:':lF a n receives more tha,
                                                                                                                                                                      - D ,'ea m Academy
romance, and it leaves you                                                ade,,' ate moisture, either

with the feeling of wanting                                               as rain or snow.                During
                                             10.           "King !-or A Day"­
 to play hockey.                                                          Sept ber severe storms                                                                            Thomt:::;on Twins
    It's a great no ie a,10 Rob                                           ::-2.1          tY'hoo s sam tj,es

is even i,;reater but don't                                                   ri')g              ;:;in- n

                                                                                                                                                              Ever \·vone<,:r what the top
take 'lI" ,... 'ord fer it, ~o and                                        "'ind,,,.                                                                           songs are ::1 other' countries~
s~~ it YGurse [,

                                                                                                                                                              Btitian- ' ... ''':'1) The Going
                                                                                                                                                                   Gets -,-o'.1gh" Billy Ocean

                                                                                                                                                              Can;JJa "Tf a. :; VJhat Friends
                                                                                                                                                          --::\i-=-e-f ,,_IIirmne & Frierlds

                                                                                                                                                              Aus              ,li;J-"T            3"',   I'\'hat
                                                                                                                                                          ~I                   nos        :,\t"E    ,=r:!-II-Dionne (,
                                                                                                                                                                   FI ; nds

                                                                                                                                                              F,-anc ··"L'A,zi7a"-Daniel

                                                                                                                                                              Unit:.: J__,Kjngdo~' "Take On V'e"
                                                                                                                                                                   /'"\ -   !··~a

L-_ _- - - - - - - - - - - - - - . - ..-, . 




                                                                                                                              By.        Paula and Cindy
                                                                     by R<:ndi 1: Pallia
                                                                                                                                    I.: ~.!- '--'--_._-------­
                                                                                                                                            /, R ACT [f{ 1ST I C ~
        Ie n~.,;J1ts are out! I Nine                          C H iCl, f~ /\ '.: - [, h' I ::; " I C S •
         'dent- fl-om ()costa junior!                                                                                         f::3i,'thdi:l,<              'JdJ
          nior . ,igh School recE:ived                                                                                        P I a\." (\ f             [;: ve n: tt
                                                                                                                                                   ') j " t h :
                                                              IJ - de'            '1
         J's f'H the fil~st se.n~;ter·,
                                                                                                                              Hoi h j ,:-! ~ : In us ie, I) i ~~ I n g ,
I:'      ,lnn:rw EI:ckson and. c~oger

                                                              hi i ~l ~) I 10 "

                                                                                                                              ,'efinisntnq oie! furnitur-e
~    ;\ .. ', AS \·.'e'·: the onlY S~.:nH)I"3.                                                                                Favorite f~od:           Hot FudS'Je
                                                              E;   yes:     D      <'""N   n
                                 3un(l. es
       \; ... p, ,I" i ,. and ;·)lIerr'                       -'!X.       \1,.-   Ii-'

                iTla h~ ( lJ the tor) ~:)r                                                                                    ',\0 'i~:           ,\' :in froni      Sn ',','\'y   .

                 ,'.      'Ini fer" ~ rot.".. :"':'hofr,                                                                      =(,i \. "= ­
               L!iLh' (, Jacqui·                                                                                                ar:   Rolls Royce
  Phi'              UIr     Do,.' g J u : n h y                                                                              Son 9 ;     " You did U~ e ,: L 5 t
  ",~' l";          on i SCph.JHHH-.:S.                       '(lod. Chinese                                                 that :Iou coule! c!L.)"
   T"e en: Ju lir Hillh C'~u(lent                             (kink. Pepsi                                                   Saying:         "Sit dow" an - be
    ,,1,0 a .111':,ve·: ", !" 0 -ViI,'> A.ill Y              actor: Cheech E Chong                                           :luiet! ! "

; ':. '" h I, <': 5 ~ V e, II h Dr d cJ _f' ,                 nJovie.           Buck tu the r-:u tu                no'   I   ,-'lace:     t1(Jme

  11 e folic;,I:inl <;tudPllt'3 ma,.'::!                      ~,v.   show: Cosby's                                           Student;         \jike '\\cElliott
  n",or rolf IJy havi .r' a 3,1,                              It':achet'; "'irs. Garrett                                     Det pee'.',:::      I/like o..teElliott
     .:~' i ' G ~)ove   C ~,A.                                ~,port: 4- Wheel i n                                           T. V. show:           V\ho's the
                                                              season: summer                                                 Boss?
     SENIORS:                                                color': blue                                                    Past time;                  Eating and
                                                             group: Bryan Adams                                              Gardening                                             l
     1-< im Barker, Susan Carthurn,                          song: 1'Jevef­                                                  How long have you been     I
     Kelly f< it(~, Michelle L.ang,                          car: Toyota L.C.                                                teaching at Ocosta? 2 YI's ~
     Joe Arndt, ,A.mb'>1· !_und,~ren,                        pet peeve: Stuck up people
  :noko Omori, ~J,ic. ·i.? Ross,                             saying: l!L.ate!~!I                                             Do you like it here? 'I It
  r'o elle Braley, L: .:3 Aviia,                                                                                             has been a change from
       ,id Do' Ie, Jen;, Doyle,                                                                                              Eastern ~Vashi ngton but
, Diil-11-'e Manchestc,', Scott                                                                                              it is gt-owing                on     me: f
          'ea:x, Sco"           Ditter,
          ,y .< i e tel, ; ~ II Y La n e ,                                                                                    I f you could change some­
,r\i Loniayo, Scoit Quinby                                                                                                   thing at Ocosta, what wClL:,d
      nd 8f i ','<'a de .                                                                                                    you Crlange? 'I Students
                                                                                                                             study habi ts.   I wou Id like
                                                                                                                             all students to have a 4.00,'
                                                                                                                             but more importantly, I
     - indy Oblad, B I'ian Sau i,                                                                                            \,vould like them to learn
                                                                                                                                         .         /t'
     h.JYTle Heikkila, Ray Kr'ause,                                                                                          sorne1.hln9,
     l~:liOi   Demore, Scott :\',2"­
     chesh'r', Matt Byers, Kim                             fl\-_......                          ......-.._ _. ._~.}',·hat             are your future plans?
     Davis, Wendy Hoara, Paula                               Ff-\ESf-',\\EN:                                                 To have a nice peaceful
,!                                                                                                                           summel"
I    Cowlp:>, Sa"a SChl-of'der and
     R,ichzj}'d T i sdu Ie,                                  Cd)"rie Ceder'gl"eE'n, K€ rr i
                                                                                                If you haven't guessed by

                                                             Hol!ingswor-th, Robert Holt,
     SOP\-! O,\-~OR ES:                                      Wendy Nonnan, Dan"en               now who this teachej" is,
                                                                                                it is our orw and only
                                                            Barker, Doti s Ding man , I. . a ra
     Kim !\lcQuarrie, Beth Hazen,
                                                              Horne Econo'ilics teacher',
                                                            f-'lunter, Julie Lougheed, .<im
     Lynn l<.ebs, Shawn Tobin,
                                                                     ,\1,'s. WCJ n,ess! ! I !
                                                            Coodrich, Diane Kad yk,
     Dr:twn Peek, Lisa Hi9ley,

                                                            Robin Oblad, Theresa Treece,
     Ca ,'I Waara,        (_uke Bolinger,

                                                            Kur't Godfrey, Amy Graham,
     Todd Bridge, and Gary
                                                            Wendy Han'ow, Tr'oy Phillips"
                                                            and Bobette.Sullivan.
          car of the                                                              By Randi Jensen
                                           senior review

           rno th                                                                 This senior boy was born
                                              by Rod Bell                    in the marvelous city of
               By Bill and Kim                                               Aberdeen, Vvashington.
                                            This Senior girl was             His current job is cutting
          This month's car IS not a     born in the big city of              shake block, while his
    car, but a 55 Chevy pickup.         :;)eattle, Washington.         Her   favorite weekend activities
     Highlighted by chrome detail        favorite hobbies are bi ke­        !are partying and playing
     and a shiny, coal black painl riding, riding 3-wheelers,                frisbee.
     job, this old Chev is a real       and being with her friends                Plans for the future are
    eye catcher.      Chrome,               Her weekend activities          !f o get a good job.      His
    chrome, chrome is one of the C1redescribed as shopping, perfect mate is described as
     main ingredients and is what       working, and goofing                being a 5'10 11 blonde with
     gives this pickup it's shine       around with her friends.            plue eyes and perfect in
    and glitter, from the oak ant           She would like to meet          !everything.
    chrome lined bed to the             her perf~ct mate (tall,                    This young mans dream

    chrome door panels.       The       dark, and handsome, has             car is a red Lamborghini.

     list of chrome goes on and        a mustache, and likes to             Pizza and diet Coke are his

    on, but so does the list of         be with her) at college in           favorite food and drink

    accessories and special             the future.                         while "Miami Vice" and'

    equipment.      Starting under          Have you guessed yet?           Cliri"t Eastwood are his

     the hood, a Chev 400 small         Her initials are B.P....             favorite Lv. show and actor.

     block engine, with all the             She dreams of cruising                Hobbies inciude three-
    goodies, sits bolted down           the streets of any town or Wheeling, frisbee, and
    and prepared for putting           city with a 4>:4 truck               Hackey Sacking.         His favorite
    out over 400 horsepower.            jammin ' aut to her favorite song is "Live Wire" by
    T~ list of goodies on the           son "Crazy for You".                AC/DC which happens to be
    I.   .or include an 850 Holli           Her favorite food and           his favorite group.
    double pumper' carb. Sitting       ,drink are taco salad and j                His most prized possession I
    on a Edelbrock Torker               pepsi.     Her friends are         Ps his three-wheeler, while
    manifold, a Crane 365 horse         her most prized possession his pet-peeve is people who
    cam, a Munsey 4-speed with         and "Growing Pains" IS               ~se other people.        The best
    Hurst linkage, and Accel            her favorite t. v. show.            ~xperience this senior has
    ignition, Mickey Thompson               Now that is enough              pncountered rn high school

  I Chevrolet inlayed valve             information and hints to giv has been extr(l-curricular
  , covers, and a newly acquired he name Becky" Perry away.activities.
    Hooker header exhaust                   Becky's pet peeve is                 When asked about some­
  ! system, which gives this           lPeople who don't smile.            ~h;ng he would give to
  ! Chev its low prowling growl.            Good luck in the future !Someone at Ocosta and why
  ,This baby rides comfortably         ~nd may many of your                Ihe replied      liT, Mike Johnson
    down the highway, and           II wie:chpo; rnm.:. tt'w:> I I '       the ability to party twenty­ '
    coasts along on its four             water gauges.        I f your      four hours on the weekends"
    American racing Hurricane         feet get a little tired while         Vhy? "Because it's great!"         '
    wheels, with 50" BF Goodrich cruising, just take off your                    This senior boy is none
    radiuls on the front, and         shoes and rest your toe.sies lIther than Shannon McDaniel.
    60" Goodyea r Eagle ST's on       on the Playboy floor mats.           II       Good Luck Dio! J
    the back.      The interior is    The best items, 11 m going to Pioneer TS XB speak21~;arro
    a spacious cruising cdb fit       tell you about, I saved for              two 125 watt High Tech
    for a king.      Black tuck and ~ast.       I think sound is               Tweeters, vibrate the sound
    1-011 headliner and seats         Important in a truck, don't              through you like a breath of
    surround you in luxury and you? Well this is the best                      fresh air. Everyone knows
    comfort.      The dash displays sound system five seen.                   who the owner of this truck
    ;~)urnber of instruments          Consisting of a 25 watt Sony is.               It's Sean Maben and
    tflat monitor the e~gine in       XR-~4, receiver and, tape deck,if you think I left s~mething
    ~ase of a malfunction.     These amplIfied and equalized by a ,else out of this article, (lsk
    Instruments are cl Super          75 Sony ~~-E 50                   Sean, and he can show you
    Sun Tach II and Stuart            EqualIzer/Amplifier.           Four   ,what I forgoL        Nice truck     I
    Wa rner ternperatu re and         spea ke rs; two 80 watt                 Sea n ! ~ !

J--------==-=-              --==------===_..:...========-===-===---__

                                                  CROSS W                   RD







                                                                                       "   ­
                             "'".t~, .c_
                            ·c             ~f-'

               L                                                r ,"
                          - '. uu                                                 T-.
                         1Ct' 1                                                H--L'_ ­
                                                                                -. '-' .,. . ,- "'-   :ti-'~

          ,'( I f-   r            "                    ~   -.

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