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					    Sample Average Salaries                                 Industry Partners
              Chefs $20.55/hr.
       Cooks Institutional $12.87/hr.             Eurest Dining
                                                                          Patisserie Angelica
            Dishwasher $8.80/hr.                     Service
          Food Preparer $9.26/hr.            Santa Rosa Junior College            Josef’s
           Host/Hostess $9.00/hr.             Culinary Arts Program
         Waiter/Waitress $8.77/hr.
       1st Line Supervisor $13.04/hr.            Johnny Garlic’s            The LOK Group
        Lodging Manager $23.48/hr.
                                                   Langley’s on             Kendall-Jackson
Hotel, Motel, Resort Desk Clerk $10.69/hr.
                                                    the Green                Wine Center
              Bakers $11.86/hr.
               Server $8.79/hr.                                             Costeaux French
                                                 Oliver’s Market
                                                                            Bakery & Cafe
     Median hourly wages for California
                                                 Windsor Farmers          Trendwest Resort
                                                     Market              Worldmark at Windsor
Post-Secondary Training Options                Hilton Sonoma Wine
                                                                            Pegi’s Catering
                                                  Country Hotel
     Santa Rosa Junior College
             Certificates:                     Californi a Restaurant
             Baking & Pastry                                               DoubleTree Hotel
              Culinary Arts
         Front House Operations
                                                    Cattlemens           Courtyard by Marriott
         Restaurant Management
             Associate Degree:                   Empire College           The Culinary Institute of
                                                                                 Florence &
         Nutrition and Dietetics               Hospitality Program         Italian Cultural Center
              Culinary Arts
         Restaurant Management

   Culinary Institute of America
         Advanced Culinar y Arts
            Baking & Pastry
            Associate Degrees:
              Baking & Pastry
               Culinary Arts
             Bachelor Degrees:
              Baking & Pastry
               Culinary Arts

       University of California
           Bachelor Degree
               Food Science                                                                           Sonoma County Office of
                                                                                                      Career Development/ROP
                                                                                                       5340 Skylane Boulevard
                                                                                                        Santa Rosa, CA 95403
             Hospitality & Culinary Arts Career Preparation
         Why prepare for a career                                    Program Offerings
            in Culinary Arts?                                                                                    Windsor High School
                                                                                                           8695 Windsor Road, Windsor
                                                                       Analy High School
Do you appreciate good food and enjo y cooking?                                                         Culinary Arts
                                                               6950 Analy Avenue, Sebastopol
Is a fast-paced, hands-on team environment or                                                           Culinary Arts—Events
                                                            Culinary Arts
setting where you excel? Do you follow                                                                  Advanced Culinar y Arts
directions, but also have a creative flair for spicing                                                  Baking & Pastry Arts
up recipes? Is a clean chef’s jacket and hat a style              Casa Grande High School
statement you’d would like to make? If you                    333 Casa Grande Road, Petaluma
answered “yes” to these questions, a career in              Baking and Pastry                                       Types of Jobs
culinary ar ts or hospitality may be for you.               Advanced Culinar y Arts
                                                                                                           Chef                   Assistant Pastry Chef
Tourism is one of Sonoma County’s strongest                                                             Line Cook                  Restaurant Manager
industries. Visitors come to our county for many                    El Molino High School           Food Service Worker              Food Processing
reasons, one of which is the quality of our                     7050 Covey Road, Forestville              Caterer                       Worker
                                                              Baking & Pastry Arts                      Dietician               Food Service Manager
restaurants and unique culinar y products (wine,
                                                              Culinary Arts                              Baker                         Server
cheese, bread, gourmet vegetables, and more).                                                           Pastry Chef                 Front Desk Clerk
Our restaurants, wineries, caterers, and specialty            Advanced Culinar y Arts
                                                                                                       Host/Hostess                Reservations Clerk
food businesses are known throughout the world!               Events Planning
Students interested in entering the culinary field            Hospitality
may want to become professio nal chefs, line
cooks, bakers, restaurant workers, or caterers—                                                             Sample Pathway Schedule
                                                                 Maria Carrillo High School
or they may be interested in working in a related             6975 Montecito Blvd., Santa Rosa   Introductory                   Culinary Arts
business within the tourism and hospitality                  Advanced Culinar y Arts
industry, such as hotels or travel agencies.
                                                                                                                     Adv. Culinary Arts or Foods &
                                                              Event Planning                   Intermediate
                                                                                                                        Nutrition or Hospitality
ROP offers several education and training                                                        Advanced         Event Planning or Baking & Pastry
opportunities to help you prepare for a career in                      Piner High School
                                                                                                                          or Culinary Coop*
culinary ar ts. After completing culinary arts classes         1700 Fulton Road, Santa Rosa
in high school, you can obtain some types of                Culinary Arts
entry-level positions or further your education at          Advanced Culinar y Arts
a community college, four-year college, or trade            Event Planning                     *Cooperative Vocational Education, or Co-op is a work-based
school.                                                                                          learning opportunity. Students have jobs in the field and meet
                                                                                                 once a week at school for related instruction. Each participating
                                                                Sonoma Valley High School        student has a training plan with specific educational goals. The
       To enroll in an ROP course,                               20000 Broadway, Sonoma          instructor and job site supervisors jointly oversee students’
           please contact your                                                                   progress.
                                                            Foods
         high school counselor
                                                            Advanced Culinar y Arts

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