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					Remote AC Training Notes
Post to AC section of Family Force Website – notes, draft
November 23, 2010

SWOT Remote Community

Strengths                  Weaknesses                    Opportunities                  Threats
Diverse backgrounds,       Disconnected from each        Connection with others         Both general and Centre
skills and experience to   other                         through web-based              staffing and resource
share                                                    meetings, courses messages,    shortages make it
Complete spectrum of       Feelings of isolation moved   newsletter, warm-line calls,   challenging to be timely
life experiences to draw   to threats                    volunteer opportunities        – ie Family Force
on                                                                                      website still isn’t really
                           Employment/income issues      E-business, e-employment       helpful so we have been
Chain of Command                                         possibilities                  without anything useful
support                    Language/culture                                             as far back as the
                           challenges                    Educational opportunities      Centrepointe days.
Stable office
                           Lack of understanding of      Chance to exchange ideas       Psycho-social issues,
Support from CMFRC         the role of the CMFRC and                                    which because of
and other CFSU(E)          what it can and can’t do      Cultural experiences           distance may go
elements                                                                                undetected
                           Some Mmght not be             Virtual Coffee morning
                           comfortable with computer                                    Employment/income
                           technology                                                   issues – lack of
                                                                                        knowledge on how to
                           Scattered through Europe                                     pursue “E”
                           Difficult to communicate
                                                                                        Local politics/issues
                           Getting to the family
                                                                                        Lack of reliable
                                                                                        technology in some

                                                                                        Situations/Needs change
                                                                                        with personnel each
                                                                                        year creating a rolling

                                                                                        Surveys are at least a
                                                                                        year behind and don’t’
                                                                                        create a true picture of
                                                                                        the current needs of the

                                                                                        Lack of childcare
                                                                                        options in some areas

                                                                                        Lack of adequate
                                                                                        screening measures for
                                                                                        overseas postings and
                                                                                        lack of realistic pictures
                                                                                        of and preparation for
                                                                                        what “remote” life is



                                                                                        Feeling of isolation
SWOT Advisory Committee

Strengths                  Weaknesses                    Opportunities                   Threats
Energy, enthusiasm and     Still working out how to      To develop a sound              Privacy issues make
a desire to get involved   function as a team and find   understanding of the MFSP       communication
Committed Advisory         what it is we can and         program and Parameters for      challenging
Committee                  should do to make the         Practice, how it applies here
                           remote experience an          in Europe and how to use it     Recruitment difficulties
A wide variety of skills   easier, more pleasant one,    effectively for our community   pose a potential threat
and abilities              both in the transition                                        to funding and create
                           phases (arrival and           Professional development        difficulties in succession
Diverse locations – data   departure) and in the                                         planning
from all over              “stuck-in” phase.             Volunteer training
                                                                                         All the same issues that
Support of Director, up-   Everyone is busy and it is                                    apply to the community,
line managers and          a challenge to have                                           because we are the
Chain of Command           everyone at every meeting.                                    community, and these
                                                                                         things can affect how
Virtual coffee morning     Lack of thorough                                              we function as a
                           understanding of the                                          committee
Virtual meetings           Parameters for Practice
                                                                                         What if no one wants to
                           Lack of understanding o                                       join?
                           how to look at issues,
                           surveys and information                                       Continuiy
                           critically from and AC

                           Continuity (moved to

                           Overworked staff
Opportunities Summarized

Programming                                          AC
Connection with others through web-based meetings,   To develop a sound understanding of the MFSP
courses messages, newsletter, warm-line calls,       program and Parameters for Practice, how it applies
volunteer opportunities                              here in Europe and how to use it effectively for our
E-business, e-employment possibilities
                                                     Professional development
Educational opportunities                                -    Analysing details, issues, surveys, and
Chance to exchange ideas                                 -    Operating effectively as a team/committee
                                                         -    WebEx Training for AC members and/or
Cultural experiences                                          volunteer facilitators
                                                         -    Adding training component to each On line
Virtual Coffee morning                                        meeting

Increase outreach                                    Community Connection to Remote AC – all locations
     -    warm line calls
              o capture feedback                     Team Operating Agreement
     -    connections
                                                     Succession Planning
Volunteer Program
                                                     Capture feedback from virtual coffee mornings
Cultural Awareness Session/Info (more detailed,
possibly add Fodor)                                  Marketing / communication plan
- Check out the, the                   -    SCO’s
                                                         -    Sponsors
                                                         -    MFRCs in Canada
Childcare Care Option Investigation                      -    Identify communication protocol (AC to
Realistic European Posting Information
     -    Virtual Coffee for Canadian market         Naples SWOT analysis

Gather/note location challenges                      Ramstein SWOT analysis
    -    IT
    -    Politics                                    Heidleberg SWOT analysis

Peer support
    -    possible family that returned to Canada
    -    youth program

Ensuring information gets to family
- f/u CFSU(E) master list

Volunteer training

Pre-posting member information
    -     Virtual meeting
    -     Include MFRCs in communication


Communication / Marketing Plan
- brochure
- Newsletter

   - WebEx for AC and/or volunteers

AC Succession Planning
   -   Naples rep
   -   Recruitment
   -   Recruitment package

Pre-posting member information
    - Virtual meeting
    - Include MFRCs in communication
Action Item           AC Development
Completion Timeline
Priority              Task/Item                          i/c   Deliverables                                     Timeline
(low, medium, high)
                      AC structure                             Summary of current structure
                      AC Recruitment Plan                      Recruitment package: Application, Brochure,
                                                               Benefits handout, contact information for
                                                               Recruitment Campaign
                                                               Recruit Naples committee member
                                                               Succession plan
                                                               -documentation of current membership departure
                                                               -summary of current membership skills
                      AC Standard Operating Procedures         Face to face meetings: frequency, open/closed
                                                               Location of AC files
                                                               Departing AC Member:
                                                                       Thank you letter template
                                                                       Exit interview questions
                                                                       Recognition process
                                                               AC Calendar
                      AC Training Plan                         New Member Orientation Checklist
                                                               New Member Training Plan
                                                               Committee Training Plan
                                                      Mentoring program by current member
                                                      Member evaluation process
                      Training Plan                   Schedule WebEx for AC and/or volunteers

Action Item           Strategic Plan
Completion Timeline
Priority              Task/Item                 i/c   Deliverables                                      Timeline
(low, medium, high)
                      Needs Assessment Review         Strategic goals and objectives from CNA results
                                                      Summary of needs assessment information
                                                      List of creative ways of assessing needs for
                                                      Remote community
                      Review of business plan         Recommendations for change
                      DMFS Site Visit Report          Action plan
                      Strategic Plan                  Review and completion of SWOT analysis for AC
                                                      Review and completion of SWOT analysis for
                                                      Remote Community
                      Prepare Strategic Plan          Transfer all known information (SWOT, action
                                                      plan, etc) to draft plan
Action Item           Communication/Marketing Plan
Completion Timeline
Priority              Task/Item                           i/c   Deliverables                                   Timeline
(low, medium, high)
                      Clarify what the MFRC is and what         Agreement on messages
                      it is there to do
                                                                Communication plan: frequency, media to be
                                                                utilized, evaluation mechanism
                                                                          Email
                                                                          Web
                                                                          Brochure
                                                                          Mailers
                                                                          Welcome package
                                                                          Welcome visits
                                                                          Newsletters
                      Communication Plan                        AC Messages
                                                                AC presence/messages communicated personally
                                                                by members at Community functions
                                                                AC email checked on a regular basis
                                                                Promotional Package
                                                                Promotion plan for AC email
                                                                AC section in newsletter
                                                                AC web page
                      Promotional Materials                     AC Brochure
                                                                AC Members Business Cards
Communicate AC activities   Publication/distribution of agenda
                            Publication./distribution of meeting minutes
                            Publication/distribution of annual calendar of
Annual General Meeting      Scheduled and Planned

Linda: Gold – Blue – Green – Orange
Mike: Green – Gold – Orange – Blue
Laurel: Blue – Green – Orange – Gold
Michelle: Green – Gold – Blue - Orange
Trisha: Blue – Gold – Green – Orange
Maggie: Green – Gold – Orange – Blue

Recruiting an Orange exercise:
   - offer a challenge
   - offer leadership
   - offer competition
   - offer faced pace, exciting environment
   - offer action
   - offer risk

Needs Assessment/Evaluation Method Exercise

Notes: Information needs to get back to community
Remote Community Situation versus Remote Community Needs

Other methods:
   - Briefing/Formal Presentation
   - Anonymous mail box
   - On line survey
   - Town Hall
   - Have community identify their needs/situation

Feedback Form
Pros                                     Cons
   - tailored questions                     - timing could be too soon
   - creative answers                       - question design critical
   - immediately and timely                 - language challenges
                                            - no body language
                                            - people may not want to answer

Telephone Interviews
Pros                                     Cons
   - personal                               -   Personal (invasive)
   - tone of voice (caller can react)       -   Timing problems
   - can problem                            -   No body language
   - good method for Remote                 -   More timely
                                            -   Tone of voice (caller may have
                                                tone in their voice)
Pros                                     Cons
    - Concrete                              -   Doesn’t answer “why”
    - Can show failings/successes           -   Out dated
    - Scientific analysis                   -   Subject to interpretation
    - Impartial                             -   Need expert analysis
    - Indentify long term trends            -   Boring/dry

Personal Interview
Pros                                     Cons
   - Get individual’s opinions              - Can lead
   - Can control                            - Reluctance to provide negative
   - Ability to react to body language        feedback
   - Tangents can reveal other              - Complaint tangents
       important notes                      - Difficult to organize/coordinate
                                            - Requires active listening skills
                                            - Results dependent on skills of

Volunteer Opportunities

   -   Web Master
   -   Newsletter writer
   -   Warm line caller
           o Outreach
           o Deployment
   -   Tour guide
   -   Seminars on line
           o Skill sharing
           o Business
   -   Local tour guide
   -   Volunteer Coordinator
   -   Web Content gathering/populating
   -   Friendly visits
   -   Community information and/or resource gathering
   -   AC membership
   -   Skype video programs
   -   Chaperone
   -   Community Liaison
Focus Group
Pros                            Cons
   - Many voices and opinions      -   “Lemming” effect
   - Discussion reveals more       -   Tangents
   - People braver in a group      -   Monopolizing participants
                                   -   Difficult gathering people
                                   -   Need a facilitator

Pros                            Cons
   - Time to think about           -   Survey fatigue
       questions/responses         -   May not reach right person
   - Target everyone               -   Mail delays
   - Anonymous                     -   Difficult to structure
   - Frank comments
Team Operating Agreement

  - acknowledgement of emails or nil responses required within 48 hours, use of
     “out of office” automatic reply is encouraged
  - committee members need to notify Chair when they will be away

  - Remote AC meetings will be held monthly, with the exception of July,
      August, and December
  - Committee members are to read documents and/or prepare for meeting agenda
      items and discussions

On line meeting protocol
   - members to register for on line meetings
   - committee members to go online 10-15 minutes before start
   - start and end times on agenda will be respected
   - members to raise hands before speaking
   - members to use x and check to respond to yes/no questions
          o rotating message agenda/protocol
   - on line meetings will be held from 0900 to 1100
   - Skype is encouraged with training and procedures

Document distribution
   - documents for review and/or input: to be sent one week in advance
   - agenda and other online meeting documents: to be sent to Caterina one week
     in advance
   - Meeting minutes will be distributed within 2 weeks of the meeting
         o Amendment requests will be handled at next meeting

Note: This agreement should be signed by all members of the Remote CMFR
Advisory Committee

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