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The Salon and Spa The Salon and Spa


									                   Spa Collections                                                        Spa Experience
Dream weaver
For teens only! 1/2 hour facial customized for teenage skin
followed by trendy hairstyle and make up application.                                            Massage
$95.00 1 1/2 hours
                                                                    Swedish 75 Min.                  $80.00
Little Miss Exquisite                                               Swedish 50 Min.                  $60.00
For the little ladies under the age of 10, a trendy hairstyle de-   Swedish 30 Min.                  $35.00
signed especially for her and to complete her experience a mini     Deep Tissue 75 Min.              $100.00
manicure and pedicure with sparkle polish or a polish of her        Deep Tissue 50 Min.              $70.00
$50.00 1 hour
                                                                    Prenatal 50 Min.
                                                                    Stone Massage 75 Min.
                                                                                                     $100.00                                  The Salon and Spa
                                                                    Reflexology 30 Min.              $45.00
Bridal Bliss
Spa manicure and pedicure, makeup application , practice style
                                                                    Dry Body Brushing
                                                                    Ear Candling
                                                                                                     $35.00                                     at Pine Forest
and wedding day specialty hairstyle (up-do) including veil place-   Sports Massage 50 Min            $70.00
ment.                                                               (Stretching Involved)
$210.00 3 hours
                                                                                    Signature Body Treatments
Woodlands Retreat
Escape to a place of total body relaxation, including a 50 minute   Repechage Seaweed Wrap
Swedish Massage or skin customized facial, spa manicure and         Oil of peppermint with freshly harvested seaweed stimulates, rejuve-
pedicure.                                                           nates and purifies the skin. This slimming body treatment helps con-
$120.00 2 1/2 hours                                                 tour and firm the body making it great for cellulite.
Enchanted Forest
Ladies, experience the serenity of a 50 minute Swedish mas-         Sea Salt Glow
sage, European facial, Spa manicure and pedicure                    Creates a deep pore cleansing from head to toe. Removes rough dry
Spa lunch included                                                  skin and leaves the skin smooth and refreshed.
$180.00 4 hours                                                     $75.00

Sanctuaries                                                         Deep Sea Mineral Mud Wrap
Indulge in our one hour Hot stone massage, Seaweed facial, spa      Seaweed blend that stimulates, firms and moisturizes.
manicure and pedicure, with a shampoo and style in our salon.       $85.00
Spa lunch included.
$250.00 5 hour
                                                                    Sea Salt Scrub & Mud Wrap
Design your own collection of services from our menu.
                                                                    This body scrub incorporates sea salt and jojoba oil to purge your skin
                                                                    of surface impurities.
Diva for the Day                                                    $135.00
Come celebrate your special occasion. Specialty hairstyle, mini
manicure and sprinkle of makeup. For ages 12 and under.
                       $25.00 per person
                                                                                               Spa Parties
                      6 person minimum
               Non-Refundable deposit required                      A special event all day with the girls! Wine and hors d’oeuvres in-
                    2-3 hours per group size                        cluded. Call us for special group pricing.
      Available Friday and Saturday evenings or Sundays.
                                                                                     Salon and Spa at Pine Forest
                                                                                         17811 Kieth Harrow
                                                                                         Houston, TX 77084
                                                                      Monday: 10 AM— 5PM, Tues.—Fri. 10 AM - 7 PM, Sat. 9AM—6PM
                                                 Cut                                                                       Waxing Services                                                               Facials

The talented professionals at The Salon at Pine Forest focus on                                    We strive to make your waxing service as pleasant as possible. For       European Spa Facial
the individual. Feel confident you will leave looking your best.                                   best results, ten to fourteen days hair growth before your appoint-      This facial is totally customized from start to finish for your exact
Our signature cuts include consultation, shampoo, cut, profes-                                     ment is suggested. Please limit caffeine consumption the day of your     complexion. You will experience a custom blended deep pore clean-
sional product recommendation and finish.                                                          appointment and avoid exfoliation of the area to be waxed 48 hours       sing, exfoliation and massage of the face, neck and shoulders fol-
                                                                                                   before your service. Please let your technician know if your are using   lowed by a therapeutic mask . Emerge an hour later with immacu-
Women’s cut & finish                                                $35.00 & up                    Retin-A or Alpha Hydroxyl products before your waxing service, as        lately clean, smooth and glowing skin.
Men’s cut and finish                                                $25.00 & up                    these products affect the sensitivity of the skin.                       Half Hour                                                   $45.00
Child– 10 years & under                                             $15.00 & up                                                                                             One Hour                                                    $65.00
Bang Trim                                                           $8.00 & up                     Eyebrow              $15.00                Bikini        $30.00 & up
Up-do/Special Occasion                                              $50.00 & up                    Upper Lip            $12.00                Brazilian     $60.00 & up
                                                                                                                                                                            Back Cleansing Facial
Blow Dry & Finish                                                   $25.00 & up                    Chin                 $15.00                Underarms     $20.00
                                                                                                                                                                            A European style full back treatment targeting one area on the body
Deep Conditioner                                                    $10.00 & up                    Full Face            $35.00 & up           Back Wax      $50.00 & up
                                                                                                                                                                            that is so often ignored. It includes a deep pore enzyme cleansing,
Flat Iron/Curling Iron                                              $10.00 & up                    Full Leg             $50.00                Half Arm      $25.00 & up
                                                                                                                                                                            exfoliation and extractions along with a mask suited for your spe-
                                                                                                   Half Leg             $30.00 & up           Full Arm      $40.00 & up
                                                                                                                                                                            cific needs.
                                                                                                                                                                             One Hour                                              $75.00 & up
                                  Hair Coloring
                                                                                                                           Makeup Artistry                                  Four Layer Seaweed Facial
Our professional staff and ongoing education makes us number                                                                                                                The Repechage Four Layer Facial is the premier anti-aging treat-
                                                                                                   Eyelash Perm           $30.00          Lash Tint           $20.00        ment. Experience layer upon layer of pure fresh European seaweed
one in color formulation and application. From multi-tone high-
                                                                                                   Makeup Lesson          $35.00          Brow tint           $15.00        to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically.
lights to   e v i t c e r r o c d n a e g a r e v o c y a r g l a n oi t p e c x e   hair color,
                                                                                                   Dramatic               $40.00          Bridal              $50.00        One Hour                                                 $90
chemical services that achieve the perfect hue especially for you.                                 Eyelash Extension      $120.00 & up    Natural Makeup      $30.00

Highlights                                                                                                                                                                  Vitamin C Peel
Full                                                          $85.00 & up                                                                                                   Glycolic acid and Vitamin C are gentle but highly effective enzymes
Partial                                                       $65.00 & up
                                                                                                                                      Nails                                 that speed up cellular turnover and brighten, tighten and lighten
Men                                                           $40.00 & up                                                                                                   your skin in just one treatment. Includes facial.        $85
Per Foil                                                      $5.00 & up                                                                                                    Pkg. of 5                                                $340.00
                                                                                                   Treat yourself to a relaxing nail service provided by a fully licensed
Color                                                         $55.00                               professional nail technician. Be assured all implements and equipment
Color Glaze                                                   $40.00 & up                                                                                                   Glycolic Peel
Low Lights                                                    $20.00 & up                                                                                                   This Ultra– resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment exfoliates
Corrective Color Designer Quote                                                                    Classic Manicure                                       $20.00            dead surface skin cells , leaving skin firm, healthier. Visibly reduces
                                                                                                   Spa Manicure                                           $30.00            the appearance of fine lines.                             $75
                                                                                                                                                                              Pkg. of 5                                               $300
                                                                                                   Classic Pedicure                                       $30.00
                                                                                                   Spa Pedicure                                           $40.00
                                                                                                                                                                            Microdermabrasion with oxygen Fusion
                                                                                                   Spa Manicure/Pedicure                                  $65.00            Crystal Free diamond tip deep exfoliation treatment that will shed
Trendsetting techniques along with the more conventional, offer                                                                                                             up to 3 layers of dead dull skin in just one treatment . Improves
                                                                                                   Mini Manicure/Pedicure (10 & under)                    $25.00
curl enhancement or reduction, giving you a variety of looks,                                                                                                               the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, brown spots, scars and
curly or straight, texture can give you support, ease and versa-                                   Full Set French Tips (Solar)                           $50.00            acne blemishes. Includes facial.
tility in your style.                                                                                                                                                                                                                $100.00
                                                                                                   Fill One Color                                         $30.00
Partial Wave $60.00 & up                                                                                                                                                     Pkg. of 5                                               $400.00
Full Wave $70.00 & up                                                                              Fill Two Color                                         $35.00
                                                                                                                                                                            $35.00 Hands               $45.00 Chest          Back     $60
Relaxer Designer Quote                                                                             Full Set (Acrylic)                                     $40.00

                                                                                                   French Polish                                          $5.00             Facial Add-on
            Master stylists pricing may be slightly higher*
                                                                                                                                                                            Eye treatment              $15
                                                                                                   Paraffin Treatment                                     $10.00
                                                                                                                                                                            Seaweed mask               $20
                                                                                                   Nail Art                                               $5.00 & up        Ampoule                    $10
                                                                                                   Full Set Silk Wrap                                     $60.00            Extractions                $10

                                                                                                   Fill Silk Wrap                                         $40.00

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