International workshop on bio- medical applications of micro-PET

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					The conference is being organized by the           The CNA originated from an agreement among
National Accelerator Center (Centro Nacional       the Universidad de Seville, the Junta de Andalucía
de Aceleradores, CNA) in Seville, Spain.           and the CSIC. The CNA is a centre that is open to
In Thomas Alva Edison nº 7, Parque                 the Spanish and the international scientific
Tecnológico Cartuja ´93 Seville (E-41092).         community belonging to the University or to other
                                                   public research institutions, public and private
                                                   companies, hospitals or other institutions that
                                                   require the use of the facilities.

                                                   Presently, the CNA has a cyclotron in which PET
                                                   nuclides 18F, 11C, 13N and 15O are produced. The
                                                   radio-pharmacy laboratories allow to produce
                                                   radio-pharmaceuticals which are labelled with           International
                                                   these nuclides. A Phillips mosaic Micro-PET, as
                                                   well as a CT scanner, are used to obtain images of     workshop on bio-
                                                   small animals. Recently, researchers in CNA have
                                                   started to take full advantage of the facilities of   medical applications
                                                   the CNA, obtaining animal images with different
                                                   radio-farmaceuticals. Next year, a PET-CT scanner        of micro-PET
                                                   for humans will be available, which will allow to
                                                   perform clinical studies.

                                                   This International Workshop on bio-medical     
                                                   applications for micro-PET aims to promote
To arrive to CNA Taxi and buses are available.     worldwide scientific collaboration among
The line buses C1 and C2 drive directly from       scientists involved in microPET applications.
the railway station RENFE Santa Justa-Sevilla
to the CNA vicinities. Another alternative is on   Conference Secretariat:
foot from downtown to CNA less than 45             · Place: Centro Nacional de Aceleradores CNA          Seville, Spain 20-21 September 2010
minutes are required.                              · Contact person: Joaquin Cobos
                                                   · Address: Parque Tecnológico Cartuja 93, Av.
                                                    Thomas Alva Edison, 7 E-41092 Sevilla, Spain
                                                   · Phone: + 34 954460553
                                                   · Fax:    + 34 954460145
                                                   . Webpage:
                                                   · E-mail:
                                                                              SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM

              Monday Sept.                     Tuesday Sept.   The scientific program of the workshop is broad-
                 20th                              21st        based, including different aspects of microPET are                  REGISTRATION FORM
              Preregistration                   Invited talk   considered. Emphasis is on clinical applications
9:00-11:00                       9:00-11:00      Plenary       studies. The presentations include invited talks and
                                                session III    oral contributions. Main topics of the conference are   Name(s):
                                                               as follows:
                                                                                                                       Last Name(s):
11:00-11:30    Cofee break       11:00-11:30   Cofee break     - MicroPET imaging.
                                                               - Applications for microPET image (Oncology,            Phone Number:
                Open panel                                     - Radiochemistry for PET compound production.
                                                 Plenary                                                               E-mail:      .
                Invited talk
                                                session IV     - Relationship between pre-clinical and clinical
11:35-13-30                      11:35-13-30
                                                               research in PET imaging                                 Academic Degree:                      .
                 session I
                                               Round table     - Translational Imaging in drug research.
                                                               - Instrumentation for MicroPET and related
                                                                                                                       Institution:...   ..        ....
13:30-15:00       Lunch          13:30-15:00      Lunch
                                                                                                                       Department:..               ....
                                                                        SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                                                               -Jose María Benlloch, CSIC, Valencia.
                                          Plenary              -Iván Peñuelas, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra.       Address:      .             ..
           Plenary session
                                         session V             -Jose Manuel Llamas, Hospital Virgen de las Nieves,
15:00-17:00 Technical      15:00-17:00 Invited talk            Granada.                                                Country:      .        ..             .
                                                               -Ricardo Vázquez Albertino, Hospital Virgen del
                                       Closing panel
                                                               Rocio, Sevilla.
                                                               -Sebastián Cerdán, Instituto de Investigaciones
                                                               Biomédicas, CSIC, Madrid.
17:00-17:30    Cofee break                                                                                               International workshop on bio-medical
                                                                         LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE                            applications of micro-PET.
                                                               -Francisco Argüello, CNA.
                                                               -Marcin Balcerzyk, CNA.                                    Seville, Spain 20-21 September 2010.
                                                               -Joaquín Cobos, CNA.                                      Centro Nacional de Aceleradores, CNA
              Visit to the CNA
                                                               -Rafael García-Tenorio, CNA.
                                                               -Emilio Gómez, Universidad de Sevilla.
                                                               -Joaquín Gómez Camacho, CNA.
                                                               -Celestino Ignacio Sanchez-Angulo, CNA.

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