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									                                                                                              (Rev. May 2011)
                                 VIRGINIA STATE PAGE

Martin D. Brown, Commissioner                    Denise P. Dickerson, Program Administrator Manager, III
VA Department of Social Services                 VA Department of Social Services
801 E. Main Street, 15th Floor                   Division of Family Services
Richmond, VA 23219                               Interstate Compact Office                            801 E. Main Street, 11th Floor
                                                 Richmond, VA 23219
                                                 Telephone: (804) 726-7581

                                               ICPC Consultants

Adoptions/FC/Residential         Case Load               Int’l. Adoptions/FC/Residential        Case Load
Grace Richardson                 A–C                     Rita-Jo Panten                         D-H
(804) 726-7583 / Fax – 7498                              (804) 726-7965 / Fax – 7498                  

Adoptions/FC/Residential         Case Load               Int’l Adoptions/FC/Residential         Case Load
Ann Vogt                         A–C                     Wilhelmina Davis                       I–M
(804) 726-0404 / Fax – 7498                              (804) 726-7222 / Fax – 7498                      

Adoptions/FC/Residential         Case L                  ICAMA/Adoptions/FC/Residential         Case Lo ad
Sunshine Arnold                  N–S                     Rita C. White                          T–Z
(804) 726-7580 / Fax – 7498                              (804) 726-7603 / Fax – 7498                  

                                           Administrative Assistants
                                              Phyllis Parham, Lead
                                          (804) 726-7557 / Fax – 7498

                                                 LaQuetta Elder
                                          (804) 726-7582 / Fax – 7498

Address Correspondence To: Deputy Compact Administrator.

ICPC Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time

FAX: (804) 726-7498. Call before faxing any documents.

Internet Access
Virginia ICPC:

Virginia ICAMA:


Virginia Code Sections 63.2-1000 and 63.2-1100 et seq.
                                                                                                      (Rev. May 2011)
                                  VIRGINIA STATE PAGE

Statutory Penalties Under Article IV. None.

Age of Majority. 18 years. (Code Section 16.1-228).

Court Jurisdiction. Juvenile and Domestic Relations court in the district where the child/family preside(s) handles
abuse and neglect, children in need of services and delinquent petitions. Circuit court in the district of residence
handles petitions for divorce. Adoption petitions may be filed in the Circuit Court where the petitioners reside or
where the placing agency is located.


Child Custody. Requests for evaluations on parents in divorce cases may be sent directly to the appropriate local
agency or court service unit, if address is known. If unknown, request may be sent, in duplicate, to the ICPC office
for forwarding to the local agency for direct response. All requests involving parties other than parents must be sent,
along with the court order, to the ICPC office.


Reports. Residential treatment facility serious incident reports are processed through the Virginia ICPC Office.
Treatment facilities forward copies of youths’ progress reports directly to the sending Interstate Office and placing
agency or person.

Public and private child-placing agency supervisory reports are processed through the Virginia Interstate Compact

Foster Care and Adoption Placement Supervision: Private child-placing agencies supervise foster care placements as
required by the State Board of Social Services (Code Section 63.2-904). In adoption post-placement supervision
three visits must occur within a six (6) month period with no less than 90 days between the first and third visits.
(Code Section 63.2-1212).

Licensing Requirements: Authorization to place is restricted to public departments of social services and licensed
child-placing agencies.


Independent Adoptive Placements: Lawful in Virginia providing the placement was directly arranged and made by
child’s parents or legal guardian. (Section Code 63.2-1230 ). Procedures for Parental Placement Adoption into and
out of Virginia are accessible at or contact the Virginia Interstate

Adoption Petition: Adoption petitions are to be filed in the court of jurisdiction either where the petitioner resides,
in the county or city in which the child-placing agency that placed the child is located, or in the county or city in
which a birth parent executed a consent pursuant to Virginia adoption law. The petition may be filed by any person
who resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or who has custody of a child

placed by a child-placing agency of the Commonwealth, or by any adopting parent of a child who was subject to a
consent proceeding in accordance with Virginia law. (Code Section 63.2-1201). Post placement visits must be made
                                                                                                         (Rev. May 2011)
                                    VIRGINIA STATE PAGE
within the six month period following the date of entry of the interlocutory order (Code Section 63.2-1212). For
agency placements, child is to have lived in the home of the petitioner(s) for at least six (6) months and have had
at least three (3) supervisory visits with no less than 90 days between the first and last visit before the petition for
adoption can be filed (Code Section 63.2-1212).
Pre-placement Adoptive Home Studies. Required by Code Sections 63.2-904 and 63.2-1231.

Residential Treatment Facility Placements

        Placements Requiring Interstate Approval: All placements by agencies, courts, local school
        divisions, and parents require ICPC approval with the exception of placements into treatment
        facilities that are primarily educational in nature.

        Requirements for Placement: ICPC-100A; child summary or social history to include, if applicable,
        history of youth found guilty of or adjudicated delinquent for any offense and the ICPC Article VI
        and related court orders; recent diagnostic assessment; current copy of child’s IEP, if applicable;
        custody court orders when placed by a child placing agency; statement indicating why placement
        into a Virginia facility is in the child’s best interest; and copy of residential treatment facility’s
        acceptance letter.

        Residential Treatment Facility Licensure: In Virginia, residential facilities are approved through the
        Coordinator’s Office for the Interdepartmental Regulations of Licensed Children’s Residential
        Treatment Facilities, Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services.

        Rate Setting: Determined by private treatment facilities.

        Monitoring of the Child: Sending agency and residential facility are responsible.

Parent, Relative, Foster, and Adoptive Home Placements

        Philosophy for the Placement of Non-Resident Youth into the Commonwealth of
        Virginia: Foster homes are certified in accordance with Virginia public or licensed private child-
        placing agency standards.

        Foster homes for Virginia children placed out- of- state must meet certification and/or
        licensure standards set by the receiving state.

         Placements Requiring Interstate Approval: Placements by parents, agencies and courts for
         foster care and adoption require interstate approval with the exception of placements between
         parties exempt pursuant to ICPC Article VIII.

        Requirements for Placements: ICPC-100A; child summary or social history to include criminal
        behaviors and activities, if applicable; recent diagnostic assessment; recent medicals;
        financial/medical plan; current copy of child’s IEP, if applicable; and custody court orders when
        placed by a child placing agency.

                                                                                                     (Rev. May 2011)
                                  VIRGINIA STATE PAGE
TANF Payments. Virginia agencies are prohibited from making such payments for non-resident children placed
with relatives in Virginia.

Medicaid Payments. Provided for Virginia children placed with foster parents and relatives in other states until
agency custody is terminated. Coverage is limited to three (3) months for placements with natural parents.

Foster Care Payments. Payments are made in accordance with the receiving state’s Foster Care rates.

Adoption Subsidy. Subsidy is available for monthly maintenance and/or special services at local agency option.

Special Education Payments. Provided for non-resident children in a limited number of localities.


Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: (800) 552-7096 if reporting Child Abuse from within Virginia.

Virginia Family Violence Hotline: 1-800-838-8238

Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Hotline: 1-8888-832-3858

Juvenile Interstate Compact Office. (804) 692-0167, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice.

Mental Health Interstate Transfers. (804) 786-0040, Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and
Substance Abuse Services

Adoption Exchange of VA (AREVA). (800) 362-3678.

ICAMA Compact. (804) 726-7603

Closed Adoption Inquiries. (804) 726-7523 or 726-7526

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