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					                       Lucas/TRW Pensioners Association
                                        Your Voice in Retirement

                                                                    PO Box 12183
                                                                    West Midlands
                                                                    B91 1ZR

The Lucas/TRW Pensioners Association is the only voluntary national group representing
pensioner and deferred pensioner members (now including current TRW employees) of the
TRW Pension Scheme. If you are in receipt of a pension, or are a deferred pensioner of the
TRW scheme, we hope that you will join us. At the present time nobody can be
absolutely sure that their pension is safe. Our own pension scheme now has a large deficit
of approximately £500 million and employees can no longer accrue benefits.

Our objectives are:-

    Protection of our retirement benefits.

    Representation of pensioner interests to the Trustee Board.

    To provide a powerful voice for Lucas/TRW pensioners and deferred pensioners

    To keep members in touch with what is going on in the wider pensions’ world.

In view of the continuing uncertainties in the world’s financial markets and the take-overs
by Private Equity groups, one of our most important tasks is to monitor the TRW Pension
scheme and check that a recovery plan, supported by TRW, is implemented to eliminate
the deficit. It is vitally important to have a large network of pensioners and employees, in
place that can act together on any matters which might adversely affect our future pensions.

We stay in touch with members through our regular newsletters keeping them informed
about the latest developments on pension matters. We now have over 3300 members and
prospective members and numbers are rising steadily. If you have access to the internet, our
web site is:-

Why not join us? Membership is now free for the first year, during which time you
will receive our regular newsletter. There is no further obligation, but, after 12
months, you will be invited to continue membership by paying a subscription of £5 per
year (or £50 for life membership with no annual fee payable).

If you need any more information about the Association, please don’t hesitate to call the
secretary on 0121 353 0551. If you know of any other Lucas/TRW pensioners (or deferred
pensioners, including employees) who might be interested in joining, please send us their
names and addresses and we will write to them directly.

             e-mail to

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