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                                  Fort Vancouver Lions               March 2010

                                  JOIN US EACH FRIDAY AT NOON AT BILL’S CHICKEN AND STEAK!

"Music with Benefits" is a HUGE success.
By Lion and Benefit Con-          received a standing ovations
cert Chair: Roy Pulliam           after Susie sang Somewhere
                                  over the Rainbow. They all
Our most recent benefit con-      stepped out of their comfort
cert on February 5th was a        zone and did a great job.
huge success. We raised
more money than any other         Ron Staggs put together the
benefit concert before. A         fantastic program for the con-
whopping $6493.00. It was a       cert. Steve Staudinger took
team effort. Member sold,         tickets at the door, handled all
tickets to the show (a sell       the money, helped us present
out), ads for our program and     the awards to the band, and             Lions Susie Rawson, TerryRobert-
raffle tickets the night of the   helped with the intermission            son, Craig Limoges and Chris Los-
event. We spent 230 Lion          video. Kathy Howell and PIP
hours to put this all together.   Printing did our flyer and pro-
                                                                      Cheri Perry bought ads. And
With expenses of $203.59 for      grams at a discounted price.
                                                                      many other members sold
printing, $300.00 for the         Rick Giles printed all the tick-
sound man for the show, and       ets with his company printer
$500.00 donated to the            at his expense. Catrina Galicz
                                                                      Janet Merz at WSSB again
WSSB Student Betterment           was our concert photogra-
                                                                      handled the sale of tickets to
fund, our club netted             pher. Al Rhyasen and Susie
                                                                      the public. She does such a
$5489.41. $1000.00 of the         Rawson had a contest with
                                                                      good job keeping us posted
proceeds came from our Cor-       each other to sell the most
                                                                      on ticket sales. She also has
porate Sponsor: US Digital.       tickets. Together they sold
                                                                      the auditorium, lights and
                                  over 90 (half of the audito-
                                                                      parking set up for us. She has
Our secret singers                rium) tickets. Lori Pulliam got
                                                                      done this for our last 4 con-
were: Susie Rawson as Doro-       the school's goal ball team to
                                                                      certs and is such a pleasure
thy, Terry Robertson as the       sell concessions. Al and Ken
                                                                      to work with.
Lion, Craig Limoges as the        sold ads for the program.
Scarecrow, and Chris Los-         Craig Limoges, Chris Los-
                                                                      Most of all, we owe a huge
inger as the Tin Man. They        inger, Adam Hegewald and

 Upcoming March Activities
     March 2– Clark County Sight Meeting 6:30 @ WSSB
     March 2– Clark County Hearing 7:00 @ School for the Deaf
     March 5– Board Meeting 10:30 am
     March 12 & 13– District 19G Spring Conference in Kelso
     March 16—Lions Council Meeting 7:00 @ WSSB
     March 17– Share House 2:30
     March 19– Board Meeting 10:30 am
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                                  First Ever Melvin Jones awarded Continued from page 1

                                  thank you to the three        The band was sur-           this prestigious award.
                                  bands. Two rivers Mu-         prised and speechless
                                  sic opened the event.         when we presented           As you can see this
                                  Their original songs          them with the first ever    was again a big time
                                  had the place dancing         non-member Melvin           team effort from a lot of
                                  in their seats. Misty         Jones award. Three          folks that resulted in a
                                  Mamas and their folk          Together: Doug Smith,       wonderful night of en-
                                  and blue grass music          Judy Koch-Smith, and        tertainment and a large
                                  were even better than         Don Mitchell have           sum of money that will
                                  last year. The main act       helped out dozens of        help a lot of those in
                                  was Three Together.           non profits with benefit    need in our area.
                                  They are so talented          concert over the past
                                  and draw a huge               few years. They have        Thank you everyone!
                                  crowd.                        helped so many and
                                                                are very deserving of

                                  Sight Committee Report
  Attend the                      We met on February 2,         ract surgery referred to
                                  2010 with 15 Lions from 8     Free Clinic.
  next Sight                      Clubs attending. We re-
                                  viewed 29 applications for    Our next meeting will be
  Committee                       exams & glasses approv-       on March 2, 2010 at the
                                  ing 16 of them.               WSSB Administration
  meeting                                                       Building starting at 6:30
                                  A total of 13 were denied,    pm.
  March 2 at                      5 returned for more infor-
                                  mation, 1 as DSHS eligi-
  6:30 pm in                      ble, 3 as non-resident,
  the WSSB                        one too soon (less then 2
                                  years) & 3 for too many
  Admin.                          requests.
                                  One application for Cata-

                                  Lions Assist at Diabetes EXPO
                                  By Lion Craig Limoges         formation about diabetes
                                                                and the club was well
                                  12 lions helped
                                  the American Dia-
                                  betes Association
                                  guide over 5,000
                                  attendees at the
                                  Diabetes EXPO
Comfortable carpooling was all
part of the fun at the American   on Saturday, Feb-
Diabetes Association EXPO         ruary 20th. it was
                                  a great opportunity                                       represented.
                                  to serve those
                                  desiring more in-
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Club News!
By Lion Helen Sutfin          the help given to those in
                              need of financial help with
Thursday, Feb. 18, our        hearing and sight devices
club celebrated reading       and surgeries. Lion Walt
with first graders. Four-     will be asking for your
teen Lions and friends        help - sign up and help
read to small groups of       make this a most suc-
students and enjoyed          cessful event.
cookies and milk. The                                                         To obtain a copy of the
event ended with each         Many have already regis-                        Hearing committee re-
student selecting a book,     tered for the annual                            port, please visit our
of their choice, to take      MD19-G conference to be                         club website at
home as an addition to        held in Kelso, March 12 &                       Www.fortvancouverlion
their personal library.       13. This is the time to        Many   
Many thanks to: Jerry         meet Lions from all over
Jacobus and his grand-        SW Washington. Trade           Opportunities
daughter, Bill and Berna-     ideas, make new friends
dette Shalaby, Marilyn        and be reconnected with        are coming
Martin, Kama May, Allen       folks from conferences
Rhyasen, Chriss and Lee       past. Our own Vice Dis-
                                                             up to Serve!
Denny, Susie Rawson,          trict Governon Terry Sut-      Please be
Bruce Armstrong, Craig        fin will be looking for sup-
Limoges,Terry and Helen       port in his bid to act as      sure to join
Sutfin. Thanks to all who     your District Governor
helped make this a suc-       next year. Lion Steve          us...And bring    Winterhawks Game
cess for students and         Staudinger will be also be                        On Saturday, March 6th
volunteers.                   asking for help as he acts     a friend!         several of our Club mem-
                              as your Zone Chariman.                           bers will be attending a
 Play Day at Washing-         Our club has entered
ton is coming up real fast.                                                    Winterhawks Hockey
                              most of the contests,                            Game. Not only will we
Mark your calendars to        Chowder Cooking
leave this day open to                                                         enjoy some great hockey
                              (Thanks Chriss),                                 - we're going to be get-
help the students enjoy a     Brouchure and Business
great event. This really                                                       ting hats!
                              Card (Thanks Ken and
cumulates all of the things   Kathy), Tall Tales
we do for the staff and       (Thanks Helen), Musical
students. This years' Play                                                     Trip To LERC (Lions
                              Performance (Thanks                              Eyeglass Recycling
Day will be held Thurs-       John), 2 Musical Come-
day, June 18th. Lions Lee                                                      Center)
                              dies (Thanks Marilyn,
and Helen will be looking     Terry, Craig, Susie and                          On Saturday April 24th
for many helping hands.       Chris Losinger), all club                        we will be going to
 White Cane Day will be       attendees will join in the                       Lacey, Washington to
held on Friday, May 7th.      uniform delegation as                            visit the LERC facilities.
The regular meeting will      well. It will be a fun time.                     If you would like to be
be cancelled so that all      Plan to come Friday night                        included, please contact
members can help Lion         - wear your best "beach                          Stephen Staudinger or
Walt Miller with the many     wear" with decorated                             Lee Denny. More infor-
stations he has lined up      footwear; cheer our                              mation will be provided at
to allow the general public   'performers' and return on                       a later date.
to help with our efforts to   Saturday to march with
support the Lions Sight       pride. There will be many
and Hearing Foundation.       classes to inspire and a
This is the group that        couple that will just be
provides the Health           fun. Hope to see you
Screening Unit for our        there.
local schools as well as
  Page 4                                         FORT VANCOUVER LIONS UPROAR

                     Tale Twister Talking
                     By T.T. Robertson            bow." All the charac-       exam. Hurray, Ca-
                                                  ters have promised          trina! Pres. Ralph hap-
                     The members of the Ft.
                                                  Helen that they will        pily gave his buck to
                     Vanc. Lions were
                                                  repeat their perform-       explain that he would
                     met Feb. 5th, with a
                                                  ance at the District G      be traveling to New
                     "pre-Valentine gift of
                                                  Contest and Awards in       Zealand and would
                     kisses from T.T. Eve-
                                                  Kelso.                      miss the next two
                     ryone puckered up and
                                                                              meetings. Lion Rick
                     enjoyed the                  Jerry Jacobus was our
                                                                              topped the happy chart
                     treats. Our Secret Val-      Secret Greeter on the
                                                                              as he shared his happi-
                     entine Greeter was           19th. Our members are
                                                                              ness that his Lion Ann
                     sweet Charissa Stein-        getting pretty good at
                                                                              could be at his
                     men.                         finding the 'one' and
                                                                              side. She listened to
Look in next                                      besides we all benefit
                                                                              her husband continue
months issue
                                                  because it causes us
                     If you missed our Fri,                                   sharing and it was at
                                                  to be friendly to every-
for photos on        Concert at the Emil                                      that point that lovely
                                                  one. Keep it up! Our
                     Fries Auditorium, our                                    Ann gave her hand-
the                                               Lions and guests filled
                     secret singers were a                                    some Rick a well-
                                                  the T.T. cup with
membership           big hit! Lion Susie                                      aimed swat. Sorry you
                                                  "happy bucks." Lion
                     Rawson, was adorable                                     missed it!
banquet and a                                     and former Canadian
                     Dorothy, pigtails, red-
new member                                        Al Rhyasen received         Lion Wally promised to
                     shoes and all; the
                                                  two pair of red Olympic     have a poem for us
spotlight!!!         Scarecrow was Lion
                                                  mittens from a long         next Fri. he has al-
                     Craig Limoges; the
                                                  and difficult search on     ready paid so he has
                     TinMan was Lion Chris
                                                  the internet. Lion Lee      to!! We hope to see
                     Losinger; the Lion was
                                                  was the searcher            you then as V.P. Lion
                     Lion Terry Robertson
                                                  and giver but we all felt   Bruce takes charge
                     in a Lion suit; and Toto,
                                                  like we were                followed by V.P. Lion
                     Lily Pulliam. What a
                                                  the receivers because       Helen the next
                     cast of dedicated Li-
                                                  it made us all so           week. Hurry back
                     ons. Sweetheart Susie
                                                  happy. Another hard         Pres. Lion Ralph!!
                     surprised us on Fri. the
                                                  earned Happy buck
                     12th, by performing at
                                                  was given from Lion
                     our Sweetheart Lunch-
                                                  Catrina Galicz for com-
                     eon, singing her part
                                                  pleting her first CPA
                     of "Over the Rain-

   It’s your birthday shout hooray, we want to sing today, one year older and wiser too,
   Happy Birthday, to you!
       March 6– Irene Schultz                          March 22– Rick Giles

       March 8– Fred Larson                            March 22– Jim McGlasson

       March 11– John Caldwell                         March 24– Ray Casey

       March 12– Terry Sutfin
       March 15– Allen Kopp
       March 19– Bruce Armstrong
       March 21– Gary Matusch
FORT VANCOUVER LIONS UPROAR                                                             Page 5

Amphitheater is a Great “Fun”draiser for the Club!
By Lion Roy Pulliam          To sell beer or examine       Please tell all of your
                            identification you must       friends and relatives
We will soon be back at     possess a State of Wash-      about this project. If they
the Clark County Amphi-     ington Class 12 Mixolo-       like music they will love
theater placing wrist       gist Permit. A lot of us      working the shows. We
bands on attendees and      have taken the three hour     need about 100 volun-
selling beer. We will       class to receive this li-     teers so we can be sure
need lots of help at each   cense. You will have the      to meet the requirement
show, often over 60 work-   opportunity to attend the     the amphitheater re-
ers. This is one of our     class in April. If you have   quests of us. If you have
clubs largest fund raiser   a license that is over 4      any questions please
and one of the most fun     years old you must retake     contact Roy Pulliam, the
projects we do each year.   the class. Check your         Amphitheater wrist band-
Every concert has it's      expiration date. This al-     ing project chairman.
own personality. Just ask   lows you to be a more
any of our members that     versatile voluteer and
have worked there for a     heck you can even apply
story or two and you will   to be a bartender with this
see what your have          license.

 March Speakers!

 March 5th - Sandy Foster regarding her recent trip to Haitti

 March 12th - Kim Hash, Director of Programs for the Ft. Vancouver
 Historical Reserve

 March 19th - to be announced soon. Had a recent cancellation

 March 26th - Adam Hegewald from Hydraulics Inc

Fort Vancouver Lions
P.O. Box 701
Vancouver, Washington 98666

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