Diaper Changing Station Features Helping You Serve Your Customers

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					                                                  Diaper Changing Station

                      This all-inclusive diaper changing station provides everything needed for clean,
                      comfortable diaper changes. From changing an infants diaper, to proper disposal,
 The Tidy Bottoms     the Tidy Bottoms changing station provides a safe and convenient service for
                      your customers.
   family of coin
  operated diaper                                             Features
   vending units,                           Model #7154 Coin Operated Diaper Changing Station
  changing tables,
                      Easy to view                                                         Nylon protection straps
  accessories and     graphically displayed                                                with snap-lock fastener.
                      operating instructions
    supplies offer    in multiple languages.

quality, dependable
                                                                                           Sturdy molded
   and affordable                                                                          polyethylene table built
                                                                                           to endure long life.
  options to better
     serve your
  customer needs.     Built in waste receptacle
                      conveniently located for
                      easy disposal.                                                       Built in pad dispenser
                                                                                           located for easy access.

                      Sealed diaper kit
                      includes diaper, baby
                      wipe, changing pad,                                                  Diaper dispensing coin
                      and disposal bag.                                                    mechanism available
                                                                                           with optional settings.

                      Adjustable base for
                      level installation.

                       •    Concave table bed design makes           •   Easy to clean and maintain
                            changing safe and fast                   •   Vending proceeds can provide
                       •    Table capable of supporting up               return on investment
                            to 400 lbs.                              •   Five year limited warranty
                       •    Enclosed gas spring hinge for safe,
                            easy handling                                Only Ti
   Tidy Bottoms                                                                  dy Bott
                                                                            one of       oms off
                                                                                    a kind       ers th
  4280 Norex Drive                                                                         design. is
 Chaska, MN 55318
                                        Helping You Serve Your Customers

                            Model #7154 Coin Operated Diaper Changing Station

                  Front View                     Side View                                  Rear View
                    35.5"                            19.7"                   8.1"             15.9"



•    Unit constructed of 20 gauge Galvaneal steel              •   Built in waste receptacle holds 15” x 9” x 30” bag
•    High gloss white epoxy powder finish                      •   Built in pad dispenser holds up to 50 bed liners
•    Base unit recessed for flush wall mounting                •   Diaper dispensing unit holds up to 20 diaper kits
•    Table designed with recessed mounting holes               •   Shipping weight: 126 lbs.
•    Tamper resistant screws securing nylon straps             •   All installation instructions and hardware supplied
•    Vandal resistant cam lock mechanism
            Tidy Bottoms supplies quality diaper and changing pad refill kits for all of its products.

    Model #2152             Model #1454009        Model #7154                Model #1454          Model #1454008

         For more information call:                                                      Tidy Bottoms
          Phone: 1-800-339-0890                                                        4280 Norex Drive
           Fax: 1-800-339-0891                                                        Chaska, MN 55318

     Data Metalcraft, Inc. is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of Tidy Bottoms

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