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                MAY 27, 2009

                Sizzling Canadian-Made Swimwear
                Confession: Despite leaving our travel destinations with plenty of
                memories and a jam-packed digital camera, we often fall prey to the
                temptation of the knick knack.

                Rather than waste our last foreign
                currency on another "sandglobe" (yes,
                really), we're saving our pesos for a
                memento worth investing in: a
                Destineau swimsuit ($220 for a two-
                piece, $240 for a one-piece). With seven
                adorable styles to choose from,
                remembering a destination has never
                looked cuter (even if we haven't been

                Dreamed up by swimsuit lover Cristin
                Lazier, each piece features a gorgeous fabric print from designer
                Courtney Wotherspoon and a cut to match. The result?
                Showstopping, made in Canada swimwear inspired by classic tropical

                We were immediately smitten with the nautical Capri maillot (that
                recalls all the glamour of Jackie O's favourite Italian destination), while
                the bright colours and jewel print of the Miami bikini is guaranteed to
                make a splash at any beach. And we adored the preppy-chic print of the
                Hamptons bikini, and loved it even more when we saw the matching
                baby suit (from $35) (perfect for all the Sweetmamas out there).

                Best of all, because Destineau
                understands women's sizing, we can
                custom order our tops and bottoms in
                split sizes to ensure our new suit fits

                Which is more than we can say for that
                "Irie, Mon" T-shirt.
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                Destineau Swimwear

                Custom orders can be made by contacting:

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                Cristin Lazier

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