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					                                            2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

            Chapter Name: Philadelphia
Completed                       Suggested Activities                                                Description of Activity

            Goal 1: Make CPCU the most widely recognized, valued,
            and highly respected professional designation/brand in the
            property and casualty insurance industry by CPCU
            employers, key segments of the financial services industry,
            and other important audiences.
                                                                          Chapter President Jon Hensinger, Director Jim Sherlock, and Society
 4/12/2006 Establish a Connections Committee.                             Executive Vice President Jim Marks formed our Connections Committee.
           Develop a local P/C Company list and submit contacts to
                                                                          Connections Committee visited with ACE USA Senior Management in
 4/12/2006 Conduct Connections visits—5 or more.                          Philadelphia on April 12, 2006. ACE USA has more than 5 CPCUs.
           Submit local Connections information kit.
           Conduct Connections visits.

                                                                          Most of our Board Members, and several non-Board members, have been
                                                                          formally identified as employer "champions" by the CPCU Society. We
Ongoing     Identify "champions" in employers.                            regularly turn to these champions to strategically advance our Chapter agenda.
            Develop an innovative Connections program.
            Establish a grass-roots committee.
                                                                          Published a 12 page advertorial supplement promoting CPCU and ethics in
                                                                          the Philadelphia Business Journal on October 7, 2005. This publication
 10/7/2005 Conduct a grass-roots campaign.                                reached an audience of over 60,000 regional business leaders.
           Develop method to track and submit report.
           Submit two grass-roots visibility ideas.
                                             2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

                                                                    Philadelphia CPCU partnered with PLUS to host a post-race social event (free
                                                                    food & drink) for the insurance community following the Annual United
                                                                    Cerebral Palsy 5K corporate run/walk. The CPCU team ran/walked side by
                                                                    side with insurance industry employer teams in the Charity 5K. Following the
                                                                    race, all insurance community teams were invited to participate in the post
           Partner with employers for a community good works        race event. The availability of the post-race social event is a major selling
 5/18/2006 project.                                                 point for company teams in recruiting runners from their company for the 5K.
                                                                    Co-op advertising placed in Annual Meeting Yearbook (Atlanta). We placed
10/23/2005 Place co-op advertising.                                 a quarter page ad recognizing our new designees.
                                                                    We promote Chapter events, using mail and email. We generated press
                                                                    releases to promote our Franklin Award Luncheon & the Franklin Award
                                                                    recipient. We promoted Chapter events by email directly to employers. State
                                                                    Farm (Northeast Zone) links to our website to feature educational programs.
Continuous Promote chapter educational events.                      Philly I-Day promoted to by mail to RIMS and local agencies.
                                                                    We advertise our speakers bureau on our website. Chapter President Jon
                                                                    Hensinger delivered two speeches on insurance education topics to external
                                                                    audiences during the current Chapter year. Presentation dates were 11/15/05
Continuous Organize a Speakers Bureau.                              and 3/20/06.
                                                                    Presented the 24th Annual Franklin Award to Scott Addis, principal of the
   4/7/2006 Issue a CPCU Excellence Award.                          Addis Group, King of Prussia, PA.
                                                                    We sponsor and administer an annual Fire Essay contest for the Council Rock
                                                                    School district. To recognize the winners, we partner with the Council Rock
                                                                    School district's Board of Education AND the Northampton Township Town
                                                                    Council to hold two separate recognition ceremonies for the winners. The
                                                                    first ceremony with the school Board was on 11/17/05, and Town Council
                                                                    ceremony was on 12/7/05. Both ceremonies were attended by contest founder
                                                                    and administrator Pete Palestina and Chapter President Jon Hensinger. Both
                                                                    of these ceremonies were televised on local cable television channels and
11/17/05 & 12/7/2005 an event with a non-insurance group.           covered in local papers.
                                              2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

                                                                           Donated $6,000 in scholarship funds for students enrolled in Temple
                                                                           University's Risk Management and Insurance program. This scholarship was
                                                                           promoted outside the CPCU community at "CPCU Day" at Temple. A
                                                                           special presentation was made at a Gamma Iota Sigma meeting at Temple in
                                                                           front of all the students (more than 200) in the Risk Management and
                                                                           Insurance program. Don Hurzeler was the guest speaker, and 5 Philadelphia
 8/23/2005 Offer and promote a scholarship.                                Board members attended the presentation.
                                                                           Published a 12 page advertorial supplement promoting CPCU and ethics in
                                                                           the Philadelphia Business Journal on October 7, 2005. This publication
 10/7/2005 Develop an innovative grass-roots program.                      reached an audience of over 60,000 regional business leaders.
                                                                           We promote our website in all Chapter publications. Our website was
                                                                           promoted outside the CPCU community in our 10/7/05 Philadelphia
                                                                           Business Journal publication. Also, State Farm Insurance in the Northeast
                                                                           Zone promoted Chapter educational events and linked to our website from
Continuous Promote your chapter web site.                                  their intranet.
                                                                           Chapter President Jon Hensinger was a "Distinguished Guest Lecturer" at a
                                                                           Gamma Iota Sigma meeting at Temple University on 11/16/2005 where he
                                                                           promoted professional development and the CPCU Society. In a separate
                                                                           activity, Director Jim Sherlock promoted the CPCU program at an "Education
11/16/2005 Conduct an activity to attract CPCU candidates.                 Fair" at ACE in Philadelphia in August of 2005.
                                                                           During the week of March 20th, Candidate Development Chair Rina
                                                                           Williams called all of our candidate members, inquired about their progress
 3/24/2005 Conduct or maintain a Candidate Mentoring program.              on their CPCU exams and offered mentoring support (if they wanted it).
                                                                           Director Jim Sherlock is simultaneously teaching 7 different CPCU classes.
                                                                           Also, Philadelphia CPCU financially supports the Insurance Society of
Continuous Maintain or support CPCU/IIA classes.                           Philadelphia, which offers CPCU classroom instruction.
           Conduct a joint activity with a financial services industry
                                                                           March Chapter meeting focused on PA/NJ Auto Insurance & Ethics. CE
 3/16/2006 Conduct an Ethics Awareness Month activity.                     credits were offered.
           Conduct an Ethics Awareness Month activity with another
           insurance association.
           Participate in an ethics-related program with a non-insurance
                                              2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

             Develop an innovative ethics activity.

             Total Number of Goal 1 Activities= 16
             Total Number of Goal 1 Bold Activities= 8
                              3 POINTS!
             Goal 2: All Society members have access to a continually
             increasing number of programs and services that position
             them for success.
                                                                            CPD was promoted at our May 18, 2006 breakfast meeting. Instructions were
 5/18/2006   Maintain and promote an active CPD program.                    provided in completing the online application.
                                                                            Online member survey administered on 5/23/06. An email invitation with a
                                                                            link to the online survey was sent to all Chapter members. Feedback will be
                                                                            used in planning for 2006-2007 and published in the next edition of our
 5/23/2006   Conduct an annual member meeting survey.                       Chaptergram.
11/15/2005   Conduct a technical insurance chapter education event.         November Chapter Meeting - Emerging Additional Insured Issues
             Conduct an educational workshop or seminar—CE credits We hosted a double technical workshop (2 different seminars, back-to-back)
 10/5/2005   a plus.                                                        on October 5, 2005. CE credits were offered.
 12/7/2005   Conduct an I-Day.                                              Philly I-Day 2005 attracted over 300 Regional Insurance Professionals.
             Deliver educational information to members via your web We post summaries of all of our breakfast meeting educational programs on
Continuous   site.                                                          our website.
                                                                            We hosted a double technical workshop (2 different seminars, back-to-back)
             Sponsor or co-sponsor a national Society technical educational on October 5, 2005. Since we offered two different technical programs, this
 10/5/2005   event.                                                         is not "double dipping" for Circle of Excellence credit.
                                                                            Annual Meeting promoted at the September, October, and November
                                                                            breakfast meetings (by discussing the meeting immediately after it occurs, we
 9/23/2005   Promote attendance at the Society’s Annual Meeting.            raise awareness of the value of attending the meeting).
                                                                            In the Spring of 2005, Philadelphia CPCU funded a research study which was
                                                                            conducted by Sharon Erhardt on "Claim Reporting Practices." Funding went
                                                                            towards covering mailing costs which is how Sharon gathered her data. The
10/31/2005   Conduct a chapter research study.                              study was completed in October of 2005.
                                                                            Student scholarships benefiting families of members awarded at our June 22,
 6/22/2006   Fund a scholarship or student loan to benefit members.         2006 breakfast meeting.
             Develop an innovative way to technically educate your
                                            2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

                                                                    On November 15, 2005, our Board of Directors approved a Chapter Leader
                                                                    Development plan, which identified barriers to people becoming volunteer
                                                                    leaders, and then attacked those barriers. One of the features of the plan
           Maintain an active program to develop chapter and        included sending 3 Chapter Leaders to the NLI and Leadership Summit in
11/15/2005 national leaders.                                        Phoenix in April of 2006.
                                                                    We organized and coordinated the presentation of 4 different NLI courses
                                                                    (offered concurrently), including a keynote speaker during lunch, on April 20,
 4/20/2006 Conduct a leadership professional development program.   2006 at the ACE Center in Lafayette Hill PA.
                                                                    As the driving force behind our Regional NLI event on 4/20/06, we involved
                                                                    3 surrounding Chapters as cosponsors, and marketed our event directly to
                                                                    employers including State Farm and ACE. NLI programming was also
 4/20/2006 Promote the National Leadership Institute program.       promoted in 2 editions of our Chaptergram.
                                                                    Philadelphia CPCU contributed $3,000 to cosponsor our Regional NLI event
 4/20/2006 Sponsor or co-sponsor a Society leadership event.        (4 NLI classes offered simultaneously) on 4/20/06
                                                                    During our Regional NLI event on 4/20/06, we added value to the program by
           Develop an innovative way to deliver leadership and      bringing in an executive coach, who was also a CPCU, to speak and interact
 4/20/2006 professional development skills.                         with participants during lunch.
           Maintain an active new member sponsor program.
                                                                    Our May 18, 2006 Breakfast meeting topic was "Career Management
                                                                    Strategies that Work" and featured 3 recruiters discussing different strategies
 5/18/2006 Conduct a career development chapter activity.           for advancing one's career in the local and national insurance job market.
                                                                    We have a "job posting" webpage on our website. We post jobs for local
                                                                    employers for free. This is a very active page, and we periodically "push"
                                                                    new job postings to our membership by sending emails with links to this
                                                                    webpage. On our job posting webpage, we promote the CPCU Society's job
Continuous Promote the CPCU Society Job Network.                    network and provide a link to their website.
           Develop an innovative way to deliver career management

           Total Number of Goal 2 Activities= 17
           Total Number of Goal 2 Bold Activities= 10
                            3 POINTS!
           Goal 3: Stewardship
                                            2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

           Send the President-Elect/chapter officer to the Leadership Philadelphia CPCU sent 4 volunteer leaders to the Leadership Summit in
 4/26/2006 Summit for chapter leader training.                        Phoenix to attend Chapter Leader and NLI training.
                                                                      Chapter planning session conducted on July 10, 2005 at Cuba Libre
 7/10/2005 Conduct a chapter planning session.                        Restaurant and Rum Bar.
 9/15/2005 Appoint chapter project leaders (chairmen).                Project leaders were in place by September 2005.
           Write up the chapter business plan.
                                                                      Report submitted to Clint Gillespie (Governor) and Pat Coleman in by email
 7/15/2005 Submit this report to your governor and national.          on 7/15/05.
           Develop a written marketing-communications plan.
                                                                      Online membership survey conducted in May of 2006. Results will be shared
                                                                      with Chapter Leaders for planning purposes and published in our next
 5/23/2006 Conduct an annual membership survey.                       Chaptergram.
                                                                      For our 7/10/05, we broke with tradition of holding planning meeting at
                                                                      President's home and moved it to Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum bar. Also,
                                                                      we used beginning of meeting to conduct a series of strategic thinking
 7/10/2005 Develop an innovative chapter planning program.            exercises which shaped our planning for the year.
                                                                      June 2006 Chaptergram featured article which recognized volunteer leader
 5/15/2006 Recognize chapter volunteer leaders.                       contributions to the success of the Chapter over the past year.
 12/7/2005 Conduct a conferment ceremony.                             Local conferment ceremony conducted at Philly I-Day, December 7, 2005.
                                                                      Chapter President Jon Hensinger wrote "thank you" letters to employers of
 5/31/2006 Develop an innovative recognition program.                 Chapter leaders (those who were interested in such letters).
                                                                      We rely on National's database for all member contact info. We help
                                                                      maintain that database in two ways. In our quarterly Chaptergram (paper
                                                                      publication) we have asked people to update their contact info if it changes.
                                                                      We have verbally made the same request to membership at breakfast
Continuous Maintain an up-to-date membership database.                meetings.
                                                                      Social event (happy hour) hosted at Tir Na Nog on 4/6/06. Chapter provided
  4/7/2006 Invite members to a chapter social event.                  one free drink coupon to each person who attended.
                                                                      Joint networking meeting ("Mix & Mingle") hosted with the Casualty Club on
  9/4/2005 Conduct a joint networking meeting.                        9/4/06.
           Develop an innovative member networking program.
                                            2005-2006 Circle of Excellence Recognition Report

                                                                       February 16, 2006 meeting featured a "bring a non-CPCU guest" promotion.
                                                                       Any CPCU who brought a non-CPCU guest was eligible to win two leather
                                                                       CPCU portfolios (one portfolio for the member, and one for the guest). We
 2/16/2006   Conduct an activity to improve meeting attendance.        gave away two such prize packages.
                                                                       New designee program featured two new designee receptions, one on 12/7/05,
                                                                       and another on 6/8/06. New designee committee contacted new designees,
                                                                       coordinate local conferment ceremony, and gave congratulatory gifts to new
                                                                       designees. Candidate member program involved reaching out to candidate
             Conduct a Membership Retention program, New Designee members, providing encouragement, and inviting them to a candidate member
 12/7/2005   program, Candidate Member program.                        reception on 6/8/06.
             Conduct an activity to increase participation of retired
                                                                       We encourage members to volunteer for chapter and national service through
                                                                       articles in our Chaptergram, electronic communications, and verbally at
             Encourage members to apply for national and chapter       Chapter meetings. Plus, we also directly approach individual members who
Continuous   service.                                                  we think would make good volunteers.
                                                                       Articles and photos covering our October 2005 Council Rock School District
 12/1/2005   Submit articles for CPCU publications.                    Fire Essay contest featured in CPCU News.
                                                                       We employ a paid administrator to handle Chapter work, and we use Acteva
Continuous   Develop an innovative program for chapter administration. to offer online registration for Chapter events.
                                                                       Chapter Loman membership maintained for 2006. We received written
 4/15/2006   Establish or maintain chapter Loman membership.           confirmation of this in May of 2006.
             Fund or manage a library program.
             Develop an innovative education support program.

             Total Number of Goal 3 Activities= 18
             Total Number of Goal 3 Bold Activities= 8
                          3 POINTS!

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