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              Your school in your hands // Forge Valley Community School newsletter // July 2010 // Issue 9

      Forge Valley appoints its
      new Leadership Team
      Following the appointment of the headteacher and post-16 co-ordinator earlier in the school year, we are really pleased to be
      able to announce the formation of the rest of our Senior Leadership Team for Forge Valley. As you will see from the pen portraits
      below, the team will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the school. With colleagues coming from both Wisewood
      and Myers Grove, the strong partnerships with parents and the community will continue. In addition, the appointments will
      guarantee the continuity and close relationships which will help all our students to make a smooth transition.

        Name: Diane McKinlay                                                          Name: Rob Holladay
        Role in Forge Valley: Headteacher                                             Current role: Joint Head of School at Wisewood
                                                                                      Role in Forge Valley: Deputy Head
                            I am completely committed to making Forge Valley a                            I believe that everyone should be given the
                            success. The brand new sixth form, fantastic facilities                       chance to ‘Be the best they possibly can’ and
                            and excellent staff will inspire young people to enjoy                        I’m really looking forward to putting this into
                            their learning and achieve at the highest level. My                           practice at Forge Valley.
                            vision is for Forge Valley to be a strong, stable and
                            vibrant place for the whole community to learn and
                            enjoy their leisure - a school to be proud of and to
                            be part of.

        Name: Alison Inkson                                                           Name: Beryl Harlow
        Current role: Deputy Head at Myers Grove                                      Current role: Joint Head of School at Wisewood
        Role in Forge Valley: Deputy Head                                             Role in Forge Valley: Assistant Head – Student Support

                            I feel privileged to be a part of something so                                I really look forward to working with the staff of
                            exciting. I really believe that Forge Valley will be an                       the two schools to develop student support
                            outstanding school and at the very heart of                                   programmes taking the best from both schools
                            our community.                                                                so that we can ensure that we continue to be
                                                                                                          outstanding in our care of students and to
                                                                                                          genuinely ensure that every child really does

        Name: Jaq Lysandrou                                                           Name: David McGuinness
        Current role: Deputy Head at Wisewood                                         Current role: Assistant Head at Myers Grove
        Role in Forge Valley: Assistant Head – Director of Specialism                 Role in Forge Valley: Assistant Head – Assessment and ICT

                            We already have strong links with local businesses -                         Over the next few months I will be working
                            including visits to the sites for staff and students to                      closely with colleagues at both schools to ensure
                            have a greater understanding of the full range of                            that the student progress tracking and reporting
                            employment opportunities in the local area and have                          systems for Forge Valley are the very best. I am
                            a fantastic range of business activities in school.                          very excited about my role in the new school and
                            All of this helps us to inspire and engage students so                       I am looking forward to September 2011 and our
                            that they can achieve as much as possible and be                             first day as Forge Valley.
                            ready for work and leisure after school.

        Name: Mick Wing                                                               Name: Caroline Bolton
        Current role: Business Manager at Myers Grove                                 Current role: Partnership Manager for the Inner West Leeds schools
        Role in Forge Valley: Business Manager                                        Role in Forge Valley: North West Learning Partnership Co-ordinator

                            I am looking forward to being part of the creation                           I am really looking forward to working at Forge
                            of high quality 11-19 educational provision in the                           Valley and relish the challenge of working with
                            north west of the city. I hope to help provide the                           partners to create exceptional post 16 provision
                            students to achieve their own individual                                     to suit the needs of all learners in North West
                            aspirations and establish a community focus for                              Sheffield.
                            the people of the immediate area.

                                                                  So what happens next?
              The process of appointing the rest of the staff is already underway and will be finalised by the end of the autumn term,
                        ensuring that the whole Forge Valley Team is in place well before our opening in September 2011.
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         Forge Valley Forum                                                             Forge Valley Open Evening
      Forge Valley Community School is unique in Sheffield as being a parent led        We are holding our first open evening for
      school. We believe that parents have a vital role to play, not only in their       you to come along and find out about
      own child's achievements, but also in the life of the school and the wellbeing               your new school.
      of its pupils. This is therefore a fantastic opportunity
      for you to become part of that and help us make                                   Tuesday 5th October 2010 6:00pm
      our vision a reality.                                                              Myers Grove School, Wood Lane
      We want all parents/carers who have children at the
      school to become part of the life at the school and                                              New School
      we aim to achieve that by setting up a parent group,                                              New Team
      sometimes known as a Parent Council. Ours is called
      Forge Valley Forum.
                                                                                                       New Future
      If your son or daughter is a pupil at Forge Valley Community School then                       New Aspirations
      you as the parent or primary carer of your child automatically become a
      member of Forge Valley Forum. How big or small a role you undertake               Deputy Prime Minister
      within Forge Valley Forum is up to you but we hope that you will work with
      us and see the benefits for all involved.                                         Backs Forge Valley
      If you would like to become involved in helping us set up a new group run         Along with Liberal Democrats from
      by parents for parents then email us at                                           Sheffield City Council, the Right Hon with the subject title Forge Valley        Nick Clegg MP has pledged his
      Forum.                                                                            enthusiastic support for the new
                                                                                        school, and will work with teachers,
                                                                                        parents, local councillors and the
      Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday 13th September 2010 at the
                                                                                        local education authority to ensure that the school
      Horse & Jockey, 250 Wadsley Lane, Wadsley, Sheffield, S6 4EF between
                                                                                        is a success.
                                                                                        Nick said: "I hope that this school will
                                                                                        inspire young people to achieve, and give them
                                                                                        the start in life which they deserve.”


      Our New Logo
      We mentioned in the previous edition
                                                                                Forge Valley Website
      of schoolmatters, that students from
      Myers Grove and Wisewood had been
      working with our architects and
      designers to come up with a new logo
      for Forge Valley.
      After narrowing the selection down to just a small handful, students
      were asked to vote on the design they preferred. The design you see
      here is the result of that process, voted overwhelmingly the favourite
      by some margin.
      Two students, Samantha Crofts and Jessica Pollard, produced a short
      presentation for use in school assemblies showing some of the
      alternative designs. You can view this by following the question
      about the logo on the FAQ page of our website (details below).
      The logo itself represents the three local rivers that surround Forge
      Valley, the Don, Loxley and Rivelin, with the red centre signifying the
      entrance to Forge Valley, being at the heart of our community.

                                                                                 Forge Valley has a new website address
                                                                                 In addition, you can now get regular updates
                                                                                 on twitter

                   The framework for Forge Valley is now well underway

      If you have any comments or suggestions for the new school, please contact the Governing Body by email
      Or by post: The Governing Body for Forge Valley Community School, c/o Myers Grove School, Wood Lane, Sheffield, S6 5HG

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