Ridgecliff SAC April minutes by ashrafp


									                               Ridgecliff SAC Meeting
                                  April 27th, 2010

Present: Michael Murray, Derek Cann, Julie West, Meghan O’Neill, Jacquie Saunders,
Susan Wears, and Dave Leblanc.

Absent with regrets: Jill Page, Tristan MacLean, Chloe Hatt-Franklyn, Charlene Tasco,
Christine-Bonnell-Eisnor, and Candace Allan.



The March minutes were approved.

Old Business

a) The SAC will provide refreshments at the following RMS activities: The school
   play, Grade 9 Flea Market and Extracurricular night.

b) PFI Update

c) Efforts are being made to fill the vacant community member seat ASAP.

d) The SAC chair, Derek Cann, participated on the interview teams for the qualifying
   pools for Principal/Vice Principals positions in the HRSB. Derek recommended that
   a representative from the SAC participate in future years.

e) Charlene Tasco was not able to attend the meeting. As a result her Comprehensive
   Guidance report was postponed to the next meeting.

Principal’s Report

   Current Events

   New Staff Member
   Welcome to Patrick Drake, who has joined the Ridgecliff staff in the 33% Math
   support position, until the end of the year.

   Grade 6 Field Trip
   The grade 6 classes went on a field trip from the April 7-14th to the Dalhousie
   Planetarium and Museum of Natural History. Thank you to the parent chaperones
   that helped make the trips very successful trips.
Easter Basket Fundraiser, RMS Dance and Movie Night
Class 6-3 raised $132.05 for the Red Cross Haitian Relief on April 1st. Another
successful dance was held on April 8th. The following Thursday brought in a good
turnout for the movie “Blind Side”.

Report Cards
Term 2 report cards went out on Thursday, April 15th.

Grade 9 Entrepreneur Fair
All Grade 9 students were entrepreneurs for a day. Students were to create, promote,
advertise and sell their product as part of the Social Studies curriculum. The fair was
held form8-10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 16th. Each student paid a fee to have a table
at the fair and all these fees were donated to Feed Nova Scotia.

Earth Day
On April 22nd, Earth Day, many RMS classes cleaned up the RMS grounds. In
addition, other activities in the classrooms were held to support the theme of helping
the Earth.

French Immersion Public Speaking
All French Immersion classes assembled in the cafeteria to listen to the 10 students
chosen to present on a variety of topics in French. The winners were Christina
Brown, Ahmed Quershi and Taylor Roe.

Isolation Drills
All public schools in Nova Scotia will have isolation drills this spring. The drills are
intended to prepare participants in the event of unwanted intruders in the school in the
same way fire drills prepare and keep students safe in the event of a fire.

Change to Specialist Times
Band students will have 90 minutes of in class band time.

Upcoming RMS Curricular Activities

      April 27th-30th – Grade 7 French Immersion trip to St. Anne’s
      May 1st – Grade 9 Flea Market
      May 4th – PCAP - Ridgecliff has been randomly chosen to have one grade 8
       class to take this assessment. IPP students and ESL students do not
      May 6th – RMS Dance (Grade 6 students allowed)
      May 7th – School based Professional Development Day
      May 11th and 13th – RMS presentation of “Switching Principals” to school
      May 12th, 13th and 14th – RMS presentation of “Switching Principals”
       evening performances
      May 19th – Tentative date for BLT orientation visit. Parent meeting will be
       the same evening.
      May 25th – SAC meeting at 6:30 p.m.
      May 26th and 27th – The Department of Education Grade 6 Elementary Math
       Literacy Assessment (EMLA) will be given to all Grade 6 students
      May 28th to June 2nd – Grade 9 trip to Montreal and Quebec City
      June 10th – RMS Recognition Night for Extracurricular Activities
      June 24th – RMS Dance
      June 25th – RMS Field Day (Tentative Date)

Student Reports

Michael Murray reported that the Justice Week activities were a successful fundraiser
for the Loose Change to Loosen Chains charity. Two classes won the parties for
being the most generous in their donations.

New Business

      Patrick Drake, RMS’s most recent staff member has offered to coordinate an
       evening entertainment event. Details to follow, there may not be enough time
       for the event to be held this year. The SAC would support such an event.
      Community members have called into the school to report that students are
       venturing off school property to the Irving. This has been addressed by the

                  Next SAC meeting - Tuesday, May 25th at 6:30

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