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					                                  October, 2010     Serving San Antonio’s Women and Girls Since 1908                    Volume 101, Issue 8

                               AAUW San Antonio Branch Newsletter
                                        O u r M is s io n : W o r k i ng to ad v a nc e e q u i t y f o r wo m e n a nd i rls
                                          t hro ug h ad vo c ac y, e d uc at io n , p h il a n t h ro p y , and re s e a rc h

   Inside this issue:
                               Charter Schools Are a Hot Topic
   Branch Budget      2        From Oprah's recent show to a documentary             lum meets the state-mandated Texas Essential
   and Driving                 called "Waiting for Superman," Charter schools        Knowledge and Skills at both the elementary
   Directions                  have been lauded as the cure for what ails the        and secondary level.
                               public schools.
                      3                                                              Since beginning her career in education in
                               What are Charter schools? What kind of char-          1968, Dr. Mora has been a teacher, Curricu-
                               ter do they have? Where are the San Antonio           lum Director, Assistant Principal, Principal,
                               Charter schools? How do they differ from              and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
                               other public schools? from Magnet schools?            at United ISD in Laredo.
                               Who goes to Charter schools? Who teaches at
                      5        Charter schools? And most important, what             Prior to joining Northside in 2002, Dr. Mora
                               success have Charter schools had in educating         served as Associate Commissioner of Ac-
                               students and can their successful methods be          countability and Accreditation at the Texas
                               transferred to all public schools?                    Education Agency and
                      6                                                              Director of Statewide
                               Katie Reed and Linda Mora will answer these           Initiatives at Region
                                                        questions at the No-         XIII Education Service
                      8                                 vember 6 luncheon/           Center in Austin.
                                                        program at the Double-
                                                        tree Hotel dining room.      She received a bache-
                                                                                     lor's and master's degree
Contacts and Reservations
                                                        Katie Reed has served        from Texas A&I Uni-
Next Meeting Date and Place:                            as president of the          versity in Kingsville,
                                                        Northside Independent        now under the Texas
Saturday, November 6. Make                            School District Board          A&M system, and a
Reservations by November 3.                           for five terms and now         doctorate degree from
                                                      chairs the Policy and          the University of Texas        Dr. Linda Mora
A-D, Edna Sharp 492-5206                              Intergovernmental Re-          at Austin.
E-H, Evelyn Powers 680-0138                           lations Committee.
                                                      She is also a Board            Invite your friends in other organizations,
I-L, Carol Lahser 657-5139      Katie N. Reed
M-V, Edna Sharp 492-5206                              member of the Greater          such as Retired Teachers and League of
W-Z, Eugenia Robinson                                 San Antonio Chamber            Women Voters, to come for lunch and to hear
673-7766                       of Commerce and the Alamo Area Council of             this important talk about education in San
President: Sharon Bartling,    Governments, a past chair of the Salvation            Antonio., 493-      Army Advisory Board and the Women and
3144                           Children's Advisory Committee.                        Call for reservations at 492-5206, 497 -4638
                                                                                     or email Edna at
Membership VP: Mynda           She received the Dolph and Janey Briscoe Life-
McGuire, 497-4638              time Achievement Award from the United Way,         for her numerous community volunteer activi-
                               ties. She was inducted into the San Antonio
                               Women's Hall of Fame. She attended public
Newsletter Editor: Edna
                               schools in Nebraska, graduated from the Uni-
                               versity of Missouri and taught in public schools
                               in Missouri and Oklahoma.

Deadline for Next issue:       Dr. Linda Mora is Deputy Superintendent for
Monday, November 8.            Curriculum and Instruction at NISD. She is            DoubleTree Hotel, located at 37 NE Loop 410
                               responsible for the NISD's educational curricu -      San Antonio, TX 78216. See map and driving
                                                                                     directions on page 2.
   Page 2                                                                                San Antonio AAUW Branch Newsletter

Branch President Sharon Bartling’s Message:

   If you attended the last luncheon, you get a $5 refund at this event
What a timely program we heard on Stones Into Schools at Pom-       charging the forty people who attended the October 2 luncheon.
peii"s October 2.                                                   Those of you who paid $20 for that lunch will receive a $5.
                                                                    credit to be applied to your next lunch. The food was delicious
On the PBS News Hour (Jim Lehrer's) October 7, there was a          and more than ample; the service was excellent; the parking was
final segment about the SWAT area in Pakistan and Afghanistan       great. So we will look forward to returning to Pompeii's in
beset by floods and Taliban. Pictured were hundreds of beautiful    March and April for $15 lunches.
little girls whose schools have been destroyed. They were still
smiling and hoping to find places for classrooms. Of course, I      Hope to see a large turnout at the November 6 luncheon at 12
wondered whether the schools Greg Mortenson had helped build        p.m. at Doubletree Hotel. We will hear an objective presenta-
survived.                                                           tion on a topic that we need to understand. Come with your
On another somewhat related topic, I want to apologize for over-    questions.

Public Policy 101: One Member, One Vote
By Malinda Gaul, Public Policy Chair           well as make comments and submit an         the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer is-
One Member, One Vote, adopted at the          application for national board candidacy    sues of AAUW Outlook.
2009 AAUW National Convention,                on the AAUW website. Candidate appli-
changed AAUW national elections from a        cations are due by October 1, and the       To access the One Member, One Vote sec-
delegate-only process to one that gives       deadline to submit proposals is Novem-      tion of the website from the AAUW home
every member a vote. So, every member         ber 17. In early December, members          page, click on Member Center in the top
needs to learn about the new voting proc-     will be able to “meet” the candidates       right corner, log in with your member ID,
ess online at:                                online through biographies, videos, and     and select One Member, One Vote. You         candidate links.                            can find your member ID in your Direc-
OMOVbriefing_080210.cfm                                                                   tory, just before your name, and on the
                                              In addition to the briefing and FAQ         AAUW Outlook mailing label or by using
Members can now propose bylaws                (frequently asked questions) posted on      the Member ID Lookup
amendments, resolutions, and Public Pol-      the AAUW website, look for more de-         aauw_id_lookup.cfm link available on the
icy Program revisions/additions, as           tails about One Member, One Vote            AAUW Member Log-In page.

Directions to the luncheon on Saturday, November 6,2010
                                                                             Driving East on I-410, take Exit (#20), stay on the ac-
                                                                             cess road, go past the Big Boots, and then at the light,
                                                                             (by Dillard’s) turn left on McCullough. Go across I-410
                                                                             and just past the other access road, turn right into the
                                                                             hotel’s parking lot.

                                                                             Driving West on I-410, take the Exit (#21) stay in the
                                                                             right lane to turn right into the hotel’s parking lot, just
                                                                             before the traffic light at McCullough.

                                                                             Coming from the North or South you can use San Pedro
                                                                             Ave. stay on it until you approach I-410, where you will
                                                                             be directed toward East I-410 via an access road. Then
                                                                             use the appropriate directions above to get into the
                                                                             parking lot.

                                                                             Another tried and true way to get there from the south is
                                                                             to get on McCullough any where you like, and head
                                                                             north. After you pass over I-410, the hotel parking lot
                                                                             will be on your right.
 Page 3                                                                       San Antonio AAUW Branch Newsletter

Dr. Cheryl Davis to Speak at Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
A past-president of this branch, Dr. Cheryl                           Independent School District who will be attending
Davis, who holds a B.A. degree in Biology/                            the two day conference at the Henry Gonzales Con-
Chemistry, a M.S. degree in Environmental                             vention Center October 28 and 29.
Toxicology, and a Doctor of Dental Medi-                              This conference, sponsored by the Hispanic Cham-
cine degree, will represent the San Antonio                           ber of Commerce, is designed to interest boys and
Branch of AAUW when she speaks to the                                 girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering,
thousand boys and girls from San Antonio         Dr. Cheryl Davis     and math).

Helen Kyse will Autograph Her Book at the Twig Book Store
M rs. Helen Kyse, a branch member of long standing, has written a book entitled Your Power to Become. She will be
autographing her book at the Twig Book Store at the Pearl Brewery on Sunday, October 24 from 3 to 5 p.m.

She explains that the book encourages people to achieve their highest potential. Having encouraged many friends
over the years to develop their potentials, she hopes to reach even more people with the publication of her ideas in this

Menu selected for the Doubletree Hotel Meeting in Nove ber
For the Saturday luncheon on November 6, you are in for a real treat at the Doubletree Hotel located at 37 NE Loop
410 San Antonio, TX 78216. See Map and Directions on page 2. Be sure to check the hotels roster in the lobby for the
room assigned to the AAUW luncheon.
The cost for the luncheon is $ 20. However, if you attended the previous luncheon, you will only pay $15. See the arti-
cle on page 2. The lunch begins at 12 noon. Be sure and arrive a few minutes earlier than that so that everyone can be
seated on time. Besides that it is fun to sit and chat with an old friend or make a new friend. Keep your eye out for the
new members and say “hello.”
Here’s the menu:             Garden Green Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
                    Grilled Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon with Puttanesca Sauce
                        Roasted Garlic Potatoes Seasoned Fresh Vegetables
                           Fresh Bread with Sweet Cream Butter
                                       Italian Cream Cake
                                       Coffee and Ice Tea

Don’t forget to make reservations by Wednesday @ 9 p.m. Check the front panel on Page 1 for your reservation person
to call, or send an email to:

                                              In Memoriam
                                              Gerry Cook                       Gerry Cook was in the nursing field. She
                                                                               came from the Midwest and was active in sev-
                                                                               eral of our Interest Groups.
                                              Martha Chapman
                                                                               Martha Chapman was an elementary teacher
                                              Henry Radi                       at Ft. Sam Houston School until she retired.
                                              Beloved husband of               She loved and patronized the arts.
                                              Claire Radi and long-time
                                              AAUW supporter                   Henry Radi will be remembered for his
                                                                               friendly help during our annual book sales. .
 Page 4                                                                         San Antonio AAUW Branch Newsletter

Another ‘Shape the Future’ Opportunity--this time at the Alamo
By Mynda McGuire, Branch Membership Vice President              extends to tourists who may want to affiliate with Na-
                                                               tional AAUW, and later with a branch in their hometown.
If you have friends or neighbors who would like to join
AAUW at the bargain price of $46.50, invite them to at-        Our roster of members continues to grow. This month we
tend Founders Day at                                           want to welcome these new members: Sherline F ox,
the Alamo, October 23.                                         M artha Lankford, and Virgin ia Yee Wong.
This will be our third
“Shape the Future”                                             Three National members, formerly known as Members at
event of the year.                                             Large, joined this branch and AAUW Texas this month.
                                                               Please welcome Thelma Dowling , M elinda Estrada,and
For the seventh year                                           Sue Oppenheimer.
this AAUW Branch
will again have a table                                        In addition, there were 30 members who renewed their
at the annual event held                                       dues in September. If you haven’t yet renewed, please
on the grounds of the Alamo, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30           join us in this exciting AAUW year, that is focusing all
p.m. The public is invited to this free event where they       our meetings on Education. Remember that AAUW is
can learn about AAUW and its programs. This opportu-           advancing equity for women and girls through Advocacy,
nity to join the San Antonio Branch, and AAUW, also            Education, Philanthropy, and Research.

How to get into your AAUW Member Database
Did you know that all our branch members are listed on          cludes your address, recent membership dates, your dues
the AAUW Member Database, but are protected by two              and contributions for about two years in the past. Please
passwords? To crack the code there are a few things you         check all the data about you to make sure it is current
must do first.                                                  and accurate.
One is to locate your member number. You will find it in        That $3 contribution may puzzle you. It is for the non-
the AAUW Branch Directory, immediately before your              deductible portion of your $49 national dues. At tax
name. For new members, please consult the Supplemen-            time, be sure to list the remaining $46 of your current
tal Yearbook Roster in this newsletter.                         dues as deductible. If you joined under the “Shape the
                                                                Future” program the amounts in this paragraph will be
If you would like to explore the Member Database please         just one-half of these numbers.
print out these instructions first. Places to click are in
bold face.                                                      The other interesting database that is available to all
                                                                members is the Branch M ember Roster .
First you go to the AAUW website. It is .          There you will find all those branch members whose
When that opens go to the top line, second area from the        membership has been
right, entitled M ember Center. You will be asked for           processed by
your AAUW member number. Once you are in the                    AAUW. There is
Member Center there are several areas you can visit,            usually a two or three
listed on the left side of the screen. The second one is the    week delay before
M ember Services Database .                                     new members or re-
When the Member Services Database opens you will be             newals are listed
asked for another password. It has automatically put in         there.
your Membership number. The second line is where you
put the cursor to insert your own password. It is sug-          It’s really just a few
gested that passwords contain both letters and numbers.         clicks, and you are
Put in whatever you want to use, but make sure you write        in. If you run into
it down somewhere handy (like in your AAUW direc-               problems or have
tory) in case you do not remember it in the future.             questions contact
                                                                Mynda McGuire at
The first place to open is your own P rofile . That in-
  Page 6                                                                                         Volume 101, Issue 7

Least W e Forget Our Roots:                          Your Vote Counts
                                                   During the beginning of the twentieth century, as women's suffrage
                                                   gained in popularity, suffragists were subject to arrests and many
                                                   were jailed. Finally, despite President Woodrow Wilson's opposi-
                                                   tion, Congress passed what became, the Nineteenth Amendment.
                                                   When it was ratified in 1920, it prohibited state and federal agen-
                                                   cies from gender-based restrictions on voting.

It took more than parades and white horses to
change the law to allow women the vote, and pave
the way for women to run for public office.
                                                   Many of our foremothers suffered
                                                   physically in order to obtain the vote
                                                   for all of us and our daughters.
                                                   These women among 24 others are
                                                   Lucy Burns, and Helena Hill Weed         Remember all these women
                                                   (right) were held, and abused in the     each Election Day when you
                                                   infamous Occoquan (VA) Work-             exercise your vote!
                                                   house for Women in 1917.

                                                   To learn more about what we owe to these early pioneers for
                                                   women's’ rights visit this Library of Congress website:

                                                   Below, it was educated women who formed one of the first White
                                                   House picket line on College Day in February 1917. Colleges and
                                                   Universities represented were (l to r) Kansas, Missouri, Washing-
This march was in New York City, May 6, 1912.      ton, Stanford, Bryn Mawr, Swartmore, Vassar and Oberlin.
 Volume 101, Issue 11                                                                                                      Page 6

AAUW– Museum Interest Group
                                              Chair: Susanne O’Brien210 -481 -3443,
                                              Co-Chair: Billie Sue Park 210 -722 -8660
Next month's Museum Interest Group's trip will be to the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) to see the touring exhibit "To Live
Forever." The exhibit focuses on the preparation for the afterlife by the non-royal members of society. The museum tour will be at
10 a.m.on Thursday, November 11 at the museum. The address is 200 W. Jones Ave. The cost of the tour is $8 for adults, $7 for
seniors (65 +) and free to museum members. After the tour, of about one hour, we will have lunch at the Cafe Des Artistes which is
on the campus of the museum. Lunch will be at your own expense. You may check out the menu for Cafe Des Artistes at I would like those who want to attend to contact me by email at or by
phone 210-481-3443 by the end of the day Sunday, November 7.

Saturday Book Discussion Group                                                   Chair: Diantha Perelli’s, 210 (497-4121).
We will meet on Saturday, November 13 at 10:00 a.m. at                 mousetrap-manufacturing barons, feisty chimney-dwelling
Gayna Dupo nt’s, 2203 Postoak Ct., (493-2865).                          dwarves, and, perhaps most terrifying of all, black-market
There will be coffee, tea and a brunch. We will be                      dentists.
discussing the book The Good Thief by Hannah
Tinti.                                                                  n keeping with the gothic tradition, Tinti writes with an
“This striking debut novel is an homage to old-                         arch, almost camp sensibility. While on a nocturnal grave-
fashioned boys-own adventure stories, and unfolds                       digging excursion to procure bodies for a crazy scientist,
like a Robert Louis Stevenson tale retold amid the                      for instance, the pair encounter an assassin, who tells the
hardscrabble squalor of Colonial New England. The                       twelve-year-old hero that he was made for killing. Will the
sheer strangeness of the story is beguiling: a one-                     boy ever discover the truth of his past? Its good fun watch-
handed bo y, tainted by his upbringing in a Catholic                    ing him find out.” (New York Times review)

Book Review                                                                            Chair: Orrine Woinowsk, 344 -3888
                                                                        1101 W. Woodlawn, Beacon Hills Presbyterian Church
The Book Review Interest Group meets the fourth Monday each month in the Beacon Hills Presbyterian Church Parlor at 1101 W.
Woodlawn. There will be no meetings in November or De      er as our meeting date is too near the holidays.
This month we will meet Monday, October 25, at 1:45 p.m. Our book reviewer guest will be John Igo. Our reviewer discusses the
book he chooses. This lends itself to a little myster so to satisfy our intrigue; we come to satisfy our curiosity. You know we are
seldom disappointed by the speaker’s choice. Our Chair for October is Orrine Woinowsk, and the hostesses are Evelyn Powers
and Agnes Wright. Come and join our group for the fellowship and the reviewer’s choice of the book. We always have a sweets
table and drinks.

Historic Southwest Group                                                                  Chair: Agnes Wright, 210 -658-6858
We meet the second Saturday every month from                               the Saturday luncheon/meeting. Our calling committee
October–May. We meet at the Doubletree Hotel,           Boomer             contacts our members for reservations. Prospective
37 NE Loop 410; however our meeting room                                   members may call Edna Sharp, Treasurer ,and reserva-
within the hotel changes from time to time. Our                            tions chair at 492-5206 or e-mail... We
November meeting is Saturday, November 13 at           Vs.                 do have a $5 membership fee and you must belong to
12 p.m.                                                                    AAUW. Our luncheons will be $17 this year.
                                                                           We are a friendly group so come and join us each sec-
Our speaker will be Mynda McGuire . She will            Sooner             ond Saturday of the month. Listen to the history of the
tell us “The Boomer-Sooner Story.”                                         Southwest through story tellers.

Monday Lunch Bridge            11:00 AM. 2nd and 4th Mondays                                   Chair: Jean Williams, 342-8739

 Our Monday Lunch Bridge Group meets Monday, November 8 and the 15th. Our group always meets at Los Patios. We meet at 11
a.m. and have lunch…. Lunch is on your own. Then we began playing bridge. We play until 3 p.m.
Everyone is welcome except we have the requirement that you are a “seasoned player.” Please call me for more details. We wo uld
welcome you.
  Page 7                                                                              San Antonio AAUW Branch Newsletter

World Affairs                                                  Chair/contact person: Margaret Mayberry, 496 -5333
World Affairs meeting is Tuesday, November 2. The program will be “The U.S. and the Persian Gulf.” The meeting
place will be the La Taz Coffee House @ 281 and Brookhollow. We have interesting discussions and good camaraderie.
Feel free to come and join us each first Tuesday of the month.

Night Bridge                                                            Contact/Chair           Claudie Pettigrew, 805 -8994
                                                                         Co–Chair                Marilyn Traylor, 696 -8299
                   Night Bridge is on the first and third Mondays        hands with three different partners, six hands to a round,
                   throughout the year. We currently meet at La          scored like rubber bridge.
                   Madeliene Restaurant on 410 near Blanco Road.
                   Members arrive at 5:45 p.m. and dine together.        If you like evening activities, have a moderate knowledge
                   Play begins at 6:45 p.m. and continues until 10       of the game and wish to play on a regular basis with a
                   p.m. or thereabouts. We aim to play 17 untimed        friendly group, contact Claudie or Marilyn. The dates are
                                                                         November 1 and then on the 15th.

Theatre Group                                                                           Chair: Norma Rios 210 -599 -7868
The theatre group has re-grouped and the new chair or contact person is Norma Rios, a new AAUW member. Here is what she does:
I have booked group tickets for almost all San Pedro Playhouse musicals. I must have 20 for the discount price of $18.50 and I c hoose
a Sunday matinee. I send an email, keep a record of the responses, then send another email when money is due. You pay me and I
hand-deliver or mail the ticket My email is Norma will add your name to her other group, so per aps you can
get the discount price. Call her for more details or e-mail her. She is a nice person and friendly.

University Women’s Garden Club                                                              Hostess: Edna Sharp 492 -5206
Our meeting date is the fourth Wednesday of each                           are an affiliate of that organization.
month September –May. Our meeting date is No-
                                                                           Our item this year will be a spoon, wrapped to hold two
vember 24 at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Edna Sharp,
                                                                           candy Kisses, with the Santa tag attached to the handle.
14303 Ambleside.
                                                                           Come and enjoy drinks and snacks, chatter and then to
This month we will be making tray items for the                            work. We did not do Christmas Cheer as scheduled in
“Christmas Cheer” program over at the San Antonio                          September.
Garden Club on N. New Braunfels and Funston. We                            Contact person: Agnes Wright, 658 -6858 for Garden
                                                                           Club information.

Chat -n - Chew                                                                                       Malinda Gaul, 210-410 -8992
  One of the newest interest groups, Chat-n-Chew meets the first         move on to anything of interest.....movies, books, current
  Sunday of each month at 2 p.m. in the home of a volunteer host-        events, travel. Chat-n-Chew could also be called Rant-n-
  ess. There is no structure to this interest group: no dues, no set     Rave!
  topic, no rsvp....all you do is show up! People bring food and/or
  wine, but that is not necessary.                                       So, if you have something to say, this is the group willing to
                                                                         listen. Email notices are sent each month, so if you want to
  We eat, drink and chat about topics of the day (usually beginning      be added send your email address to Malinda Gaul
  with something a member saw in the Sunday paper) and          or call Malinda (see above).

 Our Mission: Working to advance equity for women and girls, through advocacy, education, philan-
 thropy, and research.

 Our Promise: By joining AAUW, you belong to a community that breaks through educational and
 economic barriers to that all women have a fair chance.

 Our Diversity Statement: The American Association of University Women is the largest, oldest U.S.
 organization working for the advancement of women and education. In principle and practice,
 AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this
 organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, class, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or
(New) 5091570- O'Brien, Susanne              (210) 481-3443   (New) 5091581—Alyn, Janet                   (210) 824-0295
 3239 Gazelle Range, 78259-2268                               2606 Friar Tuck Rd, 78209-2237                       
 B.S. Southern Methodist University                           B.A.Sophie Newcomb University, UT, Austin
                                                              And University of Texas, San Antonio
(New)5079820 Oppenheimer, Sue
             —                               (210) 826-5809
312 E. Hermosa Dr, 78212-1732                                               (New) 5091584—Batot, Evelyn                  (210) 532-6249
                                                              3711 Skyridge Ave, 78210-5750
(New) 5091577- Park , Billie                 (210) 722-8660   B.S. Texas State University
PO Box 790785, 78279-0785
M.A. Texas Tech University                                    (New) 5091584—Batot, Ray Nell                (210) 532-6249
                                                              3711 Skyridge Ave, 78210-5750
(New) 5091579- Royal, Estela             (210) 695-1198       B.S. Texas State University
8702 Redwood Bnd, Helotes, TX 78023-4488                                    (New) 5091580—Baucum, Beverly               (210) 821-5252
B.S. Universidad La Salle, Mexico City                        3203 Tophill Rd, 78209-3137
                                                              B.A. and M.A. Baylor University
(New) 5091582- Townsend, Elise               210) 826-3442    M.S. American Tech University
32 Granburg Cir, 78218-3004
                                                              (New) 509157—Bolster, Sally                  (210) 499-4876
B.S. University of Texas, Austin
                                                              14359 Markham Ln, 78247-6505
M.S. Trinity University                             
                                                              B.S. Simmons College, Boston
(New) 5091574 - Wiley, Joyce                 (210) 344-0929
10509 Mount Marcy, 78213-1613                                 4417339—Dowling, Thelma                      (210) 479-6324                                               2459 Brighton Oaks, 78231-2206
B.S. and M.Ed, University of Texas, Austin          
                                                              B.A. Rice University

4447151 - Wong, Virginia Yee                 210) 647-3547    4272194—Edson, Marian                        (210) 493-9569
4910 Newcome Dr, 78229-5336                                   14818 River Vis N, 78216                                    
B.S. and M.A., Trinity University
(New) 5054940— Estrada, Melinda (Mel)      (210) 670-4912   (New) Lankford, Martha                    (210) 340-5366
5823 Vandewalle, 78227-2123                                 9219 Standing Creek Lane                         
B.A. Our Lady of the Lake University                        B.S. Florida State University
M.L.S. Texas Woman’s University

                                                            (New) 4451417- Magee, Joan,               (210) 499-1314
(New) 5091908—Fox, Sherline                (210) 545-5592
                                                            4 Bridlington Ct , 78218-1738
115 Shady Trail St, 78232-1332
                                                            B.S. and M.A. West Texas State University
B.A. University of Texas, San Antonio
M.E. Our Lady of the Lake University
                                                            (New) 5091578- Martinez, Mary             (210) 695-8809
                                                             15107 Little Wren Ln, 78255-1212
(New) 5091576- Gilliland, Sarah            (210) 696-1804
3431 Nantucket Dr                                           B.S. University of Texas, Austin
B.S. Trinity University
                                                            3494945-Mayberry, Margaret                 (210) 496-5333
                                                            108 Blackhawk , 78232-3604
(New) 5091585- Goetz, Jean                 (210) 879-8172
2811 Old Moss Rd, 78217-5813                                            B.A. University of Western Ontario, Canada
B.S. Kent State University                                  M.A. St. Mary’s University
                                                            M.A. University of Texas, San Antonio
MBA Ashland College

(New) 5091572- Hughes, Charlotte           (210) 533-8297   (New) 2898452- McAuliffe, Margarita       (210) 495-5669
16502 Pemcanyon, 78240-5603                                 14310 Briarlane St, 78247-2738
B.S. University of Texas, Austin                  
M.S. Our Lady of the Lake University                        M.A. Northwestern University

(New) 2543976- Kuzma,Janina                (210) 366-3736   (New) 5091573- McDonald, Beverly          (210) 967-1134
302 Zornia Dr 78213-2114                                    3678 Hidden Dr Apt 2305, 78217-4671                         
M.A. University of Warsaw, Poland                           B.A. University of Western Ontario
M.A. City University of New York, Queens

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