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        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 2010-27






                                              SECTION A

                                 INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS

     1.       Terms of Reference:

     1.1      Carleton University, Department of Facilities Planning & Maintenance, is
              presently seeking Proposals for the Provision of Professional Consulting
              Services for Elevator Maintenance.

     1.2      The purpose of the Request for Proposal is to select proponent(s) with the ability
              to provide the full scope of services required, at the most advantageous cost to
              the University.

     1.3      Proponents are to familiarize themselves with the requirements of these
              instructions, terms and conditions, and specifications, which will all form part of
              the Contract between the successful Proponent(s) and the University. No
              consideration will be given to any Proponent for failure to comply with these

     1.4      Carleton University does not make any representation or warranty as to accuracy
              or completeness of the information contained herein. Nothing contained in this
              document or subsequent addenda should be relied upon as a promise or
              representation as to future circumstances or arrangements with respect to
              Professional Consulting Services for Elevator Maintenance at Carleton
              University. Proponents should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the
              proposed operations.

2.         Schedule of Events

              All times stated are Eastern Standard Time

              RFP available on Merx_______
              Proponents Conference_______
              Enquiry period closes________

              Closing Date_________
              Contract Award_______

     2.       Background Information:

     2.1      Founded in 1942 and located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s Capital, Carleton
              University is situated on 62 hectares just sound of the city centre. The Rideau
              River and the historic Rideau Canal border the University and pleasant
              residential neighborhoods.

              Five Kilometers of underground tunnels conveniently link the University’s 42

      Undergraduate and graduate degree Programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social
      Sciences, Faculty of Public Affairs and Management, Faculty of Engineering,
      Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Graduate Studies and through many
      professional schools and institutes.

      To obtain general information relating to Carleton University, you may wish to
      visit the University’s website at:

3.    Period of Contract:

3.1   The contract, issued as a result of this Request for Proposal, shall be for a period
      of three years from date of award, with the option to extend for two additional one
      year periods, subject to satisfactory performance throughout the initial contract
      period and provided all terms, conditions and prices are acceptable to the

3.2   The proponent may be subject to an annual performance review for the duration
      of the contract.

4.    Submission of Proposal:

4.1   Carleton University will only accept Electronic Bid Submissions through the
      MERX Private Tenders Service which must be posted to this service before
      3:30pm (local time) December 17, 2010.

4.2   It is the responsibility of proponents to ensure that their proposal is received on
      the MERX site prior to the closing date and time as stated in 4.1. Late proposals
      shall not be accepted.

4.3   All proposals shall be fully completed as required, and signed by the appropriate
      responsible officer of the proponents' company. Proponents are required to
      complete the attached Appendix D, Acknowledgement

      Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the disqualification of
      your proposal.

4.4   The University shall not accept Request for Proposals submitted by facsimile
      and/or electronic data transmission.

4.5   Inquiries regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed in writing
      only to Kim Holtz, Contract Administrator, Purchasing Services, (facsimile
      # 613-520-3966, e-mail: ), before 4:30 p.m. (EST),
      Written responses to all inquiries will be issued via Merx as an addendum.
      Inquiries will not be identified as to the proponent, but both the inquiry and
      response will be issued to all proponents.

      No inquiries shall be entertained or answered if received after 4:30 p.m. on

4.6    The University shall not be liable for any costs and/or expenses incurred by
       any proponent in the preparation or evaluation of this Request for

4.7    All proposals shall remain in force and irrevocable for a period of not less than
       one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days from the proposal closing date.

4.8    Proponents should note that all bid documents can only be obtained and
       registered through the Merx Electronic Tendering Service at telephone
       numbers 1-800-964-6379, 613–727-4987 or via the internet at
       If a proponent obtains this document by means other than MERX, the
       accuracy of the document and receipt of any addenda are the sole
       responsibility of the proponent.

5.     Rights of the University:

5.1    Proponents are required to complete the attached Appendix A, Price
       Schedule. This Price Schedule will allow the University a basis for comparison
       and must be submitted with your proposal.

5.2    The prices quoted on the attached Appendix A, shall remain firm for the period of
       July 26, 2010 to October 31, 2013.

5.3    Proponents should NOTE that ALL prices submitted shall remain firm for the
       first twelve (12) month period.

5.4    With the introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax on July 1, 2010, the prices
       will be HST extra.

5.5    The University shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any other Proposal.

5.6    This proposal may be awarded in whole or in part and may be divided between
       two or more proponents.

5.7    The University shall not be bound to accept the whole or any part of any
       Proposal, and in particular, if only one Proposal is received, the University
       reserves the right to reject it.

5.8    Carleton University reserves the right to contact individual proponents in order to
       obtain further clarification of their submission. The University is in no way
       obligated to contact any or all of the proponents for this purpose.

5.9    Carleton University reserves the right to negotiate minor changes or variations of
       the Proposal of the successful proponent(s), without recalling the Request for

5.10   As a result of the award of this proposal, the successful proponent(s) shall be
       required to enter into and sign a formal agreement with Carleton University

5.11   The successful proponent(s) shall not assign this contract to a third party without
       previously obtaining permission, in writing, from the Vice President (Finance and
       Administration), Carleton University.

5.12   The attached Carleton University General Terms and Conditions, Appendix B,
       forms an integral part of this Request for Proposal.

5.13   Proponents acknowledge that Carleton University is subject to Ontario’s
       Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). In general terms,
       responses will be received and held in confidence by Carleton, subject to the
       provisions of FIPPA and this RFP.

       Proponents shall review s.17 of FIPPA and determine the information which the
       proponent believes is exempted from disclosure under FIPPA. All information
       regarding the terms, conditions, trade secrets, commercial, financial, technical,
       labour relations and scientific aspects of the proposal, which in the proponent’s
       opinion, are of a proprietary or confidential nature, should be clearly marked
       “Confidential” at each relevant item or page. All information marked “Confidential”
       will be held in strict confidence and shall not be intentionally released to any
       other party without the proponent’s consent or as may be required by any
       applicable law or trade agreement.
       Carleton University shall use all reasonable efforts to hold all information marked
       "Confidential" by the proponent in strict confidence where required or permitted
       by law but shall not be liable for any action as contemplated by s. 62(2) of FIPPA.

       If Carleton’s response to a request under FIPPA is appealed to the
       Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, the proponent shall
       have the burden of proof per s. 53 of FIPPA. The proponent shall be
       responsible for all costs related to its confidentiality requirements.

       Information pertaining to the University obtained by the proponent as a
       result of participation in this RFP is confidential and must not be disclosed
       without written authorization from the University.

       Carleton shall declare and mark certain information about the University
       to be received by the proponent as "Confidential” The proponent must not
       disclose such "Confidential" information to any third parties unless
       authorized to do so in advance and in writing by the University.

       The proponent and the University agree that the reciprocal obligations of
       confidentiality will survive the termination of any contract that might arise
       between the parties.

       All proponents are advised that Carleton University is subject to inter-provincial
       trade agreements, which may result in disclosure of information.

6.     Invoicing:

6.1   Invoices shall be forwarded, as required, to Mr. Andre Castonguay, Department
      of Facilities Management & Planning, Maintenance Building, 1125 Colonel By
      Drive, Carleton University, K1S 5B6.

6.2   Proponents are required to submit a copy of their invoicing format. All invoicing
      shall be to Carleton University’s requirements.

7.    Terms of Payment:

7.1   Carleton University has the capability and necessary procedures to process
      payment of invoices fifteen (15) working days from receipt of same.

7.2   Please specify below, the Cash Discount and the payment terms offered e.g.

             3% - 15 working days
             2% - 15 working days
             Or other
             Cash discount/Payment terms                    /Net 30 Days

      Invoices payable in less than fifteen (15) days shall not be considered acceptable
      payment terms.

8.    Qualifications/References:

8.1   Proponents shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the University, if
      requested, sufficient financial capacity to perform according to the
      requirements and terms and conditions of this Request for Proposal.

8.2   Proponents are required to submit a list of three (3) institutional, University or
      College contracts currently or previously serviced in the past five (5) years,
      preferably within Ontario, that encompassed or encompasses all the required
      services as stipulated in this Request for Proposal. The list must include
      contact names, telephone numbers and E mail addresses. Proponents are
      required to complete Appendix E, Reference Consent Form.

8.3   Proponents should also submit a list of at least three (3) similar contracts, which
      were cancelled, not renewed, or where the proponent withdrew during the past
      five (5) years. The list must include contact names, telephone numbers.

9.    Proposal Evaluation:

9.1   Proposals shall be evaluated by representatives from Department of Facilities
      Planning & Maintenance and Purchasing Services. These representatives shall
      make a recommendation on any award of contract based on this Request for
      Proposal. The University will award a contract based on the Proponents proposal
      which in its sole opinion is the most advantageous to the University.

9.2   Proposals shall be evaluated based on the following criteria;

              Proponent must show the capacity and experience to provide Carleton
               University with the required service(s). This should be demonstrated
               through the proponent’s understanding of the Universities needs and of
               the scope of services to be provided in order to complete the work.
              All submittals will be evaluated based upon a scoring system:

                   -   30% weighted based on annual cost for services

                   -   50% quality of work experience and institutional expertise

                   -   20% provision of a detailed programme for Professional
                       Consulting Services for Elevator Maintenance
                       TOTAL OF 100%

       Final evaluation and award will be on the basis of the Proposal most
       advantageous to the University. The University reserves the right to request any
       additional information that it deems necessary to evaluate this Request for

10.    Submission Information

10.1   Proponents are required to submit detailed information regarding their company’s
       qualifications and experience in the provision of Professional Consulting Services
       for Elevator Maintenance. Information to be submitted and performance
       measurements will be further discussed in Section B, Statement of Work.

10.2   Submittal information shall include, but is not limited to; letters of interest
       consisting of other information not presented in the statement of qualifications,
       statement of proposed services, proof of knowledge regarding business licenses
       requirements and verification of insurance coverage.

10.3   In addition to the above requirements, proponents are to provide information
       concerning proponent’s work experience and assigned staff work experience to
       demonstrate their capability of fulfilling the necessary services, which are
       outlined in Section B of the RFP.

10.4   Information submitted will be measured based on the criteria outlined under
       Performance Capacity Measurements in Section B, Statement of Work.
       Evaluation will depend on the proponent’s ability to meet all the needs of
       Carleton University in an efficient and effective manner. Proponents will be
       measured based on their quality and level of experience in all areas of
       Professional Consulting Services for Elevator Maintenance to ensure that
       Carleton University is provided with the finest and highest level of experience.

10.5   All Proponent’s submitting a proposal must complete and submit the cost
       proposal in Appendix A.

11.    Termination:

11.1   Carleton University may terminate the contract without cause by giving the
       successful proponent(s) ninety (90) days written notice to do so. Should the
       contract be so terminated without cause, the service to the University shall end
       and the successful proponent(s) agrees to waive any claim for damages,
       including loss of expected revenues.

11.2   It is the intent of Carleton University to establish a mutually beneficial relationship
       with the successful proponent(s). Nevertheless, in the event of default by the
       successful proponent(s), the University reserves the right to terminate the
       contract without claim. Default shall include, but not be limited to, the failure by
       the successful proponent(s) to observe or perform any provision of the
       agreement, insolvency of the successful proponent(s), or qualitative and/or
       financial non-performance.

       In the event of default by the successful proponent(s), the University has the
       following rights:

          to give the successful proponent(s) written notice of the default, to require
           corrective action and to establish the time period in which the default must be
           rectified to avoid immediate termination of the contract or;

          to terminate the contract immediately if, in the opinion of the University, the
           default is serious as to warrant immediate termination.           Upon such
           termination the successful proponent(s) shall cease the service and agrees
           as such to waive any claim for damages, including loss of expected

11.3   If the Proponent after the initial contract period submits a price which is
       unacceptable, the University reserves the right to terminate the contract.

12.    Insurance:

12.1   The successful proponent(s) shall provide and maintain during the term of the
       contract, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance acceptable to the
       University and subject to limits of not less than FIVE MILLION ($5,000,000.00)
       DOLLARS inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death and damage to
       property including loss of use thereof.

12.2   The Comprehensive General Liability insurance shall include coverage for the

          Premises and operations liability
          Products or completed operations liability
          Contractual liability under Hold Harmless Agreement
          Cross liability
          Contingent employers liability
          Personal injury liability arising out of libel, slander or defamation of character;
           invasion of

         privacy; wrongful eviction and wrongful entry
        Occurrence basis
        The property damage coverage shall include "occurrence” basis working
         which means an event, or continuous or repeated exposure to conditions,
         which unexpectedly cause injury during the policy period.

12.3   Comprehensive General Liability insurance policies shall be in the name of the
       successful proponent(s) and shall list the University as an additional insured

12.4   The successful proponent(s) shall, throughout the duration of the contract, at its
       own expense, obtain and maintain in force the following insurances for its own
       account, from a duly licensed company selling insurance in Ontario and/or

       (1)    Automobile Liability Insurance in a combined amount of not less than Two
              Million (2,000,000.00) Dollars inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury or
              death and property damage in respect to motor vehicles, owned, non-
              owned, or leased by the successful proponent(s), or its agent, which is
              required by law to be licensed, including contractual liability for the Hold
              Harmless in the contract.

       (2)    Fire insurance, extended coverage or special insurance on equipment
              and tools owned by, or rented to, or in the care, custody or control of the
              successful proponent(s), other than equipment owned and/or rented by
              for the University. Any policy or policies must contain the following
              provision:" It is understood and agreed that the Insurer under this policy
              hereby agrees to waive subrogation rights against the University, its
              servants and agents, and any person, corporation or organization in any
              manner connected with the University."

12.5   The successful Proponent shall, throughout the duration of the contract, at its
       own expense, obtain and maintain in force, Professional Liability Insurance with a
       policy limit for each single claim of not less than ONE MILLION ($1,000,000.00)
       DOLLARS acceptable to Carleton University endorsed to provide Carleton
       University with not less than thirty (30) days written notice in advance of any
       cancellation, change or amendment restricting coverage.

12.6   All liability insurance policies shall contain an endorsement to provide all Listed
       Insured with prior notice of changes and cancellations. Such endorsement shall
       be in the following form:

       "It is understood and agreed that the coverage provided by this policy will not be
       changed or amended in any way nor cancelled until thirty (30) days after written
       notice of such change or cancellation shall have been given to all Listed Insured".

12.7   The insurance shall preclude subrogation claims by the Insurer against anyone
       insured thereunder.

12.8   Evidence of insurance satisfactory to the University shall be provided prior to the
       commencement of the contract period.

12.9   Copies of Insurance Policies: The successful proponent(s) only shall forward to
       the University, certified copies of Insurance Policies as evidence of the securing
       and maintaining in force and payment of premiums on all insurance which are
       obligated to be obtained under the provisions of the contract. All certified copies
       of Insurance Policies to be provided by the successful proponent(s) must be
       satisfactory to the University as to insurance carriers carrying the risks and as to
       adequacy of protection and must bear a cancellation clause providing at least
       thirty (30) days advance written notice to the University prior to cancellation.

13.    Insurance Coverage:

13.1   Notwithstanding, the minimum insurance coverage that the University
       requests the proponents to provide as specified in Paragraph 10
       "Insurance", the University also require that proponents provide the
       maximum insurance coverage they carry by completing the required
       portion of Appendix D.

14.    Hold Harmless:

14.1   The Successful proponent(s) agrees to indemnify and save harmless the
       University of and from all liabilities, suits, claims, demands and actions of any
       kind or nature to which the University shall or may become liable for or suffer by
       reason at any breach, violation, or non-performance by the successful
       proponent(s) of any covenant term or provision hereof or by reason or any
       occurrence resulting from, occasioned to, or suffered by an act, neglect or default
       on its officers, agents, employees, and the covenant of the successful
       proponent(s) in regard to such indemnification occurring during the term of this
       contract or any renewal shall continue in full force an effect notwithstanding the
       expiration of the term or elimination of this contract for any reason whatsoever.


15.1   Proponents shall note that, should the provisions of the Province of Ontario
       Legislative Bill 70, titled “An Act Respecting the Occupational Health and
       Occupational Safety of Workers” apply to the services to be provided under a
       contract resulting from this Proposal, all of the responsibilities and obligations
       imposed upon the “owner” under this Act shall be assumed by the Proponent in
       their capacity as Agent for the Participants. All costs for services/materials
       required to fulfil these obligations shall be assumed to be included in the contract
       price quoted.

       Should the University become aware of any violations of this Act and
       Regulations, a notification shall be made to the appropriate authorities.
       Where so warranted, work shall be suspended or indeed terminated without
       cost to the University.


16.1   Proponents are required to submit with their Proposal, and thereafter as
       required, a certificate of clearance issued by the Workplace Safety and Insurance
       Board of Ontario.


17.1   All services performed under the contract resulting from this Request for
       Proposal shall be in accordance with all existing Federal, Provincial and
       Municipal regulations and by-laws.

17.2   Carleton University shall not be responsible for any additional cost and/or
       expense directly related to item 17, paragraph 17.1.

17.3   The successful Proponent(s) shall ensure that all Labour Practices of their
       company, as they relate to this agreement, comply with all Provincial, Federal
       laws, and University policies, including but not limited to, the Employment
       Standards Act, the Ontario Labour Relations Act, and the Ontario Human Rights
       Code as applicable.

17.4   The successful Proponent(s) shall comply with all Federal, Provincial, Regional
       and City Laws, By-laws and Ordinances.

18.    Debriefing:

18.1   The proponents can request a debriefing session which must be requested in
       writing within 60 days of the notification of contract award. This debriefing session
       can be conducted by telephone or face to face meeting at the discretion of the

19.    Dispute Mechanism:

19.1   In the event that a Proponent wishes to review the decision of the University in
       any respect of any material aspect of the RFP process, and subject to having
       attended a debriefing, the Proponent shall submit a protest in writing to the
       Procurement Manager within 10 days of such a debriefing. Any protest in writing
       that is not timely received will not be considered and the Proponent will be
       notified in writing.

19.2   A protest in writing shall include the following:
       a) a specific identification of the provision and/or procurement procedure that is
           alleged to have been breached;
       b) a specific description of each act alleged to have breached the procurement
       c) a precise statement of the relevant facts;
       d) An identification of the issues to be resolved;
       e) the Proponent’s arguments and supporting documentation; and
       f) the Proponent’s requested remedy.

19.3   The Procurement Manager will respond, in writing, to the Proponent within 10
       Days of receiving the protest. The Manager’s decision, in consultation with the
       Assistant Vice-President University Services, shall be considered final and

                                          SECTION B

                                    STATEMENT OF WORK

1.        General Information

1.1       Carleton University requires Professional Consulting Services for Elevator
          Maintenance to encompass, but not necessarily limited to, general elevator
          consulting services, an annual safety and maintenance inspection for campus

1.2       The successful Proponent(s) shall:

         Comply with all the terms, conditions and scope of services outlined in this
          Request for Proposal.
         Be fully capable and qualified to provide Professional Consulting Services for
          Elevator Maintenanceon elevators represented by a variety of different
         Maintain a Professional Consulting Services Elevator Maintenance programme
          that is not only cost effective for the University, but also meets our needs, while
          satisfying all Federal, Provincial and local standards, laws, regulations and
          ordinances covering the safety and operation requirements of elevators.

1.3       The scope of Professional Consulting Services for Elevator Maintenance shall
          include, but not be limited to, the following:

         General Elevator Consulting Services (see Section B, Part 1, Scope of Elevator
          Consulting Services)
         A complete and thorough annual Quality of Safety and Maintenance Inspection
          on campus elevators (see Section B, Part 2, Scope of Elevator Consulting

1.4       Proponents are required to submit proposals as stipulated in this Request for
          Proposal. However, Proponents may also submit with their proposal, an
          alternate proposal, including additional scope of services that, in their opinion,
          may be more beneficial and cost effective for the University.

2.        Costs

2.1       Proponents shall provide a detailed cost summary, itemizing the annual cost to
          provide the proposed Professional Consulting Services for Elevator Maintenance,
          and the annual Quality of Safety and Maintenance Inspection of campus

2.2       The HST shall be extra.

3.    Scope of Elevator Consulting Services

3.1   The successful Proponent(s) shall be required to provide, but is not limited to, the
      following minimum General Elevator Consulting Services requirements:
      (paragraph 6.2, page 4 and the attached Appendix A also refer)

            Notify the University of any Director’s ruling on special code changes
             relating to the safe operation of the elevators.
            Review and comment on correspondence submitted by the various
             elevator contractors.
            Review all trouble reports and documentation to determine if needless
             shutdowns and/or annoying operational problems are occurring.
            Review all requests for extra costs relative to our Elevator Preventative
             Maintenance contract.
            Inspect all work performed, outside of our contract, by our Elevator
             Preventative Maintenance Contractor, over One Thousand ($1,000.00)
            Attend all meetings where required to act on behalf of the University on all
             matters relating to elevators.
            Review maintenance contract documents and make recommendations
             where necessary.
            Review and comment on RFP documents for elevator maintenance.
            Make recommendations for short term upgrades and minor
            Make recommendations for long term major upgrading or replacement of
            Provide consulting on upgrades to elevators that may require non-
             standard application.
            Design and prepare RFP documents for upgrades or replacement of
            Provide detailed written reports on both short and long term
             recommendations and plans.
            Provide detailed written reports, to include, but not be limited to, projected
             capital costs to assist in financial planning.

4.    Annual Quality of Safety and Maintenance Inspection of Campus Elevators:

4.1   The successful Proponent(s) shall be required to carry out an annual quality of
      safety and maintenance inspection on all elevators at Carleton University, but not
      limited to, forty-two (42) elevators, consisting of thirty-eight (38) passenger, four
      (4) freight elevators, one (1) dumb waiter and one (1) stairlift (see Appendix A).
      NOTE: Elevators highlighted in Appendix A are future installations.

4.2   The minimum requirements necessary to carry out a thorough inspection are as
      follows: (also see paragraph 6.2, page 4)

            A complete and thorough inspection of each elevator.
            Submit a list of the maintenance deficiencies for each elevator to be
             corrected by the elevator maintenance contractor(s) and the University.

   Verify that all safety switches, hoistway door locks and car gate switches
    are operating as intended.
   Comment on the quality of maintenance being carried out by the
    maintenance contractor(s).
   Provide recommendations to comply with the present B44 Safety Code
    for Elevators.
   Provide recommendations for the upgrading of the existing elevator
   Review maintenance contractor’s log book.
   Submit a report on each elevator addressing the above mentioned items.
   Inspection (annual and on demand), of each elevator machine room, pit,
    hoistway, car top and car interior. Inspection would be visual, aided by
    instruments including tachometer, sound level meter, force gauge and
    bearing-probe stethoscope.
   Recording of various performance standards such as car speeds, flight
    times, door protection time-outs, and door stall forces. These parameters
    would be compared to industry standards in order to assess and improve
    the elevators’ performance.

                        APPENDIX A – PRICE SCHEDULE

            DESCRIPTION                               COST
Annual General Elevator Consulting

Annual Quality of Safety & Maintenance
Inspection of Elevators

                                      APPENDIX B

                            CARLETON UNIVERSITY
                        GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

These general terms and conditions will apply to all competitive opportunities issues by
Carleton University.


       1.1    This bid shall be PRINTED and duly SIGNED by an authorized officer of
              the bidding supplier. It must be returned in the ENVELOPE ENCLOSED,
              if supplied, for this purpose prior to the DUE DATE AND TIME

       1.2    The Proponent shall indicate the unit price, the total of each item, as well as
              the total cost of the bid. In the case of a conflict between the unit price and
              the total of an item, the unit price shall prevail.

       1.3    TAX STATUS: Except as otherwise noted, the prices quoted shall include
              all duty, customs clearances and all other charges now or hereafter
              imposed or in force. The GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (G.S.T.) shall be
              EXTRA to the price(s) quoted on this bid. ONTARIO PROVINCIAL SALES
              TAX shall be EXTRA, if applicable.

       1.4    The act of faxing or mailing a PURCHASE ORDER to a Proponent shall be
              considered for all purposes as sufficient notice of acceptance of their bid.


       2.1    Each competitive bid shall be valid for a period of ninety (90) calendar days
              from the date of opening.

       2.2    Bidders offering firm prices for the longest period may be given preference.

       2.3    Incomplete bids may be rejected.

       2.4    Any correction not initialled may be rejected.

       2.5    Carleton University will not accept bids submitted by facsimile and/or
              electronic data transmission unless specifically noted in the competitive bid


       3.1    Notwithstanding the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act or any similar
              legislation of any jurisdiction whatever applicable to the purchase and
              delivery of material, the title to any material purchased hereby shall remain
              with the seller until acceptance of delivery by the University.

            Any provision to the contrary contained in any document, whether or not it is
            subsequent to the issue of these General Terms and Conditions shall be
            deemed void for all purposes unless expressly countersigned by the
            Director of University Services and Purchasing of Carleton University, or
            their duly authorized delegate.

     3.2    The University shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any other bid. The
            bid may be awarded in whole or in part and may be divided between two or
            more suppliers or contractors whether or not a bid has been submitted by
            the said suppliers or contractors.
     3.3    Unless otherwise indicated, each item may be ordered separately and/or in
            quantities different from those specified in the bid document, this decision
            being related to the funds available.

     3.4    The University does not bind itself to accept the whole or any part of any
            bid, and in particular if only one bid is received the University reserves the
            right to reject it.

     3.5    Carleton University reserves the right to re-negotiate contracts, resulting
            from this bid, with the successful supplier/contractor upon termination of the
            initial contract term.

     3.6    Carleton University reserves the right to return any contract item for credit
            and shall not be subject to any handling and/or restocking charge.


     4.1   The bidder shall not presume to interpret the Specifications set out in
           the bid document. In the event that the details of the specifications
           are not       clear, the Proponent shall contact the Purchasing staff
     concerned prior to  submitting their bid.


     5.1    Bidders, when invited to submit offers, shall not quote on behalf of a third
            party or subcontract any part of the contract without prior written consent of
            the Purchasing Department.


     6.1    It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that, where required, the C.S.A.,
            and/or Electrical Safety Authority symbol or seal appears on all electrical
            equipment before shipment. If such markings are missing, the equipment
            will be returned at the bidder's expense and the University will not accept
            nor pay for such until this condition is met.


     7.1    Carleton University reserves the right to return, at the successful bidder’s
            expense, any or all items ordered from this bid if not furnished with the

             applicable Material Safety Data Sheet(s) (M.S.D.S.) in accordance with
             WHMIS Legislation.


     8.1     Where their duly authorized delegate, determines in their sole discretion that
             the material delivered or the services performed is of INFERIOR QUALITY,
             the material will be refused or the service discontinued, and the successful
             bidder shall remove the said material at their own expense.

     8.2     Should the successful bidder fail to remove the material or discontinue the
             service determined to be of INFERIOR QUALITY, the Director, University
             Services and Purchasing or authorized delegate reserves the right to return
             the material at the expense of the successful bidder or take the necessary
             measures to have the service discontinued. Any expenses or damages
             incurred by the University shall be deducted from any payment due or to
             become due to the successful bidder, whether related to the returned
             material or service or not, without prejudice to any other remedy available to
             the University.


     9.1     All material or service may be inspected after acknowledgement of delivery
             or of execution, prior to being accepted and approved for payment by the

     9.2     The University reserves the right to inspect during production the material
             being manufactured for the University.


     10.1    The bidder must send PREPAID to the University any sample when

     10.2    Upon award of the contract all samples submitted, except those of the
             successful bidder, will be returned COLLECT.

     10.3    Samples submitted by the successful bidder shall be retained and, unless
             purchased by the University, shall be returned COLLECT upon termination
             of the contract.


     11.1    The successful bidder guarantees that the material corresponds in every
             way to the sample supplied when such sample has been requested.

     11.2    The successful bidder guarantees that any material proven defective within
             the manufacturer's guarantee period or such other period mutually agreed
             upon shall be replaced at their expense. An identical guarantee shall then

            cover the replacement material as though the purchase had taken place at
            the time of replacement.

     11.3   The successful bidder guarantees the material against all damages and
            defects caused during transport, unloading and installation.


     12.1   The bidder shall be responsible for the payment of applicable royalties, if
            any, and shall hold the University harmless from loss on account of patent,
            copyright or trademark infringement or the cost of defending suits or claims
            in connection therewith.


     13.1   All materials shall be appropriately wrapped and packaged for storage and
            delivery in new containers according to the standards of the "Canadian
            Standards Association" without additional charge to the University. EACH
            CONTAINER must bear the following information:

            * Consignor
            * Consignee
            * Weight of container
            * Number of containers in shipment
            * Brief description of contents
            * Name of the building for which contents are intended complete with
            * Room number within the building

     13.2   Packing slips must be placed in a waterproof envelope and affixed on the
            outside of the container or, if placed inside, container should be properly
            marked or labelled "PACKING SLIP INSIDE".

     13.3   On each packing slip, the Purchase Order number must appear clearly, as
            well as the details pertinent to the delivered material, quantity, weight and

     13.4   At least 48 hours notice of delivery is to be given to the local installation
            agent and to the Receiving Department, in the case of heavy material for
            which unloading assistance may be required.


     14.1   The payment of the order or the contract shall be pro rata to the delivery
            accepted or the service performed. At that time, the successful Proponent,
            or the contractor, shall present their invoice to Carleton University, Business
            Office, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6.

     14.2   It shall be the responsibility of the successful Proponent to provide proof of
            delivery or performance of service acceptable to the Director of University
            Services and Purchasing on their duly authorized delegate, in order to justify
            their request for payment.

     14.3   Any applicable cash discount allowance shall be applied from the
            date of receipt of the goods, (unless installation is included, then the
            completion date of the installation shall apply), or from the date of
            receipt of invoice, whichever comes last.


     15.1   The University may choose to declare bids and other specific bid
            information to the active participants of a specific call for bids. This is
            intended as an aid to the Proponents and such information is strictly
            confidential. Proponents may not, under any circumstances, divulge such
            information or any other content material of the bid to the media or any other
            group engaged in publicity whether directly or indirectly without the express
            written consent of the Director of University Services and Purchasing. Non-
            observance of this clause would provide the University with the absolute
            right to cancel, without penalty, any existing contracts with the defaulting
            Proponent and/or remove any such defaulting Proponent from our bid list.


     16.1   The University is committed to giving serious consideration to purchasing
            goods, which are less harmful to the overall environment.

            While bidders are required to bid on the specifications stated herein, the
            University encourages bidder’s to submit supplementary bids on products or
            services which are environmentally friendly. Goods or services which offer a
            measure of protection for the environment may take several forms namely:
            Have a high recyclable content; produce fewer pollutants during the course
            of its operation or consumption; consume less natural resources during
            fabrication or its operation; these but to name a few.

            Proponents are required to include documentation sufficient to substantiate
            their claims.

            It is our intention that any offers resulting from this request would be
            submitted to the users for their consideration and ultimate decision.


     17.1   Is information which may not be disclosed for the following reasons:

               Where disclosure could be reasonably expected to seriously
                threaten the safety or health of an individual.

               Where disclosure could be reasonably expected to interfere with a
                law enforcement matter or disciplinary proceeding or conflict

    resolution process of some kind within the University.

   Where disclosure of records or information would reveal information
    supplied in confidence implicitly or explicitly where the disclosure
    would result in any undue prejudice, loss or gain to any person, group
    of persons, community, orangization or financial institution or agency
    or could result in similar information no longer being supplied to the

   Where disclosure of records would undermine the effectiveness or
    fairness of an auditing procedure or of an examination testing
    procedure or other means of evaluation of student performance.

   Where consistent with the University’s research guidelines, disclosure
    of information concerning the past, present or proposed research
    activities of members of the University community, would be contrary
    to the public interest or would undermine the professional or personal
    interests of the researchers involved in the project.

   Where the records contain:
               Trade secrets or financial, commercial, scientific or
                 technical information that belongs to the University or
                 one of its constituent units or members and has
                 potential monetary value
               Information where the disclosure could reasonably be
                 expected to prejudice the economic or financial interest
                 or the competitive position of the University.
               Positions, plans, procedures, criteria or instructions to
                 be applied to any negotiations carried on by or on
                 behalf of the University or one of its constituent units.
               Plans relating to the management of personnel or the
                 administration of the University or one of its constituent
                 units that have not yet been put into operation or made
               Information including the proposed plans, policies or
                 projects of the University or one of its constituent units
                 where the disclosure could reasonably be expected to
                 result in premature disclosure of a pending policy
                 decision or in undue financial benefit or loss to a

   Because it is opinions, advice or recommendations obtained,
    prepared or recorded, or consultations or deliberations that have
    taken place, in the course of or for the purposes of, the deliberative
    processes of the University where such disclosure would undermine
    the effectiveness of those processes.

   Where disclosure could reasonably be expected to:
               Prejudice the conduct of relations between the
                 University and federal or provincial governmental

                                   authorities or other agencies providing funding to the
                                   University or any of its constituent units.
                                  Reveal information received in confidence from federal,
                                   provincial or foreign governmental authorities
                                  Reveal information received in confidence from other
                                   universities, colleges and similar institutions and from
                                   organizations formed for the purpose of representing
                                   the interests of such organizations or various
                                   constituencies within them

                   Where disclosure would reveal the substance of the deliberations of
                    the Senior Management Committee or the Committee of Deans, or a
                    subcommittee of one of these bodies or any committee which reports
                    to the President through one of these bodies.

                   Where the information or record has been designated confidential by
                    the Board of Governors or the Senate pursuant to their regulations.


         18.1 Proponents are required to submit with their bids, and thereafter as
                a certificate of clearance issued by the Workplace Safety and Insurance
                Board of Ontario.


       19.1     Should the Ontario WSIB consider your firm to qualify as an Independent
                you are required to sign the statement below confirming you will not hold
                University liable for any injuries (including death) normally subject to WSIB
                Coverage which would have been sustained by any one of your company’s
                Independent Operators while carrying out the work set out in this bid.


         20.1    Proponents from outside the Province of Ontario do not necessarily have
to                    register with the Ontario WSIB if their firm is not deemed to have
                Connection” as defined by the Ontario WSIB. Although each case must
                Decided on its own facts, it is generally considered that a Worker who
works in
                Ontario for five (5) or fewer days in the course of a year usually does not
have a

             substantial connection with Ontario. Should you qualify under this clause,
             Carleton University requires that you complete the statement below.


     21.1    The undersigned, my estate, and/or workers confirm exemption from
             WSIB registration requirements due to the fact (X appropriate statement)

                      Our company is owned and operated by Independent Operators
                      and do not employ workers.
                      We are a Non-Resident Contractor/Vendor where our worker(s)
                      Work(s) five (5) or fewer days in the course of a year in the
                      Province of Ontario.

             While not covered by the Ontario WSIB, the undersigned and/or workers
             hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the University, its employees,
             servants, agents and students from all actions, suits, claims, demands,
             costs and damages arising by reason of a work related injury or death to my
             person, partners or workers which would normally be covered by the
             Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario while carrying out
             the work which I may be awarded as a result of this Request for Quotation
             and that for the duration of the contract.

  It is also understood that should the nature of my business change requiring he
  hiring of additional staff, or that current worker(s) shall work or are likely to work
  more than five (5) day in Ontario, I will ensure that the appropriate WSIB registration
  is taken immediately and will provide the University with a copy of the documentation
  as proof of coverage. A copy of the Ontario WSIB clearance certificate shall be
  supplied to the University as soon as it is available.

             Should my firm be awarded this or any portion of this Request for Quotation,
             which would required that certain of my Independent Contractor(s) be
             assigned to fulfil my contractual obligations, I shall ensure that any and all
             workers designated shall complete a copy of the Independent Operators
             "Statement of Exemption from Ontario WSIB" waiver and submit a copy to
             the University within five (5) working days from the official notice of award

             Company Name                                   Authorized Signing Officer


                                                                      (Please print)

                                       APPENDIX C


PROPOSAL IS SUBMITTED BY:             _________________________________________

ADDRESS:                              _________________________________________




TELEPHONE NO:                         _________________________________________

FACSIMILE NO:                         _________________________________________




TELEPHONE NO:                         _________________________________________

FACSIMILE NO:                         _________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:                       _________________________________________

I/We                                   the undersigned HEREBY DECLARE AND

THAT I / WE have examined the documentation and information contained in 2010-27 and
accompanying documents;

THAT I / WE declare that no person, firm, corporation or other organization other than
disclosed herein has any interest in this Proposal or any contract which may result;

THAT this Proposal is made by the undersigned without collusion or fraud with any other

THAT all statements in this Proposal are true and accurate in all respects;

THAT full disclosure has been made of any conflict of interest or potential conflict of
THAT Addenda No. ___ to ____ inclusive have been reviewed by me / us and form part
and parcel of the RFP and any contract which may result;

THAT I / WE do hereby offer to enter into a contract to do all the work as described in the
RFP and provide all labour, materials and all necessary items to complete the work to the
full and complete satisfaction of Carleton for the sum bid;

THAT my / our proposal is irrevocable after close of bidding for a period of not less than
sixty (60) calendar days from that date;

THAT the undersigned are duly authorized to execute this Proposal on behalf of:

               Name of Proponent

               Authorized Signature



               Contact Telephone #

Dated at the
                       City / Province

This             Day of                        , 2010.

                                      APPENDIX D

                     REFERENCE CONSENT FORM
Pursuant to Section 39 (1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of
Privacy Act, I/we, __________________________, include in our Proposal two
(2) references to whom I/we have provided the Equipment/Service to at least two
(2), and preferably within the last two (2) elapsed years of a similar nature and
similar specifications.

I/we authorize Carleton to contact the persons or organizations listed below for
the purpose of obtaining reference information, including information contained in
my/our personnel file(s). These persons or organizations are authorized to
disclose such information.

1. Name of Organization:
   Name of Contact Person:
   Contact Person(s) Phone Number:
  Brief Description of their requirements: _______________________________________________

2. Name of Organization:
   Name of Contact Person:
   Contact Person(s) Phone Number:
  Brief Description of their requirements: _______________________________________________

3. Name of Organization:
Name of Contact Person:

Contact Person(s) Phone Number:
Brief Description of their requirements:

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