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SHOW TIPS                      major stock shows. Competitive
BOAR STUDS/SEMEN SALES         show pigs of all breeds can be
SUPPLIES & SERVICES            purchased in Texas. You can find
     DIRECTORY                 show pig producers in your area and
PERIODICALS (LINKS)            statewide. Check the calendar for
GUEST COMMENTARY               show dates. Show Tips provides
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                               fitting, and showing. Find where to
                               purchase semen on top boars, and
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                               services directory. Don‟t miss the guest
                               commentary from youth and adults involved
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 W-W Hog Farm, Graham, TX

 Stull Show Pigs, Graham, TX

 Heathcott Hogs, Winters, TX

   Heathcott Hogs, Winters, TX

  W-W Hog Farm, Graham, TX
  Heathcott Hogs, Winters, TX

  West Texas Boar Stud\ Baize Farms

  W-W Hog Farm, Graham, TX
   Stull Show Pigs, Graham, TX

   W-W Hog Farm, Graham, TX

   Heathcott Hogs, Winters, TX

   Heathcott Hogs, Winters, TX

  W-W Hog Farm, Graham, TX
  Stull Show Pigs, Graham, TX

  W-W Hog Farm, Graham, TX
  Stull Show Pigs, Graham, TX

JUNE                                          AUGUST
  26-27                                               15
   Van Alstyne FFA Swine Jackpot                    Acco Showmaster Showdown
   Loy Lake Park, Denison, TX                       Taylor County Coliseum
   Robert Matthews (903) 482-5346                   Kyle Miller (915) 672-6048

JULY                                               18
  10-11                                                 West Texas Fair & Rodeo
    PCLIA Swine Futurity                                Abilene, TX
    Weatherford, TX                                     Beth Giraud (9150 677-4376
    Mike Woodruff (817) 594-8951

  17-18                                           28
     Lone Oak FFA Booster Show                          Fredericksburg Hog Futurity
     Greenville, TX                                     Fredericksburg, TX
     Brad LaFavers (903) 883-3602                       Scott Fields (830) 997-6895

  24-25                                         SEPTEMBER
     San Angelo Summer Spectacular                18
     San Angelo, TX                                  Texas/Oklahoma Fair
     Frank Hernmeseyer (915) 469-3762                Wichita Falls, TX

AUGUST                                             24 – October 17
  14-15                                               State Fair of Texas
    Lubbock Jackpot                                  Dallas, TX
      Lubbock, TX

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                               Errors and date changes do occur.
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                        Here you will find tips on selection,
                          feeding, fitting, and showing.

It is exhilarating to show a champion show pig. To reach that moment requires
many hours of hard work and love of your pig. Exhibiting a winning show barrow
or gilt comes after careful selection, a good home, a good feeding program, superior
fitting and showing, and lots of TLC.

Show pigs for the spring of 2000 will need to be selected in early fall, 1999.

Some of the things you need to look for are:
  Structural correctness
  Muscle mass
  Depth of body
  Length of body
  Frame size

Before purchasing your show pig, be sure you have an adequate size pen with
plenty of shade and protection from the elements. Your pig will need plenty of
fresh water and an adjustable feed trough.

Good luck selecting a quality show pig. Be responsible, learn something, and most
of all, HAVE FUN.
                          Click on the number in an area to find Show
                                    Pig Breeders in that area.

    Area 3 - W-W Hog Farm
             Stull Show Pigs

    Area 7 - Heathcott Hogs
             West Texas Boar Stud


 West Texas Boar Stud, Stamford, TX


 Farmers Milling Company, Graham, TX

 Team Pride Extrusions, Inc., Olney, TX


        Show Times       - www.showtimesonline.com

         Purple Circle - www.purplecircle.com

         Show Box

                                 PAIGE STEPHENS
                                   GRAHAM, TX

                                  LIFE’S BLUES

  “Low red!” the judge jelled.

     “Oh no!” I thought to myself. After all the hard work and time I had put into
  my pig, I was being classified as a “low red”. It was the Brenham Sift for the
  Houston Livestock Show, and I had fully expected to walk into that show ring and
  come straight back to my pen with the knowledge that I had received the coveted
  “blue” classification and was being sent on to Houston. Yet there I was stuck at the
  bottom of the stack. This meant that I had to show again. Out into the ring I went.
  I willed the judge to present me with a “one”; the number that would send me down
  the hill on my way to Houston. But for some reason he was holding up three
  fingers. I couldn‟t believe it! Not only had I been overlooked once, but twice he
  had dismissed me. It was at that moment I decided that I was going to make it. I
  would not let someone ruin everything that I had worked so hard to achieve. I had
  entered the ring expecting to make it to Houston, and to Houston I would go.

      Three hours later, with sweat and tears rolling off me, I saw the judge look at the
  only four animals remaining and then say, “How „bout we send these kids back
  down?” Exhausted, yet exuberant, I led my pig back to the pens. I made it!
  Through sheer determination and will power, I had decided that I couldn‟t be
  beaten. In life, I have been handed plenty of “low reds” and “threes.” It might be a
  test grade, a paper, or a project I spent hours preparing for; anytime when I felt I
  deserved more, yet received less. Whatever it may be, it is always upsetting to
  realize that I deserved a “blue.” Sometimes, whenever I have not exerted the best
  effort that I can, I remember what it was like when I focused all my energy on one
  thing, and overcame the odds. I truly believe in the cliché that people can do
  anything they set their mind to. I won‟t achieve instant success in everything I do, I
  will even fail miserably at times; that‟s life. However, I refuse to give up. Conrad
  Hilton once said, “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep
  moving. They make mistakes, but they don‟t quit.” I have set many goals in my
  life, and reaching them will always involve obstacles. However there is no doubt in
  my mind that I can rise above any adversity in order to receive a “blue.”
                        Become a winner
               Purchase your show barrow or gilt at

                  W-W HOG FARM
                 HC 60 Box 95 – Graham, TX 76450
                             Member of TPPA

                  Chester – York – Landrace
                        Hamp – Cross

               Pigs out of Mr. Exc, Concensus, Big Ben
          Taking Over, Whitehouse, Jordan, Paydirt, Phantom,
           Prince Vaughn, 401K, Premier John, Goodwrench

              Proven performance and consistency
             Champions at all levels of competition
                      Jackpot - County – Major shows
               1999 – 53 champions - - 1998 – 49 champions
              1997 – 44 champions - - 1996 – 38 champions

Congratulations to all the exhibitors who showed winners purchased at
                                our farm

                Private treaty sales at the farm
                 Beginning September 1, 1999

                      W-W HOG FARM
                     Russ & Sallie Williams
                      W-W HOG FARM RECENT WINNERS


#1 – Paige Stephens                       #2 – Paige Stephens
Ch York – 99 San Antonio                  Ch Chester – 99 San Antonio
Jr. Breeding Gilt Show                     Open Breeding Gilt Show

#3 – Paige Stephens                        #4 – Cammie Moore
Ch York – 99 San Antonio                    Res Grand – 98
Open Breeding Gilt Show                      NM State Fair

#5 – Bobby Weil                            #6 – Becki Weil
Grand – 99 Choctaw Co.                     2nd Ch – 99 OKC.
    Oklahoma                                 Spring Show

# 7– Matthew Matlock                      #8 – Clay Osburn
Ch Hamp – 99 Jack Co.                     Res Grand – 99 Cottle Co.

#9 – Cayla Williams                        #10 – Kash Weil
Ch Chester 5 times                         Grand – 97 Choctaw Co.
 Res Chester once                              Oklahoma
  Fall 98 jackpots

                           You can join the winners circle.

                           Contact Russ & Sallie Williams
                           W-W Hog Farm – 940-362-4421

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