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									 Palo Alto High
      Open House
Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Welcome Class of 2012!
 Jacqueline McEvoy, Principal
 Kim Diorio, Assistant Principal, Guidance &
 Chuck Merritt, Assistant Principal, Technology & Staff
 Jerry Berkson, Assistant Principal (Facilities &
  Athletics)/ Dean of Students
 Allye Mullins, Director of Student Activities
 Earl Hansen, Athletics Director
 Susan Shultz, Guidance Counselor & T.A. Co-
About Paly….

  Approximately 1700 Students
  113 teachers
  Student-teacher ratio is 28.5 to 1
  National reputation for academic
  Over 90% of graduating seniors go to 2-
   4year colleges
Student Activities
Allye Mullins

   Student Leadership group at Paly is known as the ASB-
    Associated Student Body
   Over 50 different clubs
   Many events:
         Dances
         Spirit Week
         Rallies
         Fundraisers
         Club Day
         Field Day
         International Day
         Turkey Trot
   Check out for more information
Earl Hansen

     Fall Sports                  Spring Sports
          Cross-Country
          Football
                                       Badminton
          Volleyball - Women's        Baseball
          Tennis - Women's            Golf – Men’s
          Water Polo
                                       Softball
          Golf – Women’s
     Winter Sports                    Swimming and Diving
        Basketball                    Track & Field
        Soccer                        Tennis - Men's
        Wrestling
                                       Lacrosse – Women’s
Earl Hansen

   Requirements
      An annual physical examination, including physician
       verification of the student’s ability to participate
      Accident insurance with proper coverage.
      Minimum of 2.00 GPA from previous grading period,
       which includes all courses
      Must pass 20 units from the preceding semester.
      Must be enrolled as a full-time student during the
       sport’s season.
      The Physical Form read, understood and signed
Teacher Advisors & Counselors
Susan Shultz

   Teacher Advisor Role:
      The TA Program is the cornerstone of Paly’s
       guidance services.
      43 Paly teachers are Teacher Advisors (TA’s) who
       serve 1685 students as academic advisors
      The 9th grade TA’s and 10th-12th grade TA’s are the
       primary contact persons for anyone with concerns
       about a particular student
      Guidance materials and instruction are delivered
       through the TA’s in the Wednesday advisory periods
Teacher Advisors & Counselors
Susan Shultz

   Example topics covered in Advisory:
        Making the transition easier
        What to expect at each grade level
        How to take good notes
        Mental Health Awareness
        PAUSD and UC/CSU graduation requirements
        Volunteer Opportunities
        Registration for classes
        Summer School
        Time Management
      has the complete advisory curriculum
Teacher Advisors & Counselors
Susan Shultz

 Role of Counselors:
    In addition to TA’s, Paly has three guidance
     counselors, Susan Shultz, Selene Singares, and
     Kerry Smith who serve all students with concerns
     both academic and social/emotional.
 Developing a four-year plan for success
    Counselors and TA’s work together to help each
     student develop a four-year plan for success at Paly
    Counselors and TA’s collaborate with the College
     and Career Advisors on both individual students and
     advisory curriculum
    College and Career Center
 Sandra Cernobori, College Advisor
 Alice Erber, College Advisor
 Wendy Sinton, Career Advisor
 Advisors meet individually with all students during
  Junior and Senior year for help with both college and
  career decision-making and college application
 Viking College and Career Planning Guide is a
  valuable resource that gives an overview of the role of
  the College and Career Center -
College and Career Center
 College and career center assists students and parents with
  information about post-high school programs including:
      Financial aid
      Test Preparation
      College Application Process
      Summer programs
      Gap Year programs
      Scholarships
      Foreign study
      Internships and career interest surveys
      Parent Information Nights
      College Fair
      Community College Forum
      College Rep Visits
      For more information, go to
Registration Process

  The Paly Guidance Staff will be visiting
   all three middle schools in February
    JLS Middle School: February 5th & 6th
    Jordan Middle School: February 4th & 5th
    Terman Middle School: February 6th
  Students will receive the Course
   Selection Sheet and the Paly Program of
   Studies (Course Catalog)
Registering for courses
  Paly Counselors conduct course selection
   presentations with middle school students at
   the middle schools between February 4th -6th.
  Carefully review the Paly Program of Studies
   (course catalog) with your child
   (Program of Studies is available at
  Students discuss their choices with current 8th
   grade teachers and follow teacher
Registering for Courses
  Once Course Selection Sheets are complete,
   students turn into the front office of JLS,
   Jordan, or Terman
  DUE: Jordan - Monday, February 11th
        JLS/Terman - Tuesday, February 12th
  Course Selection Sheets will be reviewed by
   the Paly Counselors and students will register
   for their classes:
    JLS: Thursday, February 14th
    Jordan: Monday & Tuesday, February 25th & 26th
    Terman: Wednesday, February 13th
Paly Scheduling
  Paly has a 7-period day.
     7 classes at 10 credits each = 70 credits/ year
  210 credits (minimum) required for graduation
   (graduation requirements listed on back of course
   selection form)
  Four year colleges prefer over 210 credits
  Once students are at Paly, they will develop a four-year
   plan in Advisory to assist with future registration.
Freshman Year Schedule
                                     (Typical Schedule)
English                     10       Exploratory or Critical Thinking
Math                        10       Varies (8th grade teacher recommendation)
Science                     10       Integrated Science or Biology 1A
Social Science              10       World History
World Language              10       Varies
Physical Education          10       PE
Elective                    10       Elective (art, music, career voc ed, etc)
Total Units*                70

* Earned at end of 9th grade by passing class with above a D-
** Passing with a C- or above is necessary for four-year college eligibility
2007-2008 Paly Instructional Supervisors
            by Department

    English – Trinity Klein
    Math – Radu Toma
    Science – Katherine Lawrence
    History/Social Studies – Eric Bloom
    World Languages – Norman Masuda
    Physical Education – Linda Morris
    Career Vocational Education – Jerry Berkson
    Visual & Performing Arts – Ron Williamson
    Kris Brockmann – Special Education
Trinity Klein

   Ninth Grade Courses:
      Critical Thinking
      Exploratory Thinking
Radu Toma

  Ninth Grade Courses:
       Algebra 1.1
       Algebra 1
       Algebra 1A
       Algebra 1A/ Geometry A
       Geometry/ Alg 2A

  PAUSD strongly believes that to be successful in
   college, students should take 4 years of math in
   high school

  The lanes shown on the next slides are typical
   routes taken by students. Transferring between
   lanes is possible from year to year based on
   student performance, teacher recommendation,
   and potential summer mathematics coursework.
PAUSD Secondary Math Flow Chart
                                             Math 6

                    Pre-Alg                                    Pre-Alg A

             Intro to Algebra                                  Algebra 1

   Algebra 1.1                 Algebra 1        Algebra 1 A   Alg1 A/ GeoA   Geom/ Alg 2A

 Algebra 1 (Gunn
     & Paly) or                Geometry         Geometry       Alg2/ TrigH    Trig/ Anlt A
   Alg 1.2 (Paly)

    Geometry                   Algebra 2        Alg2/ TrigH    PreCalc A      Analysis H

    Algebra 2                 Pre-Calculus       PreCalcA     AB Calc AP     BC Calc AP

 **The lanes shown are typical routes taken by students
Katherine Lawrence

   Ninth Grade Courses:
     Integrated Science – college prep
        UC approved “g”
     Biology 1A – college prep
        UC approved “d”
History- Social Science
Eric Bloom

   Ninth Grade Course:
      World History
   PAUSD four year graduation requirement in History/Social
    Science includes:
     10 - US Govt/Cont. World
     11 - US History
     12 - Economics
     12 - Social Studies elective
World Languages
Norm Masuda

   Ninth Grade Courses:
       American Sign Language 1
       Chinese Mandarin 1
       French 1, 2
       Japanese 1, 2
       Spanish 1, 2
       Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1
Physical Education
Linda Morris

   All Ninth graders are required to take P.E.

   “0” period P.E. being offered (6:50 – 7:40 a.m. M-F)
    due to increased enrollment/facility need

   If students opt for “0” period PE, they must take a prep
    during the day
Physical Education
Linda Morris

   PE Uniforms and locks are purchased from the PE staff
    during the first week of school

   Grading is based on participation and effort. Students
    must participate in at least 70% days in order to earn

   Prep period for sports – Student athletes may be
    released by his/her PE teacher after the roster for sport
    is verified.
Career Vocational Education
Chuck Merritt

   Courses Offered for Freshman:
       Business Law
       Keyboarding
       Drafting
       Foods
       Interior Design
       Sports Medicine
       Intro to JAVA
Visual and Performing Arts
Ron Williamson

   Courses Offered:
        Art Spectrum
        Photography
        Concert Band
        Jazz (after school)
        Orchestra
        Concert Choir 1-2
        Music Appreciation
        Theatre
        Stage Tech (after school)
        Video Production
Jeff Billing

   TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)
       The interdisciplinary TEAM is an alternative
        approach to the 9th grade core subjects
       English, Math, World History, & Biology
   Enrollment in TEAM is limited
   Students must indicate their interest on the
    Course Selection Sheet and a Lottery will take
    place in May
Other Programs
Kim Diorio

   AVID
      The AVID class is designed to help bright students
       with average academic records and high-test scores
       to challenge themselves and prepare to go to 4-year
   Focus on Success
      FOS is designed to aid students to develop study
       and organizational skills
   Reading Acceleration Class
      Reading Class is designed to improve students’
       reading proficiency and comprehension so students
       are “college ready” and reading at grade level.
Support Services – Paly
    Great place to support student learning
    2 librarians available 7:30 – 4:00 pm daily
    28 computers
    textbooks available in silent study room
  with access to our
     great databases and electronic reference
     books (elibrary) is available 24/7!
Support Services
  Academic Resource Center (ARC)
     The cool place for obtaining help, getting a tutor, doing
      homework, using a computer or making up a quiz or exam
     Open until 4:30p.m. every afternoon
  Math Resource Center (MRC)
     The Paly Math department has made a commitment to be
      available to all students every period of the day including
      brunch, lunch, and after school in the MRC
  Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS)
     ACS counseling team provides individual, group and family
Mark Your Calendars!

  Parent Information Workshops
    February 7th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm or
     6:30 – 7:30 pm in the ERC (library)
  Paly Campus Tours (Saturday,TBA)
  Freshman Orientation – August 19th and
   20th, 2008 (tentative)
  First Day of School – August 26, 2008
    Please join us in the library
for the next portion of our program

     We look forward to meeting
         the Class of 2012!

        Thank you for coming!

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