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   Continental Towers
  Electronic Tenant Handbook
        Created on August 2, 2011
Building Amenities: Athletic Club

Continental Athletic Club is a 30,000 square foot, full service health and fitness facility located in
Continental Towers. Part of the Multiplex Clubs family, Continental Athletic Club is a first rate facility offering
a broad range of strength and cardiovascular equipment, basketball, wallyball, swimming pool, whirlpool,
steam rooms, saunas, group exercise classes including Spinning, and Body Pump, as well as fully
appointed locker rooms with towels, toiletries, and grooming aids. Preferred membership rates are
available to all tenants of Continental Towers that make this convenient, friendly, state-of-the-art facility a
terrific value.
Continental Athletic Club is located on the lower level of the Commercium and can be reached at
847/981-7777. Open Monday through Friday from 5:30 A.M. – 9:00 P.M., Saturday and Sunday from 8:00
A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Seasonal and holiday hours may apply.
             Building Amenities: Card, Gift and Sundry Shop

Kishan Cards a convenience store located on the main level of the Commercium, specializing in cards, gifts
and other sundry items and can be reached at 847/427-9998. Major credit cards accepted. Open daily
Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
             Building Amenities: Day Spa

Karen’s Place is a day spa specializing in customized facial treatments and skin care, make-up application
and lessons, waxing, manicures and pedicures and wellness through aromatherapy. 847-258-4641
             Building Amenities: Dry Cleaner & Tailor

Continental Tailors & Cleaners offers same day dry cleaning, shirt laundry, and alterations. Open daily
Monday through Friday 7:30 A.M. until 6:00 P.M.
Continental Tailors & Cleaners is located in the Commercium on the lower level and can be reached at
             Building Amenities: Florist

The Flower Studio offers unique flowers and designs for all occasions, specializing in corporate, weddings
and sympathy design. Open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 A.M. until 5:30 P.M., Friday from 8:30 A.M.
until 6:00 P.M. and Saturday, 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.
The Flower Studio is located on the main level of the Commercium and can be reached at 847/364-9070.
             Building Amenities: Health Services

At First Health Associates, we are changing the way current healthcare is being provided. We are a place
where doctors will listen to your problems and you’ll never feel rushed. A place where traditional medicine
and alternative therapies are conveniently located under one roof. We care for everyday injuries and
illnesses and help find solutions to what may seem like insoluble, chronic and lingering conditions. We are
committed to new and innovative techniques and take a complimentary approach to patient care. Our team
of the best and brightest providers, all from different disciplines, will work together to create a plan that
involves a variety of treatment options: internal/family medicine, physical medicine, behavioral health,
physical therapy, dietetics and nutrition, acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic and more.
First Health Associates is located in the lower level of the Commercium within the Continental Athletic Club
and can be reached at 847-952-3330. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 5:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.,
Saturday and Sundays 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
             Building Amenities: Printer

Tri-Tower Printing has been a tenant of Continental Towers for over 20 years and in business since 1976.
They are a full service printer serving both your corporate needs as well as your personal needs. Tri-Tower
Printing specializes in high speed digital copying, brochures, forms, invitations, posters, business stationary,
complete bindery, mailing, shipping and a large selection of specialty items for all your corporate promotions.
Tri-Tower Printing is located in Tower One on the lower level and can be reached at 847/640-6633.
             Building Amenities: Restaurants

Deli-icious is a recently renovated high-end delicatessen that serves breakfast and lunch items from 7:30
a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The vast seating area accommodates up to 210 people, which is enhanced by flat
screen TVs throughout. The deli boasts a full line of Starbucks products. The extensive menu, with featured
daily specials, includes soup du jour, salad bar, hot and cold entrees, sandwiches made to order and an
assortment of desserts. Special requests are welcome. Catering services are available upon request. Free
Wi-Fi capabilities are offered in the private lounge.
The deli is located on the main level of the Commercium and can be reached at 847/952-9870.
             Building Amenities: Storage

Continental Towers has a number of storage areas in varying sizes located on the lower levels of each
tower. The storage areas are available for lease.
Please contact the Office of the Building at 847/640-1800 for further information regarding these spaces.
             Building Amenities: Vending Machines

Tenants may install vending machines (inclusive of coffee makers) in their premises provided a certificate of
insurance is obtained prior to installation. Vending machines that are installed within tenant’s premises
should be placed in a discreet location not to be seen from the exterior of the property; an adjacent corridor
or other building common areas. All vending machines are required to be registered with the City of Rolling
Building Operations: Accounting

Per the lease agreement, payment of rent is due on the first of each month for the current month. Tenants
will receive monthly statements. Work order and miscellaneous charges incurred for the prior month will be
billed at this time.
Please make checks for rent and other tenant charges payable to:
1701 West Gold Rd Holding LLC – 809338
P. O. Box 809338
Chicago, IL 60680-9338
             Building Operations: Building Management

The staff of Continental Towers is dedicated to making your work environment as safe and pleasant as
possible. The Building Office is located in Tower Three, Suite 106. Please do not hesitate to contact the
management office at:
Phone: 847/640-1800
Fax: 847/640-7915
1701 Golf Road, 3-106
Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008-4240
The office is open from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

The following personnel are available to address your needs:

Title                Name           Phone                    E-Mail
Senior Manager       Cathi       847/593-4430
Assistant Property Kathy         847/593-4432
Manager              Cooney
Chief Engineer       Jim         847/593-4442
Assistant Chief      Dennis      847/593-4446
Engineer             Sobeck
Director of Security Bob         847/640-1825
Administrative       Linda       847/640-1800
Assistant            Nitch
             Building Operations: Leasing

The leasing company for Continental Towers is Prime Group Realty Trust and is also located at 1701 Golf
Road Tower 3, Suite 106, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-4240. The main phone number is 847/640-1800.
Listed below is the contact information for the authorized representatives.

Title            Name        Phone Number         E-Mail
Principal        Steve Kling  847-698-8256
Associate        Jason Simon 847-698-8531
             Building Operations: Holidays

The Building Holidays observed each year are listed below in order to aid your planning operations during
the year.
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Certain services are not provided on weekends and the holidays listed above.
Building Security: Overview

Building Security Phone number is 847/640-1814.
The Building security system in place at Continental Towers is designed to provide tenants with the highest
degree of security in an unobtrusive manner. All suites should be locked at 6:00 P.M. nightly when the
Continental Towers complex is secured. After 6:00 P.M. anyone wishing to gain access into the suites must
have a suite key. Security will do periodic checks throughout the night to be certain all suite doors have
been locked. If a security officer finds a suite door open during a check, he will enter the suite to see if
anyone is present. If someone is in the office, the officer will ask the tenant to secure the door when leaving
for the night. If no one is present in the office, the security officer will lock the door and fill out an open door
Our 24-hour Security Department maintains a list of all tenant contacts and their respective emergency
numbers should a situation arise during after-hours. This form is available from the Office of the Building.
Tenant is to provide this list and contact the Office of The Building as changes occur.

Our 24-hour Security Department also covers all dock areas. All entries and exits from the dock area must
be cleared by a security officer. For tenant convenience, a security officer can be contacted by utilizing the
intercom system located on the outside and inside of the loading dock area. This system connects all dock
areas to the main security room located on the Lower Level of Tower Two. For an added level of security,
all weekend and after hours (6PM-6AM) deliveries or pick-ups must be made through Dock #2. Any
exceptions to this schedule must be pre-approved by the building management.
The Lenel Access Key Card System provides after hours entry for all registered employees and provides a
record of all entries.

The following procedures will greatly assist our security officers:
      Never leave personal items, packages or equipment unattended in any public portion of the building.
      Lock all desks and cabinets.
      Do not leave any important papers on the floor or near wastebaskets, which could be mistaken for
      Turn off all lights.
      Double lock all suite doors.
      Turn off all coffee equipment.

Camera Surveillance units are located at all building entries, including the dock and garage doors. In
addition, Security Officers make building rounds throughout the night, checking suite doors, tenant areas,
and all general areas of the buildings.
Each security officer carries a radio to communicate with the Security Control Room to advise of any
emergencies within the building.
              Building Security: After Hours Access

Continental Towers is equipped with an electronic Key Card Access System (manufactured by Lenel) on all
exterior building doors. Tenants are requested to provide a list of employees so that an access card can be
provided for each employee. By scanning the key card at any entry door of the tower in which you occupy
space, you are given access to the building. Access can also be obtained by utilizing the intercom system at
each of the front entry doors, which will connect you with the Security Control Room. A Security Officer will
arrive to confirm your identification via picture I.D. and an access contact will be called to authorize entry. To
exit the building after hours simply stand in the vicinity of the swing door. The security system will
automatically detect your presence and release the door allowing you to push the door open to exit.
             Building Security: Building Access

Continental Towers is open to the public from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. weekdays and 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
on Saturdays. Entering the building on Sunday, Holidays and After Hours is via key card access only. Any
employee working after 6:00 P.M. is able to leave the building without a key. After hours, we request that
you sign in and out in the registry on the podium in each lobby.
              Building Security: Deliveries

Continental Towers offers three separate, dock-high loading docks - each serving one of the towers. Any
company furnishing delivery services is required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Office of the
Building prior to entering. A sample packet of our insurance requirements can be obtained from the Office of
the Building or in the forms section. When approaching by vehicle, all loading docks are accessible from the
Northeastern side of the buildings. Please utilize the buzzer/intercom located at the dock doors when
entering or leaving the building. From the interior of the building, the loading docks are accessible from the
lower level of the building. The loading docks are open from 6 A.M. until 6 P.M. Monday through Friday. Any
delivery exceeding 30 minutes of freight elevator usage should be scheduled before 8:00 A.M. or after 5:00
P.M. (Monday through Friday). For an added level of security, all weekend and after hours (6PM-6AM)
deliveries or pick-ups must be made through Dock #2. Any exceptions to this schedule must be
pre-approved by the building management. All deliveries to or from the building must be directed from the
loading docks. At no time are deliveries (that are large in nature or require the use of hand trucks or dollies)
to be brought through the front or rear entrances of the property. Delivery companies must remove all their
garbage including pallets and containers. Nothing is to be left on the docks.

Please utilize the freight elevators when making inter-office deliveries between floors and remember that
use of the freight elevator by passengers slows deliveries, messenger services and construction workers.
Please note that any deliveries, which arrive after a tenant has left the building for the evening or prior to the
tenant arriving in the morning, can not be accepted on the tenant’s behalf.
              Building Security: General Office Security

Security Checklist
The following is a list of general office security suggestions, which are offered to you as an aid in
establishing your internal security procedures:
      Restrict office keys and access cards to those who actually need them.
      Keep complete, up-to-date records of the distribution of all office keys.
      Establish uniform procedures for collecting keys prior to the termination of employees.
      Establish a rule that keys must never be left unguarded on desks or cabinets.
      Require that filing cabinet keys be removed from locks and placed in a secure location after opening
      Prevent unauthorized personnel from reporting a lost key and receiving a replacement.
      Ensure that a responsible person is in charge of issuing all keys.
      Store keys systematically in a secured wall cabinet of either your own design or one that conforms to
      a commercial key control system.
      Insist on identification from repairmen who come to work in your office.
      Clear all desks of important papers.
      When working alone in the office at night, lock the front door to prevent anyone else from entering.
      Keep the police, fire department, and building security telephone numbers posted.
      Double check to see that all doors are securely locked before you leave.

Suspicious Persons
If you see suspicious or offensive persons in the building, please call the Management immediately. If
possible, make note of appearance, clothing, etc. in order to assist building security in locating them.
Please be aware of strangers in your Tenant areas and halls. Quite often a question such as “May I help
you locate someone?” will be enough to deter a potential thief. Suspicious encounters of this type should be
reported to the Office of the Building immediately.
             Building Security: Key and Lock Policy

Tenants are provided two keys for each lock in their office space at the time of move-in at no charge.
Additional keys are available at a cost to the tenant. Tenants are not permitted to install their own primary
locks or any supplemental locks. Lock changes may be arranged with the Office of the Building at an
additional charge to the tenant. At termination of the lease, tenants must return all keys to the Office of the
Continental Towers is equipped with an electronic Key Card Access System (manufactured by Lenel) for all
exterior building doors. Tenant will be provided at no charge 1 (one) key card per every 1,000 s.f. leased.
Additional cards are available at an additional charge (currently $4.75 each) through our Security Office.
Tenants are requested to provide a list of each employee so that an access card can be provided. Access
cards are issued for 24/7 access unless tenant specifies restricted hours to be programmed.
             Building Security: Lost and Found

Please contact the Management Office at 847/640-1800 to claim items that have been lost or found in the
              Building Security: Property Pass

As part of our security program, it is required that a property pass accompanies any item (not readily
identifiable as personal property) that is being removed from the building. All passes should be submitted to
the security guard on duty when exiting the building. The pass must be signed by an authorized employee
other than the person removing the property.
A sample of a building pass can be found in the Tenant Handbook on page 19.

A list of authorized signatories for this form should be submitted to the Office of the Building.
Building Security can be reached at 847/640-1814.
             Building Security: Property Removal

It is required that a property pass be issued for any items not readily identifiable as personal property that
are being removed from the building. All passes should be provided on company letterhead and submitted
to the Office of the Building or to a security guard prior to exiting the building. The pass must be signed by
an authorized employee other than the person removing the property.
A sample of a building pass can be found in the Tenant Handbook on page 19.
                                   Click here to download a Property Pass
              Building Security: Solicitation

Soliciting is not permitted in the buildings nor are handouts permitted on the cars in our parking lots. If
solicitors do enter your suite or you notice one in the parking lot, please contact the Office of the Building at
847/640-1800 so that they may be escorted out.
Building Services: Building Signage and Directory

Lobby Directories
A directory is located in each main lobby opposite the bank of elevators and identifies each tenant and their
respective suite number. Please advise the Office of the Building of any changes required in your listing.
Building signage is standardized throughout Continental Towers. The Office of the Building will order all
signage for the hallway identification of a tenant’s suite. Management must approve any additional signage
requests and no signs are allowed to be displayed on glass entrances, interior or exterior windows.
             Building Services: Cleaning

Janitorial services are provided on a nightly basis, beginning at 6:00 P.M., in accordance with your lease,
excluding legal holidays. The nightly service includes vacuuming, waste disposal, dusting and general
cleaning. Please affix an orange refuse sticker to any item, which needs to be disposed of, that does not fit
into a garbage receptacle. Extra stickers are available from the Office of the Building.
Services beyond the realm of regular work specifications, such as carpet shampooing, furniture polishing,
washing of dishes, etc. can be provided at an additional charge to the tenant. Please contact the Office of
the Building to arrange for these services.
              Building Services: Elevators

Continental Towers has four passenger elevators serving each tower 24 hours a day. (Please note that the
use of carts, dollies and delivery carts is not permitted in the passenger elevators.) In addition, each tower
has a freight elevator, which services the lower level through the 12th floor for deliveries from our loading
dock areas. Please see the following section “Freight Elevators” for more information.
In the event that the elevator unexpectedly stops or malfunctions with passengers in it, remember to remain
calm. All elevators in the building are equipped with telephones or intercoms. Should an elevator
malfunction, depress the emergency call button with the telephone handset symbol. The phone will
automatically ring at the Security Desk located on the Lower Level of Tower Two indicating to the Officer a
problem in the elevator and where the elevator is located. You can speak to the Security Officer through a
speaker/microphone in the panel.

Freight Elevators
Continental Towers has one freight elevator serving each tower. All deliveries from the dock areas must
utilize the freight elevators. In addition, please utilize the freight elevators for all deliveries between floors
when using a mail cart, dolly or demonstration cart.
Scheduling of the freight elevator is required for tenant office moves. (Please refer to the Moving/Delivery
Requirements for further information.)
Please remember that the freight elevators are reserved for freight and should not be used as a passenger
             Building Services: Forms

For your convenience, we have included downloadable and printable PDF document forms that will expedite
various building management service requests. Hard copies of all forms are available from the Office of the
Building as well. To view and print PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If not already
installed on your computer, it can be obtained for free at
Building Work Rules Form
Contractor Access Authorization Request Form
Building After Hours Contractor Work Request Form
Fire and Life Safety Manual
Newsletter-Tower Talk
Property Pass Form
Tenant COI Sample Packet
Tenant Information Sheet
Vendor COI Sample Packet
             Building Services: HVAC

Continental Towers is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
automation system. HVAC is provided to tenant spaces 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and
8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. on Saturday. For after hours HVAC, tenants must notify the Office of the Building, in
The following rates are applicable for Overtime HVAC:
      November 1 - February 28: $22.50 per hour, per 1/2 floor
      March 1 - October 31: $35.00 per hour, per 1/2 floor
Please note that Overtime HVAC service is billable in 30-minute increments with a 30-minute minimum
             Building Services: Lamp Replacement

Arrangements may be made through the Office of the Building for the replacement of all light bulbs. There is
a charge to the tenant for this service.
Tenants also have the option of setting up an automatic work order schedule. In this scenario, lights are
changed during non-business hours while the Tenant is not in the space, allowing a higher production rate
than is possible while people are working and alleviating any safety concerns.
             Building Services: Mail Service

Mail Pickup/Delivery
Mailboxes and mail slots are located in the Lower Level of each Tower. The Office of the Building will
provide you with a mailbox and a key upon move-in.
The Rolling Meadows Post Office delivers mail to each of the Towers during the morning hours. Outgoing
mail is picked up at 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday.
In addition to your street address and to ensure proper delivery please include the following information as
part of your mailing address:

Company Name Example:             ABC Company
Tower & Suite                     T1-100
1701 Golf Road                    1701 Golf Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008         Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Any mail being delivered that requires a signature will be brought to your suite by the postal service.
Please notify the post office regarding any forwarding address information.

Overnight Mail Services
For your convenience, overnight drop boxes are located in each building on the lower level as follows:
Federal Express - Lower Level of Towers I, II & III – Pick up at approximately 6:30 P.M.
UPS – Lower Level of Towers I, II & III – Pick up at approximately 6:00 P.M.
Deliveries from Federal Express and UPS are made directly to each tenant’s suite.
Please do not leave unattended packages for pick-up outside of your suite during normal business hours. At
the end of your business day packages can be placed outside your door for after hours pick-up by the
             Building Services: Maintenance Requests

All requests for services or work orders should be directed to the Office of the Building at 847/640-1800. For
services not provided by the Lease there is an additional charge and, an authorized tenant representative
will be required to make the request via a work order prior to performance of the work. The charges for extra
work will be billed to you once a month as a line item on your rent statement, once the work order is
Preventative Maintenance Programs
Continental Towers has an extensive engineering and maintenance staff, which offers a variety of
Preventative Maintenance Programs such as lighting maintenance and supplemental air conditioning
maintenance. These programs can lengthen the life of your equipment and save you time and money. For
more information on these programs, contact the Tenant Services Coordinator at 847/640-1800.

Miscellaneous Tenant Extra Services
There are a variety of additional services available to the tenants:
      Moving furniture, boxes, files, etc.
      Hanging pictures, bulletin boards, etc.
      Transporting equipment/boxes from docks to suites
      Replacing ceiling tiles
      Additional keys, directory strips, suite markers
      Re-Keying of filing cabinets, desks, etc.
      Special trash removal
      Pest control
      Carpet cleaning
      Metal refinishing
             Building Services: Parking

Continental Towers has an agreement with the City of Rolling Meadows to patrol the parking lots. Any car
illegally parked (fire lanes, loading docks, garage ramps, entryways, unauthorized parking areas, etc.) will
be ticketed by the police and/or towed by Northwest Recovery at the owner’s expense. This is necessary
for safety conditions all year round in case of an emergency. The phone number to Northwest Recovery is
847/705-0825 and they are located at 3833 Industrial Drive in Rolling Meadows.
      Respect those spaces marked for Visitors as these are reserved for the convenience of your
      customers. Note: if parking exceeds the specified time limit on these spaces, the police will issue
      Utilize only one parking space when parking your vehicle.
      Park in areas marked with yellow parking spaces only.
      Do not park diagonally.
      Do not park parallel to curbs.
      Do not park in the dock or receiving areas.
      Do not park in fire lanes.

During the snow season, the following is also in effect:
      No overnight parking during the winter months. If you have car trouble and are unable to move your
      car, please call the Office of the Building with the location and a description of the car, license # and
      emergency telephone number.
      Parking in designated areas only. This is important for both snow removal and emergency vehicle
Should you encounter vehicle difficulties such as a flat tire, dead battery, lost keys or keys locked in your
car, our Security Office can assist you by finding you a road recovery service.
Please make all of your employees aware of these policies.
             Building Services: Recycling Program

Continental Towers participates in a commercial mixed paper recycling program. Upon move in, the
management office will supply desk side recycling containers for recyclable materials and a larger recycling
container for your kitchen or copy room. Our nighttime janitorial staff collects the recyclable products three
times a week and deposits them in designated receptacles. Please contact our Tenant Services
Coordinator for any additional containers you may require at an additional charge to Tenant.
             Building Services: Union Member

All engineers, contractors and vendors at Continental Towers are members of their affiliated Union.
Emergency Procedures: Bomb Threat

Telephone Threat
When a bomb threat is made over the telephone, obtain the following information from the caller:
      Exact location of the device.
      Time set for explosion.
      Description of the device.
      Reason the caller has placed the bomb.
      Exact words used by the caller.
      Keep this information as confidential as possible.
      Notify the Police Department. Call 911.
      Notify the Management Office at 847/640-1800.
Once the Management Office has been notified of a bomb threat, it is our policy to advise your firm’s
manager or senior officer. It is up to the manager or senior officer to decide whether it is appropriate to
evacuate the office.

In the event that you are asked to evacuate the Building, please move away from the Building so as to allow
unfettered access to emergency personnel. Do not re-enter the Building until the Management Office, the
Police, or the Fire Department have given clearance.
Suspicious Packages or Mail Bombs
Letter bombs are usually sent through the mail addressed to a specific individual in the company, usually
disguised to look like some sort of gift or a small package. Letter bombs have the power to kill or seriously
maim anyone in close proximity. Letter bombs are usually contained within a large size manila envelope ¼”
to ½” thick and are fairly rigid.
However, the technology used in letter bombs has become increasingly sophisticated, and can be difficult to
detect visually. Letter bombs have been mailed from cities or small towns in the United States, as well as
from foreign countries. Be especially wary of letters that are mailed to titles -- Chairman, President,
Manager, Security Officer, etc. – rather than directly to named individuals.

If you suspect a parcel contains a letter bomb:
      Clear everyone out of the immediate area; establish at least a 25 foot radius around the package.
      Notify the police at 911 and Building Management.
              Emergency Procedures: Civil Disturbance

Should a riot or civil disturbance start outside the Building, the Security Guards will immediately lock all
entrances to the building. The police will be notified. We will keep you informed.
If a disturbance should occur in the main lobby, all elevators will be turned off at the first floor and the police
will be summoned.
              Emergency Procedures: Elevator Malfunction

In the event that the elevator unexpectedly stops or malfunctions with passengers in it, remember to remain
calm. All elevators in the building are equipped with telephones or intercoms. Should an elevator
malfunction, depress the emergency call button with the telephone handset symbol. The phone will
automatically ring at the Security Desk located on the Lower Level of Tower Two indicating to the Officer a
problem in the elevator and where the elevator is located. You can speak to the Security Officer through a
speaker/microphone in the panel.
In the event of a power outage, elevators will continue to operate using our emergency power generator.
Should an outage occur, elevator lights will remain on, but the car itself will temporarily cease moving. Each
elevator will automatically return to the lobby, their doors will open, and they will remain inoperable until the
power has been restored.
             Emergency Procedures: Emergency Contacts

All Emergencies                             911
Building Management Office                  847/640-1800
Building Security/After Hours               847/640-1814
Fire Department (non Emergency)             847/397-3352
Police Department (non Emergency)           847/255-2416
Northwest Community Hospital                847/259-1000
Alexian Brothers Hospital                   847/437-5500
Poison Control Center                       847/981-3543
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)       847/429-2227
United States Secret Service                312/353-5431

Community Information/Services

Rolling Meadows City Hall                     847/394-8500
Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce           847/398-3730
Rolling Meadows Post Office (zip code         847/885-6500
ComEd                                         877/426-6331
Directory Assistance                          411


Chicago Tribune                               312/222-0825
Daily Herald                                  847/427-4300

Important notes
If you call 911 as a result of a medical emergency, please be sure also to notify building management with
your name, callback number, and location so that Security may swiftly guide the paramedics to your exact
If the audible alarm within the building sounds, please do not call the Management Office, unless you have
something specific to report. Building Management is aware of the noise, as well as the source of the
alarm, whether it’s false or a legitimate emergency. Please keep the telephone lines clear so that
Management may to attend to the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.
            Emergency Procedures: Evacuation

Evacuation procedures can be found in our tenant Fire and Life Safety Manual. It can be downloaded from
the “ FORMS” section of the website.
             Emergency Procedures: Fire and Life Safety

Fire Prevention
Do not accumulate quantities of discarded files or other paper trash in your office or storage area. Pay
special attention to housekeeping in those departments that produce quantities of debris, such as
duplication machines, mailing and receiving rooms.
Do not store large quantities of flammable solvents, duplicating fluids, or other combustible fluids.
Keep electrical appliances in good repair. Report unsafe conditions to the building office.
When furnishing an office, consider the fire potential of materials used in large amounts, like overstuffed
chairs, settees, couches or anything that could become a combustible item. Such furnishings should be
Where potential for fire is especially high, such as supply rooms, tenants may wish to consider installing
additional fire extinguishers.

Fire Emergency
IF YOU DISCOVER A FIRE, you should remain calm and:
    1. Pull the nearest fire alarm. Alarms are located in the corridors adjacent to the stairwells.
    2. Call 911 from a safe location.
    3. Evacuate or relocate and assist all others in the immediate area.
    4. Close doors behind you to isolate fire.
    5. Proceed to stairwells and listen for instructions. NEVER use the elevators.
    6. Be cautious when opening doors so as not to spread the fire. Touch any door to see if it is hot before
    7. If smoke is present, stay low and crawl with your body against the floor. The clearest air is near the
       floor. If forced to make a dash through smoke or flame, hold your breath and cover your nose and
       mouth with an article of clothing.
              Emergency Procedures: Flooding

In the event of a flood that may cause damage to tenant property or affect the normal operation of the
building, designated tenant representatives will be contacted by Building Management personnel,
regardless of the time of day.
The first priority is to ensure that no personal injury occurs as the result of a flood. The second priority is to
discover the cause and prevent or minimize additional flooding.
Once the flooding has been contained, clean-up operations will commence. Tenants will need to contact
their insurance carrier for any damage to their property.
             Emergency Procedures: Homeland Security

Colliers International recommends that each tenant have an emergency action plan in place to help their
employees prepare for, and react quickly to, a regional emergency, including terrorist attacks. Click on the
links below to access a variety of resources that aid in preparing for a regional emergency.
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Association
American Red Cross
Center for Diseases Control and Prevention Emergency Preparedness and Response
Local media outlets will provide important information during an emergency situation.
              Emergency Procedures: Medical Emergency

In the event that an accident or illness befalls one of your employees, or a visitor to your office area, please:
    1. Call Emergency Services at 911.
    2. Provide the Emergency Dispatcher with the following information:
            a. Your name.
            b. Your Building’s name and address.
            c. Your specific floor number, and the exact location of the emergency.
            d. Any pertinent details of the accident or illness.
    3. Do not move the injured/ill person. Attempt to make them as comfortable as possible.
    4. If feasible, send someone to meet the emergency unit upon its arrival in the lobby.
    5. Call the Management Office at 847/640-1800. Inform management that you have called 911 and
       briefly describe the nature of the emergency.
    6. The emergency unit will be with you shortly and will administer all necessary medical assistance.
    7. Determine, if possible:
            a. Name, address and age of injured/ill person.
            b. The nature of the problem, as best you can surmise.
            c. All known allergies and current medications taken by the individual.
            d. A local doctor.
             Emergency Procedures: Pandemic Preparedness

What you Need to Know
An influenza (flu) pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of flu disease that occurs when a new type of influenza
virus appears that people have not been exposed to before (or have not been exposed to in a long time).
The pandemic virus can cause serious illness because people do not have immunity to the new virus.
Pandemics are different from seasonal outbreaks of influenza that we see every year. Seasonal influenza is
caused by influenza virus types to which people have already been exposed. Its impact on society is less
severe than a pandemic, and influenza vaccines (flu shots and nasal-spray vaccine) are available to help
prevent widespread illness from seasonal flu.
Influenza pandemics are different from many of the other major public health and health care threats facing
our country and the world. A pandemic will last much longer than most flu outbreaks and may include
"waves" of influenza activity that last 6-8 weeks separated by months. The number of health care workers
and first responders able to work may be reduced. Public health officials will not know how severe a
pandemic will be until it begins.

Importance and Benefits of Being Prepared
The effects of a pandemic can be lessened if you prepare ahead of time. Preparing for a disaster will help
bring peace of mind and confidence to deal with a pandemic.
When a pandemic starts, everyone around the world could be at risk. The United States has been working
closely with other countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen systems to detect
outbreaks of influenza that might cause a pandemic.
A pandemic would touch every aspect of society, so every part of society must begin to prepare. All have
roles in the event of a pandemic. Federal, state, tribal, and local governments are developing, improving,
and testing their plans for an influenza pandemic. Businesses, schools, universities, and other faith-based
and community organizations are also preparing plans.
As you begin your individual or family planning, you may want to review your state's planning efforts and
those of your local public health and emergency preparedness officials. State plans and other planning
information can be found at
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other federal agencies are providing funding,
advice, and other support to your state. The federal government will provide up-to-date information and
guidance to the public if an influenza pandemic unfolds.

Pandemic Flu Resources
There are many publicly available resources in place to help communities, companies, and individuals plan
for a possible pandemic flu outbreak. A few of the most useful sites are linked below:
This is the official U.S. Government site for information on pandemic and avian influenza. The material on
this site is organized by topic for easy reference.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC Web site is another primary source of information on pandemic influenza. They also have a
hotline—1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)—that is available in English and Spanish, 24 hours a day, 7
days a week (TTY: 1-888-232-6348). Or, if you prefer, questions can be e-mailed to
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
DHS is working on a “Business Planning Guide,” which will be posted on the DHS home page and on as soon as it is completed. Also, for business-specific questions, the DHS has created an

BOMA Resources
BOMA/Greater Toronto Pandemic Flu Report
The report addresses the threat to commercial buildings from an avian flu pandemic.
The resources above will provide a lot of information, but we also encourage you to:
      Listen to local and national radio.
      Watch news reports on television.
      Read your newspaper and other sources of printed and Web-based information.
      Look for information on your local and state government Web sites.
      Consider talking to your local health care providers and public health officials.
             Emergency Procedures: Power Failure

All Continental Towers Office Buildings and Common Areas are served by emergency generators. In the
event of power failure, these generators will provide emergency power for certain basic building functions.
Those functions include:
   1. Activating emergency lights on each floor throughout the building, including all Exit signs.
   2. Activating all stairwell lighting.
   3. Activating the building’s emergency Fire, Life and Safety Systems as well as the building’s
      communication systems.
   4. Recalling all elevators to the ground floor lobby. (One elevator will remain operative for use by
      security to assist handicapped persons or to take service crews and equipment into the building, as
It is seldom necessary to evacuate the building during a power failure. Unless you are directed to do so
through the emergency communication system, please remain in your offices.
Please…DO NOT CALL the Management Office unless you need to notify us of the location of a disabled
             Emergency Procedures: Severe Weather

When severe weather conditions become apparent, the U.S. Weather Bureau describes conditions by two
(2) classifications, a Watch or a Warning. This applies to the reporting of severe thunderstorms, the
approach of weather conditions favoring the formation of tornadoes, a hurricane condition, a winter storm
condition, etc. A Watch becomes effective when atmospheric conditions are present that can produce the
particular weather phenomenon. A Warning means that the weather condition has been spotted and prompt
action must be taken to enhance safety.
Except in very rare circumstances, the decision to evacuate the building based on the above weather
reports will not be made by Building Management, but rather by each Tenant Company.

However, in the event these conditions do exist, the following guidelines should adhered to:
      Move away from outside windows. If the windows in your offices are supplied with blinds, close the
      blinds (this will provide protection from broken glass).
      Do not panic.
      If evacuated, lock all desk drawers and take all items of value with you.
      If evacuated, use a route that is in the building interior and stay away from large expanses of glass
      and windows.
      Use the stairwells rather than the elevators.
      If evacuated, do not return to your office until advised to do so.
             Emergency Procedures: Toxic Hazards

If there is a toxic spill or exposure, proceed immediately to an area where you are no longer exposed. Call
911. Provide the building’s address, your floor and phone number, and also what type of spill has occurred.
Take appropriate action to contain the hazard; close doors behind you, and always follow all safety
procedures when working with toxic materials.
Introduction: Welcome

Colliers International is pleased to extend a warm welcome to all Continental Towers tenants. We believe
that you will find these buildings to be among the finest office facilities in the Northwest Suburbs.
This Tenant Handbook has been developed to provide you with information, policies and procedures
regarding the buildings, as well as information pertaining to the surrounding area.
Our Management Team strives for a long-term relationship with each tenant, employee and guest by
exercising great care and attention to detail to ensure the comfort, security, convenience and safety of all
who visit and work within this fine building.
Please take a moment to review this handbook and share it with the co-workers in your office.
Please note that from time to time the information contained in this handbook will be updated. Those
revisions will be posted on our building website
( as the most current reference material available.
If you have any questions or comments, please call the Office of the Building at 847-640-1800. We will do
our best to be of service.
             Introduction: About Colliers International

Colliers International is a global leader in real estate services with more than 15,000 professionals operating
out of 480 offices in 61 countries. As a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation, Colliers offers the stability of
a strong financial partner and significant local ownership providing clients with accountability and
enterprising real estate solutions. Colliers provides a full range of services to real estate users, owners and
investors worldwide including corporate solutions, sales and lease brokerage, property and asset
management, project management, investment sales and consulting, property valuation and appraisal,
mortgage banking and market research. The Lipsey Company and National Real Estate Investor magazine
ranked Colliers International as the world’s number two commercial real estate brand.
Colliers International’s rich Chicago history extends back to 1947 when Bennett & Kahnweiler was founded
by Marshall Bennett and Louis Kahnweiler. In its early beginnings it was best known for the development of
the 2,300-acre Centex Industrial Park in Elk Grove Village, IL, resulting in the firm’s reputation as an
industrial powerhouse that endured for the next several decades. Colliers Chicago is now a full service firm
owned by its 20 principals and employs more than 225 people in its Rosemont and Chicago downtown
offices, including a staff of 125 property management professionals and nearly 80 brokerage professionals.
Office of the Building
Colliers is located in Tower Three, Suite 106. The office is open from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday
through Friday. The phone number is 847-640-1800. During non-business hours, this number will be
answered by the 24 hour security office located on the lower level of Tower Two. If you have any questions
about the building or a request for service, please do not hesitate to contact us.
             Introduction: About Continental Towers

Continental Towers is an approximately 910,000 square foot, Class A office complex built between 1978 –
1982. The complex is comprised of three 12-story towers facing a multi-level Commercium situated on a
34-acre site in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.
Continental Towers is a corporate landmark strategically positioned on the edge of the Greater Woodfield
area, removed from the congestion west of Route 53 along the I-90 Northwest Tollway on Golf Road. Its
location offers easy accessibility to Chicago’s airports, downtown district and inter-connecting highways.
The Regional Transportation Authority’s commuter bus system (PACE) stops directly in front of Continental
Towers on Golf Road, making public transportation a convenient alternative. There are two Metra Rail
stations within a short ride of the building.
Continental Towers is a four-time recipient of The Outstanding Building of the Year Award presented by the
Building Owners and Managers Association of Suburban Chicago (BOMA Suburban). The building is a
distinctive pre-cast white Wyoming aggregate with gray insulating solar reflective glass. There are an
estimated 3,000 parking spaces surrounding the Towers and 100 parking spaces located in the
underground parking garage.
             Introduction: Operating Instructions

You move through The Electronic Tenant® Handbook just as you would a traditional Internet site. It’s as
simple as pointing and clicking. The main page features a Table of Contents that provides links to each
Chapter. Upon entering a Chapter, you will find links to the specific information provided in that chapter’s
Sub-Sections. You may return to the Table of Contents or Chapter Overview at any time by clicking the
clearly labeled link on every page.
Special Features
This Electronic Tenant® Handbook has special features, such as a Forms Section and Search Engine. In
order to take advantage of these useful features, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your
computer. This software is free and easy to use, and can be obtained by clicking here.
The Electronic Tenant® Handbook is updated on a regular basis, so please be sure to periodically check for
updates and new information.
If you are having trouble accessing the Electronic Tenant® Handbook or need assistance, please e-mail or
call the Management Office.
Policies and Procedures: Contractors

Building Indoor Air Quality Policies and Procedures For Tenant and Building Construction
   1. Contractor shall install 30% efficient pleated fibers at all return air dampers. Filters must be changed,
      at a minimum, once per week.
   2. Contractor shall install on overlapping 6-mil polyethylene barrier at all access doorways to
      construction area.
   3. The HVAC system shall remain-in operation in the area of construction provided that the air has been
   4. Contractor is responsible for removing all isolation barriers at the conclusion of all construction,
      returning the exhaust unit to the Owner, and bringing the HVAC system to normal base operation.

If hazardous conditions/materials exists the following must be adhered to:
   5. Contractor must install a temporary construction isolation barrier around the entire construction area
      using 6-mil polyethylene. Barriers must extend to the underside of structure.
   6. Contractor is required to install an exhaust filtration unit in the work area. The exhaust unit is to be
      placed so as to achieve an air washing of the space. The exhaust ventilator is to be fitted with a
      three-stage filtering system consisting of 12” x 12” x 2” 30% efficient pleated filet, an activated
      carbon and hydrosol filled filter module, and a 2” 30% efficient profiler. The Contract is responsible
      for the daily monitoring of the filers and the changed of the filters. The exhaust unit is to run
      continuously during construction.
   7. The exhaust filtration unit may be rented from the Owner at a cost of $250.00 per month. Contractor
      must supply all filters and necessary materials and labor to install the unit.

Contractor Access Procedures
      All contractors must be authorized to work in the building through the office of the building as specified
      on the Contractor Access Authorization Request form.
      Contractors must check in, and be required to enter and exit the building through dock main door at
      the Lower level of Tower II.
      The Security Office will log the contractor
      The Security Office will issue a “Contractor Badge” in exchange for his drivers licenses to the
      contractor only after the above criteria is met.
      Access will not be authorized to the building dock, work area, freight elevators, roofs, basements or
      restricted areas without a badge visibly displayed at all times. Contractors will display their badge by
      affixing it to their shirt, above the waist.
      If any unauthorized contractors are found in the building, they must report to the Director of Security
      and Building Management. If found to be unauthorized, they will be escorted off of the property.

Contractor Access Procedures (continued)
      Contractor employees who have lost a badge can have a replacement issued, only when the
      supervisor has confirmed to Security that the badge is lost and that the employee is assigned to work
      in the building.
      Contractor supervisory personnel will be authorized to check out keys from Security, with prior
      approval of the Chief Engineer. Keys to tenant areas will be issued to contractor’s supervisory
      personnel upon written authorization of Tenant Representative of Colliers International, manager,
      only. Keys lost by the contractor will result in charges to the contractor as are reasonably required.
Click here to download a Building Work Rules Form
Click here to download a Contractor Access Authorization Request Form
Click here to download a Building After Hours Contractor Work Request Form
Policies and Procedures: Insurance Protection

          Click here to download the Tenant COI Sample Packet
          Click here to download the Vendor COI Sample Packet
             Policies and Procedures: Moving Procedures

Continental Towers is a union building. All moving/delivery persons must be union labor. Please contact the
Tenant Service Coordinator at 847/640-1800 to expedite your move. All moves must take place before 8:00
A.M. or after 5:00 P.M. or anytime on the weekend. All activity must be limited to the area between the
freight elevators and the loading docks only. (Furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. may not be delivered or
removed through the front entry doors of the building.)
The following guidelines pertain to moving furniture, equipment and supplies in and out of our building.
      All moving and/or delivery companies will be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance prior to the
      move or delivery commencing. A sample packet of our insurance requirements can be obtained from
      the Office of the Building. This certificate should be delivered to:
Colliers International
1701 Golf Road, 3-106
Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008

      All interior floor surfaces of the building must be protected by masonite, gypsum board or plywood.
      All exterior doorframes and interior doorframes, plus doorframes of freight elevators must be
      protected by masonite, gypsum board or plywood.
      All carpeted surfaces in lobby entrances near freight elevators must be protected by masonite,
      gypsum board or plywood.
      Non-marking tape must be used to hold protective devices to doors, elevator butts and vertical
      surfaces. Duct tape is prohibited.
      The mover is required to remove all containers, equipment and debris by the end of the day. Please
      note that all debris is to be removed from the building and the surrounding grounds. Dumpsters can
      be made available at an additional cost for the disposal of debris. Please contact the Office of the
      Building for further information regarding this option.
      The tenant is responsible for the adherence by their moving and/or delivery company to these
             Policies and Procedures: Smoking

A Clean Indoor Air Ordinance is in effect in the City of Rolling Meadows. This ordinance is designed to
provide smoke-free air in enclosed and semi-enclosed areas. Smoking is not permitted at the front of the
buildings and within 15 feet of our building entrances.
              Policies and Procedures: Telephone Installations Procedure

Please furnish a copy of these requirements listed below to the prospective companies who will be giving
you estimates. This will ensure their understanding of the requirements of the building and the City of Rolling
    1. As soon as you select your Telephone Company, please furnish the Tenant Services Coordinator
       847/640-1800 with the following information:
           a. name of company who will be installing your telephone
           b. address
           c. telephone number
           d. individual with whom your are dealing

    2. All telephone companies are required by the City of Rolling Meadows to obtain a permit prior to the
       commencement of any work.

    3. Application for the permit may be obtained from:
      City of Rolling Meadows Building Department
      3600 Kirchoff Road
      Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008
      Telephone No. 847/394-8500

    4. Cable, and installation of the same, must be plenum approved and meet the requirements of the City
       and any other applicable governing body.

    5. We have been advised by the City of Rolling Meadows that they will not issue any occupancy permit
       if your telephone company has not obtained a permit. Should a delay in occupancy occur due to your
       telephone company not complying with the requirements of the City, the commencement date of the
       Lease and the rents due under the terms of the Lease shall not be affected.

    6. All telephone companies will be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance stating the name of the
       Tenant for whom they are working, and the amounts of coverage for the workmen’s compensation
       and property damage. This certificate should be mailed to:
      Colliers International
      1701 Golf Road, 3-106
      Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008-4240

    7. In addition, you will need to contact Fred Castro, Inc. at 630/843-1270. Fred Castro, Inc. will provide
       the necessary telephone line connection from the network point of presence to your telephone
       interface device. Fred Castro, Inc. will bill you directly for the cable and network interface installation.

Electric, Telephone and Cable Service
Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) services Continental Towers electrical needs and can be reached at (877)
4COMED1 to establish your electrical service. You will need to provide ComEd with your address and suite
number. Please contact our Tenant Service Coordinator for the meter number, which services your suite.
Continental Towers is a cable-ready building. Cable service to your suite can be arranged through
Telephone Electrical and Cable Wiring
All electrical and cable work must be coordinated through the Office of the Building.
All telephone wiring from the main telephone closet through the risers to the netpop is to be performed by
the Building’s Contractor at the Tenant’s expense. Please note that any coax, signal and/or phone cable run
into the tenant suites and/or throughout the buildings must be hung independently and attached to the
building. All abandoned cable in the ceiling must be removed at the time a space is vacated, remodeled,
             Policies and Procedures: Tenant Requirements

Tenant Requirements
      Provide Building Management with Tenant Information Sheet* which provides current lists of email
      addresses, telephone and fax numbers.
      Provide Building Management with Tenant Suite Marker & Billing Information.
      Provide Building Manager with Tenant Suite After Hour Access Information.
      Provide Building Management with current emergency plan.
      Notify Building Management of special events taking place in your suite.
      Notify Building Management of outside deliveries.
      Provide Building Management with a Certificate of Insurance from Tenants and Vendors.
      Provide Building Management with names and location of disabled employees in the suite.
      Tenant space to meet fire department codes.
Forms can be obtained from the Office of the Building by calling 847/640-1800 or by clicking here.
Properties: Tower I

Tower I is a 12-story tower housing approximately 280,000 square feet of office space. All other towers and
the retail building are accessible via climate controlled underground and above ground pedways. Storage
space is available upon request in the lower level. The building has its own mailroom and secured dock.
24-hour access to the building is available via key card. Tower I is an Energy Star rated building.
             Properties: Tower II

Tower II is a 12-story tower housing approximately 280,000 square feet of office space. All other towers and
the retail building are accessible via climate controlled underground and above ground pedways. Storage
space is available upon request in the lower level. The building has its own mailroom and secured dock.
24-hour access to the building is available via key card. Tower II is an Energy Star rated building.
             Properties: Tower III

Tower III is a 12-story tower housing approximately 280,000 square feet of office space. All other towers
and the retail building are accessible via climate controlled underground and above ground pedways.
Storage space is available upon request in the lower level. The building has its own mailroom and secured
dock. 24-hour access to the building is available via key card. Tower III is an Energy Star rated building.
             Properties: Commercium

The Commercium is a three-story retail building that houses services such as food service, travel agency,
florist, dry cleaning/tailoring, banking/ATM, and a 30,000 square foot 2-story athletic facility which offers
personal training, skin care, massage, acupuncture and group exercise classes. All towers are accessible
via climate controlled underground and above ground pedways. The Commercium is an Energy Star rated

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