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									                   IIJ and Microsoft Japan Cooperate on Cloud Service
                             to Improve Business Continuity
                  “IIJ GIO Cloud Migration Factory for Windows®” – the new system
         for rapidly migrating existing information system assets to a cloud service at a low cost

TOKYO—April 27, 2011—Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) and
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (Microsoft Japan) today jointly announced a new service to support
businesses migrating their existing systems from on-premise environments to cloud environments.
IIJ’s highly reliable “IIJ GIO Service” enables companies to migrate their information system assets
– such as mail servers, database servers, and file servers built using a Windows Server® – quickly
and at a low cost. This migration can help companies improve business continuity and reduce
electric power consumption. The new “IIJ GIO Cloud Migration Factory for Windows®” system
begins promoting migrations in May 2011.

The main support features of this cooperation are:

1. Improved business continuity and reduced electric energy consumption
    IIJ and Microsoft Japan jointly support the migration of software assets run on existing Windows
    Servers to cloud environment with the aims of improving corporate business continuity and
    productivity, and, especially, of alleviating electricity demands in eastern Japan. Migrating to a
    cloud service reduces the number of servers required and, thus, electric energy consumption.
    Facilities of IIJ GIO Service are now mainly located in western Japan, so migration also
    contributes to reducing electric energy consumption in eastern Japan.

2. Quick, low-priced automatic cloud migration
   IIJ and Microsoft Japan use a tool (*1) for migrating on-premises software to virtual servers within a
    short period of time and at a low cost. This tool also allows the smooth migration of the Windows
    2000 Server, for which Microsoft no longer provides maintenance support, to the latest
    operating system by temporarily migrating to the IIJ GIO service.

3. Reliability and security guaranteed
   IIJ GIO’s Windows Service (*2), which uses Microsoft’s Hyper-V™ virtual technology and
    System Center management tool, guarantees high reliability and has already been introduced by
    many customers. When combined with IIJ GIO’s secure network service, it provides the same
    reliability and security as would a corporation’s own servers.

With the cooperation of system integrators IT Crew Co., Ltd. and Japan Business Systems Inc., IIJ and
Microsoft Japan will establish IIJ GIO Cloud Migration Factory for Windows at IIJ headquarters with
20 full-time engineers. Microsoft Japan will provide continuous technical training to project members
and other support. With IIJ GIO Cloud Migration Factory for Windows, IIJ provides a one-stop cloud-
migration service, including verification of the customer’s current server environment and the
migration server’s software license, fixing the migration procedure, diagnosing the customer’s server,

and applying the automatic tool.

This service will be sold by IIJ and its partner corporations, ORIX Corporation and ORIX Rentec
Corporation, with a target of migrating the Windows Server assets of 300 customers (1,000 servers)
in one year.

IIJ offers free monthly IIJ GIO service charges for up to three months (*3) to new customers who use
this cloud migration service, in order to promote the reduction of electric energy consumption and
the improvement of business continuity. Moreover, customers can transfer their existing Microsoft
Application Server License, as is, to the IIJ GIO environment with this service from July 2011.
Therefore, existing software assets can be effectively utilized, without wasting their investment.

(*1)   IIJ created an automatic verification and migration tool using Novell’s Plate Spin and provides the migration
       service implementing a VHD (virtual hard disk) on IIJ GIO servers. IIJ has validated the migration and
       operation of Windows® 2000 environments, for which Microsoft no longer provides maintenance support.
(*2)   The IIJ GIO service received the “Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Service Provider of the Year Award” in 2011.
       This award, given to outstanding cloud service providers around the world, has been bestowed on only one
       hosting company in Asia, and IIJ is the first hosting company in Japan to win this award.
(*3)   The free service is limited to the migrated Windows® Server and does not include the network connection,
       additional storage, and other services.

For inquiries, contact:
IIJ Corporate Communications
Tel: +81-3-5259-6310 E-mail: press@iij.ad.jp
URL: http://www.iij.ad.jp/en/

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Kazunori Ishii, Corporate Communications
Tel: 81-3-4535-8055
E-mail: mskkpr@microsoft.com


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