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									Dental phobia and fear of
       the dentist

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             Dental Phobia and Fear of
                    The Dentist
Dental phobia affects a large proportion of the population. Many
people are so fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist that as
a result, they let their oral health suffer. Since they avoid visiting
a dentist unless ’pain ‘ sets in, it is observed that they have
problems with their gums and chronic gum disease has set in as a
result of neglect.

It is important to see a dentist regularly so that they can assess
and deal with problems before they worsen and become
irreversible (gum disease), painful (dental abscesses) or

With modern dentistry, there are many techniques and methods
to help overcome your anxieties and make your dental
experience comfortable and even enjoyable!

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             Why are people phobic?
 It may be something as simple as the
clinical smell of a dental practice.

 Previous negative experience

 Embarrassed about your existing oral
health situation gums

 You may be sensitive to dental instruments
being placed in your mouth.

 Fear of the unknown

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        Overcome your Anxieties
 Communicating your fears and concerns

 A full explanation of the procedures

 Try to be open and honest with your
dentist if you feel embarrassed about the
condition of your teeth or your lack of
previous dental care.

 Using a pain-free injection technique

 Sedation, both oral and intravenous

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