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					                                                                                    January 2011

                                                      School Newsletter
Administrator’s Message                                                Welcome to Grade 6

         A Blessing for the New Year                         As we write this message it is the beginning
                                                             of the third week of advent, a time to
             Lord, you are the Creator of all time,
                                                             celebrate hope. We have been the recipients
                You live in our every moment,
                                                             of many special things over the last several
          We ask your blessing upon this New Year.           weeks including a pancake brunch, shoe
                    Lord, bless all families                 boxes bursting with gifts, and a Christmas
               As you blessed the Holy Family,               party hosted by the Students Union at the
         On birthdays and anniversaries and holidays,        University of Alberta. The grade six class
          When we are sad or happy, sick or healthy,         has also been working on ways we can be a
                  In good times and in bad.                  source of hope for others. Mrs. Hennig has
                  Lord, bless this New Year
                                                             started a self-esteem group for grade six
                                                             girls that meets once a week. We also put
                    All its days and nights
                                                             together care packages of homemade
                  All its months and seasons
                                                             cookies and other treats to be distributed at
          All its events, discoveries and revelations.
                                                             the Hope Mission. Although we are very
                 Grant to us Lord, a new year                excited for Christmas Holidays to be here,
                     Of justice and peace,                   we are also hopeful for all of the exciting
                    Of holiness and grace,                   things the new year brings. January includes
                Of unity, friendship, and love.              the start of swimming lessons and a field trip
         Lord, may the good things that happen in life       to the Alberta Legislature where will be
        Remind us to thank you for your graciousness,        participate in a mock debate!
                And may sadness and tragedy
         Not blind us to your mercy and fatherly care.

                 Happy New Year! 2011!
As we begin a New Year, we look back with pride on the
events of the year behind us and reflect with gratitude on
how these events have impacted our lives. January brings
us a new beginning. A time when we reflect on what we do
and make promises to ourselves. For our students, we wish
them much success in their learning goals and for them to
be proud of their accomplishments. For our parents, we
thank you for your support and sharing your gifts of time,
energy and enthusiasm.

                         Corinne King, Principal
                Sonja Willier, Assistant Principal
           CHRISTMAS GIVING                          Jay Cee’s, Indian & Northern Affairs,
                                                     Municipal Affairs, June Proudfoot, Santa
                                                     Maria Goretti Church, Northgate Lions
We were very fortunate this past month and           Seniors, Cardinal Leger, St. Edmund
are so very thankful for                             School, TD Bank in St. Albert, Jill Dean
the giving spirit of                                 & Gary Rentz & Associates, Sheryl and
many people. Our                                     Justin Burry, Sandra McEnhill and Child
students were able to be
                                                     and Family Services, Michelle McMorran
part of many special
Christmas experiences because of others’             & Friends
                                                             COLD WEATHER
Christmas Dinner – On Thursday, December
 2nd the kind staff of St. Edmund’s Catholic     A reminder to parents to dress their children
 School provided the families of Mother          appropriately for the cold weather. All of
 Teresa Catholic School with an outstanding      our students are             required to go
 homemade turkey dinner. It was delicious!       outside for                      recess (up
                                                 to -20C                           including
Gift Books – St. Michael Resurrection Parish
                                                 windchill                         and they’ll
 provided each of our children with a            have more fun                     playing
 beautiful book.                                 outdoors if they                   are
Gift Boxes – the families from Indian and       dressed warmly.                   It is
 Northern Affairs provided each of our           important for them to get fresh air and have
 Kindergarten students with a beautiful          an exercise break. This ensures better health
 Christmas gift.                                 and better learning! Thank you for your
Shoe Boxes: Debra & Stephen Kasowski and
 friends provided shoe boxes and a pancake
                                                            TOYS AT SCHOOL
 breakfast to all of our children from grades
                                                 Many children might wish to bring the
Gift Boxes: the families from Municipal         Christmas toys to school. We are asking that
 Affairs provided each of our grade one          ALL toys stay at home. It poses a problem at
 students with a beautiful Christmas gift.       school, in that, toys become lost and/or broken
Rip N Shred – donated clothing for our          leaving our children and parents disappointed.
                                                 Thank you for supporting our decision.
 clothing bank..
Cardinal Leger School community gave a
 special Christmas gift to all of our students
 from grades 100 Voices – Gr. 6.                             CRISIS EMERGENCY
U of A Student Union: Xmas party including                         PLAN
 buses and lunch!
Hampers and food donations and Christmas        Every school in Edmonton Catholic School
 items were provided by:                         District is required to have an emergency
                                                 plan in place—we call it our Crisis Plan.
We have procedures in place if there is an         One way some parents bypass those power
emergency situation inside the building or         struggles is by giving their child choices. No
                                                   one likes to be ordered around all the time.
outside of the building.
                                                   When a child feels she has some say over what
We have already practiced a “Lock Down”            she does, she’s less likely to get into a power
with the students and will be doing a few          struggle.
more practices. The students are required
                                                   Here are some tips on giving children choices
to stay quiet in their rooms and not to            and avoiding power struggles:
answer the door until the appropriate                  Be sure all the choices are things you
announcement indicates the Lock Down is                can live with. If you’re not prepared to
over. Windows are closed and the door is               go out for a fast-food lunch, don’t give it
locked.                                                as one of the choices.
                                                       Make sure the choices are acceptable to
If you have any questions or concerns,                 your child. “You can take out the trash
please phone the office (471- 3631).                   or you can clean out the basement.”
                                                       If some things aren’t open to choice,
                                                       make that clear. “You can do your
             SCHOOL BUS                                homework now or after dinner. Of course
                                                       the rule is still that there’s no TV until
We are blessed to have such efficient and              homework is done.
caring bus drivers. It is important that our           Once your child makes a choice, accept it
students treat them with respect as they are           with good grace.
concerned                     for the               Realize that it isn’t your job to make sure
students.                       The students           your child is happy all the time. Kids
are asked                        to sit in their       don’t always want to do their homework.
seats when                       the bus is in         They don’t always want to take out the
motion and exercise appropriate behaviour.             trash. Giving your child more choices
We are proud of our students and thank                 may
them for taking this seriously and trying
their best.
Special thank you to our drivers:

         Mr. Brian Stuart    188
      Mrs. Sharon Buckborough 180


    Give Your Child Choices to Avoid
            Power Struggles

       Getting into a power struggle with an
       elementary-school child is hardly ever a
       battle you can win.
                                   FEEDBACK FORM

Parents/Guardians! Please take a minute to write down a little comment about our school this month!
Your comments are very helpful and can give us ideas. Thank you so much for your input!

General Comments:




Yes, I/We have read the January school newsletter.
Student’s Name___________________Grade_____________

This month every student who returns the feedback form to the
office will receive a cool pencil

                               December Feedback Forms
Thank you. Here are a few comments to share with you.
    On our first visit to the school we saw the hardwork done by the staff to
       help the children in this school and we are very happy and thankful for that.
      Mother Teresa School has many good programs, bus drivers are friendly and
       caring. Teachers and staff are helpful and my daughter is learning new
       things. Thank you!!
      Thank you so much to all staff members and teachers. I must say that there
       is no school better than Mother Teresa. You guys are very helpful to
       families and great in teaching academic skills. My daughter loves you all
       and she is happy to be here. Thanks.
      Thank you for providing wonderful support and information to my son. He
       is maturing day by day. Wonderful teachers.
      We are very happy by the Demonstration of Learning. Thank you all and
       especially my daughters teacher. My daughter is highly motivated to read
       and work on mathematics due to her love and respect to her teacher.
January 2011

Baptism: “From Rags to Riches”

Christ is Born! Let us glorify Him!

         Did you know that for the first three centuries, Christians did not have a separate feast for Christmas?
Rather, they celebrated both the Nativity and Baptism of Our Lord on January 6.

          Only in the fourth century did the Roman Church first begin celebrating Christmas on December 25. It
did so in order to replace the pagan feast of the Sun-god, regarded as the birthday of the sun and its triumph
over the darkness of the night. Christian Rome eventually substituted the pagan Sun-god with its Christian Sun-
the God-Man and began celebrating Jesus’ birth on December 25.

          In time, the Eastern Christian Churches followed, but continued to celebrate Jesus’ baptism on January
6, and do so even day. Baptism. Swaddling clothes. Burial robes. When Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph
wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger. What are swaddling clothes? Well, when a baby
is born, hospitals use a cloth sometimes called “swaddling” cloth to wrap the newborn. However, contrary to
popular belief, tradition has it that swaddling cloth had more to do with death than birth.

         In the Middle East, when people travelled long distances oftentimes through hardship, they carried
with them thin, gauzelike cloth to wrap the body of a loved one in preparation for burial should someone have
died during the long journey.

         When Jesus was born in a stable, for there was no room in the Inn, Mary and Joseph used swaddling
cloth to wrap him, cloth usually reserved for someone’s death. And they weren’t far off. After all, Jesus was
born in order to die. To die for our sins and our salvation.

         A Jesus’ death, after his crucifixion and passion upon the Cross, we see these same swaddling clothes.
Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate and asked him for Jesus’ body. “They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it
with the spices in linen cloths, according to the burial custom of the Jews” (John 19: 40).

         At our baptism, we are given new clothes, a new white robe to signify that we have been washed clean
of sin and have been given new life. Saint Paul puts it this way: “Do you not know that all of us who have been
baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? Therefore we have been buried with him by baptism
into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in
newness of life” (Romans 6: 3-4).

        Old rags just won’t do! At baptism they were thrown away. After all, we have entered a Kingdom, the
Kingdom of God. The King of King himself awaits us and welcomes us. And he says, “What fine robes you are

          So as we continue to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord, let us remember that even in his
birth, Jesus was already preparing for his death.

          In our re-birth through baptism, each day we can add to the brilliance of our new clothes, one stitch at
a time, through prayer, a kind word, love and forgiveness. We do want to be properly dressed in our finest robes
when we fully enter the Kingdom and meet God face to face.

         From rags to riches.

Bishop David Motiuk
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

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