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cory griffin
sports Editor                          to get in. Then you see your name       round on Saturday to play either
                                       come up and then you see where          Tennessee Tech (19-12) or No. 16
   For the second consecutive sea-     you’re playing … we’re real ex-         Tulane (27-5).
son, the Flyer volleyball team will    cited to play in front of our home          “Both teams can win, we’re def-
host the first and second rounds       crowd.”                                 initely going in as an underdog,”
of the NCAA Tournament with a             This will be the fifth NCAA          Sheffield said about Dayton’s first
game tonight.                          Tournament berth for the Flyers         round match against the Mid-
   The first and second rounds         in program history. After a season      American Conference champion.
will be held in the Frericks Cen-      that included several injuries to           According to Sheffield, the
ter tonight at 7:30 p.m., where the    key players on the team, the Fly-       team is excited at another shot in
Flyers (21-12) will host the West-     ers kept working hard and were          the NCAA Tournament after they
ern Michigan Broncos (26-6). This      selected on Sunday for the tour-        fell in heartbreaking fashion to
season, unlike last season, the bid    nament.                                 Michigan State University in last
to the tournament was a bit of a          “It’s big time, this is what you     year’s second round at the Frer-
surprise for the team. The team        train year-round for,” Sheffield        icks Center.
didn’t win the Atlantic 10 this sea-   said. “Players stay here for the            “This is what you play for, this
son after suffering a loss to Saint    summer; they make sacrifices like       is your dream,” Sheffield said.
Louis in the A-10 Final. However,      a lot of teams do. But this is what     “When you’re growing up to play
the Flyers earned an at-large bid      you grind it out for over 12 months     on the big stage. I know we’ll be
for the second time in program         of the year to be able to have the      excited. I was still getting text
history.                               opportunity to play in a tourna-        messages from some of our play-
   “We couldn’t be more excit-         ment like this and be able to host      ers at 2:30 in the morning.”
ed, more fired up,” Dayton head        in front of the fans that support           The players will look to use
coach Kelly Sheffield said. “It’s a    you year round. There’s nothing         that excitement as fuel toward
great opportunity. You sit there       better.”                                this weekend’s games in hopes of
before you go into the selection          The winner of the first round        advancing to the Sweet 16.
and you’re not sure if you’re going    match will move on to the second                                                file photo
                                                                                                                       Sophomore lindsay fletemier (left) and senior Kortney norris (right) block a ball in a game at
                                                                                                                       last year’s nCaa appearance.

$10 million donation                                                           UD offers Ohio’s newest degree
                                                                               lauren kelly                                                     UD’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Depart-
stephanie vermillion                                                           staff Writer
Chief staff Writer                     cial need and who are dedicated                                                                          ment and Wright State University’s mechanical and
                                       to wanting to have a successful             Ohio’s first master’s program in clean and renew-            material engineering department. Classes will focus on
   UD received its largest single-     career path. He is giving an op-        able energy was approved on Nov. 25 by Ohio Board of             development of energy-reducing design techniques, re-
donor contribution last Tuesday        portunity for students to achieve       Regents Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut and the Univer-             newable energy and manufacturing systems, and better
in the form of $10 million to be       their dreams.”                          sity of Dayton’s engineering department will be one of           forms of solar energy, fuel cells and bio-fuels.
spent on student scholarships.            By request of the donor, 50          the first to offer the degree.                                      Kevin Hallinan, chair of UD’s mechanical and aero-
   The anonymous $10 million do-       percent of the donation will go to          The program is related to Ohio’s interest in research        space engineering department, will direct the program
nor will have quite a few fans on      UD’s School of Education and Al-        within Ohio’s Third Frontier Project and the University          and teach classes.
campus, as his generous donation       lied Professions, 25 percent will go    Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio. The University of Day-               “Energy efficiency improvements are the easiest
will help UD students afford an        to the School of Business Admin-        ton, Wright State University, Central State University           and cheapest way to offset growing energy costs and de-
education for years to come.           istration and the other 25 percent      and the Air Force Institute of Technology will be the            mand,” Hallinan stated in a recent press release. “The
   “I think his motivation was         to the School of Engineering. All       first to be a part of it.                                        worldwide economy cannot grow if we don’t access new
to help students and his commit-       of the money will go to student             The two-year program is designed to address the              energy sources.”
ment to UD is obvious by the sub-      scholarships in these depart-           need for stable, clean and economical energy sources,               Potential students include professionals looking to
stantial donation,” Deborah Read,      ments.                                  according to a recent press release. Faculty from all            upgrade their skills, undergraduate engineering ma-
vice president of University Ad-                                               four schools will teach courses but students will earn           jors, current engineering graduate students and inter-
vancement, said. “His motivation                                               a degree from either UD or Wright State, depending on            national students. UD and Wright State University may
                                       See Scholarship on p. 3
was to help students with finan-                                               where students enroll. The program will be a part of             admit students into the program as early as January.

weather                            TODAY
                                                                                              31/20                   JACKSONVILLE JET
                                         Partly sunny.             Chance of
                                                                                              Chance of
                                                                                                                      crashes... into Will’s WorlD
Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008
                                                                                                             NEWS                                                                                                                   3
                                                                                         Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

reach: more than m-fest
allison Dunn                                     suicide on college campuses. Ac-                 Fest began before REACH was cre-
staff Writer
                                                 cording to the Suicide Prevention                ated. REACH came to be from orga-
   Over the past months and in the               Resource Center, an estimated 1,088              nizing the concert.
coming final exam weeks, the men-                suicides occur on college campuses                   “My goal is to develop more ac-
tal health awareness organization                every year.                                      tivities that promote mental health
REACH has been participating in                      REACH used to only focus on sui-             awareness aside from just M-Fest,”
more activities on campus than just              cide but Bachman is now working to               Bachman said.
the spring concert M-Fest.                       expand the organization to focus on                  M-Fest is a music and art festival
   REACH is a student resource that              all types of mental health issues.               geared to raise awareness on mental
works with the counseling center to                  REACH currently runs bingo                   health, Bachman said. Local bands
help students with personal issues,              nights for mentally challenged indi-             will play from noon to 9 p.m. Arts           photo courtesy of the university of Dayton
president Amanda Bachman said.                   viduals with the Partners for Com-               and crafts events will also be held          vice president of university advancement Deborah read gives a speech at the announcement
                                                                                                                                               ceremony for the $10 million check.
The organization focuses on all is-              munity Living. The organization                  throughout the day.
sues, from stress to eating disorders            also participates in movie nights                    “It’s a stress relief kind of day,       SCHOLArSHIpS                                    a percentage that says recipients
                                                                                                                                                                          (cont. from p. 1)
and bipolar disorder.                            that depict mental health issues,                it’s very laid back,” Bachman said.                                                          have to be 4.0 students. They just
   “I just want people to know that              such as A Beautiful Mind, Bachman                    Bachman and M-Fest president                 The donor also wanted to en-               have to want to go into a career
we’re here and they’re a resource                said. On Jan. 28, REACH will also                Laura Burgess attended the Active            sure that no unforeseen financial              in these areas. It’s a very broad
that they can use,” Bachman said.                host a Student Wellness Fair at the              Minds Conference Nov. 29 to 30 at            crises will hinder a student’s edu-            scholarship in that it’s not restric-
“The problem is a lot people don’t               RecPlex.                                         the University of Pennsylvania. Ac-          cation.                                        tive, and that’s a wonderful thing
talk about mental health problems                    REACH also holds panels relat-               tive Minds is a national organization            “The donor requested the mon-              because it won’t limit the opportu-
and they keep it to themselves. It               ing to specific topics. Bachman said             that raises awareness about mental           ey be spent this way, but also, in             nities of students.”
helps make it acceptable to talk                 the organization held an eating dis-             health issues, Bachman said.                 any one year, up to 20 percent can                This single donor gift is the first
about.”                                          order awareness panel that included                  “We really want to join with Ac-         be spent to help students with fi-             of its magnitude, but throughout
   REACH will be participating in                professors, a doctor, a psychologist             tive Minds because they have a lot           nancial emergencies,” Read said.               its history UD has been blessed
exam de-stress activities during                 and a nutritionist. Students were                of resources,” Bachman said. “We             “Given the current economic con-               with alumni and groups that have
exam week to help students cope.                 able to speak about their personal               were able to collaborate with all the        ditions in the country, one would              the same passion as this donor
   During mid-October, REACH                     experiences with the disorder.                   people in our region and get new             imagine that it could have an ef-              and are willing to put money into
held a Suicide Awareness Day.                        REACH’s main project of the                  ideas.”                                      fect on students being able to fund            a university.
Bachman said members of REACH                    year, M-Fest, will be held March 21                  For more information contact             their education.”                                 “The largest gift ever in UD’s
passed out cards with facts about                at ArtStreet. Bachman said that M-                              This scholarship, named the                history is from the Marianists,
                                                                                                                                               1965 Scholarship Fund, will be                 which was over $17 million,” Read
                                                                                                                                               granted to both current and in-                said. “In the last university cam-
                                                                                                                                               coming students. The amount of                 paign, which ended in 2002, we
                                                                                                                                               money awarded in the scholarship               received money for various parts
                                                                                                                                               depends on each student.                       of UD. Another large single con-
                                                                                                                                                   “The scholarship will be ad-               tribution supported a number of
                                                                                                                                               ministered for students through-               different initiatives on campus.”
                                                                                                                                               out the university,” Read said.                   Alumni have many opportuni-
                                                                                                                                               “Students should contact the Of-               ties to help out UD. Donating to
                                                                                                                                               fice of Financial Aid directly, or             the UD Fund allows alumni dona-
                                                                                                                                               if they are in the departments of              tions to help improve the overall
                                                                                                                                               Business Administration, Engi-                 campus. Donating to the Dean’s
                                                                                                                                               neering, or Education and Allied               Fund for Excellence supports new
                                                                                                                                               Professions, they can talk to the              technologies, student projects,
                                                                                                                                               deans of their department about                service-learning      opportunities,
                                                                                                                                               where and how to apply.”                       among other parts of student and
                                                                                                                                                   What sets this scholarship                 faculty life.
                                                                                                                                               apart from others is how unde-                    For students interested in ap-
                                                                                                                                               fined the requirements are.                    plying for the 1965 Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                   “Students applying for the                 Fund, applications are now open.
                                                                                                                                               scholarship should be in good                  For more information go to finaid.
photos courtesy of reach                                                                                                                       standing,” Read said. “There’s not   
left: Singer and student Julie roth performs at last year’s M-fest. right: Sophomore Donny rambacher celebrates M-fest by painting his face.

arrest made after $2.7 million of victoria’s secret goods stolen
april abernathy                                  than $2.7 million worth of bras                  the entire shelf. In order to get past       said he purchased the bras from                between $600,000 and $1 million.
Ball state u. Daily news                         stolen, a more than 80 percent in-               security alarms, sensor tags are ei-         a shoplifting ring. When police                Muncie had a smaller scale inci-
                                                 crease from the previous year. The               ther removed or placed in foil-lined         arrested him, they found $26,000               dent in September 2008 in which
   Law enforcement officials and                 topic is a touchy one for Limited                bags. Thieves then sell the product          worth of unsold bras in his home.              thieves made off with 80 bras. At
industry groups say amateur                      Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent               on auction Web sites.                        The bras range in price from $40 to            the same time, four other stores in
thieves and organized crime rings                company, and public relations em-                   George Tutaya, 41, of Rego Park,          $80 a piece and are sold online for            the Indianapolis area were hit, ac-
are behind panty thefts that range               ployees are remaining mum about                  N.Y., was arrested and charged               $25 or more.                                   cording to a Victoria’s Secret em-
from Connecticut to California.                  the situation.                                   with 18 counts of criminal posses-               In late spring, police in Media,           ployee.
   According to the online secu-                    Thieves are using a method re-                sion of stolen property after selling        Pa., arrested four people suspected               Some local shoppers are now
rity newsletter,,                  ferred to as boosting, or stealing               more than $80,000 worth of stolen            of being part of an interstate crime           skeptical about buying bras and
Victoria’s Secret has had more                   items in bulk, usually clearing out              Victoria’s Secret bras on eBay. He           ring that cost Victoria’s Secret               panties online.
4                                                                            NEWS
                                                            Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

campus watch                                                  asi students propose recycling program
                                                              carly schott
    DEC.       toDay                                          Assistant news Editor

       5       DAnCe tHe nIgHt AwAY
               If salsa dancing has ever appealed to
                                                                  A student group on campus is
                                                              working hard to think “beyond the
               you, meet at Artstreet studio D at 9:30
                                                              trash closet” in efforts to create a more
               p.m. to carpool to santana’s Café down-
                                                              environmentally sustainable univer-
               town. salsa dance for a $5 admission.
               E-mail or
                                                                  In their ASI 343 course, a sustain-
               check out uD salsa Dancing group on
                                                              ability research seminar, the students
               Facebook for more information.
                                                              have chosen a project in which they
                                                              are designing a revamped recycling

    DEC.       saturDay                                       program for UD. The team includes

                                                              sophomores Natalie Csinsi, Catherine        photo courtesy of sarah oros
               FRee HOlIDAY CHeeR                             Glynn and Nicky Hanus, and juniors          in addition to this type of recycling bins around campus, the asi students would like bins in
               CAB is hosting a free catered dinner to        Colleen Molloy, Aaron Mueller and
                                                                                                          every dormitory room, as well.
               celebrate the holidays from 6 to 8 p.m.        Sarah Oros. They have been working              For their project this semester,             They are excited for biodegradable
               in Barrett Dining room. stay after for a       closely with professors Dr. Dan Fouke,      the group conducted experiments on               to-go boxes in the dining halls, which
               movie and crafts from 8 to 10 p.m. re-         Dr. Sukh Sidhu, as well as Judy Car-        two floors in every dormitory. On one            should be taking effect sometime next
               serve your spot for dinner by e-mailing        uso in operations and Vice President        floor, they held a program that educat-          semester.
                                of Student Development and Dean of          ed the students about the importance                 With new efforts soon to be un-
                                                              Students Sr. Annette Schmeling.             of recycling. This was not done for the          derway, the students explained that
                                                                  The project began in the summer         other floor. The results of the experi-          not only will UD benefit environmen-
    DEC.       monDay                                         when Schmeling began looking into           ment indicated that the educated floor           tally, but money will be saved. This is

       8       nO ClAsses tODAY
                                                              doing more with the recycling pro-
                                                              gram. After talking with Lauren Clar-
                                                              isey, CEO of Flyer Enterprises, the
                                                                                                          increased their reported recycling be-
                                                                                                              “We want students to become
                                                                                                                                                           because it costs three times more to
                                                                                                                                                           manage waste than it does to follow a
                                                                                                                                                           recycling program, according to Oros.
               gHettO A-glOw                                  two came up with a guideline to get         more involved and active in recycling,               The students also have a long-term
               Judging is tonight for the Christmas on        students more involved in the effort.       through education,” Oros said.                   vision for recycling at UD, following
               Campus house decorating contest, so            This includes the eventual hiring of            As a result of their experiments             the motto “beyond the trash closet.”
               take some time to enjoy the Ghetto             one to two students in charge of imple-     and research, a primary goal of their                “We want to incorporate it into the
               wonderland.                                    menting the movement, guided by the         proposed recycling programs is to get            culture of UD,” Csinsi said. “We also
                                                              research and ideas of the students in       students educated on the topic, let-             want them not to just recycle here, but
                                                              the ASI 343 class.                          ting them know what can be recycled              when they leave.”
                                                                  The group of students in the ASI        where, and why.                                      Mueller said recycling can be in-
                                                              343 class comes from varied majors              Though students may know what                corporated into the idea of strong
                                                              and is united in wanting to make UD         they can recycle, sometimes it is hard           community that UD prides itself on.
                                                              a more environmentally sustainable          to get them to do it anyway.                         “It’s extending the community to
                                                              school.                                         “Being inconvenienced has an ef-             include the entire environment,” he
                                                                  “Last year, it was frustrating trying   fect on recycling behavior,” Molloy              said. “This even affects the global com-

                                                              to get things to change,” Molloy said,      said.                                            munity.”
                                                              who was the sustainability co-liaison           The group has come up with ideas                 Molloy agreed, saying that recy-
                                                              for SGA last year.                          to make recycling easier for students.           cling goes back to the Marianist values

                                                                  Already this year, UD has moved to      In addition to the recycling bins in             our school was founded on.
                                                              a C+ on the sustainability report card,     residence halls and academic build-                  “There’s no excuse not to recycle,”
                                                              according to Oros. Last year, the uni-      ings, the group would like to see recy-          Mueller said.
                                                              versity scored a D+.                        cling bins in every dormitory room.
                 U D S u m m e r 2 0 0 9 P ro g ra m s
                                                                                                                                                        the following incidents were reported to

                                                             Crime Log
                                                                                                                                                        the Department of Public Safety on nov. 15
                                                                                                                                                        through nov. 16. this log was compiled by
         APPLICATION DEADLINE IS                                                                                                                        flyer news from actual police reports ob-

             JANUARY 16!
                                                                                                                                                        tained from the Department of Public Safety.

                                                             Robbery                                      Robbery                                          victim’s hand and began to run
               APPLY ONLINE NOW AT:                          Nov 15, 3:30 a.m.                            Nov. 16, 2:44 a.m.                               toward Brown street. The victim
                                                             Dayton Police Officers                       All on-duty officers, sergeant                   chased the male and the taller                     responded to Denny’s                         McIntosh and several Dayton                      male chased him screaming
                                                             restaurant on Main street on                 police officers responded to                     “Let it go. You don’t wanna do
                                                             the report of a robbery. The                 Alberta street and stewart                       this.” The taller male then caught
                                                             victim, a uD student, was                    street after the dispatcher said                 up with the victim, knocked
      QUITO, ECUADOR * LONDON, ENGLAND                       robbed by two black males                    a robbery victim was bleeding                    him to the ground between
                                                             and one white male who stole                 from the head and was being                      two vehicles and struck him on
         PARIS, FRANCE * LEIPZIG, GERMANY                    $20 in cash and a cell phone.                chased by two black males.                       the right side of his face. The
      FLORENCE, ITALY * DELHI & BANGALORE,                   The white male brandished a                  The victim, a uD student, stated                 suspect then warned him not
       INDIA * FLORENCE, ITALY * ROME, ITALY                 knife and all three suspects                 he was approached by two                         to contact uD police and fled
                                                             wore puffy white coats. After                black males at the intersection                  the area. While the victim was
                                                             the robbery, the suspects fled               of stewart street and Alberta                    attacked, the robbers also stole
     Contact the Education Abroad office at                  eastbound toward Brown                       street and they asked him for                    his wallet, which contained credit or x93728 for more information.    street. The victim didn’t suffer             money. The victim happened to                    cards, a driver’s license and a
                                                             any injuries during the robbery.             be holding a $20 bill; the shorter               student ID.
                                                                                                          of the two males took it from the
                                                                                             NEWS                                                                                                              5
                                                                            Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

this winter, UD snow ski
                                                                                                                                                                                         Challenge level: Hard
                                                                                                                                                                                      Source :

Club hitting slopes twice                                                                                                                2
                                                                                                                                         5 6
                                                                                                                                             6 9
anna beyerle
staff Writer
                                                                                                                                         7 8       3
    Natalie Behimer has been hitting
                                                                                                                                                   2                                               8 9
                                                                                                                                         9                                                         5
the slopes since third grade, and
doesn’t plan on stopping anytime
    An avid skier, Behimer helped
found the UD Snow Ski Club, which
                                                                                                                                       1 8 2
                                                                                                                                           3       9                                               4
has organized two ski trips for the
2008-2009 school year.
    Behimer, president of the club,
began the club last year to promote
awareness of ski trips on campus                                                                                                             8     5                                               6
                                                                                                                                               5 1                                                 2
and to provide social events for those
interested in snow skiing.
    In the past, UD has sponsored one
ski trip a year to Steamboat Springs,                                                                                                                                         Puzzle by
Colo., over Christmas break. Because
of the short break this school year,
                                                                                                                                I am excited to try it though. I’m
                                                                                                                                hoping some other non-skiers sign up
the Snow Ski Club decided to instead                                                                                            for the trips so I have people to hang          1) In last issue’s “Click”
have two trips to closer locations,                                                                                             out with on the bunny hills.”                   photograph, the male
according to Behimer.                                                                                                               Behimer also encourages skiers
                                                                                                                                                                                dancer was identified
    “The costs for the trip would have                                                                                          of all skill levels to attend the trips.
been way too expensive and we were                                                                                                  “It’s a great value for your money          incorrectly. His name is
afraid students would be unable to       photo courtesy of natalie behimer                                                      and you will be surrounded by people            walker Foley.
participate,” Behimer said.                                                                                                     who can give you tips,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                                                2) last issue’s article
    Both trips are after Christmas and                                                                                              To sign up for either ski trip,
students can still sign up. Non-UD          The second trip is to Holiday           the Snow Ski Club, thinks it’s a great      contact Donn Shade, associate                   “students to dance, tap
students are also welcome to attend.     Valley, N.Y., Feb. 26 to 28. The cost is   way to get involved without paying          director of Campus Recreation, at               and shine on stage” said
    The first trip is to Seven           $249 per student and also has room         that much money, even if you are an A
                                                                                                                                                                                tyler sarkis is the only boy
Springs, Penn., Jan. 9 to 11 and will    for 45 students.       Transportation,     inexperienced skier.                        $50 deposit is needed to hold a spot,
accommodate 45 students. The cost        lodging, ski costs and one meal is also        “I actually have never skied            and the remaining dues are to be paid           in the UD Dance ensemble.
is $230 per student and covers travel    covered by this amount, according to       before,” Hey said. “Being from the          by Dec. 10 for the Jan. 9 trip and Jan.         there is a second one,
by chartered bus, lodging, two days of   Behimer.                                   south my family usually prefers trips       29 for the Feb. 26 trip.
                                                                                                                                                                                walker Foley.
skiing and one meal.                        Bethany Hey, publicity chair of         to the beach instead of the ski slopes.

                                                                                                  Flyer News reserves the right to reject, alter or omit advertisements. Advertise-
                                                                                                  ments must conform to the policies of Flyer News. For a review of these policies, con-
                                                                                                  tact the Flyer News business office. Business Office: 937.229.3813; Fax: 937.229.3893;
                                                                                                  E–mail: Web site:

                                                                                                         $ave 60% or more at firwood Apartments
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  6                                                                                        ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
                                                                                                      Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

movie theater costs too high? uD students freque
nick iannarino
Assistant A&E Editor

 1                                                                                                          2                                                                                                                3
                                                 1910 Wayne ave., Dayton, (937)-256-0405                                                         

                                                 the traditional option for movie rentals, family                                                          Probably the best option for hardcore
                                                 video has no choice but to provide cheap prices to                                                        cinephiles, Netflix is the world’s largest online
                                                 compete with the mighty Blockbuster and Netflix.                                                          DvD rental service, with more than 100,000
                                                 of course, in our alternately busy and lazy lives                                                         film and TV titles. Create a list of movies
                                                 as college students, it’s not always easy to make               per month for subscribers                 online, and recieve your title within one
                                                 it off campus.                                                                                            business day. Subscribers can rent and return
                                                                                                                                                           as many titles as they wish per month.

      pros: The five-minute car ride to Family Video is worth the effort if you’re                              pros: Goal in life never to leave your computer chair? Netflix streams 12,000                                    pros: for starters, it’s much clos
      looking for a title you can keep for a five days without being charged those pesky                        unlimited, instantly accessible tv and movie titles — with more added each                                       cheaper too. Redbox does a treme
      late fees. you can’t go wrong with the cost — Blockbuster can’t hold a candle to                          month — for subscribers free on its Web site. Netflix also provides a free two-                                  with the newest releases. The sele
      family video’s new release prices. if you don’t want the hassle of a month-long                           week trial before signing up. if you tear through movies like roger Ebert, this is                               finding a recognizable title for a qu
      commitment to Netflix, this is your best bet.                                                             the best deal available.                                                                                         available titles online at a specific k
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 customers their first rental free.
      cons: of course, it is inconvenient compared to the online services. Don’t                                cons: Minor quibbling. Netflix charges $1 extra per month for unlimited access
      expect anywhere near the selection of titles that Netflix or Blockbuster offer,                           to Blu-ray titles, which isn’t all that extensive yet, but Netflix never fails to set the                        cons: Redbox’s claims that it does
      either. there are few things more annoying than checking a rental store for a                             bar. if you’re not a big movie buff, but still want to watch a DvD every now and                                 the rental is $1 a day. Redbox may c
      movie they don’t have.                                                                                    then, Netflix is overkill and untimely.                                                                          is not returned after 24 days.

“twilight” mania bites into college lives                                                                                                                                                                      local and global
JacQui boyle                                        A movie three years in the making,                  vampire, Cullen does not drink the              lurks in the heart of all vampires.”                   arts and events
staff Writer
                                        reported that it                          blood of humans, which causes quite                 Sophomores Jason Roland and
                                                 grossed an estimated $70.5 million                     the predicament when romance and                Kevin Pitstick went to see the movie                   lAUgH tHe nIgHt AwAY.
    Take your typical romantic                   in its opening weekend, results that                   seduction are added to the equation.            opening night with friends. Decked                     On the Fly Improv’s Christmas
teenage story, mix it with a taste               usually go to big-budget, big-name                         The series has reached young                out in the most emo wardrobes that                     special is saturday, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
of vampire, and add a dash of the                action films. As of Monday, it has                     teenagers and mature audiences as               they could put together, they waited                   in sears recital Hall. Doors open
                                                                                                                                                                                                               at 6:30 p.m. $1 admission per
supernatural. The result is “Twilight”           brought in more than $120 million,                     well. Many university students have             in line at midnight for the movie.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               person. For more info, e-mail
— an instant worldwide craze that                according to                        been sucked into the recent “Twilight”              “I’d go see any vampire or
has even given “Harry Potter” a run                 The film was adapted from the                       obsession.                                      werewolf movie,” Pitstick said, who
for its galleon.                                 “Twilight Saga,” a series of four                          Sophomore Melanie Ruhe is in the            has not read any of the books.
    Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a         novels by Stephenie Meyer, which                       middle of reading the third book in                 Junior      Meghan        McDevitt,
“full-blown pop culture phenomenon,”             chronicle the adventures of teenager                   the series and saw the movie opening            president of UD’s literary magazine
thousands of bloodthirsty fans flocked           Isabella “Bella” Swan. Bella’s life                    weekend.                                        “Orpheus,” read all four books and saw
to the theatres to see their heroine             takes a dramatic turn when she meets                       “‘Twilight’ is a great love story and       the movie to see what all of the hype
and her conflicted vampire on the big            and falls in love with a vampire named                 it is very imaginative,” she said. “It          was about. She was disappointed.
screen.                                          Edward Cullen. Unlike the average                      is about a hopeful and innocent, yet                “I haven’t the faintest idea of why
                                                                                                        passionate love that everyone hopes             ‘Twilight’ is so popular. Whoever says
                                                                                                        for someday. If you’ve read the book,           ‘Twilight’ is the next ‘Harry Potter’ is               courtesy of kevin branick
                                                                                                        you feel connected to others who have           seriously out of his or her mind.”                     Kevin Branick, improv genius, will perform
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Saturday with his crew.
                                                                                                        read it.”                                           She liked the movie a little more.
                                                                                                            Not everyone is on the bandwagon                “The movie was enjoyable, and the                  PAssIOnAte AbOUt ARt?
                                                                                                        though. Professor James Farrelly,               director did a good job of bringing the                Applications to instruct an Art-
                                                                                                        Ph.D., who teaches a course on                  fictional characters to life,” she said.               street workshop next semester on
                                                                                                        vampires in film, said he does not              “However, don’t expect much from the                   Wednesdays, 7 to 9 p.m. are due
                                                                                                        intend to see the movie.                        script. It was written from the book, so               Monday. Faculty, staff and students
                                                                                                            “The romanticizing of vampires              the scriptwriters didn’t have much to                  may apply. For questions, contact
                                                                                                        may appeal to teeny-boppers looking             work with.”                                            nicole.rottmueller@notes.udayton.
                                                                                                        for a new kind of bad-boy thrill, but               Although it has received mixed                     edu or call (937) 229-5101. Past
                                                                                                        these fantasy bloodsuckers are mean             reviews, there is no denying the                       workshops included acrylic painting,
                                                                                                        dudes who want to bite necks and                fact that readers and moviegoers                       T-shirt printmaking, henna, jewelry-
                                                                                                        sleep in coffins,” he said.                     alike have become entranced by this                    making and African dance.
                                                                                                            Farrelly said the hormonally-               mystifying story. Several stores, such
                                                                                                        challenged Cullen in the books and              as Hot Topic and Borders, are adding                   skAte tHe ‘sCAPe tHIs this holi-
                                                                                                        movie shames the reputation of                  to the craze by selling merchandise,                   day. riverscape, a park in downtown
                                                                                                        vampires.                                       posters, clothing and even tote bags.                  Dayton, will be open saturday through
                                                                                                            “They are not day-walking                       With the announcement that                         February 22, including holidays.
                                                                                                        Goths who live and go to school                 the second movie will soon be in the                   Enjoy light displays, entertainment
                                                                                                        in one’s neighborhood looking for               works, it is sure to be a long time                    and skating with your own or rented
ryan koZelka/assistant photo eDitor                                                                     impressionable girls to make out                before audiences forget about Bella                    skates ($3). Visit www.metroparks.
Sophomore Jason roland reads “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth novel in the “twilight” series.                with,” he said. “I assure you that evil         Swan and the vampire she loves.                        org or call (937) 278-2607 for info.
                                                                                    ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                             7
                                                                                             Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

ent four outlets to rent movies
                                                                                                                                                              SUMMER CAMP POSITIONS –
     Redbox currently dots the Dayton landscape                                                        With its in-store locations threatened by the
     with 10 of its novel $1 movie rental kiosks                                                       popularity of Netflix, Blockbuster was forced               HIRING NOW!
     located near campus. the tall, red, automated                                                     to expand online a few years ago. Blockbuster         Secure your summer job! Camp Rancho Framasa is an
     stations allow customers to rent and return                                                       offers essentially the same simple service as
     new release DvDs on the spot with a credit            per month for subscribers                   its primary competitor. Blockbuster online,
                                                                                                                                                               inclusive, residential camp, located in south central,
     card. The go-to Redbox for UD students is at                                                      however, utilizes its in store locations to their   Indiana, operated by the Catholic Youth Organization since
     the Speedway on Stewart Street.                                                                   advantage.                                           1946. Serving campers aged 7 to 16 in various programs.
                                                                                                                                                               We offer a welcoming staff community in a beautiful
ser to campus than family video, and a bit                pros: Blockbuster Online allows customers to drop their finished movies off at                       outdoor setting. General Staff, Counselor Manager,
endous job stocking its kiosks each Tuesday               Blockbuster stores rather than sending them back through the mail. this allows                     Inclusive Programming, Ropes Course, Adventure and
ection isn’t that extensive, but it’s perfect for         the next movies in your queue to be shipped immediately the next business day.                   Health positions available. All positions start at $240/week.
uick and easy viewing. You can also reserve               Shell out a few extra bucks a month to become a Total Access member and get                             Training is provided; start date May 23, 2009.
kiosk before you pick it up. Redbox also gives            up to five free in-store movie rentals each month with in-person exchanges.                             Apply online
                                                          cons: Blockbuster online’s Web site isn’t nearly as easy on the eyes and simple                     Questions? Contact Angi at 888-988-2839, x25 or
sn’t charge late fees are deceptive, because              to navigate as Netflix’s. They also provide 15,000 fewer titles than its primary                           e-mail
charge a total of up to $25 in fees if the movie          online competitor, and charge extra for online movie rentals, which, instead of
                                                          streaming, take up to an hour to download to your hard drive.

            Christmas nativity scenes                                                                                                                                                            Rochester Institute of Technology
            Crèches representing different cultures of the world at uD’s Marian library
            chris riZer
            staff Writer

                The Marian Library crèches
            gallery is an international ticket
            to visit Christmastime around the
            world compacted into the square
            footage of one room.
                Visitors will find themselves

                                                                                                                                                                Graduate Study At RIT
            surrounded by culture and color in
            the form of crèches, better known
            as nativity scenes.
                The crèches are fashioned in
            ethnic styles depicting scenes from
                                                                                                                                                                  Career-focused. Specialized. Technologically based.
            around the globe including Nigeria,
            Canada, Korea, Sicily and Mexico.
            That is just the tip of the iceberg of   photo by larry burgess
            the countries the scenes represent.      The street musicians are only a handful of the approximately 80 villagers and 50 structures,
                                                     such as churches and homes, in the Czech crèche.
                Director of the Marian Library,
            the Rev. Thomas Thompson, S.M.,              “Christ’s birth is not simply a               did not allow crèches by law, which
                                                                                                                                                           and Technology
            said the crèches are, “extremely         one-time event,” he said. “We are                 is where chimney sweeps come into
            poetic and theological.”                 also celebrating it in the present.”              play, according to Roten.
                Thompson said some crèches on            The      main     crèche    is   an               “So because chimney sweeps
            display may be relics of artworks        approximately 150-year-old Czech-                 could get into everyone’s homes to
            which originally had mechanisms          oslovakian piece, which hits viewers              clean chimneys, the sweeps were
            to make the figures move.                with a wall of color. The piece is so             recruited to look inside the homes
                “It’s really a cultural sort of      intricately detailed from the faces               for hidden scenes,” Roten said.
            thing,” he said, explaining that         of the people to the buildings of the             “Including the sweeps in the scene
            one of the noticeable traits of the      village, it is difficult to know where            was really a political-religious
            crèches is “enculturation.”              to begin looking.                                 statement about the government.”                    and Technology
                Thompson said enculturation
            is simply the artists’ method
                                                         It is so elaborate that it would be
                                                     easy not to realize that the piece is a
                                                                                                           The exhibit, located in the Marian
                                                                                                       Library gallery on the 7th floor of
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Contact us at:
            of infusing Christ into their            nativity scene.                                   the Roesch Library, is free and open
            contemporary       cultures,    rather       According to the Rev. Johann                  to the public. The annual exhibit,                                                           1-866-260-3950
            than depicting the nativity scenes       Roten, S.M., director of the                      which changes every November, is
            in the actual time of Christ. Artists    International Marian Research                     on display year-round. The gallery
                                                                                                                                                                                Visit Us Anytime.
            express enculturation through the        Institute, the beauty of the                      is open Monday through Friday
            different styles of clothing, ethnic     Czechoslovakian crèches was not                   from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It will also
            traits and settings in which the         always as celebrated as it is at the              be open Saturday, Sunday, Dec. 13,
            crèches are depicted.                    Marian Library. The government                    14, 20 and 21 from 1 to 6 p.m.
8                                                                                               OPINIONS

                                                                                     Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

                                                                                                               “the press’s ability to pursue the truth and publish what we feel is appropriate will
                                                                                                               always be called into question by those who would prefer to operate in a less open
                                                                                                               arthur o. sulzberger, publisher, The New York Times, 2001

 fneditorial                                                                             yourturn

barack obama Support:                                                                    Club sports on campus not respected enough by students or administration
is not our president... yet.                                                                                                         individually if they want to be in-      letic support is the Red Scare. The
   If you tune into the news networks and watch for at least 10 min-                                                                 formed of the team’s activity. Wres-     Red Scare defines themselves as, “A
utes, you will see some form of criticism against President-elect                                                                    tler Jason Roland explains, “Most of     group of enthusiastic UD students
Obama. He only won the presidency a month ago yet by the way me-                                                                     the people who came to our home          united in a common cause: to do
dia and Americans talk it sounds as if he is going into his third ex-                                                                meet were from other schools and         whatever it takes to show UD pride
ecutive term.                                                                            maggie malach SoPHoMorE                     there were very few Dayton students      through support of The University
   Fox News burns him at the stake for Newsweek’s comparison of                                                                      who came to observe. The environ-        of Dayton’s athletics. Our school is
him to Abraham Lincoln. CNN asks the question that if he is go-                               Think fast.                            ment would have been much more           known for its community, and each
ing to initiate change, then why is the economy continually tanking?                          How many University of Dayton          enjoyable with Dayton fans cheering      athletic event provides us with an
MSNBC doubts whether Obama is the man that his campaign made                             club sport events have you been to?         on our team members.”                    opportunity to display that unity for
him out to be. They speculate that the vague ideals of “hope” and                             I can count on one hand the num-           This lack of support is not just     all to see.” What I do not understand
“change” may have turned into over-glorified buzzwords that popu-                        ber of times that I have attended a         limited to publicity; because the        is how the UD community can utilize
larized the Obama campaign, but it’s still too early to decide he is not                 game or a match, and honestly, I don’t      teams are considered “club,” they        “each athletic event” if a vast ma-
delivering on what he promised.                                                          take a lot of pride in that amount.         get no funding from the university.      jority of the athletic events for club
   Jan. 20 is 46 days away and until then, Obama shouldn’t have any                      My motivation for supporting clubs          Says ultimate frisbee player junior      sports are not endorsed by the group.
responsibility over how the economy is doing. Just because he en-                        is solely because I have friends who        Geoff Holmes, “we don’t get a whole      No spirit points are offered for club
joys reading Abraham Lincoln’s documents doesn’t mean he thinks                          play on the teams. I think that this is     lot of support from the university,      sports, which does not help with stu-
he’s just as good as him. Obama doesn’t work at Newsweek, so the                         the case for a lot people, but I do not     and it makes it hard on people hav-      dent participation.
chances that he was behind the article are slim. He has announced a                      think that it is completely our fault.      ing to pay a sizeable fee to play. . .        I think that club sports are vastly
cabinet full of economic experts who are arguably fully equipped to                           As a whole, the university does        It kind of kills people’s ambitions.”    underappreciated because few peo-
tackle the newly pronounced recession.                                                   little to embrace its club teams. For       Teams are required to alleviate the      ple make an effort to support them.
   Don’t expect immediate results either. If the economy hasn’t re-                      all of the daily e-mails sent out to        costly fees in numerous ways. For        The backing of the university, both
bounded, if Al Qaeda is still a threat, if gas prices begin to increase,                 the entire campus, I cannot recall a        instance, each member of the men’s       financially and vocally, would mean
or if unemployment is on the rise on Januray 21, don’t blame Obama.                      time when a club sport has been ad-         rowing team pays about $800 dollars      an increase in attendance and would
Results don’t happen overnight. The thing about change is that it                        vertised. Even though I attend club         a year, plus traveling fees. To raise    serve to encourage the teams to per-
takes time. If you try to force it overnight theres no way that it will                  sport events because my friends par-        the money, the team members rent         form better. The clubs work hard to
bear positive results.                                                                   ticipate in them, their participation       themselves out for labor, adding to      both achieve high athletic status and
   It would be a shame if our nation decides the Obama adminis-                          is also the reason that I am aware of       the physical strain associated with      fund their respective sport — the
tration is dead before it even hits the operating table. Don’t judge                     the event in the first place. I feel like   the sport.                               least the school can do is show some
Obama until he’s had some time.                                                          students need to seek out each team             One of the biggest sources of ath-   support.

    fnstaff                                 2008-2009                                     Word on the street...
    editor-in-chief Will Hanlon 229-3892    assistant photography editor                  at what time of year is it oK to start listening to Christmas music?
    managing editor nick Kastner            ryan Kozelka
    news editor Jennie Szink 229-3226       art Director Michelle Stawicki
    assistant news editors                  assistant art Director Kim Simons
    Carly Schott and Kelsey Cano            chief news Writer Stephanie vermillion
    arts & entertainment editor             chief a & e Writer Sylvia Maye
    rania Shakkour 229-3890                 chief sports Writer
    assistant a & e editor nick iannarino   Bryce Stuckenschneider
    opinions editor Jason lyon 229-3878     business manager Kara Eliopoulos                 “After Thanksgiving, it is an                 “not until December,                     “Definitely not before
    sports editor Cory Griffin 229-3891     advertising manager Kathryn lecklider            important holiday that gets                   otherwise it gets really              Thanksgiving. I usually wait
    assistant sports editor John Bedell     229-3813
                                                                                            overlooked when Christmas                           annoying.”                        until a few weeks before
    propeller editor amanda orr             assistant ad. managers
                                                                                               gets celebrated early.”                                                                    Christmas.”
    copy editor tim Graves                  Stacey ferranti and lauren lecklider

    photography editor Briana Synder        circulation manager Dan vohden                     elaine english Junior                      shayla broWn Junior                       mike orlet frESHMan
                                                                                           viSual CoMMuniCation DESiGn                         EDuCation                                  BuSinESS
                                                                                    OPINIONS                                                                                               9
                                                                         Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

Dealing with the dangers yourturn
                         pride of Dayton marching band making
of holiday shopping      difference in commmunity, getting involved
paul norDeman                              And for those that are truly
                                                                                   The Pride of Dayton March-           Catholic Social Services col-      of Dayton Marching Band, at
                                       desperate for sales, camping out
tHE Daily CollEGian                                                            ing Band has been working hard        lected food during the December
                                       is always an option. At the Wal-
uWirE                                  Mart where Damour was killed,
                                                                               this year both on the field prac-     15 football game, but because of         The Pride is very excited to be
                                       people had been waiting outside         ticing for performances, and off      the poor weather, only 10 cans        helping out Catholic Social Ser-
    If you’re not one of those peo-
                                       the store all night, even posting       the field fundraising for various     were brought for the drive. Donat-    vices and greatly appreciates the
ple who goes holiday shopping
on Black Friday, I applaud you.        a makeshift sign reading “Blitz         events. The Pride, like the UD        ing food on campus is even more       support from UD students and
You’re doing a good thing for so-      Line Starts Here.” I believe they       community, is always looking for      important now because of the          faculty. Any questions can be di-
ciety.                                 called it Wal-Mart-Ville — and it’s     more opportunities to become in-      amount they received at the game.     rected to Professor Nicole Gross,
    Even during hard financial         what Jesus would have wanted.           volved on campus and help out         Look for the barrels between De-      Director of The Pride of Dayton
times such as these, U.S. retail           For those who are less than         those in need.                        cember 1 through 19 around cam-       Marching Band, at Nicole.Gross@
sales during the festival of frugal-   excited about being crushed by              We, The Pride of Dayton, are      pus, in residence halls and in aca- You can also
ity rose 3 percent since last year.    an angry Christmas mob, try the
                                                                               teaming up with Catholic Social       demic buildings. During these         contact Hilary Hartman at her
It’s unstoppable. Americans’ un-       newer, hipper Cyber Monday, the
                                                                               Services to fight hunger in the       three weeks only, for each item       address stated above. Don’t miss
quenchable thirst for bargains         Monday after Thanksgiving, next
                                                                               Miami Valley. Their food pantry       donated you will have the oppor-      this opportunity to get involved!
seemingly makes this pseudo-           year. It’s less dirty than it sounds,
                                       and can be done from your living        is the largest in the Miami Valley,   tunity to be entered into a draw-     ‘Tis the season of giving!
holiday immune to even the worst
                                       room with no human interaction          and with the economy suffering,       ing to win gift cards to various
economic hardships.
                                       whatsoever — as the holidays            they have seen a huge increase in     restaurants on Brown Street. To
    For those of you that still                                                                                                                            maryanne Dietrich SoPHoMorE
haven’t converted, stay strong.        were meant to be.                       the number of people needing to       obtain an entry slip, contact Hi-
                                           But sometimes the hardest
Black Friday is much scarier                                                   be served.                            lary Hartman, CEO of the Pride
than you think. Things can get         part of buying gifts isn’t finding
dangerous when you hit the malls       the best deals, but figuring out
to save some dough.                    what to get for the people on your
    According to the New York          list. Luckily, Kimberly Harris and
Times, Jdimytai Damour, an em-         others have just what you need.
ployee at the Wal-Mart in Valley           According to the Chicago Tri-

                                                                                                                                  How many
Stream, N.Y., was trampled to          bune, Harris is one of several
death by a herd of violent shop-       people creating Barack Obama
pers that broke through the front      Christmas ornaments this year.
doors. Hey, at least they got first        “On Harris’ ornament, avail-
dibs on the Nintendo Wii.
    After the stampede, emer-
gency workers attempted to save
                                       able for $56 at, Obama
                                       is sketched as an angel, carrying
                                       a banner that reads ‘Adeste Fi-
                                                                                                                                  licks does it
                                                                                                                                  take to get to
Damour, but to no avail. Ac-           deles,’ which is translated as ‘O
cording to the article, four more      come, all ye faithful,’” the article
people were injured, including a       said.
pregnant woman.                            Apparently, the overstated
    God bless us, everyone.
    This sort of event can make
you lose faith in humanity. How-
                                       metaphor machine is working in
                                       overdrive this year.
                                           Still, this is a great Christmas
                                                                                                                                  the center of
                                                                                                                                  a tootsie pop?
ever, it would be unfair to say        gift for any Democrat, elitist, or
that all Black Friday excursions       secret Muslim. There’s no word
end this way. More likely, you’ll      yet on whether John McCain or-
find everyone from soccer moms         naments will be adorning the
to grandparents pushing, elbow-        trees of the much sought-after

                                                                                                                                  I DON’T GIVE
ing and running to make sure           “bitter” demographic.
they can score the newest toy for          Bah, humbug!
their loved ones.

                                                                                                                                  A HOOT.
  “Club sports are vastly                                                                                                         I JUST WANT
  underappreciated be-
  cause few people make
                                                                                                                                  A JOB IN MAY.
                              cartoon by nick kastner–senior

  an effort to support them.” ourpolicy
                                                                                Flyer News is the student-run newspaper of the University of Dayton. It works to serve the campus
                                                                                community and offers a forum for opinion. The university makes no representations or warranties
                                                                                regarding products or services advertised in Flyer News. Flyer News reserves the right to edit or
maggie malach frESHMan                                                          reject all copy. Flyer News does not necessarily uphold or advocate the opinions in the columns,
EnGliSH                                                                         letters or cartoons appearing in the opinion pages. Send 50-350 word letters to
                                                                                editor Submissions must include name, major, phone number and year.
10                                                                                           SPORTS
                                                                                Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008
       WEEKEnD                        Commentary

women’s basketball
sat. Dec. 6
                                      Sister school hosts Maui Invitational
                                      eric Weinheimer
at Penn state                         staff Writer
Wed. Dec. vs. Miami (OH)
                                         HONOLULU — Not only did
                                      Thanksgiving weekend mean more
Men’s basketball                      food than you could eat, it also
sat. Dec. 6 at Akron                  meant more college basketball than
Wed. Dec. 10 at Creighton             you probably cared to watch.
                                         ESPN and its family of networks
                                      featured an endless amount of
                                      early-season      college    basketball
nCAA First round                      tournaments last week as a part
Fri. Dec. 5 vs.                       of its Feast Week. There were
Western Michigan                      tournaments everywhere. There
                                      was one in New York City, one in
women’s Indoor                        Chicago and even one in San Juan,
                                      Puerto Rico.
track and Field
                                         But there was only one preseason
Fri. Dec. 5 and sat. Dec. 6           tournament this year that broke
Findlay Oiler Open                    through the clutter to stand above
                                      the rest. It featured eight teams from
inside the                            eight different conferences and is

nuMBErs                               now in its 25th year of operation.
                                         It’s the EA Sports Maui
                                      Invitational hosted every year by the

the Dayton men’s basketball
                                      University of Dayton’s sister school,
                                      Chaminade University. The Maui
                                      Invitational’s     25th anniversary
team’s ranking in the latest aP
                                      might have proved to be its best
top 25 poll. the flyers won
four games last week to win the       tournament yet, and it was certainly
Chicago invitational Challenge,       the best tournament of the 2008 pre-
and defeated troy earlier this        season. Here are 10 reasons why:
week. the team’s record stands            10. The teams participating.
at 7-0 so far this season.            Many people dubbed this year’s field
                                      one of Maui’s best — if not the best

the number of consecutive
                                      in its 25-year history. It featured
                                      unanimous No. 1 North Carolina and
                                                                                 photo courtesy of eric Weinheimer
                                                                                 Players prepare for the opening tip-off of the EA sports Maui Invitational at Chaminade university last week. The
                                      two other ranked teams No. 7 Texas         event is the most well-known preseason college basketball event in the nation. The games take place inside the
weeks that freshman Justine                                                      small confines of Lahaina Civic Center. Dayton won the Maui Invitational in 2003, the same year of its last nCAA
                                      and No. 8 Notre Dame. The field
raterman has been named a-10                                                     Tournament appearance.
                                      also included Oregon, St. Joseph’s,
rookie of the Week. raterman
was honored again Monday after        Indiana, Alabama and Chaminade.            college basketball. Raftery used his      plane and see mountain tops covered      also battled late to keep his team in
a strong showing at the Buckeye           9.    The coaches’ attire. It          signature line, “takin’ it to the tin,”   in clouds in one direction and waves     the game, coming up just short on a
Classic last weekend. raterman        provided a good laugh and something        at least 45 times in Maui this year.      breaking on the beach in the other.      three-quarters-court bomb as time
is averaging 13.7 ppg and 10.3        fresher than the standard suits.               7. The inexplicable Santa                 4. The tournament always             expired.
rpg this season.                      Texas coach Rick Barnes needed             mascot. I’m not sure why Santa            features an underdog. Chaminade              2. UNC is the best team in the
                                      to lose the short shorts, and I don’t      was Maui’s choice for a tournament        University, the host school, has         country. In my estimation, North

overall record of the Western
                                      know who bought North Carolina
                                      coach Roy Williams an orange aloha
                                                                                 mascot, but I’m not mad about
                                                                                 it. Santa dressed in sandals and
                                                                                                                           played 73 games in the Maui
                                                                                                                           Invitational and has won exactly five
                                                                                                                                                                    Carolina will lose zero games this
                                                                                                                                                                    season. After seeing the Tar Heels
                                      shirt, but it needed to be returned.       sunglasses, carrying around a             of them. Its past victories include a    run all over Chaminade, Oregon
Michigan women’s volleyball
                                      It’s    borderline     uncomfortable       surfboard the whole time.                 win last year over Princeton, a win      and Notre Dame, I am absolutely
team. the Broncos travel to
                                      to see them dress down in aloha                6. The Oregon uniforms.               over Villanova in 2003 and most          convinced of this fact. The team has
Dayton friday to take on the
Flyers in the first round of the      shirts, leis and shorts, but it’s also     As always, Oregon did not fail to         famously a win over No. 1-ranked         NBA talent all over the court. Ty
nCaa tournament. the winner           immeasurably funny.                        impress in the uniform department.        Virginia led by Ralph Samson in the      Lawson is quite possibly the fastest
of friday night’s match plays             8. Jay Bilas, Bill Raftery and         The Ducks wore all-white with a           first ever Maui Invitational in 1982.    man alive and Tyler Hansbrough
either tennessee tech or no. 16       Sean McDonough. These three,               Hawaiian-print yellow stripe down         Everyone loves an underdog and the       is still the best player in the college
tulane Saturday at the frericks       especially Raftery, are some of the        the right side of the shirt and shorts.   Division II Silverswords love playing    game.
Center at 6 p.m.                      best announcers ESPN has to cover          And the team’s shoes, wow, its shoes      the role.                                    1. The high school-sized
                                                                                 were simply fantastic. Each of                3. No. 8 Notre Dame over No.         venue. The Lahaina Civic Center
                                                                                 Oregon’s players sported an original      7 Texas. This was far and away the       is marginally larger than most high
                                                                                 pair of all-yellow Nikes with green       most competitive and exciting game       school gymnasiums. It holds just
       IMPORTANT STUDENT MEETING                                                 trim that more than likely glow in        of the tournament that featured two      2,500 people in a strictly bleacher
             New Guidelines for the Honors Program                               the dark.                                 of the best teams in the country in an   seating environment. No club seats.
                                                                                     5. Did        I       mention the     early season showdown. The reigning      No corporate suites. Just 2,500
                       Friday, November 21
                         one-hour sessions at                                    tournament was in Hawaii?                 Big East player of the year from         people sardined into a venue that
                         1:00 pm or 3:00 pm                                      It’s essentially a vacation with          Notre Dame, Luke Harangody, led          made for one of the best live-sports
                Chaminade Hall, Ground Floor, Room 10F
                                                                                 some basketball thrown in. The            all scorers with 29 points. None were    experiences imaginable. The small,
                        Snacks are provided                                      tournament’s slogan was “Basketball       more important and improbable as         intimate setting is the most unique
     • opportunities • benefits • expectations • questions answered •            in Paradise,” and that’s exactly what     the 3-point prayer from nearly half      aspect of the tournament that is
                                                                                 it is. It was a far cry from the snowy,   court that he banked in as the shot      simply not found anywhere else
                        PLEASE JOIN US                                           frigid venues of New York and             clock expired to give his team a late    big time college basketball is being
                                                                                 Chicago. In Maui you walk off the         4-point lead. A.J. Abrams from Texas     played.
                                                                                     SPORTS                        11
                                                                           Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

Women’s Hoops
                                                                                         FrEE nEWs AT
John beDell                              took it out on Butler four days after
Assistant sports Editor
                                         the win over St. Marys. Dayton
   After a rocky start to the season     embarrassed Butler, pounding the
at the World Vision Classic in           Bulldogs by 20 points in Indianapolis.
Austin, Texas, the Dayton women’s        Raterman notched her second
basketball team is back in business      career double-double with 18 points
with a 4-3 record.                       and 11 boards. Three other players
   The Flyers got off to a 0-2 start     scored in double figures during the
with losses to national powers Texas     rout. Kristin Daugherty finished
and Old Dominion. Since those two        with 15 points, while Kendel Ross
losses, the team has been on a hot       and De’Sarae Chambers added 13
streak of late, winning four of its      and 11, respectively.
last five games and seeing strong            The Flyers finished a stellar
play from its young talent.              8-of-11 from 3-point range and
                                         shot 23-of-47 for nearly 49 percent
                                         from the field. Dayton also held
                                         the advantage on the glass, out-
Women’s Basketball                       rebounding the Bulldogs 40-32.

  UpCOMING                                   After the Flyers notched the
                                         blowout win over Butler, they

    GAMES                                traveled to Navy, where they won an
                                         overtime battle, 64-58. The Flyers
                                         were led by Ross’ second double-
                                         double of the season and career-
       Dec. 6                            high scoring efforts from freshmen
                                         Kayla Moses (11 points) and Casey

    at Penn State                        Nance (10 points, nine rebounds).
                                         The win was Dayton’s third in a

university Park, Pa.                     row.
                                             Ross also tallied a game-high
                                         16 rebounds, three assists, two
                                         steals and a blocked shot. Also

      Dec. 13
                                         contributing for the Flyers were
                                         Patrice Lalor and Raterman with 8
                                         points apiece.
   vs. Miami (oH)                            It was defense and rebounding
                                         that won the game for the Flyers.
      Dayton, ohio                       UD forced 18 turnovers and out-
                                         rebounded Navy. The score was tied
                                         at 53 at the end of regulation. In
    The hot streak for the Flyers        overtime, Dayton’s balance proved
began with their first win of the        to be too much for Navy as five
season over St. Mary’s. Sophomore        different Flyers scored in the extra
forward Kristin Daugherty’s offense      frame.
paced the Flyers to a win over the           Dayton enjoyed another close
Gaels. In the game, Daugherty went       game four days later against
on a tear, scoring 14 points in a two-   Central Michigan, winning a 78-
minute span in the final minutes of      76 squeaker in Columbus, Ohio.
the game. Daugherty finished the         The Flyers secured the win in the
game with a career-high 31 points,       opening round of the Ohio State
while adding seven boards and two        Tournament behind a career night
assists.                                 for Ross. The junior poured in 27
    Junior Kendel Ross also fueled       points and snatched 13 rebounds.
Dayton, finishing with her first         The win put the Flyers a season-
career double-double by notching         high two games over .500 before
17 points and 10 rebounds. Seven         losing to No. 20 Ohio State Nov. 30.
different players scored in the game         The team will now prepare for
for the Flyers. Freshman Justine         Saturday’s game at Penn State,
Raterman tied for a game-high 12         before returning home Dec. 10 for
boards and finished as UD’s third        its first home game of the season
leading scorer with five points.         against Miami University.
    If the Flyers had any leftover
frustration from their 0-2 start, they
12                                                                                          SPORTS
                                                                             Flyer news • Friday, December 5, 2008

Men’s Hoops

Taking off: Flyers gaining national attention
Dayton dominates Chicago invitational Challenge
                                              This season, with the depth
cory griffin
sports Editor                             developing on the Dayton bench,
                                          don’t be surprised if this team
    The events that have taken place      makes a deep run in conference
the last few weeks on basketball          play, and even a run in the NCAA
courts in Dayton and Chicago have         Tournament. One of the team’s
led some to believe that this year’s      weaknesses the past few years has
Dayton men’s basketball team may          been their lack of road wins, and
be the best team the school has seen      also their poor shooting from the
in years.                                 free-throw stripe. Throughout the
    After the team looked shaky           first seven games of the season,
on offense in its first game against      the Flyers have won two games on
Wofford, the team has turned the          neutral courts in Chicago during
tide, showing its dominance on both       the Chicago Invitational Challenge,
sides of the court, but mostly on         and the team has improved upon
defense. Going into last week’s game      last year’s free throws, shooting 66
against Auburn, the Flyers owned          percent from the stripe.
the second-best scoring defense
in the nation. They proved their
success on Friday, holding Auburn            NEXTGaME
to just 47 points in regulation, and
managed to win the game 60-59
in overtime, despite shooting an
NCAA-record 0-for-24 from 3-point
range in the contest.
    Up next was No. 15 Marquette.
                                                   Dec. 6
The Flyers have had a knack for
knocking off ranked Big East                      at akron
                                                   7 p.m.
teams the past two seasons, having
defeated ranked foes Louisville and
Pittsburgh last season. On Saturday,
the Flyers showed the nation that
they still have that ability, defeating      With more local recruits and
Marquette, 89-75.                         talent waiting in the wings to take
    With their smothering defense,        over the reins in future seasons,
remarkable speed and unmatched            head     coach     Brian    Gregory
athleticism, the Flyers are becoming      is starting to see the rewards
a force to be reckoned with. Don’t be     patience can bring to a program.
surprised if the trend continues.         The beginning of last season was a
Critics point to last season’s 8-8        preview of what is to come, but this
conference record as evidence             year reaffirms the team’s dedication
that this team isn’t ready for the        to becoming one of the best
spotlight, however, playing without       programs not only in the Atlantic 10
high-flying forwards Chris Wright         but also in the country.
and Charles Little for much of the           Sure there will be roadblocks and
conference schedule last season           losses along the way, but with the
proved to be too much for the team        depth, defense and athleticism of
to handle, and is the biggest reason      this year’s Dayton basketball squad,
the team was not invited to the           it will be tough for many teams to
NCAA Tournament a season ago.             compete with the Flyers.

a look at the

last 5 games
                                                                                 ryan koZelka/aSSiStant PHoto EDitor
                                                                                 Chris Wright catches an alley-oop pass in the Flyers’ first game of the season against Wofford. The Flyers have gone
                                                                                 7-0 to start the season, and will travel to Akron saturday to take on the Zips.

Sunday, Nov. 23                           Tuesday, Nov. 25                       Friday, Nov. 28                        Saturday, Nov. 29                         Tuesday, Dec. 2
The Flyers welcomed Bethune-              On Tuesday, the Flyers brought         Dayton got its first taste of a BCS-   A night after taking down Auburn,         The Flyers won their 24th
Cookman to UD Arena, where the            Mercer to Blackburn Court. Mercer      conference foe in Auburn of the        the Flyers were matched with No. 15       consecutive nonconference regular
Flyers dominated them from start          was not an easy foe, as they had       SEC. The Flyer defense stormed         Marquette, and handled them fairly        season home game with an 87-70
to finish, winning the game 78-38.        previously      defeated Alabama       the Tigers, allowing just 47 points    easily, by a final of 89-75. Rob Lowery   victory over Troy. Leading the way
The Flyers outplayed them in every        and Auburn on the road and took        in regulation, but a 0-for-24          led the way with 24 points, and Chris     was high-flyer Charles Little. Little
aspect of the game, capping off the       Georgia Tech to overtime on the        performance from 3-point range         Wright was named tournament               dominated the game, scoring 17
victory with an off-the-backboard         road. However, the Flyers led the      forced the Flyers to finish off the    MVP after posting 13 points and 13        points and grabbing 11 rebounds.
pass from Mickey Perry to Chris           whole way, beating Mercer by a         Tigers in overtime, 60-59.             rebounds. The win made the Flyers
Wright for a thunderous jam.              score of 71-53.                                                               the event champion.

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