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“Learning is not a spectator sport. Students do
not learn much just by sitting in class
listening to teachers, memorizing prepackaged
assignments, and spitting out answers. They
must talk about what they are learning, write
about it, relate it to past experiences, apply it to
their daily lives. They must make what they
learn part of themselves.”

Aurthur W. Chickering & Zelda F. Gamson, “Seven Principles for
Good Practice,” AAHE Bulletin 39:3-7, 1987**

       **Over 20 years old but still very relevant
                  to today’s learner!
Attendance Policies and
                WN Grading
Withdrawal for Nonattendance
   Taking of attendance is required through the
    first 11 official days of class. Any student who
    does not attend during this period is assigned a
    grade of “WN” for non-attendance
   Any student who attends one or more days of
    class during the official enrollment period is
    assumed to be enrolled
   Logging in to an on-line course is the
    considered attendance
   In most cases, students dropped for non-
    attendance can be re-admitted; students should
    be referred to the Registrar’s Office
Make-up Policies for
Students on Official
University Business
       Student athletes, choir, band,
           debate team, etc.

      Students missing class due to
       official university activities are
       to be given the opportunity to
       make-up missed work
      The dropping of the missed
       exam or assignment is not
        1000/2000 Level Attendance
    Attendance in 1000 and 2000 level courses:
   Absences can be no more than 2 times the number of
    class meetings each week
        3X = 6 absences (ex: M, W, F)
        2X = 4 absences (ex: T, R or M, W)
        1X = 2 absences
   A grade of “F” may be assigned for excessive
   FN – failing, non-attendance (student attends and then
    stops out without dropping course)
Information on campus closure can
be found on KASU, ASU web page,
local radio and TV stations
As ASU is 80% commuter students, you are
encouraged to work with students who miss
class during inclement weather when the
campus is not officially closed
   Other than WN grading, faculty cannot officially drop
    students from a class; it is the responsibility of the
   Students are strongly encouraged to make all class
    changes by no later than the end of the 11th class day
    (Tuesday after Labor Day for fall semester)
   Only students with documentable extenuating
    circumstances will be allowed to add classes after the
    11th day (don’t set a student up for failure by
    encouraging late registration)
             Misc. continued…
   Please use official departmental/college
    stationary for correspondence to Registrar and
    other non-departmental/college offices – must
    be signed and dated
   Emails must be from your ASU account but may
    not be acceptable for some communications
   Production of fraudulent documents is
    increasing on campus; do not be offended if
    you are contacted for verification
                    Rosters and
   Class rosters may be printed at any time
    from your self-service account
   All grading is done on-line
   The Registrar’s Office provides dates for
    grading throughout the semester (also
    contact for self-service information)
        Mid-term Grades
   Required for all freshman and sophomore
    level students (note a 3000/4000 course
    may have sophomore level students and
    will be noted on the WFF roster)
   Optional for junior, senior and graduate
    level students (strongly encouraged)
                        Final Grades
   It is imperative that all final grades be recorded on time
    as indicated in the academic calendar by the
    Registrar’s Office – reminders are placed on self-
   Should there be extenuating circumstances with
    Banner “breakdowns”, additional time may be provided
   Graduating senior grades must be provided by the
    date/time specified before other grades are due
    (graduating seniors will be identified on your rosters at
    the end of the term)
   Grading deadlines are strictly enforced!!!!!
                  “I” – Grade of
   Incompletes are used only for students with
    extenuating circumstances occurring during the last
    few weeks of the semester (never before mid-term)
   The faculty member and student must complete an
    “incomplete form” downloadable from the Registrar’s
    website; secure appropriate signatures and submit to
    the Registrar
   All “I” grades automatically convert to an “F” if not
    completed by the end of the next regular term
    (importance of having student sign form)
Students called to active duty during a semester
   Be assigned a final grade if the instructor feels
    enough of the course has been completed
   Withdraw at anytime during the semester without
    penalty (will be granted free semester upon return)
   Should be referred to VA rep in Registrar’s Office
   “I” grades are not permitted
  Undergraduate and
  Graduate Bulletins
The ASU Bulletins are available on-line and
may be accessed from the Registrar’s
webpage or the “A to Z” menu located on
the ASU home page (
You may want to print those sections you
use regularly (general education, degree
requirements, etc.)
          Textbook Orders
•State law requires that textbook titles be posted for
the summer and fall terms by April 1 and by
November 1 for the spring term

•ASU requires that your orders be placed with the
bookstore by no later than March 15 and October 15,

• Faculty names are required to be submitted to the
state legislative audit for no compliance

• Detailed instructions are provided each term by the
Office of the Registrar
 Important Dates Fall 2010
Classes begin for Fall 2010                                         August 23
Last day to change from credit to audit                             August 27
Last day to add a full session course or Session 1 via Self
                                                                    August 29
Last day to drop and receive 100% refund for full session or
                                                                    August 29
Session 1
Labor Day Holiday Observed                                         September 6
Last day to drop a Session 1 course                                September 28
Last day to add a Session 2 course                                  October 11
Session 2 courses begin                                             October 12
Last day to drop individual courses or withdraw from University    November 17

Fall Break and Thanksgiving Holiday                               November 22-27
Last day of class                                                  December 6
Final Exams                                                       December 8-14
Graduating students' grades are due at noon in Self Service.       December 16
All grades due by noon in Self Service. Grades viewable to
                                                                   December 17
students at 5:00 p.m. in Self Service.
                                                                   December 18
                                                                      2 pm

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