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									Tooth decay in childhood

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      Tooth decay in childhood

Early Childhood tooth decay
is a serious disease that can
destroy your child's teeth. It
is sometimes called Nursing
      Bottle Tooth Decay

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      Causes of tooth decay in
  Letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle. When
 your baby is asleep, the liquids that contain sugar
  pool around the teeth and can cause decay. Even
breast milk and formula contain sugar and can cause
 Allowing your infant to walk around with a bottle.

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   Effects of Early Childhood
          tooth decay
• Tooth loss
• Ear and speech problems
• Crooked permanent teeth
• Severe pain
• Poor self-image

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How can Early Childhood tooth
    decay be prevented?
• Get into the habit of putting your baby to bed
without a bottle.

• Never put the baby to bed with a bottle filled with
formula, milk, juice or sugar water. If your baby must
have a bottle to go to sleep, fill it with water.

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How can Early Childhood tooth
    decay be prevented?

• Do not let your infant walk around with a bottle.
• Start teaching your infant to use a cup between 6-
12 months.
• Check with your doctor or dentist to make sure
your child is getting enough fluoride each day.

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