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Historic Havana & The Beaches of Varadero
Hello S-Trip! Passengers
We hope that you are ready for an amazing trip. All of us here at S-Trip! have been
working hard to make sure that you have a fun and exciting trip, but also one that
is safe. Inside are some important tips that you should keep in mind both before
and during the trip. Please take the time to read this information thoroughly.
                                                                                 Authentic cubA
                                                                                 The beautiful and welcoming environment of Varadero has made it
                                                                                 one of the hottest destinations down south. Varadero’s distinctive
                                                                                 white sand beach – called by some the most beautiful beach in
                                                                                 the world – stretches for 21 km along a peninsula that juts out
                                                                                 into the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Varadero is one of
                                                                                 S-Trip!’s favourite destinations, filled with fun, exciting, and safe
                                                                                 activities that will make your group’s vacation truly special. One
                                                                                 of the highlights of your trip will surely be an organized excursion
                                                                                 to Havana, the largest city in the Caribbean. Back at the resort,
                                                                                 you’ll be able to choose from sports like beach volleyball and tennis
                                                                                 to keep you active before cooling off with a snorkel and fins among
                                                                                 the colourful underwater sea life. Varadero provides big, modern
                                                                                 resorts, authentic culture, and a great choice of tours and local
                                                                                 sites; tripping with S-Trip! to Varadero means you and your friends
                                                                                 will get an exciting blend of sun, beach, culture and fun!

                                                                                 location info
                                                                                 Location                             Language
Hotels                                                                           North-western Cuba                   Spanish, English is widely
                                                                                                                      spoken in tourist areas

cLub PuntArenAs                                                                  travel time                          climate
                                                                                 four hours flight from Toronto       Hot. Yearly temperature
The Club Puntarenas hotel in Varadero is perfectly situated to catch the                                              is 27°C – 30°C
                                                                                 & Halifax, seven hours from
stunning Cuban sunsets and the panoramic view of the Hicacos peninsula
stretching into the distance. Enjoy the all-inclusive laid-back feel of this
conveniently placed Cuban treasure. The nine-storey Puntarena Hotel offers
guests an excellent array of meal options and activities including swimming      transportation                       calling home
pool, catamarans, snorkelling, and windsurfing. This is the perfect hotel for    Transportation will be                00 - 1 - (area code) - phone
students looking to relax with friends and create memories for a lifetime!       provided to most excursions          number
                                                                                 and events off-resort.

sOL sirenAs cOrAL                                                                electricity
                                                                                 220V - Note: Canadian
This hotel complex is located on the best strip of fine white sand beach         standard 110V electronics
in Varadero, overlooking the transparent turquoise sea and surrounded by         will not work (please bring an
lush tropical gardens. The property has 668 rooms and boasts three pools,        adapter).
four tennis courts, a basketball court, fitness facilities, massage services
($), windsurfing, pedal boats and much more! “The Coral” offers a great
way to relax and unwind.

Situated on a beautiful secluded beach not far from the Varadero airport,
this 534 room laid-back resort offers all of the amenities and activities
needed for a week of fun. Relax by one of the three pools or take part in a
wide range of land and water sports including tennis, volleyball, wind surfing
and much more. This modern resort features three à la carte restaurants,
nightly entertainment and exciting daily excursions. It has everything you’ll
need to celebrate Grad Trip in style!
                                                                                                             Trip Details
                                                                                   EvEryonE nEEds a passport!

                                                                                   Passengers who are not Canadian citizens should contact the embassy or
                                                                                   consulate of the country they are travelling to in order to ensure they
                                                                                   have all necessary documents for travel.

                                                                                   Every student travelling to Cuba is required to have health insurance
                                                                                   coverage to enter the country. Please ensure that you travel with your
                                                                                   valid provincial health card.

                                                                                   Even though you might be travelling in a group you should always make
                                                                                   sure you are personally informed. Know your travel itinerary and be
                                                                                   early. Each passenger is responsible to make sure that they have their
                                                                                   own travel documents.

                                                                                   You and your parents will receive your final invoice and itinerary by e-mail
                                                                                   and/or mail. These itineraries inform you about your flight numbers,
                                                                                   dates and times. It is important to note that this itinerary may change

DePArture DAY itinerArY                                                            and therefore each version should be reviewed.

                                                                                   If you have an outstanding balance you will have to pay it before you
1. Check with your tour operator for baggage or weight restrictions as early
   as possible to avoid having to pay for overweight luggage.                      receive your documents or be permitted to travel.

2. Please arrive at the airport a minimum of three hours prior to your             Your travel documents can be found through your personal online portal.
   scheduled flight and ensure that you have all of your proper travel             Log-in to your profile at anytime by visiting and entering
   documents.                                                                      your email address and passenger code in the “My Profile” section. Once
                                                                                   you have printed your documents, keep them safe and ensure you have
3. S-Trip! airport staff will be in the terminal to direct you to your check-in    them with you when travelling.
   counter and security gates and answer any questions you might have.
                                                                                   We recommend that you photocopy all of your identification in case your
4. Proceed to the check-in counter, check your baggage, pick up your boarding      passport is lost or stolen.
   pass, and make your way through the security gates.

5. During your flight, remember to follow the instructions of the flight staff
   at all times.

6. Once you’ve passed through customs at your destination, you will be
                                                                                    Necessary Travel DocumeNTs
   greeted by your S-Trip! Destination Staff. They will direct you to the
   shuttle bus that will take you to your hotel/resort.                              1. Valid Passport
7. Prior to check-in there will be a mandatory briefing session conducted by
   your Hotel Coordinator.                                                           2. airline ticket
8. After the briefing session you’ll get your room keys and head to your room.
   Please check for damages right away. Report any pre-existing damage
   on your Room Damage Report Form and hand it into the S-Trip! Info Desk
                                                                                     3. RBc insurance card (if applicable - Get your card from your trip leader)

9. Unpack, get settled and start the trip of a lifetime!
                                                                                     4. letter of conduct (signed by you and/or your Parent/Guardian)

Pack PracTically
It is a good idea to pack at least one nice set of clothes for the evening, as
some venues and restaurants have dress codes.

Packing a light change of clothes along with your bathing suit in your carry
on luggage is a very good idea. In the rare event that your luggage does
get lost, you will at least be able to enjoy yourself while you wait for your
luggage to catch up.

   All airlines have weight restrictions for luggage, typically 20 Kg [approx.
   50 lbs] total weight for two bags. So pack wisely, and avoid bringing
   heavy items.
Trip Details
PlaN aheaD aND Dress comforTably!
Travelling can be stressful. You’ll probably wait in a lot of lines, so bring along
something to keep you busy. Delays and changes are common when travelling. Try
to make the best of your travel time and remember that you are only hours away
from getting to your destination and enjoying the trip of a lifetime!

   fLight CheCk-in
   Airport check-in is the first step in your vacation. Your flight seats are not
   assigned, so check in with the people that you want to sit with on the plane.
   Remember to have ALL your necessary travel documents and to arrive early.

   seCurity CLearanCe
   Be patient when waiting in line for your carry-on luggage to be scanned.
   The security staff are there for everybody’s safety. To avoid delays, only          Damage DePOsit/insuranCe
   pack necessary items with your carry on luggage. Items with sharp or                Please make note that the hotel will require every passenger to pay for
   pointy edges should be left in your checked luggage along with any creams,          either a $60 refundable damage deposit or $20 non-refundable damage
   aerosols, detergents, or liquid based items. All toiletries packed in your          insurance, which will cover any room damage that may occur during your
   carry-on luggage must be sealed in a clear plastic zip lock bag and are             stay. Both of these payments only cover accidental damage. Individuals
   limited to three oz. or less.                                                       who pay the $60 refundable damage deposit will receive their money back
                                                                                       on the transfer back to the airport.
   JOking arOunD anD hOrsePLay thrOugh seCurity Can
   LeaD tO DeniaL Of BOarDing.
   immigratiOn CarD
   Before or upon boarding your flight you will be handed an “Immigration
                                                                                       safety DePOsit BOx
   /Customs Card”. Fill this form out with all of the necessary information            It is a good idea to keep any valuables or identification in your hotel or
   and keep it with your other documents, as it is required to enter the               cabin safe (wallets, watches, iPods, passports, return travel documents
   country of your destination.                                                        etc). At most hotels, the safety deposit box is free of charge. Other hotels
                                                                                       will have a per day charge, usually $3 per day.

   in-fLight                                                                           Pre-existing rOOm Damage
   Everyone is excited, but remember that there are other vacationers                  Upon check-in, you and your roommates will receive a Room Damage
   travelling as well. Yelling or rowdy behaviour is not permitted on planes;          Report Form. When you enter your room, check all areas thoroughly to
   flight attendants are the authority while in flight and they must be obeyed.        ensure that there is no pre-existing damage. Fill out the form and return
                                                                                       it to the S-Trip! Info Desk no later than 20 minutes after entering your
   Baggage CLaim                                                                       room. You will be held responsible for any damage that is not reported
                                                                                       upon your check-in.
   Remember to pick up ALL of your baggage. If your baggage does not
   arrive, stay calm and do not panic. Speak with an airline representative
   and they can aide you in locating your baggage or filling in the appropriate        mini-friDge
   forms. In the event that your baggage is lost, and if you purchased the             Most rooms will have a mini-fridge. Often the items in the fridge are not
   RBC Comprehensive Package, contact the insurance company for extra                  included. Check with staff before you use the mini-fridge.
   hOteL transfer                                                                      Throughout the trip if you have problems with your accommodations, as
   When you exit the baggage claim area, you will be greeted by an S-Trip!             a first step, please speak with one of our staff members at the S-Trip!
   Destination Staff member who will guide you to the bus for your transfer            Information Desk. If they can’t answer your question, they’ll do their best
   to your hotel.                                                                      to lead you in the right direction and help you communicate your problem
                                                                                       with the hotel’s front desk.

   hOteL CheCk-in
   Try to keep in mind that there are a lot of people checking-in at the same
   time. In order to speed up the process, wait in line with your roommates.
   Be patient as the S-Trip! Staff will ensure that this process is as quick as
                                                                                       s-triP! BraCeLet
                                                                                       All S-Trip! passengers will receive an S-Trip! hotel bracelet upon arrival
                                                                                       and must wear it throughout the week. With thousands of passengers
   maNDaTory                                                                           in some hotels, it is important to be able to quickly identify S-Trip!
   The destination briefing session is mandatory - your Destination Staff
   will be letting you know the best ways to have a fun, safe trip and
   how to make the most out of your destination.
                                                                                     Sample Daily itinerary
 hOteL/resOrt BraCeLet
 Most hotels and resorts in the Caribbean will issue their own bracelets,
 indicating that you are a guest at the resort. These bracelets will allow
 you access to facilities, restaurants, and activities at the resort. Do
 not tamper with these bracelets, since there is always a large fee to
 replace damaged, lost, or stolen bracelets.

 events BraCeLet (extra Charge)
 Allows you access to the exclusive events/parties, held at venues away
 from your hotel, organized by S-Trip!. These bracelets have cash value
 and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

 Even though you are on vacation, you are in a different country; so the
 rules and general customs / courtesies are different.                            8:oo am ~ 10:00 am        Enjoy a delicious breakfast at your hotel
 When travelling to venues or to participate in excursion activities, it is
 VERY important to stay in groups. Also, before you go anywhere, tell your                                  Chill out on the beach – jump into the
                                                                                  10:oo am ~ 12:00 pm
 friends where you are going so that someone knows where you are.                                           ocean!
 This may seem childish, but when crossing the street, pay attention to
 oncoming traffic; cars drive very fast, and there are few speed limits.          12:oo pm ~ 1:00 pm        Play a game of beach volleyball
 If your room has a balcony, please be careful around the railings. Also,
 remember to lock your balcony door when you are not using it.                    1:oo pm ~ 2:00 pm         Lunchtime!
 Fighting will not be tolerated. You are all on vacation to have a good time
 and fighting ruins it for everybody. If you are involved in a fight, all those                             Mr. & Ms. Grad Trip competition by the
 involved will be dismissed from the trip. Plain and simple.                      2:oo pm ~ 4:00 pm         pool

ALcOhOL & DruGs                                                                   4:oo pm ~ 6:00 pm         Chill out by the pool

                                                                                                            Get dressed up and have a nice dinner
be resPoNsible!                                                                   6:oo pm ~ 7:00 pm         at an a la carte restaurant
 Drinking age                                                                                               Dance the night away on the beach!
 Although different countries have different drinking ages, S-Trip! follows       9:oo pm ~ 12:30 pm        (Quiet hours at hotel start at 10PM)
 a strict age policy with regards to drinking at any of our destinations (18+
 only). All of our hotels will check each passenger’s passport to verify
 age/date of birth. Students who are under 18 years of age will be issued                                   Curfew starts (Head to your rooms
 a different coloured all-inclusive bracelet. It is at the sole discretion of
                                                                                  1:00 am                   and get ready to start day 2!)
 the hotels, restaurants, and bars to enforce drinking ages. S-Trip! does
 not have any control in enforcing legal drinking ages. Any venue reserves
 the right to deny alcohol to any passenger for any reason.                       Please note exact timing of schedule varies between resorts.
                                                                                  Staff will provide you with a schedule for your resort upon arrival.
 resPOnsiBLe Drinking
 S-Trip! does not condone excessive drinking. If you are of age, please drink
 responsibly and consider the safety of yourself and those around you. Being
 hung over and sick simply means that you don’t have the energy to enjoy
 all there is to do at your destination. Heavy drinking is very dangerous.
 Please be smart and look out for your friends.

 BraCeLets /iD
 If you are not of age and the hotel gives you a bracelet that identifies
 you as a minor please do not tamper with it. The hotel has the right to
 remove you from their facilities.

 Although some drugs may be tolerated in Canada, the laws in other
 countries can be VERY severe. Don’t take the chance of purchasing or
 participating in the use of drugs. Authorities and staff will be looking for
 drugs, and if you are caught, you will be removed from the trip immediately
 and may wind up in jail.
Trip Details
DAiLY check-in                                                                     s-triP! infOrmAtiOn Desk
 Every passenger is required to check-in/sign-in at the S-Trip! Info Desk.
 This allows us to know everyone’s whereabouts during the trip and helps
 keep everyone safe.

 Students must sign-in during the following times:
 Morning          9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
 Afternoon        2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
 Curfew           12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

QuieT hours & curfeW
 S-Trip! has implemented quiet hours and curfew at all destinations. This
 helps to ensure that everyone is safe in their rooms at a certain time and
 that other guests at our hotels are not bothered by excessive noise at night.
                                                                                    LOCatiOn: hOteL LOBBy
 During quiet hours, there will be no excessive noise throughout the hotel’s
 common areas and your rooms.                                                       hOurs Of OPeratiOn: 9am ~ 12Pm; 2Pm ~ 5Pm; 7Pm ~ 10Pm
 At curfew, all students must be in their own rooms and must remain                 * Please keep in mind that these are general locations and hours of
 there until the following morning. All ice, drinks, and snacks should be           operation. Each destination will have its own specific information.
 purchased before this time. The curfew is non-negotiable.                          Check the S-Trip! Info Board for updated hours of operation once
 Quiet Hours:      10:00 PM – 7:00 AM                                               you arrive at your destination.
 Curfew:           1:00 AM

                                                                                 sPOrts equiPment
insurAnce                                                                         We discourage all passengers from taking part in motorized water
                                                                                  sports or the rental of watercrafts; they’re unpredictable and
carry your iNsuraNce carD!                                                        dangerous.

 Your insurance information is important to keep on you at all times.             If you do participate, be careful; don’t go crazy and be smart; don’t
                                                                                  ruin your vacation by getting hurt.
 Your RBC Insurancy policy number is listed on your invoice under the
 Insurance segment. Please write your policy number and your name on the          Before renting anything, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any
 RBC Insurance Card enclosed in your ticket package. The phone number             damages. Any damages which you do inflict or are accused of inflicting
 for RBC Assured Insurance is located on this card.                               can be very costly and will be your responsibility.

 In the event of an emergency, first and foremost seek proper medical
 attention; get to a hospital or clinic immediately, and send someone to
 notify an S-Trip! staff member. If time allows, contact RBC Insurance,
 as they can pre-arrange payment of any bills or advise you in what to do
 should the circumstances be grave. If you cannot contact them before             travellers to Cuba are advised not to bring Us dollars.
 hand, make sure that you notify them as soon as possible.
                                                                                  traveLLers Cheque
                                                                                  Traveller’s cheques are a wise form of currency to travel with as they are
                                                                                  insurable and can be replaced if they are lost or stolen. With this in mind,
                                                                                  be sure to only cash in your traveller’s cheques as needed.

                                                                                  CreDit CarD
                                                                                  Having a credit card and/or bank card for emergency purposes is also a
                                                                                  good idea, however keep in mind that not all cards work everywhere.
                                                                                  Please contact your financial institution for more information.

                                                                                  DeBit CarD
                                                                                  Debit cards cannot be used in Cuba.

                                                                                  DeParture tax
                                                                                  Some countries charge a departure tax. This is payable when you are
                                                                                  leaving the country. Please be sure to have the right amount of cash
                                                                                  available when you arrive at the airport. Currently Cuba charges $25
                                                                                  CUC, this is subject to change.
fOOD & WAter
 You will be notified of all food options which are available at your destination:
 times, locations, food choices etc.

 All your food is included with the “all inclusive” packages. However, please
 be aware of the main eating times.

 Do not drink the water at any of the destinations. Your hotel often provides
 bottled water and bottled water can otherwise be purchased at many locations
 throughout your destination. At many hotels, there are water stations to
 refill your bottle.

excursiOns                                                                                stAff
visiT The s-TriP! WebsiTe!
 The S-Trip! website outlines some of the activities and attractions that are
 available at your destination. You will be e-mailed a link allowing you to
                                                                                          GeT To kNoW your s-TriP! sTaff
 purchase excursions and event packages online, prior to your departure.                   They know a lot of the details about your destination and are there to make
                                                                                           sure that you are having a fun and safe trip. Simply ask, and they will do
 If you do decide to go on an excursion make sure that you let your friends                what they can to assist you.
 know. Don’t go anywhere by yourself.
                                                                                           Some things are out of control of S-Trip! staff, however if there is something
                                                                                           that they cannot answer or do, they will forward it to their supervisor and

incLusiOns & LimitAtiOns                                                                   the situation will hopefully be resolved. In the case where something cannot
                                                                                           be resolved it will immediately be looked into upon return to Canada.

check ouT your lisT of iNclusioNs!
 With your travel documents you will receive a list of inclusions. This will
 list everything that is included in your package. Facilities and services
 may not always be available due to abnormal circumstances.

 S-Trip! is a retail travel agency in Canada. Our staff travels to destination
                                                                                          resPecT The locals!
 to provide extra assistance onsite. Our company does not directly own                     You are guests in their country, so respect their culture and way of life.
 or control any bus lines, airlines, hotels, restaurants, discos, etc. We                  A lack of respect breeds ill-feelings towards visitors, and is a detriment
 will assist passengers where possible. Please understand our company’s                    to everyone on vacation. Canadians are well received around the world.
 limitation over these facilities or services.                                             Please think of yourself as an ambassador for future travellers.

                                                                                           Other guests in your hotel are there for the same reason you are: to have

                                                                                           fun and relax. So please respect other tourists and you will receive the

                                                                                           Hotel, service staff and S-Trip! staff are there for your comfort and
Wear suNscreeN!                                                                            convenience. Appreciation of their services and day to day functions can
                                                                                           make your vacation all the more enjoyable. Treating people kindly will
 For the first couple days of your vacation, it’s important to wear a lot of sunscreen;    always help resolve your situation better than being demanding.
 the sun is much hotter in the Caribbean and you will burn quickly. There’s no
 easier way to ruin your vacation than getting sunburned your first day.

                                                                                          DePArture DAY
                                                                                           On the day of your departure, check out of your room four hours before
                                                                                           your scheduled flight or by noon, if you have an afternoon or evening flight.

                                                                                           Shuttle buses will be there to pick you up between three-to-three and a
                                                                                           half hours prior to your flight time. Check with S-Trip! staff or the info
                                                                                           desk for your specific departure.
Whether you crave dishes authentic to your destination or international favourites like French fries, your resort is sure to offer it and it’s all included in your Grad
Trip. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in-between including the mid-day and late-night snacks are all a part of the program. During your destination briefing
upon arrival the S-Trip! staff will tell you all about the different food options on your resort. If you have any questions about meals you can always stop by the
S-Trip! info desk and speak to one of our staff throughout the week.


  Enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast, at your hotel’s buffet or at one of the a la carte restaurants, every morning of your stay! You’ll find
  everything from eggs & bacon, to cereal, to fresh local fruits. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t miss it!

  Amazing lunch options can be found all over your resort! At most resorts, you’ll find a pool side or beach side grill offering burgers, sandwiches,
  and other delicious BBQ dishes. This is also the perfect time to take advantage of any a la carte restaurants that offer a lunch menu.

  Dinner is the time to get away from the buffets and experience a nice sit down meal with your friends. Your group will be able to enjoy a three-
  to-four course meal in a beautiful setting and savour the flavours of a specific type of cuisine. Most a la carte restaurants require a reservation
  and have dress codes.

  In case you’re hungry in between meals (or late at night!), most resorts will offer snacks and/or fast food options for their guests. Grab a quick
  bite and get back out onto the beach!

 IMportant: Please let the S-Trip! Destination Staff know if you have any food allergies/restrictions as soon as you check-in at the hotel. We will do our
 best to accommodate your needs.
 *Check the s-trip! Info desk for full details on meal times, locations, and menu options for all of the meal options included in your trip package
 and offered at your resort.
events Package
This year, S-Trip! has put together its BEST Events Package ever for Varadero
- filled with awesome theme nights at your resort! Remember, all events
are attended by S-Trip! staff.

              iNcluDeD iN TriP

 Events Included
   Grad-ffiti Jam                                                                                                                  Theme: Grad-ffiti Jam
   S-Trip’s famous Grad-ffiti Party returns to Varadero for another fantastic year! Everyone gets a FREE                Includes: t-shirt & fabric marker
   S-Trip! t-shirt to tag at this awesome event. Battle your friends and make your tee the sickest one in Cuba!                   When: 9pm to 12:30am

   tight ‘n bright                                                                                                                theme: tight ‘n Bright
                                                                                                                                    Includes: Glow sticks
   Get ready to light up the town with an 80’s themed neon party! Put on your tightest & brightest, grab                          When: 9pm to 12:30am
   a glowstick, and dance the night away to the wicked tunes being spun by our unreal DJs.

   masquerade carnival                                                                                                     theme: Masquerade Carnival
   The one night that everyone should be looking forward to! We’re bringing the spirit of New Orleans to                       Includes: Beads & masks
   Varadero! Wear some purple, gold, & green, put on a masquerade mask, and let the Carnival festivities                        When: 9pm to 12:30am
   begin. This will be a night to remember!

   hawaiian Luau                                                                                                                 theme: Hawaiian Luau
                                                                                                                           Includes: Leis, grass skirts, &
   What’s better than an incredible Hawaiian themed beach night? Head down to the sand and meet up                                    beachcomber hats
   with grads from across Canada. Limbo competition and authentic Hawaiian leis are a must!                                      When: 9pm to 12:30am

   shipwrecked                                                                                                        theme: pirate (Eye patch, beards,
   Arrrrgh mateys! Raid the beaches of Varadero and dance all night like a swashbuckling pirate. Put on                                       parrots!)
   an eye patch, grab a parrot and remember to sing Yo Ho Ho, a Pirate’s life for me!                                           When: 9pm to 12:30am

   canada Day bash                                                                                                   theme: Canada day! (red & White)
   Wear your RED and WHITE and celebrate our nation’s birthday in the middle of Grad Trip! Sing Oh Canada                      When: 9pm to 12:30am
   at the top of your lungs and show the rest of the world why we’re the most amazing country on Earth!

                                                                                all events are attended by s-Trip! staff.
                                                                                Theme swag is included in your package
                                                                                but don’t forget to bring your own gear!

  IMportant notICE (pLEasE rEad CarEFULLy): Upon arrival you will receive our complete itinerary with all events, activities and times. Please note that
  schedules and venues are subject to change. S-Trip! [Student Trip] does not promote excessive drinking or dangerous behavior. We believe that moderation
  is the key to a great party. We organize and staff all events to ensure your safety while you and your friends have an awesome time. Events are private and
  open to bracelet holders only. Without a bracelet you will not gain entrance into the event. It is highly recommended you do not leave the resort at night
  on your own.
                                                                                   Get Out and explore
                                                                                   Your hotel has plenty of activities to offer, but getting out on a guided
                                                                                   excursion lets you experience the culture and beauty of your destination.
                                                                                   We work closely with our local partners in Varadero to organize incredible
                                                                                   off-resort excursions. Here is a list of our amazing featured excursions, which
                                                                                   are available for pre-purchase through your online portal. Visit your portal
                                                                                   today to select from this amazing list of excursions!

                                                                                  book your excursioN NoW!
                                                                                           visit our website!
                                                                                                  & login to your portal

  Your hotel has plenty of activities to offer, but getting out on a guided excursion lets you experience the culture and beauty of your destination. We
  work closely with our local partners in Varadero to organize incredible off-resort excursions. Here is a list of our amazing featured excursions, which are
  available for pre-purchase through your online portal. Visit your portal today to select from this amazing list of excursions!

  havana city tour (included)                                                                                                           duration: Half day
  Nothing compares to visiting one of the oldest cities in the Western hemisphere! Take a walking and site-         Includes: transportation & tour Guide
  seeing tour of Old Havana including Cathedral Square, Arms Square, Old Square and Saint Francis de Asis                     Cost: Free with trip package
  Square. Later in the day, enjoy a tour of Modern Havana including Revolution Square, the famous “Malecón”
  seawall promenade, Christopher Columbus Necropolis and the Varadero Residential area.

  catamaran Adventure                                                                                                                   duration: Half day
  An unforgettable day aboard a catamaran. Cruise through the turquoise waters of the southern coast of                Include: transportation, tour guide,
  Varadero. Stop for snorkeling in the adjacent coral reefs before arriving at Cayo Blanco, one of Varadero                               snacks, & drinks
  adjacent Cays. Enjoy drinks and live entertainment on board the catamaran and in Cayo Blanco. Later, sail
  back to watch a dolphin show at the delfinarium.

  Deep sea fishing                                                                                                                      duration: Half day
  Experience the thrill of catching and releasing fish. Cuban fishing offers some great opportunities for           Includes: transportation, tour Guide,
  you to test your skills, and the country is acknowledged as one of the best in the world for bone fishing!        Fishing Gear (min. 6 ppl/boat needed)

  2-night event excursion
  A full events package, filled with theme nights at your resort, is already included in your trip! But for
  those that want to experience some really authentic Cuban nightlife, S-Trip! has put together events at
  two of Varadero’s hottest venues.

  the pirate Cave
  Have you ever partied in a cave? S-Trip! will be taking over Varadero’s most unique venue, The Pirate Cave,          Includes: transportation & Entrance
  for one night only. We’ll dance the night away to amazing Top 40 being spun by some of Cuba’s hottest DJ’s!

  Feel the Latin rhythms as soon you step inside this exclusive club and celebrate Grad Trip in style. Dress
  to impress and make sure you remember to practice those salsa, bachata, and merengue moves! This will
  be a night that you won’t soon forget.

IMportant notICE (pLEasE rEad CarEFULLy): Upon arrival you will receive our complete itinerary with all events, activities and times. Please note that
schedules and venues are subject to change. S-Trip! [Student Trip] does not promote excessive drinking or dangerous behavior. We believe that moderation
is the key to a great party. We organize and staff all events to ensure your safety while you and your friends have an awesome time. Events are private and
open to bracelet holders only. Without a bracelet you will not gain entrance into the event. It is highly recommended you do not leave the resort at night
on your own.

                                                              Area Map
                                Day Tour
      Deep Sea
                                  ula d          Allegro Varadero
                            penins      Sol Sirenas Coral
                            Club Puntarena
                                       Bahia de cardenas
                  Havana Day Tour
Hotel Locations
      club PuNTareNas                                              ave. kawama y finaL,
                                                              varaDerO, matanzas, CuBa

                                                                       ave. Las amÉriCas
  2   sol sireNas coral                              y CaLLe k, varaDerO, matanzas, CuBa
                                                                          (53) 45 668070

                                                       autOPista sur, km 11 De varaDerO,
  3   alleGro varaDero                                                    matanzas, CuBa
                                                                          (53) 45 668288
                                    - have a fuN and safe trip! -

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