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Very few of us women seem to feel completely happy with our bodies. Despite all
the helpful pep talks we get about how "every woman is beautiful in her own way,"
we know, deep down, that it isn't really true. Right? There really are "attractive" and
"unattractive" body types, and we could all use some help. So here’s how to get that
figure any woman would want:

Sticking to a single diet plan is one of the major problems faced by a dieter.
Switching from one diet program to other is the normal tendency observed among
the dieters. Even if you stick to one weight loss program you sometimes need
additional support to make your diet plan successful. Listed below are 20 healthy
diet tips which are helpful in healthy weight reduction:

   1. Start your day with a healthy and heavy breakfast. Breakfast is essential to
    keep your metabolism rate high and it also stabilizes your energy levels.

   2. For effective and healthy weight loss it is better to switch from whole milk to
    skim milk.

   3. In a day, at least drink 2 – 3 litres of water.

   4. Effective weight loss can be attained by eliminating drinks with calories from
    your weight loss program. These drinks include carbonated drinks and juices. In
    case you want to drink, it is better to switch to one with “Diet” or low calorie

   5. It is better you divide your meal into 4 portions. ½ portion of your meal
    should consist of vegetables, 1/4th portion of starchy products and the
    remaining 1/4th portion of meat. Make sure that you eat vegetable portion first.

   6. Generally, it is seen that people think that they are hungry but actually they
    are thirsty. Hence, whenever you feel hungry it is better to drink a glass of water
    first. Water will make you feel full hence reducing the chances of overeating.

   7. Usually at 3 p.m. the energy levels are down hence it is the perfect time for
    snacking. But make sure that you opt for healthy snack like low-fat yogurt,
    vegetables with low calorie dip, small amount of nuts like almonds, walnuts.

   8. Check your portion size. Avoid eating super-size portions. Make sure that
    your portion size is of your fist size or deck of cards.

   9. It is advisable to drink soups. They are healthy as well as give you a feeling of
    fullness. It is better to opt for non-cream, low calorie and high fiber soups.
   10. Don’t rush while eating. Eat slowly and chew your food properly. It is
    observed that brain requires 15mins to register that the stomach is full. So, if
    you are in a hurry while eating there are chances of overeating.

   11. Opt for low calorie condiments such as mustard in place of fatty condiments
    like mayonnaise.

   12. It is advisable to maintain a food journal especially when you are following a
    weight loss program or diet plan. This helps you to track your eating’s which
    may go unnoticed.

   13. In case you are eating out, choose for a salad and a soup as a first course in
    the meal. This helps in reducing the consumption of high caloric food.

   14. When you are eating out then make sure that you skip the dessert. In case
    you are unable to resist the temptation, then share it with your partner.

   15. Once in a week you can take the liberty to treat yourself. Taking a break from
    diet plan helps you to follow it properly afterwards.

   16. Besides following a regular diet schedule, you need to follow a
    regular exercise routine. Even 20-25mins in a day of simple exercise can do
    wonders. Exercise is important to fasten the weight reduction process as well as
    it helps in regulating weight gain.
   17. It is advisable to follow exercise routine with a partner. It makes your
    exercising schedule more enjoyable and you are able to follow it without fail.

   18. Exercise should include a combination of Weight training and cardiovascular
    type of exercise. It helps to lose fat and to firm up.

    You don't want it to be TOO HARD or TOO FAST and You definitely don't want it
    to be TOO EASY or TOO slow so...
    On a scale of 1-to-10 with 10 being VERY hard... You want to be at a 6-to-7 so for
    You can walk, jog, ride a bike, use an elliptical or swim at a moderate pace for
    20-to-40 minutes

   19. Exercise at least 4 – 5 times a week regularly week after week.

   20. Lastly, moderate your alcohol consumption. It is advisable to drink alcohol
    during weekends and that too within a specific range.

Above mentioned tips are effective in slicing down few 100 calories daily. So enjoy
your diet plan with these healthy diet tips for fast, effective and healthy weight loss.

   -   Munira Jawadwala Kawad (PGSSN)
AGM – Training and sports Nutrition
Gold’s Gym India

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