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                                                          A n n u A l                            F o r u m                       o n

          solutions for successful Product Planning, market Access and
                 reimbursement in a highly Competitive market
       January 20-21, 2011 • Courtyard PhiladelPhia downtown • PhiladelPhia, Pa

                Conference Co-Chairs:                                  Discuss results and key takeaways from drug candidates presented to
                                                                       ODAC in 2010
                 Alison Ayers, Vice President,
                 oncology worldwide Commercial                         Understand the relevance of commercial input at the
                 development, PFIzER InC                               pre-clinical and Phase I stage
                                                                       Learn early-stage market development efforts that drive the best ROI
                 Ben Steinmetz, Vice President,
                 reimbursement and Patient access,                     Evaluate the shift toward oral oncolytics and the ramifications
                 GLaxOSMIThKLInE                                       for payers
                                                                       Discover educational processes that make commercializing a new
                                                                       chemotherapy drug more efficient
         Industry Perspectives and
                                                                       Maximize the success of new oncology products by demonstrating
             Case studies from                                         product value using CER
       leading oncology Companies:
                                                                       Adapt to different specialty pharmacy models
            Astellas Pharma US, Inc.                                   Develop and maintain evidence-based protocols imbedded in
                                                                       oncology pathways
                AVEO Pharmaceuticals
                                                                       Analyze emerging concepts of value-based purchasing and benefit
                 Bristol-Myers Squibb                                  design pertaining to oncology care

                                                                    Plus! Choose from Two Pre-Conference Workshops on Thursday, January 20, 2011:
                MannKind Corporation                            A      Developing a Product Launch Blueprint — Commercial Plans to
                                                                       Support Oncology Product Launches and Maximize Success
                  Novartis Oncology                             B      The Intersection of Reimbursement and REMS in an Oncology
                                                                       Product Launch
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 T o    R e g i s T e R     C a l l   T o l l   F R e e   8 0 0 - 8 1 7 - 8 6 0 1   o R   V i s i T   w w w . C b i n e T . C o m / o n C o l o g y
       Choose from two Pre-Conference workshops on thursday, January 20, 2011
                    7:30        Workshop Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30     A. developing a Product launch Blueprint — Commercial Plans
         to support oncology Product launches and maximize success

 Workshop Objective:                                                II.     Define Key Deliverables and Activities at
                                                                            Each Stage of Development
 Oncology is one of the most highly competitive and complex
 therapeutic areas given the vast number of products on the                 •	 Determine	the	functional	areas	responsible	for	
 market with many more compounds currently in development.                     completing each activity and how they must
 The makings of a successful launch start years before a product               work together
 ever hits the market. During the 2 to 3 years leading up to
 the actual launch, product planners and marketing leaders          III.    Manage the Logistics of an Oncology Launch
 must systematically develop commercial plans that maximize                 •	 Identify	and	manage	the	internal	functions	that	play	
 their product’s commercial viability. Furthermore, they must                  some part in launch including Marketing, Sales,
 ensure that the logistical aspects of the launch are managed                  Medical Affairs, Manufacturing, Trade,
 expertly and in coordination with one another. Conducting
                                                                               Distribution and others
 such a complicated array of strategic and tactical preparations
 can be extremely challenging in an environment where any                   •	 Establish	work	plans	for	each	critical	function	and/
 mistake can set not only the launch, but the organization back.               or sub-team that have launch-related responsibilities,
 Fortunately, tireless efforts have been made to create best                   including all required launch activities
 practices for launch which have been developed to guide the                •	 Create	a	tracking	tool	or	“launch	playbook”
 process from start to finish. This interactive workshop provides               for brand managers to use in order to oversee and
 a comprehensive understanding of each stage of commercial                     track the activities of the various players prior to,
 planning, identifies the key deliverables at each stage and                   during and after launch
 suggests strategies for managing the logistics of an oncology
                                                                            •	 Develop	tactics	for	keeping	senior	management	
 launch. The workshop also features an interactive working
 session during which delegates collaborate to determine the                   informed along the way, including critical report
 timing of each commercial planning and logistics-related                      templates	or	“flash	reports”
 activity during this critical phase of an oncology product’s
 lifecycle. The group benefits from key takeaways obtained          12:00    Close of Workshop A
 from the experienced presenters who have been involved with
                                                                    There will be a 30-minute networking and refreshment break at 10:00 a.m.
 numerous successful product launches.

 Key Questions to Be Addressed:                                     Workshop Leaders:

 •	 How	do	we	determine	the	significance	and	timing	of	             Tom Luginbill is	Vice	President	and	Regional	General	Manager	
    commercial planning activities?                                 at Campbell Alliance. Mr. Luginbill provides management
 •	 What	makes	the	initial	launch	so	critical?	                     consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology
 •	 How	does	launch	planning	differ	for	small	versus	               industries worldwide, although he has spent most of his career
    larger organizations?                                           in	industry.		In	the	course	of	his	twenty-year	career,	Mr.	
 •	 How	do	we	ensure	functional	areas	are	collaborating	            Luginbill has had a wide variety of commercial roles including
    throughout the launch?                                          Sales	Rep,	Director	of	Marketing,	Regional	Sales	Director	and	
 •	 What	are	best	practices	for	managing	launch	logistics?          Vice President of Commercial Strategy at GlaxoSmithKline,
                                                                    where he was responsible for worldwide commercial
 Workshop Outline:                                                  development of their antibiotic portfolio. Mr. Luginbill has
                                                                    launched several products, most notably, he was Director of
 I.     Create a Gameplan for Managing New Oncology                 Marketing	at	the	launch	of	Imitrex	tablets	in	the	U.S.		
        Product Commercial Development
        •	 Recognize	the	significance	of	each	stage	of	the	         Rahoot Sood	is	a	Practice	Executive	at	Campbell Alliance.
           product lifecycle from early stage commercial            Mr. Sood is responsible for managing multiple brand strategy
           planning through launch                                  engagements	and	business	development	efforts.		He	has	more	
        •	 Conduct	a	commercial	opportunity	assessment	             than ten years of management consulting experience working
           while laying the foundation for a successful launch      with clients in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices.
       Choose from two Pre-Conference workshops on thursday, January 20, 2011
                       7:30        Workshop Registration and Continental Breakfast

       8:30           B. the Intersection of reimbursement and rems
                               in an oncology Product launch
Workshop Objective:                                                           •	 Assess the impact on key stakeholders including
                                                                                 prescribers, pharmacists, office support staff and patients
A complex array of strategic and tactical elements must be
                                                                              •	 Hear	case	examples	of	product	launches	to	analyze	
expertly coordinated in order to successfully launch an
                                                                                 the	impact	of	REMS	requirements	on	a	product’s	
oncology product in this highly competitive therapeutic
                                                                                 commercial success
area.		What	makes	this	task	even	more	challenging	is	today’s	
environment	with	evolving	Risk	Evaluation	and	Mitigation	             IV.     Interactive Session —
Strategies	(REMS)	requirements.	However,	best	practices	for	                  Insight Shared from Real-Life Experiences
launch have been developed to guide the process from start to
finish. This interactive workshop provides a comprehensive            V.      Closing Comments
understanding of each planning stage, recommended
implementation strategies and key deliverables. An in-depth           12:00   Close of Workshop B
focus	on	how	proactive	preparation	of	a	REMS	is	covered	as	a	
critical component to a successful commercialization launch           There will be a 30-minute networking and refreshment break at 10:00 a.m.
plan. Key learnings are shared from the presenters who have
supported many of the product launches in the market today.           Workshop Leaders:

Key Questions to Be Addressed:                                        Heather Morel	is	Vice	President	and	General	Manager	of	
                                                                      Reimbursement	&	Access	Services	for	McKesson Specialty Care
                                                                      Solutions.		In	her	current	role,	Ms.	Morel	leads	the	development	
•	 How	does	REMS	affect	an	overall	commercialization	strategy?
                                                                      and execution of reimbursement strategies and support services,
•	 When	should	a	manufacturer	start	to	prepare	a	REMS	                patient	assistance	programs	(PAPs),	risk	evaluation	and	mitigation	
   for an oncology product?                                           strategies	(REMS)	programs	and	other	patient	and	physician-focused	
                                                                      initiatives to improve safety and access to medications for specialty
•	 What	is	the	FDA	looking	for	from	a	regulatory	perspective?
                                                                      pharmaceutical	manufacturer	clients.		With	more	than	eighteen	years	
•	 What	are	the	clinical	considerations	and	impacts	on	               of experience in healthcare reimbursement and marketing, Ms. Morel is
   class	wide	Opioid	REMS?                                            a nationally recognized expert in developing reimbursement strategies
                                                                      for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic
                                                                      firms. She is also renowned for her expertise in identifying optimal
Workshop Outline:                                                     reimbursement positioning, contracting, pricing and tactical support
                                                                      programs that maximize revenue under managed care and public payors.
I.      Strategies for Planning and Managing a New
                                                                      Kelly Wygal	is	a	Leader	in	REMS	Business	Development	at	McKesson
        Oncology Product Launch in a REMS Environment                 Corporation.		Ms.	Wygal	brings	an	extensive	sales	and	marketing	
        •	 Review	the	fundamentals	of	REMS                            background with eighteen years experience in the healthcare industry,
        •	 Identify	situations	where	REMS	will	likely	be	required     has worked on both the manufacturer (Johnson & Johnson)	and	
                                                                      supplier	side.		Ms.	Wygal	joined	McKesson	in	2001	as	the	sales	lead	
        •	 Evaluate	risk	areas	within	the	product’s	safety	profile    for the manufacturer-focused business development team for biologic
        •	 Discuss	tactics	for	balancing	commercial	goals	            products representing a comprehensive suite of reimbursement and
           with FDA requirements, reimbursement issues and            access	services.		Today,	Ms.	Wygal	serves	as	the	Leader	for	Risk	
                                                                      Evaluation	&	Mitigation	Strategy	(REMS)	business	development	
           patient access                                             focused	on	both	individual	product	and	class-wide	programs.		In	this	
                                                                      strategic role she serves as the primary point of contact across the
II.     The Dynamics of Reimbursement and REMS                        McKesson	Corporation	portfolio	of	REMS	services	for	manufacturers.		
        •	 Learn	how	REMS	requirements	affect	physicians	             Ms.	Wygal	holds	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	health	science	and	a	master’s	
                                                                      degree in organizational management and business.
           and payers
        •	 Discuss	tactics	for	balancing	commercial	goals	with	       Stephen Chan is the Director of Strategic Consulting Services for
           FDA requirements, reimbursement issues and                 McKesson Specialty Care Solutions’	Reimbursement	and	Access	
           patient access                                             Services	business	unit.		In	his	role,	Mr.	Chan	provides	consulting	
                                                                      services	to	manufacturer	customers	and	prospects.		He	is	responsible	
                                                                      for business development, reimbursement strategy and launch
III.    Design an Effective REMS Implementation Strategy              commercialization services including market research, training,
        •	 Identify	distribution	channels	to	optimize	access	while	   billing and coding guides, AMCP dossiers and coding applications.
           ensuring appropriate controls                              Prior to McKesson, Mr. Chan developed commercialization and
                                                                      reimbursement strategies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
        •	 Understand	monitoring	requirements	in	different	           medical device manufacturers for Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc.
           REMS	programs                                              and Quintiles Strategic Research Services.
           “like many meetings, great forum for networking and discussion. But,
                                speakers and audience learned a lot.” — Pierre Dodion, M
                                                                                                   Strategic Overview of the Oncology Product Marketplace
  Main conference                                                                           2:15
                                                                                                   Through 2012, worldwide sales of cancer drugs are forecasted
                                                                                                   to increase at a compound annual growth rate almost double
       Day One — Thursday, January 20, 2011                                                        the projected growth rate for the pharmaceutical market as
                                                                                                   a whole over the same period. At the same time, increased
12:00   Main Conference Registration                                                               cost-sensitivity among payers, market crowding and the loss
                                                                                                   of cancer’s ‘special status’ will make the market much more
                                                                                                   challenging for both established oncology players and new
1:15    Day One Chairperson’s Opening Remarks                                                      entrants. This session examines the current market conditions
        Alison E. Ayers, Vice President, Oncology Worldwide                                        with an emphasis on the following areas:
        Commercial Development, Pfizer Inc                                                         •	 Review	the	new	products	and	entrants	over	the	past	year
        Ms. Ayers is responsible for global strategic and commercial leadership for
                                                                                                   •	 Learn	how	unmet	needs	in	oncology	will	continue	to	
        Pfizer’s oncology portfolio including Sutent, a leading anti-angiogenesis                     drive strong growth
        agent as well as twenty-plus agents in clinical development, lifecycle planning
                                                                                                   •	 Discuss	the	future	of	the	industry	including	an	
        and business development. She is a member of the Oncology Business Unit                       updated pipeline
        Leadership Team which develops the Oncology TA Strategic Plan, and
                                                                                                   Francois Martelet, Chief Executive Officer, TopoTarget
        manages the portfolio including asset prioritization, development planning,
        strategic and investment decisions including licensing and acquisitions.            3:00   Networking and Refreshment Break
        Ms. Ayers is responsible for the global commercial strategy for Pfizer’s
        oncology portfolio, which had sales of over $2 million in 2009. Previous            3:30   Optimize Oncology Product Development for a
        positions include Vice President of New Product Marketing for Pharmacia                    Global Market
        Oncology, where she was responsible for providing commercial leadership for                While the U.S., EU (top five) and Japan are the highest markets
        Pharmacia’s oncology pipeline, and served a pivotal role in the acquisition                for oncology products, nearly 90% of the population resides
                                                                                                   outside these markets. As with most commercial products,
        of Sugen, which delivered Pfizer’s leading angiogenesis inhibitor, Sutent.
                                                                                                   developing oncology products for a global market place needs to
        Ms. Ayers has held senior positions in marketing, business development and
                                                                                                   take into account the differences in market dynamics, cultural,
        operations for several bioscience and pharmaceutical companies including                   social and technological challenges as well as the “real” needs
        Merck, BMS, US Bioscience (Medimmune) and Lederle Laboratories                             of those markets. This session reveals the complexities of
        (Wyeth). Ms. Ayers also serves on the board of Anavex, a biotechnology                     developing and commercializing products in a global market
        company focused on Alzheimer’s disease and oncology. Ms. Ayers received a                  place and discusses practices for overcoming these obstacles.
        B.S. with honors in physiology and biochemistry from the University of                     •	 Understand	population	demographic	differences	
        Southampton, UK. She later received a diploma in business studies                             between emerging an advanced economies
        from North London University, UK, and went on to earn a M.S. with                          •	 Review	the	access	challenges	in	emerging	markets	
        distinction in biopharmacy from London University, UK.
                                                                                                   •	 Learn	how	pricing	dynamics	need	to	be	considered	
                                                                                                      based on region
                                                                                                   Sunil Joshi, Director, Oncology Commercial Operations,
        review of the Current oncology market                                                      Bristol-Myers Squibb

         — Opening Address —                                                                         early Commercialization strategies
1:30    2010 ODAC Review —                                                                  4:15   Moving the Needle with Strategic
        Discuss Results and Key Takeaways                                                          Market Conditioning
        The Oncologic Drug Advisory Committee (ODAC) has been                                      Early positioning of oncology products during Phase 1
        in the headlines a great deal this past year as it weighed in on                           and Phase 2 trials is a key component to a successful
                                                                                                   commercial launch. For smaller pharmaceutical and
        prospective offerings in the area of cancer treatment.
                                                                                                   biotech firms these efforts need to be especially targeted
        The non-binding recommendations made by the committee                                      to make the most of limited resources while meeting
        have been a topic for discussion amidst the shifts in payer                                organizational goals. This session outlines key strategies
                                                                                                                                                                       Photos Courtesy of: Getty Images

        policies and healthcare reform. This address evaluates the drug                            to enhance early positioning by reviewing the work done
        candidates that went before ODAC in the past year including a                              with the pre-launch marketing plan for tivozanib.
        discussion of the meeting outcomes and lessons learned.                                    •	 Learn	early	stage	market	development	efforts	that	
        •	 Review	the	drug	candidates	presented	to	                                                   drive	the	best	ROI
           ODAC in 2010                                                                            •	 Understand	how	to	optimize	the	positioning	of	a	
                                                                                                      late entrant to the market
        •	 Discuss	the	results	of	each	meeting                                            Case     •	 Review	strategies	for	working	with	KOLs	
        •	 Outline	key	takeaways	from	ODAC	communications	                                study       and publications
        Carol Marchione, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Cephalon                             Brent Meadows, Director, Market Development, AVEO Pharmaceuticals

       to register Call toll Free 800-817-8601 (339-298-2100 outside the u.s.) o
in this particular case, this is truly a win-win approach where both the
M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, ArIAd Pharmaceuticals

                             — Payer Panel —                                                       8:15    Key Stakeholder Education in Early Commercialization
                                                                                                           Educating the market is a primary element in effectively
     5:00         Oncology Products from a Payer Perspective —                                             bringing an oncology drug to market. It is important to
                  The Issue of Access, Pricing and Reimbursement
                                                                                                           understand the needs of end users of a new therapy in order
            The pricing, reimbursement and access environment
            for oncology products is changing and commercial and                                           to incorporate these criteria during early commercialization.
            government payers are implementing new management                                              This session outlines some educational processes that make
            approaches that will impact the market opportunity for                                         commercializing a new chemotherapy drug much more
            many oncology products. It is important that manufacturers                                     efficient and best practices for learning what stakeholders
            of oncology products understand the evolving landscape,
                                                                                                           (patients, physicians and payers) need and want.
            the implications for stakeholders and are able to develop
            comprehensive pricing, reimbursement and access strategies                                     Josh Schafer, Global Head of Oncology, Astellas
            for their products earlier in the development process.                                         Susie Newton, Director, Health Management Solutions, Quintiles
            •	 Review	the	key	elements	of	oncology	care	that	impact	
               pricing, access and reimbursement                                                   9:00    Integrating Commercial Strategies into the
            •	 Discuss	the	current	and	future	impact	of	                                                   R&D Plan
               healthcare reform
                                                                                                           Often times commercial strategizing and R&D planning
            •	 Evaluate	the	shift	toward	Oral	Oncolytics	and	the	
                                                                                                           take place in distinct silos which is not ideal when it comes
               ramifications for payers
     Moderator: Mark Johnson, President,                                                                   to maximizing the commercial value of a product. This
                 ION Solutions, AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group                                          session explains the need for early communication between
     Panelists: Ira Klein, M.D., Medical Director, Aetna                                                   departments in order to facilitate successful product
                     James Lang, Vice President of Pharmacy,                                               development and outlines best practices for increasing
                     BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan                                                      collaborative efforts.
                     Maria Lopes, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, AMC Health;                                 •	 Discuss	the	relevance	of	commercial	input	at	the	
                     Former Chief Medical Officer, Group Health, Inc                                          preclinical and phase 1 stage
                                                                                                           •	 Craft	an	early	product	profile
     5:45         Close of Day One                                                                         Jonathan Goldman, Senior Director, Business Development and
                                                                                                           New Product Planning, MannKind Corporation

                         5:45-6:45        Networking,                                              9:45    Networking and Refreshment Break
                                          Wine & Cheese Reception
                                          Join colleagues and friends in a relaxed setting.                    strategies to ensure success in a
                                                                                                                       Crowded market
     Photo by: Photolink / Getty Images

                                                                                                   10:15   Specialty Pharmacy and Oncology —
                Day Two — Friday, January 21, 2011                                                         Understanding Changing Dynamics
     7:30         Continental Breakfast                                                                    Specialty pharmacy is frequently viewed as a single
                                                                                                           uniform entity however there are many business models
     8:00         Day Two Chairperson’s Review of Day One                                                  with each presenting benefits and challenges for all
                  Ben Steinmetz, Vice President, Reimbursement and Patient Access,                         oncology stakeholders. Oncology manufacturer stakeholders
                  Prior to this role, Mr. Steinmetz lead the team responsible for Payer Insight,           (e.g. sales, marketing, managed markets) need to understand
                  Reimbursement Policy and Medical Director functions at the company’s                     and adapt to these different models in order to maximize
                  U.S. managed care division for specialty products. In an earlier role,                   commercialization through this channel. This session
                  he was responsible for oncology global product management, scientific
                                                                                                           outlines the different business models being utilized by
                  communications and health outcomes, resulting in the successful worldwide
                  development, commercialization, reimbursement and lifecycle management                   specialty pharmacies and gives insights for engaging with
                  of GSK’s oncology product portfolio. Product responsibilities included                   companies using each model type.
                  therapeutic and supportive care products such as Tykerb, Votrient, Arzerra
                                                                                                           Kirby J. Eng, R.Ph., Director, Oncology Management Services,
                  and Promacta and Rezonic as well as many discovery and development stage
                  products. He has more than twenty years of oncology experience in a variety              CVS Caremark
                  of global and domestic commercial, R&D and business development roles.                   Tony Lanzone, Vice President, Campbell Alliance

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11:15   Pathways — A New Paradigm for Impacting Cost                        1:15   The Expanding Role of Comparative Effectiveness
        and Quality in Cancer for Patients, Providers,                             Research within Oncology Commercialization
        Payers and Pharma                                                          The concept of comparative effectiveness has come to
        Payers have long searched for solutions to manage the                      the forefront in the past year with healthcare reform. Last
        soaring costs of cancer care whose growth trajectory                       year’s stimulus legislation increased spend for CER by
        continues to be in the 15-20% per year range and now                       $1.1 billion and a new tax in the 2010 healthcare reform
        account for almost 10% of a health plan’s medical loss ratio.              law means annual CER funding of nearly $500 million
        The solutions are elusive due to the complex nature                        that should extend into 2014. One way for pharmaceutical
        of the disease, the myriad of treatment options, the impact                companies to maximize the success of their new oncology
        of comorbidities and the highly emotional state for patients               products is to demonstrate product value using CER.
        and caregivers. One likely solution to this dilemma is to                  This session underscores the key data end-users and payers
                                                                                   are looking for when making drug choices as well as the
        engage the physicians themselves to assume responsibility
                                                                                   future of CER when it comes to oncology.
        for the cost and quality of their decisions and empower
        them to create a win/win scenario with the Payers. At the                  •	 Review	the	impact	of	CER	in	oncology
        University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the oncologists                   •	 Understand	the	connection	between	CER	and	
        created such a program, called Via Oncology Pathways,                         evidence based medicine
        that utilizes a web-based physician decision support                       •	 Discuss	the	implications	of	CER	for	manufacturers
        tool to improve adherence to evidence based medicine,                      Tommy Bramley, R.Ph., Ph.D., Vice President,
        reduce unnecessary variation, avoid costly treatments that                 Xcenda, AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services
        demonstrate little or no improvements in efficacy, drive
        down hospitalizations through better toxicity management            2:00   Creating Alignment with Payers on Value-Based
        and make it easy for the physicians to have the advance care               Oncology Therapeutics
        planning discussions with patients that result in improved                 With the passing of healthcare reform legislation, a greater
        palliative care near death. This new paradigm also presents                emphasis has been put on cost benefit analysis for specialty
        both opportunities and challenges to pharmaceutical vendors                drugs, in conjunction with an effective and efficient delivery
        as well as they strive to navigate the new process                         and reimbursement process to maximize the clinical return
        for physician decision making.                                             on investment for these expensive oncologic agents.
        •	 Understand	the	differences	between	Pathways	                            No longer is the goal of the pharmaceutical industry
           and	Guidelines                                                          just to get a drug approved by the FDA and expect to be
        •	 Outline	the	process	for	the	development	and	                            reimbursed. Companies must also prove the values and
                                                                                   benefits of their products and accompanied biomarkers
           maintenance of the evidence based protocols
                                                                                   in relation to their costs to gain 3rd party payer and
           imbedded in the Via Oncology Pathways
                                                                                   government reimbursement. This session reviews the
        •	 Review	examples	of	where	Pathways	can	reduce	                           emerging concepts of value-based purchasing and
           cancer care costs                                                       benefit design as pertained to oncology care, and how
        •	 Experience	how	a	physician	utilizes	the	decision	                       the pharmaceutical industry can achieve the appropriate
           support tool to make point of care treatment                            alignment and collaboration with private payers and the
           decisions and why the tool must integrate smoothly                      government in meeting their mutual objectives.
           into the physician’s workflow                                           •	 Principles	of	value-based	purchasing	as	applicable	
        •	 Assess	ways	that	pharmaceutical	vendors	can	                               in oncology
           impact the content of Pathways as well the                              •	 Practical	implication	of	CER,	patient-centered	
           limitations of their efforts as it relates to                              medical homes and Accountable Care Organization
           conflicts of interest                                                      in healthcare reform
        Kathy Lokay, Senior Vice President, Commercial Oncology Services,          •	 Alignment	opportunities	and	challenges	for	the	
        UPMC Cancer Centers; President, Via Oncology                                  pharmaceutical industry
                                                                                   Peter Kwok, Western Regional Scientific Director,
12:00   Luncheon Hosted by:                                                        Novartis Oncology

                                                                            2:45   Close of Conference

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   dozens of the largest and most respected manufacturers in                            Market research    relations
   the industry rely on us for services like outsourced logistics,                    5%
     reimbursement consulting and compliance management.                         Government/                           23%
   we work with our partners to improve access and efficiency                    Policy/legal                      Commercialization
in patient care – and in the process, positively impact thousands
      of patient lives. For more information, visit us online at        health economics/
      www.absg.com, or contact us at marketing@absg.com.                outcomes research                                        21%

                                                                             8%                                      16%
                                                                            Pricing                              Brand/Product
                                                                        reimbursement              15%            development

     if you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities,
             please call taylor Shields at 339-298-2108,
       fax 1-781-939-2460 or email taylor.shields@cbinet.com
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     C B I ’ s                  4    t h
                                               A n n u A l                         F o r u m                           o n                    Key Insight into All Phases of the

                                                                                                                                            Commercialization Process Including:

                                                                                                                                                    •	Merging	commercial	goals	with	R&D
                                                                                                                                                    •	Pre-launch	marketing

      StrategieS                                                                                                                                    •	Stakeholder	communication
                                                                                                                                                    •	Incorporation	of	comparative	effectiveness	data
            solutions for successful Product Planning,
             market Access and reimbursement in a                                                                                                   •	Patient	access	and	reimbursement
                   highly Competitive market                                                                                                        •	Collaboration	with	specialty	pharmacies
 January 20-21, 2011 • Courtyard PhiladelPhia downtown • PhiladelPhia, Pa                                                                           •	Integration	with	cancer	pathways

     The Next Best Thing to Being There…                                                         CBi
                                                                                                 600 unicorn Park drive • woburn, Ma 01801
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
order the online Compendium if you would like to capture what you’ve missed                                                                                                                                                      PAID
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 speakers’ biographies. don’t miss out on this valuable information presented
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  Conference & workshop
  Conference only
  advantage Pricing — Register by november 19, 2010 and SaVE $300.
  Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, wine and cheese reception, refreshments
  and online Compendium. Please make checks (in u.S. funds drawn on a u.S. bank)                 registration card                              Do noT RemoVe mailing label. Please ReTURn enTiRe FoRm.                   PC11108
  payable to CBI Research, Inc. (no personal checks accepted) advantage Pricing may
  not be combined with other discount offers, special category rates or promotions.                    Yes! Please register me for CBI’s 4th Annual Forum on Oncology Commercialization Strategies.
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•	 Team Discount:                                                                                      Conference & workshop a          Conference & workshop B          Conference only
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•	 Accommodations:                                                                                     yes! Please send me the link to the online Compendium. i am unable to attend the conference.
  To receive CBI’s special discounted hotel rate on line or by phone, please go to:                                                                                                                                            Register 3
  • On-line: www.cbinet.com/oncology                                                            do you have any special needs? ________________________________________________                                                Get 1 FREE
  • Phone reservations: 800.228.9290 and mention CBI’s Oncology
      Commercialization Strategies Conference.                                                  KEY CODE (appears above mailing address): ___________________________________
  Cut-off date is January 4, 2011. reservations made after the cut-off date or
  after group room block has been filled (whichever comes first) will be accepted               1. naMe                                                       PoSition
  on a space and rate availability basis. rooms are limited so please book early.
  all travel arrangements are subject to availability.                                          2. naMe                                                       PoSition

•	 Venue:                                                                                       3. naMe                                                       PoSition
  Courtyard Philadelphia downtown
  21 n Juniper Street • Philadelphia, Pa 19107                                                  4. naMe                                                       PoSition
  hotel reservations: 800.228.9290                                                                                                                                                                                        Free
  hotel direct line: 215.496.3200                                                               CoMPany                                                       diViSion
•	 Substitution & Cancellation:                                                                 addreSS
  your registration may be transferred to a member of your organization up to 24 hours
  in advance of the conference. Cancellations received in writing on or before                  City                                                          State/Country                    ZiP/PoStal Code
  14 days prior to the start date of the event will be refunded, less a $195 administrative
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  $195 administrative charge can be credited to another CBi conference if you register
  within 30 days from the date of this conference to an alternative CBi conference              authoriZed SiGnature
  scheduled within the next six months. in case of conference cancellation, CBi’s liability
  is limited to refund of the conference registration fee only. CBi reserves the right
  to alter this program without prior notice. Please note: Speakers and agenda are              Payment Options: Payment in full is required to process registration. Please call with any payment questions.
  subject to change. in the event of a speaker cancellation, every effort to find a suitable           enclosed is a check for payment in full (no personal checks accepted)
  replacement will be made without notice. the opinions of the conference faculty                                                                                                                                                   Please
  do not necessarily reflect those of the companies they represent or the Center for                   MC/Visa:                                                                                                                  this form for
  Business intelligence.                                                                                                                                                                                                          additional
•	 Satisfaction Guaranteed:                                                                                                                                                                                                       delegates.
  CBi stands behind the quality of its conferences. if you are not satisfied with the
                                                                                                naMe (aS aPPearS on Card)                                                                                     exP. date
  quality of the conference, a credit will be awarded towards a comparable
  CBi conference of your choice. Please contact 800-817-8601 for further information.           Cardholder SiGnature
  advanced preparation for CBi conferences is not required.

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